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by: SilverZeo

The Zeo Rangers sit in the Power Chamber, stunned by the latest turn of events. The largest known eathquake in the world was about to rock Angel Grove. In the prestages of it, Erutan, the Guardian of all natural events and occurances, is lying in the Power Chamber. He is soon to die.

The leader of the rangers tries to calm the team down. "Guys! We have to form a plan of evacuation. It's the only way to save the city," Tommy Oliver, the Red Zeo Ranger, told his team. "Billy," Tommy continued to the ranger's friend and former teammate, "Do you have any ideas on how to..."

The rangers' mentor inturuped the turmoil, "Tommy, other rangers, there are 2 options as to how to get all civilians to safety. The first," he belowed, "is to form evacuation parties at the 4 corners of the city and send Tommy and Jason to the center."

"I fear that that would take too long Zordon," Billy interjected.

"Yes the other, quicker, way may risk damage to the city."

"We'll have to take that risk," the Gold Ranger replied.

"Then," Zordon continued, "you must make your way to the town's main satellite and form a circle around it and use your Zeo Crystals to enpower the Gold Ranger and his staff in the center. He can infuse this power to channel a short message directly to the minds of everyone in the city."

"Sounds like a plan," Adam said.

"But rangers, the huge power main damage your bodies. And it may easily kill Jason."

"I'll take that risk if it means saving the city."

"Are you sure bro?" Tommy added, "I can do it for you probably. We'll all understand if..."

"No Tommy," Jason stated, "I'll do it. Now... IT'S MORPNIN' TIME!"







In a flash of light 6 energy beams teleported out of the Power Chamber leaving Billy Cranston, Alpha 5, and Zordon along to moniter the quake.

"Zordon, I'll try to find a way to increase the life expectancy of Erutan," Billy stated.

William Cranston was a man of many talents. As the Blue Ranger of old he was the only one to pick a color, stick with it, and never leave. He prided himself on things like that. He soon found himself helpless nowadays. Sure, he could still whip up potions and antidotes to help the rangers in their battles. But, whe he gave up the power to Tanya... it just didn't feel the same anymore to him, not to acually be a ranger, sticking his neck out on the line on a day to day basis.

Anyway, now Billy had more important matters at hand. And so did the Zeo Rangers...

* * *
...the rangers easily made their way to the center of town. Being as how it was close to the Juice Bar the rangers had passed by it almost everyday. But now was different. Jason quitely took his place near the dish and held out the Golden Power Staff, ready for the immense power about to flow through him. He gave the signal and the rangers did their duty.


Adam's crystal appeared in his hands. He let lose a green blast from the square end into the staff. Soon followed Tommy, Kat, Rocky, and finally, Tanya. The green, red, pink, blue, and yellow blasts broke the crisp air as they flowed through the staff. Now, Jason carried out his part.

"I call on the power of the zeo elements, circle, balance, triangle, square, and star. I beckon I send to a far. Let lose the power of gold to all to hear...GOLEN POWER STAFF, POWER BLAST!!! Json rumbles, "Say the message Tommy!"

Tommy acts quickly, trying to shorten the message, he sends a warning to the citizens of Angel Grove, "Citizens of Angel Grove, this it the Red Ranger, please evacuate the city. A large earthquake is heading this way. Please do so calmly--"

"That's it bro! I counldn't substain it any longer." With that, the Gold Ranger falls to the ground, exhausted. The Green Ranger instictively comes to his friend's aid. Before he could make contact a pulse of golden energy flashs and tears into Adam. He falls to the ground in pain next to Jason.

"Oh no. We better have Alpha teleport them to containment chambers until the pulse wears down," Kat said in desperation.

"You're right, Kat." Tommy turns on his communicator and relays the message to Billy who soon prepares 2 chambers. A green and black energy beam disappear into the air leaving only 4 rangers to tey to care for the panic stricken city. Tommy's watch goes off.

"This is Tommy. What ya need Wil?"

"I would like for one of you to aid me in the Power Chamber, I could use another pair of hands."

"Sure thing, Tanya will be right their."

The Yellow Zeo Ranger nods and disappears in a yellow flash.

"Rocky, Kat, we better get to work."

With that said the Red, Blue, and Pink Zeo Rangers try to take on the duty of traffic control for the panic stricken city.

* * *
Flashing forward about 2 hours, we now go to the Power Chamber. The Zeo Rangers have gotten as many people out of town as possible. Some were to stubborn to leave and decided to wait the earthquake out. Still others...

The earthquake of the millenium had struck. It struck Angel Grove, California. Hard. "A total desimation," reported all news stations across the globe. People of all different religions and races in all of the corners of the world prayed to the Gods for the lives of the town's citizens and, of course, the lives of the Power Rangers.

But, while most prayed, one woman reacted. Her name was Val Morgan. Fresh out of Angel Grove College. She decided to follow the rangers all over town once the quake strated. First of all, for her own safety, and 2nd, for a story. She was an inspired, soon-to-be, journalist. She always wanted the story. Before the rangers teleported away, she got one.

The red, blue, and pink Zeo Rangers were serveying the town. Paying extremely close attention to 3 homes. Val believed them to be the homes of those 3 rangers themselves. She crept closer, unnoticed until she made her only mistake. She broken gravel feel in front of her and she tripped on it. The Blue Ranger turned around. With a sigh, he helped her up.

"You shouldn't be here miss."

"Right, the most important event in all history, and I'll let you glory hogs have it all? I don't think so," she snapped. Val didn't appreciate help. She was independent.

The Pink Ranger spoke up. "Roc--Blue Ranger, I hate to interrupt but..."


The yell from the Red Ranger prompted the 3 to teleport out of the neighborhood, seeing how the team was at half strength. And they did. But Val wouldn't let that stop her. She grabbed the Blue Ranger before he could disappear.

* * *
Val woke up from her trance-like state in a "storybook" land as she would have called it.

"Take it all in calmly," she told herself. But that wasn't an option. In front of her floated a blue head. "Great, it's the Wizard of Oz," she half-joked to herself.

"Valerie Candice Morgan," the head boomed, "The Power Rangers Zeo are in a time of dire need. And that need is... you."