Disclaimer: Al of the rangers belong to that money grabbing, fat cat, Saban. This is not part of my "Never Again," series. I decided to do a few stand alones before I got back to the series. This takes place in normal ZEO time. It's after Jason losses the Gold Ranger Powers. It's an alternate universe than the one we know of. Enjoy!

Mysterious Ends
by: SilverZeo

"A Power Ranger has been brutally murdered here people," Detective Nathan Oliver said sternly to his crew. For years now he has been the chief of police for Angel Grove. It hadn't been the most rewarding job. The Power Rangers had stolen most of the spotlight for the past 4 years of his career. But, when those 4 years started he was blessed with his newly adopted son, Tommy.


That was the only thought that popped into his head. He hadn't sceen Tommy for the last few days. But he drowned on to his team. As he took another sip of his coffee he went over in his minds the tale of the past few days that was quoted to him by the Green Ranger...

* * *
The 6 rangers were in the heat of a battle with the latest mechanical monster manufactured by the Machine Empire. Pink and Yellow Ranger approached the elephant, Tuskernator his name was, and they slashed at him with there swords to no avail. He throw them back towards the other rangers like they were 2 sacks of potatoes.

The Red Ranger flew at Tuskernator with all his force. The 2 flew through the air and landed hard on the ground. This had given the Gold Ranger enough time to start his Gold Rush move...

* * *
Rocky DeSantos sat on his bed going over the events of 2 days ago. One of his teammates had been killed in battle. He remembered how it had all ended. He and Adam had held the frozen body as they teleported to the police station. No one noticed that the rangers bringing the body in were missing one member. Adam had stayed behind to give them the story of how the victim had died trying to help the rangers. But it truth the fallen had been a ranger...
* * *
Trey of Triforia had been crying his eyes out for the past hour. He sat in one of the rooms in the living quarters of the massive zord known as Pyramidus. Sure, he hadn't been as close to his teammate as the others. But the connection was still there.

The day started with the rangers all teleporting to the Power Chamber for their latest battle.

"And it was their last battle," Trey whispered to no one.

He cursed to himself. Why didn't he say something. Why? He could tell before the battle that his dead friend was sick that day.....

She was very sick.

* * *
Tommy Oliver had locked himself in his area of the rangers' bedroom in the depths of the Power Chamber.

She's gone.

Those were the only 2 words going on in his head.

She's gone.

No matter how many times that went through his mind he still wouldn't believe it.

She's gone.

He felt pain in his mind ever since. He knew he had a split personality. He never told anyone. He named each part of his mind to keep track. First there was Thomas. That was his evil side. He dressed in green with medium length hair that curled in the back.

Then there was the noble, unbeatable Tom. The man in white had long, strait hair. He always wished he could always hold onto this personality, but he couldn't.

Finally, the side of him that was presente now. Not evil. Not entirely good. The perfect balance. The red dressed Tommy. A ponytail always completed the outfit.

She's gone.

But, deep inside him, due to his resent grief..... Thomas wanted out.

* * *
She sat on her bed in a deep drance. Her best friend was killed in a battle after Tommy and Trey almost destroyed that horrible moster.


Her friend went to go check the remain of the moster. He was to quick for her. A quick take town left her paralyzed with fear. Then he pulled out a blade. It was a deadly black samuria sword. But it was strange to see a sword in the hands of a robo-elephant. But he used it.

And now she was dead.

The girl wept. She would never be able to talk to her best friend.


* * *
It had been 4 days since Tanya met her end at the hand's of Mondo's monster. The funeral services were today. It had been a very nice ceremony. Everyone had shown up. Jason, Billy, Kat, Rocky, Tommy, and Adam were there early to pay there last respects.

At 9:00 Tommy stepped forward...

"Tanya," he started, "I know I didn't know you very long. Heck, at the start, I kinda resented you. I was mad that you were a rookie ranger when my best buddy, Billy could've been a Zeo Ranger. I ignored you. I just hope that you can forgive me..."

He trailed off in his speech and started to slowly walk away.

* * *
Rocky noticed the clock.

"20 after 9," he whispered to himself. He approached the coffin unstedilly after seeing Tommy. Soon he compossed himself and started to talk.

"Tanya. I don't know what to say. I felt that when you showed up you were here only to fill the void that Aisha left when she sent you back in her place. She was my best friend. Then you started going out with my bud, Adam. Eventually I learned to live with it and even like you as a friend. But, I can't help but wonder if we buried the hatchet to late."

Rocky felt a hand on his sholder. He turned around cautiously.

"You weren't to late Rocky."

Rocky turned around cautiously.

"Aisha. What are you doing here?"

"Paying my last respects. And...I'm here to stay. If you'll take me back I'm going to do what I should have done and been here for you and Tanya."

With that the 2 bowed their heads and walked off...

* * *
At 9:30 Jason and Kat made their way to Tanya. In the past few months they had become a couple. Katherine and Tommy had finally admitted to each other that their romance was a fraud. Jason had hooked up with her not to long later and Kat was finally happy.

Kat began.

"Tanya. You were my best friend. And now you're gone. Just so you know...you were right. The whole time you thought JAson was right for me. And now you've proven yourself right."

The 2 managed a smile. Then Jason put his arms around Kat as she started to cry. They walked away, both, finally happy...

* * *
Billy had finally mustered up enough courage to go over to Tanya at a quarter to 10.

"Well Tanya. I messed up. If I hadn't been a coward and taken the Yellow Shard from you you could have had a normal life and I would have died for you. I'm so stupid..."

"Don't say that Billy."

"Who said that?"

"It was me silly!"


"Yes Billy! Now stop beating yourself up. If it wasn't for you and your inventions the whole team would have died a long time ago. Now buck up! And boy, go find yourself a girl."

"Yes ma'am," Billy chuckled to himself.

"And Billy. Adam's gonna need a friend like you."

"Understood. And Tanya..."


"Goodbye. We'll meet again."

"Count on it."

* * *
Finally at a minute after 10 Adam approached the coffin.

"Tanya. Why did you have to leave me? Life was so perfect and then you left... I don't have anyone."

"You have your friends Adam."

Rocky layed a hand on his shoulder.

"And we'll always be there for you."

Aisha took his other shoulder. Then Jason Lee Scott, Billy Cranston, Katherine Hilliard, and Tommy Oliver followed behind Adam.

"Thanks guys. And Tanya, don't wait up. I'll see you again real soon...

I'm looking forward to it Adam..."