[See part one for disclaimer and warning.]

"Under New Management"
Part IV: "Shift Into Zeo"
by Dennis R. Holck

Holding Emily's hand, and listening to the chatter of Bulk and Skull as they lagged fruther behind, Y mad may way up the hillside to the old Command Center.

"Are we there yet?" Skull asked for the fifth time.

"Almost, I think this is about it," Emily answered, before I had the chance. "Where's the door Jason?"

"There's a way in along the left side," I told her. "Hey guys, c'mon try to keep up!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Bulk explained, "we're right behind you."

I had figured that when Zordon left he would've left all the equipment in the Power Chamber. I was about to find out that there were more surprises inside. "Good, my access code still work," I said as the door opened. "O.K. everyone follow me and don't touch anything!"

I noticed all the lights were on, which was a bit surprising, we cot to the chamber and then I saw Alpha. "Alpha? What are you doin' here?"

"Yo, yo, yo how'd you get in here, and who are you," came an unfamiliar voice from Alpha.

I was about to answer when another voice interrupted, "Alpha, who are these intruder's?" The voice was that of a woman, or the projection of a woman. She appeared in the same form that Zordon had been for all of these years.

"Jason, what's going on?" Emily asked.

"I don't know, but I'm going to find out...Who are you two?"

"Yo, yo, yo, I'm Alpha Six, and this is Dimitria of Inquirus, who the hell are you."

"I'm Jason, a friend of Zordon and Alpha Five, this is Emily, and..hey you two, get over here...this is Bulk and this is Skull. What are you two doing here?"

"Yo, we're here to watch after things while Zordon's on his little vacation," the annoying robot answered.

"Well, that's why we're here too," I explained, "maybe we can work together. Do you know where the Rangers are or what happened to them?"

"Do you believe that we would be talking to you and not helping them if we knew where they were?" The disembodied woman asked. "Would it not be best to try to find out and then carry on the introductions later?"

"Yes," Emily interjected, "they're in trouble, we must help them."

"Your right," Skull added, in an authoritative voice. "Beta Seven, use the tricorders and scan for Ranger life forms."

"Yo, the name's Alpha Six, and I don't take orders from nobody Stretch."

"Guys," I finally interrupted, "check out the viewing globe." It displayed an image of the Rangers morphed and in chains with a beam of light flooding them all.

"Soon, my transferance ray will drain the Rangers of their Turbo powers, and we can use them to rule the worl. Elgar how much longer?" It was a voice I had hoped enver to hear again, Divatox.

"Um, twenty minutes Auntie D."

"Excellent, in twenty minutes there will be no more Rangers and I will rule the world." The viewing Globe went dark.

"This is worse than I thought guys, we need a plan," I commented in frustration.

"Hey, why dont we go in there, blow up some of those Pirranah guys, beat some of the others up with the arms of the dead ones, and blow up their generator," Skull suggested.

"You're a genius Skully," Bulk said sarcastically, "that lizard guy isn't here to help us."

"Oh yeah, nevermind," Skull apologized.

"Actually, you've almost got a plan. Jason, why don't you turn into the Gold Ranger and go and pull the plug on that beam," Emily prodded.

"First, I'm not a Ranger anymore, second, I doubt we can get on that sub and just defeat Divatox'swhole crew, and third we can't let her get those powers." "Dimitria, what is the power source of the Turbo powers?"

"Can you not tell that they are derivative powers?" she queried.

"Derivative?" I was puzzled.

"Yo, derivative, like they are not independent but are derived from another power," the robot explained.

"The Zeo crystals?"

"Wow, give that man a prize, he finally figured it out," Alpha announced sarcastically.

"I am so lost at this point," Skull complained, "somebody, just explain it all when its over."

"Look," I said, "The Zeo crystals are here in the Command Center. They are the source for the Turbo powers. If we can shut off the flow of power from the crystals and then use the Zeo powers, we can stop Divatox from getting more powerful, and we'll have a means to go rescue are friends. If I know Zordon, I bet the Zeo zords are still around as well. Dimitria, are they in the Zord holding bay?"

"But do you not know that the Turbo Zords have no holding bay, only a garage? Did Zordon have a hiding place we don't know about?" she asked.

"Yeah, Alpha check these coordinates...here put it on the viewing globe," I said.

Then, there they were: The Zeo Megazord, the Super Zeo Megazord, and the Red Battle Zord. "Alright, Dimitria, turn off the Turbo powers. Alpha, get the Zeo crystals. Bulk, Skull, Emily, get ready to become power rangers," I commanded.

"Yesssss!, We're gonna be Power Rangers," Bulk and Skull exclaimed.

"Um, Jason," Emily asked cautiously ,"uh, I'm not much of a fighter, and those guys aren't exactly in fighting shape."

"Hey, what's that supposed to mean," Bulk shouted defensively.

"Look, I've figured that out too. There's this kid, named Justin you might know him. Anyway, he's just a squirt, but when he morphs he becomes a full sized power ranger. And this guy Billy who used to be a Ranger could barely fight at all, 'till he morphed. I figure, the morphing process will make you all good fighters, shrink Bulk's, um...bulk, and give Skull some muscles," I explained as Alph arived at with the crystals. "All right every one pick a color and let's do it!"

Emily grabbed the pink crystal and beagn to morph: "Zeo Ranger One: Pink!" And it was complete, she was a Ranger.

I went for the Red one, I always looked best in red: "Zeo Ranger Five: Red" Now I was morphed.

Bulk and Skull looked at the crystals, then chose. "Zeo Ranger Three: Blue!" And sure enough, Bulk looked every bit like a fighting ranger.

"Um, I guess I'll be green, Yellow's such a girl color," Skull joked then grabbing the crystal morphed and said "Zeo Ranger Four: Green."

"Allright, let's do it. Damn it feels good to morh again!" I said with joy. Now the real fun would begin.

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