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Rebirths and Mecha Power
by: SilverZeo

"Kim? What are you nuts?"

Rocky and Tanya couldn't believe their ears. They tryed to help up theie comrade. But right behind then they heard the all to familiar sound of approaching Cogs.

Tanya groaned, "Not now..."

* * *
Deep in the Power Chamber Billy Cranston has just finished his on the half hour observations of his 2 patients.

Jason Lee Scott was actually not that bad. He was up and around. But the power drain in his sacrafice left him dying. Ebbing out of him was not his power but his life force.

Jason got up and walked over to his roomate. Erutan looked like a normal boy. But Jason knew better. This kid was an all omnipitent force. And that's what scared him the most.

Omnipitence being reduced to a dying carcass.

* * *
Adam Park and Val Morgan were still deep in the heart of a lossing battle. Even with the combined power of the legendary Gold and Silver Rangers, with the odds stacked against the Cogs in reality the rangers had one problem. Inexperience. Adam was adjusted the the Green Zeo Powers, not Gold and Val had never ever been a ranger. Then things went from bad to worse.

"Damn! I don't think we can keep this up much longer Val!"

Tell me about it."

Then from behind they hear the familiar sound of a machine portal. They turn around to see an impossible sight. A tall, skinny figure in total black leather was standing there with Zack, Tanya, and Rocky, bloody and in her hands. The figure was an evil looking Kimberly Ann Hart that apparently snuck up behind the 3 and attacked.

Adam was in shock, "Kim? Why? TANYA!!!"

He lunged at his friend in anger and was greated with a lightning fast kick to the face.

"Damn it! How is she so fast with out powers?"

Val on the otherhand, during these events was rather confused. She didn't know the ranger history but she believed that this Kimberly used to be a ranger and now for some reason she was bad. And her 3 bloody teammates was enough prove for her. So she took action.


Val charged up. Her visor turned crimson. The blood red shot fired from her visor at the former ranger... who promptly dodged it.

Val said in shock, "She's...faster that the speed of light!"

"You got that right bitch!"

With her great speed Kim shot forward and continuously punched and slammed the newbie ranger. Adam got more enfuriated. He was about to attack when his communicator made that all to familiar tone.

"This is Adam."

Zordon boomed to his "son", "Adam, get the others and return please. Tommy is already here."

Kim could hear this and she started to laugh.

"Oh yes. Please take these pieces of trash."

She motioned to the Blue, Green, Yellow, and Pink Rangers.

"But next time just send Tommy. I want a one on one match with him."

With that she disappeared in a black smog leaving Adam to gather up his team.

* * *
Jason Lee Scott had managed to get out of bed once again after a nap. He moved over to Erutan's bedside.

"Hey! How are you buddy?"

The figure of Erutan surprisingly turned his head ever so slightly and looked at Jason and spoke.

"I'm...as well... as can be... expected... Jason... Lee... Scott..."

"Well, that's good to hear bud."

"Yes. But, can... you do... me... a favor...?"

"If I can man. I'm not in much better shape then you man. But I'll give it my best shot."

Erutan motioned the former Red and Gold Ranger closer.

"Please... GIVE ME YOUR BODY!!!"

Erutan eyes changed to green and he lashed out at Jason. A quick grab with has hand and he had Jason around the neck. He cackled as a white flash engulfed the room. The smoke cleared and there stood was resembled a Power Ranger.

The suit seemed to belong to that of the late, lamented White Tiger Ranger. But the colors were entirely different. The black shield area was now represented by white while the gold became black and the entire suit's white was blood red. The character's helmet did not show the familiar tiger that was once a symbol of the Red Zeo Ranger. Instead it was the face of Dragon shinned off the helmet. It wasn't like that of the original Green Ranger of the 2nd Red Ranger Zord.

It was far more sinister that ever imaginable.

* * *
"I am going to rip that cool mechanical heart right out of Mondo's chest!"

Tommy Oliver was, obviously, in a fit of rage. He had just returned with the other rangers after trying to protect what was left of Angel Grove. Only a few hundred people were estimated to still be in the town. Most evacuated and a few were casualities. Now the leader of the Power Rangers had to vent.

"How dare he take Kim and use her against us!"

The rest of the team looked on as Tommy's face became dark red and he screamed. Adam tryed to get a word in but as he tried the all to familiar ranger alarm went off.

"What is it now Zordon?!," Tommy belowed.

"Calm down Thomas," Zordon said. "It seems that Mondo decided to use our disadvantage against us. He recently finshed his cybronium project. I had believed that it was impossible."

"What is a cybronium project?"

Zordon answered Katherine, "Is is a refining project to his robotic technology. It is much like his metal shielding that he used went Jason became the Gold Ranger... but much more powerful. Even the Zeo Ultrazord couldn't take that punishment."

The room fell silent until a flame was ignited in Val's mind. It told her to speak. So she did.

"Zordon. The Silver Powers that flow throw me have spoken to me. My staff is the link to the legendary Zeo Ultra Mechas."

"Then we have a chance Valerie. Please, step outside and call out the powers."

She nodded and the 7 rangers morphed and walked outside.

* * *
The rangers gasped in awe. The zords were humongous. Each was jet black with the signs of each ranger. Stripes of each color helped identify them. They were each about twice the sixe of a Super Zeo Zord. They were humanoid in form and each carried a large sword. The Pink and Yellow Zords had their zords over their left should. Gold and Reds' were on their right. Blue and Green had theirs' to the right on their waists and Silver's was at her left waist side. And now Val started to announce the zords to their owners.

"Katherine Hilliard, as the Pink Zeo Ranger you will control the Pink Wind Stinger Mecha. Tanya Sloan, the Yellow Zeo Ranger, you lead the Yellow, Lightning Crasher Mecha into battle. The Blue Zeo Ranger, Rocky DeSantos will command the powerful Blue Water Blaster Mecha. The Green Earth Hunter Mecha will belong to Zack Taylor, the Green Zeo Ranger. Red Fire Blazer Mecha is yours Tommy Oliver as Red Zeo Ranger. Gold Zeo Ranger, Adam Park, you will be in control of the almighty Gold Thunder Striker Mecha. Finally, Val Morgan,as the Silver Zeo Ranger, I will lead us into battle in the zord department with the Silver Elemental Mecha."

"Alright," said Adam, "We have no time to move. Let's go."

With that the 7 teens jumped into the cockpits of their new Mechas and took of in multi-colored rocket bursts.