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Previously on A Powerful Return: Kai and Damon almost go crazy trying to study for the game show auditions. Billy is trying to keep his sanity while in one of the Scorpion Stinger dungeons. Kai and Damon find out that theyíve made the cut and will be contestants on A Blast from the Past. Trakeena made a proposal: Billy for the Quasar sabers. She tried to double-cross the rangers in the trade, but she didnít succeed. The rangers rescued Billy, and they still maintained to keep their real Quasar sabers. Will Trakeena give up on Billy? Find out on A Powerful Return next!

Important Note: As you all know, computers mess up from time to time, and well, mine has. The fic preceding this one was totally erased from my computer. Hopefully, you can fill in the blanks from TV Contestant Auditions to now. The message preceding this one should have helped. The Rangers have discovered that Billy was the original Blue Ranger. Maya is the one who actually saves Billy; although, Kai's plan to fabricate fake Quasar sabers was what prompted her rescue plan. That's about it. On with the fic!

Just a Short Time
by : Right Ranger

The Power Rangers teleported to the Astro Megaship with Billy.

"Thanks guys for rescuing me," Billy said.

"Aw, donít worry about it," said Pink Ranger.

"Thank you Pink Ranger," replied Billy.

"Oh, I guess we should demorph, and introduce ourselves," said Red Ranger.

"Power down!" shouted Leo as all of the rangers did the hand movements to demorph.

Before Billy stood five demorphed Ranger teens that he had never seen before.

"Hi, Iím Kendrix, the Pink Ranger."

"My name is Maya; Iím the Yellow Ranger."

"Iím Damon, Green."

"Iím Leo, the leader in Red."

"The name is Kai, and Iím the Blue Ranger."

"Wow, itís great to meet the present Power Rangers, especially the new Blue Ranger. Iíve got a question for you guys though, if you donít mind me asking," Billy said.

"Go ahead. Ask away," said Leo.

"What are you guys doing out here in space on such a big ship?" asked Billy.

"Terra Venture is a space colony deployed from Earth in search of new worlds. We happened to find the Quasar sabers, which contained the Galaxy Powers we have now, in a lost galaxy. When we returned to our own, the evil followed," said Kai.

"Oh. I just never knew Earth would advance this much. Iíve missed a lot since I was gone," said Billy.

From out of nowhere, Alpha VI burst in.

Billy saw Alpha enter the bridge. "Alpha! Long time, no see!

"Whoa! I donít know you stranger," responded Alpha.

"You mean youíre not the Alpha V I know?" asked Billy.

"Sorry. Iím Alpha VI." Alpha began to think for awhile. "I have been downloaded with my predecessorís files on his relationship with you. It feels like we could have the same friendship too," said Alpha.

"Well, Iíd love to talk with you guys," Billy said now look at everyone. "But Iím very tired."

"Well I, I mean Ďthe Rangersí, can help you settle in. There are several rooms on the Megaship in which you can stay in," said Alpha.

"Yeah, the boys can help you settle in better than we can. Hopefully, whenever youíre ready, the boys can take you shopping for new clothes," said Kendrix.

"Thatís absolutely fine," replied Billy. "Could I just go to a room and rest for now?"

"Yeah, Iíll take you there," replied Kendrix.

"Iíll go along. Youíll need to bond with us boys sometime," said Kai.

"All right. My room, please," said Billy.

As Kendrix guided Billy to his room, Kai talked with him about his ranger past. Billy answered Kaiís many questions with such ease. Kai was bewildered by what Billy told him. After he got a majority of the information he wanted, Kai began to talk with Kendrix. There was something about the way the two carried on their conversation that made Billy jealous. As he gazed at Kendrix, he realized how much beauty she possessed just like Kimberly. And now he might finally have a chance at getting someone human like him with such beauty as Kimberly. Only one thing possibly stood in his way, Kai. Billyís mind continued to wonder until he was interrupted by a voice.

"Earth to Billy, well Terra Venture to Billy," said Kendrix snapping her fingers at Billy.

"Oh," said a startled Billy. "I was daydreaming. Iím sorry. What were you saying?"

"Weíre at your room. If you get lost, just call out to D.E.C.A., and ask her for directions," Kendrix said.

"Hope you have a good time. And donít forget, youíve got a fellow Blue Ranger here to talk to you know," said Kai as he began to walk away.

"Yeah, Iíll remember that," said Billy.

"Kendrix, could I talk to you for a minute?" asked Billy.

"Yeah, what is it?"

"Would you mind if you came along with the guys and me when we go shopping? Iíd like to have a female presence there as well," said Billy.

Kendrix stood in front of Billy thinking for a moment. "All right. Iíll tag along. Hopefully, the guys wonít mind."

"Great! Iíll see you then. Good-bye," said Billy as he entered his room.

"Bye," said Kendrix as she waved back to Billy.


The next day came and went with a flash. Billy basically stayed in his room the entire day except to grab a bite to eat every now and then. Kai and Damon did great at their rehearsal, and the dress rehearsal was scheduled for Thursday with the taping of the first show on Friday. The show would be aired Monday with more auditions running during the week. Billy announced that he would go shopping for new clothes Wednesday, which was perfect because Kai and Damon would need to shop for clothes tomorrow anyway. This was good for Billy because he was anxious to see Kendrix again.

The day for shopping came. Kendrix convinced the guys to let her tag along to show them the great clothing departments in Terra Ventureís shopping district.

The male rangers talked with Billy about his ranger past. Since it was a long topic, they never changed the subject. Occasionally when Kendrix and Billy were alone, Kendrix picked his brain and vice versa. Billy admired her beauty and intelligence. Kendrix admired his good looks and intellect. She began to think that Billy would make a great friend just like her and Kai were. At the end of the day, Kai had chosen himself a blue/black trimmed suede suit with matching shoes. Damon chose a hunter green cotton suit with black dress shoes. Billy bought seven outfits whose colors ranged from blue to black to white. Leo and Kendrix helped him carry his bags to the vehicle he was riding in.

Unknown to the group, someone was watching them.

"Four of the five Power Rangers are accompanying the target, Trakeena," said Dreadorite.

"It doesnít matter. Take some Sting Wingers with you to get them out of the way. Just get Billy!" exclaimed Trakeena.

"Iíll go with you," said Furio.

Out of nowhere, bolts of lightning appeared at Scorpiusís throne. Scorpius had returned from a so-called vacation early, and Trakeena was surprised.

"Oh, hi daddy. Youíre early back from your vacation. Well while you were gone, I started to plan my own attack against the rangers. Iím still going on with it now. I hope you donít mind," said Trakeena.

"No, I donít mind daughter. Itís great to see that youíre following in my footsteps. I wonít interfere with your plans. Continue," said Scorpius.

"Great! Thanks daddy," said Trakeena. She waited a few seconds to compose herself. Then she turned to face Dreadorite and Furio. "Make sure this plan goes right! Iíll be watching from the sidelines."

"Right Trakeena," voiced Furio and Dreadorite.


The trio teleported themselves and twelve Sting Wingers to the parking lot in which Billy, Leo, Kendrix, Damon, and Kai were located.

Once the evil group appeared, several civilians in the area started to run for their lives. In all the commotion, the four Rangers and Billy could not decipher what was going on.

"Hey! Why are you running?" Leo asked a passing civilian.

The person kept running, but another person heard his question and answered. "Those evil aliens are here! And itís a lot of them! You better run yourself!" He left and continued to run.

"Oh," said Leo softly. "Guys, letís go over there," Leo said as he pointed to a dark alley.

Everyone followed him. They checked to make sure no one was in the alley.

"Billy, you stay here while we fight those goons," Damon said.

"Affirmative," responded Billy.

"All right guys, Go Galactic!" chimed Leo and the other Rangers. Damon, Kendrix, Kai, and Leo morphed as the Green, Pink, Blue, and Red Galaxy Rangers respectively. They ran to the area where the villains were to face them off.

 "Ah, here they are," said Dreadorite as the Rangers approached him.

 "Sting Wingers, get them!" ordered Furio.

As the Sting Wingers began their attack on the Rangers, Leo delivered a message to Damon. "Damon, contact Maya and tell her that we need her now. Kai, Kendrix, and I will deal with these goons while you do so," said Leo as he resumed to the fight.

"Right," said Damon. He activated his communicator and began to call her. "Maya come in."

Maya was walking around the Astro Megaship when her communicator went off. She heard Damonís voice come through. "Yes, Damon?"

"We need you in the mallís parking lot. Trakeena, Furio, a monster, and a couple of Sting Wingers are here. Hurry up; it may get ugly," Damon stated.

"Right away," responded Maya. "Go Galactic!" voiced Maya as she morphed into the Yellow Galaxy Ranger. Once she finished morphing, she teleported to the fight scene.

Once she arrived, her friends were just putting their finishing touches on the Sting Wingers. They moved out soon after she showed up.

"Itís great to see that the Yellow Ranger has been able to join us," said Dreadorite.

"What do you want Trakeena?" asked Kai.

"Oh, you know what I want Blue Ranger. I want Billy. Dreadorite, attack!" ordered Trakeena.

"Pull out your Quasar sabers guys. This monster may be tricky," stated Red Ranger.

"Dreadorite, proceed as planned," said Furio. Furio and Trakeena teleported away.

"Hmm, havenít you guys noticed that Scorpiusís monsters have gotten dumber and dumber every time we fight them. Canít believe that now they have to follow laid out plans. Tsk - tsk!" said Red Ranger.

"Shut up, Ranger and face me!" yelled Dreadorite.

"Gladly," said Leo as he approached the monster with his Quasar saber in hand.

A duel began between Leo the Red Ranger and Dreadorite.

The fight was generally in Leoís favor since the monster had no type of weaponry to defend itself. The only thing that kept it going was its determination.

While they were battling, Kendrix the Pink Ranger decided to go to where Billy was hiding to teleport him back to the Megaship.

Sadly to say, Dreadorite saw where Pink Ranger was heading. He ended his duel with Red Ranger by giving him a blast to the abdominal region. Once he began to advance, he was faced by the Yellow and Green Rangers. They tried to put up a good fight, but Dreadorite proved to be the victor.

Blue Ranger, Kai, hinted that Dreadorite was heading towards Pink Ranger but needed to stop him from advancing before he could warn her. He did some good of delaying him, but Dreadorite gave him a blow to the back that proved too painful to speak or move.

Kendrix hurriedly ran to Billy to teleport him to the Megaship. Unfortunately, Dreadorite met her at the spot. She delivered a few quick blows to Dreadorite that seemed to stun him. He kept advancing though and finally emitted a power blast, which knocked her senseless. He then began to advance towards Billy.

"Donít try to fight human. Iím going to get you anyway," said Dreadorite mockingly.

Billy tried to protect himself, but he was to no avail. Dreadorite then grabbed Billy. About that time, the remaining rangers showed up in the alley around Kendrix.

"Ha, ha! Youíre too late Rangers. Iíve already obtained the target," Dreadorite exclaimed.

"Give him back!" shouted Maya.

"No, I wonít Yellow Ranger. Heís Trakeenaís now, but Iíll leave you with a surprise. Ha, ha!" laughed Dreadorite as he teleported away with Billy.

"Kendrix, are you all right?" asked Kai.

"Yeah," groaned Kendrix. "Iím okay."

"Maya, check to see if anyoneís around," ordered Leo.

Maya did so. "No one's around."

"All right guys. Letís demorph," said Leo. The Rangers gathered around. "Power down!" exclaimed Leo as the others and him demorphed.

Once the Rangers demorphed, Maya checked on Kendrix. Damon was wondering around the alley when he spotted a card lying where Dreadorite and Billy had teleported. "Hey guys! I think I found something!"

Maya, Leo, Kendrix, and Kai gathered around Damon, waiting for him to read the cardís contents.

"Guys, the card reads:

Youíre invited to
the Nakell Dimension
to play ĎA Ranger Past.í
Your host - Dreadorite
When- Tomorrow afternoon at 2 P.M.
The prize- Billy

Come all, come morphed if you like
Just donít be late!"

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