Sun and Moon: The Quill of Destiny
by: Osiris
Part 3

"So how did the job interview go?" Keith asked Mark as he threw a basketball at Jason. The group of five boys were hanging out in a small basketball court that was now empty save for the five boys. It was Saturday morning and all the boys decided to hang out together. Jason and Keith were playing one on one while the others sat talking. Derrick, however, was deeply engrossed in a book and only poked out his head a few times to add to the conversation.

"It went great, he said I got the job and I can start this afternoon if I want." he said leaning backwards on some bleachers.

"I need to find a job myself but I'm doubtful that will happen anytime soon! Finding work is almost impossible!" Keith said as he dribbled the basketball around Jason and did a lay-up.

"Hey guys we were planning on going rock climbing tomorrow, do you guys want to come along?" asked Peter.

"Yeah sure sounds good, what time to do we leave?" asked Jason as he dribbled the basketball trying to get around Keith. Moving quickly he passed him and shot for the basket, it went in with a swosh.

"We were thinking about 12:00!" answered Peter.

"I'd suggest you find dates, the three of us are inviting some girls from our school!" added Keith.

"You mean even Derrick got a date!" said Mark smiling facetious.

Derrick raised his head from the book, "You're so funny Mark, when was the last time you had a date!"

"Hey guys, calm down I'm sure Jason and Mark can find dates by tomorrow! Do you known anybody you'd like to ask?" said Keith as he moved back and forth trying to fake Jason out. Jason's attention was distracted when Keith said this letting him able to go right past him and to the basket.

"Well, kinda, I met someone on the street yesterday...never mind I'll probably never see her again." Jason replied.

"You can't think that way buddy! You need to take action, do you know her name?" asked Mark.

"Yeah, her name's Mina but she doesn't go to our school, we're new here remember where would I start looking? Sorry guys but it's probably a lost cause!" Jason said as he threw the ball at the basket. The ball gained height and went in, the perfect three point shot.

"I'm sure Lita will be able to set you up with someone. Now that we have you settled away Jason, what about you Mark?" asked Keith.

"Me, well there is this one girl at my new job, her name is Raye!"

"Well, you know what you have to do, ask her out!" said Keith being exceptionally nosy today.

"Yeah you're right, I'll ask her out this afternoon!" said Mark sitting up.

"That's the spirit!" said Keith once again.

"Now that we have your love lives settled away, can we turn to more important matters?" said Derrick closing his book and putting it down on the bleachers.

"Yeah we have to talk, something's up!" said Peter turning very serious. Both Jason and Keith put down the basketball and walked over to join the conversation.


Isis entered the dark church of the pyramid. The church was divided into there sections. On both sides of a long red carpet pews were aligned horizontally before a large alter which rose up in the front of the church.

The church was dimly lit with the light from several candles. The flame of each candle a dark black which cast off an ungodly light.

Outside of each pew was a decibel dressed in long purple robes, their hoods hung down over their faces concealing their identities.

Isis was dressed in a white silk gown which slimly covered her otherwise naked body. She stood solemnly at the back of the church her eyes closed waiting patiently. Coming from her right were two hooded figures. One held a chain from which hung a small round cup with a lid. From the chalice came smoke which smelt of incense. The other held in his hands a long staff. On the top was a golden triangle. Carved at the center of the triangle was a sun which encircled an eye, both engraved with silver.

Nodding to Isis the two began to walk down the long red carpet, one held the long staff into the air and the other swayed the censer back and forth spreading incense. Isis followed her hands folded and her head down.

Walking slowly they eventually came to the alter. Taking the long staff one of the decibels promptly placed it in a small groove in the floor. The other went next to the alter where he lay down the censer. He then picked up three small vials and placed them along the alter. In the fist two vials were water and sand but in the third was a strange glowing substance.

Isis lay down on the alter stretching out her long thin body. The hooded figure stood behind the alter and opened a small cut in the dress which exposed her lower abdomen.

He lay his hands on her flawless skin and began to chant a prayer in a long dead language. Raising his head he took the first vial that was filled with sand. He opened it and poured some into his hand, "Parting the sands of time..." he said as he blew at the sand which flew across her skin. Taking the second vial filled with water he poured a little across her stomach, "With the life giving water of the Nile..." Taking the third vial he slowly opened the top, as he did a purple mist rose from the substance. Taking it he poured the substance on her stomach, it ran slowly like hot oil revealing a strange hieroglyphic which glowed a bright purple, "by the nectar of Amon Ra!"

Raising his hands to the air he spoke again, "By the name of Isis, Osiris and Ra we call open the child of silence!" High above the church a bright light appeared. Ascending slowly a small ball of light floated down wards and entered Isis' abdomen.

As it did her eyes shot wide open, glowing a bright white. Opening her mouth she let out a blood curdling scream. Soon the light in her eyes faded and they became normal again. Moving her hands downward she moved her fingers across her abdomen now thick with child.


"Girls we have a problem, someone attacked a bunch of kids in the park yesterday?" said Luna as she sat next to Artemis.

"Is it the Negaverse?" asked Mina kneeling down next to the table. The girls were helping out in Raye's temple, each were dressed in red and white robes that Raye often dressed in.

"It's always the bloody Negaverse, I wish those guys would get a life and leave Earth alone!" said Lita making a fist.

"No I don't think so, they seem very similar but they are quite different." said Artemis.

"Then who?" asked Raye joined the rest of the girls at the table.

"We're not entirely sure, but the monster who attacked called himself Rahorakhty and he was looking for something called the Eternity Circlet."

"Rahorakhty you say, that name sounds so familiar. I'll enter it into my computer maybe it's library has some information." said Amy as she took out her mini computer and started typing.

"There are also some new players on the scene, a small group of men calling themselves the Sailor Shogun appeared and saved the scouts."

"After that monster knocked away my scepter they arrived to my rescue!" said Serena leaning backwards on both her hands.

"Figures, Serena you're such a ditz! If it weren't for tall, mysterious stranger you'd be meat loaf by now!" said Raye.

"Hey Raye that's not fair this guy was tough he got the better of me and Amy too!" said Lita standing up for Serena.

"Yeah so there!" said Serena as she stuck out her tongue at Raye.

"Enough you two, we have enough to worry about! So Amy have you anything?" asked Artemis.

"Yes, Rahorakhty was the ancient Egyptian god of the sphinx!"

"What's a phinks?" asked Serena.

"Not phinks, Sphinx, it's a monument in Egypt. It's is part man and part lion." said Amy correcting Serena.

"Hmmmm, I remember vague stories about trouble with Egypt but that was more than 4000 years ago, Amy try cross-referencing Egypt with Eternity Circlet." suggested Luna.

"Ok!" said Amy starting to type at her computer. "The files from that far back are really old and in a strange format, not to mention they are slightly garbled." said Amy shaking her head, "I'll need to convert them and then I can do a search, but it's going to take awhile. I'll get on it!"

"How long will it take?" asked Luna.

"A few days at best, but I can't be entirely sure, some sections are worse than others." replied Amy as she typed more on her computer.

"So there's not much more we can do but wait, as for the rest of you make sure to be on alert, they could attack any time and we need to be ready. This enemy is strong!"

"So what are you guys doing tomorrow?" said Mina after a moment of silence, trying to lighten the atmosphere.


"So I'm sure you all know what happened yesterday?" asked Peter, clearly heading the conversation.

"Yeah Derrick filled me and Mark in last night." said Jason.

"So what do we do?" asked Mark.

"There's not much we can do, we can only hope to stay on guard and start training again." answered Peter.

"Are you sure you know what you're doing? We've never had to do this without Sebastion and Daphnia!" said Jason looking a little glum as he brought up the topic.

"Look we all miss Sebastion and Daphnia but they're gone, there's nothing that can change that. We have to remain strong, I know it's hard but we need to be stronger now more than ever!"

"Peter's right! They trained us good and we have to keep up the fight!" said Derrick.

"So who were these girls we heard about? Derrick said something about Sailor Scouts?" asked Mark.

"Yeah we arrived just in time, there were three girls fighting him. They're called the Sailor Scouts and had powers like ours. So who do you think they were?" said Keith, most of the questions were directed at Peter who seemed to lead the group.

"I don't entirely know, but before we know more we should keep our distance." suggested Peter in a tone that this was not a topic for discussion.

"Are you sure about that? Maybe they could help us? Maybe they know about our past?" said Jason questioning Peters order.

"Look, we don't know who they are! What if we've stumbled upon a battle between two evils! For all we know they could have taken that form to trick us. For all we know they could be worst than the ones who attacked the kids." said Peter. After a slight pause he said, "I know you all want to know about your pasts. Sebastion and Daphnia always told us about an ancient kingdom that we were from but could never explain exactly what happened. I feel the same way you do but we have to be careful! This enemy is stronger than the ones we fought before, the only reason we got the better of them last time was because they didn't account on resistance. Now that they know about us they'll be prepared."

"You're right of course, until we know more lets keep our distance!" said Keith supporting Peter's decision.

As all the boys agreed on their plan of action a bright light and crash was heard from another basketball court near by.

"What was that? Stay here and I'll check!" said Jason jogging over to the gate of the court they were in.

"We've got trouble who ever it was is at it again!" said Jason, "They're attacking a bunch of people playing basketball!"

"I'm in the mood for some exercise, how about you guys?" said Mark. In his hands appeared a dark red shield.

Following suit out of thin air weapons appeared for each boy. In Derrick's hands appeared two small daggers, in Keith's hand appeared a long, narrow bladed thrusting sword, in Jason's hands appeared a golden bow and a quiver of arrows. Then in Peter's hands appeared the silver sword that had only days early saved Sailor Moon from destruction.

"Aries power, suit up!"

"Hermes power, suit up!"

"Zeus power, suit up!"

"Eros power, suit up!"

"Pan Power, suit up!" From each of their items bright light appeared surging around it's holder, enwrapping them in a light. Each were wrapped with they're own respective color leaving them as only a bright silhouette. Then with a surge of strength they broke free from the wrappings making small sparkling dust falling around them. Ready for battle they stood dawned in full sailor armor.


"So the three of you are going mountain climbing? And you all have dates?...Even Serena?" Raye said questioning Serena going out with another guy.

"It's not like that Raye, me and Peter are only friends!" said Serena rolling her eyes, "Can't a guy and a girl be just friends!" Frustrated at everybody's inability to understand she picked up one of the chocolate muffins on the table and stuffed it in her mouth.

Each girl looked at each other with the impression that they should leave that topic alone. Raye on the other hand still looked like she disapproved of what Serena was doing.

"So, Raye who are you going to go with? Chad left to work on his music career didn't he?" asked Lita.

"Yeah he's been gone a few weeks now, but there wasn't anything serious there. We were more like best friends rather than being boy and girl friend."

"How about that cute guy Mark that works for your Grandpa? I think he knows Peter, that way we could all go as a group of friends!" said Serena.

"Serena why is it you always try to set me up? I can get a boy friend on my own!"

"Well Raye, why don't you ask him?" Mina said, "He's cute, right?"

"It's not that I'm not attracted to him, it's just sometimes he gets on my nerves! He's always around and I feel like he's under foot! What's really annoying is that he's always trying to help me, I'm not a helpless maiden in distress, I can do things on my own." said Raye bitterly.

"Sounds like someone's still mad about Grandpa not giving her more responsibility." suggested Amy pointing out the obvious.


Rahorakhty stood over the small group of teenagers, paralyzed by his beam they were helpless to do anything but look on in fear. He scanned several of them but found no piece of the Eternity circlet.

"Where is it!" he shouted in frustration. Looking over his shoulder sporadically he kept watch for the scouts and the shogun.

"You scum, leave them alone! On behalf of the justice we will punish you! We are the Sailor Shogun!"

"I am Sailor Aries!"

"Sailor Hermes!"

"Sailor Zeus!"

"I am Sailor Eros!"

"I am Sailor Pan!"

"So the there are more of you, well that's just fine! I can take you all on! Don't think you can stop me!" shouted Rahorakhty pointing both hands outward focusing two beams of energy into one large beam.

"Aries Shield Expand!" shouted Sailor Aries as his summoned his shield from thin air. Holding up the shield it expanded absorbing the blast.

"We have to get them out of here!" said Pan to Eros pointing to the defenseless victims that lay behind Rahorakhty, "We can't attack or it might hurt them! Hermes distract him while we get those kids out of here!"

"I'm on..." Hermes said grabbing his chest as he winced in pain.

"Hermes are you all right?" asked Sailor Pan. Meanwhile Aries' shield was still blocking blasts from Rahorakhty.

"I can't hold this up much longer, my shield is starting to lose power! Whatever you're going to do, you better decide on it fast!" said Aries.

"I'm fine! Lets do it! When he stops firing let down the shield!" said Hermes managing to put the pain out of his mind. His chest was on fire but he had a job to do.

"Hermes Flash Freezing!" he said as Aries took his moment and let down the shield. Surging forth with speed he ran quickly around Rahorakhty, trying desperately to strike him but being unable. With each blow with his ice daggers Rahorakhty simply blocked it with his hands that were glowing a bright gold.

"You little fly, stop moving so quickly and fight like a man!" growled Rahorakhty.

"Now!" said Pan, as he commanded the four sailors ran over and picked up the victims hoisting them over their backs. Sailor Hermes continued his assault only succeeding in distracting the Sphinx. Yet he couldn't keep this up forever, soon he would have to stop and Rahorakhty would be mad as a hornet.

"Ok, that's good you can stop now!" shouted Pan as the victims were safely out of harms way.

Rahorakhty panted heavily as Hermes ended his attack, "Well, fought little man but you have failed to hurt me!"

"My attack wasn't meant to hurt you, just look behind you!" said Hermes, he swooned slightly.

"Wa, where are they, you took them!" said Rahorakhty as he growled with rage, "You're going to pay for making a fool of me!"

"Aries Hiroshima Dome!" shouted Sailor Aries. Crossing his arms around him he lowered his head as a red dome of energy rose around him. Thrusting his hands forward he focused the dome of fire forward which struck Rahorakhty with a vengeance.

"Sailor Hermes doesn't look to good, get him out of here Zeus!" said Pan. Doing as Pan said he supported Hermes putting his left arm around his shoulder and getting away as fast as he could.

"You retched Shogun, you'll feel pain!" Rahorakhty said blasting Aries with a beam of energy. Aries was unable to use his shield in time and the blast hit him in the torso sending him flying through the air.

"Eros Amour Entourei!" said Sailor Eros as he took one the arrows from the quiver. The arrow was long and shone brightly in the mid day sun. The tip and feathers of the arrows were both silver and the rest gold. He took the arrow and placed it carefully in his bow, aiming at Rahorakhty he shot. As the arrow left the bow a bright yellow beam of energy followed it. The arrow flew around Rahorakhty binding him tightly.

"Great job Sailor Eros! I guess it's my turn!" said Sailor Pan summoning his sword.

"Excaliber Infinity Strike!" he said holding it high in the air. A silver light surrounded the sword. The power surging around it it made a bizarre sound which almost resembled singing. Slicing the sword through the air he released a wave of energy which encased Rahorakhty turning him to dust.

"Are you ok, Sailor Aries?" said Sailor Eros going to his side.

"I'm fine, he just knocked the wind out of me, how's Hermes?" he asked.

"I don't know, let's go find out!" said Pan helping Aries to his feet.


"Why not ask him out Raye, these are the nineties you know?" said Lita smiling devilishly.

"Look, I'm not going to ask him out! If he wants to go out then let him ask but I'm not going obsess over a guy like I did when I dated Darien." said Raye, sounding a little bitter.

"Who knows it might be destiny! He might be your soul mate and if you don't ask him out you might miss out on love forever!" said Lita again trying to get Raye on the go.

"I'll fight destiny if I have to, but I'm not going to ask him out!" said Raye pointing out that this discussion was over.

"You can't fight destiny..." said Serena very softly.

"What?" asked Amy not hearing what she said.

"You can't fight destiny," she repeated sounding a little sad, "There are forces in this world that cause things to happen for a reason... there's no way you can stop them. Raye, if it was meant to be he'll ask."

"Thanks...Serena...Are you ok?" she asked, each girl looked to the other wondering where that had come from. Only Lita had not shared they're common wonder, she knew what had happened.

"Never better, in fact I feel...strong today." she said not knowing any other way to put it.


Back in the basketball court Keith and Derrick sat on one of the bleachers. They had transformed back when they were sure no one was looking.

"Are you O.K, bud?" asked Keith patting him gently on the back.

"Yeah, I'm fine, I just got excited and my breath went against me." said Derrick hanging his head lowly as if ashamed.

"I know you too well Derrick, you can't lie to me. What's going on?" he asked again, he had known Derrick longer than anyone. They had been friends since they were five. It was an unusual friendship Derrick being an intellectual and Keith being obsessed with sports. Yet their friendship had lasted through everything that came against them.

"Look, I'm fine O.K! It was nothing!" said Derrick almost shouting.

"Derrick if there's something wrong I think you should go see a doctor. You don't have to go to a hospital, you can see your family doctor." said Keith, well aware of Derrick's fear of hospitals.

"Look Keith, it's nothing ok, I'll be fine!" he said looking Keith directly in the eyes, letting him know to drop the subject.

"Hey Derrick are you Ok?" asked Mark as the rest of the group caught up with Keith and Derrick.

"You looked pretty bad before." said Peter crouching down on his feet so he could look Derrick eye to eye.

"I'm fine O.K!" he said bitterly. Derrick had always hated the fact that he was the smallest of the group, he always feared that he would let them down. His sense of honor and duty had been a strong basis of his character ever since he had become a Sailor Shogun.

"He'll be fine, he's breath went against him for a moment." said Keith, he looked down at Derrick who looked back at him with a half smile.

"I don't like this." thought Keith, "What's going on with Derrick?" he wondered.

"Are you sure bud?" asked Mark, "I took a pretty bad spill myself. We'll get them next time!"

"I'm not a little child, I can take care of myself!" Derrick said.

Peter looked to Keith who looked back at him with a look of worry, something was definitely wrong, but what. They had to be careful how they approached it. Derrick was always stubborn in the fact that he didn't need any help.

"Well guys, I got to get going! I've got to go to work!" said Mark grabbing a small black bag that was next to the fence.

"See ya Mark!" said the four boys as Mark waved good-bye.


"So what about you?" asked Raye turning the line of fire over to Mina.

"Me! Oh I don't know!" said Mina giggling slightly.

"Is there anybody you'd like to ask?" questioned Lita.

"Well there was this one cute guy I met yesterday, but I met him on the street. What are the odds of me seeing him again?" said Mina a little reluctantly.

Outside the door Mark appeared, he crossed by and then a few minutes later he passed by again; this time in light blue and white robes.

"Is that him?" Mina asked Raye thankfully redirecting the aim of fire.

"He's cute! He looks just like my old boy friend Freddy!" said Lita a little starry eyed.

"I thought Keith looked like Freddy?" asked Amy, turning away from her mini computer.

"Hands off Lita this one belongs to Raye!" said Mina teasing her.

"Excuse me, Miss Raye, may I speak to you?" said Mark after he knocked on the already open door.

"Ahhh..." said Raye blushing slightly, "Don't over react, he just probably has a question about the temple!" she thought shaking her head slightly, of course she was attracted to him but he did sometimes get on her nerves.

"Yes?" said Raye as she joined him in the hall closing the door after her.

"Ahhhh...I was wondering if you'd like to join my friends and I. We're going mountain climbing tomorrow."

"I was right he does know Keith." whispered Serena to the rest of the girls, by now they were all at the door listening to what they were saying.

"Sure, that sounds great!" said Raye a little surprised.

"What are the odds of this happening?" she thought to her self.

"Great could you be ready for 12 o'clock?" he asked beaming a big smile.

"Yeah sure, I'll be ready for 12!" said Raye as returned to the room.

"So what did he ask?" asked Mina playing stupid.

"He asked me if I wanted to go mountain climbing with some friends." said Raye.

"So he's one of Keith's friends?" asked Serena.

"He must be, so we're all going?" asked Lita, "What a coincidence!"

"I don't believe in coincidences, like Serena said you can't fight destiny!" said Mina.

"So what do we do about you?" asked Serena.

"Oh, I don't know, I'll just go on my own. We're going as a group of friends right?"

"I'll have Keith set you up with one of his friends." said Lita. Coincidences were spreading like wildfire, whatever happened tomorrow it was going to be interesting.


"Rahorakhty was defeated! At least he didn't let one of the pieces fall in the hands of those annoying Sailor Shogun!" said Osiris to Isis. He was sitting on his throne as she entered the room.

"Rahorakhty was only a weak fool, we lose nothing! Who will we send to claim the next piece?" asked Isis.

"Majesties," said Imhotep bowing slightly, "We will have to search again for the next piece. We loss tracking on the piece after Rahorakhty was defeated!"

"A slight set back, who shall we chose to find the next piece?" Isis said thinking to herself.

"Nut, Geb! Come forth!" she commanded. As she spoke two beings appeared from the darkness. From the high vaulted room appeared a slender woman with great white wings. She was dressed in a light blue silk that lay gently across her body and hung in the air. She did not land on the ground but hovered a foot above it.

"Nut, at your command my queen!" said Nut curtseying.

From the ground came another form, from the marble floor mud began to appear forming a humanoid form. After it's done moving it hardened, breaking free from a small layer of stone a tall, dark man appeared.

"Geb, I am at your disposal!" said Geb bending on one knee.

"Geb, Nut I have a mission for you. Be prepared to retake the second piece of the Eternity Circlet when it is found. If you should come across any interference destroy them!"

"Yes my Queen!" they said in unison, they turned and left the hall they same way they entered.

"Don't worry my love!" said Isis squeezing Osiris' hand.

"I see you have completed your mission!" he said placing a hand on her abdomen filled with child. He smiled as he felt the baby turn within her. Soon it will be born and then nothing could stop them.