[For disclaimer and warning, please see part one.]

"Under New Management"
Part III: "Out With the Old..."
by Dennis R. Holck

As I sat in the nearly empty airplane, on my way back to Angel Grove, the two stewardesses sat in front of me watching a news report, I listened in:

"...The Power Rangers have appeared at the beach...they seem to be looking for Divatox in the water...Wait, something is happening...Something's coming out of the water...it looks like some kind of submarine...Wow, it just fired some kind of ray at the coast, the Rangers seem to be dazed...something is crawling out of the water...it's horrible, it looks like, like..."

But a voice interupted..."Give me that camera, this show's over." The news ended and the stewardesses seemed upset.

"Why do you want to go to Angel Grove, anyway?" one asked. "It look's like a war zone."

Without lying I replied, "Someone I care about very deeply is there, and I need to be with her."

The rest of the trip was pretty quiet. When I landed at the airport, the place looked like a ghost town. I decided I had better see how the Rangers were doing. I decided to pull out my old wrist communicator and try it. "Tommy?...Adam?...Kat?...Tanya?...can anyone hear me?" No response.

I went to the pay phone and called the juice bar. "Hi, Emily?"

"Yeah, I'm glad you're here!" she said nervously, but quietly.

"What's going on?"

"The other," she got very quiet, "the other rangers must have lost. There are some big fish-faced monsters patroling the streets. One is in the juice bar. They keep saying something about the 'new Empress of Earth'."

"That sounds really bad, can you get out of there?" I asked as I nervously tied knots in the phone cord.

"I think so, I'll try to meet you at the airport."

"O.K., hurry." This was not good!

While I waited, I started wondering what could've happened. None of the five people I saw in the airport knew much. I tried to contact the Rangers again...no luck. Then Emily drove up, in Tommy's Sidekick.

"After Divatox made her threat on t.v., Tommy took off and left the keys in the juice bar, I didn't think he'd mind," she tried to joke, but I could sense some nervousness. "Where to?"

That was a good question. Not knowing what had happened to the others, and not having Zordon or Alpha around to help...wait, I know. "Get on the freeway to the Angel Desert, we're going to the Command Center." Zordon must've left enough there to help me out. At least I'd be away from the growing army of bad guys here in the city, and able to think on the way there.

"O.K." she obliged. By the way, I brought those monkeys with me. They were so scared, and I was afraid, they wouldn't be able to find Lt. Stone.

"Hey, little fellow," I said to the big one that jumped in my lap, "you must be pretty scared, huh?"

Suddenly, the monkey, started to shake and glow. "Yeah you could say that!", it said. Then, ahh, I had Bulk in my lap. Emily nearly ran off the road.

"Hey, Bulky, the spell must've finally worn off!", came a voice from the back seat.

"Bulk, you're killing me, get off!", I exclaimed. He did, and jumped into the back seat. How'd you two...?, never mind. Turn on this dirt road, Emily. It'll take us to the base of the mountain and we can hike up.

"So, I guess you know that we know you're little secret, now?" Bulk asked.

"Yeah, guys, I guess you're along for the ride now." I told them.

"Alright!, HA!, we're gonna help the Power Rangers!", Skull exclaimed.

"It won't be the first time Skully. We've looked death in the eye before and..." Bulk bragged.

"Guys, first we've gotta find out if there are anymore Power Rangers. Then figure out how we can help. Then we'll wory about that 'looking death in the eye stuff," I explained, getting a little frustrated.

"Is this it Jason?" Emily asked.

"Yeah park us right at the base. I hope you guys are up for a long uphill climb," I said to the former simians in the back seat. "Of course!" Bulk blurted.

"Yeah, all those banana's man," Skull continued, "they change a guy, make him a killer. We've probably got the strength of ten men, right Bulk?"

Bulk nodded his head but seemed unconvinced. Obviously, today was not a good day for Skull's patented dopey humor. "I guess some things never change. Anyway," I said as the Suzuki stopped, "let's get walking." What I wasn't sure of yet, was what exactly we'd do when we got up to the Command Center. But we had a long walk for me to come up with something.