Disclaimer: We donít own in any way Power Rangers Turbo; Saban does though. Weíve decided to write a non-profit fic for pleasure based on my favorite TV show. We hope you enjoy it. The time frame for this fic is after Carlos is bitten in Carlos and the Count. This is the first fic in a series called A Vampire Turnaround.

The Power of a Bite
by : Power Blue and PurpleRanger

Hours had passed by since Carlos and Justin left the vampire movie showing at the Angel Grove Juice Bar. Hours had passed by since Carlos had been attacked by a group of Piranhatron and Count Nocturne. But to Carlos, it had seemed days.

The bite Count Nocturne delivered to Carlos completely sent his senses into whack. It was near sunrise, and Carlos was laid against a tree. He felt groggy when he awoke, and it took him awhile to acknowledge his surroundings.

Suddenly, Carlos began to feel his skin burn. He noticed that a beam of sunlight was focused on his arm and was the cause of the burn. He quickly removed his arm from the sunlight. He didnít even stop to think why he was in the park by a tree instead of at home in his bed. All he was concerned about now was getting some clothes to shade his skin from the light.

* * *
On Divatoxís Space Base, in the Subcraftís main cockpit, Count Nocturne was heavily trying to feel any readings coming from Carlos.

"Have you gotten anything yet?" asked Divatox impatiently. She wanted her newfound plan to go perfectly right.

Count Nocturne concentrated harder. "Yes! Iím getting something. His mental tie with me is beginning to grow. It takes time for the venom to absorb in the Rangerís blood, especially because of his connection with his Turbo power."

"Well make sure you get a full connection. Although you might not be able to control his thoughts, you can influence them," said Divatox. "And make sure this plan works."

"Right Divatox," responded Count Nocturne as he left the SubCraft to go to another part of the Space Base.

* * *
At Angel Grove High, classes usually began at 8:30 A.M. Students regularly arrived about 8 A.M. to either socialize, study for morning tests, eat the cafeteria breakfast, or do a combination of all three.

T.J., Ashley, Justin, Carlos, and Cassie usually met about 7:50 A.M. in the Youth Center to sit at their usual table. Unfortunately, someone was missing from the group, and T.J. was the first to realize this.

"Hey guys, whereís Carlos?" asked T.J.

"Hmm, I havenít seen him around," Ashley stated.

"The last I saw him was last night. Maybe he just overslept. I know I barely got up in time to get ready for school this morning," Justin pointed out.

"Well Ashley, Carlos, and I have Economics together 2nd period. Heíll probably show up by then," said T.J. with some confidence in his voice.

Suddenly, the morning bell rang.

"See you guys later," said Justin.

"Yeah, see ya Teej and Ash," said Cassie as she walked off with Justin to class.

"Weíve got five minutes to get to class, T.J.," said Ashley.

"Letís get going then," replied T.J. as he playfully hit Ashley on her shoulder. They gathered their bookbags and headed towards class.

* * *


The bell to end first period rang. As students filled the hallways to get to their second period, T.J. and Ashley lingered around their second period classroom to look out for Carlos. Time came dangerously close to when the late bell for second period would ring so T.J. and Ashley entered their Economics class and took their assigned seat.

Their Economics teacher, Mr. Mitchell, was explaining something to the class, but neither T.J. nor Ashley was paying any attention. Their minds were totally focused on Carlosís whereabouts.

They got together after class to discuss homework, but they ended up discussing Carlos.

"Where do you think he is?" T.J. asked Ashley. "Carlos rarely misses school, you and I both know that. You think we should be worried? Maybe heís in some sort of danger."

Ashley dismissed the idea with a wave of her hand. "No, I donít think so," she said. "Thereís a flu bug going around, you know. Maybe heís just got a 24-hour virus. Thatís probably what it is. Heíll be back tomorrow; youíll see."

"Yeah, I hope heís back tomorrow," T.J. said. Under his breath he added, "I certainly hope so."

* * *
"Carlos, what are you doing home?" asked a stern, surprised voice.

Carlos was startled from his sleep and looked up to see who was talking to him.

"Oh, hi mom," said Carlos as he recognized his momís face.

"You still havenít answered my question," replied Mrs. Santiago.

"I was so sleepy I couldnít get up," answered Carlos.

"Well, thatís not a good excuse for me. Since youíre here, clean up this room. First, get dressed," said Mrs. Santiago as she walked out of Carlosís room.

As Carlos rose from his bed, he proceeded to his closet. Rather than dressing in the usual Ranger color-related attire, he dressed in a black T-shirt, black cloak, and black pants.

After he dressed himself, he began to clean his room, but suddenly, he stopped. A powerful urge summoned itself inside of Carlos. Now he had the urge for blood, and he knew directly where to get some.

* * *
At the Space Base, good news was being presented.

"Yes! The link with the Green Turbo Ranger has been solidified!" exclaimed Count Nocturne.

"Are you sure?" asked Divatox.

"Positive. I have a direct link with his mind, Divatox," Count Nocturne replied.

"Good. Wait about five minutes. After those minutes are up, I want you to attack the Rangers. You know the rest," proclaimed Divatox.

"Yes. It will be good to have another vampire around," said Count Nocturne as he began to laugh at the thought.

* * *

*Ring!* The bell rang to dismiss all classes for the day.

Ashley was the last student to go to her locker. She had to meet with her third period teacher to review some extra credit work. As she walked to her locker in the empty hall, a familiar figure was standing there waiting for her.

"Carlos! Where have you been all day?" asked a startled Ashley.

"I just slept late," Carlos replied.

"And here I thought you had the flu," Ashley stated.

"Well, Iím fine and healthy," said Carlos.

Ashley turned around to open her locker. Once the locker was open, she began to put in and take out books.

Carlosís desire for blood reached its peak. As he began to lean towards Ashleyís neck to bite her, but a voice stopped him cold.

"Hey Carlos! What were you doing leaning over towards Ashley like that?" asked Justin.

Ashley turned around to await his response.

"I saw a, an insect on her shoulder. I had to get a close look to make sure it wasnít dangerous," lied Carlos.

Almost the instant after Carlos was finished talking, Justinís communicator beeped.

"This is Justin."

"Hey Justin, is Ashley there with you?" asked T.J.

"Yeah, her and Carlos," answered Justin.

"Great. Alpha just alerted Cassie and I that a monster named Count Nocturne and Piranhatron are in the park. We need for you three to morph and meet us there," said T.J.

"We will," answered Ashley.

"Good," said T.J. as the com link was terminated.

"Check the hallway Carlos," said Ashley.

Carlos did. "Weíre clear," replied Carlos.

"All right guys, Shift into Turbo!" shouted Justin.

"Shift into Turbo!" cried T.J.

T.J., Justin, Carlos, Ashley, and Cassie morphed as the Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Pink Turbo Rangers.

The Turbo Power Rangers teleported to Angel Grove Park to encounter Count Nocturne and the Piranhatron.

"Ah. Welcome Rangers. Iíve been waiting for you, especially Green Ranger," Count Nocturne said.

"What do you want Count Nocturne?" ordered Green Turbo Ranger.

"I want you! Piranhatron, get them!" yelled Count Nocturne.

A fight began between the Turbo Rangers and the Piranhatron. Although the fight was greatly in the Rangersí favor, the Piranhatron still fought diligently.

Green Turbo Ranger broke away from the fight and headed towards Count Nocturne.

"Ah my vampire protege, come to me," said Count Nocturne.

Soon, Red, Yellow, Blue, and Pink Turbo Rangers gathered around Green Ranger.

"Carlos, what is he talking about?" asked Blue Turbo Ranger.

"You being his vampire protege. Ha!" scoffed Pink Turbo Ranger.

"You didnít tell them the good news?" Count Nocturne questioned Green Ranger.

Green Ranger kept silent.

"Well, Iíll share," said Count Nocturne. "I bit Green Ranger last night. He is becoming more like a vampire as we speak. He didnít go to school because he began to feel the sleepiness vampires feel during daylight hours. He wore all black to reflect/absorb the sunlight. When he began to lean towards Yellow Ranger earlier, he wasnít shooing an insect away. His craving for blood took over, and he was about to bite her. Luckily for her, Blue Ranger showed up."

Green Rangerís head hung low.

"Carlos, is this true?" asked a bewildered Red Ranger.

"Yes! Everything he said is true!" admitted Green Ranger. "Why did you tell them everything?" asked Green Ranger as he directed his question towards the Count.

"It is because you need to answer the call. The call of evil that is in the vampire you are becoming," Count Nocturne stated.

"No, I wonít be evil!" declared Green Ranger.

"Oh but you will. I share a link with you Ranger. I will impose my will on you if I desire to," said Count Nocturne.

"No you wonít!" yelled Green Ranger as he began to charge the monster.

Suddenly, a sharp pain in his head stopped him from charging the monster.

Count Nocturne began to force his will into Green Rangerís mind.

"His will.... it's.... strong," said Green Ranger as he struggled to force the vampireís thoughts out.

"Come on Carlos; you can beat it!" exclaimed Red Ranger.

"No, he wonít!" yelled Count Nocturne. He concentrated harder on imposing his thoughts into Green Rangerís mind.

Green Ranger was having the mental battle of his life. A battle he was losing.

"Guys.... monster's.... will.... too.... strong," groaned Green Ranger in pain. Then suddenly he collapsed.

The other Turbo Rangers ran to his side to try to help him. He appeared to be unconscious for a moment; then miraculously, he arose. A black cape appeared on his back, and his white boots and gloves were black with white streaks. The Rangers were baffled by this change.

"Carlos, are you all right?" asked Yellow Ranger.

"Iím fine Yellow Ranger, but you wonít be soon!" exclaimed Green Ranger as he drew his AutoBlaster and fired it at Yellow Ranger.

"Ah!" cried Yellow Ranger as she was blasted. The blasts sent her six feet backwards.

"Why did you do that?" asked Pink Ranger as she and the other Rangers ran to Yellow Ranger to aid her.

"Because I am evil," answered Green Ranger. "With my new friend, Count Nocturne and Divatoxís crew, evil will reign. I was a weakling on the side of good; on evilís side, I will be the largest threat you ever had," stated Green Ranger. "And one more thing; the new name is Vampire Green."

"Letís go Vampire Green. Weíve got things to do," said Count Nocturne. Both of the villains transformed into bats and teleported away to Divatoxís Space Base.