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I'll Be There For You
By Meaghan

"So, how's your ankle?" Andros asked Ashley as they walked down the Megaship's corridor.

"It's great!" Ashley flexed it for a moment. "How are you doing?"

"I'm fine." Said Andros. "At least we've had a break for a while since that fight with Rynagore."

"You said it." Ashley smiled. "It's nice to take a breather!" She put her arm around his shoulders. "And it's nice to have one with you."

Andros blushed lightly, Ashley had helped him bring out his sensitive side, unlike how cold he had been when they first met. His thoughts drifted to their most recent adventure, where they had finally found his sister, Korone. She had been under an evil spell, and it was broken when she regained her memories.

"I wonder how Rocky and Korone are doing on earth." He wondered aloud.

"Probably about the same thing we're doing now!" Ashley laughed, squeezing his hand.

* * *

As a matter of fact, down on earth, Rocky and Korone were walking hand-in-hand down a corridor in the Youth Center.

"Earth is fascinating!" Korone exclaimed. "I really like it here!"

"I'm glad you do!" Rocky smiled. He led her to a table and they sat down.

"Why are they fighting?" She asked, pointing to two martial arts students on the mats.

"Fighting?" Rocky looked over. "Oh! They're sparring, practice fighting! Like at my Dojo!."

"Oh!" Korone watched the two in fascination. "Can you teach me some of those moves?"

"Of course!" Rocky put his arm around her and gave her a kiss.

"Hello there!" A voice startled them. They both turned around to see who it was.

"Hi Adelle." Rocky smiled at her.

"Hi Rocky!" Adelle began washing the table behind them. "Who's your friend?"

"This is Korone." Rocky pointed to her. "Korone, meet Adelle, she runs the restaurant 'The Surf Spot' here."

"Hello, Adelle!" Korone smiled. "Pleasure to meet you!"

"Pleasure to meet you too!" Adelle smiled back. "Would you two like some lunch?"

"Lunch?" At the mention of the word, Rocky's face lit up. "Sure!"

"All right." Adelle brought out her order pad. "One DeSantos special for Rocky, and what will the young lady be having?"

"I'll have one Goroba-chok." Korone answered.

"You want a _what_?" Adelle looked at her curiously, and Korone looked to Rocky for help.

"Umm, she's new here to Angel grove!" Rocky cut in. "She doesn't have, uh, quite the same foods as here! Just bring her a burger, some fries and a smoothie."

"All right, sweetie!" Adelle wrote it down. "Be back in a jiff!"

"Jiff?" Asked Korone.

"She means she'll be back soon." Rocky answered.

"Right." Korone turned back to watch the martial artists and sighed. "I have a lot to learn about this planet!"

"Yeah, but I'll be here to help you!" Rocky took her hand and kissed it, and Korone giggled.

* * *

"Doo-de-doo…" Elgar walked down the hall of Rynagore's ship, playing with a paddle ball.

"Doh!" The ball hung from the string. "I can never get the hang of this thing!" He swung it around, hitting himself in the head. "Ouchie!" He finally got it going, and started walking again. "Do-de-doo…urk!" He was suddenly grabbed by the neck and pulled onto the bridge.

"Aw, man, Boss!" Elgar rubbed his neck. "Do ya always hafta grab my neck? Can'tcha just, uh, tap me on the shoulder or somethin'? "

Ecliptor strolled into the room, swinging his sword. "You wanted to see me, my lord?" He asked.

"Yes." Rynagore growled. The giant, brown-furred creature turned and sat back in his chair. "As you should know, Ja'ooti, my former monster-maker, has been destroyed."

"Yeah!" Elgar swung his paddle ball. "Those power rangers blew him up like a balloon!"

Rynagore bared his fangs, and Elgar shut up.

"As I was saying." Rynagore continued. "If I ever want to conquer the universe, I will need more monsters. Therefore, I will need a new monster maker."

"Hey, what about me?" Asked Elgar, swinging his paddle ball. "The other day I made this really cool tiger out of clay… 'course everyone thought it looked like a pig…"

"QUIET!" Rynagore roared. Shocked, Elgar let go of the paddle and it smacked Rynagore in the head. The brown beast took a deep breath to keep from pounding Elgar into the floor. The only reason he kept him around was because it would displease Dark Spectre to destroy him.

"Ecliptor." He looked at the black and green servant. "Post a sign on the planet Onyx asking for a monster maker, I will view each of them in a few days."

"Yes, Rynagore." Ecliptor bowed and walked out.

"Uh, bye, boss!" Elgar picked up his paddle ball and backed towards the door. Rynagore snarled lightly, and Elgar yelped and ran out.

* * *

"Andros?" Ashley looked around. "T.J., have you seen Andros?"

"Not really." Said T.J. "Try in his quarters."

Ashley ventured down the hallway and peeked into Andros' room. The young man sat on his bed, staring at a picture of the rangers.

"Are you all right?" Asked Ashley. Startled, Andros turned to Ashley and blinked.

"What are you doing here?" He asked none too lightly, putting the picture down.

"Is something wrong?" She asked, picking up the picture. "You know you can tell me." Ashley looked into his eyes, he seemed to be thinking about something. She had finally brought him out of his shell, and hoped he wasn't becoming distant again.

"Well…" Andros sighed heavily. "On KO-35, it wasn't very heavily populated. Then when it was taken over… I'm just not used to having so many people close to me. I'm not used to talking to them about everything, I've always kept it inside, and been on my own. I've never relied on anyone before."

"It's all right, Andros." Ashley put her arm around him. "You'll get used to us, you'll find it's nice to have someone to rely on, someone who's there when you need them. We'll be here for you when you need us, a true friend never gives up on anyone. You'll find they're nice to have around! Don't worry."

"I guess you're right." Andros smiled lightly.

Ashley patted his shoulder. "C'mon, let's go see what the others are doing on deck."

Andros left the picture on his dresser, and followed Ashley out.

* * *

"Here you go!" Adelle put Korone's plate in front of her, and struggled to lift Rocky's plate, and managed to get it all the way to the table. "Enjoy!"

Korone looked at her hamburger.

"Go ahead, try it!" Said Rocky, biting into his first hamburger.

"All right." Korone agreed, picking it up and taking a bite. "Wow!" She exclaimed. "This is good!"

"It sure is!" Rocky started his second burger. He managed to finish his three burgers, french fries, and smoothie before Korone finished her lunch.

Korone shook her head. "How do your parents manage to feed you?" She asked.

"Well, my Mom has a pretty good job, and my Dad… he was killed in a car accident a few years ago." Rocky explained.

"Oh," Korone covered her mouth. "I'm so sorry."

"It's ok" Said Rocky. "Anyway, would you like me to show you a few moves on the mat before we head to my house?"

"Sure, just a few!" Korone and Rocky walked onto the mat.

"Here, " said Rocky, "stand like this." He put himself in a fighting stance, and Korone did the same.

"Now kick like this." Rocky demonstrated, and helped Korone try it.

"Good job!" Rocky clapped lightly and grinned. "Of course, you'll never be as good as Ashley…"

Instantly, Rocky found himself pinned to the mat, being tickled unmercifully.

"Hey, I was just kidding! No fair, you know how ticklish I am!" Rocky managed to gasp, laughing uncontrollably. "Stop! Please! Oh man, He hee!" Tears began to form in Rocky's eyes, when Korone finally let him up, and he gasped for breath. "Remind me not to joke in front of you!" He gasped, panting. Korone laughed and helped the young man to his feet. Rocky had just gotten his breath back, when something fell out of his pocket.

He picked it up, studied it for a moment, and held it out to Korone. "I almost forgot to give this to you." He said, smiling. Korone opened it and gasped as she pulled out a necklace, with a tiny rose charm on it.

"Rocky it's… beautiful!" She breathed, and gave him a big hug. "I love it!"

"I knew you would." He grinned. "Oh no!" He looked at his watch. "I forgot, we have to get to my house or we'll be late for dinner!"

"We can't have that, can we?" Korone smiled, and Rocky drove them to his house.

"Hola, Mama!" Rocky greeted his mother.

"Rockwell DeSantos!" Rocky cringed at his full name. "You never cleaned your room!" His Mother continued. "What have you to say for yourself?"

"Uh, Mama, meet Korone, the girl I have told you about." Said Rocky sheepishly.

"Oh, Hola, child! I am sorry!" Mr. DeSantos blushed. "I am Maria DeSantos, Rocky's mother."

"I am Korone." Korone smiled.

"Come in, come in!" Rocky's Mother ushered them into the house. "I have dinner on the table, please sit!"

"Gracias, Mama." Rocky and Korone sat at the table with Mrs. DeSantos, and Rocky's six younger siblings.

"How long have you known Rocky?' Asked Maria.

"Oh, we met a month or two ago." Korone answered, holding Rocky' hand.

"Oh?" Mrs. DeSantos took a spoonful of potatoes. "And how was it 'up there'?"

"Where, Mama?" Asked the Diego, the littlest DeSantos.

"Nowhere, dear." Maria winked at the couple, Rocky had explained their whole ordeal to her in order to explain where he'd been.

Rocky tickled Diego while Mrs. DeSantos talked with Korone.

"You two look so cute together!" She cooed. "Just watch out for him, he can be a goof sometimes!"

"Rocky's not a goof!" Said Korone.

"Huh?" Hearing his name, Rocky turned around, two peas stuffed in his nose.

"Well, not always!" Korone giggled at her boyfriend. The rest of the evening went by, fairly uneventful besides for a few flying peas and carrots. Finally, it was time for bed.

"Here, Korone." Rocky tossed her a pillow. "You'll be sleeping in my bed, I'll sleep on the couch."

"All right." Korone yawned and crawled into bed. She carefully placed her necklace beside her bed, Rocky noticed and smiled.

"Goodnight, Korone." He whispered. "Sweet dreams." He kissed her forehead before heading off to bed.

* * *

"Bring in the first monster maker!" Rynagore bellowed. A white creature with enormous ears came in and bowed to Rynagore.

"Show me the monster." Said Rynagore.

"Behold." The creature announced. "Gloadon!" Out of the doorway stepped a large centaur-like monster wielding a sword. Rynagore studied the creature, and suddenly slashed at it. The creature shrank back, tripping over it's own four feet, and ran out the door.

"No good!" Rynagore yelled. "It's afraid of it's own shadow! Out with you!" The monster maker shot out the door. Rynagore viewed the monster makers for the next few hours, but none of the monsters were what he wanted.

"We'll call you." He said to the second to last creature.

"Call 'im what?" Asked Elgar. "'Cuz I can think of a few things!"

Finally, a green lizard-like creature came into the room, bowing to Rynagore. "I am Decdion."

"Let's see the monster." Rynagore growled, not wanting to see another failure.

"Oneous." Called the Decdion. "Come!"

Out of the shadows of the side of the room stepped a colossal figure. It stood on two powerful legs, leading up to a muscular body, one hand protruded sharp claws, while the other held a swinging sword. It's black fur stood on end as it growled menacingly, it's horned head swiveling and red eyes blinking. Rynagore suddenly picked up an object and threw it at the creature, but the object was immediately shredded into bits by it's sword.

"Excellent." Rynagore smiled. "You're hired!"

"Thank you, sire." Decdion bowed.

"How soon can we send Oneous to destroy the Astro rangers?" Rynagore rubbed his clawed paws together.

"Pardon, sire." Decdion coughed. "May I tell you a suggestion?"

Decdion walked over and whispered his plan to Rynagore, who's eyes lit up as he heard the news.

"Power coins?!" He gasped. "Where did you find them?!"

"I stole them from the planet Beren." Decdion announced. "I have not had a use for them… until now."

"Wonderful." Said Rynagore. "Now which power rangers shall we use?" He thought for a moment. "I know of the perfect ones!" He cried suddenly, and explained his plan to Decdion.

* * *

"Rocky and Korone are going to be visiting us today!" Cried Ashley excitedly. "They should be here by 2 o'clock."

"That's great." Said Andros. "I want to challenge Rocky to a game of T'chig! He's getting really good at it, he almost beat me last time!"

"We'd better get this ship cleaned up." T.J. commented, looking at the mess around them.

"You're right." Said Cassie. "Wait, where are they going to stay? We've been using the room they stayed in last time as a practice room, it's a mess!"

"We'd better hurry!" Carlos headed to the room. "Last one there's a rotten egg!"

"Rotten egg?" Asked Andros.

"I'll tell you on the way!" Said Ashley, and they raced down the hall.

* * *

"Rocky?" At the sound of his name, Rocky yawned and slowly opened his eyes to find Korone's face in his. Startled, he jumped up, only to fall off the couch in a pile of covers.

"Good morning, sleepyhead!" Korone giggled. "I was wondering when you'd wake up!"

"I don't wanna get up yet!" Rocky moaned, putting his pillow over his head.

"Come one, Rocky." Korone pulled at him, but he wouldn't budge. "I made your breakfast…"

Immediately Rocky was on his feet. Korone laughed and led him to the kitchen. After he was finished, she helped him clean up the dishes.

"You'd better get dressed." She said. "We're going to be visiting Andros today, remember?"

"Oh yeah!" Rocky went to his room and threw on some clothes. "We have to meet them at the side of the youth center at 2 o'clock." He said, pulling on a white shirt. "Do you want to walk, or drive?"

"Let's walk." Said Korone. "We still have some time, and it's a beautiful day!"

The two headed down to the youth center, enjoying the sun and view, hand-in-hand. Suddenly, they were surrounded by Quantrons!

"Surrender now, rangers." Came an unfamiliar voice. The two teens turned to see Rynagore's monster. They both fell into fighting stances "No way!" Rocky declared.

"Very well." The monster waved his hand. "Capture them!" The Quantrons swarmed in. Rocky and Korone stood back to back, facing the metal goons. The Quantrons rushed in, and Rocky foot-swept one, while Korone punched another. Rocky roundhouse kicked one heading for Korone, and elbowed one behind him. Korone front kicked a goon, and jumped and kicked two, each with one leg. Rocky kicked at one who caught his leg, and he spin-kicked it with his free leg, and turned and kicked an unsuspecting one behind him.

"You all right, Korone?" He yelled, punching a Quantron.

"Define 'all right'!" She yelled back, kneeing and punching two more Quantrons.

Suddenly, Oneous came in and slashed at the teens. With moves too fast to follow, he soon had the youths on their knees, gasping for breath. The Quantrons swarmed around, pinning their arms and legs.

"Korone!" Cried Rocky, struggling against his captors.

"Rocky!" Cried Korone, before the two were hit from behind and blacked out.

* * *

"I don't understand." Said Ashley, looking at her watch. "This isn't like them to be late."

"Maybe Rocky stopped for lunch!" T.J. smiled, and the rangers laughed. That _would_ take a while!

"Really, though, guys." Ashley looked at her watch again. "I'm kind of worried about them."

"They're fine." Said Andros, putting his arm around her. "Don't worry about it, they're probably just spending a few moments alone together."

"Maybe you're right." Said Ashley. "But they'd better get here soon!"

* * *

Rocky and Korone lay sprawled in separate cells, unconscious.

"They will be perfect." Rynagore smiled. "You are brilliant, Decdion!"

"Thank you, sire." Decdion bowed. "Now come with me, we must prepare the coins for evil!"

A few moments later, Rocky slowly awoke. "Korone?!" He gasped when he saw her motionless body in the cell one cell down from his. Korone stirred and sat up, looking around.


"I'm right here, Korone!"

She turned to see him. "Rocky!" They both reached their arms through the bars, trying to reach across the cell in-between them, but it was no use. "Rocky, what are they going to do with us?" She asked fearfully.

"I don't know" said Rocky. "But I'll be here with you." He put his hand up to the side of his cell, and Korone put hers across from his.

"All right you two." Said Rynagore, strolling into the room. "It's time!" The cell door opened, and they ran into each others arms. Rocky held Korone, curled into his chest.

"Isn't that sweet." Rynagore muttered disdainfully. "Hold them!"

Quantrons came in and pulled Rocky and Korone apart. Decdion came forward and placed the coins on their chests.

"Agh!" They groaned in pain.

"It may take some time for their good side to be overtaken by the evil." Decdion explained. "If you are patient, it will be over soon."

Rocky gritted his teeth as the pain shot through him, sweat pouring down his brow. He barely managed to turn his head, Korone was faring no better that he was. He began to glow, the Quantrons let go of him and he crumpled to the floor, curling in a fetal position.

"I love you, Korone!" He managed to whisper.

"I love you too, Rocky!" Came Korone's voice, and the two teens lay still.

"What happened to them?!" Rynagore roared.

"Watch, master." Said Decdion. Rocky and Korone got to their feet, their eyes now glowing a dull red.

"Excellent." Rynagore smiled evilly.

* * *

"Two life forms have appeared on the planet below." D.E.C.A. reported. Andros looked at the screen. "It's Rocky and Korone!" He cried. "What are they doing?"

"Let's find out." Said T.J.

"Right." Said Andros, and they headed to the planet.

"Hey guys!" Said Andros cheerfully, holding his hand out to Rocky, an earthling gesture he'd learned from the rangers. Suddenly, Rocky grabbed Andros' arm, twisted it and flung Andros to the ground.

"Hey, what gives?" Asked T.J., running to Andros' side.

"Prepare to meet your doom, rangers." Said Korone in a deep voice. The rangers gasped as their two friends' eyes glowed red, and a small coin flashed on their chests.

"Rynagore." Andros growled in a low voice. "I know he did this!"

"Guys, you have to snap out of it!" Ashley ran up to Rocky and Korone. "We're your friends!"

Korone lashed out and caught Ashley in the midriff with her boot, knocking the shocked ranger to the ground.

"White Dragon Ranger Power!" Cried Rocky, and a white ranger suit appeared on him, with a dragon emblem on his chest.

"Purple Pegasus Ranger Power!" Cried Korone, and a similar, but purple suit appeared on her, with a flying horse emblem, on her chest.

"Hi-yah!" Korone cried, kicking T.J. and Carlos to the ground. Rocky went after Andros, and round house kicked him to the planet floor. Cassie and Ashley tried to restrain Rocky, but he just flipped them over his head and punched them. T.J. bear-hugged him, but was flung off into Andros. Cassie and Carlos tried talking to Korone, but it did no good.

"We're your friends, Korone!" Cried Cassie desperately. "Don't you remember us?"

"I have no friends." Said Korone coldly, and kicked at Cassie, who ducked.

Andros came up behind Rocky, but hesitated whether or not to hit his friend, when Rocky spun around and kicked him hard across the head, sending Andros' senses reeling. It was ranger against ranger, when finally the Astro Rangers began to get the upper hand. Being as gentle as they could, they captured the two struggling evil rangers, when they were teleported away.

"Where did they go?" Asked Carlos.

"Rynagore has them." Said Andros grimly, and they themselves teleported to the megaship.

"How can we get them back to normal?" Asked Ashley. Andros paced back and forth, pondering.

"Wait!" He cried. "I think there may be a way…." Suddenly, the ship rocked and the lights flickered.

"Unidentified ships approaching." Said D.E.C.A.

"On screen." Said Andros.

"It's their Zords!" Cassie gasped. The two Zords floated in front of them. One a magnificent white flying dragon, and the other a purple winged horse. Each fired on the Megaship.

Andros grabbed at the controls and tried to steer.

"How did you say we'd break the spell?" Asked Ashley.

"We have to…" Andros began, but the ship was hit hard. He was flung over the console and landed, hitting his head hard on the floor.

"Andros?!" Cried Ashley, running to his side, but the youth's eyes remained closed.

"Is he all right?" Asked T.J. "He's the only one who really knows how to fly this thing!"

"Andros, Andros, wake up!" Said Ashley worriedly, but he didn't respond, and the ship rocked again.

T.J. grabbed at the controls. "D.E.C.A." He said. "Damage report!"

"Shields are on auxiliary power, running low. Engines are failing. Warning, engines are failing."

T.J. hung on as the ship was flung backwards, Ashley held onto Andros' limp figure.

"We have to try to land!" Cried Carlos.

"I'm trying!" said T.J. "Half the controls won't respond! Hang on!" Carlos and Cassie hung onto the wall, and Ashley knelt over Andros as the ship fell and half-landed, half-crashed to the planet below.

"Oh, man!" T.J. grabbed the edge of the console to pull himself up, holding his head. "Is everyone all right?"

"Bruised, battered and broken, but all right." Came the reply from Carlos, pushing debris off of him and crawling out of the corner into which he'd fallen.

"Same here." Said Cassie picking herself up off the floor. "Where's Ashley?"

"Oh…" The rangers heard a groan, and found Ashley pinned under a large fallen panel from the ship. They heaved it off of her, and she pulled out Andros from the wreckage.

Cassie sucked in a breath. "Is he all right?" She asked.

"I hope so." Said Ashley, wiping off some blood from a cut on his forehead. "Before he fell, he said he had an idea how to break the spell on Rocky and Korone!"

"Let's hope he wakes up soon!" Said T.J. Suddenly, the ground shook for a moment, and the rangers looked outside. The two Zords had landed on the planet, and the white and purple rangers were headed towards the ship.

"We can't let them know Andros is down!" Said Ashley.

"Let's rocket!" Said T.J., and the rangers morphed and ran outside.

"We meet again, rangers!" Rocky smirked. "We will not be defeated so easily this time!"

"Where is the pathetic red ranger?" Asked Korone. "Never mind, we will defeat you and find him later!"

The rangers fought and kicked, dust flew up as they matched punch-for-punch. The black and pink rangers fought the purple ranger, while blue and yellow fought with white. Carlos ran in from the front while Cassie ran in from the back, but Korone forced them both back, sending them to their knees with a blast of channeled power.

"Rocky, you have to snap out of this!" Ashley begged, ducking a kick. "We…" She was cut off as her feet were swept out from under her. T.J. ran in and exchanged a few blows with the blue ranger, until he, too, was flung to the ground. No matter how hard they fought, the Astro rangers could not get the evil rangers to back down.

"Ah, we have the red ranger!" Said Rocky. Ashley turned to see Andros, unmorphed, stumble out of the ship's door.

"Andros! No!" Cried Ashley. "Andros, get out of here!"

Andros came out and fell to the ground, struggling to pick himself up. His head spun wildly, but he kept going.

"I'll take care of him." Said Korone, and she headed in his direction. Ashley tried to stop her, but was pulled back by Rocky.

"K-Korone." Andros gasped. "It's me, Andros, your brother."

"I have no family." Said Korone, kicking him in the stomach. Andros curled up from the blow, and tried to reach for something around his neck. Korone pulled the unmorphed ranger to his feet and punched him, sending him spinning to the ground. Andros quickly reached into his shirt and pulled out his locket. Korone raised her hands to send and energy bolt to finish him off, when he stood and held the locket in front of her face. Korone gasped and let her hands drop. Memories flashed through her head.

"No!" She shook for a moment, the good side of her trying to overcome the evil. Finally, she glowed for a moment, and fell into Andros arms, exhausted. "Andros." She whispered. "I remember!" Andros hugged her tightly.

Rocky saw what happened. "No!" He cried, and teleported out.

* * *

The rangers teleported back to this ship. Andros' head was taken care of, and they all talked to Korone.

"Why does she still have the powers?" Asked T.J.

"The powers were not evil." Said D.E.C.A. "The coin was also under Rynagore's spell, and when Korone broke the spell, the coin became good again."

"What do we do about Rocky?" Asked Korone worriedly. "What will Rynagore do with him?"

"I have a feeling we'll have to fight him again." Said Andros. "Rynagore will tighten his hold on the white ranger, we have to make him remember, it will be harder for him to fight the spell now."

"We'll try." Said Korone. "We have to!"

A few hours later, Korone paced back and forth across the deck, waiting for any sign of Rocky.

"We're here for you." Said Ashley, placing her hand on Korone's shoulder.

"Thank you." Said Korone softly, and Andros watched as the two hugged.

* * *

"I have strengthened our power over him, sire." Said Decdion. "It is now almost impossible to break the spell."

"Very good." Said Rynagore. "Send him to the planet!"

* * *

"Guys." Said Carlos. "Rocky's back!"

Ashley and Korone exchanged glances. "Let's go!"

The rangers morphed and hurried to the planet. "Hello rangers!" Rocky smiled, and fell into a fighting stance. "Prepare to die!"

The rangers ran in, but Rocky was too strong for them. He blocked and countered all of their blows.

"We can't even get close enough to try anything!" T.J. panted as Andros was flipped to the ground.

"I have an idea!" Said Korone. She tackled Rocky and began to tickle him.

"No, stop!" Rocky cried, laughing. His breath began to come faster as he got weaker.

"Rocky, try to remember!" Korone begged. "Remember me! Korone!"

Rocky was still for a moment, as if thinking, then he shook his head and threw Korone off of him.

'I think I hit a nerve for a moment!" Said Korone, as Rocky stumbled, shaking his head.

Suddenly, Rocky's head snapped up. "Eretar Dragon power!" He cried, and was engulfed by a white light. A moment later, in Rocky's place stood a giant white dragon. He lowered his head and shot flames at the rangers, who barely had enough time to move out of the way.

"Suratar Pegasus power!" Cried Korone, and she turned into a purple flying horse. The two battled, neither giving ground.

A blue light came down and hit Rocky, and the dragon grew to a colossal size.

"We need Astro megazord power now!" Cried the rangers. The AstroMegaship became the zord, and the rangers climbed into it.

"Rocky, remember!" Cried Korone. "I love you!"

The great white dragon wavered for a moment, his eyes now blue instead of red. "Guys?" He asked.

"Rocky!" Said Korone. "You're back!"

"No…" The dragon shook his head. "Can't… have to stop… He looked up at the rangers. "You have to stop me! No matter what!" His eyes became red again and he shoved the Pegasus away. He advanced on the Zord, snapping and blowing fire at it. The cockpit became hotter and hotter.

"We have to do something!" Said T.J.

"I'm sorry, Rocky." Said Andros solemnly, and fired. The missiles shot out and hit the dragon in the chest, sending him flying backwards. He landed on the planet and got up again, slamming into the zord with his tail. The zord fired again, and Rocky was pushed back for a moment.

"Rocky!" Cried Korone. She turned back into human form and landed on the dragon's nose.

"Please, Rocky!" She cried, holding the rose necklace he'd given her in front of his face. "Remember! I love you!"

The dragon's giant red eyes blinked, staring at the necklace. Suddenly he let out a great, sorrowful roar. Korone was flung off and was caught by the megazord. Rocky held his head, thrashing it back and forth.

"No!' He cried. "Korone… Rynagore… rangers… can't…." He cried out in agony and fell to the ground, twisting and turning. "No!" He got up and grabbed the zord, squeezing it.

"He's crushing us!" Cried Cassie.

"We can't take this much longer!" T.J. yelled.

Rocky continued squeezing, when suddenly he stopped, a shocked look on his long face.

"No.. I can't… I would never hurt… Agh!" He cried, and thrashed about again, as if struggling within himself.

"What's happening?" Asked Carlos.

"He's fighting the evil." Said Korone, running into the cockpit. "The good side of him is coming up, but the evil is rooted inside of him, I don't know if he can win!" She watched worriedly. "Please, Rocky!" She begged quietly.

The white dragon bellowed in pain and curled in a fetal position, gritting his teeth. "Can't… let him… win…." He was enveloped in white light and the human form of Rocky tumbled to the ground.

"Rocky!" Cried Korone, she got out of the zord and ran to him. He was unmorphed, his clothes torn, his body burned. "Rocky!" Korone sobbed, rocking him back and forth.

"He sacrificed himself to save us." Said Andros softly.

"That's what true friends do." Said Ashley, sniffing. T.J. knelt beside Rocky and took his pulse.

"He's alive!' He exclaimed excitedly. The rangers quickly teleported to the infirmary of the megaship and examined him.

"He'll live!" Said Carlos, smiling from ear to ear. "He overcame the evil that was inside him, and the power coin too! He held up the dragon power coin, and put it beside Rocky's cot.

"Oh, thank Ker'sho!" Said Andros, and he held the sobbing Korone close, but now she was crying in relief.

The rangers, exhausted, all went to bed. They slept for the next few hours, until they were awakened by an alarm sounding.

"A monster has been sent to the planet." Said D.E.C.A., and all the rangers groaned.

"Will we never have a break?!" Cried Carlos.

"Come on, guys." Said Andros wearily. "Let's rocket!"

The Astro rangers morphed, and so did Korone.

"Time to die, rangers!" Cried Oneous, and he swung at Andros, who was knocked to the ground. As Oneous raised his claws, the blow was deflected by T.J.

"I'm here for you, Andros!" Said T.J. "I got your back!" The rangers fought Oneous and were gaining the upper hand, when a blue light enveloped him and he grew.

"Does this never end?!" Cried Cassie, exasperated.

"We need Astro-Megazord power, NOW!"

The rangers jumped into the zord.

"Purple Pegasus Zord!" Cried Korone, and she jumped into hers. Oneous slashed at the Zords, but they were too much for him. If he got a hold on one, the other would be blasting him away.

"Channel all energy to Megablasters!" Cried Andros. The Zord fired, and Oneous was no more.

"Yes!" The rangers slapped hands, and the Megaship turned back to normal. By the time the battle was over, Rocky was already up.

"Where is he?" Asked Ashley, noticing the empty cot.

"I think I know." Said Korone. Sure enough, there was Rocky in the kitchen, a big pile of food on his plate.

"Y'know, this synthetron thing is great!" He said between bites. "What?" He looked at the stares everyone gave him, and they all burst out laughing. Korone gave Rocky a hug, and the rangers all smiled happily.

* * *

"This is not over, rangers!" Rynagore cried, throwing whatever he could get his paws on. "I will have my revenge, and then the universe is MINE!"

* * *

That night, Andros sat up in his bed, thinking for a moment. He picked up the picture of all of them and looked at it. Then he put it in a frame beside his bed, smiling at it before drifting off to sleep.

The End… for now