Disclaimer: Same as always, The Power Rangers, Troopers, ninja turtles, VR troopers, and Beetleborgs all belong to Saban (even if they don't appear in this one). Everything else is of my own originality. But, just in case I left any ownership stuff out, you should know what they are, and who they belong to by now. I would like to take this opportunity to state that the previous fanfic was "The Unity! Part 1". This is part three to my "United We Stand!" series. Enjoy!

The Unity: Part 2
By: White Tyggor

* * * *
Last time, Cassie went to Australia to tell her predecessor, Katherine Hillard, of the occurring events and ask her for help. Kat agreed and was surprised by her old friend Ninjor, the Morphin Master that had given her predecessor and her ex-teammates their ninjetti powers. They were then attacked by one of many extermination squads of putties and Tangu warriors sent to stop any Ranger from interfering in Dark Specter and Astronema's plans.

Day Two

T.J.: Thanks for coming along, Zhane. I just hope we can find Tommy. Last I heard he was busy racing his uncle's car in the Junior NASCAR circuits and actually winning.

Zhane: Hey, no problem T.J. I hope we can find him soon. Who knows what kind of trouble Astronoma and Dark Specter have in store for us.

A dark lab along the coast

Darkonda: Trouble indeed Silver Ranger. But it's not Astronoma that's going to dishing it out!

Back in Minneapolis at the racetrack

Tommy has just finished with his final practice run of the day.

T.J.: Hey, Tommy! How's it been man?

Tommy: T.J.? Good to see you man. What bring you here? (very quietly) It doesn't have anything to do with our secret does it?

T.J.: It's okay, he's one of us.

Tommy: Wow! It must be something big if two of you had to come. What's the problem?

T.J.: Well, it all started when Divatox discovered the location of the Power Chamber, and blew it up along with our powers. She was then summoned into space by the Grand Monarch of Evil, Dark Specter. Turns out that they had captured the planet of Eltar, Zordon's home planet, along with Zordon. We then got a shuttle from NASADA and flew into space after her, minus Justin, who stayed behind with his father. We've been in space ever since. Except for when we are fighting monsters here on Earth, that is. Now, Dark Specter has raged an assault against Earth. We're trying to gather troops to help us fight them off. There are millions of Dark Specter's troops on their way here now. Will you help us?

Tommy: You know it man! Just one problem though, I don't have my powers any more remember?! I gave them to you. So I can't do anything major.

Ninjor: Ninjor to the rescue!

Out of nowhere, Ninjor appears before them. Tommy is then filled in on where Ninjor was all this time.

Ninjor: Here is your new power coin. As you can see, your animal spirit is still the falcon. I must be going now. I have to find the others and give them their coins. Good Luck!

In a flash of blue light Ninjor had disappeared as quickly as he had come, leaving the Ranger alone on the track. So they thought! In a poof of feathers and purple sparkles of light, a squad of Tangu warriors and Quantrons appear out of nowhere and attack without warning. Zhane, after doing a double take, is the first to spot them.

Zhane: Guys, we've got company!

Tommy: (turning to see what Zhane is talking about) Oh great! Tangas and...What in the hell are those things?!

T.J.: Those, my friend, are Quantrons! A mean bunch! Stay on your guard!

Tommy: Right! Ninja Ranger power now!

In a flash of white light Tommy is clad in his old Ninja Ranger suit and rushing into battle.

T.J.: Let's do it Zhane! Let's rocket!

In blue and silver flashes, respectfully, they are clad in their Space Ranger suits and rushing to aid their friend in the battle. It wasn't long before they subdued most of the squad, which wasn't accepted very well by Rita and Zedd.

Rita: Damn those Ranger brats! They give me such a headache!

Zedd: Don't worry my little poison puss. I have a monster that should stop those power-pests "dead" in their tracks! CD Ray, arise!

With that a monster with the body of a manta ray and the head of a portable CD player appeared before the Rangers.

CD: Hi, there Powerless Rangers! Want to hear the sounds of your death?! Haaaaa, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaa!

Zhane: Whoa! What is that thing?!

Tommy: This can only be one of Zedd's monsters! Only he could come up with one so lame.

T.J.: We've got to stop this thing before it tries to hurt anyone else besides us!

Zhane: Right! Silver Samurizer!

T.J.: Astral Axe!

Tommy: Right behind you, guys! It's Morphin Time... White Ranger Power!

In a flash of white light Tommy is left clad in his old White Ranger suit. He stood there for a while to take in the site of his old suit.

Tommy: Man it feels good to be back in the action. I just wish Saba could have been resurrected along with my powers.

Ninjor: Ask and you shall receive! (in yet another flash of white light Saba appears before Tommy.)

Tommy: Thanks Ninjor! Ready Saba?

Saba: Ready as always, Tommy.

Tommy: Right, little buddy! Good to have you back buddy!

Tommy rushes into the battle with the energy of a 7-year-old child. It's like the renewal of his powers came with a complimentary booster pack. Only the energy came from Tommy being reunited with Saba.

To Be Continued