Author's Note: Here the "Invincible One" emerges on Earth in the Dragon Ball timeline. His mission is clear, he is to either drain enough energy for Beryl to make a device so he can gather the Dragon Balls, or possess person(s) who have knowledge about the Dragon Balls to aid him in finding them.

When Sailor Meets Dragon
Chapter 4
By Jorge Carreras

The price for failure is also well known, permanent death at Beryl's hands. An involuntary shudder escapes him at the thought. Hiding in the shadows, he waits for his first victim. Why it's none other than Buulma's father Dr. Willow. The youma jumps into Willow's shadow as he passes and follows him home, draining energy as he goes. Willow no sooner reaches his house than he collapses. Buulma runs up to him, "Father what's wrong?! Have you been tinkering all night at the workshop again?" Willow:"No my dear, Buulma, I was just out for a walk and suddenly started feeling weak Now I have no strength at all."

Buulma! At the sound of the name, the youma immediately realizes that this is the woman he seeks. To possess her openly with witnesses about would be extremely hazardous. Dark Seeker has no idea what threat to himself the locals might be so he patiently waits until Dr. Willow is escorted by his attractive yet volatile daughter into bed then finishes draining Dr. Willow into a coma. "DADY! Don't die on me!" Suddenly the youma seizes his moment and Buulma sees the shadow come to life and starts Screaming Bloody murder! She tries to run, but the youma is much too swift and seizes her. Her eyes go black and cloud over. She belongs to the Dark Seeker now. Kryllin and Gohan are the first to arrive, followed shortly by Vegita who wants to complain about Buulma interrupting his sparring with yet another screech "probably just saw a spider" he thinks. When Gohan, and Kryllin show up, Buulma says, "Something's wrong with my father, he's not moving!" Kryllin then says "Are you sure, he often works too hard and sleeps in." The demon realizing her temper says through her "DON'T BE AN IDIOT, MARBLE HEAD! CAN'T YOU SEE SOMETHING IS WRONG?!" Considering Buulma's violent temper, Kryllin and Gohan suspect nothing, but Vegita as a full Seyin detects something is not quite right here. He tries to read Buulma's Power level, but Dark Seeker blocks him, which only makes Vegita even more suspicious.

Vegita is far too arrogant, and self-serving to tell the others, but he decides to watch Buulma very carefully from this moment on. When the ambulance arrives and takes Dr. Willow to the hospital, Gohan and Kryllin both being kind and gentle ask "Is there anything we can do, Buulma?" Possesed Buulma:"I wish to be alone, leave me." Vegita (with a smirk) : "Are you sure?" Buulma:"Yes, NOW GET OUT OF HERE, and Leave ME ALONE!" Gohan and Kryllin are a bit surprised by Vegita's unprecedented concern for someone other than himself. Vegita of course picked up on Dark Seekers power level during that outburst because he had to subdue Buulma and keep her from crying out for help. Realizing he can't take on the monster alone, Vegita decides to play along. "Alright, we'll go, but we'll be nearby if you need us." Once outside, Vegita says, "Keep watch over her, she may hurt herself." All the while thinking "I sensed a powerful prescence there, yet I saw noone, something has possesed Buulma, and I can't fight it, not yet.

Kryllin:"Why the sudden concern for Buulma? Has she done something nice for you lately?"

Vegita looks around to make sure they're out of earshot. "Listen, guys, something is NOT right in there. There is something definitely wrong with Buulma, as much as I wish to fight it, I don't know how."

Gohan:"Really? She seems like herself."

Vegita:"Draw upon your Seyin blood, child. Couldn't you sense it, or were you just too busy letting her use you as a doormat again?"

Gohan:"Alright, I'll take your word for it. Unfortunately, only my father could read minds, but perhaps Yamcha can talk to King Kai for us, like dad used to. Maybe he'll know something."

Vegita: "So there is a brain in there after all. Let's go."

Back at the house, the possessed Buulma walks over to a mirror, and her yes glow black. Queen Beryl appears in the mirror.

"What have you to report, Dark Seeker?" Dark Seeker:"My queen, I have good news. I have possessed the woman, Buulma and collected some energy as you requested." He then sends Beryl the energy he stole from Buulma's father. Beryl:"Excellent. What have you learned about the Dragon Balls?"

Frieza: "Yes, That's her alright. I recognize that voice and face anywhere."

Dark Seeker:"I have learned that this woman made a device capable of tracking active Dragon Balls, but sadly it doesn't work when the Balls are dormant. She knows a great deal about these Dragon Balls, as well as tremendous technical knowledge. She may prove very useful indeed."

Beryl: "Very well then, proceed my servant, but do not fail me."

Dark Seeker: "As you wish, my queen."

The mirror returns to its natural color, and the possessed Buulma considers her options. "Perhaps there is something in her workshop I can use." Lets go there. Suddenly the phone rings, "Buulma, we need you to come to the hospital right away." says some nurse at the E.R. Buulma: "Alright, I'll get my friends and go." Buulma runs out the door grabs Gohan and Vegita, "They need us at the hospital right away." The group gets in Buulma's car and hurries to the hospital.

"We're here, Doctor. What's up?" Doctor:"This is very serious, Buulma. Your father is in a deep coma. It seems that something has completely drained his energy. We've never seen anything like this before. Did something unusual happen recently?"

Buulma:"Not that I can recall." Knowing full well that Dark seeker drained the energy. Kryllin: "Do your best, Doctor. We don't have any more Zenshu beans, Goku took them with him when he went with the Eternal Dragon."

Doctor:"I'd love to have those beans to analyze, their recuperative abilities are really astounding, but we'll do what we can. We'll give you a call if anything changes."

Dark Seeker ponders, "hmm Zenshu beans, something that can undo my energy drain. This is not good, I must hurry and complete my mission."

Since it seems there is nothing they can do but wait now, the team and Buulma return to her house where they part ways. Buulma then heads to the workshop, while Vegita, Gohan, and Kryllin head to Yamcha's house to try to reach King Kai. When Buulma reaches the workshop, Dark Seeker talks to his host "show me the Dragon Ball seeking device"

Buulma:"Then you'll let me go?"

Dark Seeker:"No, my dear. I'm not done with you, yet."

Buulma:[Whimper] "If I refuse?"

Dark Seeker:"Then I'll kill you and find it myself."

Buulma: "Alright, here it is"

Buulma reaches over and picks up the Dragon Ball detector she invented. She cries a small tear in both fear and shame as she does so. "Very good, my dear, as long as you're a good little girl and do EXACTLY as I say, I won't hurt you or your friends. Refuse me, and someone close to you will suffer. Remember your father!"

"Can you make this device detect inactive Dragon Balls?" Dark Seeker says mentally to Buulma. Buulma answers "No. I've tried. I have no way to do that." Darkseeker then replies "an honest answer. Perhaps Queen Beryl can make use of it." They head to Buulma's room and again contact Beryl through the mirror. Darkseeker tells her of his plan. "I like it, Darkseeker, give the device to me." Darkseeker does so, and Beryl channels the energy into the device, suddenly it springs to life. "This device will now react to any inactive Dragon Balls nearby. I will need more energy to activate them when you bring these Dragon Balls to me." Buulma says to Darkseeker "you promised that you wouldn't hurt me or my friends if I cooperate!" "I know, but that doesn't mean I can't drain small amounts of energy from many people. I don't want to reveal myself just yet."

Noticing the hesitation, Beryl then states,"Is there a problem, Darkseeker?" "No, my Queen." "Then go, and do not return unless you have more energy for me or your mission to collect the seven Dragon Balls is complete." "I understand." The mirror again returns to normal.

Meanwhile, Vegita, Gohan, and Kryllin reach Yamcha's house. "We need to talk to King Kai. Something is wrong with Buulma." Yamcha then gets a bit rattled. "Something's wrong with Buulma?! What ?" Vegita: "We don't know. We were hoping King Kai could tell us."

At the top of the Spiritual staircase, King Kai hears what Vegita says, and responds. "You are right. I detect a prescence has taken control of Buulma. It is a creature of Darkness from a dimension called 'The Negaverse.' It seems to feed on the energy of others. This creature is very cunning, and very dangerous. I don't know how to get rid of it without destroying Buulma. Right now, just watch and learn all you can about it. Search for weakness, and when you find a way to either trick it out of Buulma, or force it out. Then strike, and destroy it quickly. If it escapes to the Negaverse, It could return with an army of darkness. I will research this and if I find an answer, I will tell you."