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A Year to Remember
by Marques Jeffries

As Andros sat in his room, onboard the Astro Megaship, he looked at some pictures that he had taken with the other Rangers. As he shuffled through the pictures he began to think about how much his life had changed in the past year.

For starters, this time last year he was all alone on the Megaship. Well he had DECA, and Zhane was onboard, but DECA was a computer and Zhane was still in the healing chamber. This time last year he was still wondering what had become of Zordon and his long lost sister, Karone.

Now, one year later, he had made four new friends, and together they had faced the best that the United Alliance of Evil could throw at them. He began to think about how determined Astronema had been to destroy him, when they first met, and how close they had become after the Countdown to Destruction War. More than anything else, Andros was grateful that Ashley Hammond had entered his life. He had fallen in love with Ashley the first time they met, but was just too shy to do anything at first.

“Hey, Andros, are you okay?” asked a voice.

Andros looked up to see his sister standing in the doorway.

“Oh, Karone, I’m sorry. I was just doing some thinking,” Andros replied.

“Do you wanna talk about it?” Karone asked.

“I was just thinking about everything that’s happened over the past year,” stated Andros, as he placed the pictures on a table.

“Yeah, this time last year, I was preparing to take my place as Princess of Evil,” said Karone. “I just want to apologize again for all the trouble I caused you and the others.”

“Karone, we’ve discussed this thousands of times already. You did what you had been taught to do, besides once you learned the truth, you tried to set things right,” said Andros, as he stood up and hugged his sister.

“Sometimes I just feel like I missed so much,” Karone stated.

“Karone, there no need to dwell on the past. Tomorrow will bring a new year, and we will have a chance to make a fresh start,” said Andros.

“Andros is right, its been a wild year for all of us, but in the end we all came out victorious,” stated Zhane, as he entered the room.

“Andros, Karone, and Zhane, the other Rangers are waiting for the three of you at the Surf Spot,” stated DECA.

“Aw man, I almost forgot about that,” said Zhane, as he struck himself on the head.

“Forgot about what?” inquired Karone.

“I told T.J. and the others that we’d meet them at the Surf Spot for some grub, and then we’d all go over to the park, and wait for the New Year to come in,” stated Zhane.

“Then we’d better move it if we don’t want to be late,” stated Andros.


>From his laboratory in downtown Angel Grove, Dr. Finton Bilk was working on his latest invention. Bilk had been an associate of Prof. Phenomenus for several years, but once Phenomus learned that Bilk was one of those “I wanna rule the world” type of scientists, their friendship ended.

“Just one more adjustment and my invention will be complete,” stated the scientist as he fiddled with some sort of clock.

“Hey boss what ya doing?” asked Elgar, as he entered the lab.

Bilk was nearby, when Zordon’s wave reduced Elgar to dust. Bilk then brought the pile of dust to his lab, and after a few experiments with synthetic materials, he was able to reform Elgar and give him life. Bilk had also hoped to do the same to the Quantrons, but upon the United Alliance of Evil’s defeat, the Power Rangers had been quick to dispose of the other piles of dust.

“Elgar, its simple. Lord Zedd once had a device that turned back the hands of time,” stated Bilk.

“Yeah, he always used to brag to the rest of us about it. Man those were the days. Well anyway, didn’t the Power Rangers destroy that thing?” asked Elgar.

“Yes, that is correct, however, I have constructed a device that will turn back the hands of time, also,” stated the scientist.

“Won’t the Rangers stop you?” inquired Elgar.

“No, you fool, that’s the beauty of this plan. The Power Ranger, and any other superhero team currently hanging around will be reduced to powerless children!” proclaimed Finton Bilk.

“Man you’re smartest than Auntie D and Astronema,” replied Elgar.

“Don’t ever compare me to the babbling pirate or that hair changing punkette. Divatox and Astronema were weak, and look where it got them,” stated Bilk.

“Oh yeah, Divatox has her own talk show on Channel 25, and Astronema is hanging out with her brother and the other Rangers,” reminded Elgar.

“Listen, Elgar, I want you to plant this device in Angel Grove park, and then get your but back here,” ordered Bilk, as he handed Elgar the clock.

“You can count on me, boss,” replied Elgar, as he trotted out of the lab.

“Don’t drop it!” yelled Bilk.


“Are you kids going over to the park?” asked Adelle, as she brought the Rangers their drinks.

“We wouldn’t miss it for the world,” replied T.J.

“Are you going, Adelle?” asked Ashley.

“No, sugar, I’m going to my church after I close up here, but I’d just like to wish all of you a happy and prosperous New Year,” said Adelle, as she handed Zhane his milkshake.

“Same to you, Adelle,” replied Karone.

“What time is it, Carlos?” asked Andros.

“I’ve got 11:25,” replied Carlos, after checking his watch.

“We’d better get moving,” stated Andros.

“Wait, I haven’t finished my milkshake yet,” whined Zhane.

“You can finish it on the way,’ replied Cassie.

“Come on, you slowpoke,” added Karone, as she pulled Zhane to his feet.

All seven of the teens walked over to the park, unaware of the evil plot that was unfolding.


At the park, the Rangers were mingling friends.

“Hey look, there goes Tommy and Adam!” exclaimed Ashley, as she pointed to the two former Rangers.

“I sure is, but who’s that babe that’s standing beside Tommy?” asked Carlos.

“C’mon, Carlos, don’t you keep with gymnastics. That’s Kimberly Hart,” stated Cassie.

“She won a gold metal at the Pan-Global Games in 1996,” added T.J.

“Let’s go say hello,” suggested Andros. So the six Rangers and Karone walked over to where Tommy, Kimberly, and Adam were standing.

“Hi, you guys!” exclaimed Ashley.

“Man, we’ve been running into members of the Power Ranger Family all evening,” said Adam.

“You were a Ranger too, Kimberly?” inquired Ashley.

“Actually I was the original Pink Ranger, before I passed the power to Kat,” replied Kimberly, with a smile.

“Man, its amazing all of the things that have happened this year,” stated T.J.

“Yeah, but no matter how bleak things seemed you guys never gave up hope,” stated Tommy.

“That’s part of being a Power Ranger never losing hope,” proclaimed Andros.

As the Rangers and former Rangers continued to talk, Elgar, wearing a trenchcoat, worked his way through the crowd to the center of the park.

“Man, its 11:45,” said Elgar, as he checked his Cookie Monster watch. “Well I’ll lay this thing down and got the heck outta here.” Elgar placed the device under the stage, and rushed away, but as he was running he bumped into Karone.

“Whoops, sorry, babe,” said Elgar, as he tried to get by her.

“Elgar! How did...?” said a shocked Karone, just before Elgar grabbed her.

“I don’t know how you know me, but I can’t let you give my identity away to the Rangers,” said Elgar, as he bopped Karone over the head with his sword.

Zhane glanced over just in time to see what had happened.

“Hey what are you doing to her!?” Zhane yelled, as he rushed over, with Adam behind.

“Oh no, Rangers,” whispered Elgar. He dropped Karone, and away.

“Karone, Karone, are you okay?” asked a concerned Zhane.

“Zhane, I’m not certain, but that guy looked just like Elgar,” stated Adam.

“I wonder what he was up to?” thought Zhane. Just then Adam heard the device ticking under the stage.

“Zhane, there’s something under the stage,” said Adam. Just then the other Rangers walked up.

“Is my sister okay?” asked Andros.

“She’s unconscious, but I think she’ll be fine,’ replied Zhane, as he rubbed her head.

“You’d better take her back to the Megaship. We’ll investigate that ticking noise,” stated Andros. So Zhane teleported away with Karone in his arms.

Upon finding the device, Tommy realized what it was.

“Oh my God, its a Time Device!” yelled Tommy.

“Everybody run!’ yelled Adam, but at that very moment the device went off. Within seconds everyone on Earth were reduce in age by ten years.


“Zhane, what happened?” questioned a groggy Karone, as she awoke in the Megaship’s infirmary.

“Elgar attacked you,” replied Zhane.

‘Zhane, Karone, we got a big problem?” stated Alpha, as he entered the room.

“What’s wrong?” inquired Karone, as she sat up.

“The Earth has been turned back by ten years,” replied Alpha.

‘Oh no, then that means the other Rangers are now little kids,” stated Zhane.

“So that’s what Elgar was up to,” said Karone.

“Alpha, teleport Andros and the others here,” stated Zhane. “I’m sure Elgar didn’t think up a plan like this, so whoever he’s working for will probably try to grab the others while their kids.

Within seconds, the little Rangers were onboard the ship.

“Zhane, Karone, you’ve got to find a way to turn us back to normal!” exclaimed Andros.

“Don’t worry, my little friends we’ll get to the bottom of this,” promised Zhane.

“I’m hungry! I’m hungry! I’m hungry!” screamed Ashley, as she began to jump up and down.

“Calm down, Ash, I’ll give some chocolate chip cookies from the Synthetron,” promised Karone, as she stood up. “Now follow me kids.”

“While you’re baby-sitting, I’ll go get that device from the park,” stated Zhane. “Let’s Rocket!”


Onboard a shuttle, in space, Finton Bilk was preparing for the next phase of his plan.

“Elgar, set a course for Angel Grove. My little Time Rewinder must have stopped by now,” ordered Bilk.

“You got it boss. I can’t wait to spank those naughty little Power Rangers,” laughed Elgar.


“Let’s see, where’s that device,” thought Zhane, as he looked around in the park.

“Look its a monster!” yelled little Skull, as he and Bulk wandered through the park.

“That’s no monster, Skull, its the Silver Ranger,” replied Bulk. “Hey, Silver Ranger, over here!” yelled Bulk.

“You guys haven’t seen a giant clock type thingy laying around, have you?” asked Zhane.

“Yeah, its still under the stage. Skull and I thought about playing with it, but we were afraid it might be a bomb,” stated Bulk.

“Thanks guys, and don’t worry, I’m going to find a way to get things back to normal,” vowed Zhane. Just then Bilk’s shuttle landed nearby, and he and Elgar exited the shuttle.

“So my Time Rewinder didn’t get all of the Rangers, afterall,” stated Bilk, once he saw the Silver Ranger.

“Who are you?” asked Zhane.

“Oh allow me to introduce myself, I am Finton Bilk, the mastermind behind this wonderful scheme,” proclaimed Bilk.

“Well I’m going to throw a monkeywrench into your plans, pal,” stated Zhane, as he got into his fighting stance.

“I afraid I can’t let you do that, my Silver friend. Elgar, get him!” ordered the scientist.

‘Who me? Um I-I-I just remembered I’ve got a date with a model from Venus,” said Elgar, before quickly teleporting away.

“Looks like your henchmen has left you high and dry,” stated Zhane.

“No matter, you still won’t get my Time Rewinder,” snarled the scientist, before pressing a button on a remote in his hand. Instantly the Time Rewinder burst into flames.

“No!” yelled Zhane.

“I guess you could say that your plans of using my Time Rewinder to fast forward time have gone up in flames!” laughed Bilk, before walking back into his shuttle.

“Silver Ranger, what are you doing to do now?” questioned Skull.

“I don’t know, but I’m going to do something,” replied Zhane. He called his Galaxy Glider and headed back up into space.


Onboard the Astro Megaship, Karone and Alpha had put a movie in for the little Rangers to watch.

“Karone, how are things going?” asked Zhane, as he entered the room.

“Sssshhh, I think they’re about to fall asleep,” whispered Karone.

“Did you find the time device?” inquired Alpha.

“Yes, but it was destroyed before I could get it. It seems that a mad scientist, named Finton Bilk, is behind this,” stated Zhane.

“If only we knew how the former Rangers got time back to normal before us,” stated Zhane.

“Oh that’s an easy one,” replied Alpha. “They used the Zeo Crystal.”

“Where is the Zeo Crystal at, now?” questioned Karone.

“Unfortunately, its currently buried beneath the ruins of the Power Chamber,” replied Alpha, sadly. “Even if we had it, we’d still need a power generator to unleash its powers.”

“I think I might know a guy who could build a generator for us,” stated Adam, as he stood in the doorway.

“Adam how did you get here?” asked Zhane.

“I grabbed onto your Galaxy Glider when you left the park, but anyway, Billy could build one,” suggested Adam.

“Isn’t he currently living on Aquitar?” asked Alpha.

“Yes, but I’m sure he could help,” replied Adam.

“I’ll go to Power Chamber and find the Zeo Crystal, while you guys go to Aquitar,” stated Zhane.

“Be careful, Zhane. If that scientist finds out what you’re up to, he’s sure to try to harm you,” warned Karone.

“Don’t worry, cupcake, I’m a big boy. I can handle Bilk,” replied Zhane, confidently. So the Silver Ranger headed for the ruins of the Power Chamber, while the Astro Megaship headed for Aquitar.


“The Rangers’ starship is heading into deep space,” thought Bilk, as he looked at the monitor. “The Silver Ranger is up to something.

“Hey, boss, I’ve got the Silver Ranger on my screen,” stated Elgar. “He appears to be heading for the ruins of the Power Rangers’ old headquarters.”

“If he’s heading towards Earth, who is in that starship?” questioned Bilk.

“I dunno, boss. Maybe he’s playing mind games with you,” suggested Elgar.

“No. The Power Rangers are very resourceful. Silver Ranger is up to something. Set a course for the Rangers’ old headquarters,” ordered Bilk.


At the ruins, Zhane had been walking around in the rubble for almost twenty minutes, and he was beginning to get frustrated.

“I can’t believe this. We were supposed to have a relaxing New Year’s Eve celebration in the park, but thanks to some mad scientist, my friends are kids and I here looking for a Crystal that I’ve never even seen before,” complained Zhane, as he rummaged through the rubble of the Power Chamber.

All of the sudden, Zhane heard the sound of something singing “Zeo.” He rushed over to where the sound had come from, and stuck his hand down into a pile of rubble.

“Eureka! This has got to be the Zeo Crystal,” stated Zhane, as he pulled out the shiny, glowing crystal.

“I’ll take that, Silver Ranger!” ordered Bilk, as he and Elgar walked up behind Zhane.

‘Think again, Bilk,” replied Zhane, as he did a backflip over both villains, and landed in his fighting stance.

‘This time I brought help,” stated Bilk, as a giant mud man emerged from the ground. “Get him, mud man, get him!” commanded Bilk, as he pointed at Zhane.

“Super Silverizer!” yelled Zhane. Using his Silverizer, Zhane sliced at the mud man, but because the monster wasn’t solid, Zhane’s Silverizer attacks went right through his body.

After withstanding a few more attacks by Zhane, the mud man scooped up the Silver Ranger and tossed him into a pile of mud.

“How am I going to beat this guy,” thought Zhane.

“Hang on, Silver Ranger, I’m going to solidify this guy,” stated Karone, before firing an icy blast from the Megaship’s onboard Ice Blaster.

“Oh no, mud man is solid now,” groaned Bilk.

“That’s right, now say goodbye to your mud monster,” said Zhane, as he shattered the monster with his Silverizer.

“Elgar, go get that crystal. I sense that it possesses some great power,” stated Bilk.

As Elgar charged at Zhane, Andros, T.J,, and Carlos leaped off of the Megaship and landed on Elgar.

“Thanks for the soft landing, Elgar,” laughed T.J. Elgar just groaned in pain.

“Toss the Crystal up here!” yelled Billy, as he stood in the doorway of the Megaship.

With a throw that would have made John Elway proud, Zhane tossed the Zeo Crystal up to Billy.

“Looks like this plan is unraveling before my eyes,” said Bilk, as he turned to make a run for his shuttle. “He who turns and runs away, lives to fight another day.”

“Oh no you don’t, Bilk!” yelled Zhane as he tackled Bilk. “You’re going to start 1999 off behind bars.”

Karone landed the Megaship, and her, Billy, and the other Rangers exited with the Zeo Crystal, and Billy’s device.

“The Time Rewinder really messed things up, let’s see if the Time Fast Forwarder can set things right again,” stated Billy, as he positioned the crystal in the generator.

“Wait, don’t start it yet!” exclaimed Alpha.

“Alpha, what’s wrong?”; asked Karone.

“Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi, if you start it now Zhane, Billy, and yourself will age, also. We’ll have Andros activate it, once we’re safely in space,” explained Alpha.

“The Green button activates it, Andros,” explained Billy, before he, Karone, Zhane, and Alpha boarded the Megaship and headed into space.

“Okay here goes, you guys,’ stated Andros, as he pressed the Green button.

>From outer space, Billy, Karone, Zhane, and Alpha watched as the Earth began to spin rapidly.

“Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi, I sure do hope this works,” stated Alpha.

Once the Earth’s rapid spinning had ceased, the crew of the Megaship returned to Earth, to find that things had not only been returned to normal, but somehow it was ten ‘til midnight.

“Are you guys okay?” asked Zhane.

“Yes, we’re fine,” replied Ashley, with a smile.

“Then we’d better get moving if we want to make back to the park,” stated Carlos.

“How did time return to New Year’s Eve?” asked Adam.

“Well when Karone told me the full story of what had happened. I built the Time Fast Forwarder so that it would return time to where it had been before things got messed up,” explained Billy.

Andros attached a note to Bilk’s jacket, explaining the whole story, and had Alpha teleport Bilk to the Angel Grove Pen, but somehow in all of the confusion Elgar had managed to escape.


At the park, the Rangers and their friends counted down the seconds to the New Year.

“Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Happy New Year!” cheered the crowd.

“What a night,” said Zhane, as he put his arm around Karone’s neck.

“Yeah, but could 1998 have ended any other way for us,’ replied Karone.

“I wonder what surprises 1999 will hold for us?” wondered Cassie.

‘Whatever challenges come our way, we’ll face as we have done in past. We’ll face them together as a team,” vowed Andros.

The End

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