Author's Note: I know this series is taking longer than I thought. This is however necessary to fill out the plot. There are alot of elements to "flesh out." In this episode, the possessed Buulma takes of after the seven dormant dragon balls and we shall see why.

When Sailor Meets Dragon
Chapter 5
By Jorge Carreras

Buulma sneaks on to the same spaceship her father helped build so that Goku could rescue Krillin and Gohan on the planet Namek. Little does she know that Vegita has already snuck on board seeking the Dragon Balls himself to try to wish the demon out. As Buulma starts the lift off seequence, waking up the whole neighborhood, Vegita suddenly falls out of a closet. The rocket then takes off, too late to turn back now, Vegita then says "Guess I'm coming along for the ride." Darkseeker then reveals himself, but does not release Buulma. "You fool! I can easily kill her and you. I know you already know of my existence, and although her knowledge of the Dragon Balls is crucial, I will not hesitate to kill her and everyone around her at the slightest provocation! I know from her memories that you cannot live in space. I, on the other hand, can. It would be a small matter to destroy this ship and everything on it, if I so wish it." Arrogantly, Vegita responds "Then why haven't you, demon?"

Darkseeker: "Although, I can survive in space, the Dragon Ball seeker might not."

Vegita:"Looks like we're after the same thing then. I came on board to seek the Dragon Balls, but how were you planning to even find them let alone make a wish on them while they are dormant?"

(Darkseeker laughing) Darkseeker:"I have my ways."

Vegita:"Very well then. Lets set course for the first planet where a dragon Ball was found."

Darkseeker:"Fortunately, she has heard the entire story, and I have already set course for the nearest one."

Darkseeker then seeps into Buulma's body again. Vegita thinks, hmm how can I take advantage of that?

Meanwhile back on Earth, Krillin, Gohan, Yamcha and the others are now VERY worried.

Yamcha:"Buulma, Possessed Taking off in a space ship alone? With Vegita?"

Krillin:"Vegita could be seeking the Dragon Balls, but why allow Buulma along?"

Gohan:"First, Vegita doesn't have a scouter. Buulma is the only one of us who has a device capable of tracking Dragon Balls. Second, Vegita wants to fight the demon alone, being a full blooded Seyin and all."

Master Roshi: "Correct, Gohan. There is nothing we can do now, except hope they'll be Ok."

Buulma's Ship makes record time in reaching its destination, or so it seems. (Special Note: I have yet to see Dragon Ball GT, or read any spoilers, So I will have to leave that out.) After several months of adventuring and battles, Darkseeker and Vegita find all seven dragon balls. Darkseeker also has drained enourmous amounts of energy from the battles with the seven monsters guarding the Dragon Balls along the way. Darkseeker opens a portal to the negaverse and speaks with Beryl again. "It has been some time Darkseeker, report NOW, and make it good. Or I will blast you and your host body out of existence personally!" Vegita responds, "Leave her out of this!" Buulma thinks, "He really cares for me!" Beryl then responds "And just who the hell are you?" Considering that's where she is, her statement is exceptionnaly appropriate.

Darkseeker:"He's the one who was helping me gather the Dragon Balls for you my queen, and it was neccessary to hold this body hostage doing so. I could not risk contacting you until I had all 7."

Beryl:"Since you have such good news, I am feeling generous."

Beryl sucks the Dragon Balls into the "next dimension" and using the energy Darkseeker provides activates them, but something strange happens, instead of returning to Earth to battle the Sailor Scouts (AGAIN), she winds up face to face, and toe to toe with Vegita and the DBZ team. Meanwhile Frieza and the Ginyu force are teleported to Tokyo to face the Sailor Scouts.

Krillin:"So you're Queen Beryl of the Negaverse, Huh? You don't look so tough."

Gohan:"Uh, Krillin, we don't know what she's capable of. Don't tick her off."

Beryl: "Smart kid."

Beryl then merges with Metallica (or the negaforce) and grows to about 30 FT high. Then voices proclaims "We're Free! We're Finally free!" Everyone in the DBZ team suddenly exclaims, "That voice. IT CAN'T BE! Li!" Li and his 6 dragon brothers emerge from the rift to the Next Dimension, and the now Black Dragon Balls surround Beryl-Mettallica! "Meet my little friends foolish mortals!"

(Beryl laughing)

It took all the DBZ team had to defeat just LI and that was with both GOKU and Vegita working together. Now all 7 dragons are free at once. Fortunately they are not on Earth at this time. All the other DBZ team members got there by ships built by Buulma's Father. Goku in the prescence of the Eternal Dragon suddenly stirs as the Eternal Dragon starts to wink in and out of existance. "Somethings wrong. I can feel it."

Eternal Dragon:"Correct, Goku. An incredibly vain and evil woman called, Queen Beryl of the Negaverse, has somehow found a way to countermand my decree concerning the Dragon Balls and has filled them with evil power. Now she has unleashed Li and his 6 brethren upon your universe."

Goku:"That's terrible. I gotta go help them."

Eternal Dragon:"If only it were that simple. In the various dimensions, there is but one power that has defeated the Negaverse on a continuous basis, the Sailor Scouts defenders of Earth."

Goku:"Sailor Scouts? I never heard of them."

Eternal Dragon:"Of Course Not. They're not from your Earth, but from an alternate universe, and so is the Negaverse. In that universe, there exists an item of immesurable power, called the Silver Imperium Crystal. This alone can counter the combined power of all seven evil Dragons. Even with your power, you would fail without it. This crystal is guarded by 9 or 10 powerful female warriors named the Sailor Scouts, most importantly a couple of females named Sailor Moon. These warriors are at this moment battling for their lives against foes familiar to you, the Ginyu Force and Frieza."

Goku:"Frieza? He's alive? I thought Trunks chopped him into little bits along with his father King Cold."

Eternal Dragon:"Yes, but Him and his minions have been brought back to life during Beryl's release. However, since the polarities of the Balls were reversed Beryl is in your universe, and they are in the universe of the Sailor Scouts. Even if I could send you to your friends, it would be futile. You would just arrive to see them permanently die before you. Then you would be killed yourself."

Goku:"So there's nothing I can do?"

Eternal Dragon:"I can send you to the universe of the Sailor Scouts, so you can help them defeat Frieza, then they can help you. They and their crystal are your best hope."

The Eternal Dragon then opens a portal to the Sailor Scouts' dimension. "Good luck, Goku. You'll need it."

Goku takes his supply of Zenzhu beans with him. "Thanks, Eternal Dragon, and thanks for the training." He bows to the dragon then leaps through the portal.

Meanwhile back on the asteroid, the DBZ team is pelted by dark Negaverse energy combined with Fire Blasts from all 7 evil dragons. The asteroid starts falling appart. "Lets get out of here!" Then the possessed Buulma says "You won't get the chance." and starts zapping them with black energy, trying to suck them dry. They dodge, jump and fly away, but the energy beams are zeroing in on them. Suddenly Vegita renders the possessed Buulma unconcious and sweeps her over his shoulder and they all fly to their ships and run as the asteroid explodes!

The 7 evil Dragons converge into one huge juggernaut of a warship and Super Mettallica-Beryl Takes the helm, and vines grab the 7 dark dragon balls and hold them tight. "Onward to Earth, and Vengeance on those who thwarted us!" Vegita knows how to run a Seyin ship but still is not familiar with the controlls of Goku's reconfigured ship. Buulma is certainly not going to help him. So he just pushes the autopilot button and hopes for the best. All the other ships were blown away when the dragons attack, so all the DBZ team is on Goku's ship. Krillin looks out the window, "Oh man, look at that." Everyone turns to see the Huge Dreadnought heading toward Earth. "We've got to get to Earth before that thing does, or it, and we are doomed." I'm sure the Earth Special Forces would have liked to turn and fight that ship, but they have no weapons on their ship. That's something Dr. Willow forgot. Vegita and Namcha both quickly and securely restrain Buulma. "She's weak, but alive. There's nothing I can do. Let's just concentrate on getting to Earth. Anyone else know how to run this ship?"

Will the DBZ team get back to Earth in time? Will Goku be able to save the Sailor Scouts from Freiza? Is there still hope for Buulma? For the Answers to these and other questions, Tune in to the next epsiode.

Once again, everyone should know that this crossover is in no way supported by Bandai, DIC or the original authors of either Dragonball Z or Sailor Moon. The plot is not part of the official story line and although written for entertainment purposes is not in any way financially beneficial to me and is intended to be distributed free of charge.

I also know that this episode is a bit shorter than the others, but then again, I know you folks don't want a bunch of text placed in it just for filler.;) I hope the sound files come through ok.