The Green Order
Book 2
by: Alanna Hanson

Part 4

Shocked silence filled the Power Chamber as Kat and Tommy finished telling them Emerald's story. Tommy turned and looked up at Zordon. "You know something about this, don't you?"

Zordon regarded them silently, as if debating with himself on how much to tell them.

Finally, he said, "Yes Tommy. I am aware of the Green Order and have known from the start who each of you were. I said nothing because I have had several Rangers over the centuries with Powers such as yours, but nothing had ever come of it."

"Zordon, you're going to stand behind us on this aren't you?" Kat asked, looking up at him expectantly.

"I will support whatever decision you decide, Katherine," Zordon replied.

"Zordon, is it even possible for a Ranger to hold two powers?" Billy asked.

"For some Rangers it is possible, Billy. I have seen the rare occasion where a Ranger has held up to three powers at once."

"Man, imagine what kind of rush that would be," Rocky said, running a hand through his hair.

"Guys, I want everyone to be on their guard. Emerald might go after one or more of you in order to convince Kat and I to come with her," Tommy said to which the others nodded.

Kat glanced at the Med. Chamber, a shiver running up and down her spine.

"Adam's waking up," she announced. "You can all go see him if you want, but make sure he get's some rest. I've got something I need to do, so I'll see you all later."

Tommy put his hand on her arm. "Be careful okay?"

Kat nodded, and teleported out.


"Kat, you stubborn..." Zara began as soon as Kat appeared in the secluded spot they usually met in.

"Don't start with me Zara!" Kat interrupted, "I'm not in the mood." She regarded the other girl for a moment then added, "I might have known you were involved in all of this."

Zara raised her hands. "Hey, she's a friend. I just arranged things so that she could have a talk with you two. Which brings me to my next question, why are you denying all this?"

"I'm not denying anything. I'm saying that I'm not about to abandon my duties here just because some wacko Green Ranger wants me to join her little club!"

"But what if it's where you truly belong?"

"I belong here!"

Kat's gaze traveled around the park suspiciously as she felt a strange energy. But it was gone before she could determine what it was. She looked back at Zara, harshness in her eyes.

"I'm warning you Zara, stay away from this. I'm going to have enough problems dealing with Emerald without having to deal with you too!" That said, Kat hit her Teleportation button and disappeared in a streak of Jadeish pink light.

Zara stared at the spot her sister had just vacated and whispered, "I'm sorry Kat, but I can't stay out of it. You have to go to where you belong, and I'm going to make sure that happens. One way or another." She turned as Emerald appeared next to her.

"What's the plan?" the girl asked.

Zara smiled. "We're gonna go after the one Ranger who stands to lose the most if certain harm comes to her."


Tanya sighed as she finished her mediation exercise and began to move into Tai Chi movements. She had left the Power Chamber an hour earlier, after being assured that Adam was and would be all right. Her thoughts were now on Tommy and Kat and their new situation.

'Man, I hope Emerald takes no for an answer and goes home,' she thought, 'I don't think I could survive if Kat left now.'

She stopped her movements at the thought and her hand traveled to her stomach. 'I'm gonna need her in order to protect this child from Zedd."


She looked up and smiled as Kat came up next to her. "Hey Kat. What's up?"

Kat's expression was serious as she said, "I need to talk to you, but not here." She took her hand. "Come on, let's go some place more private."

Tanya gave her a curious look, but nodded and allowed Kat to lead her out of the Youth Center. They went across the street and into the park, toward a secluded area.

"Kat, what's this all about?" Tanya asked, suddenly growing nervous.

"Just a minute," Kat replied, stopping and searching her pockets for something.

She found what she was looking for, grabbed Tanya's arm and pricked it with something. Tanya jumped and looked at her in surprise. "What on Earth did you just do?"

Kat smiled in a way that sent chills down Tanya's spine.

"I'm just securing insurance," she said. Her form shimmered and Tanya's eyes widened when Zara came into existence.

"Zara," she whispered, taking a step back and moving into a defensive position.

Zara smiled. "That's not going to help right now you know. If my calculations are correct, in about ten seconds, that stuff I injected you with is gonna knock you flat on your butt."

She grinned as Tanya immediately started to sway and started counting, ""

Tanya groaned and slipped to the ground where she remained still. Zara chuckled. "Humans, so easily drugged." She knelt next to the unconscious girl, removed her morpher, then stood and turned around.

"If Kat felt Tanya's distress as much as I did," she said, "then she should be here shortly."

Emerald smiled and took the morpher. "Where are you sending her?"

"To a dimension where no one can track her down."

Emerald nodded. "Thanks Zara. You're a good friend."

Zara smiled in reply. "Just don't mention my name to Kat. You're acting on your own here."

Emerald nodded and Zara turned, knelt next to Tanya again, touched the girl's forehead and disappeared. Emerald studied the morpher for a moment, then vanished as well to await Kat's arrival.


Kat let out a sharp gasp and stood straight up, startling Billy.

"Kat? You all right?"

"It's Tanya!" Kat exclaimed and ran from the room.

Billy exchanged a quick glance with Alpha, then followed in time to see her Teleportation streak. He quickly brought his communicator up to his lips and said, "Tommy come in."

After a moment, Tommy's voice filtered through the tiny speaker. "Tommy here, what's up Billy."

"Kat just shot out of here in a major panic. I think something's happened to Tanya."

"You know where she's gone?"

"Just a minute." Billy quickly went over to the councils and pressed some buttons, looking carefully at the readouts. A moment later, he said, "She at the park. I'm sending you the coordinates now."

"Thanks Billy. Tommy out."

Billy cut communications, then looked up at Zordon and sighed. "I think we're headed for a massive crisis here."

Zordon looked down at the young genius, but didn't reply, which only increased Billy's worry. With a nervous sigh, the former blue Ranger turned to the council, pressed some buttons, then turned to the viewing screen to monitor the encounter.


"Tanya!" Kat shouted as she appeared in the park, "Tanya are you here?" She moved quickly to an area that radiated a high energy and froze at the feelings of fear one spot emitted. She shivered a moment later, and quickly turned around in time to see a flash of Emerald light.

Emerald smiled and tossed Kat something. Kat caught the object, looked at it, then said angrily, "Where is she?"

"In a place you can't locate her." Emerald's smile faded and she said sincerely, "I'm truly sorry I had to resort to this, Katherine, but you left me no choice."

She waved her hand and an image of a dark place appeared. Seconds later, Tanya appeared on a stone slab, eyes closed in sleep but her features contorted in pain.

"Your Yellow Ranger has been given a special poison. It won't kill her, but it will cause her great pain and mental damage if the antidote is not given within twenty-four hours of injection. However, while it won't kill will kill the child she carries."

"You conniving witch!"

Kat turned to find Tommy behind her, eyes burning with anger.

"As I said before, you have given me no choice. Agree to come back with me and your yellow Ranger will be returned to you, along with the antidote. You have two hours to decide."

Before Kat or Tommy could say anything, Emerald vanished. Kat turned to Tommy, fear in her eyes. "What are we going to do?"

Tommy sighed. "Let's get back to the Power Chamber and see if we can find her."

Kat nodded and the pair quickly teleported.


An hour and a half went by and neither Kat nor Billy and Alpha had any luck in locating Tanya. Finally, Kat drew Tommy over to a corner of the chamber and said softly, "We're not going to find her Tommy. I think, for Tanya's baby's sake, if not for Tanya's, that we should go with Emerald."

Tommy was silent for a long moment, several different emotions at war with each other in his eyes. He lowered his head, struggling with the decision.

"Alpha," Billy said from where he was looking at readouts, "try scanning sector twelve at the following co-ordinates."

"No, Alpha," Tommy said, raising his head and looking at the little robot, "don't bother. There's only one way to get her back."

"What are you saying Tommy?" Rocky asked, a slightly nervous tremor in his voice.

Tommy glanced at Kat, then replied, "Kat and I are going to agree to go back with Emerald."

The statement was met with stunned silence. Finally, Adam said, "But you guys can't give up! Surrendering isn't the Ranger way, remember?"

"We have no choice," Kat said. "We're not going to put Tanya and her child in that kind of danger."

She closed her eyes and a light shimmer enveloped her body. The others jumped back a moment later when Emerald suddenly appeared in the Chamber.

"Relax," Kat said, opening her eyes, "She's not really here."

Emerald's image turned at the sound of Kat's voice and looked at her.

"Have you made your choice?" she asked.

Kat nodded. "Yeah. Tommy and I will go back with you in return for Tanya and the antidote."

Emerald nodded. "You made a wise choice. Meet us at the park at first light tomorrow. The exchange will be made then."

"How do we know you'll keep your promise?" Adam asked.

"She will," Kat replied. "Green Rangers may be treacherous, but they always keep their word of honor, right Emerald?"

Emerald placed her right fist over her heart and nodded. "Until tomorrow," she said, then vanished.

Kat turned and looked up at Zordon. "I think we should get Cassie here. I've been thinking about it for the past two hours and I think she'd make a good replacement for me."

Zordon nodded. "Very well, Katherine. Tommy, do you wish to find a replacement as well?"

Tommy looked at the others, then nodded. "Yeah. But only on a temporary basis. I don't know about Kat, but I don't plan on sticking around there for the rest of my life." He paused, then added, "Not quite sure who to pick, though."

"Let's get Cassie here, then go from there," Kat suggested.

Tommy nodded and looked over at Billy. Billy looked back for a long moment, then silently turned the to computer council and started pushing buttons. Minutes later, Cassie appeared in the Chamber, wearing a look of utter surprise.

"Cassie," Kat said, moving up to her.

"Kat. What on earth am I doing here? Is something wrong?"

Kat nodded. "Yeah." She quickly told the Asian girl what had happened. "Cassie, I know this is rather abrupt and sudden, but....would you consent to a power transfer and become the new Pink Ranger?"

Cassie stared at Kat, stunned. She looked around at the expectant faces around her, then seemed to shake herself and nodded. "I would be greatly honored."

Kat took her hand and led her to the center of the Chamber and the others formed a circle around them. Kat put her hands on Cassie's arms and said, "Close your eyes," doing the same herself.

The transfer was quick and Cassie jerked as the power surged into her. There was flash of pink light and she was clad in the uniform of the Pink Zeo Ranger.

"Man, oh man," she whispered, looking down at herself. She removed her helmet and looked at the other Rangers.

Jason was the first to step forward. "Welcome aboard Cassie," he said, giving her a hug.

The others followed suite, giving her a warm welcome.

Zordon was the last to speak. "Welcome to the Power Ranger family, Cassie. I am confident that you will make a fine Pink Ranger."

Cassie smiled. "Thanks. This really is a true honor."

"All right. Now we just gotta find someone to hold mine," Tommy said.

Cassie looked at him thoughtfully, then said, "You know, I think I might know just the person."

Tommy raised his brows. "Yeah? Who?"

Cassie smiled. "Let's go to the Youth Center and I'll introduce you."

Tommy looked at the others, then nodded. "All right, let's go."


Cassie led the way into the Youth Center, her gaze sweeping the crowd, looking for her friend. She smiled when she spotted him on the mats, going through an intensive Karate exercise.

"That's him there," she said, pointing him out to the others.

The group watched the young African American with impressed expressions.

"Wow," Katherine commented, "He's really incredible."

"Who is he?" Tommy added.

"His name's T.J. He just moved here a couple of weeks ago. He's a really good guy and, as you can see, very experienced in the martial arts field."

Tommy nodded as he studied T.J.'s movements. "Kat?"

Kat's eyes were half closed, hiding the glowing light in them. She was silent for several moments, then said, "He'd make an excellent Ranger. Everything I see points to Red Ranger material."

Tommy nodded. "All right then. Let's go meet him."

Cassie smiled in delight, then moved down the stairs to the mats.

"T.J.!" she called.

T.J. stopped his movements and looked up, smiling when he saw Cassie. "Hey Cassie, what's up?"

"I have some friends I want to introduce you to," Cassie replied, coming to stand next to him. "Guys, this is T.J. T.J., this is Tommy, Kat, Jason, Rocky and Adam."

"Hi," T.J. greeted with a smile, shaking each of their hands.

"You've got some good moves there, man," Jason said, "I'd love to spare with you sometime."

T.J. smiled. "Any time you're up for it."

Tommy looked at Cassie who nodded and said, "Uh, T.J.? Do you think we could go the park or something? These guys have something they'd like to talk to you about."

T.J. looked at the teens curiously and nodded. "Yeah sure. Just let me get my bag."


Fifteen minutes later, the teens had gathered in a secluded area of the park with Kat monitoring constantly for anyone who might interrupt.

"All right," T.J. said, "So what's this all about?"

Tommy looked at the others, who nodded. "Well," he said, "It's a little complicated, so we're just going to show you."

Kat stepped back and the others moved up alongside Tommy. Tommy glanced at them, then shouted, "It's Morphin' Time!"

A bright light flashed and T.J.'s eyes widened when he found himself staring at the five of the six Power Rangers. They removed their helmets and he stared at them, speechless. Cassie stepped up to him and put a gloved hand on his shoulder. "T.J.?"

He looked down at her and blinked. "Cassie? You're a....a Power Ranger?"

Cassie smiled. "Actually, I've only been one for the last half hour."

She looked over at Tommy and said, "Tommy will explain it to you." Tommy took a deep breath, then launched into the wild tale. T.J. listened, his expression never leaving stunned. He was silent for several minutes after Tommy finished, then said, "So, you're going to another world and you want me to take your place as the Red Ranger?"

"That's it in a nut shell," Kat replied, her gaze roaming the area. "I think we'd better go to the Power Chamber. This area is about to become semi-busy."

"The Power Chamber?" T.J. asked.

"The Ranger's base," Cassie supplied. "You have *got* to see this place."

T.J. nodded uncertainly and Cassie smiled. "Don't worry, it's safe."

The other Rangers moved up close to T.J. and, seconds later, the group vanished.