Disclaimer: Once again, this is Saban's (that penny pinching...) but it's my story, so there. Thanks again to twotrprrpg. Any who on with part 3 of my epic story.

by: SilverZeo

The Gold Ranger. That was one of the few phrases Adam heard. He was in deep shock. The latest events raced through his. The Angel Grove earthquake... Erutan's dying... Jason's sacrifice... Now he's in a coma...

"So Adam absorbed the Golden Powers from Jason when they make contact Zordon?" Billy Cranston, the former Blue Mighty Morphing Power Ranger made his inquiry to the rangers' mentor.

"This is correct Billy. After Adam wakes up he will be able to fully control the power of the mighty Gold Ranger," Zordon boomed.

* * *
"And now I lay here, I can't get up and tell the guys that I'm okay," Adam thought to himself. To the outside world he was in deep stasis, nut to himself he was okay. He just couldn't move!
* * *
"Hey! Anyone remember me? Cute girl that wants to know what the heck she is doing here?" Val Morgan had a temper. This was as clear as day. She had been trying to get near the rangers in there attempt to help evacuate the city and now, as an act of God would have it, she's in the rangers' Power Chamber.

Tommy Oliver, the Red Zeo Ranger approached her. "Well... we need another candidate here before we can proceed. So just sit back and wait."

"Candidate? Sit back and wait? How can I do that? What do you mean by candidate?"

The Yellow and Pink Rangers, otherwise known as Tanya Sloan and Katherine Hilliard, walked up to comfort the distraught woman. Tanya talked to her soothingly, "Just calm down Valerie. "

* * *
After that comment was made, Val decided that a good cool down would be the only thing to keep her sain. So she did what any good journalist would do, snoop. Making her way to the main enterence of the Power Chamber, she spied a small room. Investigating further she read the small print on the door:




"Erutan? Curiouser and curiouser..."

The door creaked open. "It's a small boy!" Indeed it was, a young boy, with sandy blond hair and deep blue eyes was laying on a bed. But, no tubes or any life-support equipment was on him. This enraged Val. She promptly made her way back to the conference area of the massive palace...

* * *
"What the hell do you people think you are doing? You are just throwing a little boy down in a room and hoping that he gets bet--"

Val's speak was quickly kept under wraps by Tommy who slapped his hand over her mouth.

"Just calm down. He's not a boy. His name is Erutan. He IS nature. There is nothing that conventional medicine can do for him. Now, our other candidate got here just a moment ago. Shall we begin?"

"Begin what?"

Zordon boomed, "Adam is now the Gold Ranger, now and forever due to the massive overload of the Golden Powers. While a complete scan of the powers was being run by Billy and Alpha, they discovered something...extraordinary."

"What?" Rocky had a tendency to blurt out his speak.

The mentor continued, "The center of the Golden Power Staff shielded something I thought long since destroyed. It is the Silver Zeo Shard. It can create the last link to the Zeo Saga."

"Once again, I must ask, what does this have to do with me?" Val still seemed a bit edgy about this whole ordeal.

"You, Valerie Morgan, are to become the Silver Zeo Ranger, with the Power of Time," Zordon answered.

The silver shard appeared overhead and connected with the green, red, pink, blue, and yellow shards to form the entire Zeo Crystal. A silver light shown through it. The light shot out and engulfed Val. After it disipated, the Silver Ranger stod in it's place.


That was Val's understatment. Her suit was exactly like that of either the yellow or pink rangers', except her visor was in the shape of and hourglass.

"And now, seeing as how Jason is in no condition to fight due to his noble sacrifice, the Green Ranger Powers must be passed on."

"To who?"

All of the rangers said that at the same time, wondering who it could be. They quickly found out.

"To me."

Everyone turned around to see a familiar face to some.

Tommy and Billy smiled with their reply, "Zack."