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Time Frame: This takes place after "Dark Spectre's Revenge Part 2".

Power Ranger Borg
Part 1 "When Rangers are Assimilated"
By: Michael Richards

In orbit around Garvon 5, the Astro Megaship circles around the small green and blue world. Inside the Astro Megaship, on the Bridge, the Power Rangers are hard at work trying to figure out the problem that plagues this small peaceful world.

"What do you have TJ?" Andros asked as he sat in the center seat of the consoles.

"Nothing!" TJ said angry, slamming his hand onto the panel. "I scanned for life signs, but there are none. And there are no cities left on the planet surface, only potholes where they once were. What ever happened to this world, I can't tell you."

"Andros," Ashley started, "I looked through the Database for anything that even resembled it, but I only came up with stuff that made no sense."

"We have to find out what happened to the Garvonians. They helped my people fight off Dark Spectre when he invaded my world KO-35." Andros explained. "Now this is the lest I can do for them."

"Andros!" Cassie shouted out. "I found something!"

"What?" Andros asked, walking over to her.

"I found a strange energy rhythm coming from the Carmathin Forest. It seems to be giving out a large amount of energy, and a strange signal to an unknown location." Cassie told him.

"Ok, Carlos and Ashley will come with me to the Carmathin Forest, the rest of you stay here and monitor the scanners to alert us of anything is up." Andros commanded.

"But Andros, you can't go down there!" Zhane said when he grabbed his shoulder. "As your friend I can't let you do it!"

"Zhane, but as my 2nd in command you will." Andros told him. Zhane let go of his shoulder and walked over to a console.

Andros, Ashley, and Carlos left the Bridge and headed to the Jump Tube area on Deck 3. They entered the jump tubes and teleported to the planet below.


In the Carmathin Forest, set upon the Garvon 5. Three beams of light fly through the sky like a graceful bird. The beams then set down upon the flowing purple grass of the planet. Andros, Ashley, and Carlos appear from the colorful light, with their Astro Blasters and some scanners in their hands.

"Ok," Ashley said. "The signal is coming form over their!" Ashley pointed North.

"If anything happens, I want you to morph and get ready for battle." Andros explained to them.

"Right!' Ashley and Carlos said in unison.

They group started forth, going to the North through the thick blue leafed trees and the purple grass, to find out what that strange signal was. As the walked further and further into the forest, sounds of foot steps echoed all around them.

"Did you hear that?" Ashley asked, pointing her blaster in front of her.

"Yeah, I did." Carlos said back, pointing his weapon in front of him also.

"TJ said that there was no life on the planet, no Garvonians any ways." Andros told them. "But he didn't pick up any- - -" Andros was silenced when he and the rest heard a metallic voice echoing the forest.


"Who's there!" Carlos yelled out, waving his gun around trying to see who it was.

"The Borg!" Andros shouted out scared. "Come on guys, we have to get out of here!"

"The who?" Ashley asked confused. Andros did not answer her.

"Ready to teleport!" Andros said, each Ranger reached for their communicators, they tapped them and started to shimmer away in a gleam of light, but it was blocked and they returned to normal.

"What?" Ashley asked. "What happened?"

"The Borg are jamming the Transpiration Beam, we are on our own." Andros in formed them both. "Get ready for some action."

As the Three held up their weapons from all around, the sounds of the foot steps grew louder and louder from all around. As the Ranger's heart pounded in their chests, two cybernetic life forms with grotesque rotting skin entered from the bushes.

"Fire!" Andros shouted out. All three Rangers fired at both life forms, the Red and Black laser blasts hit one Borg in the chest and the Yellow laser blast hit the other Borg in the arm, causing both Borgs to fall over and short circuit.

"Are those the- - - Borg?" Ashley asked squeamish, looking at the rotting skin on their faces and the cybernetic devises run every where on their bodies.

"Yes." Andros answered.

"Those things toke out this entire planet?" Carlos asked in disbelief.

"The Borg are more powerful then you give them credit for." Andros said back.

Carlos slowly went in closer to see the strange Borg creature. A hand from the trees reached out for Carlos and grabbed him by the neck. Carlos jumped, trying to get away, but it was to late, the Borg hand held him tight.

"Help!" Carlos cried out.

"Carlos!" Ashley screamed, Andros held her back, but Ashley tried to reach for him, but she could not reach him in time. The Borg pulled him into the dense forest. "Andros, let go!'

The sounds of Carlos screaming was heard through out the forest. Both Andros and Ashley stood there in terror wondering what was happening to Carlos that would make him scream out in such pain.

"We have to get to him!" Ashley screamed at Andros, trying to break free from him.

"No, it is to late for Carlos, he is dead any ways. The Borg kill of everyone they come across!" Andros told her. "We have to run so we can save yourselves!"

"Andros! I can't believe you are saying this!" Ashley said when she looked right in the center of his cold dead eyes. "We have to save him, he is our friend, our teammate!"

"It is to late for him, we have to- - -" a red ball of energy shot from the bushes and straight into Andros' back, causing him to fall to the ground in pain.

"Andros!" Ashley shouted out scared. She covered her mouth, trying to silence her screams, but she kept screaming. She then slowly backed away with a look of sadness in her eyes. She tapped her communicator and talked into it. "Cassie! Zhane! TJ! Help me!"

"Ashley what is wrong?" Cassie asked over the Comm System. "Ashley!"

"Andros and Carlos are dead! They were killed, killed dead!" Ashley screamed into the speaker, "Get me out of here, please!"

"Hang on, I am locking no to your signal now!" Cassie told her.

"Hurry!" Ashley cried out, but it was to late. Two Borg arms came from the bushes and wrapped around Ashley's neck and waist. With out even a struggle, Ashley was pulled into the trees. The sound of her screams sprung up like a choir.


"Ashley! Come in Ashley!" Cassie shouted out, trying to get her friend on the Comm System. But there was no luck, she could not get either Andros, Ashley or Carlos. "Anyone! Is anyone there!"

"Cassie, don't worry. I am sure they are fine." Zhane reassured her. "I can still sense Andros, he is alive."

"But is he wounded?" TJ asked flat out.

"I don't know." Zhane said back.

"AYE YI YI Power Rangers!" Alpha screamed out. "There is an unknown vessel coming out of orbit from Garvon's third moon! And it is headed right for us! Their weapons are on-line too!"

"Zhane, raise shields and arm Mega-Lasers!" TJ ordered. "Cassie, bring us about to heading 564 mark 213."

"Shields and Weapons on-line TJ." Zhane said.

"Course set." Cassie added.

"I am putting the ship on the main viewer." Alpha told them all. Alpha 6 pressed a small button on the panel in front of him, when the main viewer filled with a giant black ship in the shape of a Pyramid.

As the Giant Pyramid shaped ship came closer to the Megaship, the Pyramid ship fired a red ray of light at the forward part of the ship. The Astro Megaship rocked violently.

"What are they doing?" TJ asked holding onto the console, trying to stay from falling over.

"The ship is sending out some kind energy ray that is trying to find out our shield notation." Alpha told him, also trying to balance herself out.

"Cassie, Mega-Lasers!" TJ shouted to her. "Fire!"

"Mega-Lasers on-line, firing- - -" Cassie was silenced when she saw ten rays of red light spiral around near the doors of the Bridge. "Intruder alert!"

TJ, Zhane, and Alpha turned around to see ten Cybernetic Creatures, with grotesque rotting skin. All of the rangers pulled out their Astro Blasters and pointed them at the Borg invaders. The Rangers then fired their weapons at the Cybernetic Beings, but as the laser blasts came within an inch of their cybernetic bodies, a red and brown force field went around their bodies, protecting them from the blast.

"Come on guys, lets rocket!" TJ said, opening his morpher. As he pressed 3-3-5, a Borg hand grabbed his wrist and broke his morpher. The other Borg Drones did the same with the other Ranger's morphers.

"My Morpher!" Cassie shouted out, trying to break free of the Borg's grip. "Let go!"

As Cassie struggled more, the other hand of the Borg made a fist. The fist was about an inch away from her neck, then two black tubes shot out from the index and middle fingers, going right into her neck. Cassie let out a scream while she tried to break free. The same happened to Zhane and TJ.

A few moments later, their skin was also turning the same color as the Borg Drones, and small implants were shooting out every where along their bodies. Making them look almost like the other drones.

"Alpha, run for- - your life!" Zhane shouted to the little robot.

"But I can not leave you Rangers!" Alpha said back, as the Borg slowly walked over to Alpha. "Aye yi yi! Power Rangers, I have to help you!"

"DECA, transport Alpha to Earth- - NOW!" Zhane spoke for the last time, his face went blank, no emotions were left on his face, neither on TJ or Cassie's. The turned into Borg Drones, mindless drones.

"Affirmative Zhane, transporting Alpha 6 to Earth. Location, Angel Grove City." the computer answered back, making Alpha into a large ray of white light. The light vanished into thin air.

The Drones stopped going to where Alpha was and went back over to the other Power Rangers. The picked them up to their feet and transported away in the same red light. Leaving behind an empty Astro Megaship.


On the Borg Pyramid Ship, inside the center of it, a massive room filled with Borg Drones along the walls that are placed in small alcoves, that have wires and black cables along their rime, and a small green circle with lighting bolts circling around it at the top of it where the head rests. Also red panels filled with alien writing on them, flashing every where. And a large table right in the middle of the room, that looks like a horizontal alcove.

The same red light flashed only for a moment, then faded, and the Assimilated Power Rangers and the Borg appeared. Each Ranger had a Borg next to them, the Borg had a hand on their shoulder and lead them around like a leached dog. Zhane, Cassie, and TJ were placed in an alcove, along side the Assimilated Carlos and Ashley.

After placing the Rangers in their new home (alcoves) the Borg Drones walked over to different stations and panels and began working.

And one walked over to the center table , where Andros was strapped down by the wrists, ankles, and waist, struggling to break free. The Drone picked up a small tool and placed it on Andros' left temple.

"You won't be able to Assimilate me into your Collective, because when you attacked me the last I prepared myself." Andros said to the Drone that was working on him.

"I have heard those same words form thousands of species across thousands of worlds, but now they are all Borg." a strange voice said, coming from all directions.

"Well, KO-35ians are known as the best Borg fighters in this Universe, so there is no way you can Assimilate me into the Collective Mind." Andros said back to the voice.

"Well, you are wrong on that remark. For the Borg have Assimilated quite a number of your race, from the Assimilation of the Trumiga System, to the fight at Margan, and the Assimilation of the former Silver Ranger, Zhane." the voice said. Andros looked over to the Alcoves where his friends rest, eyes closed, to his surprise he saw his best friend, filled with implants, grotesque like the other drones.

"No! Zhane, TJ, Cassie, Ashley, Carlos! Can you hear me!" Andros cried out to them, but he got no answer from his friends. "You monster! You destroyed my brother, and now my friends! I will kill you all!"

"Your brother's Assimilation was not in vain, he lives on, as will the other Rangers, and you! Death is not known to the Borg!" the voice told him. "Soon Andros, you will join the Borg."