Disclaimer. Standard disclaimer. I don't own 'em tho it i'd have a blast if i did *grin*. They belong to Saban and I'm getting nothing but enjoyment out of this. This takes place about 2 months after Sister, Sister, which was the sequel to Silver and Gold, so if you haven't read those, you'd better or you'll prob be very confused. *grin*

The Green Order
Book 1
by: Alanna Hanson


Emerald stumbled as a sudden explosion rocked the foundation of the Order's headquarters.

‘Damn, they've started again!'

She stood still, listening to the now far away explosions, and made a decision. Crossing over to the little communication council on the other side of her room and opened a channel.

"All Order members, report to the war chamber for an emergency meeting."

She repeated the order, then left her room and made her way swiftly to the war chamber. Two of the Order members were already there and the last one arrived shortly after she did.

"The time has come," she said when they were all seated, "We can no longer continue this fight and win without the last two members of our order."

"But how?" the only other girl asked, "We don't know who or where they are."

Emerald produced a small remote control device from the air and smiled.

"That is why I made this little toy. It will trace their signatures and lead me straight to them."

"You mean you're leaving?"

The girl looked around nervously as the sound of an explosion penetrated the walls. "But we need you."

"Not as much as we need those last two members," Emerald replied.

"When are you leaving?" the guy to her right asked.

"Right away. The sooner I leave, the sooner I'll find them and get back here. Chase, you're in charge. I know you three will be able to keep them at bay until I return."

The guy on her right nodded and Emerald rose from her seat. She walked to the center of the small chamber and pressed a button on the remote. There was a series of beeps and then a portal opened. She turned to her three comrades offered a salute which they respectfully returned. Then she turned and jumped through.

‘Good luck, my love,' Chase thought as the portal closed, ‘And Godspeed.'

Part 1

As usual, the form she could never quite make out, yet saw clearly every move it made, turned from the outskirts of the battle it watched and looked at her. A voice whispered, 'You must come back. We need you, we cannot win without you. Please, come back.'

Kat's eyes opened with a start and she stared at the ceiling of her dark room as the dream images faded away.

"God, what is it with me and these stupid dreams?" she thought in annoyance.

Getting out of bed, she went down the hall to the bathroom for some water. On the way back, she stopped outside of Tanya's room, quietly opened the door, and looked in on her friend. Tanya was sleeping peacefully, one hand resting on her slightly round belly. Kat smiled. Despite the origins of the child that grew within her, Kat knew Tanya already loved it with all her heart and would protect it with her life. Her thoughts drifted back to that day just two months ago, four days after Kara had gone back to Silvermist, when Tanya had made the shocking announcement to the rest of the group.

"Anyone know what this is about?" Rocky asked, the question directed more at Adam.

The group had gathered in the Power Chamber at a request from Tanya, who was not yet there.

Adam shrugged. "Beats me. I haven't been able to get her to talk to me since Kara left."

The small group looked up as Kat and Tanya teleported in, Tanya looking nervous.

"Guys," Kat said, getting to the point, "There's something very important that Tanya needs to tell you. Prepare yourselves, "cause it's pretty shocking."

After a little coaxing from Kat, Tanya began speaking quietly, "the day that Kara left, she told me something. In order to tell me this information, she gave me back the knowledge that Zedd had..had raped me, but kept the memories. The reason for this is because."

She trailed off and looked at Kat, who looked back at her encouragingly and coaxed her on. Looking back, Tanya continued, "the reason for her doing it, the reason for why I've been so sick lately, is because.because I'm pregnant.with Zedd's child."

The silence that followed was indescribable. Then, everyone began talking at once.


"But how?"

"Zedd's Child?"

"No way!"

It took a rather loud burst of power from Kat to regain silence and then she said, "One at a time guys!"

Adam stepped forward, a bewildered look on his face. "How on Earth can you be pregnant? That.thing with Zedd happened over six months ago!"

Kat put her hand on Tanya's shoulder and said, "I think I can answer that. My understanding, from what Kara told me, is that because Tanya is human, and Zedd is.well, whatever, the conception is different. According to Kara, is would have taken at least six months for anything to happen if it were going to. Now that is has, Kara expects the term to be at least a year instead of the standard nine months."

"Ouch," Rocky murmured with a wince.

Silence fell again, broken when Tommy stepped forward and, putting his hand on her shoulder, said, "Tanya, you're one of my closest friends and I want you to know that whatever happens, whatever you decide to do, I'm behind you one hundred per cent."

Everyone put in his or her agreement except for Adam, who was still staring at her with a dumbfounded expression. The pair stared at one another for a moment, Tanya with a hint of fear in her eyes. Finally, he stepped forward and enveloped her in a tight hug.

"I love you," he whispered, "Always have, always will. And I'll protect you and this child with all I have."

Tanya's only response was a muffled sob.

"I'm going to put a spell on her that will keep people from noticing anything," Kat said, "That way, we'll be able to avoid any complicated questions. I'll also do something to keep Zedd's attention off of her for a while. You can bet that once he finds out, he's gonna try and get the child for his own purposes."
Kat sighed and quietly closed the door. Going back to her own room, she reflected that Zedd's attention probably wouldn't be diverted much longer and trouble was most likely around the corner.

"You'll never get this child Zedd," she whispered as she climbed back into bed, "I promise you this child will never be yours."

* * *
Cassie Chan wandered searchingly down the hall of Angle Grove high, seeking out the locker that had been assigned to her. After finding it and storing away the things she didn't need, she set to trying to find her first class. Her attention focused on her schedule, she didn't notice the other girl in her path until it was too late.

"Oh!" she exclaimed as the pair ran into each other.

She quickly got a hold of her things and regained her balance, then looked up. Her eyes met those of a pretty blonde, just a bit taller than herself, also regaining her balance.

"Sorry," they said in unison, prompting smiles to appear.

The girl held out her hand. "I'm Katherine, but everyone calls me Kat. You must be new here."

"Cassie," Cassie replied, taking Kat's hand and shaking it. "It's a pleasure to meet you. First days can be rather hectic."

Kat smiled. "I know the feeling. Which class are you looking for?"

"History," Cassie replied, showing Kat her schedule.

Kat's smile grew as she looked at it. "You're in luck, that's just where I'm headed. In fact, it looks like most of our classes are together. I can introduce you around."

"Great!" Cassie replied, glad to have already made a new friend.

"Come on, it's this way."

Cassie nodded, adjusted her things, then followed Kat down the crowded hall to their first period class.

* * *
Later that day, Cassie was introduced to the Youth Center. She found it very impressive and friendly and liked it right away. She followed Kat over to a table where a small group of teens sat.

"Hey Kat," they greeted her.

"Guys," Kat said, turning to Cassie, "this is Cassie Chan. She's new around here. Cassie, this is Tommy, Jason, Tanya, Adam, and Rocky."

"Hey Cassie, nice to meet you," Tommy said.

"Here girls, have a seat," Rocky said, pulling over two chairs.

"Thanks, it's nice to meet you all too," Cassie said as she sat down.

"So Cassie, tell us about yourself," Tanya said.

"Well, I recently decided to get out on my own and didn't want to stick around my hometown, so I decided to go somewhere that would be exciting. I figured that with all the monster attacks and the Power Rangers, that Angle Grove would be a great place to come."

"Well, Angel Grove is defiantly never dull," Rocky said with a small grin. The group continued to talk long into the evening, then each went their separate ways.

As Cassie said goodbye to her new friends, she couldn't help but think that she was really going to like it here.

* * *
One week later:

"Zeddie! Stop pacing, you're making me dizzy!" Rita shouted as she watched her husband pace along the balcony.

"Then don't watch!" Zedd shouted back.

"What's got you so restless?" Rita asked as she joined him.

Zedd shook his head.

"I don't know!"

He gestured to the Earth and added, "something is amiss. Someone is trying to keep my attention from something and I want to know what!"

"You're Paranoid Zedd," Rita muttered, going over and looking through her telescope.

"It's such a, ugh, beautiful morning down there. Why don't we cause some trouble? Ah ha! There's Adam. And he's all alone. Let's see what kind of trouble we can give him."

"Please dear auntie, allow me."

The couple spun around to find Zara, Zedd's niece standing behind them. "It's been months since I've had a good fight and I'm in the mood to cause a little pain."

Zedd regarded her for a long moment, then said, "very well. Take a few Tengas with you. But don't waste them! You certainly wasted enough during that whole Kat thing!"

Zara rolled her eyes as she left the room calling a "Yes uncle," over her shoulder.

* * *
Adam gasped and fell to his knees in surprise as a foot suddenly connected to his stomach in a hard blow. He looked up to find himself surrounded by Tengas. His eyes narrowed as they parted just enough to let someone through.

"Zara," he growled.

"Greetings Adam. Been a while."

"Not long enough!" Adam replied, slowly getting to his feet.

"Oh Adam, I'm hurt. Aren't you happy to see me?"

"I'd be happier if I saw a semi coming at me."

Zara laughed softly. "You're going to wish a semi was coming at you by the time I'm through."

Before Adam could react, a sword appeared in her hand, and intense pain exploded in his chest as she slashed at him. Adam withdrew the hand that was clutching spot and found it coated with blood. He looked up just in time to see her take another swing at him and quickly ducked.

"It's Morphin time! Zeo Ranger IV, Green!" he shouted. Once transformed, he flipped over the Tengas encircling him and landed roughly behind them, most of the pain from his chest wound blocked by the power. At Zara's command, they attacked him and, after watching for a moment, she joined in.

"Man! I can't fight all these feather heads and her at the same time! Gotta call for help!" he thought as he worked to avoid all the blows directed at him.

He finally managed to clear a spot and, raising his communicator, shouted, "Zordon! Billy! Someone! I need help now!"

When no answer came, he tried again. He looked up at Zara's laughter. "sorry sugar, ain't gonna work. I've blocked this whole area. Teleportation too. I didn't want this little reunion disturbed."

Adam quickly dodged as she once again swung her sword at him, but wasn't quick enough to dodge the power beam she let loose immediately after.

"Ugh!" he grunted, falling to the ground and clutching his side. That wound wasn't his only problem now. The blood from his chest wound was now seeping through his uniform and the power was no longer keeping the pain away from that area.

He shook his head as his vision clouded and struggled to his feet. He had to get out of there. Staying would be suicide, especially in his condition. He drew his blaster, fired a few well-placed shots at Zara and the nearest Tengas, then turned and ran into the woods.

"After him!" he heard Zara shout, "Don't let him get away!"

He could hear the giant birds crash through the woods behind him and concentrated on finding a place to hide in the hopes of doubling back. Unfortunately, his wounds were worse than he thought and he was having trouble keeping his vision clear. Twice he stumbled and three times he fell. The fourth time he fell, he found his energy gone, keeping him from getting up and going on. His last conscious awarement was of squawks and high pitched voices crashing around somewhere behind him or around him, he wasn't quite sure. Then, all was black.

* * *
Cassie Chan leaned up against a tree, eyes closed, enjoying the peaceful, quiet beauty of the forest around her. Her eyes opened as strange sounds reached her ears, breaking the quiet. She listened for a moment, straining to make out what sounded like, "squawking? What on Earth?"

Picking up the backpack she had placed on the ground, she shrugged it on and started off in the direction of the strange sounds. Her eyes widened moments later when she stumbled upon the still body of the Green Power Ranger.

"My god," she whispered as she hurried over and knelt next to him. She turned him over and gasped at blood staining his green uniform. The strange squawking sounds were fairly close and Cassie could now make out high-pitched voices accompanying them. Getting up, she moved toward them, using the bush as cover. "Holy." A dozen or more giant, crow like birds were swarming over the area, obviously looking for something.

"Or someone," Cassie thought ruefully.

"Come on you worthless piles of feathers! Find him or I'll have each of you for my next six meals!"

Cassie looked in the direction the voice had come from and found a young girl around her age, dressed in black, holding a sword and watching the giant birds search.

"Oh boy."

She quickly but carefully made her way back to the unconscious Ranger. "I've got to get you out of here before you're playmates find you." She looked up and carefully searched the area with her eyes. "But where can we go? I'm pretty sure I won't be able to get you very far."

A strange formation in a wall just a few hundred feet away caught her attention. She rose and hurried over to discover a hidden cave.

"Yes!" she cheered silently.

She ran back, picked the Ranger up by the shoulders, and dragged him as fast as she could to the safety of the cave. Once inside, she quickly covered the entrance just enough so that she could see out, but nobody else could see in. At least she hoped. She tensed as she saw the giant birds and the strange girl enter the area she and the Green Ranger had just vacated. She watched with bated breath as they searched, a few times coming too close to discovering the cave for her comfort.

Finally, deciding their prey was not here, the small group moved on. Cassie let out her breath, not realizing she had been holding it, and went back to where she had left the Green Ranger. She grimaced at his blood soaked uniform.

"Well, you certainly got yourself in fine mess didn't ya?" she muttered.

"Okay, so what do I do here? I guess I'd better check you're pulse and since you're helmet is in the way, I'll have to go through the wrist." She quickly removed his glove and pressed her fingers to his wrist, searching for the rhythmic thump, thump. Alarm crossed her Asian features when she found nothing.

"Oh no. No, no, no. You've got to be alive, you've got to be." Her eyes ran up and down his still form.

"I've got to get this helmet off," she decided and quickly reached over, found the latches, and removed the green obstruction. She gasped at the face beneath it.

"Adam," she breathed.


Kat stiffened as an intense feeling of coldness washed over her.

"Kat? You all right?" Tommy asked as she set her drink down and put a hand over her eyes.

The others leaned in and listened as she whispered shakily, "I'm not sure. I feel so cold."

She closed her eyes for a moment, then opened them with a start.

"Adam!" she exclaimed, being careful to keep her voice low despite her distress.

"Adam?" Tanya asked, fear in her eyes, "What do you mean? What's wrong?" Kat shook her head.

"I don't know. But we've got to find him!"

"Okay, just calm down," Tommy said, "We'll go to the Power Chamber and track him down from there."

* * *
Cassie had quickly gotten over her shock and had started CPR. She had been at it a few moments and was starting to get frantic when Adam suddenly coughed and drew in a deep, ragged breath.

"thank God," she whispered as his head rolled from side to side. His eyes opened and he looked up at her silently.

"You're going to be okay," she said softly. His muttered something incoherent, then closed his eyes and became still again. She fearfully felt for his pulse. She sighed in relief when she found it. It was frighteningly weak, but it was there.

"Oh boy," she said as she looked at him, "I've got to find you're friends. Question is, are the rest of you are who I think they are, and will it be safe to leave you here?" She jumped as a six tone beeping suddenly filled the cave air. After a moment of silence, it repeated and she began searching him for the source. She found it the third time it beeped. She slipped the strange watch like device from his wrist and examined it. It appeared to be some kind of communicator. She jumped as it beeped again and, taking a chance, pushed a button and said, "Uh, hello?"

There was a short pause and then a voice filtered through, "Who's this?"

"My name is Cassie. Are you a Ranger?"

"Ya, where's Zeo IV? What are you doing with his communicator?"

"He's right here. Listen, I don't have time to explain. He's hurt really badly. I think you guys should come get him right away." Silence was her only response. She was about to talk again when five bright columns of colored light suddenly appeared near the entrance to the cave, materializing into the remaining Rangers, all morphed. She stood and moved out of the way as they rushed to their fallen comrade, the pink and yellow Rangers kneeling next to him. They looked at him, then at each other, then at her. The Yellow Ranger stood and hurried over to the Red Ranger, whispering something to him as Cassie watched the Pink Ranger in stunned amazement. Soft, Jadeish pink energy was flowing from the girl's hands.

"they can do that?"

By the time she finished, Adam looked much better than he had before, though remained unconscious.

She looked up at Cassie, and then past her to the Red Ranger and nodded. Cassie looked over and watched as the Red Ranger approached her.

"You know who he is." It was a statement, rather than a question. Cassie nodded. "Yes. It's Adam Park."

"Do you know who the rest of us are?"

"Well, I have some pretty strong suspicions." He nodded. "Okay look, we're not going to hurt you, but we need you to come back to our base with us. We need to talk while we get Adam healed up properly."

Cassie looked around and noted how the blue Ranger had stationed himself by the entrance with the Gold and Yellow Rangers nearby. It was pretty obvious that her going with them was not a request.

'I understand," she replied with a nod.

Zeo V nodded and made a quick gesture. The Gold Ranger, Zeo III and Zeo II instantly left their posts and joined them. Zeo V touched her arm while the Gold Ranger told someone to teleport them, then the world disappeared in a flash of white.

* * *
Kat and Billy emerged from the Med. Chamber not long after they had gone in.

At Tanya's anxious look, Billy said, "He took quite a beating, but he's going to be all right."

"I went in and talked to Cassie," Kat said, "she told me what happened." She quickly relayed the events Cassie had told her. "If it hadn't been for her, Adam would probably be dead."

"Rangers," Zordon boomed from his tube, "I believe it is time to bring our guest out so that I might meet her."

Kat nodded and hurried from the room, returning a moment later with an awestruck Cassie in tow.

"Man oh man," she whispered.

"Cassie, this Alpha Five," Kat said as the little robot approached them.

"Nice to meet you Cassie," Alpha said, extending his hand.

"Uh, same here," Cassie replied as she carefully shook his hand.

"And this," Kat continued with a smile, "Is Billy Cranston. He's our resident genius and hermit."

"Hi," Billy said, stepping forward and taking her hand, "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"You too," Cassie replied with a smile.

"And last, but certainly not least," Kat finished, gesturing upwards, "Is Zordon."

Cassie looked up and her eyes grew wide in bewilderment at the sight she saw.

"Greetings Cassie Chan," Zordon said, "I have heard what you did for Adam and am eternally grateful."

"Um.no problem," Cassie replied shakily.

A chair suddenly appeared behind her and she sat, not caring where it came from.

"I know, it's a bit overwhelming isn't it?" Kat's voice whispered through her mind, startling her.

She shot her a stunned look, to which Kat replied, "I'll explain later. Don't worry, you're doing fine."

Tommy came and stood next to Kat, elbowing her gently in the ribs. The look he gave her seemed to say, "Knock it off. We don't want to scare her to death."

Kat's reply was a small, mischievous smirk, which Tommy rolled his eyes at. Zordon spent the next hour explaining who he was and the history of the Rangers. Cassie listened attentively, slowly relaxing and adapting to the strange situation.

"And now," Zordon finished, "I must ask you, Cassie Chan, will you keep our secret and not reveal the identities of the Rangers or the existence of this Power Chamber?"

Cassie stood and looked at her friends, then up at Zordon. "You can count on me, Zordon," she replied with a smile.

"Bet ya weren't expecting this much excitement," Rocky said with a grin, putting his hand on her shoulder.

"You got that right," Cassie replied. She looked at Kat and said, "Now, think you can explain how you're voice got in my mind and how you managed to put on that light show with your hands? Oh, and what's with the hair?"

* * *
A few hours later, Kat appeared in a secluded area of the park, anger in her eyes. Standing in the center of the area, she raised her hand to the sky and let loose a short, bright stream of Jadeish Pink energy. A moment later, a figure appeared in a flash of black flame.

"You called?" Zara asked, running a hand through her long, black hair.

"What's the big idea attacking Adam like that?" Kat snapped, "You nearly killed him!"

"Well, considering I'm on the other side, that's kind of the idea Kat. He's the enemy, I'm supposed to try and knock him off."

"And what about me?" Kat asked, "I'm on the same side he is, you gonna try and 'knock me off' as well?"

"Of course not. You're my sister. You know I'd never intentionally try to hurt you."

Kat sighed. Being on opposite sides was extremely difficult.

"I wish you'd join us. I changed, you can too."

"Well, like I said before, perhaps one day we'll be on the same side again, just not now." She paused and then asked, "How's Tanya doing?" She put her hand on her stomach to emphasize her meaning.

"Fine. Does chrome head know yet?"

"No, and he won't hear it from me. Him getting his hands on that kid is the last thing I need. You're around her all the time. You can feel it's it potential already can't you?"

Kat nodded, slightly surprised at Zara's words. "Ya, this kid could turn out to be pretty powerful. Deadly in the hands of evil. Why on Earth don't you want Zedd getting it?"

"I have my reasons. Catch you later."

Kat stared at the spot Zara had just vacated and a slow smile crossed her lips. In the old days, she would have burst with excitement in a situation such as this.

"You're changing. Slowly but surely, you're changing. Perhaps we'll be fighting on the same side sooner than we both thought."

* * *
A few days later, the Rangers and Cassie were gathered at the Youth Center, drinking smoothies and having a good time. Cassie and Adam had grown close since his encounter with Zara. Nearly as close as he and Aisha had been.

Kat was listening to the pair bantering back and forth with Rocky with a smile of amusement when a voice whispered, "You must come back."

Startled, Kat looked around the center, but everyone's attention was focused on other things. With a slight shrug, she turned her attention back to her friends.

`Please." Kat jumped up, her eyes and mind scanning the room for the source of the voice.

"Kat? What's wrong?" Tommy asked, putting his hand on her arm. Kat didn't answer, nor did she hear him. In fact, Tommy and the whole Youth Center had disappeared, replaced by a strange, fog filled place. The sound of battle reached her ears. Turning, she cautiously walked toward it, stopping when she spotted a figure in the fog.

"You must come back," a female voice whispered, "We need you."

"Come back where?" Kat asked, "Who are you?"

The voice didn't answer and the fog suddenly parted, revealing the battle she had been hearing. She sucked in a breath. On the battlefield, four types of Green Rangers were fighting furiously against an army of strangely clad beings.

Kat tore her eyes from the scene as the girl, still hidden in the fog, said, "We can't defeat them on our own. We need you...both of you." Before Kat could say anything, the fog swirled and grew thick, quickly consuming her.

"Please, come back to us," the voice whispered again, and then all was black.

* * *
"Kat? Kat can you hear me?"

Kat's eyes slowly blinked open and Billy's concerned face floated into view above her.

"she's coming out of it," he said when he saw her eyes open.

A few seconds later, Tommy appeared next to him.

"Kat? How do you feel?"

"strange. What happened? How did I get here?"

"You passed out in the Youth Center," Tommy replied.

Kat closed her eyes and thought for a moment.

"I had the strangest dream. I was in this place with all this fog everywhere. I could hear a battle of some kind not very far off, so I went to investigate. Someone was there with me, a girl, but I couldn't see her through all the fog. She told me that they need me... needed both of us. She was asking me to come back. I tried to ask where, but she just kept repeating herself. Then, I saw the battle. There were...four types of Green Rangers fighting these...beings. They weren't doing so well either. Then the fog surrounded me and i woke up here."

Tommy's eyes had a disturbed look in them as he listened to Kat. But as she finished, they became concerned and he said, "It was just a dream. But still, stay here and rest for a while okay? Just to be on the safe side."

Kat nodded, deciding to humor him. Tommy gave her a soft kiss, then he and Billy left. She sighed and got up, moving to a cot where she would at least be comfortable. She was surprised a moment later, to find herself swiftly drifting off to sleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

* * *
Zara sat bolt upright in bed, where she had been lounging lazily, a series of electrical tingles racing through her veins. A slow smile spread across her lips.

"Well now, a new power on the block," she mused out loud, "Oh how I love new playmates."

She stood, zeroed in on the power's coordinates with her mind, then vanished.

* * *
In the Quarry, just outside Angle Grove, a portal opened, and through the brilliant, swirling green, a figure emerged. Emerald looked around as the portal closed, then looked at her scanner's co-ordinates.

"Earth," she muttered, "Wonderful."

"Actually, it's not as bad as they say," a voice said from behind her,

"Although the humans are another story."

Emerald spun around and her eyes widened.

"By the Gods. Zara, is that you?"

Zara smiled. "In the flesh."

Emerald closed the distance and the girls embraced in a warm hug.

"It's good to see you Em," Zara said, "It's been a long time."

"too long," Emerald replied. "What are you doing all the way over in this Galaxy? You're an awful long way from home."

"Remember Princess Kamara? Well, this is where I chased her to and where she ultimately defeated me with the help of the local Rangers. She now goes by Queen Kamara. Anyway, the only reason I stayed was because one of the Rangers happened to be my reincarnated twin sister."

Emerald raised her brows at that one.

"What about you?" Zara continued, "You don't exactly live across the street yourself. You're even further from home than I am."

Emerald sighed. "the Marlentians have grown too much for us. We need the last two members of the Order and I've been searching for them."

"How close are you?"

Emerald looked at the readouts on her scanner. "Well, according to this, I'm very close. I'll probably stick around here for a few days to rest and then move on. I should hit the bulls eye within the next few stops."

Zara smiled. "Well then, you must come stay with my uncle, aunt and me at the palace. We can catch up on old times."

Emerald nodded. "All right, lead the way."

* * *
"Ed! Rita!"

The evil couple looked up as Rito came running into the throne room, waving his sword excitedly.

"It's Zedd you worthless pile of bones!" Rita screamed, "Now what's you're problem?"

"there's a Ranger in the Palace! A girl I've never seen before!"

"What!" Zedd exclaimed, "that's impossible! First off, there are no new Rangers around and secondly, if there were and if they were in the Palace, I'd know about it!"

"then who's that?" Rito asked, pointing to the other entrance behind them.

They turned around and stared in surprise when they saw the girl standing in the doorway, clothed in a Ranger suit, minus the helmet.

"I don't believe it!" Zedd exclaimed, beginning to grow red with anger,

"It's one of those treacherous Green Rangers!"

"Cool you're jets, uncle," Zara said as she appeared next to the Ranger,

"she's a friend."

She turned to her friend and said, "Emerald, meet my Uncle, Lord Zedd, and his wife, Empress Rita. Uncle, Auntie, this is Emerald, leader of the Green Order."

"You're a long way from home, Emerald," Rita said, eyeing the Ranger suspiciously, "What brings you around here?"

"searching for the last two members of the Order."

"And they would be?"

"the Green Dragon and the Jade Fire."

"Hm, there used to be a Green Dragon Ranger around here, but that power was destroyed some time ago," Rita said, "I've never heard of the Jade Fire Ranger though."

"Well, he or she does exist, and I intend to find them."

Zara put her hand on Emerald's shoulder and gestured to the other entrance on the other side of the room.

"Come on, I'll show you you're quarters. You can rest a bit, and then I'll show you the Earth."

Part Three

A Few hours later, the pair entered the Youth Center disguised as a redhead and a blonde. Zara pushed her fiery red hair out of her eyes and looked around.


She spun around at the use of her new human alias and smiled when she saw Rocky approaching them.

"Hey Christie," he greeted, enveloping her in a warm hug, "Where've ya been? I've missed ya."

"I've been around," Zara replied, Kissing him quickly.

She turned to Emerald, who was watching her with a questioning look in her eyes, and said, Emma, this is Rocky. Rocky, this is my good friend Emma. She's visiting from out of town for a few days."

"Hi," Rocky said, offering his hand, "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Same here," Emerald replied, shaking his hand.

Rocky looked down at Zara and said, "Why don't you two come sit with us? We're sitting right over there."

He gestured to a table on the other side of the room where Zara saw Adam, Tanya, Jason, Billy and the new girl, Cassie. "We're just waiting for Tommy and Kat."

"There they are now," Zara said, pointing to where the last two Rangers were making their way to the table.

She glanced at Emerald and saw that her friend had stiffened and a shocked look had entered her eyes.

"Um, you go ahead Rocky, we'll join you in a minute." Rocky nodded, not noticing anything wrong, and headed for the table.

"Em, what's wrong?" Zara asked quietly.

"It's them," Emerald whispered, "By the Gods it's them."


"The long haired one and the girl with the Jade in her hair. They're the last two I've been searching for!"

"What? That can't be right! The blonde is my sister and the guy with the long hair is the bloody leader of the Rangers!" Emerald shook her head.

"It's them. I must get to them."

"No wait!"

Zara quickly stopped Emerald and said, "Best not to start anything in here. Let's go back to the palace and talk about it."

Emerald hesitated, then nodded.

"Go wait outside for me. I'll join you in a minute."

As Emerald left, Zara made her way to the table and smiled apologetically at Rocky.

"Sorry Rock, but my friend isn't feeling well, so we're just gonna go home. Maybe we'll see you tomorrow or something."

Rocky nodded. "Sure Chris, no problem. Hope she feels better."

Zara leaned down and gave him a soft kiss goodbye. She stood and caught Kat's eye. Her sister gave her a suspicious look, but said nothing. She gave a light wave, then quickly left.

* * *
"I'm telling you, it's them," Emerald argued as she watched the pair from the Palace balcony. "This is such a...shock. I didn't expect to find them together and I definitely didn't expect them to be human!" Zara shook her head.

"I find it hard to believe that those two are the ones you're searching for. Well, Kat maybe, but not Tommy."

"Believe it. A green knows another green. It's them. Now if I can just get them to listen and then come with me, I can get home and turn the tide of Battle."

"What do you mean?" Zara asked, "Why don't you just knock them out and take them back? Don't get me wrong, I love Kat and I don't want to see her hurt, but if that's where she belongs, then so be it."

Emerald shook her head. "Can't. The law states that they must come of their own free will. Pain in the ass in these types of situations. Of course, there's more than one way to encourage free will, but I want to see how they react upon first hearing what I have to tell them before I resort to other methods. Think you can arrange a battle to get them out?"

Zara grinned. "Give me ten minutes."

* * *
"Tommy here, what's up Alpha?"

"Ay-Yi-Yi! Zara and some Tengas are in the Park!" Alpha said though the tiny speaker.

Tommy rolled his eyes and replied, "All right, we're on it."

"I'll monitor from the Chamber," Billy said.

He turned to Cassie and added, "Want to come?"

She nodded and the pair teleported out. The others morphed, then teleported to the battle site.

* * *
It was a typical battle. The Rangers showed up and commenced kicking their foes butts all over the park while the giant birds squawked and squabbled and occasionally got in a good hit or two.

Kat kept a watchful eye on Adam, who had squared off with Zara to even the score. She was as surprised as Adam was when, all of a sudden, his opponent vanished along with what was left of the Tengas.

"What the...? Where'd they go?" Rocky asked, looking around.

`What are you up to, Zara? Kat thought as she too, look around.

She stiffened suddenly as the sensation of a new, powerful presence raced up and down her spine. Turning, her gaze traveled up the small hill behind her and her breath caught in her throat.

"My God. Guys! Up there!" Tanya shouted as she caught sight of what held Kat's attention.

Standing on the hill, looking down at them calmly, was an Emerald Green Dragon Ranger. This Ranger was an exact replica of the Green Dragon, but with no shield and wore a skirt.

Tommy groaned. "Not again. It's not going to work Zara! Not this time!"

"Tommy," Kat said, putting her hand on his arm, "That's not Zara. Whoever that is, she's not an illusion. She's a real Ranger."

"Damn," Rocky whispered.

Tommy took a moment to collect himself, then stepped forward and shouted, "We are the Rangers of Earth! Identify yourself!"

"I am the Emerald Green Dragon Ranger from the Romaxian Planet," came the reply.

"Are you friend or foe?"

"I am a Green Ranger. I fight on whatever side suits my purpose."

Tommy exchanged glances with the others, then said, "Well all right. So whose side are you on then?"

"At the moment, not yours."

The Tengas chose that moment to reappear and the battle began again full force. Kat and Tommy both ended up fighting the new Ranger at once, to which Kat suspiciously thought they had been maneuvered into doing so. The new arrival was an incredible fighter and Kat had to admire the fact that she didn't fight dirty like so many of their enemies often did. She felt a deep sense of honor radiating from this girl, along with a kinship she didn't understand.

Finally, Emerald drew her blaster and fired two shots at the ground, stopping their advance.

"Enough! You have both proven beyond a shadow of a doubt who you are. We must talk."

She raised her hands to the sky and a softly glowing emerald light appeared beneath their feet. Alarmed, Kat began to summon a shield, but the light quickly enveloped them. It exploded in brightness and then all went black.

* * *
Adam looked up a the bright flash of light and drew in a sharp breath when he saw Kat and Tommy laying in a crumpled heap on the ground, the Emerald Ranger standing over them.

"Tommy! Kat!" he shouted, running toward them.

He reached them just as they were vanishing, and met darkness.

* * *
"Adam!" Tanya shouted as she watched him disappear with the others.

The Tengas vanished and the Rangers quickly regrouped.

"Oh man," Jason said softly. "All right guys, lets get back to the Chamber and get a tracer on them."

The others nodded, and the trio teleported out.

* * *
They arrived to find Billy already hard at work, trying to track down the missing trio. Even Cassie was helping out, scanning readouts the computer printed out and punching in Data as though she had been there since the very beginning as Billy had.

Billy looked up and shook his head.

"I don't know guys," he said in response to the unasked question, "I'm already getting a ton of interference. I can try to bypass it, but it'll take a while."

Jason put a hand on Billy's shoulder and squeezed reassuringly. "Do you what you can."

He then looked up at Zordon and asked, "Do you know anything about this new Ranger? What would she want with Tommy and Kat?"

"I know of the world she is from, but little else," Zordon replied. Jason shot him a looked that clearly said he didn't buy it, but didn't push the issue. His attention was instead drawn to Tanya, who didn't look so good as she sat in the chair Alpha had brought out for her.

"You all right?" he asked, kneeling down next to her.

She nodded. "Yeah, I'm just a little tired. And worried."

Jason squeezed her hand and replied, "We'll get them back. I don't know how, but we'll get them back."

* * *
Tommy's eyes slowly opened and Kat's face swam hazily into view above him.

"Kat?" he asked in a weak voice.

"Just a second Tommy, you're hurt," she said, her hand flaring up with energy.

He felt warmth flood his body and a moment later, the haze disappeared.

"Where are we?" he asked, sitting up.

"Another dimension, though I'm not sure which," Kat replied, moving over to where Adam lay, out cold.

Tommy looked at him in surprise.

"What's Adam doing here?"

Kat shrugged.

"I have no idea, but he's pretty deeply under. I'm not sure it's safe to bring him out of it the unnatural way. I'll just make sure he's going to be okay."

Her hand flared up again and she placed it on his chest, over his heart. A moment later, she nodded in satisfaction.

"He's going to be all right."

"Good. Now let's see what we can do about getting out here."

Tommy raised his communicator to his lips, but before he could say anything, a voice said, "Don't bother, it won't work here."

Both Rangers instantly slipped into defensive stances as the Emerald Dragon Ranger suddenly appeared. She raised her hands in a gesture of peace.

"Please. I'm not here to fight, just to talk."

In a flash, her helmet disappeared, revealing a pretty girl of about twenty earth years with long, emerald colored hair.

"And how do we know that?" Tommy asked, his stance never relaxing.

Emerald smiled. "If I wanted to kill you, Green Ranger, I would have done so already. Right now, killing or harming either of you is the last thing I want to do."

"I'm not the Green Ranger," Tommy replied, eyeing her suspiciously.

"A Green knows another Green, Tommy." She looked down at the unconscious Adam and added in distaste, "A true Green."

"All right yeah. I used to be the Green Ranger. But that part of me died a long time ago, when the power was destroyed."

Emerald laughed softly. "The power was never destroyed, Tommy. The coin maybe, but not the power. It's alive and well deep within you." She sighed. "Look, what I have to tell you is a little long and I don't think you want to listen standing in that position."

She made a gesture and three chairs appeared. She sat down and watched them expectantly. They exchanged uncertain glances and she could tell they were communicating telepathically. Finally, without taking their eyes of her, they relaxed their stances and sat down.

"Okay, I'll start at the beginning. My name is Emerald. I am the leader of a group of Rangers known as the Green Order. This Order consists of six types of Green Rangers. Three Dragons and three Elementals. For the last few centuries, we have gone about our business without the last two members of our group; the Green Dragon and the Jade Fire. Now, however, we are in a situation where we cannot get by without them. After much searching, I have found them. You two are the last members I have been searching for."

"What?" Tommy asked in bewilderment, "That's impossible. The Green Ranger power was destroyed years ago!"

"The only Ranger power I've ever held has been pink," Kat added. Emerald shook her head. "As I said before, the coin may have been destroyed, but the power is still within you. You see, members of the order are born with the power or with space for the power within them. These are true Green Rangers. You're friend here was given the power, and is therefore not a true Green Ranger. The thing you should know about Green Rangers is that we are hopelessly treacherous, except when it comes to our own kind. You may have noticed that you both have a tendency to go back and forth between evil and good, especially you, Tommy. You started out as the evil Green Ranger, right?"

He nodded and she continued.

"Everyone thought you were under Rita's control, especially Rita. You weren't. We don't fall under spells, especially ones meant to control us. You were in control all along. You see, we fight on whatever side suits the power and our own purposes. The power wanted you on the side of evil, so you fought on the side of evil under the guise of a spell. It was both you and the power who decided it was time to fight for good. When Rita supposedly took away you're powers, that was you deciding to take a bit of a hiatus. When you returned in a weaker state, that was because you're heart didn't truly want to return to power. When the power disappeared altogether, it was assumed it had been destroyed, when all it had really did was retreated deep within you. Katherine, you were in a similar situation. Only you were brought in as a spy and sabotager instead of a Ranger."

She stopped talking and took in their expressions with some amusement. Both were looking at her in unbelieving bewilderment.

"All right then, now that I've told you who you are and why I am here, I'm going to ask, will you two accompany me back to Romax and take your places in the Order?"

They sat in silence and once more, she could tell they were communicating silently.

Finally, Tommy said, "Look, our first duty is to Earth. We can't leave it and our friends to go off to some other world just because we're the last two members of some freaky order. If you want, the whole team will come back with you and help you out, but that's it."

Emerald nodded, feeling a twinge of disappointment and excitement at the same time.

"Very well."

She stood and regarded them for a moment before saying, "Your offer is honorary, but the Order fights it's battles on it's own. We have since the beginning of time and will continue to do so until then end of time, so the law the states. You should know that I am not leaving this world without you and will do whatever it takes to bring you back with me."

Kat stood, her hands flaring with energy as Emerald's gaze drifted down to Adam.

"Make one move towards him and I'll fry you to a crisp," she threatened. Emerald looked back up and laughed softly. "Defiantly Jade Fire," she said. She took a step back, holding up her hands in the peace gesture again.

"I'll be in touch," she said, then vanished.

A moment later, Kat and Tommy felt the familiar pull of teleportation.