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Previously on A Galactic Advance: Andros left to go to the Dark Fortress to try to revive the goodness in his sister. The remaining Rangers devised a plan to obtain an improved version of their current powers. Ninjor and Dimitria arrived to give the male Rangers new Battlizers and the females new Ranger abilities. Will this be good enough to keep Astronema at bay? Find out on A Galactic Advance next!

Can't Keep Us Down
by : Power Blue

Ninjor and Dimitria had given the Lightstar Rangers newfound Ranger abilities just recently. The female Rangers were very pleased with the new abilities Ninjor provided them with; the male Rangers were jumping with joy once they received their Battlizers that contained their new abilities. The Blue, Silver, Yellow, Pink, and Black Rangers met back at the bridge to discuss what they had received.

Cassie was the first to speak. "Guys, you won’t believe what kind of power we have now!"

"Yeah, it’s so awesome that I was almost speechless when I go it," Ashley added.

"Well, wait until you see us as Battlized Rangers," Carlos spoke.

"You know how Andros’s power as the Red Battlized Ranger is right?" asked T.J.

"Yeah?" the girls responded.

"Well, our power is like his but different and possibly better," said T.J.

"Zordon sure does score points in the creativity and originality departments when it comes to our Battlized powers," Zhane pointed out.

"Let’s see now," Ashley said.

"No Rangers, you must not," interrupted Dimitria and Ninjor. Dimitria continued, "Your newfound abilities combined with your Ranger power must be freshly used when combating the forces of evil tomorrow. It will be most affective then."

"Oh well, you girls will be in for a surprise tomorrow when you see us," said Carlos.

"The same here," Ashley replied.

T.J. spied the time on one of the consoles in the bridge. "You guys, it’s three o’clock!"

"Time just flies when you’re having fun," stated Zhane.

"Yeah, well I’m feeling pretty sleepy now," Cassie pointed out.

"Astronema’s probably going to arrive around nine. She’ll give us time to wake up and decide whether we’ll show ourselves," T.J. said.

"So we sleep now, awake at eight, eat about 8:20, and arrive in Angel Grove at about 8:40," said Ashley.

"You’ve got the entire morning schedule planned already," said Carlos with laughter in his voice.

"Alpha, Dimitria, Ninjor, will you alert us if anything develops while we sleep?" T.J. asked.

"Of course, T.J.," answered Alpha.

"Well, I’m ready for some sleep," Zhane said as he left the bridge heading towards his room. The other Rangers followed this same procedure as they headed towards their rooms for some good sleep.

* * *

*Bang! *

That was the first sound Andros heard of the morning.

"I hope that sound doesn’t mean today will go off with a bang," said Andros to himself. He began to arise from the shelf he had been sleeping on.

Andros glanced at his watch. It read 7:52. "Hmm, Karone must be preparing the Quantrons for this morning’s attack. Although I know my fellow Rangers will pull through, I need to get to Karone and stop her. I need to make a plan," said Andros as he grabbed a sheet of paper from the floor. Then he began to scribble ideas on how to stop his sister.

* * *

"Rangers, arise. It is eight o’clock," announced D.E.C.A.

The Power Rangers began to arise from their beds. Then, they began to perform their daily hygiene procedures. After this was done, they dressed in normal clothes and proceeded to the Glider Bay to eat.

"Well guys, today is the day," T.J. said as he sat down at the table.

"Yeah, the day we show Astronema what we’re made of!" voiced Carlos.

Suddenly, Ninjor, Dimitria, and Alpha walked into the room. They said their greetings, as did the Rangers.

Dimitria was the first to speak. "You must not get your hopes up, Rangers. Remember your goal, and fight diligently."

"Will you be accompanying us to Earth?" asked Ashley.

"No, we won’t," answered Ninjor. "We must keep our whereabouts a secret for now. You understand Rangers."

"Yes, we understand," T.J. replied.

"I meant to ask this question earlier, but where is the Red Ranger?" Dimitria inquired.

"He’s gone on a personal quest to stop Astronema," Zhane said quickly.

There was a silence for some time. T.J. eyed the clock in the room and noticed that it was time to go.

"Well guys, it’s 8:39. Almost time for us to be in Angel Grove," T.J. said.

"Yeah," said Cassie. Another thought came to her mind, and she began to voice it. "Alpha, will there be any way for Astronema not to detect that we’re teleporting to Earth? Because she already thinks we’re on Earth."

"No Cassie. I’ve asked D.E.C.A. to put a cloak over you while you teleport. The streaks of colored light that you represent while you teleport won’t be visible to the naked eye or any scanner when you teleport to Earth," said Alpha.

"Great. Well, good-bye Dimitria, Ninjor," said Carlos.

The remaining Rangers said their farewells as well.

"Keep in mind Rangers, this is not a good-bye..." said Dimitria.

Ninjor continued Dimitria’s statement. "But a hello. A greeting into the rise of power you will have over Astronema and all evil in this dilemma."

"And with this in mind," said Dimitria.

"May the power protect you," said Ninjor and Dimitria in unison.

"Thank you both," said Ashley.

"Ready guys?" T.J. asked his fellow Rangers.

The other Rangers nodded.

"Well, let’s teleport," said T.J. as all of the Rangers teleported away from the Megaship to Earth.

* * *

The Rangers were teleported behind a utility building close to where Astronema made her announcement the day before.

"All right guys, here’s the plan. Astronema’s going to ask us to show. We’ll lay low for about ten seconds, and then we’ll morph without her knowing. We’ll appear on the roof of the Angel Grove First National building to the immediate right of us. I know she’ll be shocked to see us then," T.J said.

"How are we going to attack?" asked Ashley.

"Here’s where my part of the plan comes in," said Zhane. "You and Cassie will attack first. You’ll fight normally; then you’ll use your new powers. We’ll let you two have some fun, and then we’ll step in to help. Agreed?" asked Zhane.

"Agreed," responded Cassie, Ashley, and Carlos for T.J. had previously agreed on this method of attack.

Suddenly, the Dark Fortress began to come into view.

"Astronema’s ready now. Wait on my signal to begin," T.J. said.

The Dark Fortress stopped in mid-air. Then two rays of light beamed from the Dark Fortress to the roof of the Angel Grove Law Associates building. The beam materialized into Astronema and Ecliptor.

Many of the citizens of Angel Grove either gathered around voluntarily or forcefully to see what Astronema had to say.

One frightened citizen made this statement quietly, "Wherever you are Power Rangers, please come to our aid."

Astronema then began to speak. "I gave you my demand yesterday. Now I want what I’ve asked for. Where are the Power Rangers?"

Silence was the only thing heard.

"The Rangers would rather save their lives than rescue yours. What a pity," said Astronema.

"The Rangers have never given up on us. In fact, I’m a Power Ranger," said one outspoken citizen.

Once the others noticed the woman’s audacity, they began to follow her lead by claiming they were Power Rangers.

"That’s our cue guys," said T.J. Him and the other Rangers hid behind the utility building. They checked to make sure no one was around.

"All right guys, Let’s Rocket!" said Zhane.

T.J., Ashley, Zhane, Cassie, and Carlos morphed as the Blue, Yellow, Silver, Pink, and Black Lightstar Rangers.

"Now we teleport to the top of Angel Grove First National, directly across from where Ecliptor and Astronema are," said Silver Ranger. The five Rangers teleported away.

"You humans are so foolish. You’ll pay for your ignorance," said Astronema. She began to raise her Wrath Staff at the people when something caught her attention.

Five beams of colored light majestically appeared on the Angel Grove First National building directly across from Astronema and Ecliptor. They materialized into the full costumed Power Rangers.

"Stop Astronema!" exclaimed Silver Ranger.

"For the Power Rangers are here!" stated Blue Ranger.

"And we’re here to stop you cold!" voiced Pink Ranger.

Cheers began to rise from the crowd below.

Bulk exclaimed from the crowd, "They’re here to save us!"

Astronema was somewhat angry by their sudden presence. "My army of Quantrons and Piranhatron will deal with you."

"We’ll see about that," said Black Ranger.

"That remains to be seen," said Ecliptor as he and Astronema teleported back to the Dark Fortress.

"Go according to plan," Blue Ranger reminded Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger.

The Pink and Yellow Rangers made a daring flip from the roof of Angel Grove First National to the streets below.

"Let’s go!" said Pink Ranger to Yellow Ranger.

As the two began to fight Astronema’s army, the Quantrons and Piranhatron began to surround them. The female Rangers were able to handle seven or eight at a time but the number continued to increase.

"Pink Ranger, I can’t handle anymore like this. Let’s use our new abilities," said Yellow Ranger as she ducked from a swing of a Quantron and punched it in the stomach. She then performed a roundhouse kick that sent it backwards.

"Right, but let’s use the weapons first," replied Pink Ranger.

"Star Slinger!" called Yellow Ranger.

"Satellite Stunner!" summoned Pink Ranger.

The weapons appeared in their hands.

"All right Pink Ranger. Let’s do a 180," said Yellow Ranger.

"Right!" agreed Pink Ranger.

The female Rangers stood side-by-side with Pink Ranger’s left shoulder touching Yellow Ranger’s right shoulder. They began to fire directly in front of them. Then Yellow Ranger continued to fire as she circled to her left as Pink Ranger continued to fire as she circled to her right. They touched each other's shoulders again after they circled 180 degrees. Many of the Quantrons and Piranhatron that were in the line of fire were either seriously hurt or destroyed. Although this was true, there were thousands more to encounter.

"Pink, they’re still coming," stated Yellow Ranger.

"Well, at least we didn’t do the 180 for nothing," replied Pink Ranger.

"Let’s show them our new abilities," said Yellow Ranger.

"Right! Satellite Stunner, Mega Stun mode!" chimed Pink Ranger.

"Star Slinger, Mega Light mode!" voiced Yellow Ranger.

Suddenly, a pink light surrounded the Satellite Stunner as a yellow light engulfed the Star Slinger. Once the lights disappeared, the modified versions of the Satellite Stunner and Star Slinger were now in Pink Ranger’s and Yellow Ranger’s hands.

Pink Ranger's modified form of her Satellite Stunner resembled her original Satellite Stunner except a long pole was attached to the back. Pink Ranger held her new weapon and aimed it towards a couple of Piranhatron.

"Freeze creeps!" exclaimed Pink Ranger as she fired her weapon. The waves of the blast encompassed at least twelve Piranhatron.

"Now that's what I call a freeze frame!" voiced Pink Ranger in laughter. Five other Piranhatron began to charge Pink Ranger, but she quickly unveiled her new sword, which was what the long pole was, and began to counterattack.

While this was going on, Yellow Ranger was having some fun herself. Although her modified weapon wasn’t' much of a difference from her original except for the disk on top, it still did the job.

About fifteen Quantrons began to run towards Yellow Ranger, but she was ready for them.

"Star Slinger, Star Ride fire!" voiced Yellow Ranger as the disk on top of her Star Slinger released. It began to emit blasts from itself as it circled the Quantrons. They were quickly brought to their knees.

By this time, more Piranhatron and Quantrons began to close in on the female Rangers.

"Why won't the guy Rangers help the girls?" asked a concerned citizen.

"Don't worry," replied another citizen. "They know what they're doing."

"It's time to show off," Yellow Ranger said as she made this remark to Pink Ranger.

"I agree. Satellite Duplication!" yelled Pink Ranger. She raised the modified version of her Satellite Stunner and aimed it at herself. The waves from the weapon began to take affect on the Ranger and duplicated her into five identical versions of herself.

The league of Piranhatron and Quantrons were shocked by what they had witnessed.

"Get ready to get your butts kicked!" yelled the five Pink Rangers as they began to attack.

"Now my turn. Star Speed!" shouted Yellow Ranger as a yellow light began to shine around her. Fifteen Quantrons stopped to see if what happened to Pink Ranger would also happen to Yellow Ranger. The yellow light disappeared. The Quantrons did not see any difference and assumed nothing happened to the Yellow Ranger. Boy, were they wrong.

To their surprise, Yellow Ranger began to run towards them. Suddenly, she burst into several balls of light. Those lights began to attack them, and they found themselves severely injured after that attack.

From the rooftop of Angel Grove First National, the male Rangers were shocked by what they were seeing.

"The girls weren't kidding when they were bragging about their new abilities," said Silver Ranger.

"Well, let's show them that we weren't kidding either," Black Ranger replied.

"Ready guys?" asked Blue Ranger.

"Ready," said Black Ranger.

"As I'll ever be," replied Silver Ranger.

"Battlizers!" called the male Rangers as their respective Battlizer appeared on their right wrist.

"3!" chimed the Battlizers as the guys pressed the third button.

"Ah!" screamed Blue, Silver, and Black Rangers as they changed into the Blue, Silver, and Black Battlized Rangers.

"Hyah!" shouted the male Rangers after the Battlized process was completed.

The mouths of Angel Grove citizens, Piranhatron and Quantrons (if they had mouths), and female Rangers were gaped in shock when they saw the Silver, Black, and Blue Rangers in Battlized uniform.

"It's amazing!" said an astonished citizen in the crowd.

"You creeps are through!" yelled Silver Ranger as he directed his comment towards the evil aliens.

A voice came out of nowhere and said, "Bring it on Rangers." It was discovered by Blue Ranger to be Elgar's voice.

"You've got bark Elgar, but see the size of our bite!" declared Blue Ranger.

"Let's go guys," said Silver Ranger.

The Blue and Black Battlized Rangers jumped off the roof of Angel Grove First National. They received several shocks of surprise from people as they thought that the two were going to crash into the earth below. The two Rangers reassured them by activating the Jet Boosters on their feet, which guided them to the ground below.

A couple of Quantrons and Piranhatron were timid to approach the Blue and Black Battlized Rangers, especially the Quantrons because their memory was still fresh of their first encounter with the Red Battlized Ranger. Despite of this, they continued to advance.

The Blue Battlized Ranger was ready for the thirty Piranhatron heading towards him.

"Hand extensions, battle mode!" cried Blue Battlized Ranger. The mechanic arms defended the Blue Battlized Ranger for awhile but that seemed to be insufficient.

"Time for a better defense. Chest blasts activate," said Blue Battlized Ranger as the five colored lights that represented the Rangers except Silver Ranger began to illuminate.

"Fire!" yelled Blue Battlized Ranger as the blasts hit five Piranhatron. He had already moved the hand extensions to his side.

This maneuver had startled the other Piranhatron not hit by the blast, but they proceeded to attack.

As they were running towards Blue Ranger, he already had another plan in mind.

"Blue Ammo Lasers load!" called Blue Battlized Ranger as the heavy machines located on the left and right sides of his waist began to rise and face forward on his sides.

"Lasers fire!" Blue Ranger said as the blasts were repeatedly fired at the remaining school of twenty Piranhatron.

At the same time, the Black Battlized Ranger was fighting about thirty Quantrons.

Black Battlized Ranger quickly stopped two Quantrons by launching his Spread spear traps and immobilizing them on the ground. The two weapons sent a high voltage shock through the Quantrons that kept them in shock for sometime. Although this was true, he still had some twenty-eight Quantrons to deal with.

"Missiles activate," called Black Battlized Ranger as he aimed the two missiles towards two groups of five Quantrons.

"Missiles launch!" said Black Battlized Ranger as the missiles hit the ground in front of the Quantrons. The missiles emitted a force upon impact that sent the Quantrons backwards.

The remaining Quantrons were angry that their fellow Quantrons were hurt. So they charged up their blades and fired at the Black Battlized Ranger's chest.

This was to no avail because the cover covering his chest acted as a reflector shield and sent the blasts directly back to the Quantrons in effect hurting them.

"Sorry guys. Today just, isn't your day, is it? Ha ha," mocked Black Battlized Ranger.

The remaining ten Quantrons that were also Velocifighters took to the air. They thought that they were clever, but Silver Battlized Ranger was on their tail.

As the Velocifighters took flight, Silver Battlized Ranger did the same.

"Jet Boosters activate!" called Silver Battlized Ranger as he was boosted far into the air.

Five of the Velocifighters noticed the lone Ranger in the air and began to fly towards him.

"You guys will pay for damaging the Mega Winger," stated Silver Battlized Ranger as he waited for the Velocifighters.

The five Velocifighters lined up and fired at the Silver Battlized Ranger's Wing Gliders to make him crash hardly with the earth below.

Sadly for them, their plan was not successful. The electrical charge from the laser blasts were absorbed by Silver Battlized Ranger's Wing Gliders was transmitted to his Silver Battle Blaster. Silver Battlized Ranger drew his Silver Battle Blaster ready to fire it.

"You guys made a big mistake when you decided to mess with me. Silver Battle Blaster fire!" voiced Silver Battlized Ranger as he fired two blasts at each Velocifighter. Explosions were heard from the ground below.

"Now where did the rest of the Velocifighters go?" asked Silver Battlized Ranger as he began to search for the remaining five Velocifighters.

Unknown to Silver Battlized Ranger, two Velocifighters were sneaking up behind him. Blue Battlized Ranger saw this threat and tried to warn him through his communicator.

"Silver Ranger watch out!" shouted Blue Battlized Ranger, but Silver Battlized Ranger could not hear him.

"It'll be too late to get his attention by other means. I'll do it myself," decided Blue Battlized Ranger. "Blue Ammo Missiles activate!"

The machines began to rise as the two missiles were loaded into their appropriate slots. "Missile guide systems online!" said Blue Battlized Ranger as the systems began to load up. Blue Battlized Ranger then said, "I've got only one shot, and it has to be good. We can't lose a Ranger. Blue Ammo Missiles fire!"

The missiles blasted from their point of origin and were separately guided to hit the two Velocifighters.

"Missile one…contact!" voiced Blue Battlized Ranger as one Velocifighter was destroyed. "Missile two head towards coordinate frame B2 aerial and contact!"

The Silver Battlized Ranger turned around to see two Velocifighters behind him being destroyed. He looked towards the ground to discover that Blue Battlized Ranger had destroyed them.

"Thanks Blue Ranger," said Silver Battlized Ranger through his communicator.

"No problem," responded Blue Battlized Ranger.

Silver Battlized Ranger quickly spotted the remaining three Velocifighters.

"Time to finish you off," said Silver Battlized Ranger as he drew his Silver Battle Blaster, which had a total of 75% of energy and fired at the Velocifighters. Only one was caught in the blaster's path as the other two maneuvered themselves out of the way.

"You two won't get away that easily. Silver Claw Grabber #1 guide systems activate," said Silver Battlized Ranger as the system loaded. "Launch!" called Silver Battlized Ranger as he guided the Silver Claw Grabber to attach itself to a Velocifighter. He commanded the other Claw Grabber to do the same.

"Silver Electric shock release!' called Silver Battlized Ranger. The two Velocifighters received high voltage electric shocks and were destroyed. The Silver Claw Grabbers returned to Silver Battlized Ranger.

Yellow and Pink Rangers and Blue and Black Battlized Rangers were finished with their fights and were in a row facing the few remaining Quantrons and Piranhatron. The Silver Battlized Ranger glided down to join them.

"Run on back to Astronema," said Pink Ranger.

"Unless you want more of us," added Silver Battlized Ranger.

"You won't have to worry about us Rainbow troopers," said Elgar as he showed up out of nowhere.

"Where have you been all this time Elgar?" asked Blue Battlized Ranger.

"Don't worry about that. Let's get outta here guys," said Elgar as him and the few remaining Quantrons and Piranhatron teleported away.

"Mega Stun mode, power down!" called Pink Ranger.

"Mega Light mode, power down," called Yellow Ranger.

"Battlized Ranger, power down," called Blue, Silver, and Black Rangers.

The Rangers demorphed into regular costume.

Cheers began to fill the air as the citizens of Angel Grove began to congratulate the Power Rangers. The Rangers humbly took their praise. Then they teleported to the Astro Megaship.

* * *
On the Dark Fortress, Astronema was furious.

"Those Rangers are going to get it now," stated Astronema.

"Astronema, the Rangers have depleted our Quantron resources by 3/5," stated Ecliptor.

"Ecliptor, I'm going to make an intercom announcement. Set it up," ordered Astronema.

Ecliptor handed her the microphone.

"Listen remaining Quantrons and Piranhatron. The Rangers have put a major dent in my plan for universal domination. They have the upper hand, but we will regain it. Listen for further details later," said Astronema as she ended her message.

In the secret room, Andros was pleased.

"Yes, the guys have done it. I'll still need to reach Karone though to stop her altogether," said Andros as he continued to plan.

Back in the main control room, Astronema was pacing.

"The Rangers are doing well. They are living up to their full potential. Evil will not win. Return to the side of good Karone," said Zordon.

"Listen here Zordon. I'm the Queen of Evil, and I plan to stay that way. Those Rangers of yours are going to be brought down, and I know just the way," Astronema said leaving her with the last word.