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When Sailor Meets Dragon
Chapter 7
By Jorge Carreras

In our last episode, Sailor Saturn or Hotaru died using her "Death Reborn Evolution" attack to undo Freiza's planet bomb. That's when we learned that Goku comes from the future some time before Crystal Tokyo but after Sailor Moon R. How that fits is a bit complicated so bear with me.

Goku reaches into his pouch to get some more Zenshu beans to heal the others when Mercury stops him.

Mercury:"We appreciate the thought, but as Scouts, we're not exactly human. These beans may not be compatible with our bodies."

Goku:"I'm not human either, I'm a Seyin, and these beans never hurt me. They didn't hurt her either." Goku points at Eternal Sailor Moon.

Mercury:"She was in her human form at the time, not to mention the risks were neccessary to save her life. I'd like to scan one first."

Goku:"Ok. We might need them later anyway."


Mercury turns her visor back on and begins to scan one Zenshu bean, when suddenly a look of alarm crosses her face!

Mercury:"In our transformed state, these beans would have killed us!"

The scouts all gasp in horror, and Goku looks on in both shock and disbelief.

Goku:"These beans heal you and restore your vitality, they are not poisonous to any form of life."

Mercury:"Yes, but our powers also heal us, and these beans would have overloaded our powers, which would have killed us, brutally. They seem to work great on us as humans. As scouts however they would turn our powers against us."

Mercury shudders at the thought.

Eternal Sailor Moon:"What are you saying, Mercury?"

Mercury:"It's rather graphic. You don't want to know."

The scouts all nod.

Rei: "Yep, Seeing our powers turn on us would give you nightmares the rest of your life, Sailor Moon, and you too, Chibi Moon."

Both Sailor Moons:"Oh."

Rei:"Now how to get to my shrine. We could teleport, but until we heal, that would be risky."

Sailor Jupiter:"We could walk. It's not that far away."

Tuxedo mask:"Ok. We might want to power down first."

He of course just takes off his mask and is in his rented tuxedo.

Rei:"Lucky stiff, you just have to take off a little piece of cloth, we gotta go through a magical transform sequence." {Sigh}

Eternal Sailor Moon:"Not neccessarily, when My brooch broke a while back. I was immediately in my normal street clothes."

Luna:"Good point, Sailor Moon. But still, let's just get going. I'm sure time is of the essence."

Pluto:"Correct, Luna. It's complicated, but the time in his portal is flowing too, and if we wait too long on this end, we'll be too late."

(Its something the Star Trek fans call Temporal Mechanics. Requires 24th century technology to figure out. So I'm not going to go into it.)

Darien puts his little mask back on and they all run to Rei's Shrine, Goku in hot pursuit. Chad meets Rei at the Door. "Rei! You're Hurt! Let me help you." He runs and stars putting towels and ice cubes on her face. "Chad, You're sweet, but we don't have time right now. I need to do a fire reading." Chad may be clumsy, but he's not dense, he knows Rei is Sailor Mars. He's known ever since Katsy came to Rei's shrine to find Rini and Rei fought with her (perhaps even longer).

Chad: {Sigh} "It's always something. I'll get the fireplace ready."

Sailor Moon:"Geesh, Rei. If I didn't know you were the essence of fire, I'd say you were giving Chad the cold shoulder."

Sailor Mars:"Look, Spaghetti brain. We don't have time for that right now. We've got to find Goku's time coordinates and help him defeat Beryl before the world blows up."

Sailor Moon:"You loud, little witch! The fire reading is gonna take some time! Why don't you ever slow down, and let Chad look after you, even just a little! He really cares about you."

Goku:"Buulma in stereo. Eesh!"

Sailor Moon and Mars {sweatdrops} "Huh? Who is this Buulma person?"

Goku:"Just someone I know in my time. I've known her since I was a kid. She bickers just like that."

Sailor Jupiter:"Is she someone special?"

Tuxedo mask (whispering to Sailor Jupiter) "He's married."

Goku heard that:"Yes I'm married, but not to her. My wife is Chichi and our son is Gohan. In honor of my dead grandfather who got killed by a monster when I was a baby."

Sailor Mars: {sweat drop}"Oh, My father was turned into a monster once, but I got him back. I'm sorry for you."

Goku:"It's ok. Nothing you could do about it."

Chad suddenly arrives, "the fire's ready." Rei kisses him on the forehead. "Thanks!"

Chad then smiles and passes out. The scouts all look on in shock. Sailor Moon just smiles.

Rei:"That's one way of getting him off my case. Lets get this fire reading started."

Oh great Celestial Fire! We humbly seek your guidance.
Show us the time and place of Goku.
Give us knowledge and wisdom of Beryl and the Dragons.

Rei holds up one of her famous love charms and stares into the fire. Images begin to form.... The destruction of the Moon by Piccolo. The emergence of Beryl! The merging of the seven evil Dragons into one huge Dreadnought. Finally Goku's ship with Buulma and the DBZ team on board. Rei then sees "The invincible one!" She gasps and the images vanish.

Pluto:"What did you see Rei?"

Rei:"It was horrible. I saw the destruction of the Moon, completely. Beryl and Metallica are one. 7 enourmous dragons combine to form one juggernaut. Last but not least, 'The invincible one' is not only in action, but has possessed a blue haired woman who had to be restrained."

Goku:"That's Buulma. She's possessed?"


Sailor Moon:" The moon is destroyed?" {weep}

Goku:"I can explain that. Seyins are born with a monkey tail. When a seyin sees the full moon, he transforms into a 30 foot tall rampaging monster. Completely out of control. Piccolo, my friend and my son's trainer destroyed the moon not only so that Gohan would not transform like that, but invading Seyins would not be able to terrorize the planet like that. Sad, but neccessary."

Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon:"Without a moon, We might be Powerless!"

Goku:"It was only later that we learned some Seyin can create synthetic moonlight. One of them, Vegita, is one of my friends. Perhaps he can help. Although he wasn't always a friend. He was once one of my biggest and strongest enemies."

Sailor Scouts:"We have some experience with that."

Sailor Mercury:"Luna, looks like your idea to stay powered up was a good idea. Serena might not be able to transform on the other side of that portal."

Pluto:"I have a fix. Garnet orb, show us the way!"

The portal opens and the crowd all sees the inside of the ship, and more importantly, those inside the ship see the scouts.

Kryllin:"Huh? Who are those short skirted girls? Hey there's GOKU!"

Goku:"Hey, Kryllin. What's up good buddy?"

Gohan:"Daddy! Are we ever glad to see you. Some witch named Beryl just came out of the 'next dimension' carrying the Dragon Balls with her. Before we knew it, she grew to be 30 feet tall, and Li with his 6 brethren emerged, and blew up the asteroid we were standing on. We were lucky to escape with our lives. Now they are in hot pursuit to Earth."

Goku:"I bet I know what they want once they get there. Revenge by causing death and destruction."

Pluto:"I can't hold this portal open forever! Let's get to the other side NOW!"

Chad suddenly bursts in. "You are NOT leaving me behind this time. Last time you did that, I did not see you for weeks, and then when I did, you didn't know who I was! I'm not letting that happen again."

Rei:"Don't make me hit you with my broom!"

Pluto:"Just take him, we don't have time!"

Without further protest, the scouts, Goku and Chad jump through the portal into the ship. Buulma then wakes up. "Ahh, Moon Princess, Serena, Sailor Moon so good to see you again." Buulma's eyes turn solid black and a shadowy aura starts filling the room with darkness. "My name is Darkseeker now. I guess even you can tell why."


Eternal Sailor moon:"You don't scare me, monster."

"Silver Moon Crystal Therapy Kiss!"

Suddenly, The "invincible one" is driven out of Buulma by the Imperium Silver Crystal (or Ginzou). Vegita takes his chance."YAH!" and blasts it with an array of fireballs.

"Mars Flame Sniper!"

The youma bursts into flame.

"Shining Aqua Illusion" and when the flames are extinguished, the youma turns to dust.

Eternal Sailor Moon and Super Chibi Moon notice their crystals start to hum, and flicker.

Luna:"Looks like you have to conserve your powers, Sailor Moons. Without a Moon to fuel them, your Crystals are 'running on fumes.' While the other scouts can charge them up, they risk their life energies doing so."

Gohan runs up and hugs Goku. "Daddy!"

Goku:"Hi, son. You make me very proud."

Kryllin:"I hate to break this up, but we've got to get to Earth, before that thing catches us!"

Looking out the window, Gohan sees Beryl's warship. He suddenly looks on in shock and gets to the controls. "Dr. Willow, Can you read me, Dr. Willow. Come on Talk to me!"

Vegita, knowing Goku is totally fearless, is now seriously concerened. "Dr. Willow was energy drained into a coma by that monster. He was its first victim. This energy is what allowed Beryl to escape 'the next dimension' and free those dragons from the Dragon Balls."

Goku:"Well what do we do now? He's the one who can plot the quickest course for Earth, and warn them so they can prepare their defenses!"

Mercury:"Perhaps I can help, I have a great deal of technical knowledge."

She quickly scans the control panel, "Hmm this very advanced, but yet very simple."

She starts tapping a few keys. Buulma starts yelling"Let me up! Don't let that stranger mess around my Dad's ship!" She grabs Kryllin and starts shaking him. "Get me to those controlls, chrome dome!"

Kryllin:"Take it easy, Buulma. You're still recovering from a youma possession. We don't know the full extent of what that thing did to you. How about I get you something to eat."

Buulma:"I don't need food! I need to get to those controls. Now Untie me!"

Sailor Moon:"Food?! There's food here?"

You can see her start to drool.

Sailor Mars:"Geesh! How can you think about food at a time like this."

Sailor Moon's stomach starts to growl. "Nevermind."

Mercury:"Course set. Thrusters in 3.. 2..1."

The ship then rocks, and heads to Earth at top speed.

Everyone is tossed about, except Buulma who is strapped to the bed, and Mercury who is seated. Mercury blushes furiously. "sorry guys."

Meanwhile on Beryl's ship....

Suddenly, beryl looks into the Dragon Ball she's been massaging and all we can see are her eyes through a small slit in an otherwise black screen. "She's here." Li then replies "Who?"

Beryl:"That Moon brat. Seems Freiza and his goons were a total waste of time and energy."

Li:"Goku is here as well."

Beryl:"Looks like both our enemies have joined forces then. And my 'invincible one' was right about those sailor brats having boosted their powers. They defeated him. Easily. I saw it all."

Waving her hands the Dragon ball again goes black.

Li: "Even with our overwhelming forces, and the Dragon Balls, a full out attack would be risky."

Beryl:"Agreed. We should send monsters down to Earth ahead of us to both generate chaos, and test the limits of their powers. Then we can make a strategy based on that."

Li:"We like it! We also know some monsters that fit the bill nicely, Nicto and Klapto. They have the ability to make illusions of other monsters attacking, as well as scanning the mind of their victims. Plus they have have a personal grudge against this Buulma person and her friends."

Beryl:"Where are they now?"

Li:"Trapped on a small planetoid between Earth and the ruins of the Planet Namek."

Beryl:"Then let's go pick them up."

Beryl then waves her hands over the black Dragon Balls, caressing them gently. Beryl's ship then turns and starts heading for the planetoid.

Will Beryl convince Klapto and Nicto to join her? Will she succeed in conquering Sailor Moon this time? Can Vegita's Moonlight Sphere technique recharge the twin Ginzous?

Find out on the next episode of When sailor Meets Dragon.