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Author’s Notes: This is my twenty-eighth story in the Power Rangers Beyond series. It comes after “Forever Knight.” And now on with the story!

Power Rangers Beyond
Sting of the Scorpion
by Marques Jeffries

Michelle looked out of the window, and admired the fluffy clouds. Her first semester of high school had been a good one. Not only had she turned her life around and become a responsible young adult, but she had gained five of the best friends that anyone could ever wish for. But now, for the first time she was returning to Brooklyn.

She had talked to her parents many times on the phone, but it just wasn’t the same as being able to see them face-to-face. Even though she was looking forward to spending the holidays with her parents, she just couldn’t shake the images of her last night as a member of the Black Scorpions.

“We are preparing to descend into JFK International Airport. The captain would like for everyone to fasten their seatbelts,” came the voice of a flight attendant over the intercom.


As soon as Michelle stepped off of the plane, she saw her parents’ smiling faces. Her mother ran up and gave her a tight hug.

“I’ve missed you so much, Michelle,” the woman cried.

“I’ve missed you too, mom.”

Mr. Chan then walked up and hugged his daughter. “Well I can see that your Aunt Cassie has been taking good care of you.”

“Yes, she has,” Michelle agreed.

‘Well we’ll get your bags and head to the house. Your grandmother has prepared your favorite meal,” Mr. Chan said.

“You mean meatloaf and mashed potatoes?” Michelle asked with a smile.

“That’s it,” her mother replied.

The Chans found Michelle’s bags, and headed to their home.


Michelle entered her room to find it just as she had left it. It felt really good to be home, but something was weighing heavy on the girl’s mind. On the way home, she had seen graffiti on several buildings. Five months ago, this scene would have actually given Michelle a sense of pleasure, but after these past months of keeping things like this from happening in Angel Grove, she must very disturbed by this scene.

when she had asked her parents by this, they said that the Black Scorpions had been worse than ever before. A knock came at Michelle’s door, bringing her out of her trance.

“Who is it?” Michelle asked. Instantly, the door flew and in charged Michelle’s older sister Drew. Drew immediately grabbed her younger sister and playfully tossed her to the floor. Michelle began to laugh and then jumped to her feet and flipped her sister over her head.

“Whoa, Michelle! Where did you learn how to do that?” Drew asked as she rose from the floor.

“I’ve been taking karate lessons,” Michelle said with pride.

“Really?” Drew said. “Michelle, you really look good sis. I’m glad you’re doing well in Angel Grove.”

“It took awhile for me to get adjusted to living on the west coast, but I’ve made a lot of friends, and I got a Acceptance Letter from UCLA, last week,” Michelle said proudly.

Drew! Michelle! Its time for dinner!” yelled their mother, from downstairs.

“C’mon let’s go,” Michelle said.

“So have you met any Power Rangers?” Drew asked, as the girls walked down the stairs.

“Yep, I went to the movies with the Blue Ranger, last Friday night,” Michelle replied.

“Well I can see you haven’t lost your uncanny sense of humor,” Drew said, as she began to laugh.


After dinner, Michelle decided to go for a walk. The sun was just beginning to set as she stepped onto the neighborhood playground.

“You picked a bad time to come out alone, little girl,” hissed a voice from behind her. She spun and ducked just in time to avoid having her throat slashed by a sword wielding Black Scorpion member.

Michelle’s fighting instincts then took control, and she kicked her attacker in the knee. As he rose to his feet, she flipped him over head and then delivered a falling elbow to his chest.

“Who are you?!” she said angrily.

before he could reply, several other Black Scorpion members came running up.

“Well, Well, Well, look who decided to pay us a visit,” taunted one of the gang members.

“Siggy,” groaned Michelle, recognizing the voice.

“Pan wasn’t too happy about you telling the cops where our old base was. I wanted to terminate your parents, but Pan wanted to wait until you came back, so you could watch. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!”

“Siggy, you stay away from my parents!” Michelle started at the masked thug, but two other members grabbed her by arms.

“We’ll take her to see Pan. I’ll bet he’s got something totally nasty in store for her. Ah hee, ah hee, ah hee hee hee!” Siggy cackled maniacally, as he placed a blindfold over Michelle’s eyes.

As the Black Scorpions drug Michelle down street, horrible thoughts been to run through her mind. Siggy was a total lunatic, but Pan was truly evil. There was no telling what Pan would do once he laid eyes on her.


The Back Scorpions dragged Michelle down a flight of stairs, and into what smelled like the Brooklyn Sewer System. She then heard a door open, and then the chilling voice of Pan, as he gave orders. Siggy then removed the blindfold, allowing Michelle to see her surroundings, which appeared to be some sort of underground military base.

“We brought you a very special gift.....,” Siggy started, before Pan interrupted him.

“Throw her down and leave us,” the villain commanded. The gang members obeyed their leader and shoved Michelle to the ground.

“Oh by the way, I’m taking that fancy wrist watch,” Siggy snarled, as he snatched Michelle’s Power Morpher off of her arm.

“No! give that back!” she yelled to no avail. Siggy and the other gang members exited the room, leaving Michelle alone with Pan.

“Its been a long time, Michelle,” Pan said, quietly, as he stood over the Power teen.

“Not enough,” Michelle retorted.

“You were my finest gang member. You made a big mistake when you cut that deal with the cops, and left town.”

“You told me, we were a family, but when push came to shove, you and the other Black Scorpions left me high and dry, but that’s okay because I’ve found a family that I can depend on,” Michelle stated.

“Family? Hmmm, an interesting idea,” said Pan, as a wicked look came on his face. “Since you value family so much, you and I are going to make a little deal.”

“I’m not making any deals with you!”

“I’m not giving you a choice. We’ve been busy while you’ve been gone. The other Scorpions and I have not only doubled our gang membership, but we’re in the process of building the ultimate weapon of destruction.” Pan walked over to something, being covered by a sheet. He pulled the sheet off, revealing a small clay model of a Robotic Scorpion. “I give to you the Stingbanger.”

“Stingbanger?! You’ve got to be kidding!” Michelle burst into laughter.

“Laugh all you want, but with this machine, we will finally conquer Brooklyn, and eventually any place else we desire, however there is something only you can give us. Last April, you lead a group of Scorpions into the Groomes Technological Institute to steal an experimental fuel. I know that the cops showed up, but Siggy told me that you managed to steal the fuel and that you hid it somewhere. We need that fuel to power the banger, so tell me where its at or the Black Scorpions will be forced to do something bad to your family.”

“You wouldn’t dare!” growled the Asian girl.

Pan pushed a button on a nearby control console, and an image of Siggy and a group of Black Scorpion outside of the Chan house appeared on a viewing screen. “They’ve planted bombs around the house, and all I have to do is give Siggy the order, and your family will be erased,” hissed Pan. “Now where is the fuel?!”

“I.......I.....I hid it in that giant vase that Techno Bear holds inside of the Metal Grizzlies restaurant,” Michelle said, trying to hold back the tears.

“Siggy, take five Scorpions and get that fuel,” Pan spoke into a walky-talky. “The rest of you stay there, just in case Michelle is lying.” A young Hispanic girl then entered carrying some papers.

“Helena, stay here with Michelle, and don’t let her get away. I’m going to see how the workers are coming with the final preparations of the Stingbanger,” Pan ordered, before leaving the room.

“So you’re Michelle Chan, huh?” asked the young girl.

“Yep, that’s me.”

“Why did you betray your family. The Black Scorpions took you in and gave you a sense of belonging. Why did you do it?” Helena questioned.

“Helena, how old are you?” Michelle asked.

“I’m thirteen. What different does it make?”

“And I’ll bet you’re not on good terms with your mom and dad. Right?”

“Nope, they’re so self-righteous, it sickens me.”

“Listen, Helena. You seem to be a bright kid, so I’m going to tell it to you straight. I’ve been where you are. I had a bad relationship with my parents, too. I thought that I couldn’t do anything to please them, so I joined the Black Scorpions. Oh Pan promised me so many things: Money, power, freedom, the ability to make my own decision, and other things like that.” explained Michelle.

“So, what’s wrong with having power?” Helena questioned.

“Helena, with great power comes great responsibility. Yeah, I ran through the streets of Brooklyn, taking what I wanted, doing what I wanted, and not taking the time to consider the feelings of all of the people I was hurting. Helena, I know Pan promised you that the Black Scorpions would always back you up, but that’s a lie. Let me tell you what the Black Scorpions did to me.”

Helena listened as Michelle told the story of how the Black Scorpion abandoned her, during the battle at the warehouse.

“I never truly realized what being a true family was until I moved to Angel Grove and met my friends: Chris, Nick, Tim, Stephanie, and Joseph. Thanks to them and my Aunt Cassie, I was able to turn my life around, and now I now that my parents love me, and I’m sure your parents love you too,” Michelle said.

“No! No! I won’t listen to anymore of your gibberish. The Black Scorpions have power and I....I...want power,” Helena said before running out of the room.

“Well, Michelle, I think you got to her,” Michelle thought to herself, and then she noticed that Helena had dropped her sword. Now Michelle knew that there was no way she was going to be able to inch her way under to the sword and untie herself, but then she recalled a brief attempt by Andros to teach the current Rangers telekinesis. Nick had been the only Ranger to actually move anything, but now Michelle knew that this was her only chance of escaping.

Clearing her mind of all other thoughts, she focused her attention on the sword, and after a few seconds it begin to raise off of the ground. Michelle guided the flying sword over to her, and carefully willed it to saw the ropes in half.

“Yes, I’m free,” cheered Michelle. “Now those Scorpions are going to get it, but first I’ve got to get my morpher back.”

Michelle discovered that she had been locked in, but no door can block a determined Power Ranger. She took a few steps backwards and ran towards the door, leaping into the air, and bringing the door off of its hinges.

This noise attracted the attention of three gang members who now blocked Michelle’s path.

“Get out of my way, or be knocked out of the way,” the Asian girl warned.

The three thugs simply laughed at Michelle’s threat and drew their swords.

“Fine!” the girl stated. She ran towards the thugs, and just before colliding with their swords, she slide under one of them, and gave him a low blow. She caught the thug’s sword as he dropped it, and used the sword to wound the other two thugs.

“If Pan comes to check on you guys, do me a favor and tell him that I’m going to take the sting out of the Black Scorpions once and for all.” Michelle then ran up the stairs.

She was pleasantly surprised to find that the entrance to the Black Scorpions’ base was near Metal Grizzlie restaurant.

“Okay, Siggy, you’re first on my list,” she vowed as she ran down a sidewalk.


Siggy and his pals had arrived at the statue and were just about to retrieve the canister of fuel when Michelle came running up.

“Hold you guys!” the girl yelled.

“Michelle?! But how did you escape from Pan?!” growled Siggy.

“You forget, I was a former Black Scorpion. I know how to get out of tough situations.” Michelle stated, as she took her fighting stance.

“Get her!” yelled Siggy. Siggy retrieved the fuel and ran off with it, while his pals fought Michelle.

*I got to go after Siggy.* She thought. Michelle spotted a group of bikers coming out of the restaurant, and quickly came up with an idea.

“The Black Scorpions are trying to kill bikers!” Michelle yelled.

“What?!” yelled the bikers. The burly men ran over and began to beat the living daylights out of the thugs.

Michelle then began to give chase to Siggy.

Her journey took her to a gym.

When she entered the gym, Siggy was waiting in a boxing ring.

“Okay, little girl, this is it. I never liked you, and how I’m going to get rid you, and then Pan will make me his right hand man,” Siggy said.

“Pan doesn’t care about you, Siggy, but you’re too obsessed with power to realize that. Just give me my wristwatch and we’ll call it even,” Michelle said, as she climbed into the ring.

“There’s something awfully special about this thing, or you wouldn’t want it so badly. I’ll bet it has some sort of power,” Siggy taunted.

*Siggy, if you only knew* Michelle dove at Siggy, but he caught her and held her tightly.

“I’m going to choke the life out you, Michelle!” growled Siggy. Michelle saw her opening and grabbed Siggy’s wrist. “Let’s Rocket!” she shouted as she held onto to her morpher.

Pink energy began to swirl around both Michelle and Siggy. Finally, burst of red and white sparkles sent Siggy flying through the air. He crashed into a wall and then fell to the ground. Michelle now stood before him in her Pink Ranger armor.

“You’re....you’re... you’re the Pink Ranger,” he whispered before passing out.

“I’ve got to get him out of here. I can’t have him waking up, and telling the world that I’m the Pink Ranger,” Michelle said to herself.

Just then several police officers walked in, and the Pink Ranger teleported away.

“Aw man, its a Black Scorpion,” stated one of the officers.

“Maybe this is a sign that we’re finally going to put those punks out of business,” suggested another officer.


“Um, mom,” Drew said nervously. “There are a bunch of Black Scorpions outside.

“Oh no, they’ve come for Michelle,” Mrs. Chan stated.

“But she’s not here,” Drew replied. Then the phone rang.

“Mom, tell everyone not to worry, help is on the way,” said the reassuring voice of Michelle.

“Be careful, baby,” Mrs. Chan stated.

“Mom! look! The Pink Ranger is here, and she’s kicking those Black Scorpions’ butts,” Drew cheered.

It didn’t take long for Michelle take down the Scorpions, and then her family came out on the front porch.

“I need one of you to call the police, while I tie these creeps up,” stated the Pink Ranger.

Drew rushed out into the yard to help the Pink Ranger tie up the thugs with some old chains.

“You’re a long way from Angel Grove, aren’t you, Pink Ranger?” asked Drew.

“Let’s just say that your sister has some major connections,” replied Michelle. “Well I heard the police sirens in the distance, so that’s my cue to leave.

“Wait! Where is my sister?!” pleaded Drew. “Please tell me that she’s not hurt.”

“She’s trying to set things right,” the Pink Ranger replied before teleporting away.

“Good luck, Michelle,” Drew whispered, as she watched the streak of pink light soar into the sky.


Thanks to some quick thinking, Pan had managed to get his hands on the fuel, but he had also learned that his foot soldiers were being hauled off to prison, at that moment.

“Michelle, thinks she’s so smart, but I’ll have the last laugh,” vowed Pan, as he finished fueling up the Stingbanger.

Pan ordered his remaining gang members to go out into the city and loot it dry, and then he jumped into the cockpit of his robotic monstrosity.

As a group of kids played basketball on an outdoor court, the Stingbanger burst out from under the ground.

The kids immediately fled in fear.

"That’s right, run you little brats. Before the night is over, the Black Scorpions will have all of Brooklyn running in fear,” vowed Pan.

“Not if I have anything to say about it stated the Pink Ranger, who was standing on the roof of a nearby bank. “Wildcat Zord, Get ready for the hunt!”

A pink comet descended from space and transformed into the Pink Wildcat Zord, on the street below. Michelle then leaped into the cockpit of her zord.

“You’re going down, Pan!” she yelled.

“Bring it on, Pink Ranger!” snarled Pan.

The Stingbanger immediately began to swing its tail at the Wildcat Zord.

Michelle did her best to dodge the swings, but one blow caught the zord in the head, causing it to temporarily lose power.

“Whoa! I’ve got to make sure that that tail doesn’t hit me again,” the Ranger stated.

The Stingbanger then began to fire missiles at the zord. “Try those on for size, Pinkie,” growled Pan.

“Okay, Pan, its time to put an end to this battle, before we tear up the whole city. Claw Blades Fire!” A pair of silver metallic spears flew out of the under belly of the Wildcat zord, and turned the Stingbanger into a ball of fire.

Fortunately for himself, Pan had ejected from his robot and was now running towards the entrance to the Black Scorpion base.

Michelle, sent the Wildcat Zord back to the moon, and then demorphed behind some bleachers. She was determined to defeat Pan as Michelle Chan.


“Its all over, Pan. The police are rounding up the rest of the Black Scorpions as we speak, and your little bomb scare won’t save you, because the Pink Ranger has defused all of the bombs around my parents’ home,” Michelle said.

“You ruined everything. This city was suppose to be mine, but you and that meddling Power Ranger had to stick your nose in my business!” growled Pan, who noticed that Helena had entered the room, behind Michelle. “:Helena, cut her throat!” yelled Pan.

“No, Helena, don’t do it. Remember what I told you earlier. He doesn’t care about you,” Michelle reminded.

‘Don’t listen to her lies, Helena. She’s just jealous because she couldn’t cut it as a member of the Black Scorpions, and you can,” Pan said.

“Both of you, Shut Up!” yelled Helena. “Pan, you promised that the Black Scorpions would stick by me, but I almost got killed up there when “my family” ran off, and left me to face those cops alone. I thought I had finally found a family that loved me, but when you love someone you don’t ask them to do things that are illegal! You don’t ask them to hurt innocent people!” Helena was now trembling.

“Fool!” snarled Pan, as he fired a shot from his gun at Helena. Michelle shoved Helena out of the way just in time, and then the Ranger teen tossed a sword at Pan that pierced his shoulder.

“Ahhh!” the villain screamed, as he fell to the ground.

“Freeze!” yelled a group of officers as they burst into the room.

“Its a good thing, we spotted Pan coming down here,” said one of the officers.

“Well, Miss Chan, I think this is poetic justice,” stated another officer. “Pan, has used a lot of kids over the years to do his dirty work. Its only fitting that one of his former workers would be the one to bring him down.”

“Pancolas Wilde, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law,” began one of the officers.


“We this is our newest patient. Mr. Siggy,” stated a doctor, as he and Drew looked into a padded ceil through a small window. “He says he know the true identity of the Pink Power Ranger.”

“Really,” Drew said, sarcastically. “Mr. Siggy, who is the Pink Ranger?”

Siggy gave Drew a goofy lock and then replied. “The Pink Ranger?........The Pink Ranger is...........Me! Ah hee, ah hee, ah hee hee hee!” Siggy began to jump up and down and then he started doing cartwheels in his ceil.

“Some guy named Andros arranged for him to be transferred to an Asylum on KO-35, once his spends three weeks here,” the doctor stated.

“Well thank for giving me a tour of the place. The information you and your staff provided me with will be very helpful when I write my research paper,” Drew said.

“Oh we are excited by meeting prospective Psychiatrists,” the doctor replied.

Michelle was waiting for Drew, outside of the Asylum.

“He thinks he’s the Pink Ranger,” Drew whispered. “If you ask me, I don’t think he’ll be telling anybody that you’re the Pink Ranger.”

“Did Andros make the arrangements?” Michelle asked.

“Yep, Siggy leaves for KO-35 in three weeks.”

“Thanks for checking things out for me, Drew,” Michelle smiled.

“You’re my kid sister, Michelle, I’d do anything for you. I think its great that the two of us can share this secret,” Drew added.

“Yeah, we haven’t shared a big secret since you told me not to tell mom and dad that you went to the mountains with Cody Benson, instead of spending the weekend with your cheerleader pals,” Michelle stated.

The two sisters began to giggle. “C’mon, Michelle, I’ll buy a large pizza, because after everything you’ve been through, you deserve it,” Drew stated.

The two girls hopped into Drew’s car, and drove away.


The End