Disclaimer: This is the 4th in my 13 part series. Once again, thanks to all fore-mentioned. This is Saban's Power Rangers except for Val. Also, here's a recap. An earthquake has cut Angel Grove off from the rest of the world. Adam absorbed the Gold Power for good in an accident. Valerie Morgan has been chosen as the newest ranger, the Silver Ranger. Zack has returned to be the Green Ranger. Now, the Machine Empire looks to attack a damaged Angel Grove in hopes of getting rid of the Power Rangers...

by: SilverZeo

Zordon of Eltar, the mentor of the Power Ranger Zeo, spoke up to the newest compiled team of defenders of the planet Earth, "It is good to see the Zeo Legacy finally completed. But, now I speak to the 2 arriving rangers. Zachary, I know this was on short notice, but I believe you can handle the Green Powers."

Zack responded, "Strange how I'm replacing my replacement..."

"Don't worry man, "Tommy replied, "Adam will be back in no time. Now that he's the Gold Ranger."

Zordon proceeded, "And Valerie Morgan, this may be a lot to handle but your system will soon adjust to the powers. You will make an outstanding addition."

"Thank you Zordon...I just hope we won't have to go into action anytime soon."

* * *
There is a dark side to the moon. This has been stated by myth, but it really true, even though most humans that gaze at it don't know that. It used to be inhabited by Rita Repulsa, a sorceress that desperately tried to destroy the Power Rangers. Then Lord Zedd made an attempt, but to no avail. And now, the Machine Empire resides in this location. Their armies of robotic warriors, know as Cogs, demolished Zedd's castle and set up the new base.

We now gaze inside the thrown room where King Mondo and his wife, Queen Machina, have been witnessing Angel Grove's recent troubles...

"Dear, it seems as though Angel Grove is in shambles! Without outside forces, only the Power Rangers stand in our way. Even with a Silver Ranger they are at a strategical disadvantage," the queen stated.

"How so?"

She continued, "Think about it, the Silver Ranger is a novice and the Blue and Red Rangers will surely be in emotional distress seeing as what has happened to Jason Lee Scott and Adam."

"But Adam has gained the Golden Powers!"

"Still... I am correct."

"Well, yes, they will be at a disadvantage. But how will I be able to turn their disadvantage into my advantage?"

"Divide and conquer. If we can get the Gold, Silver and Red Rangers away from the rest and beat them in their weakened states, then the others will fall easily."

At that moment Prince Sprocket walked in on the conversation. "Mom! Dad! I know how we can divide then even more!"

"How so son?"

"You see, dad, I've been monitoring the ranger's individually for some time and it seems that the Pink one just broke up with the Red Ranger and she fells more and more like a replacement for the first Pink Ranger. I think her name was Kimberly Hart."

"Aaahhhh..... this gives me an idea. It will take some time. But for now. Send down as many Cogs as we can get. And spread them out in different locations."

After the acknowledgement, Mondo left the room to prepare for his next plan...

* * *
The familiar sound of alarms blaring sent Billy Cranston, Tommy Oliver, Katherine Hilliard, Tanya Sloan, Rocky DeSantos, and the newly revived, Adam Park's heads spinning toward the view screen. On the other hand, it sent Valerie Morgan jumping and scared until she realized what it meant.

"Zordon, what's the problem?"

"Tommy, as I feared, Angel Grove's crisis has made Mondo redouble his efforts to bring on total destruction. He has sent down 4 large groups of Cogs down near the city's Monster Shelters where most citizens are penned up."

Tommy quickly took charge, "Alright, we need teams. How about, Tanya and Rocky. Val and Adam. Kat and Zack. I'll go alone."

A complete, "Alright," was said by everyone giving Tommy the signal to say those most famous words, "It's Morphin' Time!"








* * *
Tommy cautiously walked down what most citizens had pegged as, "Monster Lane." This was the main pathway of Angel Grove Park where most monsters had appeared since the attacks began 5 years ago. Ironically, not much damage had been done to it during the quake.

No sooner than that thought crossed the Red Ranger's mind that he scolded himself. At least 50 or so Cogs appeared in front of him.

"Destroy...Red Ranger," the digital words spewed forth from the metal being so-called, mouth.

"I won't mess with me right now. My city was just destroyed."

The words were meaningless to the droids as the charged the ranger.

* * *
The Gold and Silver Rangers actually had time to make it to the shelter near Ernie's Juice Bar before they were swarmed by robots.

"Golden Power Staff!"

"Silver Shriekens!

The 2 rangers called on their weapons. A few brave souls looked through windows to see gold streams of energy blasting apart a few of the machines along with a few silver flashes going through the air resulting in small, glittering throwing stars embedding themselves in the Cogs' arms, legs, and sometimes heads.

"Keep it up Adam!

"Easier said then done, new girl! You weren't just cold-cocked by gold powers that decided to set themselves up in your body forever and ever! I wonder what my parents would say..."

"They would say, 'Live with it.' Now shut up and keep fighting. And call me Val!"

"Alright. Hey, this is fun--Val."

"Har har."

* * *
"Isn't the theme of , 'Mission Im--."

"Don't even say it Rocky. Just don't."

The Blue and Yellow Rangers were in the business district of Angel Grove. Or at least what was left of it. Soon after their arrival the welcoming committee was sent in. Amazing, the Cog army was relatively small for them and now they crept closer and closer towards this area's monster shelter.


They cocked their heads around and saw a portal open up. They expected to see some Cogs. But that wasn't at all what they had found. The newly appointed Green Zeo Ranger fell out.

"Zack! What happened man?"

The former Black Mastadon Ranger gasped for breath.

Rocky asked him again, "Where's Katherine? Who did this?"

Zack replyed, "Kimberly."