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Time Frame: This takes place after "Dark Spectre's Revenge Part 2".

Power Ranger Borg
Part 2 "Zeo Power"
By: Michael Richards

Looking up at the star light sky, Bulk and Skull are laying along Angel Grove lake's edge, wonder how being of pure evil come from that glorious heaven. As the two look deeply into the diamond filled sky, Professor Phenomenonimous rushes over to the two, caring strange devices is both of his hands.

"Bulk! Skull!" Phenomenonimous shouted out to the two. "Come on you pee brains! I got a strange falling star on my sensors!"

"Knowing you and your aliens professor, I think we are safe." Bulk said. Both of the idiot friends started laughing.

"Yeah, we will be fine!" Skull added. Laughing in his high pitched voice.

"You brainless boobs! This is no ordinary falling star, it is made up of pure light!" Phenomenonimous said to the two. "Come on, or I will order it to eat you two!"

Bulk and Skull got a scared look on their faces when they came eye to eye. Both hurried up and rushed over to the Professor.

"Ok Professor, lets hurry up." Skull said.

As the three continued to work faster, the white light unknowingly landed near them. The light vanished and Alpha6 appeared, shaken up.

"Aye yi yi!" Alpha spoke out. "Where am I to go?"

"Skull, hand me the frizeren scanner next to the tool box over there!" Phenomenonimous told him, looking into a telescope.

"Ok professor." Skull said back, turning around to face Alpha6. "Oh my- - - AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH AAAAAAAHHHHH" Skull screamed out. "Bulky!"

"What is it?" Bulk asked when he turned around, he two saw Alpha6. "ERRRRR AAAAHHHHH AAAAAHHHHH AAAAAAHHHHH! ALIEN!!!"

"Oh no, not Bulk and Skull!" Alpha said to herself. She just turned around and vanished in a blaze of white light.

Phenomenonimous turned around also and saw nothing, just Bulk and Skull screaming and pointing at nothing.

"Oh, enough with your stupid games! Help me!" Phenomenonimous told them. Bulk and Skull stopped screaming and looked at each other, then fainted.


Deep within the Angel Grove Mountains, inside Zeo Zord Holding Bay. The same white light that Alpha transported away in lands in a large four walled room filled with computers consoles in the center, a large viewing globe at the north wall, and another tube for Zordon on the east wall.

"Aye yi yi! According to my memory chips, this should be the Zeo Chamber." Alpha says to herself, looking about. "Ok lets see here, main power switch, main power switch. Ah, there you are!" Alpha pressed a small red button on a console and the entire room came to life with bright lights. "Now, Computer, is the Zeo Crystal still energized?"

"Affirmative Alpha6." a male voice answered back from the walls.

"And the Zeo Zords?" Alpha asked again.

"Affirmative Alpha6. All Zeo Zords are charged and ready for battle." the computer said.

"Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!" an unknown voice said. "Yo yo yo! Who are you! I am warning you to not mess with me!"

"I am Alpha6." Alpha said, looking around.

"Just great," the voice said, talking like Alpha6's old voice. "We got us another Alpha to worry about!"

"Who are you?" Alpha6 asked.

"The name is Alpha7, latest in design of the Alpha Line!" Alpha7 said, coming out of a strange door in the wall, shaped like him. "So Alpha6 returns to us, how lovely!"

"You sound alot like I did before I got my new voice." Alpha6 said to Alpha7, who looked like Alpha6, but with a few modifications here and there.

"Well I am glad you noticed." Alpha7 said back. "Now, what brings you back to Earth?"

"The Power Rangers, something has happened to them." Alpha6 started. She told Alpha7 the entire story about the Garvon home world, and how Andros,. Carlos, and Ashley turned up missing. And the strange Pyramid shape ship that attacked the Astro Megaship and how the other three Rangers were turned into cybernetic creatures like the ones that assimilated them. "And that is all I can tell you Alpha7."

"Well, this is something major!" Alpha7 said back. "And I know who attacked the Power Rangers too."

"Who 7?" Alpha6 asked.

"Well 6, it is the Borg!" Alpha7 answered back. "But the Pyramid Vessel you told me about, I have never heard about that kind of ship. All I know is that they travel in large Cube and Spherical shaped ships."

"What can we do though?" Alpha6 asked back.

"Well, we have to use the Zeo Crystal again. Zordon made this a safe haven in case the Turbo Powers fail. But when Divatox destroyed the Power chamber, the data on the Zeo Chamber and the back up plan was lost." Alpha7 explained to Alpha6.

"But how did I remember?" Alpha6 asked puzzled.

"Easy, the data was put in you memory banks too. When you blasted off into space, then the data was not needed, until- -" Alpha7 paused as the small hole in the wall that he came out of light up.

"Until now." said a voice. Alpha5 appeared from the wall and walked over to the other two Alphas. "I came back to the Zeo Chamber because I knew I was needed here."

"What is this an Alpha festival or what?" Alpha7 asked strangely.

"The Earth is going to need all the help it can get." Alpha5 said to the others. "First we need to find the old Zeo Rangers... Tommy, Adam, Rocky, Tanya, and Katherine."

"Hold on there 5, first we need to get somethin straight. We need the Gold Ranger to ensure that the Zeo Powers are up to their full power!" Alpha7 told them both.

"Trey will be happy to help us again." Alpha5 said.

"Ok, but first guys, we need to contact the Other Rangers too." Alpha6 added.

"Ok, 6 and 7, you locate the Zeo Rangers." 5 ordered. "Beta 1 and I will work on finding Trey."

"Beta 1?" Alpha6 asked confused.

"Beta 1 is online." the male computer voice said. "Alpha6, I am Beta 1. I am the Central Main Frame for the Zeo Chamber. I am capable of performing Two Thousand Three Hundred Fifty Nine point Six objectives at once."

"Wow." that was all Alpha6 could say, feeling small.

"Now Alpha's lets get to work!" Alpha5 said to them all. Each went on doing their own task at hand.


In the vast darkness of space, a large black Pyramid shaped ship travels though the stars at great speeds, closing in on the unsuspecting Milky Way Galaxy. To Assimilate the Galaxy into the Borg Conscious.


Back on Earth, in the peaceful city of Angel Grove, at the green and harmonious Park, a group of five friends are sitting around enjoying each other's company by talking together about different things. The Five friends are known to the city as simple humans, just another crop in the corn field., but they were also once a part of the Power Ranger Team. Jason Lee Scott- Former Red and Gold Ranger, Tommy Oliver- Former Green, White, Red Zeo and Red Turbo Ranger, Kimberly Hart- Former Pink Ranger, Adam Park- Former Black, Green Zeo and Green Turbo Ranger, Tanya Sloan-Former Yellow Zeo and Yellow Turbo Ranger, and Rocky DeSontas-Former Red and Blue Zeo Ranger.

"Ok," Kim started, taking some popcorn from the popcorn tube. "Who is the best Leader of all time? Jason? Tommy? or TJ?"

"Kim, you know we can't answer that!" Tanya said to her new friend. "Jason, Tommy, and TJ are great leaders and it is not right to pick the best leader."

"Well I just asked." Kim said back, eating the popcorn.

"Well who do you think is better as a leader Tommy?" Jason asked, leaning back on the bench that all the former Rangers are sitting on.

"Well I would have to say you Jason." Tommy said cracking a smile.

"What about me!" Rocky said grabbing some popcorn. "I made a good Red Ranger."

"Yeah, but not as good as me." Jason said back.

"Ha ha!" Rocky said back, throwing the popcorn at Jason. Jason simple ducked out of the way and laughed at Rocky in a jokingly matter.

"Come on you two, be friends." Adam said breaking up the popcorn fight.

"You always ruined my fun Adam." Rocky said to his old friend.

As the laughter continued, the old Communicators of the Rangers sprung to life with the well known six toned beep. The Rangers quickly silenced themselves and looked at their communicators. Tommy pressed a little button on the pad and spoke into the main speaker.

"This is Tommy, go ahead- - ah, Alpha." Tommy said, not knowing who was at the other end of the transmission.

"Rangers, this is Alpha5, we have an emergency." Alpha5 said.

"Do you want us to transport to the Power Chamber?" Tommy asked.

"No, I have your signals, I am transporting you.... now!" Alpha5 said when the Rangers turned into six colorful beams of light and rocketed into the air.


Still on Earth, but a Sweden, the two former Power Rangers, Trini Kwan and Zack Taylor are sitting in a restaurant eating the sweet foods that Sweden has to offer.

"So, when are we heading back to Angel Grove?" Trini asked.

"The plane leaves at 5 o'clock." Zack told her, talking a bit of some kind of sandwich. "But I am not going back to Angel Grove."

"What?" Trini asked shocked.

"I can't, to many painful memories." Zack answered putting down the sandwich.

"What do you mean painful memories?" Trini asked again. "Is it because you left the others? the team?"

"Yes, I feel guilty for leaving the others." Zack said when he got up from his chair.

"Zack, me and Jason did the same thing, you can't beat yourself up because of that." Trini explained to him.

"But Trini, I - - -" Zack was cut of from the beeping sound of their communicators, that they thought they would never hear again.

Trini and Zack rushed over to a hallway. They checked the hallway and saw no one. Trini was the first to tap her communicator. "Trini here, go ahead."

"Trini," spoke the formulary voice of Tommy Oliver, "we need your and Zack's help right away."

"Ok, we will transport to the Command Center right away." Trini said.

"No, Alpha has your signal, he will transport you here." Tommy said.

"Ok Tommy, we are ready." Trini said. Both of the old Rangers turned into a ray of light and jetted into the air.


Deep within the Angel Grove Mountain Range, at the New Zeo Chamber, Jason, Tommy, Kim, Tanya, Rocky, Adam, and the Alpha's are hard at work at each console and panel, trying to scan for the BORG. Two beams of light land right in the center of the well light chamber. The two lights fade and reveal Zack and Trini.

"Where are we?" Zack asked looking around amazed.

"I- - have no idea." Trini answered.

"Guys, we have a major problem." Jason said, walking to them.

"What?" Zack asked surprised.

"So kind of Cyber creatures made the new Rangers into Cyborgs." Kim explained to them.

"That is terrible." Trini said. "What can we do?"

As Tommy was about to answer her, three more beams of lights landed next to him. Billy Cranston, Katherine Hillard, and Aisha Cambell appeared, with a confused look on their faces.

"Looks like a Ranger Reunion." Zack said looking at all ten other Rangers at different times.

"Whats up?" Billy asked walking over to a console.

"Hey, Alpha contacted me and he said there was an emergency." Aisha said.

"Like I said before, some Cyborg Creatures attacked and defeated the new Rangers and made them into Cyborgs too." Kim explained again.

"Oh no, what is going to happen now?" Kat asked worriedly.

"Rangers, let me explain." Alpha5 said. "The Zeo Powers are still available to protect the Earth. That is why I brought you all here." Alpha5 paused. "Since Zordon has been captured I am going to try and take his place as your mentors."

"Are you sure you can handle that Alpha?" Trini asked when she walked over to him and rubbed his saucer shaped head. "Remember the Evil Green Ranger incident?"

"I will try, that is all I can do." Alpha5 said. "But I have to pick five of you to take the Zeo Powers, the strongest, smartest, and most powerful." Alpha5 held out his hand to Alpha6.

Alpha6 handed Alpha5 a Zeonizer, the Zeo Ranger One Zeonizer. Alpha5 held onto the Zeonizer tight and looked over to Kat, then to Kim.

"This is the most hardest thing I have to do." Alpha5 said. "Kat, you are a powerful and wondrous warrior, but Kimberly is more capable for this job, she is graceful, powerful, and swift as a arrow." Alpha5 handed the Zeonizer to Kimberly. "I am sorry Kat."

"Don't be Alpha5, you did what you thought was right, and this is right. Kim is a better Fighter then I am, and she has been a better Power Ranger." Kat said.

"Thank you Alpha5." Kim added.

Alpha6 then handed Alpha5 the Yellow Zeonizer. Alpha5 held onto that Zeonizer also. He looked at all the past Yellow Rangers, Trini, Aisha, and Tanya.

"Now, we have three Yellow Rangers. And all of you are great fighters, but Tanya, you are new to the Power Ranger Team, and you do not have the right skills to fight off the Borg Collective." Alpha5 explained. "Aisha, you have been a great Ranger, but I must pass the Yellow Zeo Powers to Trini, because of her special Martial Arts training and her clear mind." Alpha5 handed Trini Kwan the Zeo morpher.

"I will make you proud Alpha5." Trini said as she looked at her new Morpher.

"Now, for Zeo Ranger 3." Alpha5 said as Alpha6 handed him the Zeonizer. "Now, the best Ranger I know for this job is Adam, because of your great strength and wisdom." Alpa5 handed Adam the Morpher.

"Tommy, you will become Zeo Ranger 4, Green." Alpha5 toke the Green Zeonizer and handed it to Tommy. "I know from your experience as a Power Ranger will bring honor to the Zeo Ranger Name."

"And Zeo Ranger 5, Red will go to Jason." Alpha5 paused and toke the Zeonizer from Alpha6. "You are the bravest and most honorable Power Ranger I have ever meet, and I know you will lead this new Zeo Team to glory against the Borg, and I know you will be the best Ranger possible."

"Yo yo! Alpha's 5 and 6." Alpha7 started. "I have giant pyramid shaped vessel heading this way at maximum speed."

"The Borg?" Aisha asked.

"I am unsure, but we are bring hailed." Alpha7 answered back.

"Put it on the Comm System." Alpha5 ordered.

Alpha7 nodded and pressed a few buttons, and the Viewing Globe light up with a face of Trey or Triforia. "Rangers of Earth, I have come to help you fight the Borg." Trey told them all.

"Thanks alot Trey, we really need the Gold Ranger Powers and the Power of Pyramidus." Jason said, looking into the Viewing Globe.

"My pleasure Rangers, I owe you a great deal for reuniting my souls and for taking the Gold Ranger Powers." Trey said back. "I will stay in orbit around Earth and transport to the Zeo Chamber."

The picture of Trey went black and the Rangers looked at each other, excited to be back in the battle of Good vs Evil. To know that they are saving the future for Humanity.

"Aye yi yi Rangers!" Alpha6 cried out from her station. "I have a pyramid shaped vessel on course for our Solar System."

"Alpha6, that is Trey." Kat said.

"No Katherine, Pyramidus is near the Orbit of Jupiter, and this Pyramid ship is just entering the orbit around Pluto."

"This time it is the Borg." Adam said looking at a screen of the solar system.

"We have less then twenty minutes before they get to Earthy and start to Assimilate the human race." Alpha7 added.

"Well then we had better get ready..... Lets do it guys!" Jason shouted out. Each Ranger strapped their Morphers on and readied themselves. "Its Morphin Time!"

"Zeo Ranger 1, Pink!"

"Zeo Ranger 2, Yellow!"

"Zeo Ranger 3, Blue!"

"Zeo Ranger 4, Green!"

"Zeo Ranger 5, Red!"

The Rangers morphed and stood their, feeling stronger then ever before. They all toke off their helmets and placed them in their arms at their sides.

"Alpha5, alert Trey about the Borg." Jason said. "Me and the other Rangers are going to go to our Zords and ready to attack the Borg."

"Right Jason." Alpha5 replied.

"Back to Action!" Jason called out and the Newly Crowned Zeo Rangers teleported away in a rainbow of colors to the Zeo Zord Holding Bay.

"Alright," Billy shouted out, everyone jumped hearing Billy shout like that. "Kat, Zack, and Alpha7, you are in charge of Repairs, take these tools and incase any thing happens to the Zeo Chamber you three will get to it." Billy handed the two former Rangers and the new robot a repair kit. "Rocky and Aisha, you are in charge of the Medical Department. In the back room is a Medical Ward." Billy pointed to the back room. Aisha and Rocky nodded and went to where Billy pointed too. "Tanya, Alpha5 and Alpha6 you three are going to work in here with me."

"Ok, lets get to work Former Ranger Team." Alpha5 said as everyone got to work, helping out the Rangers from behind the Battle Line.


In the Zeo Zord Hold Bay, the old Zeo Zords are powered up and ready for battle. The Zeo Zord 1 and Zeo Zord 3 are powered up and ready for action. Zeo Zord 2 and Zeo Zord 4 are geared up and set to go. Zeo Zord 5 is ready to fly. Red Battle Zord pumped up, and the Super Zeo Zords are powered up and set.

Then five beams of light beamed into the Cockpits of the Zeo Zords. Each Ranger sat in their main chairs, behind the main controls. Each Ranger toke the controls and readied their Zords.

"Alright Zeo Rangers, lets do it!" the Red Zeo Ranger said, taking control of his Zord.

"Kimberly here, me and Zeo Zord 1 are ready!"

"This is Adam, I am ready as is my Zord!"

"Trini here, this is great, Zeo Zord 2 is powered up!"

"This is Tommy, I am mean in Green and my Zord is fired up and ready to kick some Borg Butt!"

"Lets go!" Jason shouted out. The Main Giant Steal Doors opened in front of them.

The Zeo Zords geared up and headed out. A few minutes out of the Zeo Zord Holding Bay, the Zeo Zords then formed the Zeo Megazord.

"Super Zeo Zord Power!" the Five Rangers called out from the Main Cockpit of the Zeo Megazord.

The Super Zeo Zords appeared and formed the Super Zeo Megazord. The Green and Pink Zeo Rangers jumped out from the Zeo Megazord to the Super Zeo Megazord's Main Cockpit, they toke their sets and toke control of the Zord.

"Super Zeo Megazord, Power up!" They both said.

"Red Battle Zord Power!" the Red Ranger called out when his Zord appeared, he jumped from the Zeo Megazord to his private Zord. "Red Battle Zord Power Up!"

"Zeo Megazord, Power Up!" the Blue and Yellow Rangers said at the same time.

"Pyramidus Power Up!" The Gold Ranger said when his giant Pyramid Shaped vessel Landed on the Earth. "I am here Rangers, ready for action!"

"Right Trey, thanks!" Jason said. "Alright, lets do it!"

"Right!" Trini and Adam said from the Zeo Megazord.

"Morphin!" Tommy and Kim said from the Super Zeo Megazord.