Sun and Moon
by: Osiris
Part 4

"Sammy don't get on the modem! I'm waiting for a call, I'm going out!" Serena called after Sammy as he began to enter his bedroom.

"What?" asked Sammy poking his head out the door.

"Don't get on the modem I expecting a phone call!" she said once again.

"Serena I can't wait forever, I've got important e-mails to respond to and I need to post my Sailor Moon story on the internet!" said Sammy coming out to register his complaint.

"You write Sailor Moon stories!" she said a little astonished.

"Yeah so what, what would a total space case like you know about Sailor Moon anyway! Serena you're such a ditz, I'll wait for a little while but I make no promises!" declared Sammy going back to his bedroom.

"Sammy writes Sailor Moon stories, I wonder if I can sneak into his room tonight and read what he wrote. Even better I'd be able to get Amy to find it on the net for me!" thought Serena blushing slightly.

Waiting impatiently Serena sat by the phone. It was 11:00 and Peter was going to call with the details on their mountain climbing trip. After a few minutes of waiting the phone finally rang.

"Hello is Serena there?" asked Peter over the phone.

"Hi Peter it's me!" said Serena surprised he didn't recognize her voice.

"Sorry I find people always sound different on the phone then they do face to face, well to me at least."

"So who's going to drive us?" asked Serena. "My dad's going to drive, we'll be over to pick you up in about ten minutes, by the way did Lita find someone to go out with Jason?" asked Peter.

"Actually yeah, we had a friend who's without a date too. Her name's Mina!"

"Mina...that name sounds so familiar for some reason, well anyway we'll be over soon to pick you up!"

"See ya!" said Serena hanging up the phone, "Go ahead and use the modem!" Serena called into the room. Serena walked out into the hall and casually checked her hair in the hall mirror.

"Why am I nervous?" she thought to herself, "This isn't a date or anything we're going as friends!"

"If we're going as friends why is everybody paired up in dates?" the little voice in her head scolded.

"This is nothing! We're only friends, only friends!" she repeated to herself still unsure about what she was feeling.


Near the outskirts of the town were several rocky hills which a company had set up a mountain climbing park. The jagged rock surfaces reached up high above them. The sky was a clear baby blue and had only several thin clouds interrupting the silk appearance. Everybody had arrived at the park except for Serena, Jason and Peter.

"Wow these cliffs sure look steep!" said Raye, for the first time realizing that this wasn't going to be easy.

"You're right, maybe this was a mistake." commented Mina as she too broke her gaze from the cliffs.

"There's a hiking trail to use if you want? It's way easier than climbing these but it's still tough enough to give you a good work out. Would you want to go on them?" asked Keith, both him and Lita were all suited up and ready to go whenever the rest of them were ready.

"No I'm going to get my money's worth out of this! If only Serena and the rest would hurry up and get here. Knowing Serena she probably chickened out at the last moment!" Raye bitterly said blaming Serena for them being late.

"I think I might take the hiking trail, this looks way to complicated!" said Mina relieved that she wouldn't have to pretend to be a spider man wannabe.

"I agree, maybe we should take the hiking trail, what do you think Derrick?" said Amy, evaluating the situation.

"Yeah you're right, maybe we should take the hiking trail too!"

"So that's makes only me and Raye, and Keith and Lita? Come on don't be such chickens!" said Mark disappointed that they weren't all going to climb the mountain.

"Don't push them Mark, if they don't feel confident enough to climb than you shouldn't make them! We'll just meet them at the top!" said Keith.

At that moment a black jeep turned around the rocky bend in the road, pulling up along side of the group it stopped and Serena, Peter and Jason got out.

"Sorry we're late, we had car trouble!" said Peter as he looked at the large rocky surface that towered before them, "Thanks for the ride Dad! See ya at 2!"

"So are we ready to go?" asked Raye.

"Yeah sure lets go!" said Keith, turning to the rock face ready to begin the climb.

"Mina this is Peter's friend Jason, Jason this is Mina!" said Serena introducing the two.

"Hello again Mina!" said Jason a little surprised.

"You two know each other?" asked Peter.

"Yeah we kinda met there on the street the other day!" added Mina.

"Totally cosmic! This is just too weird to be coincidence! Well you two have fun!" she said winking at Mina.

The small group broke off into two groups, Amy, Derrick, Mina and Jason took the hiking trail while Keith, Lita, Mark and Raye prepared to scale the mountain. Getting ready they hooked themselves in the ropes that hung down over the cliffs for their safety.

"So Serena which way do you want to go, hiking or climbing?" Peter asked pointing out their two avenues of choice.

"I think we should do the hiking trail, knowing me I might klutz out and fall over the mountain!" said Serena.

"I agree I don't think I'm up to doing the mountain myself today! We better hurry or the others will get too far ahead!" said Peter agreeing with Serena. They both took off after the rest of the group heading up the hiking trail.

"Let me help you!" Keith said giving Lita a helping hand onto the mountain.

"Thanks!" said Lita as she took Keith's hand and took hold of the hand grips.

"Would you like some help Raye?" asked Mark offering his assistance.

"I can do it myself!" said Raye. A large sweat drop appeared on Mark's head at Raye's response.

"It's going to be a long day!" Mark thought to himself.


In the higher sanctums of the pyramid Nut stood gazing out the large windows of her sanctuary. The wind howled in the open air quarters, the artificial atmosphere that surrounded the pyramid became more volatile as the pyramid descended upwards creating strong winds.

Nut surveyed the ruined environment of the ancient moon kingdom, the crashed pillars, the layers of dust moving for the first time in a thousand years. She closed her eyes and breathed in the sweat air that twisted and twirled violently around her, making her long black hair come alive with a force of it's own. Her large wings were folded downwards behind her and her long silk gown flapped wildly in the wind.

Moving her hand slightly the winds stopped and her long hair fell perfectly behind her like they had never moved in the first place. Stretching out her dove like wings she flew to the top of the vaulted ceiling above. The sound of birds chirping filled the room.

"Hush my children!" as she spoke the chirping calmed letting her speak, "We are waiting for orders, our mission on Earth is clear. When we attack many of you will be summoned to attack. All we wait now is for the location, soon my children we shall attack!" Nut flew higher still, multitudes of birds covered ledge upon ledge. At the very top Nut stopped at an ivory perch, reaching forward she gently took the bird upon it and held it close to her.

"Cherub, my favorite. My strongest, you shall serve me well on this mission, if I need you I will call. Listen well!" she said softly to the bird. The bird replied with a simple chirping sound. The birds feathers were a light blue and turned white at the tips.

"Nut!" echoed a voice from far below.

"Remember, listen carefully my little one!" she said placing the bird back on the perch.

"Nut!" the voice repeated. Descending quickly Nut answered this latest visitor in her realm.

"Geb, I am here, has there been word on the eternity circlet?" she asked recognizing her consort Geb.

"Yes, my love, the boy that Rahorkahty failed to find has been reported near the outside of towns. Some mountains out there the humans use as recreation." his voice thick and contrasting to all in Nut's realm.

"How convenient a mountain, combing both earth and sky, how fitting!" she said taking both of his thick arms and wrapping them around her.

"Then we shall be off!" he said holding her closely, in a flash of light they were gone leaving the sanctuary empty with the sound of birds echoing high above.


"Wow that was some climb!" said Lita as she pulled herself over the top of the mountain. Taking Keith's offer of help she looked out at the panoramic view of Tokyo. From this height they could she the entire city, a field of buildings rising and falling with height, with the Tokyo tower standing tall and dark against the horizon.

"What a view!" said Keith commenting on the beautiful landscape.

"You're right!" said Mark as he joined them.

Raye on the other hand was just managing to get to the top, all she needed to do was climb over. The climb had been tougher than she thought it was going to be.

"Do you want some help Raye?" Mark offered again hoping her response would be better than before.

"No I'm fine, I can..." Raye said pausing slightly.

"I sense something evil nearby!" she thought to herself, her senses heightened she just hung from the side of the mountain feeling out with her mind.

"Are you O.K. Raye?" asked Mark concerned about her blank expression.

"Fine!" she said with a grunt as she pulled herself up and over the top.

"What do you think of the view?" Mark asked, trying desperately to break the ice.

"It's...great!" she said pausing again. "There it is again! Something's wrong!" she thought to herself.

"Are you sure you're O.K.?" he asked starting to look concerned.

"I'm fine," she said this time smiling reassuringly, "The climb was a little tougher than I thought."

"Here come the others!" Lita said as she saw the rest of the group coming up the hiking path.

"Where's Serena and Peter?" Lita asked registering their absence.

"They should catch up soon, there's a rest stop over there, how about we have a break while we wait for them?" Raye suggested, she needed a moment to talk to the rest of them.

"Sounds like a plan, lets go!" said Jason, they all walked over to the rest stop and sat down.

"I need to go wash-up, come on!" Raye gestured to the girls, "Let us have a little time for some girl talk!" Raye said as she and the rest entered the bathroom.

Closing the door behind them, Raye checked each stall to make sure it was empty. Confirming they were alone she went to the outside door and locked it.

"What's wrong Raye?" Mina asked as she leaned up against one of the white sinks that covered the eastern wall of the rest room.

"I felt something evil when I was climbing up the mountain, I think who ever it was is going to attack again!"


"Sorry about keeping us behind Peter! If it wasn't for that stupid branch!" Serena said apologizing for getting caught on some of the surrounding fauna.

"That's ok, I'd rather spend time alone with you anyway." Peter said, Serena blushed deeply.

"So how long have you known Keith?" Serena asked changing the topic.

"Oh, I've known him and Mark for about a year, I met Derrick through Keith. They've been friends since child hood."

"What about Jason?" she asked as they walked further up the trail.

"Jason I've known about half a year, he was a transfer student to my school in Kyoto, but we met before that!"

"What were you visiting where he lived?"

"Yeah we took a trip to Hong Kong and we met and became good friends." he said feeling a little reluctant about answering her questions. He didn't want to reveal anything that would give away who he really was.

"Really, Hong Kong, was it business or pleasure?" Serena said smiling at him.

"Business, more or less!"


"What are taking them so long?" Mark asked out loud, "How long does it take to use the bathroom!"

"Ten to one, they're talking about us!" said Keith correcting Mark. All four boys sat patiently waiting at one of the tables.

Breaking the silence came a scream from around the bend in the rocks. Jumping up at the noise each boy looked at the other.

"Sounds like trouble!" said Keith immediately forming his rapier. Following suit all summoned their items and began to transform.

"Hermes Power, Suit up!"

"Aries Power, Suit Up!"

"Zeus Power, Suit Up!"

"Eros Power, Suit Up!"

With brilliant splashes of color each was dawned in their armor, "Should we wait for Peter?" asked Jason.

"We can't wait that long, plus how would we explain everything to Serena! We need to get to those people quick!" said Keith.

Moving quickly they all sprang into the air, heading to where the scream came from. Around the rocky bend two figures stood scanning several people, after they finish scanning each person they threw the body aside as if it were of no more use to them.

One of the two, a woman with large white wings, scanned a twenty-year old instructor. The woman begins to fly into the air and her eyes shine a brilliant white, on her forehead appeared a shining white symbol which quickly turned into a curved edge. A beam shots from her head and produced a small ball of light. Seconds later the beam ended and the woman falls to the ground. Now floating in the air was the second piece of the Eternity circlet.

"Well done, our job here is finished! Let us report to our masters!" said Geb coming over to Nut. The piece of the Eternity circlet slowly descended and landed gently in her hands.

"Not quite so fast! You still have us to contend with!" said Eros pulling back his arrow, "Eros Blinding Light!" Eros finished training his arrow on his target. A brilliant, dazzling arrow flew forth like a ray of light glimmering gold and silver. It sped by the two barely striking Geb. It hit the ground behind them sticking half in and half out, a few seconds later it dissipated leaving a small mark on the ground heralding it's presence.

"Ahh these are the ones that Master Osiris told us of! Shall we destroy them?" Nut asked rhetorically.

"By all means go ahead and try!" Zeus taunted, summoning his rapier he threw it through the air letting it land at their feet.

"Zeus Rapier Electrify!" he shouted, as he does bolts of lightening crash and hit the long thin sword making electricity fly wildly around it. Moving in time Geb and Nut retreated, Nut to the sky and Geb dissolving into the ground, they re-grouped several feet away free from any damage.

"How cute!" she said smiling to herself.

"Not let the real games begin!" Geb said, "By all means my love go ahead and strike!" he continued in a jovial manner.

Smiling Nut raised her hands to the sky, "Luzon's Bleeding Heart!" Form a red ball of energy from her hands appeared a gust of birds that sailed at the shogun like a blast of energy.


"What was that?!" said Venus jumping away from the sink as they heard a large crash from outside.

"It looks like Raye was right! Ready?" asked Lita.

"Should we wait for Serena, we might need Sailor Moon?" asked Amy, always thinking before they jumped into danger.

"There's no time, we need to move now!" said Mina, "Come on lets transform!"

"Mars Power!"

"Jupiter Power!"

"Venus Power!"

"Mercury Power!"

"Transform!" they all shouted in unison transforming into the sailor scouts.

"Scouts Charge!" Mars said as they all exited the rest room. The place was deserted and sounds of a battle were heard echoing around the mountain.

"Where did the guys go? Are they O.K.?" asked Venus, "Come on lets find out what's going on!" Jumping into action they rushed around the corner finding the Sailor Shogun fighting two strange beings.

"Need any help?" Jupiter asked, "Jupiter Thunder Clash Zap!" she said throwing a ball of energy at the two beings the ball of light landed at their feet shocking them slightly.

"Hey the more the merrier! Aries Hiroshima Dome!" Aries said sending forth a blast of energy at the two beings. Geb holding out his hand formed a sword which he swung at the energy blasting it back at Aries. The blast over took him sending him to the ground.

Nut stretched her large wings and flew into the air, "Golden Pheasant Surge!" she shouted forming a large bird. It's body was a deep crimson and it had long golden tail feathers. It's head feather were also gold and formed a small headdress. It flew at them with a vengeance screaming as it did. It burst into a large array of energy throwing Jupiter and Mercury to the ground.

"Gaea Soul Rumble!" shouted Geb slamming his large fist into the ground. The earth began to rumble and large pillars of stone blasted up from under the Sailors. The blast sends Zeus, Eros and Mars upwards into the air. They come crashing down on the hard rock surface dazed by the blast.

Nut surveyed the area seeing most of the Sailors laying hurt on the ground. Something moved to her right, she noticed Jupiter and Mercury start to stir. Smiling to herself she began to focus her energy.

"Hermes, quickly she's going to toast Jupiter and Mercury!" Aries said noticing Nuts attack pattern. Summoning his shield he grasped onto Hermes arm.

"Hermes Flash Freezing!" Hermes shouted dashing towards the scouts with Aries flying behind him.

"Dark Sparrow Scream!" said Nut letting a black current of sparrows surge forth for the two sailor scouts.

"Aries Shield Expand!" Aries shouted as both him and Hermes reached the scouts. It expanded taking the entire blast, after she ceased the shield shrunk to normal and disappeared.

"Damn! She's strong! That blast took all the shield's energy!" cursed Aries finding his defense weapon gone.

"That's O.K. we'll get her, right Mercury?" said Jupiter.

"Right! Mercury Ice Storm!" Mercury said as she twirled with blue energy. "Jupiter Thunder!" Jupiter spoke as she collected lightening with her tiara.


"Crash!" Both blasts of energy sped forth enwrapping themselves together. The blast met Nut head on and sent her crashing to the ground. Landing at Geb's feet she forced herself up.

"Nut!" he said concerned over her injury.

"Prepare to die Sailors! Heaven's Dove Strike!" she said forming a small dove in her hands. The dove flew forth and created a giant blast of energy which hit the entire group, sending them to flying to the ground in pain.


"Did you hear something?" Peter asked as him and Serena came upon the rest stop.

"I'm not quite sure? I thought I heard something." she said looking around. From around the corner where the fight was taking place a blast of bright light flashed.

"Oh no, Serena you go get help! I'll see if I can help?" he said putting himself in front of Serena and where the blast came from.

"Ok." said Serena reluctantly, "I'll be back as soon as I can!" she said running down the path and out of sight.

"It looks like it's time for Pan!" Peter said realizing something was up.

"Pan Power, suit up!" he shouted transforming into Sailor Pan.

Jumping into action he found the battle around the corner, everybody was down, and trying to force themselves up. Nut's hands glowed with power as she kept each scout down with wave after wave of birds. Summoning his sword he shot forth into battle.

"I am Sailor Pan, charged with guarding this Planet! In the name of the Moon I shall punish you!"

"Someone else to join the party!" Geb said forming his sword as he had did once before. Racing foreword he held out his sword that met with Pan's. A flash of light filled the air as they both swung their blades deep in the heat of battle. Blocking and striking the battle raged on between the two foes until Geb struck sending the sword away from Pan. Geb swung again at Pan. Being unarmed he jumped back falling to the ground.

"Time to die Sailor Boy!" he said laughing evily.


"I can't wait to find the scouts! I need to help!" she said making sure no one was around.

"Moon Crystal Power!" she shouted transforming into Sailor Moon.

Heading to where the battle had been she saw Pan laying on the ground a tall dark man holding a blade to his throat. The others, including her scouts, were being pinned to the ground by wave after wave of energy "I've got to help them!" she said, "How dare you hurt my friends, in the name of the Moon I shall punish you!" she said jumping down to where the battle was.

"The Moon Princess!" Isis' voice said telepathically to both Geb and Nut, "Bring her to me!"

"Queen Isis!" they said startled by the voice, breaking their concentration both broke the hold they had on the sailors.

"I want that Moon brat, I want revenge, bring her to me!"

"Yes my Queen!" they both said turning towards Sailor Moon.

"Mars fire!" said Mars rising to her feet. She had heard the message in her head, she heard what they wanted.

"Not so fast fire starter! Dark Sparrow Scream!" Nut said blasting the group with one of her strongest attacks. The blast over took them making them groan in agony.

"My friends..." Sailor Moon whispered seeing them all groaning in pain, "MY FRIENDS!" she shouted starting to boil with anger. Around Sailor Moon a bright light began to shine. Her hair began to flap wildly in the winds that swirled around her.

"My friends!" she said once again. As she did the crystal on her tiara began to glow brightly, then as it turned a bright white the tiara shattered revealing a crescent moon on her forehead glowing brightly with energy.

"My love we must combine our powers! She is way too strong for either of us alone!" said Geb taking Nut's hand.

"Nut Sky Eternal!" Nut said charging her energy.

"Geb Earth Shake!" shouted Geb focusing his power, "Combine!" they both said sending a white and black blast at Sailor Moon. The energy engulfed her blocking out her entire body.

"Sailor Moon!" shouted Mars from the ground trying with all her strength to get up, "NO!" her mind screamed as she watched Serena disappearing in the blast.

The beam ceased and a fine mist of stone was left floating where Sailor Moon had stood.

"No!" shouted Jupiter she too saw what had happened.

"The queen will be terribly angry." said Nut to Geb.

"It was unavoidable, we may lose our lives but she may over she it when we return the second piece of the Eternity Circlet!" he said giving hope to their situation.

"Not so fast!" said a voice from the mist of stone. Sailor Moon stepped from the clouds unfazed by the blast. Still glowing with energy she held her hands outward, two beams of energy came from the crescent moon on her forehead forming to ball of light in her hands.

"Moon Epicycle Equinox!" Sailor Moon shouted sending three blast of energy forward. A bright crescent moon at the center was encircle by two outer shells of energy. Speeding forth it consumed Geb and Nut, the place they stood turning into a giant pillar of light that streaked upward and out of sight.

Sailor Moon stood drained of all her energy, the crescent moon on her forehead slowly faded to nothing. She slowly fell to the ground with out energy to sustain consciousness.

"Sailor Moon!" the scouts shouted as they managed to make it to her side.

"Mercury, is she all right?" Jupiter asked frantically. Her eyes transfixed on the still body that lay before her.

Placing her two fingers by her neck she took a pulse, "Her hearts still beating," she said as she lay her head upon her chest, "She's still breathing! I think she'll be O.K.!"

Floating in the air the Eternity Circlet floated from the spot Geb and Nut once stood. Opening his hands the piece slowly landed in Sailor Pan's hands.

"Will she be all right?" Pan asked Jupiter, the scouts unknowing of what had just happened. They were too concerned with Sailor Moon's health.

"She'll be fine!" Mercury volunteered as she lay Sailor Moon's head on her lap.

"Then we will go, we have nothing else to do here!" said Pan backing away, in a moment they were all gone leaving the scouts to tend to Sailor Moon.

"Why is every time the monster's gone, the mysterious guy always leaves without any explanation!" Jupiter said remarking on how they had just up and left.

"Hey Guys, what...what happened?" Sailor Moon asked coming to.

"Serena! You're all right?" Mars said overjoyed.

"Oh nothing but you destroying two monsters by yourself!" said Mercury smiling broadly.

"Where did you get the power to do that?" asked Venus holding Sailor Moon's hand.

"I don't know you guys, when I say them hurting you I just couldn't stand it. I remember feeling this power over come me and then well I just let it out!" she said in a half dazed state.

"You sure did, that beam went up for almost half a mile!" said Jupiter, "You did good Sailor Moon!"

"Thanks!" she simply said squeezing her hand.


"So Geb and Nut have been destroyed." said Isis pensively as she sat on her throne in the main hall.

"And the second piece is now in the hands of the Shogun." Osiris said watching Geb and Nut being destroyed on a nearby view screen.

"This princess is stronger than we thought, we have underestimated them again my love!" she said sighing at the lost.

"The scouts were Princesses once in the sliver millennium but what of the Shogun? How do they fit into the story?" Osiris said as the screen showed the Shogun beginning to rise to their feet.

"I want the Moon Princess! My vengeance must be fed!" she said watching Sailor Moon fall to the ground on the screen.

"Don't worry, we will retrieve the Eternity Circlet and you shall have your revenge." Osiris said taking Isis' hand. They both stood and walked behind the thrones. The far wall slowly began to open and allowed them to enter.

"Do not worry yourself with these matters, you focus on the child! We shall capture the rest of the hidden pieces and then take that which they have stolen! They are no match for the power Ra!" Osiris said softly as they past into the light of Ra.