Disclaimer: Yes, I know that last episode, I promised that you would learn the identity of the attacker taunting the Sailor Scouts, and you will, but as to who is victorious, "I don't think so! HAH" You will just have to "Tune IN NEXT Week!" ;) I can give you a hint, in this crosover, the Sailor Scouts will get help. This episode describes where that help is coming from and how it gets there. BTW all Dragon Ball characters are property of DIC just like Sailor Moon characters. This fiction is written purely for entertainment, and I am receiving neither fame nor fortune from its production. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, on with the show.

When Sailor Meets Dragon
Chapter 3 "The Next Dimension"
By Jorge Carreras

It is a dark and smelly place that the "Invincible One" finally finds Queen Beryl. DBZ fans call this the "next dimension" where bad guys go when they get blasted. Several Seyins can be seen. The Ginyu force, Doddorian, Zarbon, Freiza and several other bad guys that had the extreme displeasure of crossing paths with the DBZ team. Remember, unlike the rest of the Negaverse villains, Queen Beryl, was NOT turned into moon dust by Sailor Moon's wand, or killed in the normal manner. She was blasted by a HUGE pink ball summoned by the full power of the Silver Imperium Crystal which is not surprisingly VERY similar to what happens when one of the DBZ team sends a villain to "the next dimension."

"My queen, It has been too long" says the shadowy being known as "the invincible one." "Yes, it has." Queen Beryl says matter-of-factly. "I am glad to see you, but we seem to be at a tactical disadvantage. Otherwise, you would have brought me the head of the Sailor Scouts, especially that brat, Sailor Moon, Moon Princes, or whatever she chooses to call herself!" Beryl-Metallica's eyes glow red. "My queen! I was not defeated, I just came to hear your orders as soon as I escaped from the crystal" Beryl: "Then perhaps you may yet be of use to me." Freiza: "To us perhaps."

Beryl's head snaps around so fast, it might snap off. "And who are YOU?" Freiza:" I'm Freiza, my dear, and I know of a way we can both get out of here and wreck vengeance on those who sent us here." Beryl smirks in interest "You have my attention, Freiza, tell me more." Freiza chuckles and says "Oh really, my dear, and what pray tell is in it for me?"

Beryl: "You said it yourself, we can escape and bring vengeance on those who sent us here."

Freiza: "Agreed, there is an item that can restore us to our former existence, they are called Dragon balls."

Beryl: "Dragon balls? What a peculiar name? Why are they called that?"

Li: "Because of us."

Suddenly a huge Green Dragon appears. He lashes his tail in agitation. "I am Li, the first evil incarnation of the Eternal Dragon after which the balls are named. The dragon balls allow the wielder to beseech a wish. When humans got too many 'selfish, evil' wishes, I and 6 more of my kind were formed. This is due to the fact that there are 7 dragon balls in total."

Frieza: "And you need all 7 to get your wish. A wish like, get me out of here, and back to the real world."

Beryl: "I see. So where are they now."

Li: "Scattered. When I was defeated, and sent here, the Eternal Dragon de-powered the balls and scattered them."

Beryl: "Well then! Invincible one, I have a mission for you. Seek out these 'Dragon Balls' and bring them to me."

Li: "That will NOT be easy, they are not only scattered, but look, act, and read just like ordinary stones. they cannot be detected until they are active again, and the Eternal Dragon made sure that won't be for 100 years!"

Beryl: "Oh that won't be a problem. Invincible one, I now name you 'Dark seeker' Now Frieza, if you will allow me..."

Frieza: "Allow what?"

Suddenly, images form from Frieza's mind, Goku, Krillin, Gohan, Picollo, Yamcha, and the rest of the DBZ team emerge. Including Vegita.

"Invincible one, Go seek them out, drain their energy, subtly. When I have enough, I will give you the ability to get these 'dragon balls.'" Li says, "The one called 'Goku' is with the Eternal Dragon and is protected from all forms of intrusion, and the green one named, 'Picollo' is here in this dimension. The rest are available to you."

Freiza:"There are others who know about the Dragon balls. One in particular is a rather annoying purple haired woman named, Buulma!"

Beryl:"Dark Seeker, If you find her, you have my permission to possess her, learn all you can about these 'Dragon Balls' and then destroy her." (I know that Buulma is Trunk's mom, and Trunks is the one who sent Frieza to the next dimension, but Beryl doesn't and neither does Buulma BTW ;} )

Li: "A wise strategy. I wish you luck, for all our sakes."