Disclaimer: You should know the drill by now. The Power Rangers, Troopers, and Beetleborgs all belong to Saban. Everything else is of my own originality. But, just in case I left any ownership stuff out, you should know what they are, and who they belong to by now. This fanfic takes place during the "Countdown to Destruction" episodes of Rangers in Space. I know that it's old already, but I don't agree on how it all happened. So here is my version.

Things To Be Missed
By: White Tyggor

It was an unusually quiet day on the Megaship. TJ and Carlos were on the simudeck practicing, while Cassie, Andros, and Ashley were on the bridge doing some diagnostic checks, when all of a sudden the alarm starts blaring.

Andros: What now?

Cassie: An attack on Earth!

Andros: Where?

Cassie: (with a look of horror on her face) All over the place!

Andros: What?! Ashley, get me a visual!

The viewing screen before them came to life before them only to show them thousands of Quantrons and battle jets of different types heading toward all parts of the planet. From Quantrons to Putties, there were troops of all kinds were headed toward all parts of the world, from Angle Grove to South Africa. Minutes later TJ and Carlos come running into the bridge out of breath.

TJ: (breathing heavily) We were on the simudeck when we heard the alarm. So, what's up?!

Ashley: Dark Specter has ordered the ultimate attack on Earth. There are thousands, if not millions, of battle fleets heading toward Earth.

Carlos: (slowly approaching the screen) What?! You've got to be kiddin' me. (Turning quickly to face his friends) There's no way we can stop all of them. Even with Zhane and the Mega Winger we're outnumbered 2000 to 1.

Andros: (walking over to one of the consoles and punching) Then we'll just have to find some help then! (at another console punching in some coordinates) Are there any other heroes on Earth who would be of any help to us?

Cassie: Sure, many!

Ashley: Yeah! There are plenty of heroes on Earth that have helped the Rangers, and I'm sure the rest will be more than willing to help us protect the Earth!

Andros: Good! I want all of you to split up and find as many of them as possible!

The Rangers all start to hurry to the docking bay and prepare to leave for Earth.

TJ: We'll meet at the Surf Spot. I have a feeling they're going to need as much help as possible over there real soon.

Andros: Agreed. We'll take the shuttle as to be inconspicuous. Talk to the heroes unmorphed as not to draw attention.

All: Right!

With that they all got into the shuttle and headed for Earth at hyper-speed velocity.