Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Copyright @ Saban 1999. SP and Data Rangers Copyright @ Mesh Patel,1999.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy SP
Episode 11 Ė Too Much Fishing
Episode created by Mesh Patel

Weeks have gone by since Furio caused any havoc. Most of the rangers take advantage of the free time by relaxing. Mesh is home working on his ranger site. Kate is on Terra Venture, talking to Leo. Krista got a job as a Graphic Designer. Jessica is learning to pilot the Astro Megaship. Finally, Mary sits outside her home, staring at the sky.

Mary: What could you be planning for us?

She feels that Furio has something bug planned for them. She opens the Book of Data to seek guidance.

Book of Data: What troubles you, Mary?

Mary: I canít stand this much silence, canít you tell me what Furio is up to?

Book of Data: Iím sorry but I canít.

Mary: We have to be prepared for whatever he could be planning. The other rangers are just acting like nothing is going to happen.

Book of Data: Mary, you have the mind to prove your feeling of danger, but your heart must be calm too. The other rangers are simply resting. Remember, you are a ranger but you are also a person. It is okay to be prepared, but you must also learn to take a break.

Mary: I never thought of that way. What should I do?

Book of Data: Do what you enjoy doing..cooking or maybe you could do swimming or fishing to energize your stone.

Mary: Energize my stone?

Book of Data: In hidden parts of this galaxy, 5 sacred energizing places. There you can energize your stone to prepare for more power. More information of energizing stones appear at the right time.

Mary: More power. Now thatís what I need. Where can I energize my water stone?

Book of Data: Aim your Data Com towards me and I shall guide you there. One precaution I must give, you must leave the realm by sundown.

Mary: Why? What happens at sundown?

Book of Data: Youíll be stuck in the realm forever.

She aims her Data Com at the Book of Data. In a matter of seconds, she and the book disappeared from her house and into the sacred realm. She looks around and sees that she in on a raft inside a huge island, covered by mountains on all sides. Clean, cool air flows through her hair, while he also notices the beautiful clarity of the lake.

Mary: Itís beautiful!

She grabs her fishing pole and casts away. Meanwhile, Furio watches her from his shuttle.

Furio: Excellent, we can capture the Book of Data and prevent the Blue Ranger from ever escaping the realm. Sting Wingers go! And donít return without that book.

Sting Wingers (4) teleport to the hidden realm. Mary sits bored on the raft, waiting for a bite. Suddenly, a big bite! Mary smiles as she tries to reel it in. She struggles while reeling as fast as possible.

Mary: Feels like a winner!

She continues to reel until her line exits the water and rises in the air with a huge fish on the hook.

Mary: Awesome!

She throws the fish into her bucket. The four Wingers arrive and attack from her back. Two wingers grab her arm while another Winger grabs the book, lying near the bucket.

Mary: No! Give me that back.

The final Winger punches Mary in the stomach and signals the others that it was time to leave. The wingers dove underwater with the book in their possessions. From the shuttle, Furio cheers with excitement and devises another plan.

Furio: PerchFin arise!

He fires pink beams from his stone and all the way towards Maryís bucket, hitting the fish. The raft begins to shake as Mary wonders what else could happen. The fish turns into PerchFin, an ugly large monster. Mary raises her hands to prepare to fight.

Mary: I want my book back!

PerchFin: Nobody cares what you want!

He begins to laugh. Mary jumps into the air and does a kick into PerchFinís huge head. He rapidly grabs and throws her into the cold water. She swims to the surface of the water and heads towards a small nearby island. PerchFin swims behind her. He tries to grab her again but Maryís lightning speed swimming give her the edge. Mary finally swims to the island, with her hair and clothes completely soaked. She slowly backs up between two palm trees as PerchFin approaches. Suddenly, a light blue glow surrounds Mary. PerchFin looks scared for a second.

Voice: It is time, Mary.

Mary: Book of Data, is that you?

Voice: I am the spirit of the book that appears when it is time to energize a stone.

Mary: Great! How do I do it?

Voice: raise the stone in the air and say Aquarius Water Stone..energize!

Mary nods and raises her hands towards the glow.

Mary: Aquarius Water Stone ENERGIZE!

Her data stone floats into the air and emerges into the blue glow, combining into a spherical blue stone with a white water symbol. The stone returns back into her data morpher.

Voice: Your next goal will be to help your friends to energize their stones and the white symbols will turn to gold. Now go, save the Book of Data and leave the realm!

The blue glow disappears with Mary truly ready to fight. PerchFin runs towards her.

Mary: Aquarius Water Power!

She presses the green button on her Data Communicator. Water emits from her hands and zooms towards PerchFin, knocking him back.

PerchFin: Ha, you call that a hit.

Mary: You wanna see a hit! Data Stone..online!

She raises her data morpher to her face.

Mary: Data Ranger 4..Blue!

She transforms into the Blue Data Ranger.

Blue Ranger: Power Ranger!

Blue Ranger does random punches at PerchFin, followed by a sweep. She pulls the transdaggers from her belt.

Blue Ranger: Local Lance!

Blue Ranger opens her transdagger and separates the blade to create a large lance. She swings the lance and strikes PerchFin numerous times in the chest. PerchFin grabs the lace and throws Blue Ranger back into the water. He looks over the water and waits quietly. PerchFin turns around and Blue Ranger jumps out of the water, yelling.

Blue Ranger: Water Saber!

She harnesses water power from the lake the create a beautiful water saber(similar to a quaser saber). Still in the air, she concentrates on full charging the saber. PerchFin hears her and turns around.

PerchFin: How did you..?

Blue Ranger: Water Saber..Energized!

She lands and sends the water saber through PerchFin, causing him to grow extremely weak. He grabs his green potion and drinks it rapidly. Blue Ranger gasps as he grows.

PerchFin: Now, Iím the catch of the day!

Blue Ranger: How can I call my zord when my cycle isnít nearby?

PerchFin grabs the tiny Blue Ranger and throws her all the way back to the raft.

Blue Ranger: I canít take much more of this. Wait a second, I wonder if I can teleport my cycle here with my energized stone.

PerchFin moves closer to Blue Ranger.

Blue Ranger: Whale Data Zord!

She raises her stone into the air. Suddenly, the water shimmers blue and the large Whale zord emerges from the water. Blue Ranger jumps into the zord and prepares for the battle.

Blue Ranger: All right, Whale Zord power up!

PerchFin: What are you doing now?

He grabs the whaleís tail and spins the whale out of the water. The Whale zord fires water from his mouth and hits PerchFin. Blue Ranger notices the sun and it is near sundown!

Blue Ranger: Time to finish this! Mega Water Power!

She pulls the lever in front of her. A trapdoor under her seat opens and the Blue Ranger falls into it. The Whale Zord opens it mouth and fires out of a large blue ball, with the Blue Ranger inside it. As the ball moves closer to PerchFin, the ball begins glows. PerchFin tries to block it, but the ball goes through him and causes him to explode.

Blue Ranger: Whale Zord..submerge.

The Whale moves underwater as the sun slowly goes down. Blue Ranger sees a small submarine.

Blue Ranger: I have to save Book of Data.

Suddenly, two Sting Wingers(one holding the Book) submarine and head towards the Whale Zord. From his shuttle, Furio watches the aquatic battle.

Furio: Thatís it, stall that time.

Back underwater, Blue Ranger decides a quick plan of action.

Blue Ranger: Once again, Mega Water Power!

She falls into ball, once again and fires from the zord. As the ball move towards the Sting Winger, she drew her transdagger and broke the ball. The two Sting Winger gets scared and retreat, dropping the book. Blue Ranger quickly swims to the book and back inside the zord.

Blue Ranger: Hi bud!

Book of Data: Thank you my friend.

Blue Ranger: Weíve gotta hurry.

The Whale Zord ascends to the surface and hovers in the air.

Book of Data: Opening portal.

Blue Ranger aims her Data Com towards the Book of Data. The Whale Zord disappears from the portal and Mary reappears back outside her home.

Mary: I did it!

Book of Data: Yes, you did. Now our new mission will be to energize the other stones. But we must be prepared, Scopius will always have some obstacle ready for your friends.

Mary: Donít worry, they can do it.

He stares at her data stone.