By: KJ Holland

"We have forty eight hours to make this place look Valentine-y. We have all the decorations right here, and it's up to us to transform this place into something great for everyone to enjoy.", announced the Valentines Day Dance coordinator, Katherine Hillard

"What do you want us to do with them?", asked one of the teens helping her out

"We're in charge. Decorate the place just like you want it. The look of the dance is all up to us now.", Kat said

With those final words the quick meeting departed and everyone got to work. Kat was walking around with a clipboard in hand making sure they were right on track.

"Has the DJ called back yet?", Kat asked one of the boys who was working on decorations

"Yes he did, and he say's he'll be here about an hour and a half early.", he told her

"Great.", Kat said as she continued to walk

Kat was so busy checking up on everything she didn't notice the long haired guy enter. The guy approached her, and tapped her on the shoulder. Kat jumped because she wasn't expecting it then she turned around.

"Tommy, hi, what brings you here?", asked Kat

"Actually, I was hoping to find you here.", Tommy Oliver told her

"Really? Why? Is something wrong?", asked Kat

"Wrong? No, of course not.", Tommy told her

Kat breathed a sigh of relief. "That's good."

"So, Kat, do you... well what I wanted to know was do you have a date for the dance yet?", asked Tommy

"No, not yet.", Kat answered

"Well, in that case, I was wondering if you would like to go with me.", Tommy said

"You mean be your date? I'd love to.", Kat answered

"Really? That's great. So, as long as I'm here, need any help?", asked Tommy

"Help put up the decorations. We always need some help in that department.", Kat told him

"Ok, if that's what needs to be done I'll do it.", Tommy told her as he jogged off to help with decorations


"Look, the pink and red rangers are together.", Prince Gasket pointed out

"Well, it is almost Valentines Day. That's usually when people get together. Valentines Day is my favorite holiday. And this year I want to give you the ultimate gift.", Archerina said

"Oh really? And what might that be my love?", asked Gasket

"The destruction of the power rangers.", Archerina told him

"That would be the best gift. And how do you plan on doing that?", Gasket asked

"A love spell.", said Archerina

Gasket looked confused. "A love spell?"

"Yes. Five out of the six rangers are dating. What if I put a spell on them so powerful that the couples would only care about being with each other. That would leave just the Green Ranger to defend earth, and one lone ranger can't do it.", Archerina told him

"That's brilliant! I love it!", exclaimed Gasket

"Tonight, while they're sleeping, I'll slip into their rooms and cast the spell on them.", Archerina said

Gasket looked over at Archerina with a smile on his face.


The rangers who weren't having anything to do with the dance were hanging at their usual after school hang out spot, the Youth Center.

"Come on, you're better than that.", Jason Lee Scott said as he helped his friend up

"I know. I wasn't paying any attention what-so-ever this time. But you'll have to admit, I did have you pretty good early on.", agreed Rocky DeSantos as he stood up

"I'll give you credit for that. Come on, let's take a break. We'll go at it again later.", said Jason

Jason and Rocky left the mats and headed over to one of the round tables where the last two members of the Zeo team were sitting.

"Did you do anything important while we were gone?", asked Rocky as he kissed the brown headed girl and sat down beside her

"There hasn't been anything to do.", Rocky's best friend, Adam Park told him

When Jason sat down across from Rocky he motioned for the waitress to come over.

"Can I get you something?", asked the waitress

"Well, Rocky and I could use some water, then you can come sit with me.", Jason told her

"The water I can do. The sitting I can't. This place is packed in case you haven't noticed.", Jason's girlfriend Emily told him

"Fine, we'll settle for the water.", Jason said as Emily walked away

Emily quickly returned with two glasses of ice water. "Here you go.", she said handing them over

Jason and Rocky gulped down the water.

"Thirsty?", asked Rocky's girlfriend, Carri Hillard

The boys just smiled as they continued to drink.

"You know, I can't believe we start practice on Monday.", Adam commented

"Don't remind me. I have to get out this weekend and start warming up.", Carri told him

Adam's eyes lit up as he had an idea. "We should go to the cages this weekend. All three of us. Maybe see if Mark, Craig and some of them want to come."

"We could actually have a mini practice with five or six of us. It would be a great chance to warm up.", Carri told him

"That's a thought.", Adam said

"I'm free Sunday.", Carri told him

"Me too.", Adam agreed

"What about you?", Carri asked Rocky

Rocky finished his water and put his glass down. "Sunday? Sounds good."

"Then Sunday it is. I'll make a few calls, see if anyone else wants to join us.", Adam said

"Too bad I don't have to take part in that.", Jason said as he put his drink down

"You know, you can always come for the fun of it.", Rocky told him

Jason smiled. "I still think I'll skip it."

"Have it your way.", Rocky told him

"Are you ready to go again?", asked Jason

"Sure, why not.", Rocky told him

"Some break.", commented Carri

"We're guys. We don't need three years to get our breath back.", Jason told her

"Yeah, well I'm going to laugh when you both end up gasping for breath on the floor.", she said

"No you won't, because it won't happen.", Rocky assured her as he and Jason walked back to the mats

"Want to go watch them?", asked Adam

"Sure, why not.", Carri said

Adam and Carri got up and went to stand by the mats, watching as the two went at it.


"It's night time my dear, are you going out?", asked Gasket

"Yes. I am going to personally deliver the spell to each ranger.", Archerina told him

Gasket nodded his head as Archerina teleported out. Her first stop? The Hillard's house. She went first to Kat's room.

"I'll prove to you that you are not worthy of being pink after I finish destroying you.", Archerina whispered as she cast the spell on her

After she was done with Kat, she quickly slipped into Carri's room, and from there to Rocky's, Tommy's, Jason's and finally Emily's room.

"When you and your power ranger friends wake up, you won't know what hit you.", Archerina said with a smile as she left


The rangers walked through the halls before school as usual. Kat and Carri first caught up with Adam and Jason, then the four of them went to Rocky and Tommy's lockers.

"Rocky, hi.", Carri said all the sudden switching to a more romantic tone

"Listen to that. Somebody sounds like she wants something.", Adam joked

"Good morning.", Rocky said in the same type tone as he leaned in and they put their arms around each other then kissed

"What do you want to do?", she asked him with her arms still around his neck

"Let's go somewhere a little more quiet.", suggested Rocky

Rocky and Carri put their arms around the other's waists and left.

"Hm, I wonder what that was all about.", Adam said

Adam then turned to look to Tommy and Kat.

"Somewhere private. Where we can be together, alone.", Tommy said

"So we can do some more of this?", asked Kat as she gave him a passionate kiss

"And anything else you want to do.", Tommy told her as he led her off

"Tommy? Kat? When did... never mind.", Adam said to Jason, who all the sudden had stopped paying attention to him and looked at the girl who was walking down the hallway

"Emily, what are you doing here?", asked Adam

Emily paid no attention what-so-ever to Adam and ran into Jason's arms. Jason and Emily proceeded to make out in the hallway.

"I just got this sudden urge to see you.", Emily told him

"That's good. Because now you and I can go off together and make out some more.", Jason said as he and Emily left

Adam was standing there all alone.

"What's going on? Half of me suspects something, but then again it is Valentines Day. I shouldn't worry about it.", Adam said then he looked around and realized everyone staring at him

"My friends are gone, that's right.", Adam said as he headed off to class


The bell rang and all the students ran out of class, but instead of heading directly for their next class they went to check out the show that was being put on in the hallway.

"Look at that.", one boy whispered to the other

Rocky was leaning against a locker, and he had his arms around Carri and vice versa. They were kissing, and at the same time Rocky's hands were slowly moving up Carri's back and lifting her shirt up, exposing her back and her bra to anybody that happened to walk by, including Mr. Caplan.

"Mr. DeSantos, Miss Hillard, what do you think you're doing?", asked Mr. Caplan

Rocky let his hands fall back to her waist. "What we've been doing since we got here. And what are you looking at!", Rocky yelled at the crowd

The tone in Rocky's voice and the look on his face sent everybody running.

"This isn't private enough.", Carri complained

"You're right.", agreed Rocky

Rocky grabbed Carri's hand and led her into the crowd of students going to class, and past Mr. Caplan, who tried to keep up with them but couldn't. As they went past the library, they had no idea that they were running past Tommy and Kat.

"Why haven't we skipped class to do this before?", asked Kat as the two sat in the same chair at one of the round tables making out

"Well, you know, I had to wait until that other girl dumped me.", Tommy told her

"We still could've done this sooner.", Kat pointed out

"But we're here now. And we can make up for all lost time here in the library.", said Tommy

"There's a lot of lost time to make up for.", Kat told him

"Then why are we talking? Let's get started now.", Tommy said as he pulled her closer

"I like the sound of that.", Kat said as they started kissing again

In one of the janitor's rooms, much of the same was going on between Archerina's last two victims. Emily was sitting on a tall stool and Jason was standing in front of her as the two made out.

"I don't know why we haven't done this before.", Emily said

"You mean skip out on all responsibility to make out? I don't know, that's a good question.", Jason said

"I mean, usually we wait until we are done with all that needs to be done."

"But it's so much more fun to do it this way, don't you think?"

"Definitely.", Emily agreed as they shut up and continued to kiss


"Look at this, my plan is working perfectly. They are so involved in each other they don't care about anything else.", Archerina said happily

"We must send down a monster, now.", Gasket said

"Right. Klank, get a monster and send him down with some cogs immediately.", ordered Archerina

"Right away.", Klank said as he hurried off

"Soon we will do what my father could not, destroy the rangers and rule Earth.", Gasket announced


Beep Beep BeepBeep Beep Beep.

Adam stopped in the doorway of his second period class and headed for an empty room, looking around to make sure nobody saw him.

"What is it?", asked Adam

"Angel Grove is under attack. You must teleport to the park immediately.", Alpha told him

"Got it. It's morphin time!", yelled Adam


Meanwhile, the other rangers were finding ways to stop Zordon and Alpha from interrupting them.

Rocky had kicked everyone out of the guys bathroom and he and Carri went in and had locked the door so they could be alone.

Beep Beep BeepBeep Beep Beep.

"Whatever it is, screw it.", Rocky said

Beep Beep BeepBeep Beep Beep.

Rocky got an angered look on his face. "Look you dumb bot, I said screw it."

"But there's a monster...", Alpha started but was cut off when Rocky pressed a button on his communicator

Tommy and Kat had left the library for one of the empty classrooms, because they had more privacy in there.

"See, I told you that we could have more fun with a lot less interruptions in here.", Kat said

Beep Beep BeepBeep Beep Beep.

"This better have something to do with me and Kat because you interrupted us while we were in the middle of something.", Tommy growled

"Adam is in need of your help...", Alpha started but was cut off

"Did you say Adam? Adam is neither me nor Kat and he definitely has nothing to do with us making out. So I suggest you leave us alone before I come up there and rewire you.", Tommy threatened

Alpha left his conversation with Tommy and attempted to talk to Jason, who was still in the janitor's closet with Emily.

"Jason, this is...", Emily started

Beep Beep BeepBeep Beep Beep.

"What was that?", asked Emily

"Nothing of any importance. And unless this building is burning down or your life is in danger, it won't be.", Jason told her

"What are you talking about?", asked a confused Emily

"Don't worry about it.", Jason said as he continued to kiss Emily and ignore the communicator


"Ha, silly ranger you are about to be destroyed.", yelled the monster

Adam got up, barely in one piece after being shot at by this monster and having to deal with the cogs.

"As soon as my friends get here, you're going to wish you had never messed with me.", Adam told him

"Ai ai ai! They're not coming!", exclaimed Alpha through the communicator

"What?", questioned Adam

"You have to handle this on your own.", Alpha told him

"Aw man.", Adam said in disbelief

"Now it's time for you to go down!", the monster yelled with delight

Some of the cogs ran towards Adam and Adam fought them off. Then the monster shot at him and he was thrown backwards.

Adam got up and ran towards the monster, only to be thrown back again.

"You will soon be finished.", the monster said

"Not if I can help it.", Adam said although there was doubt in his voice

As Adam staggered to his feet, he saw something out of the corner of his eye, Orbus to be exact. Then the monster grew to city wrecking size.

"This is just great. Billy, can you call on some of the zords for me?", asked Adam

"You fight the cogs, I might be able to take care of the monster with the Red Super Zeo Zord.", Billy Cranston told him

"I hope you can pilot that well enough since your at the Power Chamber.", Adam said

"I should be able to.", Billy told him

Adam and Billy ended their conversation as Adam turned his attention to the cogs.

"Alright, I hope you didn't make any long term plans because you're going down.", Adam told them

As Adam engaged in a battle with the cogs, he saw the Red Super Zeo Zord appear and start to deal with the monster.

Adam found the cogs an easier opponent when they had no monster to back them up. He quickly took care of the cogs he faced. As he looked up he saw the Red Super Zeo Zord getting knocked around a little. The Super Zeo Zords were best controlled by a ranger, not through a control panel in the Power Chamber and that was showing.

"Now to help Billy. I need Super Zeo Zord power, now!", Adam yelled

The Green Super Zeo Zord appeared and Adam jumped into it. When Billy saw Adam appear, he took the slightly damaged Red Super Zeo Zord and had it retreat.

"Oh, now there's a new zords for me to destroy. How fun.", said the monster

"Somehow, I don't see that happening.", Adam told him

The monster found the zord to be a decent opponent. But it had more strength and power than him. The monster got a few good blows in, and left the zord in pretty bad shape. But in the end the zord came through, defeating the monster and sending him back to the junk heap.


"They beat our monster.", Archerina pointed out

"No matter, it was only one monster. We will launch a full scale attack, with our best fighter, cogs and Quadrifighters. Let's see the Green Ranger handle all that.", Gasket said

"You're right. By this time tomorrow, I will have handed you your ultimate Valentines Day gift.", Archerina said proudly


"Ok Billy, why was I all alone on this one?", asked Adam

"The guys appeared to be more into caring about each other than fighting the monsters.", Billy told him

"They have been acting funny ever since they all ran into each other this morning.", Adam told Billy

"I believe that is due to a love spell set on them sometime during the course of the night.", Billy said

"But why wasn't I affected?", asked Adam


"Well I'll show him that he should've put me under a spell too.", Adam said

"Ai ai ai! But how? You had difficulty with the one monster and cogs. What happens when Gasket launches a full scale attack?", asked Alpha

"Let's hope that doesn't happen. But when it does I'll be ready, and hopefully I'll have some backup.", Adam said

"The spell is reversible, but it may take a while for me to figure out how. In the meantime, Alpha will go ahead and work on getting the Zeo MegaZords and the Super Zeo MegaZords combined so that they will be at your disposal.", Billy told him

"What do you want me to do?", asked Adam

"Well, you can go get everyone and bring them here." Billy told him

"Even Emily?", questioned Adam

"Emily isn't a ranger, therefore she won't remember anything that happens between the time the spell is put on her and the time it is lifted.", Billy said

"Won't they try to teleport out?", asked Adam

"I can block their communicators until the spell is broken so they can't teleport in or out.", Alpha told him

"Ok then.", Adam said as he got ready to teleport out

"Don't forget to go as the Green Ranger. You never know who your going to run into while at the school.", Billy warned

"You got it.", Adam said


And in a flash of green light, Adam was gone.


Rocky and Carri were in the back of the boys bathroom, oblivious to everything, including the sound of the key turning the lock on to the bathroom door.

"Ha! I've found you! Did you think you were going to get away from me?", asked Mr. Caplan

"Actually yes we did.", Rocky told him

Mr. Caplan's face was red with anger as he made his way to the back. When he got about ten feet away from them, a flash of green light appeared between him and the teens.

"The green ranger! What are you doing here?", asked Mr. Caplan

"Several students in Angel Grove High have recently had a love spell placed on them by the head of the Machine Empire, Prince Gasket. These two are two of the students suspected under the spell. I am going to take them with me while we find a cure.", Adam explained

"Fine then. Just make sure as soon as they come out of it they meet me in my office.", Mr. Caplan said

Adam turned away from Mr. Caplan and towards the two rangers. He went over and grabbed them before teleporting them off. As soon as he dropped them off in the Power Chamber, he went and got Emily and Jason, then Kat and Tommy. None of the three couples even noticed that they were teleporting.

"I must say, this is the most public display of affection I have ever witnessed.", Billy commented as he saw the six teens still making out before him

At the sound of the new voice, all six looked up and saw they were in the Power Chamber.

"What are we doing here?", asked Kat

"More importantly, where is here?", asked Emily

"Who cares.", Jason said as they all six went back to what they were doing before

"I think it would be best if we separated them.", Billy said

"But how? They won't willingly leave each other.", Alpha pointed out

"If we can get the girls on one side and the guys on the other, I can get cages put around each group.", Billy said

"I think I have an idea.", Adam said as he walked a little closer to the group. "How would you guys like to play a game?"

"Game? What kind of game?", asked Tommy

"The guys go to one side of the room and the girls to the other, and when I say now you rush into each others arms. The ones who look the cutest win a vacation to the most private place they can think of.", Adam said

"Sounds good. We're in.", Rocky said as he and Carri split

"Us too. A private vacation sounds like a good idea.", agreed Jason

"Alright. We'll participate in your little game. So we can win and get out of here.", Tommy said

The couples separated and went to the other sides of the room. Billy quickly went to the control panel and started pressing buttons.

"Ok, ready, one, two.", Adam said but stopped before he got to three because Billy had already put up the cages

"Hey, what's going on!", yelled Jason

"Oh, did I leave that part out?", asked Adam

Each of the Zeo Rangers desperately pressed their communicators trying to morph out of the cages, only nothing happened.

"What did you do to the communicators?", asked Tommy

Tommy got no response.

"Hey dumb bot, geek, what did you do to the communicators?", asked Rocky

Alpha and Billy both ignored Rocky and soon to be the rest of the rangers calls as they went to work.


"Come on Adam, you're my best friend, let me out of here.", pleaded Rocky

"You don't understand, I have to see Tommy!", yelled Kat

"Look, all I want is a little time alone with my girlfriend.", Jason said

"What's it going to hurt if you let me go see Rocky?", asked Carri

"If you don't let me get with Kat, I'm going to show you why Rita chose me to be the Green Ranger.", threatened Tommy

"Please! I won't ask for anything else in my entire life if you just let me out.", begged Emily

Billy stomped his fist on the top of one of the control panels. "Enough! I can't work like this! They have been doing this ever since they got caged, and if they don't shut up soon I'm going to go crazy then they'll end up under Archerina's spell forever!"

"Billy man, calm down.", Adam said coming to put a hand on his friends shoulder

"Sorry, it's just that they're a big distraction.", Billy told him

Adam looked in thought for a moment. "Hey, I have an idea. Maybe if I take them to the AGPD, Lt. Stone can lock them up in cells. Boys and girls separate of course."

"Good idea.", Billy said

"Alright. Hang on a sec, let me morph. Then you can let the girls out first.", Adam said

Billy nodded his head yes.

"It's morphin time. ZEO RANGER IV, GREEN!"

Billy then got rid of the cage around the girls, who immediately ran to their boyfriends. But before they could make it the full way, Adam pulled out his Zeo Pistol.

"I'll do it, I swear I will.", he threatened

The girls stopped dead in their tracks.

"What do you think you're doing? You've totally flipped on us!", yelled Tommy

"Now come with me.", Adam said

The girls walked over to Adam.

"I'll be back for you later.", Adam promised as he teleported out with the three girls

Adam appeared at the AGPD to find Lt. Stone talking with Bulk and Skull.

"Now you three go sit over there.", Adam said as he pointed to some chairs

The girls just looked at him. Adam once again pulled out his Zeo Pistol.

"Now!", he yelled

The girls obeyed and he went to chat with the three guys.

"Hey Bulkie, look, it's the Green Ranger!", Skull pointed out the obvious

"I know that Skull.", Bulk said

"Lt. Stone, the Power Rangers and I were wondering if you could assist us.", Adam asked

"Anything to help out.", Lt. Stone told him

"Those three girls over there... sit!", Adam yelled as he took out his Zeo Pistol and pointed it at the three who were trying to sneak out the front

The girls quickly sat back down and Adam adjusted his stance so he could see both the girls and Lt. Stone.

"As I was saying, there are six teens in Angel Grove who are under a spell. We need you to put these three girls in one holding cell on one side of the building and the guys, who I will bring by in a moment, in a cell on the other side of the building.", Adam said

"Will do.", Lt. Stone agreed

"What kind of spell?", asked Skull

"A very powerful love spell. Which means you can't let them out or near each other or they will attach themselves to each other and they won't let go. To prevent this from happening, use force if necessary."

Lt. Stone nodded his head yes. "Bulk, Skull, take the girls. I'll wait for the guys and deal with them."

"Oh, the girls. We can handle it sir.", Bulk assured him

"Come here.", Adam said

The girls got up and went to Adam.

"Now, I want you to go with Bulk and Skull and do what they say.", ordered Adam

"I don't think so.", Emily said

Adam pulled out his pistol.

"On second thought, maybe we will.", Emily changed her mind

"I'll be back in a minute with the boys.", Adam said as he teleported off

Bulk and Skull led the girls to a cell on one side of the building.

"Well girls, here you are. Enjoy.", Bulk said as he threw them in the cell

Bulk and Skull were standing a little to close to the cell and Carri and Kat reached out and grabbed them.

"Come on boys, we need our boyfriends. Please let us be with them.", Carri pleaded

"Well, by the orders of the Green Ranger we can't let you near your boyfriends. But we'd be more that happy to come in the cage and keep you busy until then.", Skull suggested

Kat and Carri let go of Bulk and Skull. Then the three girls looked at each other. Then next thing Bulk and Skull knew, they were met by the sound of girls screaming for Tommy, Jason or Rocky.