Disclaimer: You should know the drill by now. The Power Rangers, Troopers, the ninja turtles, and Beetleborgs all belong to Saban. Everything else is of my own originality. But, just in case I left any ownership stuff out, you should know what they are, and who they belong to by now. This is part two to my "United We Stand!" series. Enjoy!

The Unity: Part 1
By: White Tyggor

* * * *
In the last part, the Astro Rangers headed toward Earth to form alliances with other heroes of Earth to stop Dark Specter's attacks on Earth. The Rangers now arrive on Earth and teleport to there own destinations.

Day One

Darkonda: (looking at a view screen) Whaaaat?! The Rangers must not be allowed to interfere in our plans! (talking into a mic) Ecliptor, send some troops to seek out and destroy any rangers, past or present. Dark Specter's plan will be successful. (quietly to himself) And once the Rangers are out of the way, I will get rid of Dark Specter and become the Grand Monarch of Evil. Ha, ha, ha, ha, haaa!

Onboard the Dark Fortress.

Astronema: Who does Darkonda think he is?! I'm the one giving orders around here! Ecliptor, give the other minions the order. They are to send in troops to destroy any Rangers they can find, active or not!

Australia, homeland to Katherine, former pink Ranger: She is the one who gave Cassie the pink Turbo Ranger powers before they had into space.

Cassie: So, you see that's why I have come to you! If we don't hurry, those fleets will over run Earth in no time. So what do you say?

Kat: I don't know. I mean, don't get me wrong. I would LOVE to help, but what can I do without my powers?

Ninjor, one of the Ancient Morphin Masters and fellow friend of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, appeared out of nowhere.

Ninjor: Maybe I can be of service in that department!

Kat: Ninjor! Boy am I glad to see you! We thought we had lost you to Rita and Zedd! Where have you been all this time?!

Ninjor: When the Blue Centurion first came to Earth, he came to give Zordon a message, which you may already know. Well, he ventured to my home planet first to deliver the message. Luckily I escaped from that bottle I was places in by that idiot Rita and her even dumber husband, Lord Zedd, and had may my way back to my planet to rest and restore my powers. Now, that message was more of a premonition of this exact incident than a message. So, to prepare for this I have been in hiding on my planet; as to keep the news of my success from all of the evil attackers that have previously attacked this planet. However, while in hiding, I constructed new powers. Only this time, enough for even the past Rangers to receive the powers of the Ninjetti. Sorry Astro Ranger, I did not make enough for you Rangers.

Kat: That's great news Ninjor. I'm just glad your okay though. With that great news we have to find the others.

Cassie: How many of them are there?

Kat: I don't know. I'd say about 12.

Ninjor: Oops! I guess I made too many. I made 20 new power coins. Well, there's no need to let them go to waste. You guys see if you can find some good candidates for them. Kat here is your new power coin. You will retain your old Zord and Spirit animal. (at that moment a large troop of Putties and Tangu warriors appeared out of nowhere.) I would stay and help you fight, but my powers are still quite low. I need to return and recharge. When you have found a candidate just think of me and I'll come right away. I'll go find the others when I recharge. Undoubtedly they'll be in trouble also. Good luck and may the power protect you both.

With that Cassie and her predecessor were left to fight off their adversaries. The troops started toward the heroes, and at that moment:

Kat: Let's do; Ninja Ranger Power now! (in a flash of light Kat was clad in her pink ninja gi, and running toward her foes.)

Cassie: Right behind you; Let's Rocket! (in flash of light Cassie was clad in her Astro Ranger suit, running right behind Katherine, ready to fight.)