Note: This story takes place after the PRZ (Power Ranger Zeo) show, "Good as Gold" (if you've been keeping up with the Power Rangers you'll know what I'm talking about,) but it begins with a series of flashbacks throughout the Power Ranger legacy. Also the Martial Art, Shacrom doesn't exist. I made it up!

The Guardian Saga
An Old Flame's Power
by: WhiteZeo

Prologue: "Understanding, Admitting, and Secrecy"

Right after "Isty Bitsy Spider"

Jason and Tommy were walking in the park, after leaving school.

The two were going to spar for the fun of it, out in the park, then do their homework.

Tommy looked down. He was dragging a stick, that he had found, along the ground, staring out into the sky. Jason noticed his friend and teammate. "What's wrong, man?"

"Nothin' Jason. Just nothin'." Tommy muttered.

"There's gotta be somethin' wrong. You just scared the living daylights out of Zack with that plastic spider, fifteen minutes ago, and now you're so down you can't even walk straight!" Jason informed the Green Ranger.

Tommy looked behind himself, seeing the path he had carved out with his stick in the grass. "All twisted and turned. Just like Shannon's body looked after she was hit." Tommy murmured, a tear falling out of his eye and into the grass.

"Who?" Jason asked, hearing Tommy.

"Shannon, my girlfriend back home." Tommy replied.

"She meant a lot to you?"

"Yeah. We'd known each other since we were kids."

"She was hit by a car?"


"Is she okay?"

"It happened about six months ago. She healed quick."

The two paused for a while and then arrived at the hill they were going to spar on. "Thanks for listening Jason."

"Anytime, Tommy. Anytime." Jason told, understanding.

* * * * *

Right after "White Light", Part two

Jason and Tommy sat on a picnic table, watching Trini, Kimberly, and Zack help Billy improve on his Volleyball game.

"This gonna be weird, Jas. Being leader and all now." Tommy confessed.

"Don't worry about it, Bro. You, of all people, can adjust to it." Jason encouraged.

"Sure I can adjust. I haven't even adjusted from being away from Shannon," Tommy admitted.

"You gotta let go of the past, Tommy. Look to the present. You have a new girlfriend, Kimberly, and you're the new leader of the Power Rangers as the White Ranger."

"No offense, Jas, but you didn't know Shannon. She was special."

"None taken. She probably was special, I can understand that. But you're a ranger now and probably always will be. We won't ever have the time to visit anyone because of Rita and Lord Zedd."

"I get you drift, Bro, but I'll never forget Shannon."

"You probably never will, Tommy." Jason admitted.

* * * * *

Right after "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie

Tommy went home around 11:00 PM from the Power Rangers' Celebration and found his answering machine blinking. He pressed the play' button and Jason's voice came over:

"Hey Tommy! It's me Jason! How's it going over there? We're having a blast here. You're probably out saving the world from Rita and Lord Zedd, so call me later. Are Rocky, Aisha, and Adam taking care of the powers? Hope so, or Zordon will take their powers away. Just kidding! Anyway, on the thought," his voice hushed over a little, "are you still thinking about Shannon? I know she's you're ex-girlfriend and all, but please don't hurt Kim...she loves you. She called me a week ago. Trini was talking to her and she admitted it over the phone. Remember, I understand that Shannon was a special bitch, but don't hurt Kim. She deserves you and you deserve her. Don't destroy that."

Tommy was in near tears when Jason's side of the phone hung up on the answering machine. Tommy immediately picked up his cordless phone and dialed Jason, in the darkness of his room. It rang twice and then his answering machine picked it up.

"Jason Lee Scott or Zack Taylor are not here at the moment," Jason's voice was cut off by Zack's singing voice, "But we might be back when the Power Rangers destroy Rita and Lord Zedd, in Angel Grove..." Tommy snorted on the phone when he heard that.

"SHHHHHHH! SHUT UP ZACK! Sorry. When your here the dial tone please leave your message and what time it was when you called and we'll get back to you."


With that Tommy hung up, anger pulsating through his veins, but he fell over on the bed crying. "Oh, what I would do to have you in my arms again, Shannon."

* * * * *

The Day After, 11:29 PM, Tommy's Room

"Ring! Ring!" Tommy's cordless phone rang in his hands, like he expected.

Tommy pressed a button and activated it. "Hello?"

"Hello? Tommy?" a hard, serene voice came over the phone, obviously Jason's.

"Yeah, it's me, Bro? So do you forgive me? Do you want to know the secret?" Tommy asked.

"Yes, I forgive you, and, yes, I wanna know the secret. I realized I was a little steamed myself thinking you were going to throw Kim out like yesterday's trash when you finally found Shannon.."

"Well I haven't found her yet, so don't worry about it. Here's the secret. I love Kim, but me and Shannon had a more meaningful relationship. And I mean MEANINGFUL. The only person that I ve ever trusted was you. That's why I told you about Shannon in the first place. No offense to any of the others, but I could never trust them with such a secret. Now if you can't trust me, hang up now. I know your trying to protect Kimberly from getting hurt, but you have to understand and TRUST me that I won't hurt her in anyway. Never tell anyone else about this, the message, the talks about Shannon, nothing. Anything with the name, Shannon, in it, erase from your mind. Swear to secrecy?" Tommy inquired.

"Swear to secrecy." Jason swore to secrecy.

* * * * *

Chapter One: "Tommy's Lasting Flame"

On a nice, September day, five teens were lounging in chairs at the Angel Grove Beach Club, talking. But these teens weren't talking about your normal teen subjects, they were talking about how quiet it had been since the last time King Mondo of the Machine Empire had attacked.

See, these aren't your ordinary teenagers, although it seemed that way to the citizens of Angel Grove. When evil beckoned the town, these teens, who seemed ordinary, would do something about it. The would morph into the Superheroes of Angel Grove, the Zeo Rangers or called Power Rangers. These teens happened to be Katherine Hillard {Kat}, Tanya Sloan, Rocky De Santos, Adam Park, and Tommy Oliver.

* * * * *

Adam suddenly blurted out, unusual for him and while the teens were relaxing, "You guys. Ya know I heard there's going to be a Martial Arts demonstration at the park's amphitheater. Maybe we should go?"

"Cool! I could get some pointers on my kata." Tommy agreed.

"Then let's go!" Rocky told the four people.

* * * * *

They walked to the amphitheater. Lots of people were already in the audience, but the group managed good seats. The show, then, started.

There were eight huge mats laid out on the grass. A girl with a microphone approached the audience and said, "Hello! I'm Shannon. Over on the other side of the theater," she greeted, pointing over to the opposite side of the amphitheater, "is Mark. We will be demonstrating different styles of Martial Arts. First I will demonstrate four basic Karate moves."

Shannon put the mike down and did the four basic steps. First a single punch, then a step kick, next a double punch, and bowed. The audience applauded her as Mark walked from the side over to the mats saying, "Wasn't that great? Now I will demonstrate some basic TaiKwonDo moves."

Mark demonstrated the moves and both of them demonstrated a few others. Then, Shannon picked up the mike and announced, "I will now do a kata with moves from the styles of Karate and Shacrom. I bet you're wondering, what's Shacrom? Well it's a type of Martial Arts from Greece. Not Asia, Greece. It involves most moves with twisting."

Shannon did a double punch, a side single punch, a cartwheel, three handsprings, a foot grab, a roundhouse, a tri-front flip, and a tremendous tornado kick. She received an outstanding ovation and the demonstration was over. Mark announced, before anyone left, that anyone with questions could come up to the front.

Kat said, full of enthusiasm, "Hey! Let's go ask them a question or two about that kata. It was amazing!"

Tommy slipped his sunglasses on to his face as they walked down the steps from the top of the bleachers in the amphitheater to the bottom. He suddenly heard, "Since when did you need to protect your eyes, Oliver?"

Tommy looked down and saw a beautiful girl at the bottom of the stairs, staring up at him. "That's just like you Kaze, spur of the moment!" He shouted down at the girl.

People surrounded her, asking her questions, but she just, literally, pushed them out of the way. Tommy took his sweet time getting down, but you could tell he was eager. Once he was at the bottom, he grabbed the girl and spun her around. Tommy thought to himself, *I must be dreamin'*, but, instead he was awoken by the warm kiss of the girl. She moved her lips away and said, "You sure can take your time coming down stairs."

Tommy just responded by kissing her a second time.

Kat's stomach churned at the site of the kisses. She had loved Tommy once before, but awhile after their first date, they both realized they weren't compatible. Kat was so graceful, Tommy was so powerful. Kat was so punctual, Tommy was almost always late. What Kat lacked in, Tommy thrived in and what Tommy lacked in, Kat thrived in. In some relationships the saying, "Opposites Attract," was applied, but not in Tommy and Kat's relationship. *Get off it Kat! You and Tommy both know you weren't made for each other. He was mixed up at the time, after all his best friend, Jason, was about to lose his powers. Get rid of those feelings!* Kat, mentally, kicked herself.

The girl and Tommy would have kissed forever, if Tanya hadn't cleared her throat. Tommy stuttered, "Uh...Uh, guys, this is Shannon Kassandra Kaze, my girlfriend, from Summer Springs. Shannon these are my friends: Kat, Adam, Tanya, and Rocky."

"Hi!" they all said.

"Hi!" Shannon replied.

"Your from Summer Springs? My cousin lives up there, Donna Park." Adam informed.

"Oh, really! Donna and her boyfriend, Doug, are like, really good friends with me and Tommy!" Shannon exclaimed.

"Cool," Adam mentioned.

"Oh, by the way, she told me to give you this," Shannon rummaged through a white canvas backpack near by and handed Adam a folded piece of paper, "to you if I happened to see you or meet you and I guess I just did."

Adam opened it up quickly and read it. "Awww, man. A chain letter, just what I always wanted from my cousin." Adam sarcastically whined, as the other five teenagers peered over his shoulder to see the paper.

Everyone started laughing and warning Adam about the omens of not doing what the chain letter said and that if he sent them one, there would be billions of chain letters coming his way.

After every omen in the book was mentioned to Adam and everyone was sitting on the bottom empty bleacher, Tommy asked Shannon, "What are you doing here?"

"I just moved here three weeks ago," Shannon answered, her long time boyfriend.

"Shannon!" a girl cried.

The girl looked about thirteen years old and had shoulder length brunette hair with hazel eyes that set off her face. She wore a black oversized shrit and some white spandex shorts.

"What?" Shannon cried back.

"I'm going to the other side of the beach," the girl told Shannon.

"Okay meet you here in an hour." Shannon told the girl as she ran off.

"Who was that?" Rocky asked.

"That was my sister, Camellia. She's thirteen. By the way I've heard some weird things about this city. Are they true?"

"It depends on what you heard," Kat said with a wink.

"Well I heard that monsters come from the Moon and the superheroes, called Power Rangers, fight them."

"That's as true as it gets," Adam responded.

"And to think I moved here to get away from the big-city life and relax." Shannon said laughing.

Changing the subject, Tommy commented, "Your kata's and style have more punch to them."

Shannon said, "Yeah, they've gotten better since the accident."

Suddenly a memory hit Tommy. He remembered the accident like yesterday, but tried to never think about it. It happened when they were fifteen.

FLASHBACK It was a Saturday afternoon, in the city of Summer Springs, and the happy couple were crossing the street after a walk in the park. There was a speeding car heading straight for them. The car hit them and Tommy and Shannon, both, felt the impact. Tommy was pushed back 20 feet into a grass patch near by, but Shannon wasn't that lucky. She felt the impact even more so than Tommy. She landed near the sidewalk on the road. Once hitting the two, the car ran away, screeching as it turned. Tommy saw Shannon laying in an odd position on the road and ran to her. He wanted to scream, but he couldn't. He just sat next to her. Cradling and caressing her body and face. She was unconscious and a huge gash could be seen on her leg, bleeding. Blood covered most of his hands, but he didn't care. Finally the ambulance came and took her away. Tommy went with her to the hospital hoping she wouldn't be gone.

When he got there he had to fill out a report on what happened. Then came the hardest thing. His parents and Shannon's Dad came running towards Tommy when they saw him sitting in the waiting room with a ice pack on a cut. They asked him what happened and he told them. Tommy's parents looked relived, but Shannon's Dad looked afraid and scared.

Shannon survived and suffered a fractured pelvis, six broken ribs, a six inch cut on her leg, and a broken arm. She stayed in the hospital for a month and healed faster than diagnosed. Tommy went as often as he could to see her, but often wasn't enough for him.

Once Shannon got out of the hospital, he was the first one to see her. Shannon also had been anxious to see him, but for another reason. Right away when she saw him she told Tommy that their relationship was over. Shannon told him that he deserved some one better than her. Tommy didn't believe it. He told her that he wouldn't and couldn't bare to be without her and that he would miss her ever so deeply. Shannon felt the same way, so they didn't break up.

Six months later Tommy found out he was moving from Summer Springs to Angel Grove. He felt horrible. He didn't want to tell Shannon the news, because he knew it would break her heart. Eventually he did and Shannon was heart broken, just like he had expected her to be. Then he left, thinking he'd never see her again.
Tommy always felt it was his fault that Shannon was hurt and that she suffered two different ways. One by letting her get hit by the speeding car and two by leaving her, devastated after the move from Summer Springs to Angel Grove.

"Uh...Tommy. We should get going, right?" Tanya said. Tommy had been so wrapped up in his thought he hadn't heard his communicator beep.

"Oh, yeah. We better get going." Tommy responded.

"Okay. Well, see you sometime around," Shannon politely said.

The group walked behind the amphitheater and Tommy spoke into the odd looking device on his wrist "We read you, Zordon."

Zordon, in response, replied, "Rangers, Rita and Lord Zedd have destroyed King Mondo and the Machine Empire up on the moon. That is why there hasn't been an attack on Angel Grove for sometime. Rita and Lord Zedd have sent down a monster named Siger. Beware of his poisonous arrows. Also, Finster has reprogrammed the cog force to respond to the orders of Rita and Zedd. Siger is terrorizing the citizens in the Youth Center's Gym."

"Okay, Zordon, we're on it. It's morphin' time!" Tommy shouted being interrupted by the, "Iyaiyaiyaiyaiyai!" of Alpha.

"What's wrong, Alpha?" Kat asked.

"Siger has just teleported to the Amphitheater with cogs!"

"Shannon!" Tommy cried.

"Zeo Ranger I, Pink!" Kat shouted.

"Zeo Ranger II, Yellow!" Tanya shouted.

"Zeo Ranger III, Blue!" Rocky shouted.

"Zeo Ranger VI, Green!" Adam shouted.

"Zeo Ranger V, Red!" Tommy shouted.

They morphed into the Power Rangers and ran to the site.

Chapter Two: "Memories Have Feelings"

Shannon was practicing her kata when Siger and the cogs showed up. "Cease her!" Siger shouted and the cogs went to work.

Shannon fought them of well, but not well enough. She thought *Oh, well I'm going to have to reveal my powers or I'm just as good as Chop Suey.* Shannon shouted, "It's morphin' time!" and two zeonizers appeared on her wrists with the drawn power signature of a white star. Once again, she shouted, "Zeo Ranger IV, White!" and went through the same metamorphosis as the other Zeo Rangers would have.

When she was morphed, her suit looked like the Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger's. Everything was white, except her gloves and boots were a solid black. On her helmet was a star, like the Red Ranger's helmet.

Just then, the other Zeo Rangers arrived on the scene and she jumped into a tree. "Siger where's Shannon?" the Red Ranger shouted.

"That's for you to find out, Rangers!" Siger yapped. He growled and five poisonous arrows shot from his hand and hit each of the rangers. Once hitting the rangers, they blasted into bits of confetti- looking things, that penetrated their suits.

"I feel so suddenly weak!" Pink Ranger whispered, struggling to stand straight.

"Me too," Green Ranger whispered, also, in agreement.

One by one they fell weakly to the ground. "We can't let him win! We can never give up!" Red Ranger, weakly yelled, gripping the grass and trying to pull himself up.

"You're gonna let me win? You on the ground and your gonna let me win?" Siger said, ever sarcastically.

"He's right Siger. You're not going to win." the White Ranger shot back at the sarcastic remark, while jumping into a tri-front flip, out of the tree she was hiding in. She landed right in front of the surprised Siger.

"Star Staff!" The White Ranger shouted and a staff appeared in her hand with a white star on the top. She, then, shouted, "It's time for twilight!" and pointed her staff at Siger. Bunches of little white laser stars blasted at Siger. The monster fell to the ground, helplessly.

The other rangers were just getting up from the spell and approaching the White Ranger when suddenly a beam from the sky hit the ground and Siger grew to King Kong proportions.

The rangers rushed up to the White Ranger and the Blue Ranger said, "You better let us handle it from here."

"We need Super Zeo Zord Power, now!" all the Rangers shouted. The cannon from the Zeo Zord Holding Bay came out and Red Ranger's Zord shot out first, then the Green Ranger's, next the Blue Ranger's, also the Yellow Ranger's, and finally the Pink Ranger's. They came together to form the Super Zeo Mega Zord. Once again, the Red Ranger pleaded and cried out, "Where's Shannon?" but the monster did not respond and hit the Super Zeo Mega Zord with the first blow of his arrow. That blow knocked down the Super Zeo Mega Zord and threw the Rangers out of the cockpit to the ground.

"Hey Siger! Over here!" the White Ranger shouted up at the monster. The Rangers were amazed that she was taking him on, on her own.

"I call upon the power of the Arctic Star!" A huge zord with a body of a white star, looking at lot like the Red Ranger's Super Zeo Zord, but bigger, approached Siger. It crossed it's arms across it's chest, snapped it's arms to the sides of it's huge body, and let a huge blow of light out, destroying the monster known as Siger. The White Ranger jumped out of the Arctic Star and landed in front of the Rangers.

"Rangers you must come to the Power Chamber immediately." Zordon called them. All the rangers teleported, even the White Zeo Ranger.

* * * * *

When they got to the Power Chamber, Tommy's curiosity took over and he asked the White Ranger, "What is your real identity?"

"I was going to ask the same question, but may I guess your identities first?" she asked.

"Sure. Why not." the Red Ranger responded.

She brought her staff up and it emitted a light that scanned the Pink Ranger. The White Ranger said, " take a liking to the art of dancing, you are of Australian background, and your favorite animal is a cat. You must be Katherine Hillard." As the light faded so did the Pink Ranger's suit revealing her identity.

Now the light was on the Blue Ranger. "You are very keen, sometimes you don't think straight, and your absolute favorite color is blue. You are definitely Rocky De Santos." Also his suit began to disappear as the other Rangers giggled at the way the White Ranger had described Rocky.

The light was on the Yellow Ranger now. "Very talented. You are a wonderfully good singer, very supportive in ways, and still trying to perfect your style. Tanya Sloan, you are." She let the Yellow Ranger's suit fade away.

The light was on the Green Ranger. "Kung Fu. Yes, Kung Fu is your specialty, you can be very determined when you want to, and you love to write. You're Adam Park." she described as the Green Ranger's suit faded away.

Finally, the light beheld the Red Ranger. "By now I probably know who you are. Very cunning, also sweet, and you're leader of this magnificent team. Tommy Oliver." And the Red Ranger's suit just vanished.

"How did you know that?" Adam asked the, obviously different, ranger.

"The light of good knows everything, and Tommy," Zordon began, being interrupted by leader of the Zeo Rangers.

"I know Zordon. Questions after battle. But I couldn't help it, I love Shannon so much I didn't want anything to happen to her,....again." Tommy answered, murmuring the last word and trying to conceal the feelings he had all bottled up.

"I wouldn't worry about it,...Olive Oil." the White Zeo Ranger told him, mumbling the last two words, just like Tommy had.

"What did you just call me?" Tommy asked her, getting suspicious.

"Olive Oil, what else?" she replied, repeating the two mumbled words louder.

Rocky and Adam covered their ears ready for Tommy's finale explosion. "Only three people called me that. Doug, Donna, and Shannon. Doug and Donna are in Summer Springs still and Shannon....Shannon? Is that you?" Tommy's curiosity was rising at an exhilarated state.

"Very good, Oliver. Using process of elimination, I see." she complimented him.

The White Zeo Ranger, then, let her suit fade out revealing the body of a woman, the silky locks of brunette hair, and the blue eyes of Shannon Kassandra Kaze.

"Shannon! I knew it was you. Who else would call me, Olive Oil?" Tommy exclaimed.

"You're Mom still does, I know that. Anyway Donna told me to call you by your funny little nickname to embarrass you, and at the moment, this seemed like the best time to reveal it," Shannon teased him.

All the teenagers chuckled at Tommy's newly, revealed nickname. "I might too, now that I know," Rocky teased even more.

"Artemis!" Alpha finally exclaimed, after looking over and recognizing the woman who had revealed herself from her Power Ranger identity.

"Yes, Artemis is back.....and I'm glad I was recognized!" Shannon said willfully, and humorly.

"Artemis.....yes. I would recognize that foolishness anywhere." Zordon said being a little amazed and not very surprised.

"What's that supposed to mean, Zordon?" she prompted back, obviously playing around.

"Who's Artemis?" Tanya asked, confused, after the chuckling had died down.

"I am." Shannon replied, seriously.

"I thought your name was Shannon..." Kat said even more confused then Tanya.

"Shannon is her name, but her family name is Artemis." Zordon said answering the confused Tanya and Kat.

"My ancestors were the Morphing Masters. One was called Artemis. She was my Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Grandmother." Shannon explained, going into further detail.

"Rangers, Artemis is the Guardian of the Zeo Crystals," Alpha said, revealing her third identity.

"Also there are three other Guardians such as Artemis. They guard the Great powers that could be used in the time of need. There is the Silver Ranger who guards the powers of the Karthernian Coins on Karther Island. The Orange Ranger guards the Element Crystals on the planet, Methos. Lastly the Purple Ranger guards the Incarsus coins of the planet, Peneve. All of them are some how tied into the Morphing Masters." Zordon explained.

"But why did you come to us in the first place, Shannon?" Adam asked.

"My powers, link me up to the Zeo Crystals anywhere. I sensed I would be needed as an aid to help do away with an evil."

"Siger sure proved that," Tanya commented.

"If you leave, then, if Rita and Zedd attack again, what will happened?" Tommy said moving closer to Shannon.

"Nothing would happen. I don't plan on leaving." Shannon expressed in a loving tone towards Tommy. Suddenly a frantic look took over her face. "Oh, no! I was supposed to be at the park twenty minutes ago! I gotta go."

"I'm with Shannon. That fight knocked the wind out of me." Rocky agreed.

"Yes, rest and reserve your powers and strength. May the power protect you." Zordon said as they teleported out.

* * * * *

The teens arrived at the park just in time to see Camellia running towards them. "I'm really sorry Shannon," Camellia admitted, "Hey look! It's Tommy!"

"Duh! Don't you think I noticed? Anyway go ahead and play, we're going to the Beach club."

"Cool! See you later Tommy! Bye, Shannon!" Camellia said sticking her tongue out at Shannon and running to the playground.

"Does she have a crush on you Tommy?" Kat asked.

"She used to. Shannon said she even got in trouble for breaking each picture frame with a picture of Shannon and me." Tommy said, on the verge of laughing.

"It's not funny, Tommy. It's true, but she got grounded and I had to pay for the frames! All fifteen!" Shannon said sternly, but burst out laughing.

They walked over to the Beach Club and sat down. Then Tanya asked Shannon a question, "Shannon, how did you know Zordon in the first place?"

"All the protectors of the power know Zordon."

"How did Rita and Zedd get so powerful anyway?" Adam wondered.

"I don't know, but after that purse monster, they sure did get a lot of power." Kat answered, unsure.

"What will happen to the other Guardian Rangers of the Power," Rocky asked.

"Now that those two goofballs on the moon know I'm here, they'll probably try going after the power of the Kartherian Coins of Karther Island, but I hope they're not that smart."

Everyone laughed at the comment except Tommy. He was playing with a half smashed ring on his finger. On the outside it read: T m y + Sh n on. The empty spaces were smashed making it unreadable. Shannon looked at the ring, then him wistfully.

"What's wrong, Tommy?" Adam asked.

"Nothing." Tommy lied.

"Don't lie Tommy. You know exactly what's wrong. Stop blaming yourself for what happened to me. I'm better, remember." Shannon told him strongly.

"I do, but still I could have gotten hit instead of you. I couldn't stand seeing you in the hospital the way you were." Tommy said teary-eyed.

"Remember, you did get hit," Shannon reminded.

"Yeah, but not as hard," Tommy responded.

"I hate to interrupt you conversation, but we're totally lost here." Kat said.

Shannon explained everything that had happened in the accident. Everyone felt sorry for Tommy and her.

Changing the subject, Rocky said, "Let's play some volleyball."

"Sure," Tommy agreed easily, prompting himself to get his mind of the ring.

The teens walked towards the beach, all trying to get evil off the mind.