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Summary: Rocky has been accused of murder. Will the others be able to explain what happened to two certain FBI agents and a jury, or will the blue ranger end up in jail? Will Rita, Zedd, Rashell, and Uriel even give the rangers a chance to testify?

Blue Files
Part 3
by: Christina Ortega

Adam Park sat on the steps outside of the prison-like homeless shelter where all of the Stone Canyon/Angel Grove citizens had been sent to after the moon base’s forces had become to dangerous. He sighed as a light breeze ruffled his midnight black hair. Smoothing it back, he looked at the cars passing by, oblivious to the person who sat next to him.

“Depressed?” The voice startled Adam, and he jumped, spinning around to see Tommy Oliver sitting next to him wearing a white zipped up windbraker with blue jeans.

Adam chuckled, “Sorry, I was kinda pensive for a moment.”

Tommy nodded, “I know the feeling. Anything going through your mind that you want to talk about?”

“I guess I have the same thing on my mind that everyone has on their minds right now,” Adam remarked, “I miss Rocky.”

Tommy sighed, “We all miss him, Adam, but it’s not like he’ll be in jail forever.”

Adam rubbed the bridge of his nose, frustrated, “Come on, Tommy! The only explanation we have is that Cassandra was killed by and evil clone of Rocky! That’s not going to last at the trial! They’ll probably put us in a mental institution for even thinking of it! Face it, Rocky’s going to be sent to jail for first degree murder!”

“We can’t give up hope!” Tommy exclaimed, “No matter how stupid the idea of Robert sounds, it’s the truth, and we’ll prove it, somehow!”

“The FBI is coming,” Adam commented, “They’re going to look into our claims and, ultimately, find out if we’re telling the truth, lying, or just crazy.”

Tommy frowned, “I hate this feeling of helplessness as much as you do, Adam, but we can’t give up. We owe it to Rocky.” He cradled his head in his hands, looking at the ground.

Adam nodded, “I’m not giving up. I’m prepared to fight for Rocky to get out, even if it means I have to be put in jail, as well.”


“Aw, the little blue ranger has been put in jail! Haha!” Rita Repulsa laughed, “The Power Rangers won’t be at full strength.”

“Everyone thinks they’re crazy anyway. The next fight will surely finish them,” Lord Zedd exclaimed.

King Rashell cawed, “Why don’t we have some fun with the Power Brats? Fighting is so boring.”

“What do you mean?” Rita asked. She moved over to her telescope, taking a moment to look out of it, laughing as she saw Tanya Sloan and Katherine Hilliard talking emotionally about Rocky and his situation.

“Everyone thinks they’re crazy, so we’ll make them seem positively insane. They’ll be thrown into a mental institution, and, just like that, no more rangers.”

“Darling,” Queen Uriel chuckled, “People aren’t declared insane just like that. They’re born with defects in their brains.”

“What if the rangers believe that they’re insane?” Rita thought aloud.

Zedd tilted his head in interest, “What do you mean, Rita?”

“You will see, my evil husband,” Rita cackled, “You will see.”


Rocky DeSantos sighed in frustration before rubbing his face, fatigued, “I’m telling the truth! Why won’t anyone believe me?”

“We aren’t saying that we don’t believe you, Rocky, but you have to understand that evil twins don’t come around every day,” Special Agent Fox Mulder commented. He frowned. As it was, he thought this whole case was dumb. It was obvious Rocky DeSantos was either mental or a liar. [There’s no X-File here . . He thought.]

“I know that you both think I’m crazy, but at least listen to me!” Rocky cried, smoothing down his light blue prison uniform.

Special Agent Dana Scully pushed a strand of red hair out of her face, “We are listening, Rocky, but you aren’t exactly being helpful. Why don’t you tell us what really happened?”

Rocky frowned, “Look, I didn’t kill Cassandra. I had been going out with her for over a year, and I loved her. Anyone can tell you that I loved her more than I loved myself. I would never hurt her, and I definitely would never kill her. You have to believe me!” He felt tears threaten to spill from his eyes, so he buried his head in his hands.

Mulder breathed heavily, “I can tell you aren’t in the mood to talk to us, Rocky, so we’ll come back tomorrow, OK?”

“Whatever,” Rocky mumbled. Under his breath, he added, “It’s not like you believe me, anyway.”

Mulder and Scully looked at each other before standing up, grabbing a few papers, and leaving. Just as they had walked out of the cell, a young blond-haired teen in a pink sweater with blue flares stepped past them, glancing once in their direction before sitting down next to Rocky and putting her arm around him, whispering consoling words.

Scully looked back at the two young adults, “Let’s go. Maybe we can find some of Rocky’s friends today.”


Jason Scott put an arm around his girlfriend, Emily, and walked with her through the homeless shelter. Emily leaned against him, wearily, “Poor Rocky.”

“Kat went down there to see how he was doing,” Jason informed her. “The FBI agents went to see him today.”

“I’ll bet anything that they won’t believe him,” Emily said.

Jason nodded, “I wouldn’t bet against that. Damn Rashell and Uriel! If I ever get my hands on them I’ll beat them both to a pulp!”

“Are you and the others going to stick with the evil twin story?”

“Yes, because it’s the truth. Anything else could easily be countered,” Jason replied, “The trial is Friday, and we’re not going to change our story now.” Jason was oblivious to the fact that his eyes flashed red for a moment. Just then, a group of Tengas appeared in front of him. Jason gasped, “Shit!”

Emily looked where Jason was looking, unable to see anything, “What is it, Jason? What do you see?”

“Run, Emily!” Jason yelled, “Get out of here!” He got into fighting stance.

Emily frantically looked around for any sign of danger, but she saw nothing, “Jason, there’s nothing here! Stop it!”

“The Tengas are everywhere, Emily! RUN!!!”

Emily did the only thing that she could think to do. She slapped her boyfriend. Hard. Jason blinked and looked down on her, trembling. She shuddered, relieved, “What just happened?”

“I saw a group of Tengas,” Jason panted, rubbing perspiration from his brow, “They were so real! I could have sworn that they were circled around us!” His breath was shaky.

Emily shook her head, “You have been under a lot of stress, Jason. I think you should get some sleep.”

Jason hesitantly moved down the dreary hallway, entering the small room that he was forced to share with all the other rangers plus Emily and Jackie Oliver. Emily watched him go, worriedly, before running out of the shelter in search of the others.


Mulder and Scully walked down the crowded street towards the homeless shelter. Scully sighed, “What do you really expect to learn from these kids? Mulder, you don’t believe Rocky’s story, do you?”

“No, I don’t,” Mulder replied, “But maybe his friends will be able to shed more light on this whole case. I’m not enthusiastic about this either, Scully, but we owe it to Rocky DeSantos, and Cassandra Wilcocks, to find out what really happened.”

“Who are we looking for?” Scully asked, changing the suspects. She grabbed a hard cover purple book from Mulder’s hands and looked at the front. In bold bronze letters it read, ‘Angel Grove High School: 95-96’.

She began to flip through the pages, intently studying all the pictures that were circled. Mulder began to recite the names from memory, “Tommy Oliver, Katherine Hilliard, Jason Scott, Adam Park, Tanya Sloan, and Emily Johnson. Presently, they are all seniors, and were going to graduate from high school this year, but the attack on their city will most likely move their graduation to next autumn.

“They’re all good students,” Scully noted. She studied the pictures of the six teens, “All six of them are pretty good looking.”

Mulder smirked, “Don’t get any ideas, Scully. Remember, you’re at least 10 years older than all of them.”

Scully rolled her eyes, “Well, I can see why they hang out together. They all have a lot in common, Rocky included. Rocky, Jason, Adam, and Tommy are all into martial arts, and Katherine, Tanya, and Emily are all into some kind of art. Katherine is a ballet dancer, Tanya is a singer, and Emily is a painter.”

“The jocks and the artists,” Mulder snickered, “Figures.”

Scully sighed, before looking at Katherine’s picture, “That’s the girl we saw at the prison visiting Rocky.”

Mulder looked up at a dirty-looking building before grabbing Scully’s hand and pulling her towards it, “We’re here!”

“Yay,” Scully muttered.


Mulder and Scully walked through the trashy hallway before reaching the room that some people had told them was where the 6 teens were staying. Pushing the wooden door open, the two agents walked inside, gasping as they saw how small and cramped the room was. Cots were literally stacked on top of each other, and the whole room was filthy. On top of one laid a brown-haired girl with hazel eyes wearing a burgundy sweater and light blue jeans. She looked up, curiously, “Can I help you?”

Mulder pulled out his badge, “I’m Special Agent Fox Mulder, and this is Agent Scully, we’re with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. We were hoping to talk to these people.” He handed her a sheet of paper with names listed on it.

The girl looked at it before glancing back up at the tall man, “Jason’s over there, but he’s knocked out.” She pointed at the boy lying lifelessly on the cot, breathing deeply. Continuing to read the paper, she sighed, “Is this about Rocky DeSantos?”

“How did you know that?” Scully asked, suspiciously.

The girl smiled, “First of all, it’s not exactly a secret that one of Angel Grove’s finest students and martial artists was put in jail and, secondly, I’m Tommy’s sister, Jackie Oliver.”

“Jackie Oliver,” Mulder echoed. He sat down on the cot next to her, “Can we ask you some questions?”

“I guess I can’t say no,” Jackie replied, brushing a loose strand of hair out of her face, “What can I help you with?”

“We were hoping that you could give us some information about the murder of Cassandra Wilcocks,” Scully explained, sitting down next to Mulder.

Jackie nodded, “All I know is that Rocky didn’t do it.”

“How do you know that?” Mulder asked.

“Rocky is one of the sweetest guys I know. He loved Cassandra, and anyone who thinks he killed her is insane.”

Mulder crossed his hands over his chest, “A lot of people have told us this, but there were also eye witnesses who saw Rocky strangle Cassandra.”

“It wasn’t Rocky,” Jackie stated, curtly.

Mulder glanced down into a manila folder laying in his lap. He read one of the papers before turning back to the young teen, “It says here that your brother was one of the people that fought with the police officers when Rocky was arrested. Why did he do that?”

Jackie scowled, “Rocky is one of Tommy’s best friends, and, besides, Tommy knew that Rocky didn’t commit the homicide. My brother is really smart, and if he did fight that officer, he had his reasons, and I’m proud of him for doing it.”

Scully forced herself not to roll her eyes, before looking Jackie over, “I can tell that you really idolize to your brother. Unfortunately, we have to look at all possibilities. Do you know where Tommy was when the murder was committed?”

Jackie scoffed in amazement, “This is absurd! You think Tommy helped to kill Cassandra Wilcocks? That’s the dumbest thing that I’ve ever heard! My brother is a great guy! He would never take part in a murder! Never! Do you hear me!? If you’re just going to sit here and try to convince me that my brother took part of this, then you’re wasting your time. That’s all I have to say. Please leave.”

[All killers begin as great guys.] Scully thought to herself. “I apologize,” She remarked, “We won’t talk about your brother anymore.”

“I asked you to leave, now please do so,” Jackie said, authoritatively.

Mulder sighed, “We just need your help in this investigation.”

“I don’t know anything!” Jackie exclaimed, “I’m a minor, so unless I see written permission from my parents stating that you have the write to interrogate me, then I still have my rights. Now, leave me alone!” With that, she turned onto her back and closed her eyes.

“Let’s go, Scully,” Mulder spat, disgusted, “Maybe we can catch Katherine Hilliard coming out of the prison.”

The two agents glared at Jackie before quickly leaving the room.


Tommy and Tanya were walking through the busy streets, silently. Tanya looked at Tommy, “Everyone is falling apart. This whole thing is getting out of hand.”

“I wish I could do something,” Tommy growled, “Rashell and Uriel are going to pay. I know it sounds stupid, but I feel like this is my fault. I should have noticed Robert going into the cave. Jason told me that Jake had been in the cave, too, and that he had almost killed Emily!”

“This is not your fault, Tommy,” Tanya said, fiercely, “I know you feel responsible for all of us, but you shouldn’t. There was nothing you could have done to prevent this!”

Tommy nodded, “I know, but it still feels awful to be powerless to do anything. The FBI situation isn’t helping anything either.”

Tanya was about to agree with him, when the two teens nearly crashed into Emily, who was gasping for breath. Emily leaned against Tommy for support, “I’m glad that I found you guys. Something is really wrong with Jason.”

“What happened?” Tanya asked. The two teens held their breath.

Emily took in a deep breath, “I was walking with him through the shelter, and, all of a sudden, he went crazy! Jason was yelling about Tengas, and he was telling me to run, but there was nothing there! I finally just hit him, and he snapped out of it, but now he’s really weak. I’m so worried!”

“I want to see him,” Tommy said, his eyes filled with concern, “Is he at the shelter?”

“Yes,” Emily responded, “He’s sleeping, but I kinda want to see how he’s doing, too. This FBI situation is driving everyone nuts!”

“Let’s go,” Tanya said. The three began jogging down the road.


“Kat, I’m going nuts!” Rocky exclaimed, tears streaming down his face, “I didn’t kill Cassandra, but no one believes me! I miss her so much, Kat. If it weren’t for my being so stupid and thoughtless, Cassandra would still be alive, and I wouldn’t be in jail. Robert might even be dead by now!”

Kat sighed sadly and embraced him, “There was nothing you could have done, Rocky. Besides, a lot of people believe that you didn’t kill Cassandra. All we have to do now is prove it!”

“She never knew,” Rocky cried, “Cassandra saw me coming up to her, maybe kissing her, and then her last memory was of me strangling her.”

“Cassandra knew,” Kat said, feeling tears threaten to fall from her eyes, as well, “I’m sure she knew that wasn’t you, and that you loved her very much, Rocky.”

Rocky continued sobbing, as the door to the cell opened and Adam walked in. He leaned against the wall across from the two, glancing at the floor. Kat looked up at him, “How are you doing?”

“I feel so damn helpless!” Adam yelled, “I would beat up anyone in this prison if it meant you could get out, Rocky!”

Rocky glanced up before smiling, weakly, “Whatever happens will happen, Adam. I’m not going to mess with fate.”

“You can’t keep seeing jail as something you deserve! Rocky, you didn’t kill Cassandra, so you can’t keep feeling sorry for yourself!...” Adam was about to continue, when, all of a sudden, his eyes became lifeless and flashed a dull black.

Kat cleared her throat, cautiously, “Uh, Adam? Are you OK?”

Adam responded by jumping to his feet and getting into fighting stance, “Two monsters! I have to morph! Wait, where’s my morpher?” He searched himself, but found nothing. Adam then looked up and faced the two hideous creatures.

Rocky and Kat watched, puzzled, as Adam frantically searched his body. His morpher easily slid into his hand, but he tossed it onto the ground as if it were nothing. Finally, Adam stared at them, coldly, “I’ll just have to take you on myself.”

“Adam?” Rocky tried, “What’s going on?”

He got no response. Adam grunted and charged the two. They jumped out of the way, shocked. Kat got up and began to shake the black ranger, “Adam, snap out of it! It’s us!” She was greeted with a powerful kick to the stomach. Retching, Kat fell to the floor in agony.

“I’m going to kill you!” Adam yelled at the other monster, “You’ll never defeat me!”

“Whoa, Adam!” Rocky shouted, “It’s me! Rocky! Can’t you see me?”

Adam snarled, “You’re going to pay for what your masters did to Rocky and Cassandra, and all those innocent citizens that died in Angel Grove and Stone Canyon! Plus, you’re going to pay for making my life a living hell!” With that, he charged Rocky, swinging at him, wildly.

Rocky ducked out of the way, rolling to the other side of the cell. By now, all of the inmates were involved, yelling encouragements both to Rocky and to Adam. Adam swung at Rocky again, connecting with his jaw. Rocky grabbed at it, groaning in pain. Adam was about to kick him when two policemen entered the room, grabbing Adam and restraining him. Rocky stood up, slowly, and stared at his friend in disbelief.

Adam spat in Rocky’s direction before turning to the policemen, “Don’t you see that monster? You have to let me finish him! I was so close!”

“Calm down, Son!” One of the policemen ordered, pinning Adam to the wall and cuffing him so that he couldn’t thrash out anymore.

The second policeman smirked, “DeSantos may be a monster, but he has his rights.”

Rocky scowled, before helping the wounded Kat to her feet. She brushed herself off and stepped in front of Adam. He tried to kick his legs at her, but was held back by the policemen. Tears streamed down her face, “What’s going on?”

“We’ll deal with him, Miss,” The first policeman said, “Don’t worry. I’ll get him a nice cell. Better than DeSantos’.”

“Never!” Kat yelled, “You aren’t going to put him in a cell. Adam is one of my best friends! You can’t put him in jail!”

The second cop sighed, “Look, lady, your friend, Adam, is kinda heated right now. We aren’t arresting him, but it would be in your best interest as well as his if we locked him up for the night and gave him some time to cool down. Maybe in the morning he’ll be sane enough for us to let him return to the homeless shelter.”

Kat sighed, “I guess it’s for the best.”

Rocky stepped forward and glared at the two cops, “If you hurt him at all...”

“We know, DeSantos. Since you’re such a hotshot karate guy, we won’t mess with him or you.” The second cop laughed, “Oh, yeah, that bruise on your face is going to be pretty swollen in the morning _Rocky_.” With that, the two officers left, dragging a screaming Adam along with them. Rocky and Kat just watched them go, horrified by what had just happened.


Tommy, Emily, and Tanya ran into the homeless shelter at full speed, not noticing that they nearly ran Mulder and Scully down as they were walking by. The two agents jumped out of the way just in time. Mulder recovered from his shock first, “Should we follow them?”

“Something’s up,” Scully said, “Let’s go.”

The two agents jogged into the shelter, speeding down the hallway, and stopping right in front of the door to the teens’ room. They slowly opened it, finding Jackie, Tommy, Tanya, and Emily all sitting around Jason, whispering. All five looked up, surprised. Jackie growled, “I thought I told you two to leave me alone! Just leave us alone, please!”

“We want some answers, and we aren’t going to leave until we get them,” Scully declared.

Jason looked, wearily, at Tommy, “I can’t...”

“I got it, bro,” Tommy said, grinning. The smile fell from his face as he stood and faced the two FBI agents, “Ask away.”

Mulder looked in the purple yearbook before glancing up at the boy, “Tommy Oliver?”

“Yeah, that’s me,” Tommy said, calmly.

“We need to know what happened when Cassandra Wilcocks was killed. In the police report it stated that you were on the scene when Rocky was arrested, and that you attacked the police officer that arrested him along with Adam Park. Why did you do that?” Scully questioned, using the same calm tone of voice as Tommy.

He frowned, “I did what I did because I knew Rocky wasn’t guilty. My parents always said that I should stand up for what I believe in, and so I did.”

“I doubt that was what they had in mind,” Mulder murmured. Seeing that the teen wasn’t going to respond to the comment, he cleared his throat, “So, where’s Adam Park?”

“I was with him a little while ago,” Tommy responded, “He went to go see Rocky.”

Scully pushed a strand of hair away from her face before opening the folder in her hands and lifting up a paper so that she could read it, “In your personal opinion, was Rocky DeSantos acting any differently the day that the murder occurred?”

“No,” Tommy replied, tersely.

Mulder sighed [This one is playing it carefully. It’s obvious he’s learned not to trust anyone either. Smart kid] “When was the last time you saw Rocky before the arrest?”

“We were hanging out in the park,” Tommy answered, “It was just me, Rocky, Adam, and Jason. I guess you could say we were having male bonding time, since the girls had gone to do something else.”

Scully raised her eyebrow, “You’re good friends with all of them?”

“We all have a lot in common, and we respect each other’s differences. Why? Do you think because we don’t all look or act the same that we don’t get along?”

“She didn’t say that,” Mulder cut in.

Jackie left Jason’s side and moved next to her brother, “Why don’t you just ask him what you asked me?”

“What?” Tommy asked, puzzled.

Jackie sighed, “Agent Scully was curious whether you had anything to do with the murder of Cassandra Wilcocks. She wanted to know if you or the others were with Rocky during the time of the murder.”

Tommy shook his head, angrily, “This is all insane! I didn’t kill Cassandra Wilcocks, Rocky didn’t kill Cassandra Wilcocks, and none of the others killed Cassandra Wilcocks. Let’s just leave it at that.”

“Well it’s not like you have a good alibi!” Scully blurted out.

Tanya jumped up after hearing this and ran to Tommy’s other side, “We’re telling you the truth. Besides, we were all together when the murder was occurred. We were walking through the park, Rocky, Emily, Jason, Tommy, Kat, Adam, and I. That’s our alibi.”

“Then what about this evil clone?” Mulder questioned, frustrated and angry.

Tommy grunted, “We know what we saw. The police told us that you two worked for some division called the X-Files, and that you keep tabs on paranormal activity. Frankly, I was hoping for someone more open-minded, but since you’re going to be biased like this, then I don’t think there’s anything more we have to say. I’m sorry that we couldn’t tell you anything that would make you happy.”

“We do have open minds!” Mulder yelled, “I think it’s you guys that aren’t being cooperative.”

Tanya snarled, “Oh, we’re so sorry. Now, please, we have nothing more to say.”

Seeing that Mulder was going to start a fight, Scully intervened by pulling him towards the door. Before she had dragged him all the way out of the room, Mulder looked back to Jason, who was moaning on the bed, “Is he going to be all right?”

“This cramped space is getting to him,” Tommy lied [I’m really worried that something on the moon has gotten to him], “Actually, it’s getting to all of us.”

Mulder nodded, having cooled off, before exiting the room along with Scully. Jackie growled, “Jerks.”

“What a bunch of creeps!” Tanya exclaimed, “They don’t know us or about our lives, and they just come in and make accusations.”

“What a bitch,” Tommy remarked. “Well it’s not like you have a good alibi!” He joked, in his best Scully impersonation.

Emily stood and joined them, “Jason’s passed out.”

“I hope he’s all right,” Tanya said, worriedly. She turned to Tommy, “What if something is really wrong? I’m scared that Jason might be sick or something.”

Tommy sighed, “If he’s sick, then I would be relieved. I’m just hoping that, you know, this stress hasn’t gotten to him.”

Jackie gasped, “You think he might be going crazy!? That’s stupid, Tommy! Jason isn’t a nut!”

“I didn’t say that he was!” Tommy exclaimed, “I just said that the stress might have gotten to him. If a person is under too much stress, it could result in delusions, amnesia, and even temporary insanity.”

“This is weird,” Emily said, “I thought, personally, that Jason was taking this Rocky thing the best out of all of us.”

“I did, too,” Tanya agreed. The four glanced back at Jason, concerned.


Kat ran into the shelter, sobbing heavily, and swerved as she almost banged into Mulder and Scully. Stopping, she muttered an apology, and was about to run off, but Mulder grabbed her arm and restrained her. Kat cried, “I’m sorry for almost hitting you, but I have to go. Please, let me go!”

“Where are you going?” Mulder asked.

Tears streamed from Kat’s eyes, and she furiously pushed her wind-blown hair out of her face, “I have to talk to my boyfriend.”

Scully raised an eyebrow, “Who’s your boyfriend?”

“Tommy Oliver,” Kat said, cautiously, “Why? What’s going on.” The flow of her tears slowed as she did her best to calm down.

“Katherine,” Mulder began, remembering the girl’s name because he had memorized the faces of everyone involved in the case. “We need some questions answered about Rocky DeSantos and this murder.”

Kat shook her head, “Please, it’s important that I talk to Tommy, but I swear that I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

“Whatever,” Scully muttered. Mulder let her go, and she continued down the hallway.

As Kat reached the door to her room, she literally flew through it and fell into Tommy’s arms, crying again. Tommy, caught off guard, nearly stumbled into a wall, but did his best to remain steady, “Kat? What’s going on? What happened?”

“A-Adam’s in jail,” Kat wailed.

Tanya’s eyes widened, “What!? How can Adam be in jail? What happened?”

“I don’t know what happened. Adam had come to visit Rocky while I was still there with him, and, all of a sudden, he snapped. He attacked us, and the guards put him in a holding cell. They said that he would be let out tomorrow, but I don’t think he will!”

“Damn!” Tanya yelled, “Why is the fuck is this happening to us?”

“Adam,” Tommy murmured, “Shit.”

“That’s what happened to Jason!” Emily exclaimed, “He just snapped. I don’t like this, you guys.”

“Maybe this has something to do with the fact that he’s a power ranger,” Jackie suggested. The four teens looked at her, shocked.

Kat recovered first, “Um, Adam isn’t a power ranger!”

“Yeah,” Emily said, “Where’d you get an idea like that?”

“The same way I got the idea that my brother was the green ranger, and then white, then red, and now he’s white again.”

Tommy was appalled, “Uh, me a Power Ranger? No way! I wish!”

Jackie sighed, “Now’s not the time to lie, Tommy. First of all, I could identify your battle calls blindfolded, backwards, with my arms and legs tied behind my back, and 3/4 of my ears clogged up. Plus, I know your fighting style. First, the green ranger fought like you, and when he disappeared I noticed that you were really depressed. Then, when your depression ended the White Ranger showed up, and he fought like you. When everyone in Angel Grove was turned into kids, no one could find you or the others, and when we all returned to normal, the new red ranger fought like you. Not to mention that your wardrobe changed every time you got a new color. Why was that?”

Everyone looked at Tommy. He shrugged, “I figured that I shouldn’t confuse myself by wearing different colors. I know it’s stupid, but I didn’t want to call out the wrong color ranger.”

“Stick with being the White Ranger,” Jackie advised, “White is your color.”

“Thanks for your fashion advice,” Tommy smirked. Becoming serious once again, he asked, “So, now that we don’t need to hold back any more secrets, what was Adam doing in the cell when he snapped?”

“He was yelling about monsters,” Kat informed him, “I think he thought we were the monsters. Rocky and I, I mean. When he first went crazy I saw his eyes flash a dark color. I think it was black.”

“First Jason and now Adam?” Emily questioned. She looked at Kat, Tanya, and Tommy, worriedly, “Any one of you could be next. We should keep a close eye on each other.”

“It’s a safe bet that the forces on the moon won’t go for Rocky. He’s out of there way because he’s in jail. They don’t have to worry about him anymore,” Tanya said.

Kat nodded, “That means they’re going to target me, you, and Tommy next.”

Jackie glanced at her brother, “These evil people have been going for all the guys, Tommy. It’s likely that you’re their next target.”

“I might be,” Tommy nodded, almost positive that she was right. He sighed, “If I do go under the spell, I don’t want any of you to try to snap me out of it. I don’t want any of you to get hurt if I go nuts.”

“I’m not going to sit back and watch you lose your sanity,” Kat argued, “We’ll have to try something.”

“What if I fight back?” Tommy asked, “Adam has already hurt you and Rocky, Kat. I don’t want to do anything worse. It’s hard enough for Rocky to live with the fact that people think he killed Cassandra. I would die if I knew I had killed any of you.”

“You wouldn’t,” Tanya said, “You have a lot of self-control, Tommy.”

Tommy sighed, “Ask Jason about a certain time in the Dark Dimension when I was still under Rita’s evil spell. I’m sure it will make you think differently about my level of self-control.”

Kat and Tanya looked at each other, confused. Emily looked out of the small barred window to find that it was dark and raining. She folded her arms over her chest, “Well, between all this insanity stuff and those FBI agents, I’m wiped. Let’s go to sleep.”

“Yeah, let’s,” Tanya agreed.

Kat looked at Tommy, concerned, “Maybe you should stay in the crisis center tonight, Tommy. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you when you’re asleep.”

Tommy smiled and kissed her on the cheek, “I’ll be OK. Don’t worry about me. Tomorrow, if you’re still worried, I’ll go to see Zordon.” Kat nodded, appeased. Slowly, the teens exchanged their goodnights before shutting off the light and climbing onto the small cots.


“Well,” Uriel laughed, “That was loads of fun!”

“Whoopie!” Zedd said, sarcastically, “When do we send down a monster? That was fun, but I want to see those rangers suffer.”

Rita scowled, “Lighten up, Zedd! We did get to see Adam punch Rocky and kick Kat!”

“I agree with Zedd,” Rashell said, “I want to see those rangers fight. Whose left?”

“Katherine, Tanya, and Tommy. Hmmm.... three rangers,” Rita murmured, pensively. She grinned, “We’ll easily defeat them!”

“Obviously,” Uriel said, “but the question is, what do we send down?”

“Jagas!” Rashell yelled.

At the same time, Zedd called, “Tengas!” The two glared at eachother.

Rita rolled her eyes, “We’ll send out both. The more troopers we send, the more problems for the rangers. Oooh, maybe when they’re fighting, we can make Tommy go crazy. That would be fun! He could see Kat as Goldar and Tanya as Scorpina! Oh, and we can make him think he’s killed the others, and that he’s become the Green Ranger again. Yes, then the troopers could capture him, and by the time he’s learned the truth, it will be too late! We will have him!” She looked around, expectantly.

Uriel smirked, “You really are obsessed with that boy, aren’t you?”

“No, I’m not!” Rita exclaimed, “Zedd, you liked my idea, didn’t you?”

Zedd shrugged, “No offense or anything, Old Girl, but that was quite dumb. I think Uriel is right. You are obsessed with Tommy! In fact, you are more obsessed with him than Goldar!”

“You’re both crazy!” Rita yelled. She glanced at Rashell, “You thought it was a good idea, right?”

“Obsessed!” Rashell cawed. Rita sighed.

Uriel smiled, “Maybe we can use that idea, Rita, but may I expand on it?”

“Expand away,” Rita muttered.

Uriel chuckled, “I say, don’t make one crazy, but make all three crazy. First of all, Kat and Tanya can begin having hallucinations when they are morphed, but Mr. Leader should get the hallucinations when he’s unmorphed, and hopefully around a lot of people. They think he’s crazy so they lock him up. That’s one less ranger to worry about, and the other two rangers won’t be able to do anything about it because they’ll both be crazy. Kat and Tanya will unmorph, begin fighting eachother, and will both be locked away along with Tommy. Rocky’s trial will come and go, nothing will be found to prove his innocence, and he’ll be locked up for a lifetime. Better?”

“Brilliant!” Rashell exclaimed.

“Yes,” Zedd agreed, “Good job, Uriel.”

“Slut,” Rita murmured, “Why does she always have the good ideas?”


Tommy had been sleeping peacefully on the uncomfortable cot when he was suddenly shaken awake. Looking around, groggily, he squinted and saw Kat sitting on his cot looking down at him. He smiled, “Good morning. Did I oversleep?”

“It’s 7:00am,” Kat informed him, “I want you to go to Zordon.”

Tommy sighed, “Already?” Kat sighed, pleadingly. Slowly sitting up, Tommy leaned over and kissed her, still half-asleep. Breaking the kiss, he grinned, “I’m going, but I get the feeling that you just don’t want me to stay here.”

Kat touched his arm, gently, before kissing him again, “I’d never get rid of you, Tommy. I just want you to be safe.”

Tommy tried desperately to keep track of his thoughts, but whenever he formed one, it was lost by another kiss. Finally, he gasped out, “I want you to be safe, also.”

“I can’t leave them,” Kat breathed, caressing her boyfriend’s chest with her palm and continuing to kiss him gently on the mouth.

“I’ll stay,” Tommy sighed, groaning in pleasure as Kat kissed along his neck and embraced him, tightly.

“No,” Kat whispered, “You’re going to go to Zordon.”

Tommy kissed the top of her head, “I don’t want to leave.”

Kat tilted her head towards him, and kissed him again, this time harder, “I don’t want you to leave, either, but you have to.”

“No, I don’t,” Tommy argued, caressing Kat’s back and rubbing her shoulders.

Kat kissed him passionately and full of desire, “Go. You have to.”

“Don’t make me,” Tommy pleaded, his voice strained.

“Go,” Kat whispered.

Tommy stood up, and Kat did, as well. They kissed again, and Tommy pushed a button on his communicator before he was no longer able to keep control. He disintegrated in a flash of white light. Kat watched him go, breathing heavily. From behind her, Tanya stirred. She smiled, mischievously, “I bet you’re the only one that can make Tommy plead.” Tanya was answered by a pillow thrown directly at her head.


Tommy, fatigued, looked up at Zordon’s tube. He sighed, letting his mind wander to thoughts of Kat. The sweet taste of her lips on his, her natural rose scent, the soft feel of her skin....

“Um, Tommy?” Alpha called to the pensive ranger. He stifled a chuckle as Tommy jumped back, shocked.

He smiled, trembling, “All right, Alpha, you got me.”

“If you don’t mind my asking, Tommy, why are you here so early?”

Tommy sighed, “Kat was worried about me. She thinks I’m going to go crazy.”

Alpha tilted his head, puzzled, “Crazy? What do you mean?”

“It’s weird, Alpha,” Tommy said, “Jason and Adam have both snapped. Jason was jabbering like a maniac yesterday, and Adam attacked Rocky and Kat. Everything is so confusing. I mean, first there’s this whole ‘Rocky in jail’ thing, and then the FBI shows up. Now, everyone is going nuts. Tanya and Kat are pretty sure that I’m going to be the moon base’s next target.”

“It’s a good thing you came, then,” Alpha remarked, “Now I can monitor you to make sure you don’t snap. Unfortunately, it won’t be much fun for you. There’s not much to do here in the Power Chamber. Most of the time I work on calculations on the consoles while Zordon checks out stuff in other dimensions. I doubt you’ll have much fun here.”

“C’Mon, Alpha,” Tommy whined, “There’s got to be something interesting here. What did Billy do while he was always up here? I mean, he must not have only worked on the consoles all day!”

“Well, mostly he did,” Alpha said, “I always felt bad about that. Sometimes, I think Billy got less credit than he deserved.”

Tommy sighed, “I guess he was under appreciated. That’s it, Alpha! I haven’t talked to Billy in months! Can we contact him through the Power Chamber?”

Alpha shook his head, “Usually yes, but the Power Chamber is still being repaired from the Jaga attack a few months ago. The communications system is still unreliable.”

“There we go, that’s something for me to work on!” Tommy exclaimed, “Which console?”

“Uh, Tommy,” Alpha began, nervously. “No offense to you, but this work needs to be done by someone who understands the system. I don’t think you do.”

“I work on consoles all the time, and so do the others. It shouldn’t be that hard!” Tommy remarked.

Alpha sighed, “Well, it’s that console over there.” He pointed at a panel with many buttons, “Do you really think you could work on it? I wouldn’t want the whole system crashing.”

Tommy chuckled, “Believe me, Alpha, you can trust me to work on it.”


Jason woke up to find Emily stroking his hand. He looked around the room. Tanya and Kat were talking quietly in a corner of the room, and Jackie was still asleep. Looking at Tommy’s cot, he was alarmed to find that he wasn’t there. Emily smiled, “How are you feeling?”

“Like I was run over with a dump truck,” Jason responded. He glanced around the room, “Where’s Tommy?”

“The people on the moon are responsible for your outburst yesterday, Jason. I know because your eyes flashed red before it happened. In fact, it happened to Adam, too, only he went so crazy that he attacked Rocky and Kat. Since the monsters have gone for all guys, it seems right that they would go for Tommy next, so Kat sent him to the Power Chamber so that he won’t be in danger,” Emily said.

Seeing that Jason was up, Tanya and Kat walked over to him. “How are you, Jason?” Kat asked.

Jason sighed, “I’m OK. Well, I do feel weak, but it’s not as bad as yesterday. I don’t feel as sick.”

“We were all worried about you,” Tanya said, “You really had us scared.”

“Has anyone seen Adam?” Jason asked.

Tanya frowned, “I wanted to go see him today, to see if he’s returned to normal yet. That reminds me, Kat, how’s your stomach?”

Kat touched the tender area, “I’ll live, although I am a little sore. Rocky got it worse. His jaw is going to be really swollen.”

“Part of me is hoping that Adam isn’t back to normal,” Emily said, “I’m afraid of how he’ll react once he finds out what he did to you guys.”

“Depression,” Jason said, quickly, “The only person worse than Adam is Tommy.”

Emily’s eyebrows arched, “Tommy really gets depressed? He always seems like one of those people who would never give up on anything.”

“Usually he is,” Kat replied, “but if he feels responsible for someone’s injury or if he feels like he’s done something really dumb, than he’ll put all the blame on himself. Ultimately, Tommy is the king of depression.”

Tanya smiled, “I’ll second that.”

Jackie stirred, and slowly rose to her feet to join the others. “Hey,” She asked, groggily, “are you saying shit about my brother?”

Emily grinned, “They’re telling me that Tommy is the king of depression.”

“Oh,” Jackie remarked, “well, carry on.”

“I want to go see Rocky today,” Jason said, “I don’t feel like I’ve been giving him all the comfort he needs, and I feel really bad about that.”

“Do you feel up to it?” Emily asked.

Jason nodded, “Definitely.”

Kat sighed, “One thing I wouldn’t mind disappearing are those FBI agents. Those guys are the most annoying people I’ve ever met. They aren’t here to help us! All they want to do is make us look stupid! You should have seen Rocky yesterday! He was so upset!”

“Damn that Robert!” Tanya yelled, “If that boy ever comes back, I am going to stomp him into the ground!”

“I’ll help you,” Emily said.

Jackie nodded, “I don’t know much about these clones, but after what I’ve heard about Robert, I’d be sure to give him a good bop on the head.”

Jason looked down at his red sweatshirt and blue jeans, “When do we get new clothes?”

Kat frowned, “We’re going to have to keep wearing these clothes for two more days. I hate this shelter! ‘We have to conserve clothing’ my ass! They probably have a basement full of clothes that they aren’t giving us!”

“Before we get a move on, I want you to be checked out by Zordon,” Emily said, “I don’t want you collapsing on the street and having a seizure, or anything like that.”

“Sure,” Jason said, “That’s fine with me. Plus, I want to thank Tommy for handling those FBI guys when I couldn’t.”

“Let’s go,” Kat said.

“Wait!” Jackie exclaimed, “Can I come, too?”

“Yeah,” Tanya responded, “I mean, Emily’s coming, so I don’t see why you can’t come.”

“Teleporting now,” Jason said. The three rangers touched the buttons on their communicators, and Emily and Jackie grabbed by Kat and Tanya. They disappeared in flashes of pink, yellow, and red.


The rangers plus Emily and Jackie entered the Power Chamber to find Alpha fussing over a group of consoles that weren’t calculating right. Looking around, they were surprised to see Tommy working on one of the panels. Kat walked over to him and put a hand on his elbow, “Um, Tommy Oliver hates science and math, and yet he’s working on a console. All right, who are you, and what have you done with the real Tommy?” The others laughed.

Tommy chuckled, “That was funny, Kat, but I’m really doing a good job! I've got the communicators up to 85% power, and they used to be at 70%.”

“Yeah,” Alpha said, sarcastically, “The whole thing nearly blew up twice, though!”

“Give me the benefit of a doubt,” Tommy laughed, “I’ve gotten better!” Alpha sighed.

Jackie looked around and the Power Chamber, amazed. It was, to her, like something she couldn’t have imagined in her wildest dreams. “Awesome,” She whispered, “This is remarkable.”

“Oh, we have a newcomer!” Alpha exclaimed, “I’m Alpha 5, assistant to Zordon of Eltar, and this is my faulty partner, Tommy Oliver.”

“Hey, don’t embarrass me in front of my sister!” Tommy exclaimed. He smiled at Jackie, “Alpha and I really do get along, Sis.”

Suddenly, Zordon appeared in his tube, and looked around, startled to see the rangers present. Jackie looked up at the floating head and felt as if she were going to faint. “RANGERS! IT’S GOOD TO SEE YOU, BUT WHY ARE YOU HERE?”

“I wanted to get Jason checked out, Zordon,” Emily said, “He went a little crazy yesterday.”


“I thought that I was surrounded by Tengas. When Emily snapped me out of it, I felt really sick. Now, I just feel weak,” Jason replied.

“Yeah,” Tanya said, “and Adam attacked Kat and Rocky yesterday, so now he’s in jail. I’m going to see him today to make sure he’s back to normal.”

“I have a really bad feeling that Tommy is going to be the next target,” Kat explained, “So I decided that it would be a good idea to have him come here so that he can be monitored.”


Tommy nodded, “I think Kat’s right. Oh, the communicators are up to 85%!”

“Don’t get me started,” Alpha muttered. Tommy smirked.

Zordon looked down at Jackie, and his forehead creased in interest, “WHO ARE YOU?”

“Uh, I’m Jackie Oliver,” Jackie stammered. “Tommy’s sister.”

“She figured out that I was a power ranger on her own, Zordon, and I’m sure she can be trusted to keep it a secret,” Tommy said.


“Thanks,” Jackie said, cautiously.


Alpha nodded, and picked up a small device laying on one of the consoles, “You’ve got it, Zordon.” Walking over to Jason, he pushed a button, and a faint blue light covered him. Alpha sighed, “Overall 40%, 50%, 69%, Ay yi yi, 20%!”

“What’s the 20%?” Jason asked as the light dissipated.


“Damn,” Jason murmured, angrily.

“Then there were three,” Tanya sighed.

As if on cue, the alarms sounded in the Power Chamber. “Ay yi yi!” Alpha exclaimed, “A whole fleet of Tengas and Jagas have appeared in the city. You have to stop them!”

“Let’s do it, guys,” Tommy called, “It’s morphing time!”




“You guys, be careful,” Jason said, “If you start feeling weird, just teleport up.”

“You got it, Jason,” Tanya said, “Let’s go.”


“They aren’t letting him out because they’re heartless bastards,” Rocky growled.

Mulder shook his head, “You’re staying on his side even though he attacked you and gave you that nastily looking bruise?”

Rocky reached a shaky hand up towards the bruised part of his jaw, wincing as he touched the tender spot. He looked at the agents, “Adam is my best friend. He must have done this out of some kind of blind insanity, because he’s never been like that.”

“What was he saying before he attacked you?” Scully asked.

Rocky breathed heavily, “He was talking about hideous creatures and monsters. It was as if he thought that Kat and I were monsters.”

Mulder was about to ask another question when the two guards ran down the hallway. The first one stopped in front of Rocky’s cell, “You’re a bad omen, DeSantos! Those aliens from Angel Grove are here, and so are the power rangers!”

Rocky’s eyes widened, “What!? They’re here!?”

“There’s a fight going on in the middle of the city. It’s on every station,” The second cop exclaimed.

Mulder’s eyes narrowed, “Aliens? Power rangers?”

“What’s going on?” Scully questioned.

The first cop unlocked Rocky’s cell and stepped inside, “Those monsters that destroyed Angel Grove and Stone Canyon are here, and so are the Power Rangers. Well, three of them, anyway.”

“Which ones?” Rocky asked.

The second cop sighed, “Not that it will matter any, but it’s the white, pink, and yellow rangers.”

“Can I have a television in here?” Rocky asked, “Even if it’s a hand held?”

The cops were about to say no when, suddenly, a third cop handed Rocky a pocked TV from the outside of the cell. He frowned, “Park wanted this given to you. He says to turn to channel nine.”

Wordlessly, Rocky flipped on the TV and watched in horror as the rangers and the evil army attacked each other. Mulder paced the room, frustrated, “What the hell is going on!?”

“There’s no such thing as aliens!” Scully exclaimed.

Rocky shook his head, “You really are from the East Coast, aren’t you. ‘We believe in paranormal activity’ you said. Yeah, right.”

Farther down the hallway, Adam was arguing with the guards, “You have to let me go to Rocky’s cell! It’s important!”

“I don’t think so, Park,” The first one said, “DeSantos probably doesn’t want to see you since you beat him up yesterday, anyway.”

“This is important, damn it! I have to see him about the fight!” Adam growled.

The second guard laughed, “I know you’re getting flashbacks from your life in Angel Grove, but now is not the time to reminisce.”

“Fuck you!” Adam yelled, “I need to speak to Rocky!”

“Fuck you!” Rocky yelled, “I need to talk to Adam!”

“I don’t think so, DeSantos,” The first cop said, “Why do want to see the guy that beat you up anyway?”

“I need to see him!” Rocky screamed.

Mulder put his hands up to stop the argument, “Everyone just shut up! Now, go to Adam’s cell and bring the boy over here or I will!”

“Whatever you say, Fed,” The first cop said. They both left, muttering curses.

Scully sat down next to Rocky and looked into the small TV, almost fainting as she saw the three spandex-wearing strangers fighting unknown creatures. [There are aliens] She thought [Everything I’vestood by has been wrong. Mulder was right all along.]


“Destroy the rangers!” A Tenga yelled. The pack of overgrown buzzards attacked.

Behind them, a group of Jagas stood. One of them lifted his hand in the air, “Attack!” They charged after the Tengas.

Tommy, Kat, and Tanya just stood still. Finally, Tommy pointed away from himself, “Spread out! We can take them!”

“Right!” Tanya and Kat chimed in unison. They moved in opposite directions away from each other.

Tommy stood in fighting stance, and began to fight defensively as a group of Jagas and Tengas literally jumped on top of him.

Kat kicked at a Tenga before punching a Jaga. Three more Tengas surrounded her, and began to fight. Soon, about five more Jagas joined them.

Tanya kicked and punched wildly at the crowd of Tengas and Jagas that had surrounded her. “There’s too many of them!”

“We need the others!” Kat cried.

“We can’t give up, guys!” Tommy yelled.


“This is too easy!” Zedd laughed, “If they aren’t at full strength, they aren’t that tough.”

“Goldar!” Rita called.

The space ape entered the throne room and bowed before the four evil rulers, “You called, my Empress?”

“Go to Earth and get Tommy away from the others. As soon as we summon you, teleport back here. Do you understand?”

Goldar nodded, “Yes, my Empress, but, may I ask, for what purpose am I doing this?”

“No, you may not,” Rita replied, “Just do as I ask, or you will answer to me.”

“You command and I obey, my Empress,” Goldar said, and in a flash of fire, he was gone.

Uriel chuckled, “Everything is going perfectly.”


“Be gone!” Goldar commanded the Jagas and Tengas. The Tengas flew away, hurriedly, and the Jagas ran off shortly after them.

Tommy, breathing heavily, turned to the big monkey, Saba in hand, “Long time no see, Goldar.”

“Yes, White Ranger, it has been a long time, although now is hardly the time to reminisce.”

“I agree,” Tommy growled.

Saba looked up at his partner, concerned, “Are you up to this? Those Tengas and Jagas used up a lot of your strength.”

Tommy nodded, assuringly, “I’m tired, but besides that I’m find. Besides, it’s just Goldar.”

“Whatever,” Saba muttered, “Well, on with the show. Say something heroic, and let’s get on with it.”

Tommy smirked and turned back to Goldar, “Go to hell, monkey boy!”

Goldar sighed, “Always the gentleman, aren’t you, Power Brat? Well, your confidence will soon be diminished into nothing.”

“I don’t want to have a conversation with you, bastard! Let’s get this over with.”

“Let’s,” Goldar snarled, and, with that, the monkey attacked. As the battle began, Tommy was oblivious to the fact that he was being drawn farther and farther away from the pink and yellow rangers.


The second cop pushed a puffy-eyed Adam onto the cot next to Rocky. The two teens regarded each other, uncomfortably. Adam broke the silence, “I suppose you’ve been watching the fight.”

“Yep,” Rocky said, looking at the ground.

Adam sighed, “Look, about yesterday, I don’t know what came over me, and I can’t explain why I did what I did to you and Kat. I...thought that there were two monsters surrounding me, and so I thought I was fighting in defense. The next thing I knew, I was behind bars contemplating what I’d done.”

“I knew it wasn’t you,” Rocky commented, “We tried to snap you out of it, but neither of us could get close enough.”

Adam laughed, weakly, “I’ll take that as a compliment to my martial arts.”

Rocky chuckled, “I guess I meant it as one. No hard feelings, man.”

“Thanks,” Adam said.

Mulder and Scully watched the two boys, interested. Mulder sighed as memories from his high school days came rushing back. He had a friend in high school...a really good friend, but they had gotten into a big fight right before graduation. Mulder hadn’t seen him since. He knew the friendship could have lasted if he would have swallowed his pride and apologized. The argument had been his fault, anyway.

Scully, seeing her partners thoughtful state, took it upon herself to begin the interrogation, “I’m sorry to interrupt the moment, but since there are aliens out there, it would be to our advantage to know what they are.”

Rocky nodded, “When we lived in Angel Grove, there were constant monster attacks on the city. We guess they were aliens, because it was obvious that they weren’t from Earth. Anyway, there was a fighting force, the Power Rangers, that fought the monsters. At first there were five of them, then six, then five, then six, and now three. Besides the rangers, there were also many army guys that hung out at the outskirts of town. Adam and I were walking home, and we saw them cleaning up a section of the part where a monster attack had just taken place. I guess they had to cover it up so that no one else would realize that there were really aliens, or something like that.”

Mulder being shaken from his thoughts, kicked the wall of the cell, angrily, “Damn it! For all these years I’ve gone everywhere looking for the truth, and it’s been here the whole time. Everything I’ve ever wanted has been in Angel Grove for all these years.”

Scully touched her partner’s arm before turning to the two policemen who were standing, confused, outside of the cell, “Can you leave us alone for a little bit?”

“Sure, whatever,” The first one said. They both walked away.

Scully looked up at her tall partner, “No one knew, Mulder. There was nothing we could have done to have found Angel Grove earlier. I’m sorry, also. You were right, and I was wrong.” Tears sprang to her eyes, and she tried her best to conceal them.

Mulder sighed, tears in his own eyes, and embraced his partner, “You were never wrong, Scully. In fact, sometimes I wish I were as cautious as you. Without you, I probably wouldn’t have made it this far, which is why I need to know if you want to come with me the rest of the way, because if you’re truly ready to leave me to my quest, then I will understand, and I won’t hold it against you.”

Scully shook her head, feeling a salty tear roll down her cheek, “I’ll never leave you, Mulder, especially since we’ve come this far. We’re going to stick together through this, Mulder....Fox. We’ll face this together.”

Adam and Rocky watched the two, patiently waiting. Finally, Mulder and Scully remembered the two teens, and acknowledged them, embarrassed. As if knowing what they were thinking, Adam laughed, “We all have our moments.”

Rocky nodded, “I used to have them all the time, before....well...Cassandra, you know, died.”

Mulder’s eyebrows raised, “You really think that she was killed by an evil clone, don’t you?”

Rocky nodded, hesitantly, “Yes, I do.”

Scully looked at Adam, “And you believe that you attacked Rocky and Kat because you had no control over your body?” Adam merely nodded.

“Both of these explanations are quite far-fetched,” Mulder explained. He ran a hand through his brown hair, “Then again, what’s more far-fetched than three multi-colored superheros fighting alien creatures in spandex?” The four looked out the window, startled, as they heard a loud clasp of thunder. Suddenly, rain was heard everywhere.

“Shit,” Rocky muttered, “This isn’t going to be good for the rangers.”


“We have been ordered to leave,” a Jaga told the armies attacking the pink and yellow rangers, “Let’s go.” The armies looked at one another, nodded, and teleported away.

Kat looked around, gasping, “We were being beaten! I wonder why they left!”

“I don’t think this is over,” Tanya panted, standing up from where she had been struck onto the ground. The two rangers sighed as rain began to fall on their heads.

“Zordon,” Kat called into her communicator, “We’re ready to be teleported.”

“Guys,” The two girls heard Jason call over the system, “Is Tommy with you?”

Tanya looked around, alarmed when she didn’t hear or see the white ranger, “He’s not here, Jason. Can you track him?”

“He went off somewhere to fight Goldar,” Jason informed them, “We’ve been trying to contact him and track him, but someone or something is blocking all communication.”

“Great,” Kat muttered, “I hope they haven’t made him go nuts.” Glancing at the ground, Kat was shocked to see a small trail of white powder. Tanya saw it, too.

“Um, guys? Are you there?” Jason asked from the Power Chamber.

“We’ll contact you soon, Jason. There’s something we need to check up on. Kat out,” and before Jason could protest Kat switched off her communicator.

“I don’t like this, Kat,” Tanya whispered, “I don’t like this at all.”

“I don’t, either,” Kat agreed. “Let’s follow it and see where it goes.” The two teens wiped their wet masks off before doing their best to follow the white sandy trail.


Goldar was on the ground, wheezing, and above him Tommy was laughing, “I was flat out wiped out, and I still beat you, you ape! Go on back to the moon and hang out with trash more your own level.”

“It’s my time to go anyway, White Ranger,” Goldar laughed, “We will meet again.” With that, he disappeared.

Tommy sighed, before lifting Saba up to face level, “Good fighting, little buddy.”

Saba scoffed, “I’m wet, you insensitive prick!”

“Whine, whine, whine,” Tommy chuckled, “You don’t even have the nerve to accept a compliment.”

“Leave me alone, teen tiger,” Saba growled, relishing the feeling of Tommy’s most hated nickname coming out of his mouth.

Tommy feinted hurt, “Saba, why do you have to bring up that name!? I didn’t do anything to you.”

“Fine, I’m sorry,” Saba commented, “Gee, I didn’t know you were so sensitive.”

Tommy was about to reply, when, all of a sudden, a bright orange light covered him, Crying out, he grabbed his head, in pain, groaning as he felt himself unmorph. Despite the fact that he was no longer in his suit, Saba still laid in his hands. The sword looked around, slightly frightened, “Are you OK, Tommy? What just happened? Why did you just unmorph? I think we should go to the Power Chamber. Maybe Zordon will be able to-” He stopped and gasped as he saw Tommy’s eyes flash a dull white. The young ranger shook his head frantically, trying to shake off the spell, but any effort he made was worthless. He looked down at Saba and laid the small saber on the ground.

“Go to Zordon,” Tommy said, his voice shaky as the cold raindrops fell on him like knives carving into skin, “Tell him that I’m under the spell, and the girls are in danger. He should teleport them up immediately. As soon as the spell wears off, I’ll join you.”

“I can’t just leave you!” Saba exclaimed.

Tommy sighed, “Y-you have to, Saba. If I go to the Power Chamber, I’ll be as much of a threat as I was as the Green Ranger. Go!”

Saba looked once more at his, now totally drenched, partner before teleporting away in a small flash of white light. Tommy fell to his knees, desperately trying to control himself, but finally he became totally weak, and soon he was taken over. Looking around, crazily, Tommy felt his head throb as a small voice said, [You killed them. You killed them all, you bastard, and now you aren’t worth anything.]


Jason and Alpha were running around the Power Chamber, trying desperately to make contact with Tommy, Kat, and Tanya when Saba teleported in. Jason walked over to the sword and picked him up, “Saba, where’s Tommy? What happened?”

“He said for me to tell you that he’s under the spell and that the girls are in danger. I suppose you know what he’s talking about.”

“Damn it!” Jason yelled, “I’m going to kill all of those evil asses if I ever get my hands on them! We should teleport Tommy up here and restrain him.”

“He said not to do that,” Saba said. “Tommy told me that if he were teleported up, he would be as dangerous as he was as the Green Ranger.”

“Tommy has good judgment,” Alpha said, trying to convince Jason that it would be better not to teleport the White Ranger up, “If he doesn’t think he will be in enough control to restrain himself in here, then we shouldn’t take the chance.”

“Let’s get Kat and Tanya up here, then,” Jason commanded.


“Can we communicate at all?” Jason asked.

Alpha shook his head, “All the power is up, but both rangers have turned their communicators off! Oh, ay yi yi!”

“I don’t believe this!” Jason yelled, “Well, we have to do something! Maybe I should go down there.”


“Damn!” Jason exclaimed, “I can’t believe that we’re just stuck in here while the others are in danger, and we can’t do anything to help them!”


“Where’d everyone go?” Adam asked Rocky.

Rocky frowned, “I don’t know. All of the rangers just ran off! So did the monsters!”

“Weird,” Scully said. She looked at the screen, squinting as she saw a little blur of white flash across the screen, “Hey, Mulder, doesn’t that look like Tommy Oliver?”

Mulder looked at the small TV, and looked at it intently, nodding as he saw the wet boy, “That’s him...what’s wrong with him?”

“He looks frazzled,” Rocky said. Peering closer at the TV, he jumped up, “Shit! Tommy has someone with him!”

“What’s wrong with that?” Adam asked, curiously looking at the screen. As he finally found what Rocky had seen, Rocky grabbed the TV from him, “Tommy has a-a hostage!?”

“What!?” Mulder and Scully yelled in unison, grabbing at the TV. Looking at it, the two agents gasped in surprise. Scully looked at Mulder, “It can’t be, can it?”

“Well, if it’s a coincidence, it definitely takes the cake for the best one,” Mulder growled, “I’m going out there.”

“Tommy’s dangerous, Mulder,” Scully reminded him, “This time an authoritative voice won’t be good enough. He’s gone nuts!”

“I don’t care if he’s a black belt, a double black, or a quadruple black, either way he has a hostage...my hostage, and he’s gone nuts.”

“I’m going with you,” Scully said.

Mulder was about to oppose, but seeing the stern look in his partner’s eye, he decided against it. Adam looked at them, “Maybe they’ll let me out and I can come with you.”

Scully looked at him, “If they do, it’ll still be dangerous.”

Adam smirked, “Look, Tommy may be more advanced than me, but I’m the closest one besides Jason to Tommy’s skill level. If he does become violent and attack you or that hostage, I’ll be able to keep him busy for a little bit, and I might even be able to snap him out of it.”

Mulder sighed, “Fine. Let’s talk to the guard.”


Alex Krycek walked, glumly, through the dark, wet streets, taking a minute to smooth back his rain-moistened hair. Looking down at his prosthetic left arm that was now soaked, he scowled and cursed Fox Mulder’s name before turning his thoughts back to other things.

He was kinda down because he had just been dumped by a beautiful woman. This had never happened to him before, mostly because all the relationships he had were one-night stands. Usually. Jewel had been different. She was beautiful, smart, and, more importantly, we was also a secret agent, spending most of her times in Hong Kong along with him.

Then, two night earlier, right after having sex, she had declared their relationship over. When he had asked why, Jewel had merely laughed and said that he was too ratty for her. [She called my Ratboy] he thought to himself.

Krycek had never thought himself to be unattractive. In high school, he had been part of the popular crowd. He had been one of those people that everyone had wanted to hang out with...anyone without pocket protectors, that is. He had been a rebel in high school, not because he was a bad student. Far from that. In fact, he almost always got A’s and B’s in his classes.

Krycek had been popular because he worked his hardest to get along with everyone. He’d betray one friend to get two more. Then, he’d betray those two to get four more friends, and so on. He had always found it funny that those people that he had betrayed still thought of him as a true friend, and he liked it that way.

A lot of the girls in Krycek’s high school had really wanted to go out with him. Badly. One girl had even sent him flowers on Valentine’s Day with a note saying that she would pledge her love to him. Unfortunately, he had just begun to go steady with another girl at the same time, so Krycek had had to hurt her feelings by telling her that he wasn’t available. Krycek thought, smiling as the memory returned to him [Now that was a hot girl. I remember carving in *Alex loves Lisa* in a tree outside of the school. We were going out for almost a year! Then I found out that she had another boyfriend at a high school nearby. He was a senior and I was a junior. Boy, did I kick his ass.]

By his senior year, however, Krycek was flat out exhausted. He was tired of trying to please everyone, and having to be so secretive. Luckily, he found some way to conceal his feelings and continue to be popular and meet more people.

The irony of this was that when he left high school, Krycek had thought that it was over. No more secrets, no more betrayal, and no more trying to get people to like and trust him. Now, he was doing more of this than ever. It was all because of that one offer he couldn’t refuse. At college, young Alex had dreamed of power and money, and the smoking man had offered him this. In fact, he had offered him everything he could have dreamed of. [Where’s that power and money now?] Krycek thought, taking that moment to spit onto the pavement below him.

Now, Krycek had to betray everyone just to stay alive. He’d betrayed his family, all women he had dated, the smoking man and consortium, Dana Scully, Marita Covarrubies, Fox Mulder, and even all of Hong Kong, the US, and Russia!

[How many times have I betrayed Mulder anyway?] Krycek asked himself[ Well, I killed Duane Barry, but that doesn’t really count because I didn’t want to! OK, so I kidnapped Scully...well, not really. Duane Barry kidnapped her, but that was the smoking man’s idea, anyway. I did almost knock Mulder off of that lift at Skyline Mountain....then again, I did that against my will...although knocking that lift operator out was fun. Hehe, when he came to he tried to call the police on me. Stupid bastard didn’t know I was already long gone. Well, then I killed Mulder’s father....but that was because I had no choice. If only the damn old man hadn’t walked into the bathroom right then! Um, let’s see, I almost got him killed in Hong Kong, but that was his fault! He tracked me down, so what more did he expect? Then, he had to get stitches after the car I was driving ran off the road...but I was possessed by that black oil shit then, so that doesn’t count. Then, I turned him over to the Russians in Tunguska, but he had beaten me up so he deserved it. Besides, part of that was Marita’s fault, too. Anyway, I got my arm cut off, so we’re even. Well, I guess I haven’t betrayed Mulder after all! Cool!]

All of Krycek’s thoughts were halted as he felt someone grab him and fling him into a wall. Dazed, he spun around expecting to see some government person. Instead, he found himself looking into the cold eyes of a young teenage boy, probably no older than 18. Krycek looked at him, startled before raising his hands up in defeat, “What’s up, Kid? I didn’t do anything to you!”

“I killed them!” He cried, “Don’t you see that they’re dead?”

Krycek’s brow creased in interest as he scanned the ground, “Nope, no dead people here. Sorry, Kid. I think you’re seeing things.”

“I killed them!” He yelled, “Don’t you see what I’m wearing!?”

Krycek looked at the kid’s outfit. His white sweater was covered in brown dirt, and his blue jeans were stained. He smirked, “It’s not the fashion statement, but if you clean it, it will be fine.” [Then again, what do I know about fashion? I wear the same thing everyday! Ah, my leather jacket. How loyal you have been to me?]

“Why didn’t you stop me, Rocky?” The teen asked, looking at Krycek, maniacally.

Krycek backed away, suddenly feeling quite frightened by the boy’s behavior, “Look, Kid, my name isn’t Rocky. I think you’re just a little confused.”

“Wait a minute! You aren’t Rocky! Your’re Robert! You asshole!” Without warning, the boy attacked him, grabbing him in a headlock and dragging him into an alley, “I can’t make it stop.”

Krycek gasped for air, feeling himself become dizzy. Right before he passed out, he heard the boy say, “I’m sorry. Believe me, I’m trying to stop!”


Kat and Tanya continued to follow the white trail. It led them into a dark forest outside of the city. “Look!” Kat yelled, “Over there!”

The two girls ran to a spot where a light was glowing brightly. Peering into the light, they were horrified to see Tommy, unmorphed, lying in the mud, unmoving. “Oh my gosh!” Tanya cried, turning away.

Kat began to sob, turning away from her deceased boyfriend, “He can’t be...I mean....no! You were closer to him, Tanya! Why didn’t you see him going off?”

“Me!?” Tanya exclaimed, incredulous, “You were closer to him, _Katherine_. If you had seen Tommy run off, maybe he would still be alive!”

Strangely, the light covered the two girls, and they unmorphed immediately. Tanya’s eyes flashed yellow while Kat’s eyes flashed pink. They glared at eachother, hatefully. Kat shoved Tanya to the ground, “You probably wanted Tommy to be killed!”

“No!” Tanya screamed, “It’s your fault! You were tired of him, so you came back here and killed him yourself!”

“You’re so full of it, Slut!” Kat yelled, crying out as Tanya kicked her into the mud next to the dead Tommy.

“Bitch!” Tanya shrieked, glaring at the pink ranger, evilly.

By now, both girls were totally soaked to the skin. Their clothes stuck to their bodies, but neither of them noticed. Kat stood up and got right in Tanya’s face, “You’re probably crazy anyway, Whore! Tommy was probably killed by you in some state of blind insanity. Then again, you always have been rather queer, haven’t you?”

“Take that all back, you hooker!”

Kat shook her head, “I’m not taking back a word, and, personally, I think you’re the hooker. Look at you in your tight black pants and yellow shirt that exposes half of your chest! Isn’t Adam enough for you?” The two girls continued fighting viciously, their cries being masked by the thunderous pounding of the icy rain.


Mulder, Scully, and Adam ran in the rain, stopping momentarily to catch their breath. Mulder squinted as he tried to see through the vision-blurring storm, running a hand over his matted down hair. “Tommy was here when the footage was taken.”

“He couldn’t have gotten far!” Adam yelled, shivering as the cold droplets stung his skin like needles, “Does anyone see anything?”

“No!” Scully declared, looking around. Straining her eyes, she looked towards a group of trees. In them, she could faintly make out one pink and yellow dot. She began moving towards the forested area.

Mulder, seeing what his partner was doing, began to follow her, “Where are you going, Scully?”

“Keep looking for Tommy,” Scully commanded, “I need to check something out, but I’ll be right back.” She pulled out her gun to assure him.

Mulder nodded, reluctantly, “Be careful.” He also pulled out his gun and rejoined Adam on the sidewalk. The two soaked guys continued down the street as Scully ran towards the woods.


“I wish I had my flashlight,” Scully murmured to no one, doing her best to see through the darkened forest. Keeping her gun level, she continued to look around, halting as she began to hear voices from up ahead. Soon, the voices were right in front of her. She sighed, “Here we go.”

“Freeze, FBI!” Scully yelled, jumping out from behind a tree. She quickly pulled her gun back as she recognized the two people as Katherine Hilliard and Tanya Sloan. She sighed, “What are you two doing out here? It’s freezing!”

“Arrest her!” Kat yelled, pointing at Tanya.

Tanya shook her head, angrily, “No way! Arrest her!”

“Why would I want to arrest either of you?” Scully asked.

Kat growled, “She killed my boyfriend! Tommy’s dead!”

“She is so full of shit!” Tanya screamed, “Kat killed Tommy!”

“Where’s the body?” Scully asked, confused and cold.

“Right there,” They said in unison, pointing at the ground behind them. Scully peered at the area, easily seeing that no one was there. She sighed, “There’s no one there.”

“Don’t you see the body!?” Kat exclaimed, pointing at the ground more fiercely, “It’s right in front of you!”

“There’s nothing there!” Scully yelled, authoritatively, “Now, both of you seriously need to calm down. This whole thing is out of hand.”

“You probably hid the body!” Tanya said, looking at Kat, suspiciously, “You hid it so you wouldn’t get caught!”

“I loved Tommy!” Kat shrieked, “You hid the body!”

“Tommy is alive!” Scully declared, frustrated.

The two girls looked at her, momentarily forgetting their argument, “Really?”

“Mulder and Adam went to go find him. He went under the spell, or whatever it is, and Adam came along to try and snap him out of it.”

“You mean, h-he’s not dead?” Kat questioned, amazed.

Scully nodded, “He’s alive.”

Tanya and Kat looked at each other. Pink and yellow lights glowed in their eyes for a moment. Unexpectedly, they both began to cry, embracing. Kat sniffled, “I couldn’t help myself, Tanya. Really, that spell made me think it was you, but now I know that....I’m so sorry.”

“Me too, Kat. I would never hurt you,” Tanya exclaimed.

Scully just watched the two, grinning weakly. Inside, her mind was racing [They really were under a spell! That means that the story about the clone is most likely true! I don’t know what to believe anymore!] “C’Mon,” she said, “you both should go back to the shelter and get warmed up.” The three slowly walked towards the city, suddenly feeling very tired both emotionally and physically.


“Wait!” Adam said, turning into an alleyway. Mulder was quickly at his side, and saw what he saw. Tommy was kneeling on the ground, still holding Krycek in a headlock. The older man was breathing slowly, shaking his head and shuddering. Adam cautiously moved towards him, “Tommy, let him go.”

Tommy, unaware of their presence, looked up, suddenly. A tear fell from his eye, though hardly noticeable due to the rain, and he squinted at the two, “Adam? You’re alive?”

“Yeah, Tommy, I’m fine. You need to snap out of this,” Adam said soothingly, not wanting to be intimidating. That would definitely push Tommy over the edge.

Tommy sighed, “I can’t stop, Adam! My head hurts, but at least I got Robert. Look at the bastard.”

“That’s not Robert, Tommy,” Adam remarked, “Robert probably returned to his planet. The person that you’re holding is not the person who killed Cassandra.”

Tommy tilted his head, confused, before looking down at the man in his arms, “You’re lying. It is him, and look at what he made me do! Look at what I’m wearing!”

Adam looked Tommy over, not realizing what he meant, “I’m not lying, Tommy, and you’re wearing what you were wearing earlier.”

“I killed them all, though! Kat, Tanya, Jason...they’re all dead because of me! I couldn’t keep control!”

Mulder looked at the boy, concerned. What he was witnessing was amazing. It was as if Tommy had suddenly suffered a mental breakdown, yet he was acting as if he was trying to regain control of his body. He glanced down at Krycek and sighed “Why don’t you let that man go, Tommy. You can prop him up against that wall over there, and then we can get you some help.”

“They won’t be able to help me!” Tommy exclaimed, “Don’t you get it? They can’t help me!”

“Let him go,” Mulder whispered.

Tommy looked into Mulder’s eyes, and for a moment they seemed to become less clouded. Slowly, he dragged Krycek’s limp body over to the brick wall to his right, and propped him up against it. Krycek shook his head slowly, moaning as a pounding headache overtook him. By now, both Tommy and Krycek were shaking uncontrollably. Slowly backing away, Tommy stood up and faced Adam and Mulder. Almost instantly, he snapped, and ran towards Mulder yelling, “You didn’t believe us! Bastard!”

Adam stepped in front of Mulder’s gun, pushing it away. Mulder stood in silent awe as Adam pushed Tommy away, thrusting him into the wall. Tommy stopped himself just before hitting it, turning to Adam, an demonic gleam in his eye, “You aren’t Adam! Maybe you’re Robert!” He turned and attacked him.

Adam, startled, instinctively got into fighting stance and did his best to restrain his leader. Out of total luck, Adam got a punch through to Tommy’s face. He stopped, stunned, and the two watched as his eyes glowed white for a moment. Tommy, then, fell to the ground, sobbing. Adam ran over to him, kneeling in front of him. Tommy looked up, flushed, “Adam, I didn’t....I...it was so real!”

“I know,” Adam said, “At least you tried to fight it.”

“I thought I was close to breaking it, but when I’d finally get through, the force would keep pushing me back,” Tommy cried. Rubbing at his eyes, he looked at the wall where Krycek was lying. He was now awake, shivering as he frightenedly watched Tommy. The younger boy smiled, trying to show that he was no longer dangerous, before looking at Mulder, “Is he OK?”

Mulder slowly walked over to Krycek, still recovering from what had just happened, “He’s all right. Krycek’s just a little shaken up, isn’t that right, _Alex_?”

Krycek snarled, “I hate you, Mulder. It figures that wherever I go I bump into you.”

Mulder smirked, “I missed you, too, Asshole. Oh, and nice arm.”

“When I recover, I’ll be sure to bang you up really well with it,” Krycek growled.

Mulder laughed, despite himself, “I doubt you’ll get that opportunity.”

Tommy looked at the two men, puzzled, before turning to Adam again, “I feel so weak. Is that how you were?”

“A little,” Adam said, “Although you were under the spell longer than me. It probably will have a more physical effect on you, and I doubt the rain is helping you at all. We should get you back to the shelter.”

He helped Tommy stand to his feet, tightening his grip as the White Ranger swayed for a moment. Tommy grinned, wincing as the throbbing in his head increased, “I’m fine, but I’m just a little dizzy. I guess fighting that spell took a lot out of me.”

Adam draped Tommy’s arm over his shoulder, before turning back to Mulder, “We should go. This rain isn’t helping anyone. You aren’t going to leave him, are you?”

Mulder looked down at Krycek, who was shaking unmanageably. He sighed, “I wouldn’t dream of leaving him.” Krycek groaned.

The four began down the rain slowly, stopping consistently so Tommy and Krycek could catch their breath. Suddenly, Mulder turned towards the forested area just outside of the city, “Wait, we need to find Scully! She’s still out there!”

“It’ll be impossible to bring Tommy and this guy, Krycek, with us. I’m sure she’s all right,” Adam said.

Mulder shook his head, “I can’t leave her.”

“You can’t take him!” Adam persisted, tightening his grip on Tommy as he continued to quake.

Mulder looked at Krycek, “You’ve suffered through worse, Krycek. Let’s go.”

“I can’t,” Krycek said, quietly. His voice was shaky, and he struggled to keep calm.

Mulder scoffed, “What do you mean you can’t? You’ve betrayed almost everyone on the face of this Earth, and you can’t even walk into a wooded area to help me find my partner who’s abduction you helped to organize.”

“I wasn’t part of that, Bastard.” Krycek stuttered, “I wasn’t involved. It was all that b-black lunged SOB.”

“Guys,” Adam intervened, “We kinda need to make some decisions here.”

“Let’s go, Ratty,” Mulder said, motioning towards the woods.

Krycek shook his head, trembling, “I can’t, Mulder. Damn it, even I have limitations! I’m fucking cold. If you keep me out here, I’ll die of hypothermia before you can get anything out of me, which is what I’m sure you want.”

“Fuck!” Mulder yelled. Appeasing himself, he nodded, “Fine, let’s get to the shelter. I’ll come back out once we get there.”


Mulder, Krycek, Adam, and Tommy entered their room at the shelter, dripping and cold. Before he could brace himself, Krycek was flung onto the ground by Mulder. Looking up at his captor, Krycek sighed, “That’s no way to treat your old partner, Mulder.”

“It’s the best way to treat a slimeball like you, Krycek. Besides, there aren’t enough beds here for you. I guess you’re going to have to take the floor.”

“Actually,” Tommy cut in, “It’s my fault that he’s in this position. I’ll take the floor. He can take my cot.”

Adam shook his head, “No way, Man. You really need to rest, and the best way to do that is on your cot. I’ll give mine to Krycek.”

“Adam, I feel responsible for what happened to him, so I’ll give him mine. Believe me, I won’t be able to sleep anyway unless I know that I’m putting all of you before me.”

Mulder felt it was time for him to cut in, “Tommy, I can’t let you give up your cot for him. Believe me, Krycek’s been in worse situations than this, right Alex?”

Krycek scowled, “Most of those times were your fault, _Fox_.” Mulder flinched at the use of his first name. Krycek shook his head, “But Mulder is right. I’ll take the floor.”

Tommy sighed, “At least take my covers.” Adam crossed his arms over his chest, mentally opposing. Tommy ignored him, “Look, if you don’t take them, then I’ll sleep on the floor. The only way I’ll stay on the cot is if you take my covers...and my pillow.”

Krycek looked up at Mulder [Why am I looking at him? All of a sudden I feel like I need permission? From Mulder? Ugh, being around these kids is making me soft.] Mulder looked at him, blankly, before glancing at Tommy, “I don’t know why you’re doing this, but if that’s what you want to do, I won’t stop you.”

Tommy nodded and threw his pillow and blanket down at Krycek. Krycek caught the pillow and laid it down on the floor, sighing as he fell back onto it. Tommy grabbed a towel from the edge of his cot and wiped himself off the best he could before handing the towel to Krycek. Drying himself, Krycek gave the towel to Adam, who gave it to Mulder.

Once Mulder had dried himself, he looked down the hallway, “Well, I was about to go get Scully, but it looks like she’s here already...with Kat and Tanya.”

As if on cue, Kat, Tanya, and Scully stepped into the room. Scully glanced down at Krycek coldly before moving next to Mulder, “It was all true. They were put under a spell. Kat and Tanya just snapped out of it.”

“Tommy’s back to normal, too,” Mulder explained, “Well, I guess we’re staying here tonight.”

Kat walked over and patted Tommy’s hand. They both drew away from each other’s cold fingers. Tommy smiled, “I’m glad you’re all right.”

“I thought that Tanya had killed you, Tommy,” Kat cried.

Tanya nodded, “It was awful.”

Tommy sighed, “I saw myself in green, and I thought I had killed both of you.” While Adam and Kat understood what he meant, Tanya tilted her head, puzzled. Tommy grinned, “I’ll explain some other time.”

“I’m so happy that everyone is back to normal,” Adam said, sitting down on the edge of his cot. He took off his soaked flannel green shirt and laid it out on the floor to dry before making sure that his undershirt was still dry. Feeling that it was, Adam laid down on his cot, and instantly closed his eyes.

Tommy followed, taking off his white wind breaker to reveal a soaked white undershirt. Groaning, he pulled the sticky covering off, and laid down on the cot in only his white sweatpants.

Krycek, exhausted, took off his leather jacket and laid on the ground, pulling the white cover tightly around him. Mulder and Scully, seeing that everyone else was trying to sleep, turned off the light. Then, taking off their coats and suit jackets, they sat down against the floor, determined to stay awake to make sure that the others were all right. However, in five minutes, they were both asleep, oblivious to the three red lights that filled the room. When they disintegrated, Jason, Emily, and Jackie were in their place.

Emily put her finger to her mouth, “Shhh....they’re all asleep.”

Jackie nodded, “I’m so glad the spells were broken. Oh man, and the command center is awesome.”

Jason laughed, “Yeah, and my powers are back up. I just wish I could have done something to help.”

Emily patted his back, “Jason, either way this is the way it would have ended up....and who’s that?” She pointed at Krycek.

Jason shrugged, “I don’t know, but the FBI agents are here, so maybe he’s with them.”

Jackie smiled, “Well, I’m going to sleep because I’m tired.”

Emily yawned, “Let’s go.” The three slowly got onto their cots and went to sleep.


“I say, don’t make one crazy, but make all three crazy.” Zedd said, sarcastically, “I can’t believe we trusted you! Argh!”

“Oh, get off my case. You liked my idea as much as I did,” Uriel growled.

Rashell cawed, “Stupid, my dear.”

“SHUT UP!” Uriel yelled.

Rita smirked, “We should have stuck with my idea.”

“You’re idea was stupid, too,” Zedd muttered.

Rita flushed with anger, “What!? No it wasn’t!”

“Obsessed,” Rashell chirped. Rita snarled.

Uriel sighed, “I guess there is only one person left to summon.”

Zedd sighed, “And who is that?”

Uriel ignored him and walked over to the transmitter, pushing a few knobs. A reading came up on the screen:


Rashell looked at the message, shocked, “You’re not going to...”

“I am,” Uriel said, “I want to see those rangers crazy, damn it, and this is the only way to do it!”

Zedd, understanding what was going on, protested, “He’ll be killed, or worse, they’ll catch him.”

“I don’t care!” Uriel cried, “He’s going to Earth, and that’s final!”


Krycek stirred in his sleep, opening an eye, sleepily. Looking around the dark room, he saw all the cots filled by eight sleeping teenagers. Standing up, he leaned against a wall to steady himself. Glancing near the door of the room, Krycek smiled as he saw Scully leaning against Mulder who had his arm around her. They were both sound asleep. “I could kill you both, or at least knock you out,” Krycek thought aloud, “Then again, I don’t want to. Those fucking kids have made me go soft! Damn it!”

Looking down at Tommy, he saw the boy shivering. He was muttering something in his slumber, but Krycek could tell what it was. Sighing, Krycek picked up the blanket that Tommy had given him, and draped it around the teen, watching, contentedly, as he wrapped himself in it. He smiled, “I must really be going soft.”

Lying back down on the floor, Krycek pulled his leather jacket over himself, and tried his hardest to go back to sleep, all the while wondering what was wrong with him.


Mulder awoke to the harsh glare of the sun falling onto his face. Rubbing his eyes to clear the cobwebs, he looked down to find that Scully had fallen asleep on his chest. He smirked, touching her face lightly. She awoke with a start, shocked to find that she had been using her partner as a pillow. “Sorry,” She mumbled.

Mulder smiled, “Don’t worry about it. You’ve done it before.”

Scully giggled, “That’s the embarrassing part.”

Mulder responded with his wounded puppy dog face, “You don’t like using me as a pillow, Scully? Aren’t I comfortable?”

Scully swatted his arm, “Of course, you’re very comfortable, Mulder.”

He smiled, “Good. Well, it looks like we’re the first ones up.” He stood up, Scully following him.

The two walked over to make sure Krycek hadn’t snuck out. He was still there, shivering on the floor. Mulder frowned, “Didn’t Krycek go to sleep with a blanket over him?”

“Yep,” Scully replied, “Tommy gave it to him along with the pillow.”

The two agents looked over at Tommy, just to see that he now had the white cover draped over him. Mulder looked down at Krycek, surprised, “I guess Ratboy does have a heart. It’s not big, but I guess he has one.”

“Hey,” Krycek called out, groggily, “I heard that, and don’t call me Ratboy.”

“When you’re in custody, I’ll call you whatever I want, _Ratboy_,” Mulder taunted.

Krycek rolled onto his back and looked up at them, “Give me a break, Mulder. You got me. . . Isn’t that enough?”

“No,” Mulder said, suddenly serious, “I want to know why you killed my father.”

Krycek sighed, “Look, Mulder, it wasn’t exactly my choice. I didn’t kill Dad freely. I was in a bad position with the smoking man and he just walked in at the wrong time, so-”

“W-what did you say?” Mulder asked. He had begun to turn pale.

Krycek looked at him, confused, “I was in a bad position with the smoking man. See, I kinda screwed up when I was partners with you, since I was discovered by you too early, damn you, and that was my last chance, so I had to succeed, and-”

Again, Mulder cut him off, “No, before that.”

Krycek shrugged, “Uh, I didn’t kill Dad freely?”

“That’s it,” Mulder said. “What do you mean by ‘dad’?”

Krycek smiled, “Well, you should know, Mulder, since you’re such a big investigator.”

“Spit it out, Krycek!” Scully spat, frustrated.

Krycek smirked, and replied, coolly, “Hello, Fox Mulder, my name is Alex Mulder. Samantha and I were twins, but when I was just a young boy, Dad gave me up to a foster family, who raised me as if I was there son. Hell, I thought I was their son, until the smoking man told me the truth.”

Mulder was flabbergasted. All these years, the man he had been seeking had been his brother? It was too much! “You know he wasn’t lying?”

Krycek nodded, “I saw the DNA proof, my birth certificate, our similarities, both physically and intellectually...we’re brothers, Mulder.”

Mulder felt himself become light-headed, “Then, if I am your brother, why all this?”

“Why kill him?” Krycek questioned, mostly to himself than to Mulder. “He wasn’t that good of a father. I guess two kids was enough. I’m always the one rejected. Besides, I told you, the smoking man had me in a bad position.”

“You’re a liar, Krycek,” Scully said, “Everything he’s saying is a lie, Mulder. Don’t listen to him!”

“Stop trying to convince yourself otherwise, Scully. The only reason you come up with these bizarre scientific things is that you’re too scared to accept the truth. Check the birth records, DNA evidence, similarities as youths, ... everything you need to prove I’m right is right there.”

“Just because we’re connected by blood doesn’t mean I’m not pissed off at you, Krycek,” Mulder growled.

Krycek smiled, “Well, then, you have your gun, and I’m pretty sure that’s all you really need to know. If you don’t care about me, Fox, then shoot me. Kill me right now. I’m ready to die. In fact, I’ve been ready for a long time. Kill me, Mulder.”

Mulder shook his head, “No way, Krycek. You aren’t getting off that easy. Once this trial is over, we’re going to go back to DC.”

“Damn,” Krycek muttered. He grinned, chuckling lightly, “You’ve gone soft, bro.”


Tommy, Kat, Emily, Tanya, Adam, Jason, and Jackie were standing in the hallway outside of the courtroom in rather nice clothes. They had been loaned suits and skirts for the trial, since they had nothing of their own to wear. The trial was about to begin, and Rocky, Mulder, Scully, and Krycek were already seated. Tanya shook her head, “Why is Krycek allowed in there? He doesn’t have anything to do with the case. Hell, he doesn’t even know Rocky!”

“He’s a captive of the FBI agents,” Adam explained, “I don’t know what he’s done, but whatever it is it’s really bad, and Agent Mulder didn’t feel comfortable leaving him in a jail cell.”

“Hmmm.... I wonder why not,” Jason pondered.

“Oh well,” Kat said, “I trust his judgment. Those FBI agents aren’t so bad.” “Yeah, I guess not,” Jackie agreed.

At that moment, a man in police uniform opened the door to the courtroom and motioned to the eight, “It’s time for you to be seated.”

Emily nodded, “We’ll be right there.” Kat, Tanya, Jackie, and Emily entered the courtroom. Adam was about to follow, when he looked back to see Tommy walking out the door. He looked at Jason, who was also eyeing Tommy strangely, “Hey, bro, where’re you going?”

“I have to check on something,” Tommy replied, “I’ll join you guys in a few minutes.”

Adam shrugged, “Don’t take too long. We need your testimony.” With that, the two boys entered the room.

Tommy watched them go, before walking out of the courthouse, confused

He had no sooner glanced into an alleyway when a pack of Tengas appeared, led by... “Shit!” Leading the Tengas was Rocky...and yet it wasn’t him. His eyes had an evil gleam in them, and his face was twisted into a lopsided grin like that of a crazy man. Instantly, Tommy knew exactly who he was, and he grunted in disgust and anger.

“That’s right, Red Ranger,” Robert laughed, “I’m back to express how sorry I am that Rocky is now going to go to jail. Boo hoo...hahaha”

“I’m going to fucking kill you!” Tommy yelled, getting into fighting stance.

Robert smirked, “I’d like to see you try. Tengas, attack!”

“It’s morphing time!” Tommy shouted.



“Where did Tommy go?” Kat whispered across the row of teens to Adam.

He shrugged, “He said that he saw something outside. I didn’t notice anything. Maybe Tommy’s still a little wired from last night.”

“I’m waiting a half hour,” Jason informed them, “If he’s not back by then, I don’t care how rude it is, I’m leaving the court to find him.”

Tanya looked across the room at Rocky who was sitting in the ‘defense’ seat, head buried in his hands. She sighed, “Poor Rocky. Things aren’t looking good for him.”

“We just have to hope that the FBI agents have some good information proving his innocence,” Jackie said.

Emily shook her head, “I don’t like this. Mulder and Scully know that Rocky is innocent, but how are they going to prove that? How are we going to prove that?”

“Our only hope is to stick to the truth,” Kat declared.

“What if they don’t believe the truth?” Jackie asked.

Adam looked at the others, worry in his eyes, “We’re going to have to do an awful lot of praying.”


“Mrs. Lineburgh,” The prosecuting lawyer began, “Can you tell us exactly what you saw on the day that Cassandra Wilcocks was murdered?”

The old woman nodded, “Of course, Sir. I was walking through the caves looking for my son, Harry. He’s 39. Anyway, I rounded a corner, and that’s when I saw him strangling her. She was gasping for breath.”

“Who did you see?” The lawyer asked.

“The defendant, Rocky DeSantos!”

The lawyer grinned in triumph, “No further questions, Your Honor.” As he sat down in his seat, Rocky buried his head in his hands.

Glancing back at the courtroom behind him, a pang of guilt went through him as he saw him mom sighing. His dad was doing his best to console her. Looking to his friends, Rocky traced the row with his eyes making sure that everyone was there. [OK, there’s Kat, Tanya, Jackie, Emily, Adam, Jason, and....where’s Tommy? Great! He’s not here! Where is he!?] Even though Jason and Adam both had good testimonies, Rocky knew that for a full effect, Tommy was going to need to testify on his behalf, or the story wouldn’t be totally confirmed. Silently, he prayed that Tommy would just walk through the door. [Maybe, if Tommy comes, I’ll be able to joke with him about how he can be late for anything but a court trial. Oh well, it’s not like the jury will find me innocent anyway. I’m going to be stuck in prison for a long time.]


Tommy, now morphed as the white ranger, attacked the Tengas, amazingly gaining the upper hand. With a flying kick, he knocked down about three of the repulsing birds, before using Saba to finish off the rest.

Once defeating them, Tommy began to circle Robert, taunting him, “Come on, Robert. I’ve been waiting for this moment.”

“You weren’t the one I was hoping for, White Ranger, but since Rocky’s in trial now, you’ll have to do.”

“I’m going to kill you, Bastard!” Tommy yelled.

Robert smirked, “Sticks and stones, Tommy. Call me all the names you want, they won’t faze me.”

Tommy got into fighting stance and scowled, “Let’s make this a little more physical then,” and with that, he charged the clone.

The two sparred, equally, for about five minutes before Tommy started winning. He was close to defeating Rocky’s twin when, suddenly, his powers disintegrated. Distracted, Tommy was unprepared for Rocky’s roundhouse kick, which sent him tumbling to the ground. Grunting, Tommy stood to his feet, “What the hell happened?”

Though the question was not directed at him, Robert answered, “Finster was able to draw some remaining energy from the transmitter right after I teleported here. After I defeat you, I will not need to return to Hirpog. Earth and my masters’ palace are my homes now. Since you are the most important part of the team, the rest of the Power Rangers will be destroyed easily after you are gone. Ha! Who’s tougher now?”

“First of all,” Tommy began. “That was the stupidest attempt at a courageous statement I’ve ever heard. Secondly, if you were to kill me, the other rangers would take you down in five minutes, and, thirdly, you aren’t going to defeat me, so that won’t matter anyway.”

Robert and Tommy attacked each other at the same time, wildly throwing punches and kicks. Robert punched Tommy in the face, successfully reaching to boy’s cheekbone. Tommy winced, before forcing himself to his feet. Facing Robert, Tommy kicked at him, striking the Rocky look-alike in the stomach. The clone gasped and fell to the ground, the wind being knocked out of him.

Tommy grabbed him, wrapping a strong arm around the clone’s neck. “Move and I’ll strangle you in a second,” he snarled. Robert remained still. Tommy couldn’t help but smile. It was a smile of triumph and anticipation, “Now, we’re going to go somewhere together, Robert. So keep walking. If you stop, you die. Got it.”

“You’re killing me already, White Ranger,” Robert groaned, “If you keep holding me this tight, I’m either going to pass out of become aroused.”

[Ew!]Tommy thought to himself, quickly loosening his grip. Instead of continuing to talk, Tommy pushed Robert, along, and the two began towards the courthouse.


“Adam,” The prosecuting lawyer said, “You were present when Rocky DeSantos was arrested, weren’t you, Son?”

[Jackass]Adam thought [How dare he call me so] He nodded, “Yes, Sir.”

“Did Rocky seem at all different to you? Crazy? Unusually mad?”

“No, Sir,” Adam replied, “Rocky was just shocked, as were all of us, but he didn’t put up a fight with the police officer.”

“Earlier that day, was Rocky acting strangely?” The lawyer persisted.

Adam shook his head, “No, Sir.”

The lawyer moved closer to Adam, looking at the teen, tauntingly, “Was he acting guilty? Was there a little flicker in his eyes just telling you that something was wrong?”

“No, Sir,” Adam replied, “Nothing was out of the ordinary.”

“Really?” the lawyer continued, “Then again, Rocky never has truly...fit in, did he, Adam?”

Adam tilted his head, “What do you mean?”

“Rocky was always a....loner, so to speak. Could he, in your opinion, have killed Cassandra Wilcocks because he felt underappreciated by her, and by all of his friends?”

“No!” Adam exclaimed, appalled, “Rocky fit in....with us. I’m his best friend!”

“How well do you know your _friends_, Adam?”

“Your Honor,” The defense lawyer began.

The prosecutor didn’t let him finish, “Could Rocky have done this without you suspecting a thing, Adam? In your experiences with being friends with Rocky, has he lied to get away with something, or lied on a regular basis?”

“I, um-” Adam didn’t know how to respond. He racked his brain for an answer.

Meanwhile, the defense lawyer had stood to his feet, and was now stepping forward, “Your Honor, the prosecution is leading the witness. We’d like the witness to please step down.”

“I’m not leading anyone! Let the boy answer!” The prosecuting lawyer argued.

The judge shook his head, “You were leading. Witness, you may step down.” Adam breathed a sigh of relief, before stepping off the witness stand, and returning to his seat. Tanya hugged him, glancing at Rocky, concerned. She scowled, “Where the hell is Tommy?”

As if on cue, Tommy went flying into the courtroom, with Robert right on his heels. The whole court went up in an uproar, staring, fascinated, at both Robert and Rocky. The prosecuting lawyer’s jaw dropped, “I’ll be damned!”

“I can’t believe you tried to restrain me!” Robert exclaimed, oblivious to his surroundings. Doing the only thing he could think of, Robert picked up a pen that was laying on a nearby table before charging Tommy, trying fiercely to stab the ranger with it. Tommy blocked the blows as best he could, yelping as the pen struck his arm. Hard.

Rocky, who had been in awe the whole time, jumped to his feet to defend Tommy. Pulling Robert off him, Rocky punched his twin in the face. “That’s for Cassandra, you sonofabitch.” He then kneed Robert in the groin, “That’s for Tommy and all the others.” Rocky, still steaming mad, head-butted Robert, sending the clone falling to the floor, “and that’s for me.”

Mulder, who had been inactive this whole time, stood to his feet, gun drawn, and ran over to Robert, hauling him to his feet. Looking at the jury, he sighed, “Well, I was about to read him his rights, but I suppose you still think this clone business is hokey. Should I arrest him?”

The jury, in complete shock, merely nodded. Mulder smiled, before cuffing the twin of Rocky, “You have the right to remain silent. If you choose to give up this right, everything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law....”

Meanwhile, Rocky had run to Tommy’s side, and was inspecting his leader’s arm, “It’s not that bad. It’s bleeding, but not that much.”

“Thanks, man,” Tommy said, “I owe you one.”

Rocky smiled, “No, you don’t. After everything you’ve done for me over the past few months, this is kinda my way for paying you back.”

By this time, Jason and the others were all circled around their fallen friend. Kat kneeled down by him and caressed the bruised part of his face, quickly taking her hand away when Tommy winced. She sighed, “Why do you have to be so damn brave!?”

Tommy grinned weakly, “I guess that’s just me.”

“How’d you know Robert was out there, bro?” Jason asked. “None of us saw or heard anything!”

Tommy shrugged, “I just knew. We were about to walk into the court, and I just felt him. I knew he was out there, and so I went to look for him. Freaky, huh?”

“I don’t care how you did it,” Adam said, “I’m just glad you’re all right.”

Tommy was about to respond to this, when, just then, Scully appeared over him. She smiled, “Well, that was exciting. I’m a medical doctor, and I think we should get that cut wrapped, and maybe put some ice on that bruise.”

“It’s not that bad,” Tommy said.

Scully, assuming that Tommy was referring to the cut, shook her head, “Even though the cut isn’t bad, Tommy, I think it would be a really good idea to clean it out, just to stop the risk of ink poisoning.”

Mulder, who had just returned from handing Robert over to an officer, smirked, and looked down at the wounded boy, “Believe me, it’s pointless to argue with her.” He was rewarded with a soft push from his partner.

With help from Jason and Adam, Tommy stood to his feet, and walked with Scully out of the courtroom. Finally realizing the happiness of the moment, Tanya hugged Rocky, “You’re not going to jail, Rocky!”

“This is great!” Kat agreed.

Rocky smiled, and hugged the four girls (Emily and Jackie were also there) before turning to Mulder. He sighed, “I guess I should apologize. At the beginning of your investigation, I wasn’t exactly...helpful.”

“I wasn’t exactly fair,” Mulder said, “To any of you.”

Jackie nodded, “I’m just glad everything worked out.”

“Me too,” Emily said.

Krycek, who had nearly been forgotten by everyone, stood to his feet and walked over to the others, “Count your blessings, DeSantos. I’m going to jail once I get to DC.”

Mulder sighed and faced his old advesary, “No, you’re not.”

Krycek looked at him, surprised, “What do you mean I’m not?”

“I can’t afford putting you in prison and having you-know-who kill you. Nope, you’re remaining under strict supervision until I know you can be trusted.”

Krycek sighed, “This is going to be worse than death.”

Mulder chuckled, “Don’t worry, fellow Mulder. Since we’re brothers, I’m sure we’ll think of something to use up the time.”


“Who’s dumb idea was it to bring Robert back!?” Rita yelled, “Ugh, that’s the stupidest thing we’ve ever done!”

“That was Uriel,” Zedd sighed.

Rashell cawed, “What was wrong with you? Didn’t you know that Robert would be captured?”

“Even beautiful, smart, wonderfully evil queens make mistakes,” Uriel muttered.

“Humph,” Zedd grunted, “You should delete smart from that list.”

“And beautiful,” Rita added.

Rashell stayed silent, peering at the Earth. He chirped, startled, “Robert is dead!”

“What!?” Uriel exclaimed.

“He’s been shot,” Rashell said.

Rita shrugged, “Perhaps it’s better this way. Robert would have been in jail for a long time anyway.”

“We could have teleported him out and left no one the wiser, you fool!” Uriel yelled, “I want to know who killed him!”

“Human,” Rashell reported, “One of the older of the species. Past fifty years. I can’t see more than that.”

Zedd perked up at this, “Is there a lot of the substance nicotine around him?”

“Yes,” Rashell said. He looked at Zedd, “How did you know?”

“It’s him, Rita,” Zedd growled, ignoring Rashell, “The bastard is at it again! I thought he learned his lesson when we sent that shapeshifter to stun him in his apartment. He bled like hell, so I thought, you know, he’d straighten out!”

“Never trust humans,” Rita said, “They’ll let you down in a second.”


Cancerman walked through the prison, watching, amused, as medics rushed past him to the prison cell where he had, personally, killed Rocky DeSantos’ clone. “It was too much of a risk,” he told himself, aloud, “Robert couldn’t have been allowed to live. Now, if I could only find Krycek....”

Exiting the prison, the CSM was still trying to convince himself that he had done the right thing, “Sure, the aliens are going to be pissed, but if this had gotten out, it would have ruined everything. As it is, I’m going to have to hire some memory erasers to help me with Mulder and Scully...well, the Power Rangers won’t be believed, not that it will matter. Then I’ll have to go into hiding again. Even though it stung like hell, Zedd’s hunter was actually the best thing that could have come along. Without the consortium on my back, I can finally take care of some things.”

Getting into his silver car, Cancerman took a cigarette from his coat pocket, lighted up, and took a long, refreshing puff before pulling his car out of the jail parking lot. His car was swallowed up in the misty city night.


Tommy, bouncing with excitement, sped into the small shelter room, grinning stupidly. Adam looked up at him, “What’s up?”

“They’ve started to rebuild the city,” Tommy said, excitedly, “I’m going back.”

Jason raised his eyebrows, confused, “What do you mean you’re going back, Tommy?”

“The building companies are short on workers, and they need people to go back to help out. Jackie and I signed up to go back. Our family is staying here, though.”

Kat smiled, “The faster the city goes back up, the better. I want to go, too.”

“Count me in,” Tanya said, grinning.

Adam nodded, “I’m in.”

“I’m ready to get out of this trashy room,” Jason said.

Emily sighed, “Well, then, I guess I’m going, too. What about Rocky, guys?”

“He needed some time alone,” Adam explained, “I’m going to sign him up anyway, though. He Rocky won’t want to be left here alone.”

Jason jumped up, “Well, then, let’s do it.”


Rocky walked through the forested area at the edge of the city mournfully, thinking, for the first time, on how much he really missed Cassandra. He could just see her running up to him in the hallway, smiling, or bouncing over to him when the whole group was in the park. Whenever he was sparring or in a karate match, even if he was getting his butt kicked, Cassandra was always there to cheer him on. Tears ran down his cheek as he pictured his deceased girlfriend, “I didn’t deserve her,” Rocky told himself, outloud, “She was like a goddess to me. I worshipped the ground that she walked on.” Wiping the tears from his eyes, Rocky sniffled, kicking a stray twig away from his feet. Stopping suddenly, Rocky let out an anguish-filled cry, his tears flowing freely again.

“I miss you,” Rocky hiccuped, as if Cassandra could hear him, “Why did he have to kill you?” Rocky walked on, his face filled with misery and regret, “I never even told you how much you meant to me.”

During his most glorious dreams, Rocky would see himself marrying Cassandra. They would have a perfect home, and that wasn’t because of him, but it was because Cassandra was so perfect. She tried to be kind to everyone, she was intelligent and never did drugs, and she was physically glamorous. That one embarrassing night when Rocky had gotten drunk off of spiked punch at a dance, Tommy had been helping him home, and he had later told Rocky that he had called Cassandra an angel who had come down from heaven to make his life complete. Even though he had been intoxicated at the time, Rocky still believed that was true. He did see Cassandra as an angel who had willingly come down to Earth to uplift him.

Sighing, Rocky looked at the ground, wiping the fresh tears from his eyes. There, on the ground, was a single flower poking out from the ground. Though he wanted to keep going, he could not. Instead, Rocky walked over to the flower, examining it closely. It was a pale pink. It’s petals were perfect, and, touching them, Rocky realized how soft they were. He chuckled besides himself, “A luminous being standing out in the rest of the chaos of the world. That’s what Cassandra was to me.”

He was about to pluck the flower from where it was growing, but stopped himself before he did, suddenly unable to make himself remove the beautiful plant. Right behind the flower was a tree and, looking at the rough bark, Rocky noticed that many things were carved into in. One that stood out read ‘Though flesh passes away, love never dies’.

“How true,” Rocky muttered. Thinking for a moment, Rocky pulled out his pocket knife and walked up to the tree. He was there for about a half hour carving into the bark of the large tree. Finally, he moved away and inspected his work, ‘RD loves CW till death’. It was true.

Looking through the trees at the clear blue sky, Rocky sighed. Closing his eyes, Rocky whispered, “If you can hear me, Cassandra, I love you.”

Eyes still closed, Rocky turned around as a breeze rolled through the trees. Opening his eyes, Rocky smiled, “I’m going to continue for you, Cassandra.” With that, Rocky began walking towards the city feeling renewed. For the first time in a long time, Rocky felt that he was going to be all right.


The End

Author's Note: Weird to all who don’t know X-Files and weird to all who don’t know Power Rangers, right? Hmm.... sorry. Well, I liked writing it, and I tried to put as many mismatched in jokes as I could. For example, Mulder started referring to Krycek as ‘bro’ ala Tommy/Jason and while Rocky acted out a scene from Apocrypha *This is for me=This is for my father...* and had a little Eve experience *I just knew=we just knew*. I know, it was kinda strange, but I thought it was all right. If you have any feedback for me *please, please, please!* I’m at Rkacat@aol.com This is also the place that you can E-mail me if you want to archive any of my stories, you want any of my stories, or you want to use a character from any of my stories. Thanks again for reading.


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