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Authorís Note: When I was devising this fic, I noticed that I would have to ignore certain facts established in the first fic. Although I didnít want this to happen, it did. So the only fact that should be ignored, no rather imply that Carlos and his mom had a longer conversation than what was written in The Power of a Bite. Thanks.

Previously on A Vampire Turnaround: While walking from the Youth Center, Carlos was bitten by Count Nocturne. Count Nocturne was ordered by Divatox to lure Green Ranger to her side. The other Rangers began to worry about Carlos. Count Nocturne attacked and told the Rangers of Green Rangerís nature. Carlos succumbed to Count Nocturneís will and became evil. Will this new evil destroy the Turbo Rangers? Find out on A Vampire Turnaround next!

Bat Be Gone!
by : Power Blue

During the week of Carlosís mind was consumed with evil by Count Nocturneís bite, vampire bites were widely reported within the city of Angel Grove. The vampire bites became such an issue that a 10:00 P.M. curfew was issued on the city for pedestrians.

The second most damaging effect of Green Ranger becoming evil was the slander of the Turbo Rangersí reputation. Local residents began to post editorials in the city newspaper asking why the Power Rangers werenít stopping the vampire menace. Others began to blame the Rangers for Angel Groveís vampire problem.

For fear that the problem could be linked to the Turbo Rangers because of Green Rangerís absence, the Red Turbo Ranger did make a public announcement stating that they were working hard on extinguishing the new vampire problem.

After Vampire Greenís initial departure from Angel Grove Park, the Rangers began to seek answers to their demanding questions. What they learned was shocking.

Vampire Green, Carlosís new identity, had developed a hold over the Green Ranger power. It would take an extensive amount of time to develop a method of extracting the power from Vampire Green. Although the power would stay in his possession, Vampire Green had limitations to what he could do. Only the AutoBlaster and the Turbo Thunder Cannon would be accessible to him since they come directly from his power. This affected the other Rangers in that the Turbo RAM Cannon mode was now inaccessible.

Since the Desert Thunder Turbo Zord and the Thunder Loader Rescue Zord were kept in the Turbo Zord Holding Bay, access to the two Zords could be blocked from Vampire Green. This posed a minor problem to the remaining Turbo Rangers because without an operator for the two Zords, the MegaZords could not be formed. The remaining four Rescue Zords could still use Artillery Power though. A suggestion was mentioned by T.J. to find Phantom Ranger and enlist his help in filling in Green Rangerís spot on the team. Dimitria found this to be a good idea, and Alpha VI began a galactic search for the Phantom.

Another problem Vampire Green posed to the Rangers was he still had access to the Power Chamber. Alpha created a block not to allow any being with the Desert Thunder Turbo power signature. Although this was true, it was sure that Divatox was working on a way around this.

The last problem with Vampire Green was the spell, the disease, of vampirism that Vampire Green beheld. The only known method of ridding a vampire was to kill it, but the rangers just wanted the regular Carlos back. It would take extensive study from Earth and intergalactic resources to find a cure or anything remotely close to it, but it didnít matter. T.J., Ashley, Justin, and Cassie were determined to get Carlos back.


Divatoxís Space Base was finally at peace. For the first time since her arrival on Earth, Divatoxís mind was at ease. She didnít worry about the Rangers too much, especially since one of them was under her control. _I never though that I could be at such peace with myself, _ thought Divatox. She was lying on her bed facing the ceiling.

Suddenly, Count Nocturne and Vampire Green entered her bedroom chamber, interrupting her line of thought.

"What is it that you want? I havenít called for you," demanded Divatox.

"We have become concerned about your recent attack on the Rangers," sated Count Nocturne. Divatox gave him a displeased look. Count Nocturne really didnít like Divatox. She was pushy and demanded that things go her way. He wished that he could take Vampire Green so that the both of them could destroy the Rangers without Divatoxís help, but two things held him back. One, Count Nocturne owed his very existence as a vampire to her. For that, he was grateful. Second, from the rumors spread throughout the Space Base, Divatox possessed powers and surprises that were deadly and dangerous. Proof of this was Elgar was allowed to a persecution ceremony in which Divatox issued the persecution herself. Usually, only the one who is being punished and Divatox attends. No one ever lives to report what happens. Elgar only relayed little of what he saw for fear that he would face persecution. Count Nocturne made sure that he and Vampire Green stood clear of Divatox when she was angry.

"And why is that?"

"Because the Rangers are gaining their strength during the absence of attack," said Count Nocturne.

"Are you suggesting that I donít know what Iím doing? Are you saying that I want the Rangers to win?" Divatox was obviously angry.

"No, my Queen." Count Nocturne knelt beside Divatoxís bedside. "Iím just saying that we should attack the Rangers when they least expect it."

"For your information, Iíve already thought of that. Get up." Count Nocturne quickly stood up. "I plan to attack them with a battle against Vampire Green and also attack them mentally. The latter will be explained later. I will alert you when I feel like striking."

Divatox yawned as she rolled on her bed with her back to Count Nocturne and Vampire Green.

"Letís go," said Count Nocturne as he and Vampire Green left the room.


The Ranger teens hadnít been questioned about Carlosís disappearance at all at school. School just continued on its course; that is until a teacher started to ask questions.

Ms. Applebee was the first to ask questions when she confronted Ashley during her lunch break.

Ashley was heading down the hallway when she heard Ms. Applebee call her name. She turned to speak to the plump woman.

"Yes Ms. Applebee?"

"Ashley, Iíve been meaning to ask you a question. Why hasnít Carlos been to school lately?"

The question momentarily shocked Ashley because she wasnít prepared for it. Her decisive thinking kicked in, and she quickly responded.

"Itís quite complicated. Carlos and his family left for his motherís hometown. A family reunion is being held, and also his great-grandfather recently died as well. If I remember correctly, Carlos said that they intend on staying two weeks."

"Oh, well I understand. Itís such a tragedy to loose a loved one, especially when a family reunion is near."

"Yes, I know. Well, I have to get to lunch, Ms. Applebee. I skipped breakfast, and I feel like my stomachís about to cave in."

"Well, thank you Ashley. Mr. Kaplan wanted to know what happened before calling his home. The information you gave me should suffice. Good bye, Ashley," said Ms. Applebee as she began to enter her room.

"Bye Ms. Applebee," said Ashley as she began to head towards the Youth Center.

As Ashley approached the Juice Bar section of the Youth Center, she saw Cassie, Justin, and T.J. sitting at their normal table. She hurriedly walked to the table to relay some very important news.

Once her friends saw her, they began to greet her. She responded and quickly sat in a chair at the table.

"Guys, has anyone questioned you on Carlosís disappearance?" asked Ashley.

A series of noís began to come from the group.

"Why?" asked Cassie.

"Just before I came here, Ms. Applebee asked me about him. She said that Mr. Kaplan was going to call his house, but what I told her should keep him from calling now."

"Good save Ash," commented T.J.

"Yeah, but I think all of us should keep to the same story. I told her that his great-grandfather died and a family reunion occurred so he had to leave. Heíll be away for at least another week, no more than two."

"Thatís good. Someone should go to his mom about his disappearance," said Justin.

"I did that the day after. I told her that special students were selected to go overseas for two to three weeks. She assumed that she remembered Carlos saying something to her about that, so sheís ok," said T.J.

"Letís hope he doesnít decide to reappear in human form any time soon," replied Cassie.

Lt. Stone approached the group and asked for their orders. They ordered their food, and ate with their minds deep in thought about Carlos.


After school was over, Justin suggested that the group go to the park. They found an unreserved pavilion and stationed themselves there. They didnít engage in conversation much but let their minds flow freely without having to think about Carlos. The atmosphere was undisturbed and enjoying. Nothing could interrupt this peaceful moment except one thing.

In a nearby water jug, a periscope appeared.

"So, those Rangers are enjoying a bit of peace and quiet. Elgar, get in here!" exclaimed Divatox from her Subcraftís main room.

Elgar walked in from the Space Base balcony. "Yes, Auntie D?"

"Elgar, take a school of Piranatrons and attack the Rangers."

"Right away," said Elgar as he left the room.

Divatox began to look in her periscope again.

Many splashes of water could be heard as the Rangers turned to face the direction from which the sounds came.

"Piranatrons guys!" exclaimed Ashley.

"And Elgar," noticed Justin as the mutant appeared.

"Piranatron, get them!" ordered Elgar as a battle began.

The fight between the Piranatrons and the Rangers was in the Rangersí favor. Only a few punch-kick combinations were needed to hurt the Piranatrons. Elgar dared not enter the fight. As the fight ended, the Piranatrons gathered around Elgar.

"Leaving so soon?" questioned T.J.

Suddenly, a large green bat flew in front of Elgar. It materialized into Vampire Green.

"No T.J., just making an appearance."

"Our fight isnít with you Carlos. Come back with us," pleaded Ashley.

"Never. Donít you see? Being an evil vampire is my new way of life. Piranatrons, Elgar, letís go." The group teleported away.

T.J.ís communicator beeped.

"Yes, Alpha?"

"Yo T.J., Iíve gotten some important news you guys gotta see. Teleport to the Power Chamber immediately."

"Right away Alpha," said T.J. as he terminated the com link. "Cassie, are we clear?"

Cassie scanned the area. "Yeah Teej."

"All right guys. Letís teleport." T.J., Ashley, Justin, and Cassie teleported to the Power Chamber.


As the teens materialized in the Power Chamber, Alpha was ready to speak with them.

"Whatís up Alpha?" asked Cassie.

"Good and bad news. First, the good news. Iíve been able to contact Phantom Ranger. Heís here now."

The Phantom Ranger walked into the main room where the other Rangers were. "Hello Rangers."

The Rangers waved at Phantom Ranger.

Alpha continued. "He has been briefed on the current situation. Now the bad news. Destroying Count Nocturne is not a cure for regaining Carlos anymore. Divatox has modified the bond between Count Nocturne and Carlos to an extent. Now Carlos has the ability to be a vampire and evil without the Countís help. The spell is now internal not external. This does not mean that Carlos is a full vampire. There is still a chance that we can return him to his normal self."

The alarms began to ring in the Power Chamber.

"Whatís going on Dimitria?" asked T.J. as he and the others gathered around the viewing screen.

"Divatox has sent Count Nocturne to attack Angel Grove."

"Is he alone?" asked Phantom Ranger.

"Yes he is."

"Letís go guys. Shift into Turbo!" called T.J. as he and his friends morphed, minus Phantom who was already in suit.


Count Nocturne was attacking Angel Grove Park in the recreation area. The Red, Blue, Pink, and Yellow Turbo Rangers and Phantom Ranger appeared near the playground equipment, about twenty yards from the monster.

"So, youíve appeared at last. I see youíve found a replacement for Green Ranger," said Count Nocturne.

"Donít worry about me Nocturne. Fight or surrender," voiced Phantom Ranger from the top of a jungle gym.

"Iíll rather fight. Bring it on Rangers."

The Rangers performed a stance, and then attacked the Count. Yellow Ranger performed a flip, distracting the monster. Blue Ranger followed by kicking Count Nocturne in his side. Count Nocturne slashed at Blue Ranger but missed. Pink Ranger, from a distance, called on her Turbo Windfire bow and fired twin arrow blasts, which struck the monster in the chest. Phantom Ranger engaged in close combat battle with Count Nocturne as Red Ranger stood on the sidelines. Count Nocturne called on his Drillhammer and was going to smash Phantom Ranger in the chest, but Red Ranger slashed Count Nocturneís back with his Lightning Sword.

Count Nocturne proceeded to get up, trying to recover from the blow inflicted by Red Ranger. He picked up his Drillhammer and began to speak to the Rangers. "Power Rangers, youíll never defeat me!"

"That remains to be seen," replied Blue Ranger.

"Oh yeah? Take this!" yelled Count Nocturne as he slammed the hammer part of his Drillhammer into the ground. The ground began to shake with the Rangers shaking as well.

Count Nocturne floated above the ground and began to charge at the Rangers with his Drillhammer in hand. He slashed at the Rangers with the drill tip striking the Rangers. He floated to the ground once the ground shaking stopped.

"Ha ha! Youíll go down in history Turbo Rangers, as the group to have been defeated by me!" Count Nocturne burst into laughter.

"I doubt that," said Phantom Ranger as he stood on his feet. "Phantom Blaster, fire!" A weapon much like the Rangersí Auto Blasters but black was fired at Count Nocturne. Phantom Ranger had caught the monster off guard for Count Nocturne was on the ground in pain.

The other Rangers had obtained composure and gathered around Phantom Ranger.

"Letís call the heavy weaponry Red Ranger," stated Phantom Ranger.

"Turbine Laser Online now!" called Red Ranger. The turbine-like weapon appeared before the group, each Ranger taking his and her position with Phantom Ranger taking Green Rangerís position.

"Initiate power lock!" The Turbine Laser assembled and floated downward to the Rangers.

"Take your positions!" His fellow Rangers followed his orders.

"All right Rangers, this is for Carlos," said Red Ranger as the others positioned the laser to face Count Nocturne.

"Turbine Laser fire!" called the Rangers in unison. A laser blast was emitted towards Count Nocturne, with him receiving a mortal blow.

"Yeah!" chorused the Rangers as the Turbine Laser returned to its point of origin.


Up above in the Space Base, Divatox was monitoring the battle between Count Nocturne and the Rangers.

"Rygog, fire the torpedoes!"

"Yes my Queen."


"Rangers, we must hurry to destroy Count Nocturne now," stressed Phantom Ranger, but his statement arrived too late. Divatoxís two torpedoes could be heard advancing and quickly exploded once they met their target.

"Rrrr," growled Count Nocturne, as he was now giant-size and reenergized.

"Oh no, big problem guys," said Yellow Ranger as she was eyeing Count Nocturne.

"Time to call on the Zords," said Red Ranger, motioning towards his friends to take the proper stances.

"We need Turbo MegaZord power now!" called the Rangers.

As the Turbo Zords exited the Turbo Zord Holding Bay, the Rangers entered their corresponding cockpits, with Phantom Ranger taking control of the Desert Thunder Turbo Zord. The Zords maneuvered and formed the Turbo MegaZord.

"Now weíre on even terms Nocturne!"

"I donít think so Red Ranger. Now I have something to engrave my initials into." Count Nocturne summoned his hammer drill once more.

Count Nocturne began to twirl his hammer drill while walking towards the Turbo MegaZord. Nocturne stopped his twirling and swung the hammer end towards the MegaZordís left arm. The hammer was blocked, but Count Nocturne retaliated by striking the drill end into the Turbo MegaZordís right arm.

As the Turbo MegaZord stumbled backwards, Count Nocturne began to strike the Turbo MegaZord with the hammer end of his Drillhammer. The MegaZord fell to the ground after four strikes.

"T.J., shields are weakening!" exclaimed Yellow Ranger.

"What is our weaponsí power like?" asked Red Ranger.

"Weapons are still at full power," stated Blue Ranger.

"When the right time comes, do your thing Justin."

Blue Ranger nodded in agreement.

"Hands off guys," commanded Red Ranger.

The others followed orders, but Phantom Ranger.

"Why T.J.?"

"Just wait and see Phantom," said Red Ranger as he smiled beneath his helmet. Phantom Ranger did as he was told.

Count Nocturne began to walk towards the Rangers with his left arm at his side and his right arm outward to his right with the hammer drill in hand.

"Now to smash you into the ground," commented Count Nocturne as he snickered.

"Now Justin!" exclaimed Red Ranger.

"MegaZord Blaster mode, now!" exclaimed Blue Ranger.

The blast emitted from the lights located on the Turbo MegaZordís chest struck Count Nocturne in the chest, propelling him several yards backwards.

"Now to finish him off. Turbo MegaZord Saber, Spinout!" ordered Red Ranger as he pulled the lever to activate the finishing sequence.

As the Turbo MegaZord began to pick up speed, Count Nocturne screamed pleas to not be destroyed, but his cries came too late. The Turbo MegaZord Saber slashed Count Nocturne with an enormous amount of power that destroyed him, for good.

"Nocturneís nights of terror are finally over," stated Red Ranger.


Divatox was alone in her Subcraftís control room on the Space Base. She was viewing the end results of Nocturneís battle with the Power Rangers.

"Oh well, another one bites the dust."

"Did someone mention biting?"

Divatox turned to see Vampire Green in the threshold of the control room.

"Vampire Green, what are you doing here?"

"I sensed Count Nocturneís recent destruction, my Queen. I came to you instinctively to see what will now happen to me." Vampire Green moved closer to Divatox.

"Nothing should, of course. Remember the injection Porto gave you earlier?"


"Its purpose is to solidify your evil vampire personality in case your primary source, Count Nocturne, ended up destroyed."

"Thank you Divatox for being so wise." Vampire Green passionately kissed Divatox on her right hand.

"Iím beginning to like you more and more." Divatox looked Vampire Green in the face and smiled devilishly. "Go to the Rejuvenation room and exercise your powers a bit. I have something planned for you at nightfall."

"Yes, my Queen."