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Perfect Likeness
Part Two
by: Christina Ortega

Lord Zedd walked glumly around the palace on the moon. Sure, he was happy that Rashell and Uriel had come to help them, and he was pleased that Angel Grove and Stone Canyon had been destroyed, but knowing that the rangers still lived and had recovered their old powers made him really upset.

As he reached the end of the hallway and entered the throne room, he stared, shocked, at the figure that stood before him. "What the hell?" Before him stood Tommy Oliver, leader of the power rangers.

The human stood silent, and was looking directly into the monster's eyes. Suddenly, Zedd became possessed by some angry force, and he raised his staff in order to strike the ranger, "I will kill you, you little shit!"

Instead of burning up like Zedd had intended, Tommy turned to the unskinned Lord, undamaged, "Is that all you have?" He kicked Zedd right in the chest, sending him falling to the floor.

Zedd was surprised by the power of Tommy's blow, but only momentarily. Looking up at his most despised ranger, he growled, "You will pay for that."

Suddenly, Uriel teleported into the room, "I heard a commotion in here, what-" Seeing Lord Zedd on the floor, she gasped, "Oh my."

"Is this one of those whom you desire me to defeat, Queen Uriel?"

Zedd turned to Uriel, puzzled, "What's going on?"

Uriel glared at the figure before her, "No, you idiot! This is Lord Zedd, one of the people we joined up with!"

Tommy looked at Zedd for a moment. Then, he quickly reached out his hand, "Damn it! I am so sorry. If I would have known it was you then I never would have.... shit, I'm so sorry!"

Uriel sighed, "That will do, Todd. I'm sure he gets the picture."

"Yes, my Queen," Todd replied.

Now Lord Zedd was really confused, "Todd? What the hell is going on? Uriel, what is a power ranger doing in my palace?"

Just then, Rita Repulsa entered the room with Goldar and Scorpina, "....you can't do anything right. I have a headache thanks to your-" Seeing the new person in the throne room, she gasped, "What's he doing here? Zedd, did you kidnap him and brainwash him or something? Why is Tommy here?"

Todd looked at Uriel, confused, "Tommy? Who's Tommy?"

Uriel sighed, "I guess you want me to explain this."

The four monsters nodded. Uriel snapped her fingers, and suddenly Rashell was in the room, "You called, my dear?" Seeing Todd, he cawed, "They've come?"

"Yes," Uriel said. Turning back to Todd, she smiled, "Contact the others, Todd. I have a lot to discuss."

"As you wish, my Queen," Todd said. Pushing a button on the black bracelet on his arm, he said, "Queen Uriel and King Rashell request your attendance."

Soon, 5 colored lights flashed through the room. As they faded, 5 humans stood there. Uriel grinned, "Excellent." She cleared her throat, "These people are not who you think they are. I know you're thinking `power rangers' but they aren't that at all. These are the six warriors I was telling you about from Hirpog." Looking at the six, she chuckled, "Why don't you introduce yourselves? We wouldn't want any confusion."

The Tommy look alike took a step forward, "I am Todd. While in Hirpog, I am ruler of the East quadrant. My main priority is to make sure that no good can ever come to the planet."

"Todd is our most skilled warrior," Rashell exclaimed, "He's been working in our kingdom for the past 300 years."

"300!?" Rita and Zedd exclaimed in unison.

Rashell shrugged, "He's young."

The Jason look alike stepped forward, "My name is Jake. I work in the East quadrant as well. Actually, we all work there. It's where we've been stationed."

The Rocky look alike stepped forward, "I'm Robert. It's an honor to finally meet you, Zedd and Rita."

The Kat look alike stepped forward, "My name is Katie. We were told about what you did to the Machine Empire. Great Job." Rita couldn't help but smile.

The Adam look alike stepped forward, "I'm Alan."

The Tanya look alike stepped forward, "And I'm Trisha."

"It's amazing!" Scorpina exclaimed, "They look exactly like the Power Rangers!"

"I have an idea," Rita cackled, "but it'll require the help of all these newcomers."

"We will be faithful you, Empress Rita," The six said in unison.

Rita smiled, "Let's have a little chat." * * *

Adam Park and Tanya Sloan walked through what was left of Angel Grove, hand in hand. It had been a month since the attack on Angel Grove and Stone Canyan, and, finally, it seemed as if plans were going on to rebuild the city. The citizens of the two cities spent most time in the caves, and they were all excited about the plans to rebuild the two cities. Looking at what was left of the Juice Bar, Adam sighed, "I never realized how important the Youth Center was to me until it had been destroyed."

"I know," Tanya agreed, "It's been a month, and I can still see those people dying."

"I can too, Tanya, but we have to be strong."

Tanya smiled, "I know, Adam, but it's just so hard. Sometimes I don't think I can do it." Looking around, she frowned, "Where are the others?"

"Tommy and Kat are in the park, I think. They wanted to have some time to themselves," Adam responded, "Oh, and Jason is sparring with Rocky near the caves."

"The caves," Tanya echoed. She looked up at Adam, "I still can't believe it. Sometimes I just wish I could open my eyes, and all this would be a dream. Luckily, we haven't been getting any problems from the moon, but what if we do, Adam? Do you really think we can survive another attack like that?" She pulled her yellow tank top down so it covered the top portion of her light blue jeans. A breeze went by, ruffling her hair which was hanging loose over her shoulders.

"We have to survive, Tanya," Adam said, "People depend on us. At least we have our powers. That should be enough." Deciding to pick up a better topic, Adam grinned, "I know something you don't know."

Tanya sighed, "Well, go ahead and tell me, because I can tell that you're dying to."

"Rocky's not a virgin anymore."

Tanya's eyes nearly bulged out of her sockets, "What!? He and Cassandra didn't-"

"They did," Adam laughed, "He told me about it last week."

Tanya grinned, evilly, "What did he say?"

"He said it was the best experience that he'd ever had, and yet there was part of him that wished he had waited," Adam replied.

Tanya sighed, "I'm glad we're waiting, Adam."

Adam nodded, "I guess I'm the only one on the team that's still pure."

"What do you mean?" Tanya asked.

"W-well, you aren't a virgin, are you?"

Tanya giggled, "It may surprise you, but I am."

"Really!?" Adam was appalled. After all, Tanya was a beautiful woman. It wouldn't have surprised him if she wasn't pure.

"All of my other boyfriends didn't get that close. So far, you're my closest relationship, Adam." Turning serious, Tanya cleared her throat, "I hope it doesn't upset you that I'd rather wait."

"I'll wait with you," Adam said.

"What did you mean that you're the only one on the team that's pure? There are lot's of other people that are pure!"

Adam swallowed hard, "Well, Jason's not. He and Emily have had sex."

"Not surprised," Tanya laughed, "Who else?"

"Tommy and Kat."

Tanya shook her head, "Uh-uh. Kat's pure."

Adam was shocked, "She is!? I thought she and Tommy had-"

"Kat wants to wait, like me," Tanya explained.

"Well then, Tommy and Kim must have-"

"No," Tanya said tersely.

Adam looked at her, puzzled, "What do you mean `no'?"

Tanya laughed at her boyfriend's appalled expression, "Tommy and Kim never had sex. Kat told me. She also told me something else, but you're going to be really shocked."


"Tommy's pure."

Adam's eyes widened, and he stared at Tanya, "No way!"

Tanya giggled, "Way. Though you may think that Tommy would be one to do it with his girlfriends, Kat said that he's a virgin. He said that he's always wanted to wait. Actually, he was the one who who brought up waiting to Kat."

Adam smiled, "One of my best friends, and my leader, is a virgin. Who woulda thought?"

Tanya frowned, "I think Tommy is really smart for waiting, and just because he's a virgin doesn't make him any less of a man. In fact, it makes him more of one. Besides, don't forget that we're pure, too."

Adam nodded, "I know, Tanya." He smiled, "You know what I need to say to you more often?"


"I love you," Adam whispered.

"I love you, too," Tanya said. * * *

"Yuck!" Rashell exclaimed, watching the two rangers walking through Angel Grove, "I can't believe that they said the L-word."

"I can't believe that someone actually had sex with Rocky!" Lord Zedd said, laughing.

Rita smirked, "I can't believe Tommy's a virgin! The powerful leader who's beaten all of our monsters hasn't even gone all the way." Everyone except Rito laughed at this.

Rito shrugged, "What's virginity and sex?" Zedd scowled at the stupidity of his brother-in-law.

Trisha and Alan watched the two. Trisha smirked, "This wimp is my double? Pathetic."

"Adam?" Alan scoffed, "What kind of a name is that?"

Todd laughed, "Who would have thought that my double was the leader of the pathetic rangers?"

"You know what to do," Rita said, "Now, get down to Earth!"

"As you wish, Empress Rita," The six chimed in unison, and, one by one, they teleported away.

"Do you really think that we will be able to make the Power Rangers fall apart?" Zedd asked, unsure.

"I'm positive," Rita said, "It's the perfect plan."

Uriel smiled, "Finally, the Power Rangers will be destroyed."

Rita turned to Rashell, "You did give Todd the special instructions, right?"

Rashell chirped, "I did. Todd knows to bring Tommy to you." "Excellent," Zedd cackled. * * *

Katie watched as Tommy Oliver walked along the ocean shore alone. She had seen him leave Kat about an hour earlier using the telescope on the moon. "This is too easy," Katie laughed. Looking behind her, she smiled as she saw a handsome Earthling sitting on the sand next to her, brainwashed. "Here we go," She murmured.

Tommy looked out over the horizon and sighed. He still couldn't believe that all of those innocent people had died. Even more, he couldn't believe that he had let Tina Garcia die. Yes, Jeffery Garcia was doing OK. He had been adopted by a family, and Tommy had seen him as often as he could. He closed his eyes and shuddered as memories of Tina filled his mind. Quickly opening them, Tommy continued along the beach. "Now is not the time to fall apart, Tommy," he whispered to himself.

Just then, he heard a rustle behind the cliffs. Looking around, Tommy saw no one. "I don't have a good feeling about this." Making sure that his morpher was at an easy access point, he walked to the edge of the cliff and peered around. What he saw almost made him pass out. Katherine was lying on the sand in a skimpy pink dress, kissing another guy, passionately. He ran over and stopped right in front of them, "Katherine, w-what are you doing?"

Katie looked up at Tommy, and felt slightly guilty about having to do this to the poor guy. She feinted a look of shock, and stood, "Tommy, you weren't supposed to find out."

"Find out what!?" Tommy felt his body grow numb. Maybe this just looks like something it's not. Katherine couldn't be cheating on me, could she? No, she always tells me that she loves me! This can't be happening. Damn, if I'm dreaming, let me wake up!

Katie glanced at the ground, getting into character, "Me and Mark have been seeing eachother for the past few months... before the destruction of Angel Grove." Mark stood up next to Katie and acknowledged him. "You and Mark?" Tommy head was spinning. Kat, no...

"Yes," Katie replied, "I'm sorry." Turning to Mark, she smiled, "Could you wait for me on the other side of the cliff?" Mark nodded and ran off.

"Why, Kat?" Tommy croaked, "Why would you do this? You always said that you were happy! I mean, what did I do to force you away like this?"

"Well, Tommy, I was always too scared to say it, but you are way possessive. I mean, you get mad every time that a guy looks at me."

"I've never done that!" Tommy was shocked What's going on?

Katie frowned, "And you're always moody, Tommy. I swear, it's like one minute you're fine, and the next, you look like you're going to beat me up, and I don't want to live in fear!"

Tommy sighed, "Where does this leave us?"

Katie bit her lip, "It's over, Tommy. Believe me, it will be better if we're not together." She walked past him, brushing against his shoulder. Turning around, she smirked, "Now I know why Kimberly dumped you." With that, she disappeared out of sight.

Tommy watched her leave, mouth open. He knew that he should be angry, but he couldn't be mad at Kat. What she had said had hit too close to home. Now, he was just downright depressed. "I'm scum," Tommy whispered to himself. Hanging his head in shame, Tommy walked away in the opposite direction. Jake and Todd walked closer to the caves. Jake yawned, "Can you believe how boring this is?"

"I know what you mean, Jake. This stupid assignment is so dumb. I mean, we should just pulverize the rangers, not mess with their social lives!" Todd exclaimed.

Just then, Katie ran up to them, "Hey, guys, I just totally messed up that guy, Tommy. He thinks that Katherine dumped him for another guy. I know it's not much, but he was devastated. Besides, it was fun!"

"Cool!" Jake said. Looking farther down the street, he saw a boy clad in blue running up to them, "Oh, great, is that Rocky or Robert?"

Katie grinned, "That's Rocky DeSantos. I can tell because Robert was wearing a plain blue shirt earlier today. Oooh, c'mon, guys. Let's have some fun with him." She whispered a few things to the two, and they nodded, grinning.

Rocky ran over to the three, oblivious to the fact that they weren't really his friends. Smiling, he bounced happily around them, nearly falling on Todd in the process, "Hey, guys. What's going on?"

"Nothing that would interest you," Todd said, darkly.

Rocky frowned for a moment, then decided that Tommy was just kinda depressed. Turning to Jason, who was in reality Jake, he laughed, "Emily's been looking all over for you, Jason."

"I've been busy," Jake said, coldly.

"Really? Doing what?"

Katie shook her head, "It's none of your business, Rocky."

Rocky sighed, "What's going on, you guys? Why do you seem so upset? Is there something that you aren't telling me?"

Jake stepped towards Rocky and pushed him. Hard, "Maybe I'm sick of you getting all up in my damn face."

"Whoa!" Todd exclaimed, grabbing Jake's shoulder. Turning to Rocky, he sneered, "I think you should just leave us alone. We don't want to talk to you yet."

"Yeah, get outta here, blue boy," Katie laughed.

Rocky brushed himself off and nodded, "Whatever. I'll catch you guys later." As he walked away, he shook his head What did I do?

When Rocky was out of hearing range, Todd, Katie, and Jake burst out into a fit of laughter. Katie giggled, "Didn't I tell you? This job is better than we thought it would be."

"Definitely," Jake agreed, "I'm starting to think that this will be fun after all."

"That was a good one, Jake. I mean, adding the push and all. Very effective," Todd remarked.

Jake smiled, "Thanks. Man, I swear, we are the best actors ever."

"I know," Katie agreed, "None of them suspect anything." * * *

"Quite remarkable," Rita exclaimed, watching as Rocky walked, saddened, back to the caves, "I can't believe how well those doubles are at impersonating those Power geeks."

"Isn't it wonderful?" Uriel laughed, "They are a perfect likeness. I knew it would be excellent to bring them here."

"How do they already know everything about their doubles? I mean, it can't have just popped in their heads," Zedd said.

Rashell beamed at Zedd, "That's the beauty of it. These doubles are from Hirpog, and anyone from Hirpog has the ability to read other people's emotions, personality, and deepest secrets. Sometimes I wish I was from that planet."

"Amazing!" Rita exclaimed, "So what is our next step?"

Uriel smiled, "We must make sure that all of the rangers have a reason to doubt eachother. Then, we can send your henchmen, Goldar and Scorpina, to Earth. Once they are there, they can attack the caves where those humans are staying. The rangers will be so tied up emotionally, that they'll have no chance of joining together as a team."

"Brilliant as usual, my darling," Rashell laughed, "Those rangers will finally meet their doom." * * *

Katherine Hilliard walked through the caves looking for her family. Even though she had been living in the caves for about a month, she still wasn't that good as navigating through the narrow tunnels. Pulling her pink windbreaker over her shoulders, Kat continued to walk though the caves. Just then, she heard a small moaning sound in front of her. She recognized it easily. "Tommy?" She called. There was no reply.

Rounding the corner, she called her boyfriend's name again. Suddenly, she saw him lying in the corner... with someone on top of him. Getting closer, Kat realized who the person on top of him was. Tanya. Seeing that they hadn't noticed her, Kat crept behind a small indentation in the cave wall, and eavesdropped, hoping that she had not misunderstood the situation. "Mmm, Tommy," She heard Tanya whisper, "You know what I want. Damn, you know what I want."

She shook her head in anger as continued to listen. Tommy responded, breathlessly, "Tanya...we can't-" Tanya cut him off.

"Sure we can. Kat will never know." She groaned in pleasure.

Kat literally pushed herself against the wall to stop from attacking Tanya and flinging her against a wall. She heard Tommy moan, "Tanya... no, please... I can't."

She strained her ears as Tanya whispered, "I'll give you what Kat never could."

Kat felt tears stream down her cheeks as she heard Tommy begin kissing Tanya. Being as quiet as she could, she tiptoed away from the two, sobbing when she knew she was out of hearing range.

After Kat had left, the two quickly broke up. "Yuck!" Trisha exclaimed.

Todd smiled at Trisha evilly, "That was really good acting."

Trisha shrugged, "Thanks, I guess." Focusing on Todd's eyes, she smirked, "I thought you had the hots for Katie, and whatever happened to that girl back on Hirpog? What's her name? It was Loria or something like that, right? Besides, you know that I would never say yes to you."

Todd snarled, "You sure know how to drop a guy. Besides, I could tell that all of that wasn't acting." He moved his mouth closer to hers, and, to his surprise, she moved closer to him. Soon, their lips were connected. The kiss seemed to go on forever until Trisha finally broke it.

She smiled, seductively, "We'll talk after the rangers have been destroyed. Maybe I would consider saying yes." Todd grinned, and the two got up and went to look for Jake and Katie. * **

Tanya walked closer to the caves, having left Adam to spar with Jason a few hours earlier. As she neared them, she was almost positive that she heard the two talking behind some bushes near by. Walking closer, she saw them sitting and talking. Tanya smiled and walked closer to them, "Hey, guys. What's going on?"

She saw Jason look at Adam, expectantly. Adam cleared his throat, "Um, Tanya, we need to talk."

Tanya shrugged and looked at Jason, telling him mentally that he should leave. Adam, understanding what she was doing, shook his head, "I'd like Jason to stay."

Tanya nodded, "O-kay. What's up, Adam?"

Adam took in a deep breath, "We need to break up, Tanya."

Tanya nearly had a heart attack. "Why?" She gasped at last.

Adam shook his head, sympathetically, "I'm sorry, Tanya. I mean nothing against you as a person, it's just, you know, I can't keep denying my true self!"

Tanya looked at Jason, who was nodding, "What do you mean `denying your true self' ?"

Adam ran a hand through his black hair and sighed, "I'm gay."

"W-what!?" Tanya braced herself on the ground to keep from fainting, "You aren't gay, Adam. This is ridiculous!"

"Tanya, whenever you aren't around, I'm usually with Jason. I hoped that you would have figured it out because I was afraid of this moment, but after we talked today I realized that I couldn't keep holding you down."

Tanya glared at Jason, "You're gay, too? What about Emily!?"

"She knows. We broke up a few days ago. This isn't easy for either of us, Tanya, so please try to understand," Jason pleaded.

Tanya stood up from where she had been sitting on the grass and sighed, "I guess I can't tell you what to do, Adam, but I'll never believe it. I'll never believe that you're gay."

Adam shook his head, "I still want us to be friends, Tanya."

"Let me think about it, Adam," Tanya said, "This is too much."

Adam nodded, "I understand." Tanya looked the two over and then ran as fast as she could back to the caves.

Jake glanced at Alan, "Did she fall for it?"

Alan smiled, "I think so, Jake." He grimaced, "That was awful. There's no way I'm gay."

Jake grinned, "Maybe you are a homo."

"Shut up!" Alan said, playfully whacking Jake on the arm, "Well, maybe you're the homo."

"Ew!" Jake exclaimed. The two doubles broke out into fits of laughter. * * *

Jason walked into the caves and began his search for Emily. It didn't take very long. Soon, she was right in front of him. He smiled as he looked over her tight orange shirt. Her blue flares hugged her hips, and her orange sandals were an excellent addition to the ensemble. Jason sighed, "You look great. I saw the supply truck come, so I wanted to make sure your family would have enough food because ours has a surplus."

Instead of responding, Emily walked over and smacked him. Grabbing his cheek, Jason gasped, "What!? What did I do?"

Emily glared at him, "I can't believe you!" Jason looked at her, puzzled. "I can't believe that you'd dump me for.. for Adam!"

"What!?" Jason's eyes widened in surprise, "What are you talking about?"

"Tanya told me everything," Emily growled, "I know your little secret, Jason Scott. If you weren't happy being with me, I would have rather you told me than Tanya! Why did you have to play me for so long?"

"I don't know what you're talking about!" Jason exclaimed. "What did Tanya say?"

"She just told me about your little `fling' with Adam, Jason. Why didn't you just tell me you were homosexual?"

"What!? I'm not homosexual! How could you even believe that!?" Jason asked, surprised.

Emily just glared at him, "I expected more from you." She turned and walked away.

Jason frowned. "Why would Tanya say that?" He asked no one in particular. * * *

"This is turning out better than I expected!" Rita exclaimed.

"So," Uriel laughed, "Tommy thinks Kat dumped him for another guy who she had been seeing for a few months. Rocky thinks that three of his friends hate him. Kat thinks that Tanya drove Tommy away from her. Tanya thinks that Adam and Jason are gay. Jason is mad at Tanya for telling Emily that he was a homosexual. The only person we haven't hit is Adam."

Just then, Todd and Trisha teleported into the throne room. Todd nodded to Rashell, "Is my King pleased with our accomplishments?"

Rashell cawed in content, "Very pleased, young Todd. The only person that hasn't been reached is Adam Park."

Zedd chuckled, "Who cares about Adam? Let us begin our attack." Turning to the two doubles, he said, "Get the others up here immediately. We will send you back to the Earth when appropriate."

"As you wish, Lord Zedd," Todd said, and the two doubles teleported away in search of the others.

Zedd then turned to Goldar and Scorpina, who had just entered the throne room, "Go down to Earth and begin your attack on the caves of Angel Grove. Destroy as much of the population as you can."

"You command and we obey, Lord Zedd," The two chimed in unison. Then disappeared in a flash of fire.

Rita cackled, "Those rangers will be too busy fighting with eachother that they won't be able to join together as a team, and without their full strength, we will destroy them! Hahaha!" The other monsters joined her in laughing.* * *

Alpha 5 scurried around the Power Chamber in a frenzy, "Ay yi yi, Zordon, Goldar and Scorpina have appeared just outside the Angel Grove caves with a pack of putties. They are attacking the innocent civilians!"


"You've got it, Zordon. I'm contacting Tommy now," Alpha said.

Soon, Tommy appeared in the viewing globe, "This is Tommy. What's going on, Zordon?"


Alpha watched the viewing globe, puzzled, as a pained expression crossed the young leader's face. Zordon saw it as well,


Tommy sighed, "Yes, Zordon. I'll be up there in one second." A streak of white entered the Power Chamber. Once the light faded, Tommy stood there in a white tank top with blue jeans and white sneakers. He looked up at Zordon, "What's going on?"


The three waited for a moment, and then streaks of black, red, blue, yellow, and pink entered the room. Soon, they were replaced by Adam, Jason, Rocky, Tanya, and Kat. Jason sighed, "What's up, Zordon?"


Kat and Jason both glared at Tanya. She looked at Adam, but then looked away. Tommy shook his head at Kat, sadly. Rocky stepped away from Tommy, Jason, and Kat, and went to stand by Adam instead. Adam watched what everyone was doing, appalled. Finally, Tommy looked at everyone, finally snapping into leader mode, "OK, guys, we have to protect the caves."

"Whatever," Kat muttered.

"It's morphing time!" Tommy yelled.







After the rangers had left, Alpha turned to Zordon, "Ay yi yi yi yi! Something is terribly wrong with the rangers!"


"Ah, it's the rangers!" Scorpina exclaimed.

Goldar nodded, and moved closer to his favorite target. Tommy. "Well, red, or should I say, white ranger, I've been looking forward to our next meeting."

"Too bad I can't say the same, Goldar," Tommy spat.

From behind him, Rocky smirked. "Oh, my fearless leader, please protect us against the big evil monkey."

"What the hell is your problem?" Tanya whispered.

Kat snarled, "Who cares about his problem, boyfriend stealer? You should be worrying about my problem with you!"

"Or my problem, lier!" Jason growled.

Tanya turned to Jason, "Don't you talk, Mr. Homosexuality. How dare you steal my boyfriend!"

"Tanya?" Adam questioned.

Tanya looked at him, sadly, "I'm not ready to speak to you, Adam. Give me time, OK?"

Tommy turned around, "You guys. Um, Goldar and Scorpina are here."

"We need to talk, Tommy," Kat said.

Tommy shook his head, his fists clenching together in frustration as he felt tears fill his eyes, "I-I can't, Katherine. Not yet." With that, he turned back to Goldar and pulled out Saba, "If you're so sure of yourself, Goldar, take me on."

"With pleasure," Goldar scowled, and the two charged eachother.

The other five rangers continued to argue, oblivious to the fact that Scorpina was continuing to attack people running in and out of the caves. Kat turned to Tanya angrily, "You're such a bitch! How dare you go after Tommy like that! He's my boyfriend, damn it!"

"I didn't do anything!" Tanya exclaimed.

Jason frowned, "I can't believe you told Emily that I was gay! Why would you think that?"

"You told me that she already knew, asshole, so I just went to get some comfort, because Adam told me today. Gee, you have a short term memory."

"I'm not homosexual!" Adam yelled, startling everyone.

Tanya looked at him, "Then why did you tell me you were?"

Before he could reply, the five were hit by a powerful laser. They turned around to see Scorpina laughing, "You pathetic rangers!"

Kat watched, horrified, as a group of putties attacked a woman running out of the caves. She fought back, but was no match for the putties, who easily beat her until she fell to the ground, unconscious. Jason growled, "We'll get you for that, Scorpina!"

Scorpina smirked, "I'd like to see you try, Red Ranger. Putties, attack!" As the five were occupied, Scorpina continued to fire on people desperately trying to flee the caves.

Meanwhile, Goldar had just delivered a powerful blow to Tommy, sending him flying into the bushes. Looking in them, Goldar cackled as he found that the White Ranger was now in a state of shock. He was about to teleport with him back to the moon, when he heard Scorpina call him, "I could use some help over here."

"But what about-" Scorpina snarled, "He'll still be there, Goldar. C'mon." The overgrown monkey sighed and ran over to Scorpina, firing bolts of energy into the caves.

In the bushes Saba, who was now lying by the unmoving White Ranger, looked up at his partner, concerned, "Tommy?" There was no reply. He tried again. Once again, there was no reply. Knowing what he had to do, Saba concentrated all of his energy on his fallen partner. A dull white light covered them both, and soon Tommy sat up, shaking his head, confused. Looking at Saba, he picked him up, "What happened? My head hurts and I feel tingly all over."

"Goldar knocked you senseless, so I had to use my powers to get you up," Saba replied, tersely. Looking at Tommy, he sighed, "Since you're still kinda out of it, I want to know what's going on."

"What do you mean?" Tommy asked.

"Something's different between you six. It's like some big thing happened, and now you can't trust eachother like you used to."

Tommy nodded, "Earlier today I thought that everything was OK between me and Kat, but when I was walking along the beach by myself, I found her kissing another guy, and she told me that she wanted to break up. I honored that, but I still can't help but feel rotten. I don't even know what I did!"

Saba nodded in understanding, "That is odd. Katherine wouldn't do that without a reason."

"She said that I was too possessive, and that I had mood swings or something like that. Do I have mood swings, Saba?"

Saba chuckled, "Don't make me answer that. Anyway, those seem like good reasons, but I would never imagine Katherine saying that to you."

Just then, the two heard laughter behind them. Burrowing further into the bushes, they looked up to see six people laughing. "That was too easy," A girl said, chuckling.

Tommy looked at Saba, "That sounded like Kat!" Squinting in order to see the faces of the six, he easily recognized them as Katherine, Tanya, Adam, Rocky, Jason, and..., "What the hell? That's me!"

Saba nodded, "Let's go to Zordon. I have a feeling that the person who dumped you today wasn't Katherine."

"What do you mean?"

Saba sighed, "Just teleport. The others can deal with the putties." Tommy nodded, and they teleported away unnoticed by the six doubles."

Jake turned to Alan, "Did you hear something?"

"It was probably just the wind," Alan reasoned, "Let's get back to the palace."

"Yeah, let's go," Robert said, and the six teleported away. * * *

Alpha began a chorus of `Ay yi yi's' as he saw the doubles teleport away in the viewing globe.


Tommy smiled and nodded, "Who are those doubles, Zordon?"


"Their names all start with the same letters as ours," Tommy thought aloud. He turned to Alpha, "How did they know all about us?"

"Those from Hirpog possess the rare power to read their victim's minds. They can find out a person's personality, strengths and weaknesses, and deepest secrets. All of these things they can use against you," Alpha replied.

Tommy nodded in understanding, "We need to get the rangers back here so that we can inform them of the situation."

"Teleporting now," Alpha said, as if he had read the White Ranger's mind.

From Tommy's hand, Saba smirked, "I was the one who knew about it, and do you give me any credit? No!"

Tommy looked down at the sword, "I'm sorry, Saba. You're right, it was your idea."

"Thank you," Saba said, sarcastically, "I know that apology was from your heart." Tommy grinned.

Just then the five confused rangers entered the Power Chamber. "What happened, Zordon?" Jason asked, "We need to go after Scorpina."

Tanya sighed, "I thought it was enough for you just to go after my boyfriend, homo."

Kat snarled, "You should talk, bitch."

Rocky stepped over to Tommy and pushed him against a console, "What's up with calling us back to the Power Chamber, leader? You afraid that we can't deal with the putties by ourselves?"

Kat shook her head, "Tommy, why would you make out with Tanya the slut?"

Tanya smirked, "Me make out with Tommy? Now that's cold, Kat. You're the only one that would like that asshole."

Tommy put his head down to keep from going into a rage. He heard Jason move closer to him, "At least Tommy wouldn't tell someone that I was gay for no possible reason! Only one person in this room would do that."

"I told Emily because you said that you had broken up with her a few days ago, and I wanted to make sure that you weren't forcing Adam to be homosexual!"

"I'm not homosexual!" Adam yelled, getting really frustrated. He had no idea what was going on.

Finally, Tommy just lost it, "Guys! Don't you get it yet! That wasn't us! I know that I didn't really see Kat making out with another guy! I know that Kat didn't really see me making out with Tanya! I know that Jason, Kat, and I weren't the ones giving Rocky a hard time! I know that Jason and Adam never told Tanya that they were homosexual! And I know that Tanya only told Emily that Jason was gay because she was tricked by doubles from a planet called Hirpog!" The other five rangers just stared at their leader in shock.

Alpha walked up to Tommy, surprised by his outburst, "A-are you OK?"

Tommy looked at Alpha, his shoulders slumped, "Sorry, Alpha. I just couldn't take it any more!"

Saba, who still was resting in Tommy's hand, smirked, "Remind me never to bother you when you're in a bad mood." Tommy smiled weakly and stuffed the enchanted sword back in it's holding place on his suit.

Kat was the first of the rangers to recover, and she cautiously walked up to him, "What do you mean that you didn't really see me making out with another guy?"

"I, um, was walking by the beach after we had left eachother, and I saw you making out with this guy named Matt, but now I realize that the person I saw really wasn't you, but was a double named Katie who came with five other doubles to Earth. They were sent for by Rashell and Uriel to wreck our lives so that we wouldn't be able to fight at full power."

Kat gasped, "So that wasn't you I saw making out with Tanya?"

Tommy shook his head, "His name was Todd, and her name was Trisha."

Tanya took a step forward, "And Adam really didn't tell me that he and Jason were both gay?"

"That was Alan and Jake," Tommy said. P>Rocky frowned, "And when I thought I saw you and Jason and Kat today that was really-"

"Todd, Jake, and Katie," Tommy finished for him.

Tanya turned to Jason and Adam, "I'm so sorry. I really thought that was you, Adam. Jason, damn, I can't tell you how sorry I am. I never would have said anything like that to Emily unless I thought it was true!" She looked at Tommy and frowned, "I really lost control there, Tommy. I didn't mean it when I called you an asshole."

"Hey, it's already forgotten."

"I'm sorry, too, Tanya," Kat said, "You're my best friend, and I really screwed up." She turned back to Tommy and kissed him. Breaking away, she smiled, "I hope we can just forget this ever happened."

Tommy nodded, "Great."

Rocky sighed and walked up to Jason, Tommy, and Kat, "I'm sorry, you guys. I know that you would never do that to me, but I really thought that it was you!"

Jason looked at Tanya, guiltily, "You already must know that I'm really sorry about snapping at you, Tanya."

Tanya nodded, and embraced him. Kat smiled and joined in the embrace. Tommy joined after her, and he was followed by Adam and Rocky. Zordon looked at Alpha, and he nodded. Zordon cleared his throat, "I'M SORRY TO INTERRUPT, RANGERS, BUT SCORPINA AND GOLDAR ARE STILL TERRORIZING THE CAVES."

"Oh shit!" Jason muttered, "Those goons have the worse timing!"

"Let's go, guys!" Tommy instructed, "Back to action!" * * *Scorpina smiled, "Oh, goody, the rangers are back!"

"You won't be happy for much longer, Scorpina," Tommy taunted.

"Such tough talk won't mean anything, White Ranger," Goldar laughed, "Get them putty patrol!" Even though they were a large group, they were easily defeated. Soon, the rangers turned their attention back on Goldar and Scorpina.

"Why don't you just head back to the moon where you belong!" Jason shouted.

"Yes," A voice called from behind them. The rangers turned to see their doubles, unmorphed. Todd stepped forward and laughed, "Why don't you just go back to the moon? We can handle this." The two monsters nodded, and, in a flash, they were gone

"Well," Jake said, "If it isn't our doubles. Rita told us that you figured out are little game."

"We're not afraid of you," Adam called.

Katie laughed, "Oh, but you should be."

"We can take you on!" Tommy yelled.

Todd moved closer to his double, "Maybe morphed, but what if you didn't have your powers?" The six doubles raised their arms in the air, and soon a bubble-like dome covered the caves. Slowly, the rangers watched in horror as their suits disappeared

Robert laughed at their confusion, "We have just made a force field that cuts off your morphers' powers. It also keeps you from being seen or tracked by Zordon, plus, you can't teleport. Isn't it just the coolest little gadget?"

"Plus," Trisha added, pointing at a group of people running towards the force field, "If you try and get out, this will happen." The people hit the force field and screamed as the burned and fell on the ground, dead."

"Shit," Tommy muttered.

Todd laughed, "Shit is right."

Jake turned to the others, "All right, guys. Attack!"

"Let's spread out," Jason ordered. The others nodded and did so.

Trisha faced Tanya, giggling, "I hope you enjoyed thinking that your boy toy, Adam, was gay. I found it very funny, myself."

"You're going down, bitch," Tanya screamed, flinging herself angrily at the double.

Adam ducked as Alan tried to kick him in the head. Backing up, he growled, "No one makes me seem homosexual and gets away with it."

"Whatever," Alan yawned. He easily kicked his opponent to the ground.

Robert faced off with Rocky, and he soon realized that they were equal in strength. After being hit in the shoulder, Robert smiled, "You're a skilled warrior, Rocky, though I should expect nothing different from my double. Unfortunately, I'm getting a little tired of this." Raising his hand, he touched Rocky's shoulder, and he felt the life literally drain from his body. As the Blue Ranger's body became completely limp, Robert smirked, "I won't finish you off yet, ranger, but I do have some other business to attend to." With that, he ran off into the caves, unnoticed.

Kat, who was getting a beating from Katie, yelled as loud as she could at Jason and Tommy, hoping they would hear her, "Rocky's down, and I can't tell if he's breathing! We need to get him out of here."

From far away, she heard Jason's muffled reply, "I kinda have my hands full, Kat. I can't get over there!"

Katie smiled, "Unfortunately you can't do anything for your pal, Rocky, even if you didn't have your hands full with me, little Pink Ranger. Remember the force field?"

"Fuck you!" Kat yelled, finally connecting her foot with Katie's body. The double went flying backwards, hitting her butt on the grass.

Katie growled, "You will regret that, Katherine."

Jason kicked Jake down one more time, and finally the double had had enough. He raised his hands in the air and electrocuted the Red Ranger, sending him falling to the ground in pain. Jake smiled, "It's been fun, Jason, but I think I'll leave you now. That Emily girl was such a dish that I think I'm going to go back to her."

"Leave her alone," Jason moaned, trying desperately to push himself to his feet.

Jake chuckled, "Don't worry, Jason. I know how much she means to you." With that he took off into the caves.

Tommy and Todd faced off, and Tommy quickly realized that even though they were both equal in strength, Todd had more skill, and he was easily outmatched. After sending Tommy flying to the ground on his ass once more, Todd grinned, "I have to give you credit. For such a young Earthling you're actually very good. I'm impressed." He stepped closer, "Now, since we're so connected physically, I want to get to know you personally, Tommy. I want to know you're thoughts and your deepest secrets. Tell me, Tommy." He placed his hand on the exhausted ranger's forehead. There was a flash of white energy, and soon, Tommy was lying flat on his back, whimpering and shaking. Todd, who had had his eyes closed, opened them and grinned, "Ah, so you're one of those noble people, huh? You blame yourself whenever anything happens to anyone. Especially Katherine Hilliard. Well, let's see if that's true." Pointing a finger at Kat, he watched, pleased, as she doubled over in pain."

Tommy pushed himself painfully to a sitting position, and weakly whispered, "Kat, no!"

"I'm afraid so, Tommy," Todd laughed, "Now, I think that I'm going to excuse myself. Goodbye for now, White Ranger," And with that, he was gone. Katie, Trisha, and Alan, who had seen Todd leave, also teleported away.

Tanya, who was the first to get up, looked around as the force field disappeared. She quickly put her communicator up to her mouth, "Alpha, teleport us up to the command center, immediately."

Jason sat up, groaning. Seeing what Tanya was doing, he gasped, "No, I...have to check on Emily. Jake is in there." Pushing himself to his feet, he ran into the caves before Tanya could argue. Soon, lights covered the five remaining rangers, and they all teleported away. * * *"Emily!" Jason yelled, wincing as the burn on his stomach began to hurt even more. This isn't smart, Jason. You should go back to the Power Chamber to get checked up like the others! No! You have to find Emily! He sighed and continued to scurry through the caves, getting funny glances from the people he passed.

He rounded a corner just to find Emily backed against a wall. Jake was getting closer to her, tongue flickering. He felt himself fill with rage, "Get off of her!"

Jake looked up momentarily and spied Jason. Laughing, he moved away from Emily and got closer to Jason, "Gee, you are a tough little boy aren't you? That beam should have kept you out for at least an hour!"

"Leave Emily alone, and leave me alone, asshole!" Jason snarled.

Jake nodded, "She's not as much of a dish as I remembered, ranger, but I'll tell you this, you haven't seen the last of me." He teleported away in a flash of flames.

Jason leaned against the wall of the cave, exhausted and in pain. Emily ran over to him and embraced him, "Oh my gosh, Jason, he scared me so much. I thought at first that it was you, and then I knew that it couldn't be you, and he started saying how he had made me get mad at you because...because-," She started to sob.

Jason returned the embrace, "It's OK, Emily. I understand what happened. As it was, I was mixed up with the others, too, but it's all right now."

She put a hand on his chest, making him shake in agony. Emily gasped, "Shit, Jason, you're hurt!"

"Let's just say I had to do my ranger duties without powers."

Emily nodded, "We need to get you some help."

"I have a better idea," Jason said, "How would you like to go to the Power Chamber?"

"Really!?" Emily couldn't believe it, "You'd take me!?"

"Let's go," and with that, they disappeared in a flash of red. * * *

Emily entered the Power Chamber, and nearly fainted due to the overwhelming sight. There were all kinds of high tech consoles, and in front of her, she saw a little droid running around. Looking up, she leaned against Jason to keep from falling over. Inside of a large tube was a big floating head, "What's that?"


"Um, hi," Emily said, nervously.

The little droid stopped what it was doing to glance at the newcomer, "I am Alpha 5. Welcome, Emily." Just then, an alarm went off on one of the consoles, and he quickly went to fix it.

Looking around, Emily saw the other rangers in different areas. Rocky was lying, unmoving, on a bunk, as was Katherine. Tommy leaned against her bunk. He looked as if he was going to cry, and he was also unusually pale, plus he was shaking abnormally. Tanya was sitting on a console helping to dress a wound on Adam's arm. "What happened?" Emily asked.

Tanya looked at her, realizing for the first time that she was in the room. She sighed, "We were attacked by doubles, and I guess we lost."

"Ay yi yi!" Alpha exclaimed, looking at Jason's burn mark, "This doesn't look very good. You should probably lie down."

"Lie down! I can't lie down while our doubles are still out there causing havoc!"

"I think it's a good idea, Jason," Emily said. She smiled, "Besides, I didn't sleep very well last night, so maybe I can join you."

Jason sighed, "OK. Should we go to the crisis center, Alpha?"

"Yes, Jason," Alpha said. Jason grabbed Emily's hand, and the two teleported away. Before continuing doing stuff on the consoles, the little droid walked over to Tommy, "You should join them, Tommy. I don't know what that mind read did to you, but it's obvious that it took a lot out of you."

"It's my fault this happened," Tommy moaned, not taking his eyes off Kat's face, "It's my fault just like it was my fault when Tina Garcia died."

Adam looked up at his leader, "This isn't your fault, Tommy. If you give in to this feeling of guilt, then you'll be giving in to Todd. He did this because he wanted this to happen."

"Yeah," Tanya agreed, "You have to realize that this wasn't your fault...for Kat's sake as well as your own. It also wasn't your fault that Tina died. It was her time to go."

Tommy nodded, and, glancing once more at Kat, he teleported to the crisis center. Adam winced as Tanya wrapped the bandage around his arm before looking at Rocky, "Is he OK?"

Alpha nodded, "His readings are improving. Whatever Robert did to him was temporary, or so it seems. Kat is also getting better. She should be awake in a couple of hours."

Tanya shook her head, "Let's just hope the doubles cooperate." * * *

"Good job," Rita remarked, nodding in approval.

Jake smiled, "We aim to please, Empress Rita."

Zedd looked at the group of five, and noticed that one of them was missing, "Where's Robert?"

Katie giggled, "He's taking care of something."

"I know that you are all worn out, but you must return to the caves before the rangers have any time to recuperate," Uriel commanded.

Alan nodded, "As you wish, Queen Uriel." The five disappeared.

Goldar took a step forward, "May I join them, my masters? I would like to finish what I began with the White Ranger."

Rita sighed, "Fine, finish this ongoing competition with Tommy, but remember that you are not to kill him. Bring him to us."

"I will always be grateful," Goldar said. He bowed and teleported.

Scorpina looked at Rita expectantly, "What about me? Can I go?"

Zedd scoffed, "You!? What have you done to damage the rangers? Nothing! You must go to the dark dimension to regain your skill, Scorpina, for I fear that you are out of touch." Scorpina nodded reluctantly and left the room. * * *

Alpha was finally beginning to calm down when, suddenly, the emergency alarms went off all throughout the Power Chamber. The robot frantically ran around the room punching calculations into computers and looking at monitors. Tanya looked up from the readouts she had been reading, "What's going on?"


"We have to get over there," Adam declared.

Tanya looked up at her mentor, "Zordon, what about the others. We're no match for all six clones plus Goldar."


Alpha looked up at the two rangers, "These readings say that only five doubles are present. Robert is missing."

Adam nodded, "At least that's one less."

"Let's go, Adam," Tanya said.

"Wait, rangers!" Alpha called, "I've found a way to disrupt the doubles' powers. They will no long be able to place a force field over the area."

"That's great, Alpha!" Tanya exclaimed, "Now we'll have the advantage."

"Yeah, great job, Alpha. It's morphing time!" Adam shouted.



Jason awoke to find alarms going off in the crisis center. Looking over at where Tommy was sleeping, he whispered, "What's going on, man? Should we go to the main room?" There was no reply. Getting off of the cot that he had been lying on, Jason walked over to Tommy and nudged him with his hand.

Tommy snorted and sat up, groggily rubbing his eyes, "What's happening?"

"Emergency alarms are going off. We should get to the Power Chamber." Looking over to where Emily was sitting, he sighed, "Will you be OK?"

"Bring me up with you, guys," Emily said, "I don't want to stay down here by myself."

"OK," Jason agreed, "Let's go." The three teleported away.

Once in the Power Chamber, Tommy walked over to Zordon, "What's going on?"


"Go ahead, guys," Emily said.

Tommy nodded, "It's morphing time!"



Once reaching the outside of the caves, Tommy and Jason found Adam and Tanya struggling to defend themselves from the attacks of the doubles. Goldar was leaning against a cave, as if waiting for something. "Hey!" Tommy called.

Todd looked up from where he had just kicked Adam to the ground, "Well, Tommy, you're back. I've been waiting for you."

Goldar, finally exiting his pensive state, glared at Todd, "No way. You're supposed to fight Jason. The leader's mine."

Todd smirked, "Yeah, right. He's my double."

Tommy leaned closer to Jason, "Well aren't I Mr. Popularity?" Jason snickered.

This distraction allowed Tanya and Adam to rejoin the others. Tanya smiled, "Great timing. Thanks."

Jason nodded, "No problem."

Alan looked at Goldar and Todd, sighed, and turned his attention back to Adam, "Well, you won't stand a chance when the force field is activated." Raising his hands in the air, he was alarmed when nothing happened, "What the hell? Oh well, I'm still not done with you Black Ranger. Even if you are morphed, you are no match for me."

Trisha grinned darkly, "Yeah, Tanya, It's time to have some more fun."

"Bring it on, Jason," Jake cackled, "I'm ready and waiting."

Katie yawned, "Well, isn't this boring! Where's Katherine?" She looked at Tommy. Glancing back at Todd and Goldar, who were still fighting, she rolled her eyes, "I guess you'll have to do." The four doubles attacked the rangers.

Alan kicked Adam to the ground, but he quickly bounced back, punching Alan right in the eye. The double backed away and put a hand over his eye. Adam smirked, "That's one advantage we have over you. Since Zordon and Alpha are blocking your force field you'll feel a lot more pain."

"Nicely said, Adam," Tanya acknowledged, using her power daggers to slash Trisha's arm.

Jason and Jake kicked at eachother, and Jason quickly gained the upper hand. Using his power sword, he cut Jake's leg, sending him plummeting towards the ground. "This is what you get for messing with the rangers," Jason said, sticking the sword right through Jake's heart. Taking one last breath, Jake's body became limp.

Katie, who had seen what happened to Jake, continued doing her best to block Tommy's attack. Still, she was no match for him, and easily fell to the ground in pain. Looking up into Tommy's eyes, she grinned, "You'd never killed your girlfriend, Tommy. I know you won't kill me. You're too noble, and you'd never be able to forgive yourself."

Tommy shook his head, and pointed Saba at her, "I'd never spare your life after what you did to Kat, you bitch." With that, Saba fired at Katie, electrocuting her. She quickly died. Tommy sighed, "That's two down."

Adam continued to fight Alan, and the morphed ranger easily came out on top. Using his power ax, Adam literally flung it at his double, slicing him in two. Picking up the ax, Adam looked at his former double, grimaced, and ran over to join Tommy and Jason.

Tanya continued to fight Trisha, muttering angry phrases, "How dare you make Kat think that I would betray her. It's your fault that I hurt Adam and Jason, and everyone else. I hate you and I WISH YOU WOULD DIE!!!!!" she jammed her daggers into Trisha's chest. Trisha looked at Tanya with a look of surprise before falling to the ground, lifeless. Smiling in content, Tanya ran over to join her three friends.

After the rangers had rejoined, they all glared, hatefully, and Todd and Goldar. The two that were still arguing stopped abruptly and looked around. They were appalled to find Jake, Katie, Alan, and Trisha all lying, dead, on the ground. Todd stared at the rangers in disbelief. Tommy laughed, "I guess next time you'll pay more attention to the task at hand. Not that there will be a next time for you."

Goldar cackled, "Loser! All of your pathetic friends are dead. Now, go back to the moon and let me deal with the White Ranger!"

Tommy smirked, "If you both think you're so tough, take me on together."

Adam watched as a flash of pink appeared behind Todd. He smiled, "Well, Goldar, I guess you're the lucky challenger after all."

"What?" Todd turned around to see the pink ranger aiming an arrow at him. Before he had a chance to duck, she fired, sending him flying to the ground.

Jogging past Goldar, Kat ran over and joined the others. She grinned, "Zordon told me that Tommy had killed Katie already, and so I kinda wanted to kill Todd. Call in homicidal impulses."

Jason gasped, "Homicidal impulses!? Now there's something I never expected you to say!"

Tanya folded her arms over her chest, "Aren't we forgetting something?"

The five looked at Goldar. Tommy frowned and pointed Saba at him. Adam readied his power ax. Kat aimed an arrow at Goldar. Tanya pointed her daggers at the space monkey. Jason prepared his sword. Goldar took a few steps back. He pointed at them, "This isn't over, rangers! I garentee it!" With that, he teleported away.

The five cheered and exchanged congratulatory remarks. Tommy hugged Kat, "How are you feeling?"

"I'm still a little weak," She replied, "but Zordon said that I should be back to normal in a few days."

"Let's get back to the Power Chamber," Jason suggested, "I don't want Emily to be up there all by herself for so long."

Adam smirked, "Always the ladies man."

Tanya snickered, and rubbed Adam's shoulder, "Besides, maybe Rocky is up."

Tommy nodded, "OK, guys, let's go." The five teleported away. * * *

"AHHHHHH! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU FAILED!" Rita yelled at Goldar, rubbing her head in order to dull her headache.

Zedd sighed, "Doubles my ass. Those Hirpog warriors were useless."

Just then, Robert teleported into the throne room, surprising everyone. Uriel walked up to him and sighed, "I guess you know that the other's are dead."

"I sensed that, my Queen," Robert replied, shaking his head, sadly, "Do you want me to try to fight the rangers."

Before Uriel could answer, Rashell stepped forward, "No, Robert. You have done well. Return to Hirpog and inform the evil warriors of the doubles' deaths. Then, you must take over Todd's position as ruler of the east quadrant."

Robert nodded, "I will make you proud, King Rashell." With that, he disappeared in a flash of blue.

Zedd sighed, "So, what should we do about those rangers? It's obvious that you have no good ideas." He pointed at Uriel.

She scoffed, "That wasn't the only plan I had up my sleeve."

Zedd ignored her and turned to Rashell, "Do you have any ideas?"

"In fact," Rashell began. "I do have an idea on how to destroy the rangers, but we will have to agree on it." The other three monsters listened, patiently. Finster and Goldar, who had been watching the four in silence, tip-toed out of the room and went to go find Scorpina. * * *

*Two days later*

Adam sighed, "I'm so glad that those doubles were destroyed."

"Me too," Rocky agreed, "That Robert was pretty annoying."

"What happened to him, anyway?" Jason asked.

Tommy shrugged, "I dunno. Maybe Rashell and Uriel called him back after we had killed the other five."

The four male rangers had decided to just have a small guy bonding time, and they were all lounging around in the park. Adam and Rocky were sparring, somewhat, and Jason was sitting under a tree next to Tommy. Tommy looked at Jason, "I hate to admit it, but that Katie person was right. It felt awful to kill her because she looked so much like Kat. While I was fighting her, I really felt like I was fighting my girlfriend!"

Jason sighed, "But it wasn't her, Tommy. I know that, and, deep inside, I know you know that, too. You just have to realize it."

Tommy smiled, "You're right, bro."

Rocky and Adam bowed to eachother and sat down near their fellow rangers. Adam laid back on the grass and looked up at the sky, "It's amazing. You would think that I would be devastated that Angel Grove was destroyed, but, honestly, I feel content just to know that I have you guys, and I have my dad and Tanya, and we all have the caves and the supply people. Please tell me that you all feel like that, or I'll feel weird."

Rocky nodded, taking a sip of water from the water bottle at his feet, "I kinda feel like that, too. Well, I have the rangers, and I have my family, and, of course, Cassandra," He sighed, "I'm at peace."

Tommy and Jason looked at eachother. "Agreed," They said in unison.

The four stood up, simultaneously, as they saw a bus pull up to the caves. A man in a uniform got out of the truck, and entered the caves. Curiously, the guys walked over to the caves. They found men and women in uniforms putting people into the bus. Tommy walked up to one of the women and tapped her on the shoulder, "Um, excuse me, but what's going on?"

She looked at him, tight-lipped, "After the recent monster attacks, we've decided that it would be better to move the population into another city until the cities of Angel Grove and Stone Canyon can be repaired."

Suddenly, a woman ran up to Rocky, crying, and pointed at him, "He's the one. That's the guy I saw."

Two policemen ran up to Rocky and pinned him against the wall of the cave. Rocky cried out as his face scratched against the rough surface, "What the hell is going on?"

"Yeah, what's this about?" Adam asked.

One of the policemen looked at the three shocked boy, "We have a number of eye witnesses saying that this man was responsible for the death of a senior high school student, um, Cassandra Wilcocks."

Rocky's face fell, and he looked at the policemen in awe, "Cassandra is dead?"

"He killed her!" The woman cried, "I saw him strangle her!"

Jason shook his head, angrily, "That's a bunch of shit! He's been with us! Rocky couldn't have done it!"

One policeman looked at the other one, "Hold these three back." He nodded, and set up a defense position in front of the three.

"I didn't kill her!' Rocky cried, "She was my girlfriend! I loved her! She can't be dead!"

"You have the right to remain silent. Everything you say can and will be used against you..." the policeman began.

Tommy, Jason, and Adam began muttering curses and pushing past the police officer. He pushed Adam up against the wall, allowing Tommy and Jason to get past him. The two boys looked back to make sure Adam was OK, before running to Rocky's defense. "He didn't do it!" Tommy yelled.

"We're telling the truth!" Jason declared. "Rocky has been with us for the past few days."

The policeman ignored them and continued to push Rocky out of the caves and closer to his police car. Three more policemen joined the other one. The policeman holding Rocky motioned to Jason and Tommy with his head, "Keep them clear. Use physical force if necessary." They nodded and pushed Jason and Tommy back.

"You can't do this!" Tommy yelled, "There's no evidence to support it!" Two of the officers pushed him to the ground. Tommy glared at them, forcing himself to calm down before he did something that he would regret.

Rocky looked back at Jason, who was still trying to get free from the policeman's grip. he winced as the policeman holding him pushed him into his car. He looked back out at Tommy and Jason, watching as Adam pushed past another officer to reach them, "Don't do this, guys! I didn't do it, and there's no reason for you guys to get in trouble!"

As the car drove away, and the other policemen left them, Adam, Tommy, and Jason simply watched in awe. What else could they do?

Jason looked at his two friends, still in shock, "Shit."

Adam and Tommy looked at eachother. Tommy knew what he was thinking, because he was thinking the same thing, "Robert."

Just then, Kat, Tanya, and Emily came running out of the caves. Emily quickly grabbed Jason's arm, "We just saw some policemen bringing Cassandra Wilcocks out of the caves. She was dead!"

Tommy nodded, "The police just arrested Rocky."

Tanya looked at him in disbelief, "Why!?"

"Apparently there were witnesses that saw him strangle her," Adam explained. He pointed at the police car rolling further away from the caves.

"I don't believe it!" Kat exclaimed, "It must have been Robert!"

Emily shook her head, "Bastard."

Jaclyn Oliver came running out of the caves. Seeing her brother, she ran over to him, "We have to go. Mom and Dad are looking for you, because they want us all to be together when we're evacuated."

Tommy nodded, "Yeah, Jackie, I'll be right there."

She folded her arms over her chest, "No, Tommy. C'mon, I haven't seen you all week. We've all been worried about you."

Tommy was about to say something to reassure her when all of a sudden the six turned around to see Mr. and Mrs. DeSantos arguing with two police officers. Mr. DeSantos pushed one of them away, "My son did not kill Cassandra. They were going out, damn it! He loved her."

"I'm sorry," The policeman said, "Rocky's already been taken away. He'll stand trial after the evacuation."

Mr. DeSantos ignored him and ran up to Adam, "He didn't do this, Adam. Tell them he didn't do this!"

Adam's heart was torn seeing his pained expression, "I know he didn't do it, Mr. DeSantos, but they won't listen to me."

Tanya nodded, "When this evacuation is finished we'll do everything we can to help your son."

Seeing the car rolling away in the distance, Mrs. DeSantos ran towards it, teary-eyed. Out of desperation, she began to sob, "Rocky!" She continued calling his name, thinking that somehow he might be able to hear her.

Finally, Mr. DeSantos ran over to her and embraced her tightly. She fell to her knees, crying, and he joined her in her grief. Jason put his arm around Emily, trying to comfort her. Tanya grabbed Adam's hand, her vision blurred with tears. Jackie looked at her brother sympathetically, before turning and walking back into the cave. Tommy put his arm around Kat and drew her closer to him. Kat sighed, "What are we going to do?"

Tommy looked at the ground, "I know Rocky didn't do it, but there's no sane way to explain what happened. Kat, I don't know what to do."