Disclaimer: Everything Power Rangers related is the property of Saban Entertainment, also everything relating to the World Wrestling Federation is the property of Titan Sports. I am just writing this story for my enjoyment and the enjoyment of other Power Rangers and wrestling fans.

Author’s Notes: In the timeline of the show this story would be the episode before Zhane and Astronema’s date.

Enter the Warzone
by: Marques Jeffries

“Hurry up, Teej, it’s almost time for Raw Is War!” yelled Carlos, as he, Andros, and Zhane sat in front of the TV.

“So who’s fighting tonight?” asked T.J., as he entered the room, carrying a giant bowl of popcorn.

“JR mentioned on Heat, last night, that DX, The Rock, and the Oddities would be making appearances on tonight’s show,” replied Carlos.

“Did you guys have wrestling matches on KO-35?” inquired Carlos.

“We sure did, and it was just as popular there, as it is on Earth,” replied Andros, as he took a sip of his soda.

“Hey! wait for us!’ exclaimed Ashley, as she and Cassie entered the room, and took a seat.

“You two like wrestling!” T.J. said in amazement.

“You bet! Watching wrestling has always been a tradition in my family,” explained Ashley. “I remember when the whole family gathered at my parents’ house to watch the Hogan-Warrior match, from Wrestlemania VI, on pay-per-view.”

“I’ve been watching wrestling since I first laid eyes on Shawn Michaels,” stated Cassie, as she began to giggle. “Is he going to be wrestling, tonight?” she said slyly.

“Hello, and welcome to Raw Is War! We’re coming to you live from the Big Apple, in the famed Madison Square Garden!” announced Jim Ross.

Then the glass broke, and the crowd burst into cheers as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin made his way down to the ring.

“Yeah, Stone Cold is the man,” said T.J.

“I wonder how he’s going to torment Mr. Mcmahon, this week?” stated Cassie, as the Rangers watched Austin do his customary posing.

“Last week, Mcmahon turned that piece of garbage, Kane, loose on ol’Stone Cold, but that freak found out what Austin 3:16 was all about!” yelled Austin, as he walked around the ring with a microphone. “I’m serving notice on everybody in the locker room. If you get in my face, you’re gonna get the same thing that Kane got, last week!”

“And that’s the bottom line, cause Stone Cold said so!” yelled T.J. and Ashley, along with the wrestler.

“We could use a guy like him on our team,” commented Zhane.

“I don’t know about that,” replied Andros. “He seems to be a loose cannon.

“It sure is nice to kick back and relax for a change,” stated Carlos.

“Yeah, but you can bet that Astronema is plotting her next scheme against us, at this very moment,” replied Andros.

“I wonder what she thinks of wrestling?” mused Zhane.


“Go! Stone Cold!” yelled Elgar, as he jumped up and down on the bridge of the Dark Fortress.

“Elgar, what are you watching?” asked Astronema, as she stepped onto the bridge followed by Ecliptor.

“Oh I’m just watching a little wrestling,” replied Elgar, innocently.

“This monitor is for spying on the Earthlings, not watching this ridiculous show,” scoffed the Princess of Evil, as she strolled to the monitor.

She was just about to turn it off, when she noticed two wrestlers, who were pleasing to her eyes, in the ring. “Who are they?” she asked, curiously.

“Oh the one with the tanned skin is The Rock and the guy with the long hair is called Triple H,” replied Elgar.

“Perhaps I was a little hasty in judging wrestling,” thought Astronema, as she began to grin from ear to ear.

“Do you have a plan, my princess?” asked Ecliptor.

“Yes, Ecliptor, gather the Quantrons,” Astronema turned to her loyal warrior. “We’re going to be on television.”


“The Rock is about to deliver his Corporate Elbow,” laughed the King, as he and JR continued to commentate the show.

“Triple H has got to make a comeback, soon, or he could hit Rock Bottom,” stated JR.

As the WWF Champion delivered his infamous Corporate Elbow, the lights went off, and a purple mist began to fill the entrance way to the ring.

“Hey what’s going on!’ exclaimed the King.

“Folks, I hope Mcmahon hasn’t added yet another member to the Corporation,” stated JR, in a very concerned tone.

“Maybe it’s a new wrestler,” suggested Cassie, as the Rangers continued to watch RIW, from the Megaship.

“Somehow I don’t think their Corporate members,” stated Carlos, as Astronema, Ecliptor, Elgar, and about twenty Quantrons marched down the ramp.

“JR, do you know those people?” asked the King, nervously.

“No, King. and I don’t think Vince sent these people out here,” replied Jim Ross.

The timekeeper rang the bell, ending the match in a “no contest.” The Rock and Triple H tried to exit the ring, but Ecliptor and a few Quantrons stopped them. Astronema motioned for JR to enter the ring with a mic.

“Be careful, Ross,” warned the King, as Ross slowly rose from his seat, and entered the ring.

“How may I help you, Miss?” asked JR.

“You may call me Astronema,” the princess replied.

“Oh pardon me. How may I help you, Astronema?” Ross corrected himself.

“I have a proposition for these two gentlemen,” stated Astronema, as she turned her attention to The Rock and Triple H.

At this statement, Triple H bravely walked to the center of the ring, and took the mic from JR.

“Listen, lady, I know who you are. You’re that chick that’s been causing the Power Rangers so much grief,” stated Triple H. “I don’t know about Rocky, but I’m not gonna help you do anything!”

“We’d better get down there before Hunter makes her mad,” stated Andros. “Let’s Rocket!”

“I could use two men like yourselves on the Dark Fortress,” stated Astronema.

“Listen, Astronema, if you, that green freak, that eggheaded guy, and those overgrown tin cans don’t get out of the Corporate ring right now, The Rock’s gonna have to raise the Corporate eyebrow, and lay the smack down on every one of you,” warned The Rock, as he took the mic.

“Nobody disrespects the Princess of Evil, and gets away with it!” snarled Ecliptor, as he raised his sword.

Just as he was about to attack the WWF Champion, the Power Rangers In Space theme song began to play, and all six Rangers appeared on the ramp.

“Leave those two wrestlers alone!” yelled the Red Ranger, into a mic. “Your battle is with us , not them!” With that the Rangers begin to march towards the ring.

“Hold it right there, Rangers. Take one more step, and we’ll all find out just how solid The Rock really is,” ordered Astronema, as two Quantrons seized The Rock from behind, and Ecliptor held the sword to Rocky’s throat.

“Why are you here, Astronema?” asked Yellow Ranger.

“Well, I came down here to recruit two new warriors, but since The Rock and Triple H aren’t interested and you Rangers have shown up, I’ve got something else in mind,” stated Astronema. “A wrestling match between one of my monsters and one of you.”

“You’ve got to be kidding,” stated Cassie. “None of us know how to wrestle.”

“Well if you don’t agree to this match, I’ll turn the Quantrons loose on this crowd of fans,” warned the Princess of Evil.

The Rangers huddled for a moment and then Zhane spoke. “We accept your challenge, but we have a stipulation of our own. If we win, you have to wrestle the Yellow Ranger.”

“If you wanna see the Yellow Ranger wipe the mat with Astronema, Give me a, Oh hell yeah!” screamed Stone Cold, as he appeared on the Titantron.

“Oh hell yeah!” replied the crowd.

“Astronema, I don’t think this is such a good idea,” whispered Ecliptor.

“Okay, but there’s no way you’ll defeat my monster,” replied Astronema.

“Hold it! Hold it!” yelled Vince Mcmahon, as he ran pass the Rangers and entered the ring. “I don’t mind if you people fight, but a match of this magnitude should take place in the Main Event of the Warzone!”

So, all of the parties involved agreed that this match would take place later that night, as the Main Event.


“Ladies and gentlemen, It is now time for the Main Event! Are you ready?!”


“Madison Square Garden, are you ready for war!”



The lights went out, and purple mist burst from the entry way. Accompanied by Astronema and Ecliptor, a monster, who bore a striking resemblance to a beefed up Steve Austin, marched down the ramp and entered the ring.

“Come on down, Ranger. Come on down and feel the bite of Rattlesnake!” snarled the monster, as he took the mic.

As the Power Rangers In Space theme song began to play, the crowd went nuts. The Red Ranger emerged on the entry way, accompanied by the Yellow and Blue Rangers. Fans high-fived with the three Rangers, as they made their way to the ring.

“Andros, be careful. If that monster is anything like Stone Cold, he won’t go down easily,” warned Ashley.

As soon as Andros entered the ring Rattlesnake was all over him. The monster began to toss the Ranger around the ring like a ragdoll.

‘See Ecliptor there’s nothing to worry about. Rattlesnake will make quick work of the Red Ranger,” assured Astronema, as she and Ecliptor stood at ringside.

“You’ve got to get him off his feet!” yelled T.J.

With that bit of advice, Andros did a leg sweep that made the monster fall flat on his back. Andros followed this up by jumping ontop of the monster and pounding his face. After taking about twelve blows to the face, Rattlesnake tossed Andros off of him, and charged at the Red Ranger with a clothesline. After being struck with the move, the Ranger leader flipped over the top ropes and landed beside Astronema.

“Take that, Ranger,” said Astronema, as she kicked Andros a few times. Ecliptor then picked the Ranger up and tossed him back into the ring. Andros realized that he was in big trouble and if he didn’t do something soon, he was going to be splattered all over the canvas. As Rattlesnake charged at him with another clothesline, Andros leaped over his opponent, and applied a sleeperhold.

‘Yeah, send him to dreamland, Red Ranger!” yelled Ashley.

“Come to the ropes! He has to break the hold if you can get to the ropes!” yelled Ecliptor.

Just as Rattlesnake’s legs began to give way, he managed to reach the ropes. As Andros released the hold, Rattlesnake spun around and nailed him with a punch, that left the Red Ranger staring at the ceiling lights.

“C’mon, Rattlesnake, now’s your chance to finish him!” screamed Astronema.

As Andros lay prone on the mat, Rattlesnake climbed to the top turnbuckle. All of the sudden, Andros rose to his feet, and punched Rattlesnake in the stomach, and climbed on the turnbuckle also.

“What is Andros going to do?” thought T.J.

Everyone watching the match was shocked to see the Red Ranger perform a Stone Cold Stunner from the top turnbuckle. As the Red Ranger made the cover, a ref ran down to the ring and counted !-2-3!

As the ref raised Andros’ hand in victory, Rattlesnake rose to his feet and would have attacked the Red Ranger from behind, had Ashley not blown him up with a blow from her Star Slingers.

“Astronema, come on in, and take your beating!’ yelled the Yellow Ranger.

Astronema slide in under the bottom rope, and the two females began to exchange rights and lefts.

The other Rangers and some of the wrestlers had now made their way down to ringside to get a closer look.

“Vince should sign those two to WWF contracts,” commented X-Pac.

Astronema put up quite a fight, but Ashley was determined to wipe the mat with her.

“Drop the bomb on her, Yellow Ranger!” yelled Sable.

And that’s exactly what Ashley did. Ashley lifted Astronema into the air, and delivered a thunderous power bomb. !-2-3! The Power Rangers 2, the bad guys 0.

Ecliptor quickly entered the ring, scooped up Astronema, motioned to Elgar and the Quantrons, and then all of them teleported away.

“Ladies and gentlemen, your winners of these two matches and the undisputed champions of the universe, THE POWER RANGERS!” announced Howard Finkel.

After the show was over, Vince Mcmahon invited the Rangers backstage, to give them a formal thank you for saving the day.

“You two are great athletes,” complimented Stone Cold.

“Thanks, Mister Austin, but I think we’ll stick to fighting space aliens,” replied Ashley.

“Well if any of you ever decide that you want to pursuit a wrestling career, just pay me a visit at Titan Towers,” stated Vince Mcmahon.

“Thank you, now we really must be going, but we’ll be tuning in to Raw Is War, every week,” stated Carlos, before the Rangers teleported away.

“So, Vince, who do you think will pay us a visit next week?” asked Stone Cold.

“:I don’t know, maybe the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will drop in for a match or two,” joked Vince.


“Where does it hurt, my princess?” asked Ecliptor, as he brought Astronema an ice pack.

“It hurts all over, Ecliptor,” groaned Astronema.

“Wow! I can’t believe I actually went to a WWF event,” gloated Elgar. “I can’t wait to tell Auntie D and Rygog about this.”

“Don’t you tell anybody about what happened tonight. The last thing I need is for Divatox to start ridiculing me for letting that Ranger kick my butt,” groaned Astronema, as she rubbed her shoulder.

“I’ll go get some more ice,” stated Ecliptor.

“I wish I could have brought one of those yummy wrestlers back with me. Now that would have made this whole night worth it,” thought Astronema, as she licked her lips.


“You guys were great, and I got the whole thing on tape!” exclaimed Alpha, as he handed the tape to Cassie.

“Now this is one tape that I’m going to watch over and over again,” Cassie said.

“Yeah, we really kicked some booty tonight, didn’t we, Andros?” said Ashley, as she began to giggle.

“We sure did,” replied Andros, with a smirk.

“I just have one problem with what went down tonight,” stated Zhane.

“Really! what’s your problem?” asked Andros.

“You and Ashley had all of the fun,” replied Zhane.

“Maybe we can talk Mcmahon into letting us compete in a twelve person tag match at next year’s Survivor Series,” suggested Cassie.

“Why wait til next year,” stated Carlos, as he motioned to T.J. With that, T.J. and Carlos grabbed Andros and double suplexed him onto a couch.

“Hey, I’ll save you, Andros,” said Zhane, as he double clotheslined T.J. and Carlos. Soon all four of the males were tumbling all over the Recreation Room, in battle.

“So what did you think of tonight’s show, Cassie?” asked Ashley, as the two girls watched the boys wrestling on the floor.

“You kicked Astronema’s butt, and now I’m gonna kick yours,” said Cassie, playfully, as she trapped Ashley in a headlock.

The End