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Friends or Foes?
by Marques Jeffries

Adam Parks stood on the beach and watched as a golden sun rose over the crystal blue water. This was one of the few splendors that Lord Shroud’s minion hadn’t been able to destroy.

The Asian teen let his mind wander, as he began to think about all of the grand adventures that he and his friends shared, during his last stint as a Ranger. Rita, Zedd, the Machine Empire, and Divatox had thrown so many obstacles in their path, but the Rangers had always managed to rise to the occasion. Now three former Rangers were missing, and Adam found himself teamed up with a new team in a universe where evil reigned.

*Tommy, Kim, Jason, We will find you, and then all of us will defeat Lord Shroud.* Adam was then brought out his trance, by the sight of a streak of white light that was descending from the sky. Curiosity then took over, and Adam broke into a sprint, racing down the beach towards the spot where the object was heading.

Adam watched as a giant egg, with undecipherable red writing all over it, landed a few feet in front of him.

Cautiously, Adam crept closer to the egg.

“Well, well, well, look who’s here,” came a voice from behind the Ranger. Adam spun around to see Darkonda and a few Predatrons standing before.

“You must be Darkonda,” Adam assumed.

“You are correct, so that means you must be a Power Ranger,” Darkonda replied. Before Adam could reply, the robotic soldiers rushed towards him.

The teen met his attackers with a few punches, that finished off the Predatrons. “Now its your turn, Darkonda.” Adam punched in the morphing code, and shouted, “Turn On the Power!”

Darkonda drew his Extenda Sword and fired a beam from it, but the Green Ranger dodged the beam and launched himself into the air, delivering a flying Power Punch to the villain.

“Now you’ve made me angry, Green Ranger,” Darkonda hissed, as he rose to his feet. the villain tele-warped out of sight.

“Show yourself, Darkonda!” the Green Ranger demanded, but the villain simply responded with his usual wicked laugh. As Adam reached for his scanner he was tackled to the ground by his invisible foe.

As he laid on the sand, Adam looked up at his attacker, who was now visible and who now held the Extenda Sword to Adam’s throat.

“You should have called for help, Ranger,” the villain hissed. “Tell me, Green Ranger, are the three Kerovans here also. I have a score to settle with all three of them.”

“Then let’s settle it!” came the familiar voice of the Red Ranger. Darkonda glanced away from his prey, to see the other five Rangers standing before in fighting stances.

“Not a step closer, Rangers, or I’ll cut Green friend’s throat like a hot knife through butter.”

“You’re still as vile as ever,” the Red Ranger retorted.

“I’d be the new Grand Monarch of Evil right now, if it hadn’t been for you meddlers,” Darkonda sulked. This momentary distraction, was all Adam needed to deal Darkonda a powerful blow to the chest with his Spacial Blade. The villain staggered backwards and then was consumed by a red light, that fired from within the egg.

“What’s happening to him?” Karone asked.

Without warning, the egg burst open and from it emerged a knight dressed in red armor and brandishing a long black sword.

“By the Power of Sara-Delgroton, I am the Red Knight!” the warrior proclaimed. “Surrender knave, or suffer the consequences!”

The beam faded away, and an enraged Darkonda rushed towards the warrior. The Red Knight began to twirl his sword like a baton and as Darkonda reared him, a black ray fired from the sword, causing Darkonda to burst into flames.

“Wow! that was amazing!” exclaimed the Yellow Ranger.

“Thank you, Power Rangers.” The knight bowed in honor of the Ranger. “I have traveled across several galaxies in search of the six of you.”

“Well I guess we owe you one, so tell us how we can help you,” Andros said.

“I come from a world, called Decador. My world is very similar to this one, in that it is populated by humans and that they are oppressed by a tyrant. I am the leader of Decador’s only group of superheroes, the Knights of Sara-Delgroton..,”

“Sara-Delgroton? You mentioned that earlier. What is it?” the Blue Ranger inquired.

“There is a prophecy that has been passed down through the generations that a child would one day be born, who would have the power to deliver Decador from the evil hands of Lord Shroud’s forces. Sara-Delgroton means “feminine savior” on our world. The child is now fourteen, but is unaware of her destiny. The other Knights’ sole mission is to protect the girl from the dark forces that seek to kill her. We were doing a pretty good job, up until two days ago, which was when the evil forces discovered the location of our hiding place for Sara-Delgroton. I was the only knight, who survived the attack. I told the girl to flee, and she escaped shortly before our base was attacked. I sought out a wise, good sorcerer, in hopes that he could help me locate Sara, but it appears that she is covered by some divine power, so his magic was no help. He did discover that six powerful forces, who were pure in heart, had entered this universe, and sent me here. Power Rangers, though she is protected by divine powers, the prophecy foretold that Sara-Groton could be killed by a weapon called the Black Stake. The evil forces are in possession of this weapon and won’t hesitate to use it. Please you must come back to Decador with me and help search for Sara-Delgroton.”

The Rangers looked at each other, and then Andros said, “We’ll do all we can to help.”

“Thank you. Now we haven’t a moment to lose.” The Red Knight lifted his sword skyward, and a bolt of lightning struck him and the Rangers, causing them to vanish.

* * *
In the sewer headquarters, Billy and Brandon had been watching everything that had happened.

“So do you know that guy?” Billy asked.

“No, but I’ve got a funny feeling about this. Decador is very close to the Belrenic Zone. Evil things happen there. I hope the Rangers don’t stay gone too long, because that’s a very dangerous section of the universe, they’re heading to,” the young boy explained.

* * *
The sun was nearly set on the planet Decador, as a young girl made her way down a lonely countryroad.

“I have to hurry before they find me,” she said, as she journeyed down the road. Ever so often, she’d glance over her shoulder to make sure that her pursuers weren’t catching up to her.

Meg couldn’t figure out why these warriors were so determined to capture her. She hadn’t done anything to them, yet she had a strong feeling that if they ever found her, she’d surely be killed.

There was almost total darkness now, but Meg could see a light in the distance. After journeying for many hours, the young girl had grown incredibly tired, and so she could only hope that this light signaled that she was nearing a safe haven.

Quickening her pace, Meg pressed forward.

* * *
There was a flash of lightning and then the Power Rangers and the Red Knight materialized.

To the Rangers realized that the Red Knight’s lightning bolt had somehow reversed their morphing powers, and now they were demorphed.

“So where do we go from here?” T.J. asked.

“We must begin the search for Sara-Delgroton,” the knight informed.

And so the Rangers began their journey, but Karone sensed something evil in the air and wasted no time in tugging on her brother’s jacket to get his attention. “Andros, there is evil magic all around us. I think we should keep our guard up.” she whispered. Andros replied by nodding in agreement.

It appeared that the mysterious power that had shielded Sara-Delgroton from the sorcerer’s power had no effect on the Rangers’ scanners, and the heroes were able to easily lock onto her energy signature.

Their journey was now taking them down a dusty road that looked like it hadn’t been traveled down in ages.

“I hope she’s okay,” the Red Knight said. “I don’t know what I’d do if anything ever happened to her.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll find her no matter what,” Zhane assured.

* * *
* Meg pulled herself up a set of cement steps that led to a small house. Reaching up she gave a quick knock and hoped that whoever lived there was friendly. Moments later, the door opened and a short old woman stood looking at the girl. At first the woman had a worried expression on her face, but once she saw the girl, the woman’s expression changed to a friendly smile.

“Come, come in, my child,” the woman insisted. Meg shrugged in then accepted the invitation.

The old woman led Meg to a table and motioned for the girl to have a seat.

“You must be starving,” the woman said, as she sat a bowl of soup in front of Meg. She watched thoughtfully as Meg tasted the soup. “I hope that you like it?”

“Its delicious. Thank you,” Meg replied. “My name is Meg, by the way.”

“Its nice to meet you, Meg. My name is Clora. So what were you doing out at this time of the night?”

Meg’s guardian had taught her to be cautious of inquisitive strangers, but Clora seemed like someone that she could trust. “Baron Crouse’s warriors are pursuing me. They’ve been after me for as long as I can remember. I just wish they’d leave me alone.” Meg then lowered her head and began to cry.

“Don’t cry,” Clora said, softly. “I’m sure things will get a whole better for you. The darker the tunnel, the brighter the light at the end of it.”

Clora headed into another room, and returned about ten minutes later. “I’ve made up a bed for you, if you’d like to stay for the night.”

“Well it is late, so I guess I could stay just for tonight, but I have to get moving in morning, because if Crouse’s men find me here, they’re sure to harm you, also.”

“I am not afraid of those brutes,” Clora said, confidently. “Now I’ll show you to your room.”

Meg wiped a few tears from her eyes, and then rose from the table.

* * *
As the Rangers the their new ally journeyed down the road, the ground began to shake and without warning the ground opened up causing all of them to fall downward, with the exceptions of Karone and T.J., who had managed to leap away from danger.

“Oh no they’re gone!” Karone exclaimed.

“No way. Its going to take more then an earthquake stop the Power Rangers. Right now, we have to find Sara-Delgroton,” the African-American stated.

Karone was worried about the others, but she knew T.J. was right, and so the two Rangers pressed on in their search.

Far below the surface of Decador, the Red Knight and the other four Rangers had landed in a tunnel, where they came face-to-face with a giant mole.

“It’s a Rover!” the Red Knight exclaimed. Thinking quickly the knight drew his sword and struck the creature with it, however, this act only enraged the mole and the creature snapped at the knight.

“Turn on the Power!” Andros, Ashley, Zhane, and Adam shouted, in unison.

In a flash of multi-colored light the Red, Yellow, Silver, and Green Rangers stood in their fighting stances. The tour Rangers summoned their Power Weapons and began to attack the mole.

The Red Ranger dealt the mole a powerful blow with his Spiral Sabre, causing the underdweller to retreat backwards. The creature made a lunge for Andros, but Ashley was there to sting the mole with her Astral Dagger.

As the Rangers battled the mole, the Red Knight snuck pass the creature and ventured deeper into the tunnel.

The mole fought valiantly, but he was no match for the four Rangers. After taking several blows from the Power Weapons, the underdweller retreated away.

“Well that takes care of him,” Zhane said proudly.

“Hey where did the Red Knight go?” Adam asked.

“I thought I saw him sneak pass the mole, but I thought he was going to attack the mole from behind,” explained Ashley.

“C’mon maybe we can catch up with him.” Andros motioned for the others to follow him.

* * *
Meg was awakened by the sound of yelling in the other room. She leaped out of bed and cracked the door open wide enough to peer into the main room.

Clora was now being harassed by two Knights, a blue and a white one.

“We know she came here. Now tell us where she is now, or else tear your house apart and feed your carcass to the buzzards!” the White Knight warned.

“I....I....I don’t know what you’re talking about,” the old woman pleaded. “No one ever visits me.”

“Then you won’t mind if we search this entire house?” the Blue Knight inquired, suspiciously.

“No! You can’t go in there!” Clora yelled, stepping in front of the door that led to the room that Meg was currently in.

Enraged, the White Knight grabbed the woman by the neck and tossed her aside. Now all of Meg’s fears left her and she was now filled with anger. *How dare these two bullies come into Clora’s home and shove her around.

Meg pushed the door open, ready to face her enemies, but it never happened. Meg saw a brief flicker of blue and pink light flash outside of a window, and within seconds the Blue and Pink Rangers had burst through the door, Tri-Blasters raised.

“Well isn’t this a surprise,” T.J. commented. “Your friend the Red Knight said that the two of you were dead.”

“Looks like the joke is one you, Rangers,” came a voice from behind the two Rangers. They turned around to see the Red Knight, along with a Black Knight, brandishing his sword. “The two of you were supposed to get trapped in the tunnels with your friends.”

“Seize the girl!” the Black Knight ordered. The Blue and White Knights did as commanded and held Meg firmly. “Now, Rangers, throw down your weapons or we’ll be forced to kill that old bat and the girl right now.”

The two Rangers looked at each other and then dropped their blasters. The Knights then, quickly chained the two Rangers’ arms behind their backs.

“The baron will be pleased that we’ve finally captured Sara-Delgroton,” the Blue Knight stated, proudly.

“And Cobrada will pay us well when we turn these two Power Rangers over to him,” the Black One added.

“I have other plans for these two,” the Red Knight, before beginning to chuckle.

“I don’t get it? Why did you go through all the trouble of bringing us here?” Karone asked.

“Well its simple, my dear. My fellow Knights and I had been unable to retrieve the Black Stake from its hiding place, plus Sara-Delgroton kept giving us the slip. Naturally, when we found out that six Power Rangers were on Alter-Earth we just knew that you’d be able to keep that mole distracted long enough for us to steal the Black Stake,” explained the White Knight.

“And your scanners were very helpful in leading us straight to Sara-Delgroton,” the Red Knight added.

“You keep mention someone named Sara-Delgroton....Who is she?” Meg questioned.

The four knights burst into laughter. “That’s the beauty of it Meg. Haven’t you wondered why we’ve been so persistent in our attempts to capture you? You’re the Chosen One. Its your destiny to liberate this world from the baron’s rule, but thanks to us that destiny has been thwarted,” boasted the Red Knight. “Now let’s get these four fools back to the castle.”

* * *
“Where could he have gone?” Adam inquired, after the four Rangers had traveled through the tunnel for what seemed like several hours.

“That looks like a room, just ahead,” Zhane said pointing to a doorway. “Maybe he went in there.’

Upon further investigation, the Rangers realized that this was where the Black Stake had been kept.

“Guys, a few thoughts are occurring to me, and no of them seem good,” Andros said. ‘I think we’ve been had. The Red Knight probably brought us here to distract that mole while he stole the Black Stake.”

“Then that means....,” Zhane first.

“That he’s the one who’s trying to kill Sara-Delgroton,” Ashley finished.

“That lying rat!” Adam grumbled.

“Don’t worry, guys, we’re not going to let him get away with this,” the Red Ranger assured.

“I was hoping you’d say that, now what’s the plan?” Zhane asked, eagerly.

“First, we find our way back to the surface, then we track down the Red Knight and make him pay for deceiving us,” Andros replied.

“Guys, I think I’ve located and exit back to the surface,” the Yellow Ranger informed, after checking her scanner. “According to my scanner there’s another walkway on the other side of that wall, and it will take us back to the surface.”

The four Rangers, in unison, fired a massive blast from their Tri-Blasters, creating an exit to the other walkway.

Sure enough, within a matter of minutes, Andros, Ashley, Adam, and Zhane came out of the tunnel, and found themselves in the middle of field.

Standing a few feet away from them, were a group of figures dressed in long black robes and wearing black hoods.

A man, wearing the same costume, but with a golden image of a pentagon within a circle embroidered on the front of his robe stood on a stage The Rangers were also able to see that there was a woman tied to a giant symbol, on the stage.

“Tonight, my brothers and sisters, we are gathered to offer this sacrifice to our master!” the man proclaimed. “May the wrath of Oblivion spread throughout this universe and beyond!”

“Who’s Oblivion?” Adam whispered.

“I don’t know, but this is wrong,” Andros replied. “We’ve got to save that lady.”

The man poured a black liquid on the symbol, as he and his followers began to recite and ancient chant.

“No! Please! Don’t do this!” the woman begged.

“You should feel honored, my child,” the man said, in an eerie tone. “You’re being offered to the future ruler of all time and space.”

“Nobody is getting sacrificed tonight or any other night!” the Red Ranger stated, as he and the other three Rangers materialized on the stage.

“How dare you outsiders interfere with the will of Oblivion!” the man yelled.

“We don’t know who this Oblivion is, but he’s not getting his sacrifice tonight. Super Silverizer!” Zhane quickly cut the ropes that held the woman, and she ducked behind the Rangers.

“Who are you?!” the man said angrily.

“We’re the Power Rangers, and you and your friends have got five seconds to clear out of here before we get really angry,” the Green Ranger ordered.

“Okay, Power Rangers, we’ll leave, but one day the wrath of Oblivion will vanquish all of you!” the man said, spitefully. The hooded congregation then fled from sight.

“Thank you for saving me,” the woman said, graciously.

“That’s what Power Rangers do best,” Zhane replied.

“So who were those people?” Ashley asked.

“They are called the Disciples of Oblivion, an ever-growing cult, in this part of the universe,” the woman said, sadly. “They dragged me from my own house. Oh I’m sorry, my name is Crysta.”

“Its nice to meet you, Crysta,” Adam stated. “We’ll walk you home if you’d like.”

“That’s okay, I’ll be fine now, besides, shortly before I was captured by those night crooners, I saw Baron Crouse’s Knights of Decador passed near my house. They had captured a young girl, an old woman, and two of your kind.

“You wouldn’t happen to know what direction the baron’s headquarters is in, would you?” Andros asked.

“Go east. The Baron’s knights will probably find you first,” Crysta warned. “Good-bye, Power Rangers, and good luck.” With that the woman headed off into the night.

“If those Knight have harmed one hair one Karone’s or T.J.’s hair....,” I’ll Andros began.

“Hey, T.J. doesn’t have any hair,” Zhane said, trying to bring a little humor to the situation.

And so the four Rangers headed east, with every intention of rescuing their two teammates, and teaching the Knights of Decador a lesson.

* * *
The Knights and their prisoners now stood in the presence of man, who looked to be in his mid-fifties. The man had Asian features, and had his jet black hair tyed in a ponytail, and he was dressed in a striped red and black robe.

“Well done,” the baron said, coldly, as the Knights brought the four prisoners before him. “you’ve not only brought me Sara-Delgroton, but two Power Rangers.”

“What do you want us to do with the old woman?” asked the Black Knight.

“Kill her,” Crouse replied, flatly.

The Black Knight raised his sword in the air, ready to deliver a fatal blow to Clora, however, Karone had used what little magic she had left in her to place a protective shield around the old woman.

As the knight’s sword struck the invisible forcefield, pink sparks flew out causing the villain’s armor to catch on fire. The other Knights struggled to figure out what was had just happened. The baron took the Black Stake from the Red Knight and prepared to murder Meg.

“Karone, we’ve got to stop him. You wouldn’t happen to know a spell for breaking chains, would you?” T.J. asked.

“Sorry, Teej, I only have enough magic in me to conjure up small spells, but I think I can put a shield around Meg for a few seconds,” the Kerovan replied. Karone focused her attention on Meg, and as the baron moved closer to the girl he was knocked backwards by some invisible force.

“Then I’ll take care of the two of you, first,” Crouse snarled, turning his attention to the Rangers. The baron fired a beam from the Black Stake, but this was the opportunity that the two heroes had been waiting for. Karone turned her body just enough, so that the beam cut her chains. She then summoned her Nova Staff delivered a powerful blow to the baron’s head, sending him to the ground in a heap.

Within moments, Karone had freed T.J. and they now stood ready to confront the Knights of Decador.

“You’re outnumbered, Rangers. Surrender now, and we’ll make your deaths short and painless,” the Red Knight threatened.

“We never surrender,” the Blue Ranger, stated before leaping into the air and striking the Blue Knight with a flying Power Punch.

The Black and White Knights had rushed towards Karone in attempt to overpower her, but the former Princess of Evil had a few tricks up her sleeve. Karone activated the Pink Thunder Mode of her powers, transforming from human to flash of pink energy. The energy bolt slammed into both of the villainous knight, causing them to burst into flames.

The Blue Knight began to twirl his sword, but T.J. remembered what this attack from the Red Knight’s encounter with Darkonda. The Blue activated his special attack mode, the Blue Eruption. The Blue Ranger ‘s whole body began to glow and then a stream of blue energy fired from the golden Power Ranger insignia on his chest. T.J. watched as the energy caused the evil Knight to burst into flames.

“I won’t be so easy to defeat!” the Red Knight growled. At that moment a window near the top of the room shattered and in flew the other four Rangers on their Z-Wingers.

“Missiles away!” Andros yelled. Before the evil Knight could react, he was destroyed by the weapon.

The other Rangers dismounted from their Z-Wingers and stood over the fallen baron.

“I surrender,” Crouse said, in exhaustion.

“Wow! that was awesome!” Meg exclaimed.

“Are the two of you okay?” Andros asked.

“Yes, thanks to all of you,” Clora said.

“I still can’t believe that I’m some sort of chosen one,” Meg replied. “Hey, now that the baron has been defeated...maybe I can finally get some peace.”

“I hope you’re right, Meg, but we ran into some cult members on our way here,” Ashley stated. “They were followers of some guy named Oblivion.”

“Clora, do you know him?” Meg asked, noticing the worried expression on the old woman’s face.

‘No.....It can’t be.....He can’t really exist,” with that Clora went into a state of hysteria and ran out of the room like a wild lunatic.

“What’s wrong with her?” Zhane asked.

“Let’s go find out,” Karone replied.

The Green and Blue Rangers escorted the baron to the dungeon, while Meg and the other Rangers searched to castle for Clora.

They found the old woman in a greenhouse, crying.

“Clora, please you must tell us what’s got you so upset,” Meg said.

“We’ll do everything we can to set things right, but we have to know what’s troubling you?” Karone pleaded.

Clora wiped the tears from her eyes and then started to speak. “Meg, I know that this will come as a shock to you, but I’m your grandmother.....I hadn’t seen you since you were a little baby yet I knew who you were then you showed up at my door.”

“Then you can tell me what happened to my parents?” Meg asked.

“Yes, I can, but you’re not going to like it,” Clora took a deep breathe and then began to speak again. “Several hours after you were born, the Disciples of Oblivion attacked our village. Your parents knew that the cult members would stop at nothing in their attempt to find you, so they left you in the care of your previous guardian, Manican. Manican fled the village with you, shortly before you parents went to confront Benjur, High Priest of the Disciples of Oblivion. They never returned. A lot of people say that they’re dead, but something deep within my gut tells me that my daughter and her husband are still alive.”

“Man, if we had known this earlier, we would have tried to get some information out of Benjur when we ruined his sacrifice attempt,” Adam stated.

“Well at least we have the Black Stake,” Ashley said, as she picked the weapon up off the floor. “Good grief!” she exclaimed, in shock.

“What’s wrong?” Andros asked.

“Look,” Ashley instructed. Everyone watched, as the weapon began to melt away.

“We been duped,” T.J. concluded.

“T.J. is right. The Red Knight must have been planning on using the Black Stake for some other purpose, and decided to give Crouse a fake one,” deduced the Red Ranger.

“Then how come Crouse was able to fire beams from that one?” Karone asked.

“Two stakes were created by Oblivion’s followers centuries ago, one possessing the power to kill Sara-Delgroton and the other one possessed minor powers. This must be the latter of the two,” Clora revealed.

“That means that the real is still out there somewhere,” Karone said. “There’s no telling what the Red Knight did with it.”

“Guys, we’d better get going if we’re going to make it back to Alter-Earth by the next sunrise,” Brandon announced as he and Billy entered the room.

“Brandon and I got worried, so we decided to come check on you guys, and its a good thing we did or you’d be stranded here,” Billy added.

“Billy, Brandon, we’d like to introduce the two of you to our new friends Meg and Clora,” Andros presented.

“I’m still trying to take of this in,” Meg said in bewilderment. “I mean, evil Knights, cults, heroes in multi-colored armor. I feel like my life has been turned upside down.”

“The two of you are more than welcome to return to Alter-Earth with us, if you’d like. It will give both of you a chance to make a fresh start,” Ashley offered.

“No, Decador is our home, besides, I now that I know who I am, I have to stay and make sure that the prophecy comes to pass. Decador will be free from the Disciples of Oblivion, someday,” Meg proclaimed.

“Well at least you don’t have to worry about Shroud’s forces anymore,” Zhane said, causally. “Hmmm, we’ve beaten up Cobrada, burned down Cricka’s palace, and now Baron Crouse is in the dungeon. I figure ol’Lord Shroud has got to be pretty steamed at us right about now.”

The Rangers and company exited the baron’s headquarters, heading to the nearest village. Upon getting there, they informed the townspeople that the four Knights were no more and that the baron was in the dungeon. A few townspeople promised they’d se to the baron getting his meals.

Now Meg and Clora watched as the Power Rangers’ ship headed into space. The two women were unsure of what dangers laid ahead, but they were thankful that this dimension had the Power Rangers to protect it.

* * *
In a dark chamber within the Dark Fortress, Darkonda and Master Vile spoke with Benjur on the viewing screen.

“The Red Knight handed over the Black Stake just as the master wished,” the priest informed.

“And what became of the Knights?” Vile questioned.

“The Power Rangers defeated them.’ replied Benjur.

“A pity, those four would have served us well, but at least phase one of the master’s plan has been completed, and at it cost me was 1 life.” Darkonda walked over to a poster on the wall and placed an “x” through one picture of himself. “I’ve been given a whole new set of lives, but this time I won’t squander them. This time the Power Rangers will be destroyed.”

“And what of Lord Shroud and his generals?” Benjur asked.

“Cobrada doesn’t suspect a thing. He’s got his sights set on destroying the Rangers, as do the other generals. Cobrada’s attacks will weaken the Rangers enough for us to deliver the final blow when the time is right,” Master Vile explained.

“Yes, we’ll let Lord Shroud and the Power Rangers fight amongst themselves, and when they realize what we’re up to it will be too late to stop us,” Benjur said, in a sadistic voice.