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Christmas In Space
by Marques Jeffries

As the people of KO-35 gathered in a large park, the familiar tune of Jingle Bells could be heard.

“On behalf of all of my people, I’d like to thank the Rangers for sharing their wonderful Earth holiday with us,” stated Commander Kiwon, as he spoke into a microphone. He then handed the mic to T.J. for a response.

“May Christmas become as popular here as it is on Earth,” stated T.J. The crowd began to applaud, as T.J. headed over to where Carlos, Cassie, Ashley, and Karone were standing.

“All of the decorations look so beautiful!” exclaimed Ashley.

“Yeah, I’m glad we could bring the spirit of Christmas here,” replied Cassie. Just then a little boy and a little girl approached the Rangers.

“How are the two of you enjoying the celebration?” asked Karone.

“It’s cool, but my sister and I were wondering about that Claus guy that Zhane was trying to tell us about, before he and Andros went to find a tree,” stated the boy.

“Well kids its Christmas Eve on Earth, and right as we speak Santa Claus is delivering toys to all the good little boys and girls of the world,” stated Ashley.

“But we were wondering if he would come to KO-35?” questioned the girl.

“Before we came here, we made a stop at the North Pole, and told Santa all about the good little children of KO-35, and he promised that once he was finished on Earth, he and his reindeer would come here, and bring lots of toys with them,” assured Carlos.


In a nearby forest, Andros and Zhane searched for the perfect tree to become KO-35’s first Christmas Tree.

“Man, we’ve been at this for hours, and its starting to get late,” complained Zhane.

“We have to keep searching for just the right tree, everyone’s depending on us, Zhane,” replied Andros.

“Well I hope we find a suitable tree soon, because I’ll bet Karone and Ashley are worried about us,’ stated Zhane.

“I’m sure they are, but they’re probably gobbling up some Christmas cookies that Alpha made this morning,” replied Andros, with a smile.

“Christmas cookies! Andros, we’ve gotta find a good tree soon, so we can get back and eat some cookies too,” complained Zhane.

“Patience, my friend, we’ll find one soon,” laughed Andros.

Unknown to the two Rangers, they were being watching by a mysterious hooded figure.

“Let’s see, the kids are expecting Santa Claus, and those two are looking for a Christmas tree,” thought the stranger. “This could turn into something fun.” The stranger snapped his fingers, and a beautiful tree appearing near Andros and Zhane.

“How about that one, Andros?” exclaimed Zhane, as he noticed the tree.

“I think it would make a great Christmas Tree,” replied Andros, as he walked over to the tree. Together Andros and Zhane chopped down the tree, and dragged it away.

“Little do they know that’s an enchanted tree, and with its magic, KO-35’s first Christmas will be its last,” said the stranger, as pulled back his hood to reveal the sinister Wizard of Dispair.


“Let the party begin, we’re back and we’ve found a beautiful tree,” proclaimed Zhane.

“You’re not kidding, that tree is magnificent!” exclaimed Ashley.

Once Zhane and Andros had gotten the tree into position, everyone gathered around and began to decorate the tree.

“Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree how...,” sang Carlos, before Cassie hit him in the back with a snowball.

“Stick to soccer, Carlos,” joked Cassie. Carlos just shrugged it off and began to laugh.

“Once the star is placed at the top of the tree my spell will take effect,” sneered the evil wizard, as he watched from behind a nearby building.

“Just one more thing left to do,’ stated Andros, as he pulled out the star.

“Karone, would you do the honors?” asked Commander Kiwon.

“I’d be honored,” replied Karone, as her accepted the star from Andros.

Zhane flew her to the top of the tree on his Galaxy Glider. No sooner had Karone placed the star on the tree, than a black mist emerged engulfing everyone, except Zhane and Karone.

“What’s happening?” asked Karone.

“I don’t know, but we’d better head for the Megaship before the mist begins to rise,” stated Zhane. As the mist continued to engulf the crowd, the Silver Galaxy Glider headed into space.

“Rats! Zhane and Karone have escaped, but no matter they won’t be able to stop my plans,” thought the wizard, as he watched the glider soaring through the sky.

Once the mist had cleared, everyone began to argue with one another.

“Hey you hit with a snowball, now I’m going to pay you back!” yelled Carlos, as he stuffed a rock into some snow, and tossed it at Cassie.

“You throw like a girl!” yelled Cassie, as she ducked the snowball.

“Why am I decorating this stupid tree. More importantly, why am I celebrating this stupid holiday,” growled Andros.

“Christmas isn’t stupid. It’s better than any holiday you aliens ever had,” snarled Ashley, as she shoved Andros.

“You’re just mad because KO-35 is superior to Earth,’ snapped Andros.

“Watch it, Andros, just because its a holiday doesn’t mean I won’t lay you out for talking about my home world,” snarled T.J,, as he grabbed Andros, by the collar.

“Oh yeah, take your best shot,” scoffed Andros, as he broke free of T.J.

T.J. attempted a thrust kick to Andros’ chest, but Andros caught his foot and flipped him over. “My turn, Teej,” growled Andros, as he jumped on T.J., and began to pound on him.

Ashley, Carlos, and Cassie rushed over to try to assist T.J. Soon what had started out as a joyous Christmas celebration had turned into a full blown riot!

“This is better than Wrestlemania,” laughed the wizard, as he watched the riot, from behind the building.


Onboard the Megaship, Zhane, Karone, and Alpha waited as DECA did a diagnostics check of the tree.

“What have you discovered, DECA?” asked Zhane.

“The tree holds some very evil magic. It appears that the mist has made everyone angry with one another,” stated DECA.

“Who would want to ruin KO-35’s first Christmas?” inquired Karone.

“I think the big question is, what villain is still around that could be behind this?” stated Zhane.

“That’s right, Zordon’s energy wave ridded the universe of evil,” reminded Alpha 6.

“Hmm, there was one villain who wasn’t around at any point during that whole invasion,” stated Zhane.

“Who was that?” asked Alpha.

“The Wizard of Dispair,” announced Zhane.

“You’re right, Zhane, and this is just the type of scheme that he would hatch,” stated Karone.

“A riot has broken out in the park,” stated DECA, as the scene was brought up on the screen.

“We’d better get down there,” stated Zhane.

‘But how will you reverse the influence of the wizard’s spell?” inquired Alpha.

“I don’t know, but we just can’t let them destroy one another,” said Zhane.


“You Earthlings will regret the day you ever set foot on our planet!” yelled Commander Kiwon, as he swung his sword at Carlos.

“Get him, Kiwon!’ yelled Andros.

“Stop it! all of you stop it!” yelled Karone, as she and Zhane arrived on the scene.

“Shut up, Karone! These Earthlings have insulted us,” stated Andros. Andros rushed at T.J., but T.J. met him with a superkick.

“That’s it! Let’s Rocket!’ shouted Andros. No sooner had Andros morphed than he was returned to his right mind. “What happened?” asked a puzzled Andros.

“Andros, you’re okay!’ exclaimed Karone, as she hugged her brother.

“Yes, but what’s happening?” inquired Andros.

“We have reason to believe that the Wizard of Dispair placed a spell on the tree that makes everyone angry,” stated Zhane.

“I wonder why you returned to normal when you morphed?” questioned Karone.

“Maybe the good energy of the morphing powers broke the spell,” suggested Andros. “We’ve got to get the other Rangers to morph.”

“No fair, you’re too chicken to fight us unmorphed!” yelled Ashley.

‘Why don’t you guys morph and we’ll really have a battle,’ stated Andros.

“You asked for it! Let’s Rocket!” shouted Ashley, Cassie, Carlos, and T.J., in unison.

“Hey what happened?” asked Cassie.

‘The Wizard of Dispair is up to no good,” stated Andros.

“So you’ve discovered my plan, but now that I know it works on Earthlings, I heading to Earth to spread my mist of hate to all mankind,” proclaimed the wizard, as he disappeared.

“What are we going to do? He’s heading for Earth, and everyone else here is still under his spell,” stated Carlos.

“There’s no way we can get to Earth ahead of him, but our best chance of foiling his evil plans is the release the energies of the Morphing Grid,” stated Andros.

“Where is the Morphing Grid located?” asked Karone.

“It’s buried beneath the ruins of the Power Chamber on Earth,” replied Ashley.

“There’s no time to lose, we’ve got to get to Earth,’ stated Andros, before the Rangers teleported up to the Megaship.


As the Rangers neared Angel Grove they could see the affects of the Wizard’s mist. There were people in the streets yelling and fighting with one another. Even Tommy Oliver, Justin Stewart, Adam Parks, and Tonya Sloan had fallen under the influence of the mist.

‘Everybody knows that I am the best Ranger there is, the best Ranger was, and the best Ranger there ever will be,” stated Tommy, as he waived his fist in Adam’s face.

“Oh yeah, well how come you couldn’t hang on to Kimberly, hot shot?” growled Adam.

At that statement Tommy kicked Adam in the stomach, knocking him to the ground. “I told you not to mention her ever again,” snarled Tommy, with disgust.

“Yeah, Tommy, pound that sissy into the ground!” yelled Justin, as he jumped up and down in excitement.

“Adam get up, and teach that beach boy a lesson,” encouraged Tonya.

Adam quickly lunged onto Tommy, and soon they were rolling around on the ground fighting.

“Hey, cool it, you two!” yelled T.J., as he and Carlos pulled the two former Rangers apart.

‘Well, well, look who it is, the fancy Space Rangers have come down to mingle with the common folks,” scoffed Tommy.

“Tommy, you’re under a spell, man. You and Adam have to listen to reason,” pleaded Carlos.

“Hey leave them alone, space monkeys!’ yelled Justin, as he began to throw rocks at Blue Ranger and Black Ranger.

“Justin, we’re your friends, buddy,” pleaded T.J., as he dodged a few rocks.

“Come on, Teej, we better get back to the Megaship. We’ll just have release the Morphing Grid energy,” stated Carlos, before he and T.J. teleported away.

‘Cowards!” yelled Adam, as he watched the blue and black streams of light fly away.


Onboard the Megaship the Rangers headed for the ruins of the Power Chamber.

“Rangers, there’s a disturbance in downtown Angel Grove,” stated DECA.

“Karone and I will head for the Power Chamber, you guys better go stop the wizard,” stated Zhane.

“Be careful, there could be unstable debris from the explosion lying around,” warned Cassie.

“We will. Give the wizard a black eye for me,” replied Karone, before she and Zhane exited the Megaship, on the Silver Galaxy Glider.


“Welcome, Rangers, I’d like to introduce you to my Christmas Elf, Mist Master!” yelled the Wizard, as the Rangers arrived on the scene.

“Greetings, Power Rangers, I know all of you have been good little Rangers this Rangers, so unfortunately for you I’m going to have to destroy you,” screeched the evil elf, as he began the pull candy out of his Christmas sack, and toss it at them.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” said T.J. After a piece of candy struck the ground the Rangers realized that the candy was explosive.

“I think I’ll up the stakes. Grow, my Mist Master, grow and destroy the Power Rangers!” yelled the wizard.

“We need Astro Megazord Power, Now!” shouted Andros.

Within moments the Rangers were in the cockpit of their mighty Megazord. And the battle began.

Mist Master threw a flurry of jabs and uppercuts at the Megazord, but the Rangers managed to keep the zord on its feet.

“Man, this guys hits hard,” stated Carlos.

“Well we’re going to hit harder,” stated Andros.

The Megazord then made its move, and grabbed Mist Master by the neck.

“Hey, let me go you over grown tin can,” screeched the monster.

Mist Master was then chokeslammed to the street.

“Giant, Undertaker, and Kane, eat your hearts out,” laughed Ashley.

“Yeah, we should join the WWF,” added T.J.

“Get up, Mist Master, and use your mist on them!” ordered the Wizard.

“You got it, boss,” growled the monster, as he rose to his feet and began to spray the Megazord with his mist.

“Nice try, Mist Master, but we won’t let you and that piece of trash, the Wizard of Dispair, ruin Christmas,” stated Cassie.

“Astro Saber, Power Up!” shouted the Rangers, in unison.

Mist Master tried to scurry away, but he found himself caught within to two old warehouses. With one mighty swing of the Astro Saber, Mist Master went up in smoke.

“Must I do everything, myself!” snarled the wizard, as he waived his wand. Instantly, a mob of people appeared and began to beat up the Astro Megazord.

‘Please stop, you don’t know what you’re doing!” yelled Andros.

“I hope Zhane and Karone have found the Morphing Grid,” stated Ashley.


At the ruins of the Power Chamber, Zhane and Karone pulled back pieces of debris, trying to find the Morphing Grid Generator.

“Hey I think this is it!” exclaimed Karone, as she uncovered part of a large metal object. Zhane rushed over to investigate the object.

‘It’s the generation, all right, but its too big for us to dig up, so I’ll have to bust it open like it is,” stated Zhane. “Stand back,’ Karone ran a few feet away.

“Be careful, Zhane,” she said .

“Don’t worry, cupcake, I’ll know what I’m doing, I think,” replied Zhane. “Super Silverizer. “With a mighty swing of his Silverizer, the generator burst open, and golden wave emerged from it.

‘You did it!” exclaimed Karone.

“I just hope this works,’ replied Zhane.


As the citizens beat on the Megazord, the golden wave washed their anger away, returning them to normal. The wave then went into space and did the same to the people of KO-35.

“No!” screamed the wizard, as he shook his hands in the air.

Andros jumped out of the Megazord, and called on his Red Battlized Ranger powers.

‘Okay, wizard, its time to put an end to your mischief,” stated Andros. ‘Battlizer Missile, Fire!” After being struck by the missile, the wizard burst into flames.

“Let’s hear for the Power Rangers. hip-hip-hooray--hip-hip-hooray!’ cheered the people of Angel Grove.

‘Thanks folks, and may you all have a very merry Christmas!” yelled Andros.

“And a happy and monster free New Year!’ added Zhane, as he and Karone arrived.


The sun had set on KO-35, now, everyone had gathered in an auditorium, to listen to Cassie read about the birth of Jesus. Once she had finished, Alpha served some freshly backed cookies to everyone.

“Finally, some cookies,” stated Zhane, as he stuffed two cookies in his mouth.

‘You pig,” laughed Karone.

“Hey, saving the universe will really work up your appetite,” replied Zhane.

“Well I think its time for all of the little kids to go to bed, because Santa Claus will be here soon,’ stated Carlos.

The kids said good-bye to the Rangers and KO-35 adults and then headed home.

“Hey, Zhane, I got you a Christmas present,’ stated Karone, as she handed Zhane a box.

“Wow! a L.A. Lakers Starter jacket. Just what I’ve always wanted,” said Zhane, as he looked at his new jacket. “I got you something too. I’m sure you’ll love it!’

When Karone opened the box, she was shocked to see a red and green whig.

“A whig?” said a puzzled Karone.

“Well, I remember how your hair kept changing colors, and I thought since your a blonde for good now, I’d give you a whig that you can wear every Christmas,” explained Zhane.

Karone just laughed and placed the whig on her head.

“It looks good on you,” stated Zhane.

Across the room Andros had given Ashley a diamond bracelet, and she had given him a snowboard, which she promised to show him how to use the next time they went to the mountains.

“Merry Christmas, Andros,’ said Ashley.

“Merry Christmas, Ashley,” replied Andros.

And they kissed under the mistletoe.

The End