Authors Note: *If you haven't read the first story called "An Old Flame's Power" you wont understand this story. Also this story takes place two weeks after the first one. By the way if you're wondering, the saga will be put on story by story.

The Guardian Saga
Sweet Revenge
Chapter Three: "Introducing Silver"
by : WhiteZeo

"Iya!" Shannon Kassandra Kaze shouted.

Tommy Oliver and Shannon Kassandra Kaze were sparing. Their friends Tanya Sloam, Katherine Hillard {Kat}, Adam Park, and Rocky De Santos were sitting on the bleachers, watching, in the Youth Center.

Tommy threw a roundhouse at Shannon and she dodged it with a back handspring. Tommy distracted her with a step kick and Shannon did a front layout flip, just what he was expecting. Tommy responded with a foot grab bringing Shannon out of gravity and on to the mat. Tommy pulled her up and the walked over the others on the bleachers.

"If that's what your planning to do for the commercial, you're gonna blow the director away!" Adam encouraged the couple as they approached and handing them water bottles.

"We weren't planning on doing that. We've already choreographed a kata that's a lot better." Tommy explained to the Green-clad guy.

"Yeah, that was totally great it was like you were planning Shannon was going to do the front layout flip." Tanya added in.

Shannon was being absolutely quiet during the conversation. "You okay, Shannon?" Kat asked the brunette in white.

"Oh yeah. Just thinking back on something." Shannon told her pink' friend, reassuringly.

Tommy and Shannon were going to be the stars of a commercial that Ernie had suggested to get more students into the Martial Arts classes at the Youth Center. And who better to star in the commercial than the two of the teens that were teaching them. Tommy and Shannon had both dealt with this kind of thing so they weren't surprised when the producer wanted them to star in the commercial.

The pair went back to sparing, while their four friends were talking among themselves. "Do you think Rita and Zedd will attack Karther Island?" Rocky questioned the group, quietly.

"Shannon seemed really sure Rita and Zedd would attack when she told us, but it's already been two weeks since Siger showed up and was destroyed, so I think no." Adam brought up, making an important point.

"But what if Shannon IS right and Rita and Zedd are just stalling so we don't expect him to attack Karther Island." Tanya debated, making another important point.

"You guys, let's just watch Shannon and Tommy spar and worry about Rita and Zedd later on." Kat suggested.

The teens took Kat's advice and watched Shannon and Tommy spar. Suddenly, in mid-step kick, Shannon shrieked in agony and fell to the mat. Everyone in the Youth Center's gym turned around and looked over to where Shannon had been sparing. A crowd surrounded the couple as Tommy dropped down to the mat and looked at her. Kat, Rocky, Adam, and Tanya rushed over to his side. Ernie came up and said, "Is Shannon okay? I can call and ambulance." but Adam and Rocky stopped him.

"No, no, Ernie. It's okay, we've got her." Tommy informed Ernie in a wavy voice.

Tommy stood up and carried Shannon out of the gym into the hallway with Rocky, Adam, Tanya, and Kat not far behind. They stopped in the corner of the hallway and teleported to the Power Chamber in pure silence.

* * * * *

Streaks of blue, green, yellow, pink, and a mixed color of red and white descended into the Power Chamber. "Iyaiyaiyaiyai! What has happened to Artemis?" Alpha 5 cried.

"We don't know. She was fine and sparing one minute, then the next she was out and lying on the sparing mat," Kat notified the robot.

"Put her on the Diagnostic table," Zordon commanded.

Tommy laid Shannon down on the odd-looking table and Alpha pushed a few buttons on the side control panel. "Sending the information to you now, Zordon," Alpha declared.

"Hmmmm...........just what I thought," Zordon told the anxious teens.

"What Zordon?" Rocky requested the great Eltarian mentor.

Zordon was about to answer the question of the Blue Ranger when the peace was interrupted by Shannon, crying out from her unconsciousness, "No! No! Get away......... you metal freaks!"

Tommy looked at Shannon, then, Zordon, freaked out by what he had just heard. Shannon's eyes suddenly snapped open and her body popped up from the monitoring table. "Selene!!" she cried in pure fright.

"Who's Selene?" Tanya wondered out loud.

"She is the guardian of the Kartherian Coins on Karther Island," Shannon told the rangers, now that she was awake and sitting up on the table, "She was probably attacked by Rita and Zedd and was knocked unconscious."

"But that still doesn't explain why you screamed and why you fainted." Tommy expressed to her, with the slightest bit of fear in is voice.

"Me and Selene are linked. It's a dreaded part of life we both must put up with. Long ago, Zordon might be able to recall, the Morphing Masters, Artemis and Selene, were doused with a spell that caused them to feel each other's pains. Such as if Selene was to be hit over the head and fall unconscious, Artemis would be caused to fall to unconsciousness, too. That spell was inherited from our ancestors and still lives up to it's purpose today." Shannon clarified to her, known as, fearless boyfriend.

Interrupting the silence of the group, Zordon told the rangers, "You must go to Karther Island and rescue the Silver Ranger. If Lord Zedd and Rita get they're hands on the Kartherian coins, they have the ability to make a Super Villain Team of their very own."

"I, for one, am ready," Kat said, letting the other rangers know.

Alpha went over to the teleportation console to teleport the rangers when he suddenly realized, "Oh, no! Zordon, we cannot teleport the rangers to Karther Island. Iyaiyaiyai! What will we do?"

"Do not worry Alpha. Artemis, it's seems that we must call upon the Mini Zeo Zords," Zordon told the guardian with ease in his voice.

"Yes, seems it is time," Shannon replied.

"What mini zords', Shannon?" Adam inquired his smiling friend.

"You'll see when we get to Angel Grove Cove," Shannon told the curious ranger with a smirk on her face.

"Teleporting now," Alpha reported as flashes of white, red, green, blue, yellow, and pink left the chamber.

* * * * *

The six teenagers arrived at the foot of Angel Grove Cove. "So what are these mini zords' anyway?" Rocky asked the White Ranger.

"Shhhh!" Shannon exclaimed at the medium built teen.

She brought her hands up in front of her and raised them. "Zeo Crystal, unite!" Shannon dictated.

The five rangers, standing behind her, looked on. Suddenly streaks of pink, blue, yellow, red, and green shout out of the respective ranger. They flew into her hands as a white streak shot out of Shannon conjoining with the others to make ......

"The Zeo Crystal.... " Tanya murmured under her breath.

"Lord of the sky, God of the sea, and King of the land. In my hands I bestill the Zeo Crystal. I call for the Mini Zeo Zords." Shannon pledged.

One by one, zords, half the size of the normal ones, washed up from the bubbling sea to the shore. Finally when there were six: a panda, a tiger, an eagle, a rhinoceros, a lion, and a platypus, the Zeo Crystal split and each piece returned to the rightful ranger.

Shannon approached the six small zords. She first stood by the platypus. "Nimble and brisk. Katherine you will be one with the Pink Platypus." Shannon told the Australian ranger.

Next she stood next to the rhinoceros. "Powerful and bold. Rocky you will be one with the Blue Rhinoceros." Shannon said to the Blue Ranger.

Shannon walked over to the lion, saying, "Courageous, taking chances. Tanya you will be one with the Yellow Lion."

Shannon stood by the eagle and stroked it, telling Adam, "Wise and keen. Adam you will be one with the Green Eagle."

Shannon stood in the middle of all the animals and said, "Sly and alert. Tommy you shall be one with the Red Tiger. I shall be one with the wild and anxious, White Panda. These are the Mini Zeo Zords. For many centuries my ancestors have kept them hidden and now I have called upon them in our time of need. The Mini Zords allow travel on land, through water and sky. When formed together they become the Mini Mega Zeo Zord."
"Let's do it! It's morphin' time!" Tommy shouted, alerting the others to morph.

"Zeo Ranger I, Pink!" Kat shouted.

"Zeo Ranger II, Yellow!" Tanya shouted.

"Zeo Ranger III, Blue!" Rocky shouted.

"Zeo Ranger VI, Green!" Adam shouted.

"Zeo Ranger V, Red!" Tommy shouted.

"Zeo Ranger IV, White!" Shannon shouted.

The rangers got into the Mini Zords and Shannon directed, "Karther Island is a special island. The reason why we need the Mini Zords and why Alpha couldn't teleport us there is because it's underwater. Your animal zord knows the way, so let them be your guide."

Each Mini Zord submerged into the water and started on their way. "This is amazing!" Tanya exclaimed inside her cockpit.

They floated down until they could see and island below themselves. Shannon ordered, "Activating cloaking, now!" and her zord was cloaked. All the other rangers followed her lead so not to be seen by Rita or Lord Zedd from the island.

They descended from the water to the land. Each of them got out of their zord and shouted, "Zeo Rangers, power down!" and they all powered down, hoping not to attract attention to themselves.

The land was absolutely amazing. The rangers had landed their Mini Zords in a dry, humid, desert, but not nearly a half-mile away was a lush forest. Huge rock caves covered a side of a mesa about a quarter-mile away. They looked above themselves to see the ocean as the sky.

By one of those rock caves there was a huge tree. Suddenly Adam cried out to the others, "COGS!!" and sure enough about a dozen cogs came out of that one cave.

The rangers were about to morph when Shannon stopped them. "Don't morph! I have a feeling something strange and unusual is going on here."

The six teens didn't morph, but did start fighting off the cogs. Shannon jumped onto Tommy's shoulders and did a side corkscrew kick that knocked out about three cogs. Kat and Tanya double teamed two cogs. Kat distracted, while Tanya took one out with a flying tornado kick and Kat executed a jump - spinning heel kick on the other cog. Adam and Rocky took out the rest of the cogs with some trouble, but eventually they were all destroyed.

"Quick, Selene must be in here!" Shannon told the other rangers, running into the cave, while the others caught up to her.

The cave was dark and damp. The teens walked through a tunnel for awhile, until seeing a silver light. They followed it down a little more and ended up in a room. On one side of this room was an illuminating object of silver. Shannon thought to herself, *She has to be here that's her morpher.* "Selene, where are you?" Shannon hollered throughout the room.

"Over here, Artemis!" a female voice responded to the call. The voice was coming from the next room.

The six ran into the other room and saw a woman tied up to a huge rock. She was wearing a silver bikini top and tight silver pants. Her hair was a straight black with green streaks going through it. Her hazel eyes set off her smiling face.

"Artemis! It's so good to see you!" the woman exclaimed at the site of seeing her friend.

"Of course it would be good to see me if you're tied up to a rock." Shannon teased.

Shannon got down on her knees and worked the rope up off Selene. Shannon got up from the ground and introduced, "You guys this is Selene, the Silver Kartherian Ranger. Selene this is Tommy, Tanya, Adam, Kat, and Rocky."

"Hello," Selene greeted gleefully, "So you are the infamous Zeo Rangers that Artemis brags about all the time."

"That's us!" Rocky shyly told her, smiling oddly and blushing.

"Anyway, enough small talk. Where's Rita and Zedd?" Kat asked, nudging Rocky in the side.

"Artemis didn't you recognize. Oh well. This isn't Rita's or Lord Zedd's handiwork." Selene expressed in a worried tone.

"Who's it is then?" Tanya questioned, with a worried look on her face.

Chapter Four: "Who is She?"

"It's Zesta." Shannon whispered in a dead serious tone.

"Yes it is her. She and Lord Zedd got in a squabble when meeting each other on the top of the mesa, so Zesta simply zapped him with her laser-like personality' and electrocuted him, as a warning that she is the most powerful being from this side of the galaxy. After electrocuting him, Rita, Goldar, and Rito tried challenging her power, but they actually used their brains and ran away to Master Vile with a crispy Zedd. Then she reprogrammed the cog force to obey her commands." Selene explicitly explained.

"I knew there was something funny going on here, but what IS she doing here? Doesn't she have to mourn or something over Gerigon's entrapment?" Shannon asked her trustworthy friend.

"Ummm.....I have two questions. Who is Zesta and who is Gerigon?" Tommy wondered as he asked his, sometimes confusing, girlfriend.

"Zesta is the supreme evil from Eltar, just like Zordon is from Eltar. Because we trapped her beloved' Gerigon in a cave on the planet Phados, she's back for the great powers that can free him. We thought we had stopped her evil rein because we hadn't heard of her in years, but she back with vengeance." Shannon defined, answering the two questions.

"Wait a minute. You've been to Phados, so you know Dulcea, right?" Adam asked, being a little jumpy.

"Of course we know Dulcea. She's a guardian, too, but in her own special way. Since she has existed from the time of the Morphing Masters she wasn't given the option of being a Guardian Ranger with powers and all, but she is the Guardian of the Ninjetti powers." Shannon stated to Adam and the rest of them.

"Nevermind that. We must alert Zordon of Zesta's presence before Zesta finds you all." Selene seriously urged.

"Too late, Selene. See, she's already found out," a sarcastic female voice came from behind them.

Everyone turned and in the doorway, to the two rooms, was a woman with blonde hair, streaked black. She wore a black, skin tight, dress with a pendant in the middle of the dress. The pendant was a cat's eye, symbol of Zesta.

"Zesta! You dare step in front of the person that destroyed your entire force of monsters, by herself!" Shannon yapped at her.

"Did you really expect me to be scared of that? You bore me Artemis. Who are you?" Zesta questioned, while scanning her finger over the Zeo Rangers.

"We're the Zeo Rangers!" Tommy barked back at the blonde.

"Ah..." Zesta examined as she grabbed Tanya by the neck and held her in a headlock, "Now if you want to ever see you pretty, little, yellow friend again, Selene.........then you'll kindly hand over the Kartherian coins."

"You don't know my girlfriend, do you?" Adam told her sarcastically.

As he did, Tanya elbowed Zesta in the stomach and she let go of her. "Errr........Kiros get them!" Zesta moaned toward the sky as she doubled over in extreme pain and vanished into a black puff of smoke.

"Some girls got it, and some girls don't," Tanya slyly said as she blew evil dust particles' of her elbow. Everyone laughed at the comment, but were stopped when a huge gold plated monster, who looked an awful lot like Goldar, arrived right in front of their seven pairs of eyes.

"We'd better morph," Kat hinted.

"Right! It's morphin' time!" Tommy shouted as all the Zeo Rangers flicked their wrists exposing their zeonizers.

"Zeo Ranger I, Pink!" Kat shouted.

"Zeo Ranger II, Yellow!" Tanya shouted.

"Zeo Ranger III, Blue!" Rocky shouted.

"Zeo Ranger VI, Green!" Adam shouted.

"Zeo Ranger V, Red!" Tommy shouted.

"Zeo Ranger IV, White!" Shannon shouted.

"Kartherian Silver Power!" Selene shouted as she held up, with her right hand, a silver coin, with a crescent moon engraved on it, in front of her face.

When everyone was finished morphing all the Zeo Rangers, except Shannon, looked at Selene in awe. Her suit looked a lot like the original Power Rangers' suits. The three diamonds, that covered her chest, were a solid black and so were her gloves and boots. She had a crescent moon on her helmet, that was upside down so to make a frown. The rest of her suit was a sparkling silver.

"Zesta! You coward! Leave in the middle of a fight' that was your motto and always will be!" Selene cried up towards the heavens.

"Enough! Let us fight to the finish!" Kiros bellowed, just like Goldar used to.

"Are you related to Goldar in any way?" Kat snapped at the gold plated monster.

"We'd better get outta here before HE destroys us with his ugliness!" Rocky pointed out to the other rangers.

Selene pulled a weapon off her belt, that was a pistol that looked a lot like a dagger. "Crescent laser!" She shouted, pointing her pistol at the cave wall behind them.

She made a huge hole in the wall and the rangers were about to run out of the cave when Camellia confronted them. "What are you doing here, Camellia?" Tommy questioned the young thirteen year old.

"I've come to serve my Queen, what else," Camellia answered with no feeling at all.

"I see there's no need to introduce you to each other. Camellia, destroy them!" Zesta shouted from the thundering, watery, skies.

"Death Ranger Power!" Camellia shouted slowly, with a devilish grin at Shannon.

She held up a black cat's eyes pendant to her eye and morphed into the Death Ranger. Her suit was the same as the Zeo Rangers', but completely different. For one, her suit was completely black, no sign of another color on it. The cat's eye she had morphed with, was still in the same exact spot on her helmet.

"Dark Death Sword!" Camellia shouted giving out a evil laugh. A laugh that had tormented Shannon for years.

A black sword with a golden cat's eye on the brim of the handle, appeared in Camellia's hands.

"I can't fight you Camellia! I've done before, but that was different, there was no choice. Now that I have a choice, it's no!"

"Well sister, then you have made a foolish mistake, so be prepared to die at the hand of some one you loved!" Camellia shouted at her heart torn sister.

Camellia raised the sword ready to slash and kill her own sister. *I hate you Mother, for all the things you have done to me, Camellia, and Caroline* Shannon thought to herself, thinking this was her destiny to die at the hand of her sister. But after several seconds of Camellia's sword being risen and ready to kill, Shannon opened her eyes.

She saw Tommy's sword blocking Camellia's, a few inches above her helmet. Tommy yelled at Camellia with the most anguished voice Shannon had ever heard come out of him, "How dare you TRY TO KILL your own sister and my girlfriend!!!"

Suddenly a colorful rip opened up in front of the two fighting rangers, releasing about two dozen cogs. Rocky caught first sight of them and bellowed over at the other rangers, who were trying to take on Kiros, "YOU GUYS WE'VE GOT A TINY PROBLEM!!"

"YOU CALL A HERD OF COGS A TINY PROBLEM?" Kat bellowed back at Rocky. She had, too, noticed the cogs, but she shouldn't have. She was fighting with Kiros, up close, and Kiros grabbed her arm and somersaulted her.

The cogs started herding themselves over to the five rangers, but then Shannon suddenly stood up and shouted, "It's time for twilight!" and shot her sparkling attack at the cogs, disintegrating them.

"THANKS A LOT, SHANNON!!" She heard from Rocky and saw him give her a thumbs-up sign and suddenly she blacked out. The horrible thing was no one could tell because her helmet was on.

* * * * *

Tommy and Camellia were fighting away, while the others took on Kiros. Suddenly Selene fell to the ground. Kat and Tanya tried reviving her, but nothing worked. In all the chaos, Kiros managed to run out of the cave and Tanya caught him. "YOU GUYS. KIROS JUST RAN OUT OF THE CAVE!!" She bellowed over to the two guys, who caught it and started running out of the cave.

The Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger ran after the two, after not being able to revive Selene. When they got outside with the other two, Kiros had stopped running and was just standing there. "I WILL get my sweet revenge on all of you wretched Guardian Rangers....and Zeo Rangers. Kiros, grow!" Zesta shouted from the skies as a lighting bolt hit Kiros, making him grow to the size of the rangers' zords.

"So that's what Kiros was up to," Rocky remarked after realizing Kiros' growth spurt.

"What's so eerie about Zesta is, she's almost like Rita Repulsa," Adam admitted as he looked up at Kiros.

"I know what you mean, Adam," Kat said agreeing with the Green Ranger, "I know what you mean....."

* * * * *

Inside the cave the battle raged on as Tommy and Camellia sword fought. Tommy backed away dropping his star sword, letting Camellia think he was giving up. Instead he ran, he punched, and he shouted in mid air, "Zeo V Power Kick!" and knocked the Death Ranger off her feet.

Frustrated and getting up, she pointed her sword to the air and shouted, "Death Demon Zord!" and Camellia ran out of the cave, with Tommy tailing her.

When Tommy and Camellia got out into the humid desert, they both saw Kiros, in large King Kong size, and a zord with red horns coming out of it's head, covered in black armor. "You like?" Camellia said to Tommy, pointing at the zord, just as she jetted to her zord.

Tommy ran over to the other Zeo Rangers. "Man, we need the Super Zeo Mega Zord to take on the both of them!" Tanya blurted out.

"And you think we didn't notice," Rocky mumbled under his breath.

"We need Super Zeo Mega Zord Power, now!" The rangers shouted, raising their hands to the sky and sending out an energy charge.

The zord dropped from the ocean sky as the five rangers jetted inside to the cockpit of it. "You guys where's Shannon ?" Tommy asked the rest of the crew.

"Last time I saw her she was sitting right near where you and Camellia were fighting." Adam told his team captain. Since knowing Tommy as the leader, he knew if someone didn't know where any ranger on the team was, he'd go wacky.

"What does it matter to you. Wait it does matter to you. For if Artemis is not in pure sight, you are weak!" A voice said coming from behind all the rangers.

They turned around and saw Zesta right there. "You're not gonna get away with this," Kat warned her.

"Oh really, Pink Ranger. And whose going to stop me? You?" Zesta mocked her and as a wave of her hand she blasted all the rangers out of the cockpit and took full control over the Super Zeo Mega Zord.

The rangers landed with a thunk' on to the dry ground. They got up to see three creatures surrounding them. One was Kiros, the other was the Death Demon Zord, and third was the Super Zeo Mega Zord being controlled by Zesta.

"Hey! Who turned all the lights out?" Rocky joked around during the tense moment.

"This is no time to be joking around my blue friend," the Death Ranger threatened from her zord.

"I wouldn't be your friend, even if you were the last person on Earth. Wait let rephrase that. I wouldn't be your friend, even if you were the last person on the Earth and evil. Now if you were good, that'd be another subject...." Rocky shot back to her.

"Rocky!!! Get over here!" Adam shouted back at Rocky, who now realized, he was standing alone and the other rangers were in a football huddle conjuring up a plan not far away.

Chapter Five: "The Confrontation"

When they broke out of the huddle, Kat and Tanya ran over to the Super Zeo Mega Zord. Tommy ran towards the Death Demon Zord and Rocky and Adam ran over to Kiros. "Kiros you'd better watch out. Your face could destroy your own queen!" Adam provoked the huge monster.

"Why, you little green pip-squeak!" Kiros bellowed down at him.

They both ran away as Rocky screamed, at the top of his lungs, "AHHHHHH! WATCH OUT HERE COMES MEDUSA!"

The gold plated monster began to chase the two little targets as Kat and Tanya put phase two of the plan into action. "Hey...Zesta! Shannon's right! You are weak!" Tanya yelled up at the Super Zeo Mega Zord.

"Yeah! You're so weak you can't fight us face to face. You have to send down one of you lackeys." Kat agreed, both of them insulting Zesta.

Enraged, Zesta made the Super Zeo Mega Zord chase after the two female rangers, who were running towards Tommy. They gave him a thumbs-up sign and he began the last phase of the plan. "Hey Camellia," Tommy caught her attention, "You'll never be as strong as your sister! She'll always be stronger than you! Probably could defeat you with one blow."

Camellia became furious by the comments she had heard and shouted down towards the little Red Ranger, "I'm twice the ranger she'll ever be! To prove it I will catch you and defeat you!"

She almost ran after Tommy, who was running away from the Death Demon Zord, but she looked up and saw the Super Zeo Mega Zord and Kiros heading straight for her.

The rangers managed to get away from the three giant beings in time to see them collide and fall to the ground.

"The plan worked! Great job guys!" Tommy congratulated his team for their teamwork, "Now to get to Shannon and Selene!"

* * * * *

The Zeo Rangers ran into the cave and almost came face to face with a brown, female, deer. "Whoa! What are you doing here, girl?" Tommy wondered as he stroked the deer's fur coat.

"Thank you for the gesture, Tommy, but there is someone who needs you more," the deer thanked.

"Selene, is that you?" Tanya asked, feeling a little weird talking to a deer.

" is me. This is my animal form," Selene returned the answer quickly and ran out of the cave into the near brush.

They ran farther into the cave and saw Shannon, morphed and huddled into a corner. "Shannon are you, okay?" Kat asked her, taking her own helmet off.

The other rangers, also, took off their helmets, looking on at the White Ranger for an answer to the question. "Yoo, hoo...... Shannon. Are you in there?" Rocky said, waving his hand in front of her helmet.

They still didn't get an answer. Tommy went up to Shannon and kneeled in front of her. "Shannon, are you alright?" He asked one more time, hoping for an answer.

Tommy was suddenly blasted back, into a near by wall, by a white light emitting from the White Ranger. Once the light faded, it revealed Shannon, standing, in a dress, that was white and looked very similar to Zesta's. "Take everything dear to Artemis,' that is your goal isn't it, Zesta?" Shannon mocked towards the sky.

"Poor, Poor, Artemis. Or should I call you Shannon? Maybe it is my goal to take things dear to you, but look I already have one dear thing with me," Zesta quipped, arriving in a black puff of smoke in front of the rangers with a little girl holding her hand, about three or four years old.

"Caroline!" Shannon cried out to the little girl, then directed her voice towards Zesta, "You shameless, ugly, slut!"

White energy built up in her hands. "No, no. See when I have HER in with me, you wouldn't dare attack me, would you?" Zesta told Shannon, challenging her.

"What is going on, Shannon?" Tommy asked, recovering from the blast of light.

"And this. This Red Zeo Ranger. Is he the love of your life? And let me guess......You didn't tell him either, did you?" Zesta said, thwarting Shannon's mind of herself.

"What is she talking about, Shannon?" Tommy insisted.

"No time to explain. Get the Mini Zeo Zords and hold off the Death Demon and Kiros the best you can," Shannon ordered, strongly.

"Okay..." Tommy listened as the Zeo Rangers ran out of the cave.

Shannon approached Zesta and the little girl. "Stay back, Artemis," Zesta warned her, but Shannon came closer anyway, "You never did listen."

Zesta held her hand out and gripped it into a fist. She pulled her fist towards herself and Shannon dropped to the ground, clenching her chest in agony. "Now you know better, don't you Artemis?" Zesta questioned the girl laying on the ground.

"Yes......" she replied, weakly, from her spot on the floor.

"Good-bye, Artemis....." Zesta spat out at Shannon.

"Bye! Bye!" the little girl said, gleefully, having no idea what was going on.

The two females left in puffs of black smoke.

* * * * *

"We need Mini Zeo Zord Power, now!" the five rangers shouted, once they were out in the open desert.

The Mini Zords fell from the watery sky one by one. They came down in Zeo Ranger order, but the White Panda didn't come down because Shannon wasn't there to call on it and control it.

"Look who it is? The Power Rangers and their little zords," Camellia commented from her zord, the Death Demon.

"She's right. Our zords are one fourth the size of her zord," Kat stated to the other rangers.

Suddenly the rangers noticed Shannon running out of the cave. She stopped in the middle of the battle and shouted, "It's morphin' time!"

Her zeonizers appeared on her wrists. "Zeo Ranger IV, White!" Shannon morphed and the White Panda Mini Zord automatically dropped to the ground. "Okay, rangers!

Let's do it!" she told as she got into her zord.

"Right! Mini Zeo Mega Zord, power up!" they all called.

The zords came into position for the Mini Zeo Mega Zord. The Red Tiger leaped up into the air, while on the ground the Yellow Lion and Blue Rhinoceros formed themselves into legs and stood up. The White Panda boxed itself up to look like a box with a panda's face on the front and a hole on the top. The White Panda box got on top of the two formed legs. The Pink Platypus split into two and formed to arms and hands. The pink arms connected themselves to the white box. The Red Tiger, still in the air, straightened out to look like it was standing in air. Then the Red Tiger's face changed. The ears parted to sides of it's head as it descended into the hole in the Mini Megazord. The body went in to the hole, only revealing the head. The Green Eagle flew up from the ground and attached itself to the back of the Mini Zeo Megazord, just like the NinjaFalcon Zord used to do to make the Ninja Megazord.

"That was so cool!" Tanya exclaimed.

They were all in the main cockpit now. The cockpit, a some what smaller than the Super Zeo Megazord cockpit, was divided into three stations. Tommy and Shannon were in the front of the cockpit, at station one, with main control. Kat and Adam were in the back of the cockpit, their backs turned to the front, at station two, monitoring the Mini Zeo Megazord's status and power. Tanya and Rocky were in the middle of the cockpit, at station three, facing each other and monitoring Kiros and the Death Ranger's power and status.

"SO THE RANGERS WANT TO PLAY TOUGH? I'LL GIVE YOU TOUGH, ARRRRRRR!" Kiros bellowed out and went charging at the Mini Zeo Megazord, which was half his size.

"We need to go to full power, now!" Shannon told the others, "Adam you know what to do." "Right! We need the Eagle Saber!" Adam shouted instinctively.

A sword fell from the skies and landed in the Mini Zeo Megazord's hands. Adam switched places with Tommy and slashed the saber at Kiros. "ERRRRR! YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT!"

Kiros ran towards the Megazord and knocked it down on it's side. Adam and Tommy once again traded places. The Megazord got back up on it's feet and Shannon and Tommy yelled out two different commands at the same time. "Panda lasers! Tiger cannons!"

The double dose, intended for Kiros, hit the Death Demon instead. "Main power in the Death Demon down 25%." Rocky stated.

"Camellia is shifting all her auxiliary power to lasers." Tanya informed.

Suddenly the rangers got hit with an obscene amount of fire power. The Mini Megazord fell to the ground. Sparks flew in to main cockpit, while the rangers tried sustaining their balance. Adam grabbed a hold of the console in front of him and reported, "Main power is down 25% and micropressure down 20% We sustained minor damage to the White Panda and Pink Platypus."

"You guys I have feeling we're no match for them. We're half their size!" Kat explained and exclaimed, turning her head to the front of the cockpit.

"Kat's right," Rocky piped up, also, facing the front of the cockpit, "Even if their power is down, they could still defeat us with a fight."

Tommy and Shannon nodded to each other and Tommy jetted out of the cockpit, while Shannon stayed behind for a minute to explain. "Just sit tight guys. Adam you have control. I call upon the power of the Arctic Star!"

As she jetted out of the cockpit, Adam moved up to the front of the cockpit.

Shannon jetted into the Arctic Star. "Tommy and Adam. I'm sending each of the Megazords blueprints on how to form the Super Ultra Star Zeo Megazord.

Rocky let out a low whistle. "That is one long name."

Adam was the first one to see the blueprints of the Super Ultra Star Zeo Megazord, on the console screen in front of him. He examined them for a few seconds, then exclaimed, "Man! You guys gotta see these blue prints for the Super Zeo Ultra Megazord.....or whatever. They make the zord twice the size of the Super Zeo Megazord!"

"Super ULTRA STAR Zeo Megazord," Tanya corrected.

"Yeah, uh, right." Adam sort of mumbled.

"Hey Adam! Let's get this thing going!" Tommy told Adam, hearing the enthusiasm that was in his friend's voice.

"We need Super Ultra Star Zeo Megazord Power, now!" the six rangers called, from the three zords they were commanding.

"Never thought the words would come out right," Rocky admitted to himself.

"Shannon!" Tommy alerted his girlfriend from the Super Zeo Megazord, "The Death Demon is setting a course for Angel Grove!"

"Don't stop her, Tommy. We've gotta finish the Deluxe Arctic Star formation! Then we can go after them. If we use the Deluxe Arctic Star and the Super Zeo Megazord it'll minimize the damage in Angel Grove." Shannon explained and ordered back.

As Shannon gave out the order to Tommy, the Death Demon took off from the ground and headed on it's way, while Kiros teleported out in a black and gold flame (like Goldar's teleport).

The Mini Zeo Megazord divided back up into the six animals. The back of the white star on the Arctic Star's back opened and the Red Tiger, White Panda, Blue Rhinoceros, Yellow Lion, and Pink Platypus flew into different compartments for each of their zords. The Green Eagle flew onto the Arctic Star's shoulders and perched itself. The point on the top of the Arctic Star's head bent backwards and the Green Eagle's wings came over it's eyes. The metal feathers that hung from the wings, parted, so you could only see the glowing red eyes of the Arctic Star.

"Ready to go, Shannon?" Tommy asked from the Super Zeo Mega Zord.

"Anytime you are," She replied to the question.

"Let's go, then." Tommy dictated.

"Right!" everyone else shouted in the Deluxe Arctic Star.

The Super Zeo Mega Zord and the Deluxe Arctic Star flew through the watery' sky towards Angel Grove.

Chapter Six: "Shadowed Stranger"

When the rangers arrived, the two terrors, Kiros and Camellia, the Death Ranger, were terrorizing the people at the Beach Club.

They jumped out of their zords and started to battle with the two and cogs. Unlike the others, Shannon didn't start battling when she got out of the zords, but called, "Star Staff!" and her staff appeared in her hand.

She started to emit a light from the white star at the top of the staff and the light scanned the area she focused it on. She didn't find anything until she scanned behind the cash register. Sure enough, Shannon found three kids hiding behind it that she recognized, Justin from Tommy and Rocky's karate class and Kerry and Ryan from her Shacrom class.

"What are you three doing here?" Shannon asked the trio, as she turned off her light scanner.

"We're hiding from those two," Kerry began to explain, a little terrified and pointing at Kiros and Camellia.

"And those cogs," Justin added.

"Well, I can't blame ya for hidin', but you shouldn't be here. Follow me." Shannon told them calmly and comfortingly.

The three kids followed her up to the edge of the park, where she urged them to run home, away from the Beach Club.

When Shannon jogged back to the battle site, the rangers were just finishing up with the last of the cogs as Kiros and Camellia ran away in defeat. "This isn't the last time we will meet on the battle field, rangers!" Camellia threatened as Kiros and her teleported away.

"Then you'll go down in the next battle!" Rocky shouted back at her.

"Cool it, Rocky. We don't want to destroy the girl," Tanya pulled him back with words.

"You're really good with kids, Shannon," Tommy told his girlfriend, out of the blue.


"With the kids. You knew kids would be hiding and also would be afraid to run away, so you looked for any kids that were still there. Then lead them away from the battle so the wouldn't get hurt." he repeated.

"Just doin' what comes naturally. I can't help, can I, Tommy?" Shannon wondered, as the rangers laughed.

"Rangers, come to the Power Chamber, immediately," Zordon's voice came over all the Zeo Rangers' communicators, unexpectedly.

"We're on out way, Zordon." Shannon answered, "Thanks, for coverin' my back, guys." she thanked as the teleported to the Chamber in streaks of pink, yellow, blue, green, red, and white.

"Tommy....Shannon...I gotta get to them if I wanna save the others," A shadowy figure murmured, from behind a near by tree, "Maybe I'll catch'em at the Youth Center, after school."

* * * * *

The streaks of pink, yellow, green, red, white, and blue that left the Beach Club arrived in the Power Chamber.

When the rangers materialized, Zordon commended, "Well done, rangers."

"But Zordon..." Kat started, but got cut off by Zordon.

"Yes, Kat. I know Zesta is back. But now you must be very careful in what you do to the Death Ranger. Alpha is already working on a way to reverse Zesta's spell on Camellia."

"Thank you Zordon," Shannon said, gratefully.

"Rangers, please take a well need rest now," Alpha requested.

"No can do, Alpha. We have a commercial to work on," Tommy replied.

"And we have to clean up the mess we left at the Beach Club," Adam agreed.
* * * * *

It had been two days since the battle with Zesta. The teens, except Tommy, were sitting in a row across the bar at Ernie's, waiting eagerly for Tommy. The TV was on, but nothing was on the screen. "Man! When is Tommy coming? He's already twenty minutes late!" Rocky, impatiently cried, checking his watch.

"He does have a tendency of being late," Tanya declared.

"You got that right. We were in a Karate tournament once and won. The trophy ceremony was the next afternoon, and he was an hour late! He thought it was at 3:00 PM and not 2:00 PM." Shannon told.

Just then Tommy came running into the Juice Bar, with a tape in his hand. "Sorry, guys. I...." Tommy got cut off by everyone else.

"FORGOT!" the five teens yelled at him.

"Yeah," he said, sheepishly.

"Well, don't stand there all day. Let's see the tape," Adam urged.

"Right," Tommy agreed as he handed over the tape to Kat.

She stuck it into the VCR and pushed the play' button. Then it began. At the beginning a big sign was held up that said, "Karate Commercial."

All of a sudden, they saw Tommy and Shannon sparing head to head, in front of a gray back drop. Shannon wore some white bicycle shorts and a white bikini top and Tommy wore his red and black Karate gee.

Someone announced, off the set, "Karate masters at work."

Once Tommy threw a tornado kick at Shannon, they both stopped sparing, as to end the kata. Tommy started to say, "Wanna learn how to do that kata...."

Shannon added, "Wanna learn the code of Martial Arts...."

"Then come down to the Youth Center and sign up for some free Martial Arts lessons....." Tommy lead off.

Shannon finished, "Taught by me, Shannon Kassandra Kaze," She pointed at Tommy, "Tommy Oliver, Adam Park, and Rocky De Santos. All black belts in Karate, Kung Fu, or Shacrom."

The commercial ended and the TV screen blacked out. "That was awesome and now I got publicity on TV!" Rocky exclaimed.

"But there's no picture, Rocky." Shannon squashed his hopes.


Just then three kids ran up to the group. "Hey Kerry, Ryan, and Justin. What's up?" Tommy asked.

"Haven't you heard?" Justin wondered.

"Heard what?" Shannon inquired.

"We met the Power Rangers!" Ryan squealed.

"Well, not exactly all of them. The White Ranger was looking around and she found us. She took us to the park, away from the Beach Club, where a battle was going on," Kerry explained.

"Oh, really. That must have been coolio!" Shannon said, winking at the other five teens sitting around her.

"I'm just curious, but whose your favorite ranger?" Tommy asked the trio.

"Well, I like the White, Yellow, and Pink Rangers. They're, like, all girls and superheroes! That is so, da' bomb!" Kerry exclaimed.

Shannon, Tanya, and Kat all blushed slightly, not letting Kerry notice.

"I like the Red Ranger, his Karate moves are awesome!" Ryan blurted out.

This time it was Tommy's turn to blush.

"How about you, Justin?" Adam asked the boy.

"I like the Green and Blue Rangers, their zords are so cool!" Justin finally burst.

Now, Adam blushed, but Rocky went into some phase'. He placed this huge grin on and then he started blushing so hard that if you were across the gym you could see it. Kerry, Ryan, and Justin stared at him as if he was cuckoo and Tommy, Shannon, Tanya, Kat, and Adam looked at him, sending the mental message, *Quit it before you give away our identities!*, hoping it'd work. Of course, since the mental message didn't get to Rocky, he didn't stop his little phase'. Shannon diverted the attention he was getting from Kerry, Ryan, and Justin, and remarked, "Personally, I like the Red Ranger. I always loved a guy who looked good in red spandex."

Shannon looked at Tommy as Kat, Rocky, Adam, and Tanya groaned.

Kat noticed that the kids had started to stare at Rocky again and she took action. "Kerry and Ryan, you'd better get ready for your Shacrom class. It starts in ten minutes."

Kerry and Ryan ran out of the of the gym and Shannon looked at Tommy, who, in turn, looked at Adam. "Ummmmmm.....Justin, ya wanna spar a bit?" Adam asked the ten year old boy.

"Sure!" Justin agreed and the two walked away from the bar, to the sparing mats.

As soon as the two were out on the mats, Shannon blurted out to the three rangers near her, who were in full consciousness and not semi-consciousness, "If Rocky ever gets out of that trance, tell him if he ever feels like he has to do that little blush act' when the Blue Zeo Ranger is complimented, go do it in the bathroom. We don't need three kids," She hushed a little bit as her three friends giggled, "knowing were the Power Rangers. Meet you on the sparing mats in ten minutes, Tommy?"

"Yeah, in ten." Tommy replied, while stifling the giggles.

She jogged out of the gym and to the locker room, as Tommy, Kat, and Tanya tried getting Rocky out of his trance.

Who is the little girl that was with Zesta? Who is the mysterious shadowed stranger? Does Rocky ever get out of his trance?