Note: * Warning: sexual scenes. This story takes on a life of it's own, so be careful.

Challenges of Love
Chapter Twenty-Two: "Exchange"
by: WhiteZeo

It was a Saturday night at Shannon Kassandra Kaze's house and her closest freinds were there, excluding her best friend, Kimberly Anne Hart, who had gone on a camping trip.

Tanya Sloan, Adam Park, Tommy Oliver, Katherine {Kat} Hillard, Rocky De Santos, and Shannon were in the living room watching "Jurassic Park" and kicking back.

They were at the part of the movie where the Tyrannosaurus Rex ate the guy hiding in the bathroom. "EWWW! Whose turn was it to bring the movie and brought 'Jurassic Park'?" Shannon asked, burying her head in Tommy's lap.

Adam rose his hand sheepishly. "Hey I can't help it if I like it and it's partly named after me!" the Korean-American boy retorted, as Shannon made herself watch the movie.

The six teens, usually seven, made it a sort of richual to go to Shannon's on Saturdays and watch scary movies. Every time someone brought a movie to watch and it had been Adam's turn that night.

Soon enough the movie was over and they started to clean up the mess they had made. "Those kids were really stupid, shining the flashlight in the dinosaurs' eye. You have to have no brain to do that," Kat commented, putting the potato chips back in the kitchen cupboard.

"Tell me about it. I've seen that movie, ten times at least, and still don't get that," Tanya agreed, walking into the kitchen and placing the soda back in the refridgerator.

"11:50," Tommy said, checking his watch, "Tamara's gonna squeal on me, if I'm not home in ten."

"Let her squeal," Shannon walked into the living room, her voice in a sexy tone, "I can roar."

"I'd watch out, Tommy. Shannon's a package of trouble waiting to be opened," Rocky teased, as him, Adam, Kat, and Tanya grabbed their coats and headed out the door.

"Sure, Rocko. Thanks for the advice," Tommy snapped back.

He closed the door and walked back to his fiance. "Now where were we?"

"Right about here," Shannon answered, putting his hands around her waist and putting her arms around his neck.

"MOMMY!" a little voice cried out from Caroline's room, when the couple's lips were a milimeter away from each ther.

"I'll get it," Tommy told her, removing himself from her grasp.

He disappeared into Caroline's room, while Shannon went into the kicthen.

As the two were distracted, two cogs and Shannon's Moon Clone teleported into the house quietly. The two cogs hid outside the kitchen door and the Moon Clone stood in front of the kitchen door, waiting for her 'original'.

Shannon came out right away and saw her Moon Clone. She was about to yell, before one of the cogs covered her mouth and the other grabbed her arms, only allowing the White Zeo Ranger to struggle in their grip.

The pleased Moon Clone sauntered up to Shannon, her cold blue eyes examining her. The Moon Clone pulled a rag out of her jean pocket and waved it under Shannon's nose. Instantly, Shannon was knocked out. "Choraform," she smirked to herself, "It works wonders."

The Moon Clone stuck the rag into her pocket and ordered the cogs, quietly, "Take her back to the queen."

The cogs teleported away with the real and unconscious Shannon. *One last check.* the Moon Clone thought to herself, examining herself in the mirror, in case she didn't look like Shannon.

She had cold, ice blue eyes that could be mistaken for Shannon sky blue eyes, any day. The brunnette curls that flowed down her back, were up in a ponytail, like Shannon's had been. She wore the exact clothes Shannon was wearing: a red cardigan and some white, tight fit, jeans. The only three things that wasn't right was that the Moon Clone didn't have the Sixth Zeo ring resting on her ring finger, Shannon's zeonizers on her wrists, or a communicator of her arm, all, Shannon still had.

Just then, Tommy came out of Caroline's room. "She had a bad dream," Tommy explained, walking towards the Moon Clone that he thought was Shannon, not noticing that anything was missing.

"Oh, really," the Moon Clone tried to say concerned.

"Let's get back to what we were doing before," Tommy started to wrap his arms around the Moon Clone's waist.

She pushed his hands away. "Ummmmm.....You'd better get going, Tommy."

"Okay, Shannon," Tommy looked at her oddly, "But don't forget about the parade tomorrow. 10:00 AM, sharp," Tommy grabbed his jacket and walked out the door.

She went to the door and tried to sound delightful,"Okay, Tommy, bye!"

Right away, she slammed the door shut and plopped down on the sofa near by. "Being this Shannon is going to be harder than I thought........................"

* * *

The two cogs and the unconscious Shannon teleported into Zesta's main duegoen. "Ahhhhh.....The first phase of my plan is complete!" Zesta rubbed her hands together, looking down on her daughter, from her throne.

"Throw her in the cage," Zesta waved her hand towards the cage next to her black throne.

The cogs dragged Shannon over to the cage, but before they threw her in, they took her two zeonizers off her wrists, he communicator of her right arm, and her precious Zeo ring off her finger. They threw her in the cage and she fell to the cement floor, with a grunt.

One of the cogs gave the communiator, zeonizers, and Zeo ring to Zesta. "Good. I will personally deliver these lovely items to my Moon Clone, first thing in the morning."

* * *

The sun's light shown through the kitchen window, as the Moon Clone paced by it. "I can't sleep. I must practice being Shannon," the Moon Clone told herself.

She kept pacing and almost ran into Zesta. "Oh! I am deeply sorry my queen," she apoligized, bowing her head down.

"It is alright," Zesta told her, forcing the zeonizers, communicator, and Zeo ring into her hands, "Here, you will be needing these."

"Thank you, my queen," the Moon Clone thanked, securing the zeonizers on her wrists and slipping the Sixth Zeo ring on her ring finger, "I will do you well."

"I hope you do, Moon Clone," Zesta agreed, as she teleported out of the house in a puff of black smoke.

The Moon Clone looked up at the wall clock and exclaimed, practicing 'Shannon language', "Oh, man! I am so totally late! It's already past ten!"

As she walked towards Caroline's room, he thought to herself, *Not bad. Though, I could use some improvement.*

She went into Caroline's room, woke her up, and dressed her. When the Moon Clone lead Caroline out of her room, Caroline asked, "Where we go, Mommy?"

"We're going to the Power Chamber because Mommy has to go be in a parade. I want you to stay in the living quarters, okay?" the Moon Clone treid to say pleasantly.

Caroline looked up at the Moon Clone, who she thought was her mother, "Okay."

The Moon Clone and Caroline teleported to the Power Chamber.

* * *

Tommy paced up and down the marble floor of the Power Chamber, waiting for the Moon Clone, who he thought was Shannon, to arrive.

A blur of white teleported into the chamber and materialized into the Moon Clone. "There you are!" Tommy cried, almost crashing into her.

"I'm really sorry guys. I was caught up in some homework," the Moon Clone fibbed, biting her lip.

"It's okay, girl," Tanya replied, "But we'd better get down to our parade float before the parade starts without us!"

"Right," Kat agreed with her best friend.

"It's morphin' time!" Tommy called.

"Zeo Ranger I, Pink!" Kat shouted.

"Zeo Ranger II, Yellow!" Tanya shouted.

"Zeo Ranger III, Blue!" Rocky shouted.

"Zeo Ranger IV, Green!" Adam shouted.

"Zeo Ranger V, Red!" Tommy shouted.

"Zeo Ranger VI, White!" the Moon Clone shouted.

The six morphed and teleported out of the Power Chamber with thoughts about the parade, except the Moon Clone. She had BIGGER things on her mind

* * *

As the float neared City Hall, the Zeo Rangers kept their hands up, waving to the citizens lined up along the parade route, just to see the Power Rangers.

"My hand is really startin' to hurt," Rocky complained, his hand waving like it was about to fall off.

"You might wanna change your hands, Rocky," the Moon Clone barked, like Shannon would have in the same situation.


"I can't believe how many people showed up," Kat awed.

"Me, neither," Adam agreed.

Tommy was about to add to the conversation, when the six heard the mayor's voice over the PA system. ".......And here come the defenders of our fair city, THE POWER RANGERS!"

They all looked to their right, and saw City Hall. Around it, people stood, waving posters of the rangers, from a photo shoot that Zordon had let them go to. Screams, shrieks, and yells, filled the air and the group's eardrums.

Tommy winced under his helmet. "They are really loud," he pointed out, badly wanting to cover his ears, but he knew it would make him look rude.

"Unhuh," the Moon Clone chimed.

After they managed to get off the float and onto the stage, Mayor Reily began to introduce the six rangers. "Have you heard of the Pink Ranger," screams interupted her, "Well, here she is, Zeo Ranger I!"

Kat stepped foward and held her hand above her head, her Zeo Power Shield appearing.

"She's the balance of the group, Zeo Ranger II!" Mayor Reily continued.

Kat stepped back and Tanya stepped up. Whipping her hands in front of her, her pair of Zeo Ninchucks came to her grasp.

"Zeo Ranger III, better known as the Blue Ranger!"

Tanya stepped down and Rocky stepped up. Crossing his arms across his chest, his Zeo Arm Blades appeared, strapped to his arms.

"Let's not forget the dear Green Ranger, Zeo Ranger IV!"

Adam stepped up, as his best friend stepped down. Holding one hand in front of the other, Adam's Zeo Axes came to him.

"The leader of the team, Zeo Ranger V, Red Ranger!"

The Green Ranger stepped down, letting Tommy step up. Holding his hand in front of his helmet, the Zeo Power Sword materialized in his hand.

"Lastly, the newest ranger to the team, Zeo Ranger VI, White Ranger!" Mayor Reily finished the introductions.

Tommy moved back, as the Moon Clone moved up. Unlike the other rangers, she called upon her main zeo weapon, "Star Staff!"

The staff of light appeared in her hands.

The crowd cheered again, and the mayor began to ask some general questions. "Rangers, the first question I have to ask, because I know everyone else is wondering the same thing. Where did the Gold Ranger go?"

Adam took the microphone, "Well, the Gold Ranger, after helping us defeat the Machine Empire, returned to his own planet. Now, as we battle our newest enemy, Zesta, our Guardian Ranger, the White Ranger, has come to our aid."

The mayor turned to the Moon Clone. "White Ranger, since you have come to Angel Grove what do you think of the city?"

The Moon Clone thought fast and came up with a good answer. "Since I've been in Angel Grove I've been able to see a few things. One: This city is monster prone," the Moon Clone paused, as the crowd laughed, "Two: Angel Grove is a very beautiful city. And three: I enjoy this city very much"

"I, and obviously the city, have also noticed a change in your zords. Would you mind calling them out for us?" Mayor Reily asked.

Tommy, right away, responded, "I don't see why not."

But before any of them had a chance to call on the zords, the Moon Clone decided to make her move. "I see why!" she cried, as if she'd been possessed, "Zesta will rule supreme over this world," to add a bit of tension to the situation, she decided to go into Ninja mode, "Zeo Ninja, White Star!"

A brillant white light came over her and she appeared into her ninja gear. The audience clapped, thinking the rangers were putting on a show.

Tanya grabbed the microphone. "This isn't an act! The White Ranger has been possessed!"

The audience gasped. "That's right, you weaklings. I work for Zesta now," the Moon Clone mocked, her true evil side shining through, "It's time for twilight!"

The Moon Clone aimed the attack for the mayor, but Rocky pushed her out of the way.

As the five dodged the Moon Clone's attacks the audience hid behind buildings in fear, but watching the fight. "Okay, people! We're goin' into Ninja mode!" Tommy yelled at the team.

Each of them stopped where they were and in brillant flashes of light, became the Zeo Ninjas.

"Not so fast!" the Moon Clone threw a white ligthing bolt at Tommy, but he put the speed on and grabbed her from behind, "LET ME GO!"

Tommy held onto her and gingerly moved her hood away from her face, kissing her sweetly. Whispering, Tommy pleaded, "Shannon, come on! Your under Zesta's power! Free yourself!"

Completely taken by surprise, the Moon Clone liked the feeling of a kiss, for she had never felt one in her short life. But before she could stop herself, she felt her lips against Tommy's, love rushing through her veins.

* * *

"You'll never get away with this Zesta!" Shannon's weak voice barked up at her mother.

"Oh, but on the contrare, dear daughter, I already have!" Zesta's hypnotical laugh echoed through the dungeon, "Don't you just love it when a plan comes together."

At that moment, Jason walked into the throne room, hearing his queen's last comment. "It is wonderful, isn't it my queen?"

Jason stopped in front of Zesta's throne and bowed. "Rise, dear Jason. What do you come for?"

"I come for a request, my queen," Jason answered and continued, "I request that I may have your beautiful daughter's hand in marriage, once we finish off the rangers."

Jason's cold eyes fell upon Shannon and she gave him evil eyes back. "Of course, Jason. But in time. Even before my plan is done she will be yours," Zesta smiled wickedly.

"Yeah, right!" Shannon spat.

"Shut up!" Zesta yelled at her, "Do you want another beating?"

Shannon violently shook her head 'no'. She had already been beaten, bruises covering her body and her shrit shredded badly. *Lady Of The Sun, please take me from this evil..........*

* * *

As the Moon Clone kissed Tommy, she fainted and fell ito his protective arms. "Rangers, teleport back to the Power Chamber!" Tommy ordered, throwing the Moon Clone over his shoulders, in a fireman's carry.

Tanya, Adam, Rocky, and Kat dissapeared in their respective lights.

The audience, then, began to emerge from the behind the buildings, not very surprised that the Red Zeo Ninja would kiss the White Zeo Ninja, because when the fought, it really showed off their 'status'. Though, they were more amused that he would do such a thing out in the open.

Tommy grabbed the microphone off the ground and annouced, "I think tomorrow at this same time would be better for us. Please set all your prayers aside for the posessed White Ranger. She'll be needing them," and with that the Moon Clone and him were engulfed in bright flashes of white and red.

*Ruin the rangers' reputation, check!*

* * *

Tommy teleported into the Power Chamber, hood off and the Moon Clone slung over his shoulders, in silence. "So how'd the crowd react you kissing Shannon?" Tanya asked, noticing some smudged lipstick on Tommy's lips.

He placed the Moon Clone down on the Diagonaustic table and rubbed the lipstick off his lips. "I'd say surprised as anyone would be in their place. More amused though. I guess our relationship really stands out when we fight."

"You could say that again," Rocky mused, Kat shoving him in the gut, "OWWWW!"

"What's got me confuzzled is how could Zesta slip Shannon a spell, when we were right there next to her?" Adam paced across the chamber.

"What's going on, people," the Moon Clone sat on the table, holding her head in her hands, it pounding like a drum.

"Shannon!" Tommy rushed to her side, "You scared me half to death!"

The Moon Clone hugged Tommy tightly. "I'm sorry, Olive Oil. Zesta throws a mean one two punch."

"You sure you feelin' okay?" Tommy looked the Moon Clone over.

"Yes, now come on, I wanna get some fresh air," the Moon Clone urged, standing up, "My head's spinning a mile a minute and I know that walking out near the lake will help."

"I agree with Shannon, rangers. It would be best if you took a rest for sometime," Zordon said.

"Boy, it'd actually be nice to have a rest without interruptions," Kat mumbled, as they were taken away by the rainbow of lights.

* * *

Chapter Twenty-Three: "Deny Thy Self Happiness"

Walking along the lake waters, the Moon Clone looked so.......happy. Leaning her head against Tommy's shoulder, his arm wrapped around her waist, she felt so in love. A feeling she would have never felt if she hadn't been the clone of Shannon.

*Shannon is so lucky.* The Moon Clone looked up into Tommy's big brown eyes, which were staring down at herself, and smiled. *I love Tommy so much, but it would never work out. He loves the real Shannon, not some carbon copy. Anyway, I can't fall in love with a Power Ranger. My queen would forbid it. Deny thy self happiness, loyalty is everything.*

The seven powerful words echoed through her mind, sighing a heavy sigh as they did. "Are you okay, Shannon?" Tommy eyes' filled with concern.

She smiled. "Of course, I just love walking along the lake with you by my side. It makes me feel so much better."

Tommy kissed the top of her head gently with his lips. "Just seeing you makes me feel better."

The two kept walking for awhile and then they sat under a huge oak tree, minding the peacefulness. As they did, the Moon Clone admired the Sixth Zeo Ring sitting on her ring finger, glimmering in the sunlight. She glanced at Tommy's Zeo Ring, slipped onto his ring finger, shining a beautiful mauve color. Watching both rings, the words of Zesta entered her mind. *Love is a dangerous thing, Moon Clone. Beware of the tunnel and stay far away.*

She closed her eyes slowly, a single tear rolling down her cheek. *I am sorry my queen. I did not stay far away. I let myself be sucked in. I LOVE Tommy Oliver..........*

* * *

Shannon, weakly, watched as Aisha preformed one of her kata's in the throne room, Aisha being the only other soul in the room with her.

Aisha finished off the kata with a spinning heel kick and turned her gaze towards Shannon. "You soon be one of us, Shannon," Aisha smiled wickedly, grabbing the Shacrom off a near by chest, "OWWW!"

Aisha looked at her finger and blood oozed out of a gash. She shook her head in puzzlement and then saw Shannon in the cage looking at her oddly. "My god," Aisha whispered, dropping the Shacrom to the floor.

"Aisha! Are you okay?" Shannon cried, noticing her eyes weren't filled with evil anymore.

"I, I tried to kill you guys. I was evil again," Aisha mumbled.

A weak smile lit up Shannon's face, as she realized Aisha wasn't under the spell anymore. "Aisha!" she called, the Wave Ranger turning towards the other girl, "Get outta here! Use your water powers before Zesta comes after you!"

"But, what about you?" Aisha persisted.

"I'll be fine. Tell Tommy and the others what's happened, if you can! Now get outta here!" Shannon barely yelled.

Cogs started to file into the throne room and Aisha did exactly what Shannon told her to, teleporting out of the room in a blue flash of light.

Soon after, Zesta appeared in her throne. "DAMN! Aisha got away! Cogs," Zesta called her minions, "Go after Aisha and bring her back to me! Dead or alive!"

The cogs dissappeared and Zesta stared down at Shannon. "You bitch! You helped her didn't you?"

Shannon smiled cruely. "No I didn't Zesta. Aisha was on her own."

Zesta's eyes flared with madness, and Shannon watched her mother, pleasantly.

* * *

An hour later, the Moon Clone and Tommy were asleep under the big oak tree, when Zesta's voice screamed through the Moon Clone's head. *MOON CLONE! Wake up! Aisha has escaped! I want you to destroy Zordon and the Power Chamber, NOW!*

The Moon Clone abruptly woke up out of her sleep and winced. *But, my queen.........*

*No buts, Moon Clone! NOW GO!* Zesta cried fiercely.

As Zesta left her subconscious, Tommy began to stir, waking up from his sleep to see the Moon Clone standing up and ready to teleport. "Shannon!" Tommy called her, "What are you doing?"

She bit her lip and came up with a lie. "Uhhh, I have to check on something. I'll be back in awhile."

With that she teleported to the Power Chamber.

* * *

A white flash of light entered the Power Chamber. "Iyaiyaiyaiyai! Oh, it's only you, Artemis," the robot panicking for a second.

As Alpha turned around to work on the consoles again, the Moon Clone snuck up on him. "Please forgive me," she whispered, opening Alpha's circuit control panel.

Grabbing a fist full of wires, the Moon Clone ripped them out of their circuit boards, explosions shorting Alpha right away.

"Artemis! Please stop! What are you doing?" Zordon cried out, watching the Moon Clone pull certain control panels out.


As Zordon heard her words, he realized what had happened, but before he could say anything, he began to lose contact with the warp's dimension, "Losing contact with your..........." his voice fading away, his face disappeared.

Leaving the communications and teleportation consoles intact, the Moon Clone teleported away from the 'destroyed' Power Chamber.

* * *

After the Moon Clone left, Tommy took a short walk and made his way to the Beach Club, where he met up with Tanya and Kat, who were waiting for Adam and Rocky to finish helping Ernie carry some stuff.

"What's up, Tommy?" Tanya asked her leader.

"I think Shannon's hiding something from me," he blurted out.

"Why do ya say that?" Kat quizzically inquired.

"Because we were just down at the beach and she seemed kinda..........Well, she seemed distant. And to add, she lied to me about leaving suddenly, biting her lip in the process," Tommy paused, "She always bites her lip, when she lying."

"So she bit her lip and left suddenly. It doesn't mean she's lying. I mean, for all you know she could be planning a surprise for you," Tanya told, as Rocky and Adam came up to the three.

"Hey, what'cha doin' here, Tommy? Aren't supposed to be with your girl," Rocky questioned, sitting down in the chair next to Kat.

"Tommy thinks Shannon was lying just because she bit her lip," Kat informed her boyfriend.

"Hey, ya know he's right. She's always biting her lip when she lies," Adam piped up.

Tommy threw his hands up. "See, proof!"

"I'm with the guys, she does, I've seen her," Rocky sided with the Green and Red Rangers.

Tanya and Kat nodded their heads. "You guys are hopeless."

Suddenly, their communicators rung an odd three tones. "Three?" Tanya wondered, the other four knowing what she meant.

Tommy shrugged.

The five headed towards the back of the club and once they were out of sight, Tommy activated his communicator. "Alpha? Zordon?"

All he got was static. Tommy tried again, but he got static again. "Dammit!"

"What, Tommy?" Adam questioned.

"We better teleport to the Power Chamber, right now. I have a really bad feeling someting bad has happened over there," Tommy answered.

In a rainbow of blinding lights, they disappeared and headed towards the Power Chamber.

* * *

"Oh, my, god..............." Kat mumbled at the sight of the Power Chamber.

Wires, consoles, and chips were strewn all over and occasional spraks lit the room momentarily, but the most scary thing was seeing Zordon's warp dark and cold.

Suddenly, deja vu came over Tommy and at the sametime he had a strong instinct telling him that Shannon was involved in this somehow.

"You okay, Tommy?" Tanya asked, seeing him wince at the sight of the mess.

Tommy shook his head and shook off the idea of Shannon being part of the mess. "Yeah, I'm fine."

Adam ran his eyes around the room and found that the comunicatoins and telportation consoles were left intact. "Hey, you guys," Adam motioned for the group to come over to where he was standing, "Whoever decided to trash the chamber, sure didn't know what they were doing. They left the teleportation and communication consoles alone."

Tanya ran her hands over the buttons and levers on the console and suddenly realized something, "We gotta contact Billy," Tanya paused, "We all know we don't know a thing about putting these consoles back together."

"That's one thing we all agree on," Rocky sided with Tanya.

Kat started to push all kinds of buttons on the communications console and got a hold of Billy on audio only. "Hey, what's up guys?" Billy Cranston's cheerful voice rang through the chamber, but only Adam could tell that his cheery voice was only a cover up, "I haven't heard from ya in awhile."

"Billy, we need ya. Someone trashed the Power Chamber, bad," Tommy answered his friend, sadly.

The five could hear Billy gasp on the other side of the connection. "You know who did it?"

"Not really," Kat replied.

"Man, I'll be over ther in a snap," Billy paused, "You caught me at the right time, too. I was thinkin' about comin' back home."

"Really," Adam turned his enthusiatic voice down, "I mean, I thought you a Cestria were....You know...Together."

"I thought so too, but I guess Aquatians and humans aren't made for each other, if you know what I mean. Well, enough talk, I'll be there pronto," with that the connection was terminated.

"Does anyone think, other than me, that Billy's trying to hide something," Rocky asked, out of the blue (no pun intended), as they waited for him to arrive.

Adam, Tommy, Tanya, and Kat raised their hands. Tommy grinned slightly, "Let's not pry, guys. Leave the subject alone, anyway we've gotta deal with one problem at a time."

As Tommy finished talking, a black streak entered the chamber, materializing into Billy. "Wow......." Billy's lips took on the shape of an 'o'.

"I think 'wow' is the perfect word for it," Kat agreed.

Billy walked over to the panels and picked up shredded wires and broken chips. "Who did this?" Billy wondered, "I mean only one someone who carries a Zeo Crystal would be driven to do this and you guys didn't do it."

Everyone gave Billy looks of guiltyness. "Well," Tanya started, "There's been an addition to the team.........................."

* * *

Chapter Twenty-Four: "Sexy Magic"

"JASON! ZACK! TRINI! CAMELLIA!" Zesta's voice echoed through out the dungeon.

In response, streaks and red, green, yellow, and black appeared in front of Zesta, materializing into four of her finest warriors. "You called, my queen?" Jason asked.

"Yes, I did," Zesta's blue eyes twinkled with evil, as she continued, "I will grant your wish now, Jason. You WILL have my daughter," Zesta replied, in happiness, "Artemis!

Shannon, who wasn't in her cage anymore, walked out from the shadows of the room. "You called, my queen?" she asked, her voice hypnotically sexy and her eyes shining with darkness.

Shannon walked over to stand next to Zesta's throne, her hand draped over the armrest. "My, warriors," Zesta grabbed their attention, "Please meet our newest ally, Artemis......................"

* * *

"Jason, what do you think of the Power Rangers?" Shannon inquired, as they walked down the dark dungeon halls, towards Shannon's new quarters.

Jason coaked his head in amusement at the beautiful brunette. "I think those pitful excuses for warriors are nothing, but emotional jellybeans," Jason remarked, venting his anger for the rangers.

Shannon regarded him with her cold and gleaming evil eyes. "You know, I used to be one of them."

"Yes I do know, dear Shannon," Jason took her hand, with utmost gentleness, and kissed it ever so sweetly, "But you have taken a change for the good and joined forces with us."

They approched Shannon's quarters and Jason opened the door for Shannon, who in turn, stepped inside. "What do you think of me, beloved Jason?" Shannon wondered, her sexy and evil voice catching his attention.

Jason took the question to heart and answered the evil ranger, "I think you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my entire lifetime."

The Flame Ranger grabbed the Zeo Ranger and kissed her passionately, as the two fell onto the bed near them.

* * *

Meanwhile, the Moon Clone had teleported to the bottom of Angel Grove Waterfalls.

She sat on a rock in the middle of the small stream that lead away from the waterfall, staring at the majesty of the flowing water as she cried silently, wishing for the impossible.

"Shannon?" a soft voice called to her.

"Who is it?" the Moon Clone whipped her head around.

Right behind her, on the stream's bank, stood Kimberly. She wore cut jean shorts a purple halter top, and carried a huge hiking backpack. "It's me, Kim," she answered sheepishly.

"What are YOU doing here?" the Moon Clone questioned, while wiping her tears away.

"I could ask you the samething," Kimberly replied, "Remember......I went on a solo camping trip."

"Oh, yeah," the Moon Clone recalled, as she stepped off the rock and onto the stream bank, "I'm here because..............Well, I just........I needed to sort out my feelings for Tommy."

Kimberly gave her a sharp glance of surprise. "Is everything okay with you two? Did I miss something while I was gone?"

"Oh, no!" the Moon Clone told, "I'm just feeling different all of a sudden."

"Shannon, tell me what's wrong," Kimberly insisted, not liking the way her best friend, or so she thought, was hiding her feelings, "I AM your best friend you know. You can trust me."

In the back of her mind, the Moon Clone knew insticntively, she could trust Kimberly Anne Hart. "Okay," she confessed, "It all started when...................................."

* * *

Shannon sat on the black bed in her quarters, letting the Flame Ranger caress her body. She was wearing the same clothes from the other night, her shirt shredded so badly that it exposed her stomach and places around her breasts. To make fair's play, Shannon had ripped Jason's shirt off him and was running her hands down his chest and stomach, feeling the tight, strong muscles. "Jason?"

"What?" he answered her, moving his lips away from her arm.

"Do you love Kimberly?"

"Why do you ask?"

"Because I don't want you to stray away from me," Shannon played her fingers on his nose, "See, I don't love Tommy anymore..........I love you." Shannon replied, putting her arms around his neck.

"I could never love Kimberly. I am devoted to you, my love." Jason removed Shannon's hands from his neck.

He pounced on her and fell on top of the White Ranger. "Are we trying to be naughty?" Shannon giggled, as Jason pulled her halter off her head and unhooked her bra.

"Naughty things are done everyday," Jason replied, running his hands down her breasts and her abdomen.

The couple rolled off the bed and onto the floor.

* * *

"Man," Billy awed, after the five Zeo Rangers finished the story, "I've really missed a lot."

"Yeah. I really thi...," Tommy stopped suddenly, a flash of Shannon passing his eyes.

"You okay, Tommy," Adam asked, concered, watching his leader.

Tommy shook the flash off and replied, "Yeah, but I keep having these flashes of Shannon. I mean, I have this gut feeling that she's somehow a part of this."

"Well, that is a possiblity," Billy told, working on huntch, "You said she was possessed earlier, right? Well, maybe she still is."

"She didn't seem possessed when we were at the beach. She was her same, sweet, beautiful, bubbly, caring......." Tommy listed off, until someone called out to him mentally. *DADDY!*

"Oh, shit!" Tommy banged his head on his hand and ran up the stairs to the living quarters.

Everyone stared at him with looks of confusement. "Does anyone have any clue where's he going?" Tanya questioned the group.

Everyone shrugged. "I'm a clueless as you," Rocky chimed, "But I'm just glad he stopped mumbling all those things out about Shannon."

As sudden as he left, Tommy came up the stairs with Caroline in his arms. "Talk about being forgetful! I even forgot Caroline was up there because of that whole possession thing!"

Kat stared at Tommy, puzzled more than ever before. "The Shannon I know, wouldn't be THAT forgetful. I mean, we're talking about Caroline here, not a jacket."

A light went off in Tommy's head. "You're right, Kat," Tommy realized, "Shannon wouldn't forget a penny if she dropped one. This isn't like her at all."

"That's it!" Billy cried, if he'd found gold, "See, if Caroline SAW who did it or even heard who did, we'd have a huge lead!"

"I hear Mommy yell," Caroline blurted out, in her small voice, knowing what Billy wanted to know.

Tommy eyes nearly popped out of his head. "Are you sure?" he asked Caroline slowly, hoping she had just made a mistake.

"Yup," Caroline said again, "I hear my Mommy yell."

"You didn't hear somebody else," Adam double checked, also having a hard time believing it.

"Nooooooooooo," Caroline whined, obviously irritated by the questions, "Leave me alone!"

The six laughed. "I think it's time for someone to get some sleep," Tommy shifted Caroline to his other hip, "I'll be right back," he walked up the staircase again.

"I don't know about you guys, but my gut is tellin' me that Shannon did this, period. Wheather or not she's not the kinda person who would do this kinda thing," Tanya admitted, not liking the way her conclusion came up.

Tommy returned to the group and told them, "We need to start working on the chamber. If we're gonna figure out who did this we'll need to some help..............."

* * *

".............And here I am. A carbon copy of the true Shannon," the Moon Clone finished her story.

Kimberly didn't look stunned at all, but more smypathetic. "I can't believe Zesta could stoop so low as to using another person's life as her little marionette doll," Kimberly breathed, intranced by the Moon Clone's story.

"I just wish I was the REAL Shannon," the Moon Clone sighed, "I love Tommy's so much, but he thinks I'm the same Shannon he lost his virginity to."

Kimberly slightly giggled at the last statement and the Moon Clone gave her a 'look'. "Sorry," Kimberly apoligized, "It's just that............" she suddenly stopped in her words and mouthed, "Follow me."

Kimberly headed for a group of bushes and the Moon Clone followed her, ducking behind the bushes.

"Over there," the Purple Ranger motioned towards the waterfalls.

Something from behind the waterfall jumped down onto the rock that the Moon Clone had been sitting on. "Aisha?" Kimberly whispered, in surprise.

"Wave Ranger!" the Moon Clone quietly exclaimed, "She's looking for me! I know it!"

Aisha, clad in a blue ninja garb, hopped off the rock quickly to the bank and started running, looking behind herself every few seconds. After she was sure that she was safe, Aisha plopped down to the ground, out of breath. "Kimberly? Kat? Rocky? Adam? Anyone?" Aisha paused, hoping for answer, but got none, "What's the use? No one's out here and I'm never gonna be able to save Shannon in time."

At that time, Kimberly decided to reveal herself. "AISHA!" she cried, running to the Element Ranger.

Aisha quickly turned her head and saw Kimberly heading towards her. "KIM!"

Aisha stood up and Kimberly hugged her. The Moon Clone came out of hiding also, realizing that Aisha wasn't evil anymore.

Aisha let go of Kimberly and told her, "Kim! We gotta get to Zordon! Zesta's trying to put Shannon under a spell!"

"Oh, god!" Kimberly yelped, "Why didn't you tell about this, Moon Clone?"

The Moon Clone shrugged. "Zesta didn't tell about a spell."

"We've gotta go to Zordon and tell him. He has to save her, or Shannon doesn't have a chance," Aish repeated, desperately.

"Why is it so important?" Kimberly asked, "We've dealt with spells and they've been easily removed."

Aisha's brown eyes looked into Kimberly's and she told Kimberly straight out, "Kim, Jason, the evil Jason, asked Zesta for Shannon's hand in marriage. And once Shannon's evil, there's nothing stopping them from getting married, Cindarien style."

Kimberly went into shock. *My best friend and my boyfriend. Married?* The thought was impossible for Kimberly to comprehend. "Let's go," was all Kimberly managed to murmer as Aisha, Kimberly and the Moon Clone were engulfed into lights of blue, purple, and white.

* * *

The three colored streaks appeared in the Power Chamber, startling Rocky, Kat, Adam, Tommy, Billy, and Tanya, who were working on the putting the consoles back together. "Ohmigod..............." Aisha whispered, then turned to the Moon Clone, "You did one hell of a job!"

"Kim, Shannon, Aisha, good you guys........" Adam did a double take, "AISHA!"

"Uh, hello?" Aisha asked and greeted at the sametime.

Everyone in the chamber took battle stances, but before they tried attacking, Kimberly was able to explain to them what had happened. "So you broke the spell by cutting yourself on the Shacrom?" Kat inquired.

Aisha nodded her head.

Changing the subject, Tommy asked the Moon Clone, still thinking she was Shannon, "Shannon, where did you go?"

The Moon Clone winced slightly, as Tommy called her Shannon. "Ummmm, I don't know how to tell you this, but I'm not Shannon," the Moon Clone forced herself to admit, "Zesta made a clone of Shannon, me. Last night, me and her switched places. When I left you, Tommy, on the shore, Zesta had mentally called me to," she held back her tears, "destroy the Power Chamber."

Everyone was in surprise except Aisha and Kimberly. "And now, Shannon is being held by Zesta at the dungoen. It might be too late though," Aisha sighed deeply, "I failed Shannon. Now there's no way out for her."

"What are you talking about?" Tommy demanded.

Kimberly spoke up after being slilent. "Tommy, Jason asked Zesta for Shannon's hand in marriage. Now she's evil, and there's nothing stopping her to get married to Jason the Cindarien way."

*My best friend and my fiance. Married?* Tommy thought the same thoughts as Kimberly. "How do Cindariens get married, Aisha?" Tommy asked, hoping it wasn't the way she suspected.

"Uhhhh," Aisha hesistated.

"Spill, Aisha," Kimberly urged, wanting to know also.

"Sex," Aisha blurted out the three lettered word.


* * *

Meanwhile at Zesta's dungeon, it had just become morning and Jason woke up, in the darkness, with a sigh of pleasure. *That was the best night of my life* he thought to himself, looking to the other side of the bed at Shannon, who was starting to awaken. "Hello, Gorgeous," Jason greeted his wife.

"Hello to you too," Shannon replied, with a bit of morning sarcasm, "Was I too much for you?"

"No, it's not like I haven't done it before," Jason answered easily, propping his head up with his arm and staring deep into Shannon's evil blue eyes.

"Really?" Shannon grinned, pulling him closer to herself, "Who was it?"

"She was Kim," Jason kissed Shannon passionately, "But you were much, MUCH better."

"It helps to have experience," Shannon giggled slightly, as her husband nibbled her ear, "If I was so good, how about another round?"

"Why not," Jason crawled on top of Shannon and started to caress her chest and neck.

"This time, let it be MY turn to give and your turn to receive," Shannon managed to giggle out, as Jason ran his hands down the sides of her body, "You gave me a lot last night."

Before Jason could 'recieve', someone knocked on the door. "Yes," Shannon moved Jason off her body, and sat up in the bed, topless, to Jason's glee, "Who is it?"

"It is me," a voice came through the door.

"Oh! My queen!" Shannon realized, as Jason and her covered themselves with the bedsheets, "What do you wish of me?"

"I want you come out and come to the dungeon. I want you and Jason to go the Power Chamber and tell the rangers to come to the dungeon," Zesta paused, "And Artemis, I hope you had a good night with Jason."

"Yes, I did...." Shannon stopped and asked, "How did you know, my queen?"

"I just knew, Artemis," Zesta told her, "Now hurry and get dressed!"

Shannon and Jason looked at each other in puzzlement and started to get dressed.

* * *

"Your kidding, right?" Tommy questioned, he couldn't hardly believe it.

"So your saying Jason and Shannon could already..........." Kimberly trailed off, tears forming in her eyes.

Aisha was starting to regret telling them, but she knew if she didn't Shannon would be lost forever. "I didn't mean to upset you two," Aisha apoligized, "But Shannon told me herself, before she was turned evil to tell you. She was turned against her will, but once she's evil all her loyalty is redirected to Zesta."

Suddenly in the chamber and flashes of white and red entered, materializing into Shannon and Jason. "That is so true, Aisha," Shannon mocked, her eyes filled with pure evil, "I am all loyal to my queen, Zesta."

Jason turned to the Moon Clone. "You were so beautiful evil, Moon Clone," he paused, "But it is your choice. Your faulter has brought me my new wife," Jason kissed Shannon passionately, as Tommy and Kimberly winced.

Shannon got her lips away from Jason and placed her arm around his waist. "We bring word of a challange from Zesta. The Moon Clone and Tommy against me and Jason, fight to the death. The rest of you may come and watch in horror as the two are slaugtered. Personally, I recommend it. It builds character, something a lot of you don't have. Come to the dungeon in an hour."

Jason snapped his fingers and the two flew away in red and white lights. "Was that Shannon?" Billy asked.

Rocky, Kat, Adam, Tanya, the Moon Clone, and Aisha nodded their heads.

Fummbling to get the words out, Tommy and Kimberly said in unsion, "They're married?"

"Excuse me," Kimberly teleported out, wiping the tears from her eyes.

"I think I'll go with her," Tommy informed the group, flying away in a red streak.

The seven watched them leave in silence, knowing how hurt they were.

* * *

Kimberly appeared in her purple room, in her apartment.

She fell onto her bed and cried into her pillow. *Why? How could she? She knew he was MY boyfriend, yet she went ahead and did it with him. Now their married. MARRIED! I'll never feel his lips against mine, his hands touching mine, I'll never feel his love.........*

Kimberly grabbed a red teddy bear, that stood on her nightstand, and hugged it tightly. Laying, she held the bear above of her face and looked at it as if she was looking at Jason. "How could he do it?" she asked the bear, "I loved him. I gave my inocennce up to him."

Kimberly looked at the bear that seemed to frown at Kimberly's words. "I know, I know. I'm still just a kid," Kimberly paused to think, "But compared to Shannon, I'm just a little girl. I mean, she's been through hell and made it."

The bear still frowned. "Then again, her adopted parents died in a plane crash right after she had Caroline, her real mother is a slut, and she doesn't even no who her real father is. For all she knows, Zesta coulda killed him, too."

Kimberly smiled to herself. "And I'm complaining. I've lead a way better life than hers, not that I'm trying to critisize her. I mean, I've had everything and she's had to struggle for everything. My parents love me and all Zesta does is regret that Shannon was even born. My life, her life. So different, yet so alike."

Kimberly sat up on her bed and put the teddy bear back on the nightstand. "Struggles. That's what Shannon's life is. And this struggle is just one part of her life. I know deep down she still loves Tommy and Jason still loves me. It's just the magic. Just the magic, I hope..........."

* * *

Tommy teleported into his room and shut the door.

He opened his nightstand drawer and took a videotape out of drawer labeled 'B-Days'.

Tommy checked if anyone else was home and ran downstairs into the living room with the videotape. He stuck it into the VCR and fast fowarded the tape until his found the part he was looking for.

As he watched his sixteenth birthday repeat before his eyes, he recalled what had exactly happened on that day.


"I'm going to kill you Rocky!" Tommy yelled at his friend, who had the video camera his hands.

"Don't kill me!" Rocky pleaded, "Kill Tamara! She's the one who gave me the tape!"

The twelve year old girl, who had been standing near the rec room door, zipped away like a bullet, when her brother's eyes met hers.

"It's too late, Tommy," Billy told the White Ranger, who got up to try to get his sister, "He got everything."

"Hey! Let's watch it!" Aisha suggested, eyeing the TV.

Tommy quickly grabbed the videotape out of Rocky hands. "Nahhhhh," Tommy hesistated, "Let's not. It probably came out bad, 'cause of Rocky."

"Oh, come on, Tommy," Kimberly's eyes met Tommy's, "It'll be fun."

Tommy melted at her words, the same words Shannon used to say to him whenever she wanted to watch the tape. "Oh, okay," he gave in, handing the tape to Adam.

Adam stuck the tape into the VCR and rewound it a bit too far. When the tape started to play, it was on his fifteenth birthday, right when he was about to blow his candles, Shannon was right next to him.

"Wow, what a babe," Rocky blurted out, eyeing Shannon on the TV.

"Hey shut up! That's my....." Tommy didn't finish because he suddenly became very nausousous, rememebering what happened right after he blew his candles last year.

On the TV, Tommy just finished blowing out his candles. "What was the wish, Olive Oil?" Shannon, on the TV, asked.

Tommy, on the TV, grinned. "Now if I told you, it wouldn't come true, now would it, Sweetcheeks?"

"How about if I bribed you?" Shannon bent over to kiss him, but at the same moment Tommy chose to turn off the TV.

Everyone looked at him. "Umm, the power musta gone out," Tommy lied, "Uhhh, I have a lot of homework, so why don't you guys go home now?"

The five left, and when they did, Tommy ran up to his room and cried his heart out.


"Life is dim without you, Shannon," Tommy said out loud, "If your life is with Jason., then let me battle to the death for one last time....................."

* * *

Chapter Twenty-Five: "Spells Forbidden"

Trini sat in the dungen library, looking through a book of dark poetry. "Romance, love, hatred, happiness, sadness, emotions all part of life. A life which is nothing, but a battle that can never be won."

"So true, Trini, so true," Trini snapped around to see Shannon walking towards her, "You requested my presence?"

Trini set the book down on a table near her and responded, "Yes, I did. Please sit."

Shannon sat down in a chair across from Trini and she questioned, "Well?"

"I want you to hear this poem," Trini picked the same book up, turned to another page, and started to recite,

Lovely and radient,
Once pure,
Now impure,
Turned against all she knew,
To see the light of darkenss,
All she now knew was evil,
All she now knew were lies,
Embracing the darkness as never before,
She beckoned death,
She welcomed it with pride,
'Tis is her sorrowful life

Enraged by the poem, Shannon whacked the book out of Trini's hands, startling Trini. "HOW DARE YOU TRY TO INSULT ME!" Shannon screamed at the Wind Ranger.

Shannon stormed out of the room, slamming the huge black door behind her.

Zack popped out from behind a bookcase. "Good work, Trini!"

"Thanks," Trini ran her finger down a inch long cut on her face, which was starting to heal, "I knew that poem would drive her mad."

"Yeah," Zack looked down at his arm, which was also slashed, "Now, that Shannon's distracted, we've gotta free Jason............"

* * *

Jason was walking down the dungeon halls, towards the library, when he ran into a pissed Shannon. "Shannon, why are you so mad?" Jason asked his wife.

Shannon gave him a glare. "Trini just insulted me with one of her outlandish poems!"

Jason smiled and gave Shannon a long kiss. "Now, Shannon, don't get so mad! It was just a poem. Besides, we must be prepared for the battle."

"Oh, yes," Shannon's blue eyes twinkled, "I am truely looking forward to that."

"I know you are," Jason kissed her again, more passionately, "Now go and relax. I look forward to see you fighting."

Shannon giggled slightly and started walking towards her quarters.

Jason headed down towards the library and met up with Camellia, who was also heading there.

When they arrived Jason opened the door and he stepped in, Camellia following. "Finally, you guys are here," Zack said, motioning for the two to sit down.

Jason sat down in the chair Shannon had been sitting in and Camellia chose to stand. "So what did you call us here for?" she asked, brushing a wisp of her auburn hair out of her eyes.

"Just to ask you a few questions," Zack replied, walking behind Jason's chair, the Shacrom hidden behind his back.

"Yes," Trini agreed, grabbing Jason's attention, "Like............"

Trini trailed off, as Zack slashed Jason across the cheek with the Shacrom. "What the hell are you doing?!?!" Camellia cried, watching Zack.

She was about to pounce him, when Trini grabbed her and held her down the best that she could.

"Come on Jason, wake up....." Zack pleaded, as Jason was knocked out from the spell over him being broken.

"Huh......" Jason began to come to, "What'd ya do to me Zack?"

Zack grinned, as he made his way to a struggling Camellia. "No time to explain, Jas," Zack slashed Camellia in the arm and she was knocked out, "But the spell's gone and we gotta save Shannon."

Jason suddenly came to a realization,"Shit! Zack, we won't be able to even get near her before the battle. I told her to go and relax."

"Huh, what's goin' on here?" Camellia asked, waking up from her spot on the ground.

Trini gave her a hand and helped her up from the ground. "We got rid of the spell, thank goodness," she turned to the guys, "Cam may look weak, but she's way stronger."

"Thanks for the compliment," Camellia dusted herself off, "I don't think Shannon's spell is related to the Shacrom, guys," Camellia told the three, changing the subject, "I heard Zesta sayin' somethin' about the Moon Clone being connected to Shannon or something."

"Anyways, we wouldn't be able to get to her. We only have ten more minutes until they come for the fight," Trini pointed out.

Jason sighed. "I guess we wait then............"

* * *

Ten minutes later, Jason, Shannon, Camellia, Zack, and Trini were called to the throne room.

"My queen," Shannon bowed, everyone else following her lead, "Have the rangers arrived yet?"

Just as Zesta was about to answer, when nine multi-colored lights appeared behind Shannon. "They just arrived, Artemis," Zesta replied, as the five turned around to face the Moon Clone, Tommy, Aisha, Adam, Tanya, Kat, Rocky, Billy, and Kimberly.

"Ahhhhhh, so I see that the lot of you decided to come," Shannon hissed, as the Moon Clone and Tommy stepped up to the challange, "Come, Jason. Let us destroy them."

Jason didn't respond to her command. "Oh, Jason," Shannon turned around to see Jason, taking notice that evil didn't fill his brown puppy eyes, "Jason, what has happened to you?!?!"

"I'm not evil anymore, Shannon," Jason whispered, giving a hand to Shannon, "Come with me."

"Never!" Shannon cried, "You have become loyal to goodness, and not to our queen. Your devotion has been redirected from me to Kimberly. You ARE the evil!"

Shannon whip kicked Jason on the jaw and he fell to ground, as Kimberly watched in horror.

Shannon let out an evil laugh. "Anyone else care to challange me?" she screamed crazily.

"We do," Camellia, Zack, and Trini stepped up.

Shannon shrugged. "Your loss. KIAAAAAA!"

Shannon threw kicks and punches everywhere and eventually brought Trini, Zack, and her own sister to the ground.

Her gaze turned to Tommy. "How about it, Tommy?" she asked him, adrinline pulsating through her, "We've been doing this since we were kids. I bet you could keep up with me."

"You bet." Tommy replied, throwing the first move and Shannon blocking it.

"Let's have some fun," Shannon muttered, sending punches his way, all getting blocked even quicker.

They went on like this for awhile, until Shannon decided to change her targets and started to beat up on the Moon Clone. "Your the one who brought me here, so here's payback!" Shannon had lost it, literally and was throwing everything she had at the Moon Clone.

"How quaint," Zesta smirked, after being silent for sometime,"The Moon Clone will be defeated by her 'original'."

"You ARE sick, Zesta," Kimberly spat up at the evil enchantress.

Zesta smiled cruely. "You didn't notice, Kimberly," Zesta snapped, "See, ever since the day Artemis was born, I swore that I would torcher her to the end, of her life that is."

"So, this is your way of torcher," Kat yapped, brushing her hair out of her face.

"Oh, yes," Zesta paused, "But see, I never intended for Artemis to be born. She was a MISTAKE, on my part. I fiddled around with a desendant of Artemis, Artemis' father to be exact. I thought a few times wouldn't hurt," Zesta turned her head to Shannon, "And THAT was the product. But, Camellia, well, she was another story..............."

"Too much talk, Zesta. You always had a big mouth," a voice from the darkness of the throne room.

"Isn't that true," another voice agreed.

Adam looked around, puzzled. "Who's there?" he asked.

"Just us," a woman with short, dark green hair and a golden scar inder her right eye stepped out from the shadows.

"Yup," another woman, younger than the other, stepped from the shadows with long, light purple hair in a ponytail and a golden mask over both of her eyes, "Hiya, Zesta!"

Zesta turned her attention to the two newcomers. "Welcome to my dungeon, sisters! Auora, Divatox, meet the Power Rangers. Rangers, meet Divatox and Auora, my sisters................"

Zesta was cut off by an agonizing scream. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

All heads snapped to the battle between the Moon Clone and Shannon.

Shannon now stood above the Moon Clone's body, a blood covered sword in her hands, shaking violently. The Moon Clone was on the ground gasping for air, holding a huge wound in her abdomen.

"Shit!" Zesta cursed and disappeaered within a cloud of black smoke, her two sisters following her in their own way.

"No devotion, no love.............Tis' is her pitiful life," Shannon muttered, and collasped to the ground.

The nine teenagers were frozen. The result of their shock had taken it's toll. "Anyone catch the number of that bus?" Jason slowly sat up, rubbing his jaw.

"JASON!" Kimberly shouted, the first to break out of her shock and ran to Jason.

Jason and Kimberly hugged tightly as Tommy answered his best friend's question, "The bus' number was Shannon, Bro..........."

The Red Zeo Ranger walked slowly up to his fiance's unconscoius body and took the bloody sword out of her hands gently. Wrapping his arms around her, he rocked her back and forth, tears racing down his cheeks.

Jason suddenly remembered what had happened the night before. The Passion. The Love. The Sex. "Oh, God......................"

Billy, Aisha, and Rocky helped Trini, Zack, and Camellia off the ground as they began to awaken. "Billy?" Trini rubbed her eyes, not believing the sight she was seeing.

"It's me alright, Trini," Billy whispered, "I've missed you."

Aisha helped Zack off the ground and right away kissed him on the lips. "Don't scare me like that again!" she scolded him.

"I'm sorry, baby," Zack slung his arm around her shoulder for support.

As he cried freely, Tommy lifted Shannon's unconscious body off the ground. "Let's go home people," he told the group as they disappeared within a rainbow of colors.

* * *

Three hours later at Kimberly's apartment, Jason sat in living room nursing his bruised jaw as Kimberly babbled on about her camping trip, trying to avoid the subject of Jason and Shannon's 'marriage'.

"Kim," Jason spoke up, "I know your trying to forget everything that happened within in the last 24 hours, but it won't work. We NEED to talk about it, let the subject breathe."

Kimberly walked into the living room and sat down next to him, wiping a tear away. "I'm sorry Jason, but I've had the most diffficult time dealing with it. I mean, she's my best friend. It's too weird to think about it."

Jason smiled. "Well, you really don't have to worry about that. Me and Shannon are not married. Only our evil counterparts are. So if we ever become evil again......."

"You guys are married again, right?" Kimberly finished.


Kimberly snuggled into Jason's grip. "It's really good to have you back again, Jason," Kimberly kissed him on the cheek, "I've really been missing you."

"I've been missing you too, Kim," Jason replied, kissing her on the lips for the first time in two months.

* * *

"Why can't Zesta die?" Shannon asked herself, sitting in her bed, her body aching all over.

"Because if she did, we'd have no one to fight," Tommy answered her question, walking into the room with a covered tray.

Shannon gave him a 'look' and eyed the tray. "What is that?"

"A surprise," Tommy told her, setting the tray in Shannon's lap, "Open it."

The guardian lifted the cloth and saw her zeonizers, communicator, and her zeo ring. "I thought the Moon Clone had all this stuff," Shannon exclaimed, slipping the ring onto her finger.

"She did, but I found them in the living room for some reason," Tommy replied, watching his fiance eye all the items with such delight.

"You ARE magic, Tommy Oliver," Shannon grinned, staring at him, "It is going to be my honor to be your future wife."

Tommy scooted over towards the White Zeo Ranger, putting his arms around her neck. "Well, it'll be MY honor to be married to the most beautiful girl in the world," he replied, kissing her ever so sweetly.

Shannon returned the kiss with an even more passionate kiss, lifting the bed covers up and over Tommy's head, shrouding them in the darkness of each other.

* * *

"I'm so glad the Power Chamber was restored to it's old state after we got back from the dungeon," Billy sighed, "I don't think I'd be able to fix it again."

Billy and Trini were walking through the park together, talking about the latest battle. "I wonder what Zesta's doing right now," Trini thought out loud.

"Who knows," Billy shrugged, looking into Trini's eyes and getting mesmorized, "I love you," he whispered on accident.

"What?" Trini asked, hearing what he said.

Billy blushed a bright red and suddenly turned into the shy Billy for one second. "I'm sorry," he apoligized, "I, I, I didn't mean to say what I said," he fumbled with his words.

Trini placed her finger on his trembling lips. "No need to apoligize Billy," Trini drew closer to his ear and whispered, "I love you, too."

Instinctively, Billy moved his face toward Trini's and they kissed for the first time, ever.

* * *

"It's so calm here," Zack whispered, looking all around him.

"This is where I met up with Kim and the Moon Clone," Aisha told him.

The two had teleported to Angel Grove Waterfalls and were soaking up the beauty of the place after being stuck in Zesta's dungeon for so long.

"I'm glad I'm back," Zack mumbled, Aisha hearing him.

"What do ya mean, Zack?" she asked, wrapping her arm around his waist.

"I mean, I'm glad I'm back from the Peace Conference in Geneva. It drove me crazy," Aisha giggled, as Zack shook his head, "I want world peace and all, don't get me wrong, but I'm not the kinda person who is used to sitting on his butt to form world peace, and neither is Trini or Jason. We're Power Rangers. Power Ranges fight for world peace, they don't talk about it, they do something about it."

"I'm glad you think like that," Aisha informed the Nature Ranger.


"Because then," Aisha moved closer to Zack, "We don't have to talk about kissing, we can just do it."

Her lips met his and they kissed passionately.

* * *

"Ohhhhhhhhh, you're to good to me, Oliver," Shannon moaned in the bed, as Tommy ran his lips up and down her neck.

Tommy stopped kissing Shannon for a moment to pull his muscle shirt over his head and threw it to the floor. "Noooooo, you're too good for me.........."

Tommy rolled on top of Shannon and started to run his hands down her body, exploring her features that he loved to 'play' with.

"Why do we always do this?" Shannon asked, in the middle of running her lips down Tommy's chest.

"Do what?"

"'Talk'," Shannon replied, "We 'talk' too much."

Tommy rolled off of Shannon, suddnely staring into her eyes. "We don't 'talk' too much. This is just what................." Tommy started to count in his head, his eyes suddenly bugged out when he realized just how MANY times they had 'talked'.

"See what I mean?" Shannon remarked, laying on her back in the bed.

Tommy climbed back onto Shannon and whispered, "One more time couldn't kill us, could it..................."

* * *

"Artemis is going to drive you insane one day, Zesta," Divatox commented, watching her oldest sister sulk over her latest battle with the rangers.

"Divatox is right. Your obsession with Artemis has gone too far," Auora paused, shoving a mirror into Zesta's face, "I mean, look at yourself! Your beauty is failing you horribly!"

Zesta threw the mirror to the floor, shattering it into little pieces. "Who cares about my looks anymore. I NEED to defeat, Artemis! But with her Zeo Rangers by her side and now the Element Rangers, the battle will be much difficult."

"Give up, Zesta," Divatox pleaded, "Please! Just except defeat. I have never seen you so awful looking in the 10,000 years I have lived."

Zesta slammed her fist on the table near her. "NEVER! I will DIE before I except defeat! Zesta, Evil Enchantress of Eltar, NEVER gives up!"

Divatox and Auora stepped away from her. "I will listen to you sisters and take a break from my fight, but not fully. As we speak, my finest spell is at work.........................."

The End... for now

What spell is Zesta talking about? Can Jason and Shannon forget their 'night' so easily? Will Christmas for the rangers be peaceful? Find out in, "Holiday Wounds"