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Look Who's Coming Back
by : Right Ranger

The television blasts with noise as Kendrix, Maya, Kai, Leo, and Damon are gathered around the television watching their favorite cartoon The Magician. When the cartoon went to commercial, the first commercial startled all of them. The TV blasted, "Terra Venture's newest TV game show A Blast to the Past is searching for its first three contestants. You could be one of them. A Blast From the Past is a game show dealing with questions and answers relating to past events on Earth and Terra Venture. Report to 108 Walden Road this Friday afternoon at 3:45 PM for contestant auditions. Be a part of history, and come join in the fun."

"You know what?" said Damon. "I think I should go out for those auditions."

"Are you for real Damon?" asked Leo.

"Yeah, totally. I think I got a shot at this, replied Damon.

"Go for it Damon. I think that you'll make a great contestant," said Maya.

"Hey, how about the both of us," said Kai. "I mean, let's go out for the auditions together. That way at least the odds are in our favor for one of us to win to the game show. Anyway, I think that I can do great on a show like A Blast to the Past. So Damon, are you up for the challenge?"

Damon thought for awhile about the many possibilities this challenge between him and Kai could bring, but he disregarded those thoughts. "Oh yeah, it's on now," replied Damon.

The two shook hands in agreement to do their very best. "May the best man win," said both Kai and Damon.

Unknown to the rangers, Trakeena, daughter of Scorpius, was watching them from the Scorpion Stinger.

"So the Green Ranger and the Blue Ranger are trying out for a contest. Sounds interesting. Furio, get in here!" yelled Trakeena.

"Yes, Trakeena?" asked Furio.

"The Green and Blue Rangers are trying out for some game show contest, and they have to go against each other. I think that there is a way that we can use this to our advantage. Don't you think so Furio?" replied Trakeena.

Furio thought for some time. "Yes, we can turn their friendly competition into pure hatred for one another. We could even possibly get on to come to our side and help us destroy his friends," voiced Furio.

Trakeena replied, "Great thinking Furio. I want you to orchestrate this plan. Do what you have to get those two rangers hating one another. If everything works out, this could get you back in my father's good graces."

"I see. I'll get to work immediately," responded Furio. He then left to begin staging the steps to his evil plan.

Aquitar is really dull when you think about it.

These and many thoughts have been whirling through Billy's mind for the past few weeks. He just could not keep his mind off of Earth and what it was like there. Since his breakup with Cestria, Billy really longed to go home. But something kept him at Aquitar, mostly likely fear that he will recognize nothing. From all that he had heard about happenings on Earth, was that the Lightstar Rangers had to reveal their identities to save Earth for attack from Astronema and that Zordon sacrificed his life to destroy all evil in the universe. Billy was kind of glad and sad all at the same time. He had grown to love Zordon as he had his dad, and he really was going to miss the big floating head.

Should I leave Aquitar to go home to Earth, or should I just stay here as I have for years now? What should I do? I know what. I will go back home. The Aquitians can do fine without me. Anyways, they probably think that I need to go back home.

"I am going to go back home!" said Billy defiently. He was actually ashamed that he had said something like that aloud but was proud.

After packing a few things, Billy went to say his good-byes to his Aquitian Ranger friends.

"Guys, although I know I am catching you by surprise, I'm going back home," said Billy.

"Well, I felt as if this was coming soon. I feel that it will do you good Billy to return home amongst humans of your own," replied Delphine, the White Aquitian Ranger.

"Yes, I agree with Delphine. Billy you seemed out of place with us for the last few weeks. You should go home; it will serve you well," stated Aurico, the Red Aquitian Ranger.

"Billy, we will miss you here, but I do feel as Aurico and Delphine have said. You should go home," said Tideus, the Yellow Aquitian Ranger.

"Same here," said Corcus, the Black Aquitian Ranger. "But you presence will be missed."

"Billy, you intelligence will be missed as well as your human presence. I have grown to know you as a friend and colleague. I also will miss you but hope good will for you on your travel back home," said Cestro.

"I know all of you will miss me as I will miss you and this planet, but I feel like I must do this for myself, to be back among humans like me. I'm sorry to announce my departure like this, but it really is all for the best," replied Billy.

"Well, you will need transportation," stated Corcus.

"I have already prepared that. I will also program the craft to return here once I activate the return program. I really will miss you guys," said Billy full of emotion. He hugged each Aquitian Ranger and left the room in which they were in to leave.

"Bye!" said Aurico.

"See you!" uttered Tideus.

"Hope to see you sometime!" said Corcus.

"Don't forget to keep in touch!" replied Cestro.

"And may the power protect you Billy!" said Delphine.

"Bye you guys! Take care!" said Billy as he approached the space craft to take him back home.

As he approached the pilot's seat to take him back home, he stood still for a moment of silence to remember Aquitar and his memories on this planet. Then he sat down in the pilot's seat, fired the ignition thrusters, set his course for Earth, and flew away from the Docking Bay, away from Aquitar.

"This plan should go off without a hitch," said Furio hopefully.

A Sting Winger approached Furio and whispered something in his ear.

"What? What is a space craft with no GSA labeling on it or any distinguishing ranger marks doing out here in space?" said Furio.

"What was that Furio? An unmarked space craft?" asked Trakeena.

"Exactly." said Furio. The same Sting Winger whispered in Furio's ear again to supply some additional information. "Ah ha. So it's of Aquitian origin. This should be fun. Let's go Trakeena to see who this could be." "With pleasure Furio," said Trakeena agreeably.

"Hmm. Another 3 to 4 hours at this speed, and I should arrive at Earth. Oh I can't wait to see some humans again," said Billy.

*Beep Beep*

"What? Three objects coming towards me?" said Billy with speculation.


"Uh. Maybe I need to turn to see what is firing at me," said Billy. As he turned the craft around two of the three Sting Wingers jumped on the space craft. "What? Oh no. I need to find me something in here quickly to protect myself," replied Billy. But it was too late. The two Sting Wingers opened the hatch, knocked Billy unconscious, confiscated his things, and took him back to the Scorpion Stinger. The remaining Sting Winger destroyed Billy's space craft.

"Ah, a job well done. Finally those Sting Wingers are good for something. Bring in the hostage," said Furio with thunder in his voice.

The two Sting Wingers dropped Billy on the floor with his things beside him.

"He looks human to me Furio. Maybe we can use him as bait for the rangers in our plan," said Trakeena with an evil crispness.

"I am human," groaned Billy.

Furio looked through Billy's things and found some startling information. "So you were a former ranger," said Furio.

"How would you know? I've never heard or met you before," said Billy with pain in his voice.

"Yeah Furio, how would you know?" asked Trakeena with curiosity.

"Easily Trakeena and 'Billy'. I've been studying the rangers and their past. The morphers that the early rangers had looked just like the one this boy carries in his bag, along with his I.D.," said Furio.

"Ah the rangers will jump at this. Take him to a dungeon for now, but make sure that it's good enough for him to survive in," said Trakeena.

The Sting Wingers grabbed Billy and proceeded to take him to a dungeon under Trakeena's strict orders.

"This plan will unfold perfectly. The rangers and their weaponry will be ours," said Furio happily.

"You mean my father's and possibly ours," said Trakeena to correct Furio.

"Yes, it will be Scorpius's, and maybe ours, for the taking. Ha! Ha! Ha!" replied Furio laughing evilly.

The end,
until the next fic that is