Disclaimer: All hail the cheap ones! All hail the great Saban! This is a Lost Galaxy fic that is owned me and not him. Only the Magna Defender is his to splice! This takes place before the Defender bit the bullet of course.

Green Memories
by: SilverZeo

"So many memories. Zealh. My old team. They were nowhere near as reckless as this new bunch," he whispers.

The Magna Defender sat down in his cave. He looked over at the motionless body of the one that had landed down here not to long ago. He had kept asking himself if he should go and possess the body. He could get out of this hell he had been trapped in.

"No, I can't...can I?"

He remembers when he was only 18. Thinks were easier 10,000 years ago. He let out a sigh and was lost in his memory...

* * *
He stood in the room on Jinntrac. His mentor looked in his face along with his 5 friends. There was Chytha, the Pink Ranger. A good friend to him.

And then there was his best friend, the Black Ranger. Draxfi. They always hung out together with the leader of the team. The stuck up kid that none of the team liked. Sometimes Hensha wondered why he was picked by Zordon.

"We only hang out with him because we are so damn nice," Hensha said to himself.

He really hated Walb. Then he saw the Blue Ranger. Kilas was his friend and confident. He could always count on him. And last but not least was Vencine, his girlfriend. As the Yellow Ranger they always worked together against Rita with their daggers.

"Chytha, Vencine, Kilas, Draxfi, Walb, Hensha, we have grave problems," Zordon said to his team. Hensha's head snapped up.

"What's wrong Zordon?"

"It seems that Lokar has been released."

"And what does that mean?"

"That means that on this planet where his powers have originated he might possibly be able to destroy your zords even with Titanus," the mentor somberly continued.

Walb quickly talked, "Then we will be careful. Let's morph!"







* * *
The 6 rangers arrived in a wasted area of town. No good hand ever come out of here and no good probably would come from here. Lokar appeared above them in full form. He was blue with thousands of deadly spikes sticking out of him.

The rangers wasted no time in calling out all of their zords. Lokar predicted this and before they could start to form together he started to attack the Mastadon.

Draxfi screamed in pain and he was brought down and out of his zord. The Mastadon's head was ripped off and the limbs were dismembered. Below on the ground Goldar and some Putty Patrollers were beating on Draxfli. His helmet was cracked and open, bleeding cuts were all over his body.

Vencine and Kilas attacked next out of rage and were also thrown to the ground to get beaten while the pink and blue zords were destroyed.

Before you could blink the same happened to the great leader, Walb.

This left Hensha and Chytha to content with Lokar with no help from Titanus who met with the same end.

Chytha cried through her radio to Hensha,"They're gone! That bastard Goldar just killed them! I just saw him kill them all."

Hensha ground his teeth, "Damn! Then it's up to us to save the planet!"

After some amazing laser fire Hensha cocked his head and saw a terrible sight. Lokar stepped on the Saber-toothed Tiger zord causing it to explode in flame. he couldn't hear his dying girlfriends muffled cries.


He screamed this as the Dragonzord plowed headlong into Lokar, exploding and destroying the body of the mutant, thus freeing the planet.

This caused a backlash in the mental control of Rita to Lokar. A giant flash followed. In a last ditch effort Rita cast a spell that left Lokar and Zordon in the same end. They both are but floating heads now that are stuck in mental plains.

Also, Rita took the green coin from the Dragonzord's remains before Zordon sent her into the dumpster.

This is how it ends.....

* * *
Back in the cave on current day the Magna Defender made his decision. It a flash of light he absorbed the one called Mike and was free to leave the cave. In one single jump he appeared on the mountain. He let out a sigh and walked away. He was filled with rage but he still managed a few words.

"Did I make a mistake?"