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TV Contestant Auditions
by : Right Ranger

Today was Friday, and Terra Venture was reading itself to begin its first ever TV game show auditions. Tension boiled as everyone who planned to take part in the TV game show auditions were getting ready to show their stuff. This proved true even with Kai and Damon.

As Maya helped Damon study for the audition, Damon became increasingly nervous. "Maya, I don't think I can do this. I mean I've done lots of things, but this is different. And I've gotta compete against Kai and who knows how many other people that are trying out for contestant spots. I think I should quit," said Damon.

"Damon, you can't give up. You haven't given up a single time in battle, and you shouldn't give up now just because of a game show audition. Come on you can do it Damon!" voiced Maya with lots of encouragement.

Damon knew that Maya was right and decided to get serious. "Yeah, yeah you're right. I can do it. Um, how about we go to the park? This room is to quiet for me," asked Damon jokingly.

"Of course, we can go. With nature all around us, it just may help you get into the right mood," replied Maya.

While on the other hand, Kai is having somewhat of an "ok" time with Kendrix as his study partner. Although the library is a quiet, moderately comforting place, Kai is not so settled in this scenery.

"How do you think I'm doing Kendrix?" asked Kai.

"Kai, you're doing fine. You know this stuff," answered Kendrix.

"I know I do, but I need some reassurance from others. I am so nervous Kendrix. It's not that I'm going against Damon, but that I'm going against all the other people that are going out for the auditions today on Terra Venture. I just don't know how I'm going to measure up against them," said Kai. He had a hint of discouragement in his voice as he said this.

"Kai, I think it's more than this. You feel that you have to be the best. Right? And, from what I can tell, you can't let Damon know that you may not be the best. Well, let me tell you something. I don't think Damon or anyone else at the contestant auditions will care about how you will measure up to them. All they will care about are themselves and getting a contestant spot. So don't worry about how others will perceive you, but think about what you have to accomplish," stated Kendrix.

*Beep Beep*

Kendrix looked at her beeper. "Oh man, I almost forgot. Sorry Kai, I've gotta go."

"But where are you going? I might still need you," replied Kai with a hint of worry.

"I've got a meeting with Commander Stanton in three minutes. Don't worry Kai. You'll be great at the auditions. See ya!" Kendrix ran off to her vehicle and sped away.

"Now I'm all alone." Kai sat there for awhile. He knew he could not study without someone but had to. As he thought about his situation, thought of the perfect place to go to study, even by himself. "Maybe I can really do this by myself if only I apply myself." He looked at his watch. "I better get going. I need at least an hour to study," Kai said to himself. He gathered his materials quickly and left the library.

On the Scorpion Stinger, everyone was in a sense of excitement since the recent capture of the human named 'Billy.' Even Trakeena was giddy about this capture and how it would fall greatly into place with her and Furio's plan. She was pacing around her room thinking of all the possibilities

"How is the status of the prisoner Furio?" asked Trakeena.

"He's looks good enough to present in our message to the rangers," answered Furio.

"Well, is everything ready to be presented?" asked Trakeena.

Furio could tell that Trakeena wanted everything to be perfect. This state of mind would really make Trakeena very annoying everything didn't go her way. "Everything isn't quite ready, but it will be soon Trakeena. How about the monster?"

Trakeena replied, "Don't worry about that Furio. The monster will be perfectly ready when you're finished with your part of the plan."

"Good then. I'll report to you when I have finished with my part." With that Furio left.

Trakeena silently thought to herself. "This better go directly as planned. This will be my chance to show my father how great I can be at being evil. This will show all of Terra Venture that I, Trakeena, mean business."

While in the Scorpion Stinger's dungeon, Billy wasn't so happy with his present accommodations.

"So this is the best that they can put me in for a dungeon," scoffed Billy. He dispised the position he was in and felt even worse for not checking his scanners so he could have been alerted of these evil presences.

Billy thought to himself. "Why did they have to take my communicator? Man, I could have gotten someone to help me get out of this dump. This brings back old memories of being trapped in that dimension of Zedd's and Rita's, and I can sincerely say that was not pleasant. Oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please don't do anything to me that will make me hurt others." Billy hesitated for a moment. "No Billy, get a hold of yourself. You're falling apart. Remember 'Once a ranger, always a ranger.' This Furio and this Trakeena persons will not get the best of me. Just because Trakeena's father is some Scorpius villain doesn't mean I have to give up. I've just got to think like a ranger and find a way to get out of here." And with that, Billy got to working.

Terra Venture's park was about four acres large and filled with beautiful wildlife scenery. Maya felt a pleasant presence come over her about this place, and it reminded her about certain parts of Miranoi. "Ok Damon, how about this spot at this picnic table?"

"Seems fine to me. Now let's get to studying." Damon looked at his watch. "I've only got an hour left until 3:45. It takes five minutes to get to the studio, and I need to be on time. Now let's start on 'The History of the Earth'. I've got a feeling that they'll be asking lots of questions about this subject."

"Damon stop talking and worrying about what's in the future. Concentrate on what you have to do now," mouthed Maya. Damon nodded in agreement to Maya's statement, and they began to review.

While not more than 200 yards away, Kai was setting his study materials down on a picnic table. "I wish someone could help me study. With Kendrix gone to a meeting with Commander Stanton and Leo out-and-about, there's no one to help me. But I think it'll be better this way. With no one criticizing they way I study, I'll be just fine. Now, what subject to start on?"

While Kai sat there contemplating what to study, Maya arose from her seat and started to walk in his direction. She stopped suddenly and turned around. "I know you want your hot dog with ketchup, mustard, onions, and chili, but do you want any chips or candy with that?" asked Maya.

"Yeah some barbecue if you please." responded Damon.

"Remember, you owe me for this," said Maya.

The hotdog/chips stand was not more that 8 yards away from Kai. It was certain that Maya would see him, if she would be paying attention to her surroundings that is.

"Hello sir. I'd like two hotdogs and two bags of potato chips, one barbecue and one salt and vinegar, please," asked Maya.

The concession stand man gave her the hotdogs and chips. "Here you go young woman. You have to fix your own servings."

"I know, and thank you," replied Maya.

Once Maya had finished putting on the hotdog toppings, she turned around and saw Kai. "Hi Kai. Why are you here?"

Kai responded, "Oh, um I'm here studying for the auditions today."

"Well why don't you come join Damon and I? It looks as if you're alone and it would be better if you studied with us. You would really benefit from this," stated Maya.

Kai sat on the picnic bench for awhile and thought about Maya's proposition. "All right. I'll do it. Let me gather my things and I'll bring them to your table."

"Good. I'll tell Damon." Maya left as quickly as she could, with two hotdogs and two bags of chips in her arms.

"Hey Damon guess what? Kai's going to join us with your studying. So now you two can study together, and we can have like a mock audition setup of how they may do today. What do you think?"

"Maya, you went and told him he could already come! Oh well, I might as well let him come. It would help me some if I had someone to compete against," replied Damon.

Maya could sense anger in his voice but ignored it anyway. "Come on over Kai."

When Kai reached the table, he began to set his study materials down. "Hi Damon. Ready to study?"

"Yeah I guess so. Let's get this on Maya. We don't have long until the auditions begin," mouthed Damon.

"I agree. We should start," said Kai.

"Well, let's get going," replied Maya. From there, the study session began.

After fifty minutes of studying an mock competitions, the three were practically worn out. "Well this has been a great study session guys," replied Maya.

"Great! How about stressful!" said Damon.

"Sorry Maya, but I have to agree with Damon on this. This study session has really been stressful," said Kai. Although he really didn't want to appear to be against Maya, he had no choice but to voice his opinion.

"Well, there's not going to be any time for rest here guys. Because you two have about seven minutes to get to the studio on time. So I suggest you two get to working on putting this stuff up. Now," replied Maya with fury in her voice. She was angry from the two disliking her remark about the study session and was lashing out her revenge.

"Well sorry to burst your bubble, but we will need your help. So come on and help put the study materials up with us. Ok?" replied Damon.

"Oh all right Damon," replied Maya.

As they packed the materials into the back of their vehicle, Damon circumspectively (carefully) looked at his watch to make sure they'd have enough time to make it to the studio. "All right, we're finished. Come on Maya. Get to driving. We don't have much time."

"Everyone here?" asked Maya.

"Yes, we're here. Now go!" ordered Damon.

"Cool down Damon. I'm getting ready to go." Maya got into the driver's seat with the car running and drove away. As they were riding game show studio, Maya began to strike up conversation. "I hope you two know that I'm taking the car home with me. So the both of you will have to find someway to contact Leo, Kendrix, or me to pick you up."

"Yeah I know. Damon should know, if not, by now. Damon or I will contact one of the three of you to get a ride home," said Kai.

"I'm okay with that. How about you Damon?" asked Maya.

"All right with me. Maya here is the studio. Dang, it's a lot of people wanting one of the three contestant spots." stated Damon.

And Damon was right. On an estimation, there was about 100 people standing in the area reserved for the 'possible' contestants to wait at. Everyone from a different color, size, gender, and/or creed were at the studio. All of them had the same goal; to be a contestant on the first TV show deriving from Terra Venture.

"Well thanks for the lift Maya. We'll see you later." said Damon.

"Good bye Maya." said Kai.

"Bye guys. Do your best!" and Maya was off.

"Now it's just the two of us, on our own," said Kai.

Not a second later, a man in a black, tailored suit stepped onto the platform set in the middle of the waiting area. It seemed, by his appearance, that for the three promising contestants, they would be seeing him again.

"Hello everyone. My name is Roland Damaro, and welcome to the first ever A Blast from the Past game auditions. Now, I know you're ready to begin with the auditions, but there are a few things we must get done first. As of now, there are four men going around with a packet of information for you to look over and fill out before we begin." He waited for a few moments. "First, does everyone have a packet?" asked Mr. Damoro.

"Yes," answered everyone.

"Good. Now, look on the cover of the packet to see the letter that you have on there. To the left of you are four doors with a specific letter marked over it. For those with the letter 'A' on your packet, you will go through the door marked with the letter 'A' above it. This goes for those with the letters 'B', 'C', and 'D' on their packets. Now proceed through the doors where you will receive further instructions." spoke Mr. Damoro. With that final instruction, people began to move around and go to their designated areas.

"So what letter do you have? I've got 'A'." asked Damon.

" I've got 'A' also. Maybe it's a sign that we'll be 'A' material," said Kai jokingly.

"I doubt that. But hey, it's wishful thinking," replied Damon.

"Yeah, hopefully my wishful thinking becomes truthful thinking for the both of us," said Kai.

"Well, it's time to put that thinking to the test. Almost everyone's through the doors. Well, let's go into the room," said Damon. As the two entered the 'A' room, neither would imagine what would be in store for them next.

With Terra Venture buzzing with excitement over a game show debut and the villains on the Scorpion Stinger running around preparing for their greatest battle yet, it was safe to say that nearly everyone in the vicinity of Terra Venture were 'busy as bees.'

On the Scorpion Stinger though, everything was set for their new plan to rid themselves of the rangers.

"Furio, everything ready on your part?" asked Trakeena.

"Yes Trakeena. With you done with your part of the plan, we are ready to launch our strategy to destroy the rangers," answered Furio.

"Ok, start connections to make contact with the rangers," ordered Trakeena.

Furio did as he was told.

"Alpha, incoming transmission," said D.E.C.A.

"I wonder who this could be," replied Alpha VI.

"Hello robot. I'm looking for the rangers," said Trakeena.

"What do you want with them Trakeena?" asked Alpha in defense.

"Don't worry. Just tell them to come immediately," stated Trakeena.

"D.E.C.A., contact the other rangers immediately!" voiced Alpha.

"Please sit down everyone. My name is Mr. Crail, and I'd like to welcome all of you to A Blast from the Past's first contestant auditions. The packets you have received will only be used for those three "special contestants that will appear on the game show. We will split all of you into five groups. Each group will go into a separate room. There, they will be quizzed on particular information relating to a topic in history. The quiz you'll be getting will not be used again for another person. After everyone has been quizzed, all of you will return to the lot for free refreshments. Later, after all of the results from the combined four large groups have been tallied and compared, the results of who the three contestants will be, will be revealed. And so now, we will begin the auditions."

"You know what Kai? This is sure a lot of work for just a simple audition," said Damon.

"But Damon, a lot of things have to go into a TV show to make sure its right. So, putting pressure on the audition is all a part of that," replied Kai.

"Well, I'm ready to get to work," said Damon.

As they were divided into groups, both Kai and Damon hoped for the best that they would be chosen to be a contestant on this game show. Now, the real work was about to begin.

While in their living quarters, the rangers were just lounging around doing this and that to pass the time.


Everyone looked around. Leo answered his communicator. "Yes?"

Alpha answered, "Leo, I needed you and the other rangers to report to the ship's bridge immediately. It's an emergency!"

"But Alpha, Kai and Damon aren't with us. They're at the game show auditions," responded Maya.

"Well, we'll fill them in later. Just hurry! No, better yet, prepare for teleportation," said Alpha.

In a flash of pink, red, and yellow lights, Leo, Maya, and Kendrix teleported to the Astro Megaship's bridge.

"What is it Alpha?" asked Leo.

"There rangers." voiced Alpha. He pointed to the ship's viewing screen. As Maya, Leo, and Kendrix turned, they were shocked by what they saw.

"What do you want Trakeena?" asked Leo angrily.

"You mean what do 'we' want?" said Furio out of nowhere. "We want to make a proposition to you rangers. We have someone of utter importance to the side of good. We want to make a trade. The ranger goodie for your Quasar sabers."

"Show us who it is first Furio!" said Leo.

Furio snapped his fingers for the Sting Wingers to bring Billy in front of the viewing screen. Actually, they shoved him in front of the screen.

"Who's he Alpha?" asked Maya.

"I don't know rangers. D.E.C.A., run a visual scan of this person's face." asked Alpha.

"Well, you may not know him rangers, but in our possession, he'll become very useful. You'll have only two hours to make your decision. By that time, we'll contact you again," stated Trakeena.

The Astro Megaship's viewing screen went off.

"Ha, we have the rangers right were we want them. Furio call Dreadorite. Tell him that I have big plans for him," said Trakeena for in her mind, this plan of her's was sure to reap great rewards.

The end, of this part,
of A Powerful Return.