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by Marques Jeffries

“We’re coming up on Larva now,” Dylan stated. As a view of a brown and green planet displayed on the ship’s viewing screen.

“And here comes the welcoming committee,” Andros stated, as a squadron of jet shaped like hornets headed towards them. T.J., Zhane, Adam, and Karone rose from their seats and headed towards ships rears. Moments later, the ships hatch opened and four Z-Wingers soared into space.

The Silver and Pink Rangers came up behind two jets, and fired missiles that burst the jet into flames.

“Nice moves, you two. Now its my turn.” T.J. landed towards two jets, and then waited for them to make their moves. The two jets cruised towards the Blue Ranger, but at the last second he moved out of the way, causing the two jets to collide and explode.

“Quad Formation!” Adam called, as he and his teammates moved into a rectangular formation, with the Silver and Pink Rangers on and the Blue and Green Rangers on the bottom. As a larger hornet jet moved towards them, the Rangers pulled out their Tri-Blasters and began to fire blasts.

Just before the jet exploded, the cockpit popped open and a humanoid like dragonfly flew out. The creature waved his fists in the Rangers’ direction, and then flew down to the planet below.

“We’d better get back to the ship,” the Blue Ranger suggested, before the four heroes flew back to the ship.

* * *
“What was that thing that exited the jet?” Adam asked, as he and the others took their seats.

“He name is Flightscream, and he’s the leader of the Queen Cricka’s air patrol,” Kelly stated. “We’ll probably have to fight him again before this mission is over.”

“Well if there’s one thing we’ve got a lot of experience in.....its making evil space aliens disappear,” Zhane answered.

“Stop your bragging, Ranger, and start figuring out how we’re going to land without having Cricka’s entire Insector Army converge on us, and kill us,” Randy groaned.

“We’ve already got that issue covered,” Andros pressed a triangular button on the control panel, and then went on to say, “I’ve just activated the ship’s cloaking system, so we’ll be able to land safely.”

“Well thanks to Flightscream, Cricka will be expecting us,” Karone warned.

The ship entered the planet’s atmosphere and headed straight for a clearing surrounded by a forest. Andros landed the ship and then everyone exited out of it to explore their surroundings.

“Now, all we have to do is figure out which direction Cricka’s palace is in?” Dylan looked around, as the sounds of screeching birds filled the air.

The Yellow Ranger pulled her scanner, and punched in some commands. She then watched as a red light began to flicker in the center of the data screen. “According to my scanner we should west.”

“After you then, Miss Yellow Ranger,” Dylan replied diplomatically.

“Wait! Dylan, I don’t trust these people,” Randy stated. “They could very well be servants of Lord Shroud.”

Randy’s attitude had finally gotten on T.J.’s last nerves, and the Blue Ranger angrily pointed a finger in the grumpy teen’s face. “Listen, Randy, we came to this dimension to find our three missing friends. We promised a kid on Altar-Earth that we’d try to help defeat Lord Shroud, so back off!”

Seeing that the Blue Ranger was very upset, Andros stepped in, “If we were working for Shroud, than why did we come to Dylan’s aid during the battle with Cobrada, and why are we risking your lives to save three innocent people. A servant of Lord Shroud would never lay their life on the line for anybody now would they?”

“I trust you, Rangers,” Kelly confessed, meekly.

“Me too,” Dylan added. “Now let’s get going.” So the Power Rangers and their three companions ventured into the forest, unaware of the danger that laid ahead.

* * *
Within shimmering palace, made of sprinkling white crystals, the evil Queen Cricka sat on her throne. The queen had the form of a cricket, but the vanity and greed of the most shameful of humans.

Like Cobrada, she wanted things done her, if they weren’t than consequences had to be suffered. Cricka was just as smart as she was vain. It was her cleverness and ambition that had caused Lord Shroud to place her in charge of Larva.

Now Flightscream stood before her, along with the queen’s head general, Gen. Arachnan.

“Your highness, the Power Rangers destroyed a few of our jets, and they are no doubt on their way here to rescue their captive friends,” informed Flightscream.

“Let me go deal with them, majesty. I’m very anxious to test my spider powers against the Rangers,” Arachnan pleaded.

“Hmm,” the queen thought. “Very well, Arachnan, take your eight-legged warriors into the forest and dispose of the Power Rangers.” The general exited the room, and the queen then turned her attention to the dragon fly creature. “Flightscream, take a few of the Roachmen to the dungeon, and prepare the three humans for transportation. Lord Shroud has requested that they be brought to him, and I want you to oversee this task personally.”

“As you wish, Queen Cricka.” the monster bowed, and then exited the room.

* * *
“This forest is giving me the creeps,” Ashley commented as the group continued their journey.

“Oh my god! What was that?” Karone said nervously, after hearing something rustling in the bushes.

The Green Ranger carefully walked over to the bushes, and upon investigation, replied, “It was just a squirrel.”

“I’m sorry, I guess I’m a little jumpy,” Karone replied.

“Don’t worry, Pink Ranger, I was a little nervous when I visited this planet for the first time,” Kelly admitted.

“Shhh!,” Andros motioned. “I heard something coming.”

From out of the trees dropped an army of giant spider monsters.

Arachnan then appeared in a cloud of black smoke and ordered his soldiers to destroy the Rangers and Revolutionaries.

“Super Silverizer!” Zhane yelled.

“Nova Staff!” Karone called.

“Astral Daggers,” Ashley summoned.

“Astral Bow,” T.J. yelled.

“Spacial Blade!” Adam yelled.

“Spiral Sabre!” Andros yelled.

As the first eight-legged attacker trampled towards the heroes, the Green Ranger tossing his Spacial Blade. The spinning disk soared through the air and struck the bug, causing it to explode.

“Get them!” Arachnan demanded.

“Why don’t you come and get us, bug brain,” T.J. mused.

Arachnan began to spit black venom balls at the Rangers, as the three Revolutionaries battled the spider army.

Dylan and Kelly pulled out their blasters and began to fire on the giant bugs. Randy, on the other hand, chose a more extreme approach to fighting the bugs. He pulled a series of grenades out of the inner pockets of his jacket and threw them at the bugs. “Die! you creepy crawlers.”

One-by-one, the spider creatures are destroyed by the three Revolutionaries.

Randy pulled out his last three grenades and hurled them out the general. “Eat grenade, Arachnan.”

“No, Randy! The Rangers will get hurt too!” Kelly screamed, but it was too late. The grenades struck the ground. A massive explosion rocked the area, causing a large cloud of debris to fill the air.

“Power Rangers?! Power Rangers?! Power Rangers, are you okay?!” Dylan yelled, through the smoke. Once the smoke had cleared the Revolutionaries saw their six friends getting up off the ground.

“Aw man, did anybody get the number of that truck that hit us,” T.J. mused.

“Are you guys okay?” Kelly asked.

Andros looked around at his teammates and then answered, “Aside from being a little shaken up, we’re fine.”

“Thank goodness for armored suits, huh?” Ashley answered.

“Yup,” Adam agreed.

“So where’s the bug?” the Silver Ranger questioned, as he looked around.

“I don’t see any of his remains, so he obviously got away,” Randy grumbled.

“Listen up, Randy, you need to think about the consequences of your actions, before you take them,” Adam advised calmly.

“I got rid of the bug, and that’s all that matters,” the hot-head replied.

‘You also could have killed us,” Karone snapped.

“But I didn’t now let’s get going,” Randy huffed.

“Before we take one more step further, we need to get something straight,” the Red Ranger stated. “Randy, you’ve got to control your temper, because you may end up doing more harm than good.”

“I’ll do...,” Randy was interrupted by Dylan, who covered the hot-head’s mouth.

“He’ll play by the rules from here on in,” the Revolutionary leader replied.

* * *
Elsewhere, in the forest, Gen. Arachnan made his way towards a river of black water.

*I had the Rangers right where I wanted them, until that crazy rebel interfered.* The general’s attention was attracted by the sounds of something moving through the treetops.

“Show yourself!” the general demanded.

Like lightning, a giant preying mantis dropped down from the trees and took a fighting stance in front of Arachnan.

“Well, well, well, looks like your all alone, old enemy,” the mantis said in a whispery voice.

“I don’t need the help of my soldiers, in order to defeat you.”

“First I’m going to destroy you, then I’m going after Flightscream and Cricka,” the Mantis hissed.

“Stop your talking and fight me, outcast,” snarled the spider monster.

The mantis leaped at the spider, knocking him to the ground. As the mantis smacked the general in the head, Arachnan’s only defense was to try to spit a dose of venom at the mantis.

By this time the Rangers and Revolutionaries were coming through the area, and this fight had caught their attention.

“This is like something you’d see on Wild Kingdom,” Ashley commented.

“This is one for the scrapbook,” the Pink Ranger mused, as she produced a camera from thin air.

“Hey how’d you do that?” Zhane asked.

“I still have a little bit of magic left in me,” Karone replied, before aiming the camera at the fighting bugs. “Hey fellas, say cheese.”

Karone’s antics proved to be turning point in the battle, because just as Arachnan was about to spit the venom, the flash from the camera temporarily blinded him. This allowed the mantis the opportunity to pick up Arachnan to toss him into the river.

“Thank you,” the mantis said, graciously. “You must be the Power Rangers.”

‘That’s right,” Andros said, as he and his companions stepped forward. “What’s your name.”

“I am known as Mantis. I’m the hero of this world.”

“Not for long!” Arachnan screeched, as he leaped out of the water.

Mantis spun around and fired a white eyebeam at the general, which set the spider monster on fire.

“Ahhhhh!” Arachnan screamed, as he landed on the ground and began to writhe in pain.

“Widow Armor!” Arachnan called, as his whole body began to glow bright red. Now the general stood before his enemies, in a coat of black armor with red spots on it. “Now I’m invincible!”

“We’ll see about that!” Andros. “Rangers, ready your Tri-Blasters.”

In unison the Power Rangers blasted their enemy, but to their surprise, he just stood there laughing at them. “You can’t beat me, Rangers. I’m invincible. Now let’s see how you stand up against my living webs.”

With that, Arachnan’s body began to glow once again, and from it spewed a various streams of webs.

The webs covered each Ranger, and then began to squeeze the heroes.

“What is this stuff!” exclaimed Karone.

“Now its your turn, Mantis,” the spider general hissed.

“Mantis Kick!” Mantis launched himself into the air and delivered a powerful flying kick to the general that put the villain flat on his back.

In the meantime, Dylan used a small dagger to free the Rangers from the webs.

“Thanks, Dylan,” Adam said. “Now its time to finish off bug boy.”

“Zhane, you, Karone, and T.J. go with Randy to Cricka’s palace, and rest of us will join you once we’re through stomping Arachnan,” the Red Ranger whispered to his best friend.

Though Randy was a little upset about having to lead the Silver, Pink, and Blue Rangers to the palace, he was glad he’d get a chance to fight Flightscream, so the group parted ways for now.

“Okay, let’s go smush that spider,” the Ranger stated.

Arachnan was currently smacking Mantis around, in fact, the preying mantis had been cornered near a patch of thorns, and his enemy was ready to move in for the kill.

Arachnan prepared to fire a dose of venom at his prey, but was struck from behind, by the Red Ranger’s Spiral Sabre.

“Leave him alone!” Andros demanded.

“You Power Rangers just don’t know when to quit. Well now I’m going to get you,” Arachnan fired more webs at Andros, but this time the Red Ranger was ready. Andros quickly activated his suit’s Tornado Mode.

The Red Ranger headed straight for his enemy, catching the spider in a twister. “Ahhhh! Stooooooppppppp iiiiiiiiittttttt!”

“Spacial Blade!” the Green Ranger soared through the air, and slashed the general’s chest.

Andros then returned to normal, and motioned to Ashley, who became a Yellow Comet and smashed into the villain. This act caused Arachnan’s armor to shatter.

“Oh no!” the general hissed.

“That’s right, bug boy, its time to say goodbye,” Andros stated. With that the Red, Yellow, and Green Rangers rushed towards the general, striking him with their Power Weapons.

Mantis watched as his arch enemy exploded.

“Way to go, Rangers!” Kelly cheered, as she and Dylan stepped out from behind the bushes.

“One down, two to go,” Mantis said.

‘Speaking of which, we’d better get going if we’re going to catch up with the others,” Andros said.

“I’ll come with you,” Mantis said. “I’ll tell you the story of this world, on the way to the palace.”

* * *
On a shuttle, Flightscream stood before his three prisoners.

“You and your master are heading for a big fall, Flightscream,” Jason stated.

“Brave words from a stupid humans, who’s chained up,” the dragonfly taunted.

“If we weren’t chained up, we’d show you thing or two,” Kimberly warned.

“And what about you, Tommy boy? What do you have to say?” Flightscream laughed.

“You’re a coward!” Tommy said angrily.

“The three of you should feel honored. Lord Shroud rarely requests to meet with prisoners. He obviously has something big planned for the three of you.”

* * *
“There it is, Cricka’s palace,” Randy said.

“Infrared Mode on,” T.J. stated.

“Whadaya see, Blue?” Zhane asked.

Using the infrared scanning features of his helmet, the Blue Ranger was able to peer through the walls of the palace. “There are about five guards standing in front of door with a royal seal on it.”

“That must be the throne room,” Karone assumed.

“Well let’s go save our friends,” Zhane stated.

* * *
As Andros, Ashley, Adam, Mantis, and the two Revolutionaries journeyed towards the palace, the insect began his story.

“Up until ten years ago, the inhabitants of Larva were normal sized insects. Everyone lived in peace and harmony, except of course, for the spiders and preying mantis. We all had our own territories. The ants ruled the fields, the bees and dragonflies lived in the greenlands, and the other bugs roamed as they pleased. However, when Lord Shroud learned that this planet was rich in herbs, he cast a spell over this world transforming all of us into our present state. A young cricket named Cricka struck a deal with Shroud. She’d oversee the extraction of herbs from the ground, in return for the evil sorcerer bestowing amazing powers upon her.

Of course, the other insects were furious when they learned of Cricka’s pact with Shroud. All other insects declared war on the crickets, but during the battle the spiders betrayed us. Arachnan and his kind joined with the crickets and together the crickets and spiders defeated us. The ants were quickly put to work extracting herbs, but my people and the dragonflies refused to give up.

Together we launched an attack on Cricka’s palace, but Flightscream showed his true colors by joining the villains. Cricka used her magic to gain control of the roaches’ minds. Arachnan and his troops destroyed all of the preying mantises......all except me.

Now I have sworn to free Larva from Cricka’s rule, and with your help I’ll succeed in my quest,” the mantis creature explained.

“We’ll do all that we can to help you?” Andros vowed.

* * *
As two Coachmen guarded the entrance to the palace their attention was attracted to about ten Pestoids that were now firing on them.

With their enemies momentarily distracted, Randy and the three Rangers made their move. The Silver Ranger dashed across the lawn and took out both guards with blows from his Silverizer.

“You should have at least left one for me,” Randy grumbled.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure there’ll be plenty more of these roaches to squash,” Zhane assured.

Karone then used her Infrared Mode to scan around the corner. “Okay guys the coast is clear, but we should try to keep quiet,” she advised.

Cautiously, the four adventurers pressed on into the palace, unaware that the Queen Cricka was watching them on a viewing screen in her throne room.

“Those fools think they’re going to defeat me, but they’ll soon find out the extent of my power,” the cricket monarch sneered, wickedly.

The four heroes were now tip-toeing through a dimly lit corridor.

“We should split up,” Zhane suggested. “That way we can cover more ground.”

“Blue boy and I will continue on through this corridor, you and Pinky and retrace our steps. I thought I saw another corridor near the main entrance to this place,” Randy explained.

“Keep your communications line open, Blue boy, and contact us the minute you guys find something,” Zhane stated.

“You’ve got it,” T.J. replied, as his two teammates headed in the opposite direction. The Blue Ranger was getting sleepy, and now he was stuck in an eerie palace with a guy who could care less about paying it safe. *How could things get any worse.* the Blue Ranger thought, and then they did.

From out of nowhere, a small group of Roachmen materialized and began to attack both the Blue Ranger and Randy.

Trying to dispose of his attackers quickly, T.J. drew his Tri-Blaster and began to rip into the giant pests. Randy chose a different approach. He drew a dagger-like object and began to stab the bugs.

“Well done,” the queen’s voice echoed through the corridor. “But that was just a small sample of my army. The two of you won’t make it out of here alive.”

“You’re a coward, Cricka!” Randy yelled. “Show yourself!”

“Ha, ha, ha! That would ruin all of the fun, rebel,” the voice retorted. “Come and get me, fools.”

“With pleasure!” Randy snarled, before starting into a trot. T.J. grabbed the impulsive teen. “Let me go!”

“You just can’t go racing off after a voice. Don’t you get it, man. Cricka is laying a trap for us,” the Ranger warned.

“Do you have a better idea on how to find her without us getting captured?”

“As a matter of fact....I do,” T.J. answered.

* * *
* The Silver and Pink Rangers had followed the other corridor, straight to the dungeon.

“Looks like they were here,” Karone deduced, after looking inside of the ceil. There were a few plates with scraps on them and some empty cups lying on the floor.

“We’d better find T.J. and Randy, then get the heck out of here, before trouble finds us.” At that moment Zhane’s communicator began to bleep. “What’s up?”

“Zhane, where are you guys?” inquired the voice of the Red Ranger.

“Karone and I found the dungeon, but by the looks of things Tommy and the others were here, but they were moved. We were just about to go looking for Randy and T.J,” Zhane explained.

“Dylan, Kelly, and I are at the main entrance. The others have gone to get reinforcements,” Andros informed.

“Stay there, we’re on our way,” Zhane said.

* * *
* Queen Cricka now stood before her mass of Roachmen.

“Intruders are running around within these walls. Spread out and destroy the Power Rangers, the Revolutionaries, and anyone else that’s with them!”

Unbeknownst to the queen, the three Kerovan Rangers had sneaked into the room, and were coming up behind her. Cricka turned around just in time to be knocked to the ground by one of Andros’ flying kicks.

The bug sorceress sprung to her feet and sent two fireballs from her hands at the three Rangers. Brandishing their Power Weapons the Rangers deflected the blasts back at the queen, who ducked, allowing the fireballs to destroy a few of her troops.

“Try this on for size,” Cricka sneered, as she waived her hands in a circular motion. Green energy bolts began to fall from the ceiling like rain.

“Whoa! This lady,,,,,,I mean bug means business,” Zhane commented.

“Roachmen, get them!” the queen commanded.

As her troops were about to attack, a sea of giant ants entered the throne room, led by the Yellow and Green Rangers. Mantis leaped over a few soldiers and landed in front of Cricka.

“Surrender, Cricka, you’ve lost. Arachnan is dead, and now we have your army outnumbered.” Mantis informed.

“Never!” Cricka dove at Mantis, the warrior had anticipated her attack, and dealt the queen a powerful punch that sent Cricka crashing to the ground.

“Aw man,” the Blue Ranger sighed as made his way through the crowd of ants. “You guys have everything wrapped up.”

“Where’s Randy?” Kelly asked.

T.J. looked around the room frantically. “He was right behind me.”

Without warning, the whole place began to shake and rumble.

“What’s happening?” Kelly asked.

“I think this place is about to explode,” Andros replied.

Everyone rushed towards, the exit, but the whole palace erupted into a giant ball of fire, as nine streaks of light soared clear of the explosion and landed at a safe distance away.

“That was way too close,” Ashley sighed, as she got up off the ground.

“Its a good thing that we can teleport another people besides ourselves,” Zhane revealed.

“I thought we were goners for sure,” Kelly said, as she raised her head on Dylan’s shoulder.

“I know Randy had something to do with this. I don’t know how he did it, but this looks like his handiwork,” the Revolutionary leader assumed.

“I sense danger approaching,” Mantis warned.

T.J. pulled out his scanner, and upon checking the readings announced. “According to these readings there’s a fleet of Predatron jets heading our way from outer space.”

“Flightscream must be returning,” Mantis guessed.

“Guys, I don’t think we have enough firepower to battle a whole fleet of jets,” the Blue Ranger said in a concerned tone.

“I’d better get back to the ship,” Andros suggested.

The group raced through the forest as fast as their legs could carry them, and then they reached the ship, Randy was waiting for them.

“How did you get back here, so fast?” Karone, questioned suspiciously.

“I “borrowed” one of Cricka’s sky sleds,” the hot-head answered. “So what did you guys think of my boom-bang surprise?”

“We’ll discuss that later, right now we have to get out of here,” Andros stated, before turning his attention to Mantis. “Something tells me Cricka is still alive. I’m sorry things got so crazy back there.”

“There is no need to apologize, Red Ranger. My archenemy is dead, and though I don’t agreed with Randy’s methods, he did manage to take out a large portion of Cricka’s army.” Mantis said. “Farewell, Power Rangers and Revolutionaries. I’m glad we got the opportunity to team up.”

“So are we,” Zhane replied.

Mantis watched as the ship lifted off the ground and ascended into the skies above. “Good luck, my friends.”

The Rangers’ship escaped Larva only minutes before Flightscream’s fleet returned.

* * *
“I don’t understand what you’re so upset about, Dylan? I mean, I saved the day,” Randy defended.

“Saved the day, ha! Yeah you saved the day, but you also could have killed all of us,” Dylan explained. “Randy, you’ve got to get control of yourself. Your impulsiveness is starting to place the lives of your teammates in jeopardy,” the Revolutionary warned.

The Rangers sat quietly as Dylan continued to admonish Randy for his actions. Randy’s actions had struck a nerve with all six Rangers. He’d been rude to them, and had nearly killed not only them but his own teammates, nevertheless, each Ranger felt that it was Dylan and Kelly’s place to admonish their teammate. Afterall, they had known Randy longer than the Rangers.

* * *
“So they destroyed your palace, huh?” Cobrada hissed, as an image of Cricka was displayed on a viewing screen.

“They not only destroyed my palace, but those wretched Rangers destroyed Arachnan! Fortunately, a few Roachmen and I reached the lower chambers of the palace before the explosion. Those brats are going to pay dearly for this. Those multi-colored do-gooders will regret the day they ever crossed my path!” the bug queen vowed.

“Well at least they didn’t find their missing friends?” Cobrada stated, trying to change the subject.

“Ah yes, the prisoners,” Cricka sighed. “Flightscream tells me that Lord Shroud has big plans for those three.”

“Well its getting late, so Cobrada out,” the reptile closed the communications channel, and then turned around to see four Predatrons escorted two unfamiliar monsters into the room. “I thought I told you that I didn’t want to be disturbed for the rest of the evening.”

“These two were very persistent,” one of the machines retorted.

“Allow us to introduce ourselves,” one of the creatures began. “My name is Master Vile and this is my associate Darkonda.”

“We heard that you were having a few problems with a certain group of superheroes, and so we came to give you a hand,” Darkonda added.

“I take it the two of you have experience fighting the Power Rangers, then?”

“That is true, we’ve come close to defeating them many times, but with your vast army and our knowledge of how the Rangers operate, we should finally be able to defeat them,” Vile explained.

“Very well, tell me all that you know of these Power Rangers, and if your information pleases me I’ll let you live...and if not then I’ll feed both of you to my moat monster,” the general warned.

* * *
The Rangers had finally returned to their headquarters, and after a long period of being morphed, they were glad to be back in normal form.

They all sat around the table, eating cookies and drinking some warm milk.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve had my fill of bugs,” Ashley commented.

“Aw, come on, Ashley, Mantis was pretty cool,” Zhane responded.

“That’s true, but Cricka, Arachnan, and Flightscream were a real pain,” the girl explained.

“Well I can’t believe I’m saying this, but its a good thing Randy was there today,” T.J. said.

“That guy has some major issues,” commented Karone. “If something isn’t done about his attitude soon, he may end up inadvertently destroying all of us.”

“Well enough about Randy and the adventure on Larva. I think of all of us deserve a good night’s rest,” Andros suggested. Now that was something all of the Rangers could agree on.

Andros, Billy, and Brandon watched as the other Rangers headed off to their respective rooms.

“If at all possible I’ll like for the two of you to see if you can come with some sort of pesticide to use against Cricka and her forces,” Andros explained. “Arachnan nearly destroyed us, and I want to be ready the next time we go against those bugs.”

“We’ll do our best, Andros,” Billy promised.

“I’m sure you will. Well good night,” the Ranger leader said, before retiring to his own quarters for the night.

“I wonder where your three friends were taken?” Brandon stated.

“Me too, but something tells me that we’ll find out soon enough, and when we do we won’t like it,” Billy answered.