When Sailor Meets Dragon
Chapter 6
By Jorge Carreras

In our last episode, things looked bad for our DBZ heroes. Queen Beryl-Metallica had been freed from the Next Dimension. Li and the other 6 evil dragons escaped from the Dragon Balls. As if that was not bad enough, the seven dragons combined as a giant juggernaut with Queen Beryl-Metallica at the helm! Meanwhile back on Earth (Sailor moon universe) The Sailor Scouts narrowly defeated the Ginyu force only to be taunted and threatened by none other than Frieza. Eternal Sailor Moon is far too wounded to be in action, and the other scouts are badly bruised.

"My, my, this is hardly going to be any fun at all." Frieza decends to just about 10 feet overhead in his hover chair. He raises his hand and 5 pinpoints of light emerge to grow into huge glowing balls which he hurls at the helpless Serena.

"Deep Submerge!" and Neptune's Ball cancels one.

"World Shaking!" and Uranus' Ball cancels another one.

"Dead Scream!" and Pluto's Ball cancels the third.

Sailur Saturn jumps in the way of the Fourth "Silence Shield" and although absorbing the fourth, now lies prone. In enourmous pain, but still active.

The fifth ball however hurls to Serena at breakneck speed, none of the remaining Scouts have enough power to stop it.

"Shining Aqua Illusion!"

"Mars Flame Sniper!"

"Venus Shower!"

"Moon Gorgeous Meditation!"

"Jupiter Thunder Crash!"

All these attacks hurl toward the ball, yet bounce off, harmlessly. Tuxedo Mask hurls a dozen of his special roses at it, but they're just simply vaporized. He pulls his cloak over Serena hoping it will protect them both from the incoming missile. Suddenly a portal appears before him. Super Sayin Goku emerges. He simply holds out his hand, and the ball passes over him like a gentle breeze. Serena passes out again. Freiza looks down and seeing his nemisis, "Goku! Not again!" Goku seeing the prone Serena and remembering the description given him by the Eternal Dragon about Sailor Moon realizes that she must be the girl he was sent to find. He whips out one of his Zenshu beans and says "Here feed her this. She should recover immediately." He then turns his attention to Freiza, "So now, you stooped from picking on the innocent to attacking little girls? How slimy can you get?" The Sailor Scouts, indignant, say "Hey! We're not just little girls! Although we're grateful you saved our friend, don't insult us like that!"

Frieza:"You want to see how slimy I'll get? Take this!"

He then creates his much deadlier version of Krillin's destructo-disk and hurls the vorpal blade right at Goku. Goku dodges, and the blade starts heading for Serena, even though she ate the Zenshu bean, she can't possibly get out of the way in time. "Jupiter Thunderclap Zap!" and Jupiter's Lightning blade hurls to Frieza's and they cancel each other out. Meanwhile Frieza is flying away at top speed.

Goku:"Don't let him get away! If he does, he'll destroy the entire planet from orbit! He's done it before, with my homeworld, Vegita, and the planet Namek."

"Moon Eternal Power!" And Eternal Sailor Moon is back. "Lets Show Freiza what it means to mess with the Scouts of Earth!"

The scouts all hold hands even Saturn and Super Chibi Moon this time.

"Mars Crystal Power!"

"Jupiter Crystal Power!"

"Mercury Crystal Power!"

"Venus Crystal Power!"

"Neptune Crystal Power!"

"Uranus Crystal Power!"

"Saturn Crystal Power!"

"Pluto Crystal Power!"

"Moon Crisis Power!"

"Moon Eternal Power!" "Sailor Planet, Meditation!"

Goku at that instant realizes why the Dragon sent him for the Scouts in the first place. "Their Combined Power Level is awesome! I did not think such powers could possibly exist! Even with my Spirit Bomb!" A grey circle with all the planet signs appears in the center, spinning faster and faster until it glows as a rainbow beam of light which heads straight for Frieza, who can't outrun it, and can't dodge. His scouter reads 100,000! "Level 5! YAAAHHH!" He then shields himself for the inevitable collision. "BOOM!" His hoverchair of course explodes. He then starts falling to Earth from Very high above. At level 5 Frieza, he did manage to survive the blast, but is badly scorched and plummetting fast. "Come on, Freiza, you can't let yourself be beaten by a bunch of short skirted little girls. You'll never be emperor of the universe if you do. 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60%. " The ground rushes up to meet him "70% 80% 90% 100%" he manages a smooth, yet ungraceful landing. "My that WAS impressive. Let me show you how it's really done! PLANET BOMB! Now none of you will survive, nor will anyone else on this mudball!"

Freiza sends a huge blow of energy straight for Earth's Core. Goku replies, "That does it! KahmeyhahMeyhah!" This sends a huge wave of energy at Frieza. The Scouts not missing a beat follow suit in quick order.

"Dead Scream!"

"Space Sword Striker!"

"Deep Submerge!"

"Mars Flame Sniper!"

"Jupiter Oak Evolution!"

"Mercury Aqua Rhapsody!"

"Venus Love and Beauty Shock!

"Silence Glaive Surprise!"

"Moon Gorgeous Meditation!"

"Silver Moon Crystal Therapy Kiss!"

Combined with the Kameyhah Meyhah wave, the Sailor Scout attacks are devastating. Even at 100% Freiza is not possibly prepared for all that. On impact, he is instantly vaporized. There is nothing left but a cracked scouter and a few scraps of Freiza's armor. Unfortunately, this is not over. The Earth's core has been compromised by Freiza's attack. The Earth will be destroyed in about 5 minutes. Goku starts fading in and out so does Rini. "So our universes are linked after all."

Yes, they are Goku, Your reality is about 100 or so years after the Scouts emerge on the scene. Between the Sailor Moon R saga, and the emergence of Crystal Tokyo. That will be explored later. If not in future episodes then in a future series.
;-P But now, on to the current problem.

Lava begins to bubble up into the street and Earthquakes start shaking the buildings nearby and everywhere in the world. Goku really starts fading back and forth between himself and an Evil Kakarat. Remember without an Earth to land on, Goku would never have met grand martial artist Gohan, and become the Goku we all know and love. "We've got to hurry! There is only one hope. Sailor Saturn's 'Death Reborn Evolution'"

Saturn:"That will destroy the Earth for sure!"

Eternal Sailor Moon:"But then it will be reborn like before. Even a wish from the Imperium Crystal won't undo this. "

Saturn:"Alright I suppose that makes sense."

Saturn then leaps backward into the lava pit. And we all hear "Death Reborn Evolution!"

The pit seals, in orbit we see the Earth explode! Then it is suddenly and inexplicably reborn in a huge pink glowing ball. Of course doing this has sealed the portal back to the Eternal Dragon. Kakarat disappears and Goku returns."Where did the portal go?"

Artemis:"Sailor Saturn? Is she alrignt?"


Sailur Saturn's spirit appears before them. "It is done. Do not worry about me. I'm alright. When the battle comes, I'll be there."

Sailur Saturn then vanishes.

Eternal sailor moon then asks, "Pluto, Goku seems to come from our future. Can you open a portal back to his world?" Pluto responds "It's too vague. Since I'm not familiar with him, I can't be sure when to open the portal."

Goku says "In that case, I know something that might narrow it down. The villain we need to fight is familar to you. She's called Beryl."

Sailor Scouts (in unison) "Queen Beryl of the Negaverse?!"

Eternal Sailor Moon:"That witch is alive?"

Goku:"Yes, and alot more powerful than you remember."

The scouts look at each other and say "So are we!" Goku replies, "I've noticed. Beryl However has 7 powerful helpers each at least 10 times as tough as what you went through plus that guy we just sent to the next dimension combined."

Sailor mars says "10 TIMES! GEESH! Let's Head to the temple so I can do a fire reading."

Pluto: "Yes, that is logical. With my future vision, and your fire reading combined we should find some way to fix this."

Tuxedo Mask:"Quite a wedding reception isn't it?"

Eternal Sailor moon: {nods} "I didn't even get to eat any of that wonderful wedding cake!" {Serena's Famous WAIL}

Mars:"At least now, you two are married, and you don't have to worry about some witch with a rose fetish possessing him."

All the scouts start laughing wildly. Tuxedo Mask just blushes, and Goku has absolutely no idea what's going on.

Levity aside, Can Pluto transport the scouts and Goku to the future Earth? Will they have the power to defeat Beryl AGAIN? Does even Goku have what it takes to defeat all 7 evil dragons combined? Tune in to the next epsiode to find out.

Sailor Moon says:"Don't be too proud to admit you need help. You never know what new friends you'll drive away."

Sailor Scouts:"Even when he seems to be a total jerk."

Goku:"Sorry, ladies. I was trying to insult Frieza, not you."

Mars {Eyes narrowed} "PHHRHRTHP!"

Eternal Sailor Moon:"And you guys call ME dense!"

"Sailor Moon says" {giggle}