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Never Again
by: SilverZeo

She sat behind a dim computer screen. A quick glance at her communicator informed Katherine Hillard that it was already 4 in the morning. Outside the Power Chamber she could here the faint sounds of the early day's first sparrows, bluejays, and other assorting birds beginning their latest performance. She looked up once again and saw that Alpha 5, a fully-functional automaton, starting his awakening mode. This was her clue to get out. She hadn't left this place in 2 whole days. Zordon had told her that she really should go home and he wanted her in her own, pink bed by today.

Alpha came on-line. Kat quickly turned off the computer and walked over to a corner of the main room and tapped a button on her communicator ever so slightly and disappeared in a flash off fast-flowing pink particles. The Pink Zeo Ranger had left for home.

* * *
"I'm gonna spike this one on you," cried Rocky DeSantos from one side the Volleyball net.

"In your dreams Rocko!" This reply was sent back by his best friend in the whole world, Adam Park. Tanya Sloan served the ball over the net. In was then bumped by Jason Lee Scott and set by Kat and Rocky tried the spike. The attempt failed and Billy Cranston passed the ball off his palm to Tommy Oliver who gave the ball up to Adam who spiked the ball on Rocky.

As Rocky landed face first into the sand he replied, "That was cold, man." Rocky pulled himself off the ground. Once he had his footing he was greeted by the familiar sound of his strange watch making an even stranger noise. "Saved by the communicator." The group huddled together while Tommy flicked his communicator on.

"This is Tommy, Zordon. We read you."

"Rangers, King Mondo has launched another attack near the lake. Please morph and try to deal with it," boomed the voice of the ranger's mentor."

"You guys go on ahead, I want to take Jason back to the Power Chamber and run some tests on him to see if he is still at full control of the Gold Ranger power. It is very sporadic and could work against him," replyed Billy to his friends.

Tommy acknowledged,"You got it Billy. Guys, IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!"






The 5 Zeo Rangers reappeared on the shoreline. Citizens are being tortured by an army of Cogs and a strange looking monster. He appears to have been scraped of the bottom of the creation barrel. He's just a bunch of extra parts practically. The rangers almost fall over from laughter. A couple of kicks and punches followed by the Zeo Cannon end the "threat."

* * *
The 6 Zeo Rangers, their mentor, Alpha 5, and the ex-ranger and current rangers' friend, Billy gather in the Power Chamber. Zordon breaks an eerie silence and speaks. "Rangers, I fear that a greater presence than Mondo is heading this way."

Alpha responded in his usually worried matter, "Aye yi yi Zordon! What is it? Divatox? Astronema? Darconda? Dark Specter?"

"No Alpha. Rangers, it seems that a force is about to destroy all of Angel Grove. And I am unsure of what to do in this matter," replied the old sage. Behind the rangers appeared what seemed to be a same boy of only around 10 years. He was lying on a cot in the Power Chamber breathing very heavily. Zordon continued, "This is Erutan rangers. He is the keeper of nature. Don't let appearances decieve you. He is well over 10,000 years old."

"I don't mean to be rude Zordon, but what are you trying to get at?" That was the recognizable tone of one Jason Lee Scott.

"No need to apologize," stated Zordon, "Rangers, Erutan is ill. While caring for the Earth Mondo backlashed a large amount of raw power in his mind. This broke his thought control and also drained Mondo."

"That explains his weak attack," Kat said.

"Yes Katherine. But, Erutan lost control of the weather and now an earthquake is headed towards Angel Grove. It is so large that even Erutan can't stop it. We estimate it to bring total devastion to the city. And it should strike within the next 20 minutes."

The rangers stood frozen, the room was deadly quiet. All of the occupants had the same thought swimming thought their mind.

The rangers could easily deal with any monster threat or attack on the city from Mondo. But, how on Earth would they stop the raw, untamed power of nature?

And no one had an answer...

* * *

To Be Continued...
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