Disclaimer: I do not own Saban Entertainment. Thus, I don’t own Power Rangers. This story line takes place after Andros morphs as the Red Battlized Ranger and leaves to go to the Dark Fortress in Countdown to Destruction Part II. There is a line from Countdown to Destruction Part II that I used; it fits perfectly. This fic is the first in a series called A Galactic Advance. Enjoy my fic!

Important Message! Unknown to my knowledge until just recently, a large part of this fic has been deleted. I know that I typed the entire fic but for some reason my computer only recovered what is left. I am keeping what was recovered, and I'm including a synopsis of what the rest of this fic would have included. I'm sorry for any inconvenience. The next fic in this series will definitely be in its entirety.

Last Resort
by : Power Blue

"Good bye Andros," said Ashley silently. She had just watched her boyfriend leave to find a way to revive to the good part of Astronema, which is his long lost sister Karone. Although she knew of the dangers he faced, she respected his wishes.

"Ashley what’s going on?" asked her best friend Cassie, but Ashley didn’t have to say anything. Cassie saw Andros and Ashley turn the same corner she just turned. Now she only found Ashley.

"Where did he go?" asked Cassie.

"He went to the Dark Fortress. He’s still determined to convince Astronema that she really is good and that she’s his sister," answered Ashley. "Although I know that he may never come back, I will go on. Hopefully, he will."

"That’s the way to think," said Cassie as she went to hug Ashley. "Come on back to camp. We’re trying to discuss some ideas on how to get the upper hand on Astronema."

"Ok," replied Ashley, and they proceeded to camp.

"Now, we need to see what forces of good may be able to help us," stated T.J.

"But I already said ‘Anyone who could’ve helped us has been destroyed or captured,’ " said Cassie.

"You know what? I refuse to believe that. How can it be that every force of good, except us, has been captured? Someone is still out there. We just need to find out who," replied T.J.

"Sorry Cassie, but I agree with Teej. I think we should talk to Alpha to see if there actually is anyone else out there that can help us," said Carlos.

"Does everyone agree on this?" asked T.J.

No words were used to respond to this question. T.J. received agreeable nods from Zhane, Ashley, and Carlos and a dissatisfied but agreeing nod from Cassie.

T.J. then pressed his communicator’s communication link. "Alpha, could you please do an universal scan for any good entities that haven’t been captured or destroyed by evil forces?"

"Yes, I can T.J. It may take some time though," replied Alpha Six with concern.

"We’ll wait then Alpha. Thanks," said T.J. He next turned his communication link off.

"So what do we do until Alpha contacts us?" asked Ashley.

"We need to think of what we’ll do or ask if we find some good entity that can help us," said Zhane.

The synopsis of the remaining of the fic

T.J. proposed that they ask the entity to somehow provide the Space Rangers with extra weaponry or abilities to fight evil. The Rangers agree on this proposal and alert Alpha of their decision. They decide to go to bed for the night.

Andros arrives on the Dark Fortress and hides in an old supply closet. He decides to get some rest and plan in the morning.

Alpha awakens the Rangers with good news. He has found two good entities to assist them in their fight. The Rangers teleport from Angel Grove to the Astro Megaship.

The two good entities turn out to be Ninjor and Dimitria. They've come from hiding to help. Dimitria explains why she wasn't on Eltar with Phantom Ranger and Blue Centurion.

Dimitria presents Carlos, T.J., and Zhane with the remaining Battlizers. Black Ranger's main accessory is his Reflector Shield. Blue Ranger's primary weapons are the Blue Ammo Holders located on his left and right thighs. Silver Ranger's main ability is flight.

Since the Battlizers were only for the males, Ninjor created new abilities for the female Rangers. These abilities are similar to the ones the Ninja Rangers possessed but tie in with their Space Ranger power. Their weapons also receive an upgrade.

To be continued
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A Galactic Advance