"V-Day, Part 2"
By: KJ Holland

"Thanks Adam. That's much quieter.", Billy said when he returned

"No problem.", Adam told him

"Now I should be able to get a solution to the spell a lot sooner.", Billy said

"Well, I hope you hurry it up. Because who knows how long it will be before the Machine Empire strikes again.", Adam said

"Well, it's now fixed so you can pilot one zord - either the Super Zeo MegaZord or the Zeo MegaZord, take your pick, and Alpha can pilot the other.", Billy said

"That's reassuring.", Adam told him

Just as soon as those words left Adam's mouth, the alarm went off.


"Ai ai ai! I will take the Zeo MegaZord and destroy the Quadrifighters.", Alpha said

"Right. I'll take care of the cogs first, then the monster.", Adam told him

"Good luck.", Billy said


"It's morphin time! ZEO RANGER IV, GREEN!"

Adam appeared on the scene and found at least a dozen cogs waiting for him along with a monster.

"Hello Green Ranger, prepare to meet your doom!", he yelled

"I don't think so.", Adam said as he started his attack

As Adam started his attack on the ground, the Zeo MegaZord appeared and began to take care of the Quadrifighters.

Adam found himself getting thrown back more times than he liked. He got up from one of his throw backs, only to be faced with the monster, who quickly sent a bolt of energy through Adam.

"You are too weak to fight me now!", yelled the monster

"I will never let you win!", Adam promised him

"You will never stop me!", yelled the monster as he grew

"This can't be happening.", muttered Adam

"But it is.", the monster said

The monster started to step on Adam, but was pushed out of the way by the Zeo MegaZord.

"I owe you one Alpha.", Adam said

"I don't know how long I can keep the monster occupied. The Quadrifighters were easy, but a monster fight was meant to be handled by humans, not by someone not at the fight.", Alpha told him

"I can't help you yet. If I don't take care of the cogs now, they'll head for the city and start terrorizing innocent people.", Adam told him

Adam and Alpha ended their communication as they both went back to the fight. Adam found the cogs to be too much to handle. After he threw a few off of him, he found them all gathered in one place.

"I have an idea, and it just might work.", Adam said "Defender Wheel, power up!"

The Defender Wheel appeared from the direction of the Zeo MegaZord. Adam jumped in it and launched a full scale attack against the cogs. As soon as the wheel hit them, cog parts when flying everywhere.

"Alright! Now, I need the Super Zeo MegaZord!", Adam yelled

The Super Zeo MegaZord, already formed, appeared and then Adam appeared in it.

"Go ahead and take the Zeo MegaZord back, I can handle this.", Adam said

Alpha then took the Zeo MegaZord back to the holding bay.

"Alright. Zeo Saber, power up!", yelled Adam

Adam took the Zeo Saber and sliced the monster in two.


"Darling, how did that happen?", Archerina asked

"The Green Ranger has proved to be better than we expected. Klank!", yelled Gasket

"Yes?", asked Klank

"I want you to find the 3 best warriors in all the Machine Empire and have them come to fight a battle against the Green Ranger.", ordered Gasket

"Right away.", Klank said as he rushed off

"One monster may be too easy, but three is something no ranger could handle on his own, especially without the help of Pyramidas.", Gasket said


"Please tell me you have the antidote. Because Gasket is sure to start sending out more than one monster at a time and we were lucky we defeated that one.", Adam said the moment he teleported back in

"Well, I have come up with something that would theoretically work.", Billy told him

"Is there any way to test it?", asked Adam

"Only on them.", Billy said

"But if it doesn't work, we'll still be stuck with two groups trying to make out.", Adam pointed out

Billy smiled. "That's the beauty of the antidote. As soon as they get it, they will pass out while it takes it's course."

"That's great. So, when do we administer the antidote?", asked Adam

"I'll put the cages back up then we'll teleport them here.", Billy said

"Ok, let's do it.", said Adam


"...see that's the thing, we were just working up our emotions. You know you can't just jump into bed, you have to work the romance up there. This time it was just taking a little longer than usual. See, we'd be having fun right now if it weren't for Billy and Mr. Dumb old Green Ranger.", explained Carri

"I see what your saying. Except every time me and Jason get anywhere near that romance peak he gets paged. And it's always an emergency. Not like the world will come to and end if he's running fifteen minutes late.", complained Emily

"I want Tommy to be my first, last and only. He and I were meant to be together. And we would so totally be if it weren't for those stupid people.", Kat whined

Before another one of them could open their mouths to whine or complain, they were teleported in flashes of yellow, pink and white light.

Across the prison, the boys were also engaged in conversation, although it was of a slightly different nature.

"If I ever get my hands on our favorite Green Ranger, I'm going to kill him. Strangle him. Or maybe I'll get a zord and stomp on him. No, it would be more fun to do it by hand.", said Tommy

"It's the brain that should die.", grumbled Jason

"It's the bot.", Rocky said

"While were at it, we'll go after Mr. Floating Head.", Jason said

"Here's an idea. Jason strangles the geek, I'll rewire the bot, and Tommy can beat the crap out of the ranger.", Rocky suggested

"Yeah! Let's do it!", Tommy yelled right before the three were teleported out


"Damn these cages!", Tommy yelled as they looked up and realized where they were

"Don't worry Tommy, in a few minutes you won't even know you're here.", Adam promised

"What's that supposed to mean?", asked Tommy

"You'll find out.", said Adam

"Now girls, I'm going to get rid of the cages. Do not attempt to run to your boyfriends because Adam can morph and kill you before you have a chance. Understand?", asked Billy

The three girls nodded their heads yes.

Billy then got rid of the cage and Alpha came over to the girls with a tray, which held 6 plastic cups with something in them.

Billy approached the closest girl, who happened to be Carri. He picked up a cup and handed it to her. "Go ahead, drink up."

Carri sniffed it. "What is it?", she asked

"Trust me, I think you'll like it.", Billy assured her

Carri shrugged her shoulders as she drank it.

"I feel so... light headed.", Carri said right before she fainted and landed in Billy's arms

"What the hell do you think your doing!", yelled Rocky

"Well, she's out, at least we know it's taking it's course.", Billy said

"Quick question. What are we going to do with them once they've fainted.", asked Adam

"I hadn't accounted for that. I suppose we could put them in the medical room, and Alpha could stay with them so I won't be seen in the case that the antidote works.", Billy suggested

"Sounds good.", Adam said

"I'll carry Carri in there and take the other girls, you keep an eye out on things in here.", Billy said

"Ok, will do.", Adam agreed

Billy picked Carri up and motioned for the other two girls to follow. Alpha left right behind them with the antidote in hand.

"Where are you taking them?", Rocky asked

"You'll find out soon enough.", Adam told him

"You had better hope that nobody touches a hair on Kat's body or you will pay.", Tommy threatened

"Don't worry, she will be fine as soon as she wakes up.", Adam promised. I hope. He thought

Billy came into the room and let the cage down with the guys in it. "Come on, you're going to join your girlfriends."

The boys walked off behind Billy, with Adam behind them keeping a watchful eye out on what they were doing.


"How long will it take for the antidote to work it's course?", asked Adam

"Hopefully not much longer.", Billy said

"If it doesn't work, will it have any other side effects?", questioned Adam

"I don't know, however as soon as they start to wake up Alpha will scan them to see what's going on.", Billy told him

"I just hope it works before Gasket and...", Adam started but was interrupted by the alarm. "I spoke to soon."


"Ok. It's morphin time! ZEO RANGER IV, GREEN!"


Carri was the first one to get the antidote, so naturally she was the first one to wake up. She sat up and put her hand on her forehead.

"I feel like I just got hit in a head with a ton of bricks.", Carri complained

"Carri! You're awake!", Alpha exclaimed. "How do you feel?"

"Fine, except for the headache.", she told him

Alpha brought a scanner over to her.

"I need to see if the antidote worked.", Alpha told her

"Scan away.", Carri said

As Alpha started the scan the second girl to get the antidote woke up.

"What happened? And where am I? The last thing I remember was going to sleep.", Emily complained

"That's funny because I remember all...", Carri stopped short when Alpha pinched her. Then she realized what she was about to say in front of Emily.

"What were you saying?", asked Emily

"I remember all the things that happened before Wednesday night.", Carri filled in

"Oh.", Emily replied as she turned over to look at Carri. "Who, or what is that?", she yelled as she scooted a little farther away from what she saw

"I am Alpha 5, I am a fully functional robotic unit. I serve the Power Rangers. You are in the Power Chamber, home of the Power Rangers. The six of you were brought here after a spell was placed on you by Prince Gasket and Archerina, the two current heads of the Machine Empire. And by the looks of things, the spell has completely worn off.", Alpha explained

"That's good.", Carri said

"A spell? How long were we under a spell?", asked Emily

"Today is Thursday, you were put under it sometime last night.", Alpha told her

"I feel horrible. Like I was run over by a truck.", Kat complained as she sat up

"That feeling shouldn't last long. Besides, it's much better than the alternative, being under the spell.", Alpha promised her

Jason sat up and started rubbing the back of his head. "I don't know what was worse, the spell or the hangover I'm getting from it."

"Well, I'd have to say it was the spell. But then again since none of us can really remember the spell, it doesn't matter.", Emily told him

Jason looked up almost confused for a sec. "Oh, right, it would help if we could remember everything."

"I hate spells. First I was the evil..", Tommy muttered but got elbowed by Jason

"Evil what?", asked Emily

"People who put us under the spell.", Tommy finished

"But you said first I was the evil.", Emily told him

"No, I said there was the evil.", Tommy corrected her

"Funny. I thought you said first I was the evil.", Emily said

"Well, you're on the other side of the room.", Kat pointed out

"Yeah, you're right. Besides that I'm still a little out of it.", Emily said believing what she was told

"What did we do to deserve an evil spell.", wondered Rocky as he sat up

"Nobody does anything to deserve it. Gasket and Archerina pick and choose citizens of Angel Grove to terrorize and place evil spells on.", Alpha told him

"And, guess what, we won.", Carri said

Emily glanced down at her watch. "Look at the time! I have five minutes to get to work!"

"I will have my assistant teleport you somewhere where you cannot be seen. It is best for your safety that you are not seen teleporting and that you do not tell anyone of your recent adventure. Gasket may find anybody who knows a threat.", Alpha said

"Ok, that's understandable.", Emily said

"See you later.", Jason said as Emily was teleported out

As soon as Emily was gone Billy appeared in the room.

"From the data Alpha has gathered it looks as though you are all cured. Now Adam desperately needs your help in battle.", Billy told them

"Right. It's morphin time!", yelled Tommy







"One pathetic little power ranger isn't nearly enough to fight off the forces of all three of us.", taunted a monster

"Don't be so quick to underestimate the power of this one ranger.", Adam told them as he ran and took all three of them head on

The monsters were much more powerful than Adam. He engaged in a hand to hand battle again, and again he lost. And as he staggered to his feet, he was shot at from three directions and he landed flat on his back. Before Adam was able to get up again an army of at least a dozen cogs showed up and jumped on him.

"I can't hold on much longer.", Adam said to himself

Just as Adam thought he was at the end of the rope someone started picking of the cogs one by one. As the last cog was thrown off of him Adam realized it was not only one someone, but five someones.

"Are you ok?", Rocky asked as he helped his best friend up

"Much better now that you guys are here. The question should be are you ok?", Adam asked

"The spell that the Machine Empire so graciously cast on us has been lifted.", Tommy told him

"Aw, how cute, a ranger reunion. It won't last for long.", one monster promised

The three monsters split up. Rocky and Adam took one, Jason and Kat took one, leaving Carri and Tommy with one.

"Time for you to die.", the monster yelled

"I think you've gotten things a little backwards.", Jason said

Jason and Kat started out by fighting hand to hand. When that failed them they backed off

"Let's see how much you like my Zeo Pistol!", Kat yelled as she pulled it out and fired

Not giving the monster a second to recover Jason ran at it full force.

"It's time for a gold rush!"

The monster went flying backwards and was out of the fight.

Tommy and Carri started off with a fist fight, but found that wasn't having as much of an effect as they wanted to see.

"Zeo five, power weapon!", Tommy yelled

"Zeo two, power weapon!", Carri yelled

Their power weapons appeared in their hands and they attacked and brought down the monster with them.

Adam and Rocky hadn't really gotten into an involved fight yet.

"Come on man, that last fight knocked you out. Let's make this one easier.", Rocky said

"What do you suggest?", asked Adam

"Zeo cannon, power up!", Rocky yelled as the Zeo Cannon appeared in his and Adam's hands

"Zeo cannon, fire!", both boys yelled

"It looks like our monsters need some serious help.", Klank said as he threw Orbus

"Let's do it.", Tommy said as he saw the size of the monster had grown

"I think now is a good time for me to take Pyramidas out for the first time.", Jason said

"We need Zeo Zord power now!", yelled Tommy

"I call upon the power of Pyramidas!", Jason yelled

The five Zeo Zords and Pyramidas appeared and the rangers jumped into them.

"Ok, let's make this quick.", Adam said

Tommy nodded his head yes then they called for the Zeo Saber, quickly slicing the enemy in half.

That left two monsters, one of which Jason quickly took care of with Pyramidas.

"Ok guys, let's form the Zeo Ultra Zord.", said Jason

The five zeo rangers quickly gave the commands that allowed their zord to combine with Pyramidas.

"Zeo Ultra Zord fire!", they yelled as soon as the transformations were complete

"Alright, we've gotten them all. Let's head back.", Tommy said


"Blast those rangers! They have destroyed our three best warriors!", yelled Gasket

"And overcome my spell.", Archerina pointed out

"If it weren't for their friend Billy, the world would've been ours by now.", Gasket complained

"One day my love, the world will be ours and those power rangers will be forced to suffer pain like no human has felt before.", Archerina promised

"Yeah right.", said Prince Sprocket as he passed through

"Do you dare doubt me, your older brother and the soon to be leader of the Machine Empire?", asked Gasket

"If dad couldn't do it, what makes you think you can?", Sprocket asked

Gasket looked at his little brother, and Sprocket ran off.

"Soon, I will have the world in the palm of my hands.", Gasket said as he laughed an evil laugh



"And it's good to be back to normal.", Kat told him

"Who would've thought Archerina would've used our own relationships against us.", Carri said

"Well, over the past few years we have learned that the bad guy will use anything to destroy the power rangers and conquer earth.", Billy told her

"Before we go any further, I think I need to apologize. To Alpha for calling him a dumb bot and wanting to rewire him, to Billy for calling him a geek and Adam for giving him all that crap.", Rocky apologized

"And I should apologize for threatening to total the Power Chamber and to prove why I was the evil green ranger.", Tommy apologized

"And I think we all need to apologize for being such jerks.", Jason said as the girls nodded their heads

"Don't worry about it, you were under the spell. And as we all know the spells from evil leaders are very powerful and make you do and say things you would like to take back.", Billy told them

"I'm willing to forget about you guys being bad if you promise never to leave me out on the battle field alone with monster after monster.", Adam told them

"That's right, we left the fate of the world in your hands.", Tommy remembered

"And as I recall you did a pretty good job defending the earth all by yourself.", Jason said

"And on behalf of the rest of the power rangers, Angel Grove, and the world we say thank you.", Kat said

"I just did what any of you would've done in my situation. I put Prince Gasket in his place.", said Adam

"You deserve more credit than that.", Rocky said

"All I know is I'm never letting you do that to me again.", Adam said

"I don't see that happening anytime soon.", Tommy promised

"So what now?", asked Kat

"If I do recall, Rocky and I have a date with the principal.", Carri said

"We're looking at life long detention.", Rocky pointed out

"Not if the green ranger takes you to Mr. Caplan's office and explains things.", Adam said

"Zordon, can we do that?", Carri asked


"Alright. Let's go now. It's morphin time! ZEO RANGER IV, GREEN!"

And in a flash of yellow, blue and green light they were gone.

"Kat, I think we need to talk.", Tommy said

"All we had planned on was hanging out at the dance together and we ended up making out.", Kat said

"I hope this doesn't effect our friendship in anyway, or any relationship we might have.", Tommy told her

"Since it was out of our control, I'm willing to forget if you are.", Kat said

"That's good.", Tommy said, then he walked over and gave Kat a hug

"Hey, you guys want to go get milkshakes at the Youth Center?", asked Jason

"Sounds good.", Billy said

"Sure, why not.", Tommy agreed and Kat nodded her head yes

"Then let's go.", Jason said

And in flashes of black, red, white and pink light the teens were gone leaving only Alpha and Zordon in the Power Chamber.


Adam, Tommy, Kat, Jason and Billy were sitting at one of the round tables in the Youth Center when Rocky and Carri walked in.

"Adam told us about how he saved your butt.", Tommy greeted them as they walked over to the group

"Thanks to Adam Mr. Caplan was willing to forgive and forget, as long as nothing like that ever happens again.", Carri told them

"And trust me, from now on we're leaving all serious displays of affection for home.", Rocky assured them

"You guys should've seen yourselves. All of you.", Adam told them

"I'm sure we all put on quite a show.", Kat said

"You guys put on a show for everybody who happened to walk by. Especially you two, going at it in the hallway against the lockers.", Adam said

"At least Kat and I had enough sense to go into the library and the empty classroom.", Tommy said

"And we used the janitorial closet.", Jason added

"What can we say, we really didn't care who saw us make out.", Rocky told them

"I have an explanation for that. Basically the entire Angel Grove population knows that the two of you go out. And you don't care that they know. Your together, your in love and it doesn't bother you what the others think. However Jason and Emily are a rather new couple, and this was Kat and Tommy's first ever make out session, and neither couple was sure enough to let anybody know about them. I think that is why you chose to make out where you did.", Billy explained

"That settles that.", Adam said

"Well you guys, I've got to go put the finishing touches on the decorations.", Kat said as she stood up

"Do you mind if I join you?", Tommy asked

"No, not at all.", Kat said as the two of them got up and left

"Looks like it's just the four of us.", Adam said

Rocky crossed his arms and looked in thought. "I want a rematch.", he said

"Sure thing. Let's go.", Jason said as the boys got up and left

"Or the two of us.", Adam said as Carri sat down

"I don't really want to sit around here. Wanna go catch a movie?", asked Carri

"What movie?", asked Adam

"Your choice.", she told him

"I don't know.", Adam said

"Come on, it'll be my treat. It's the least I can do to pay you back for all you've done today.", she said

"Well, why not. It's not like I had any other plans.", Adam finally gave in

"Great, let's go.", Carri said as she hopped up and the two of them walked out of the Youth Center


"The gym looks great.", Rocky said as he and Carri approached Kat and Tommy

"Thank you.", Kat replied

"What, no yellow?", Tommy asked of Carri's red Valentine's Day Dance dress

"Hey, I'm allowed to wear something non-yellow if the mood calls for it.", Carri informed him

"And the mood certainly does.", Kat said. Of course Kat was wearing a light pink dress.

Tommy and Rocky were both in suits. Tommy's was black with a red tie and Rocky's was navy blue. Adam and a girl nobody knew approached them. Adam was also in a black suit but with a green tie.

"Hey guys.", Adam greeted

"Hey. Who's the date?", Rocky asked

"Guys, I'd like you to meet Clarissa Jamison.", Adam said as he introduced his date for the night. "Clarissa these are my friends, Rocky DeSantos, Tommy Oliver, Katherine Hillard and her cousin Carri Hillard."

The group was all giving him funny looks. After all, he did have a girlfriend in New York.

Adam was aware of the looks he was getting. "Guys, relax. Clarissa and I met last year in a writing class. We ran into each other the other day and she was talking about how her boyfriend was going to be away on the day of the dance so I figured her boyfriend's gone, Tanya's in New York, why don't we go together so the night's not a total waste."

"In that case, glad to meet you.", Tommy said

Jason, who was wearing all black, walked over to everybody along with Emily, who was wearing a white dress.

"Hey, who's this?", Jason asked

"Meet my friend Clarissa. Clarissa this is Jason and Emily.", Adam said

"Nice to meet you.", said Emily

As the group stood there talking the mood switched from the fast paced song to a slower one.

"Oh, I love this song.", Carri said

"Come on then.", Rocky said as they walked off onto the dance floor

"Shall we?", Tommy asked

Kat nodded her head yes and the two of them went onto the dance floor.

"Should we join them?", Jason asked

"Of course.", Emily said as they left

"That leaves us. Would you like to dance?", asked Adam

"I sure would.", Clarissa said as they joined the others

The gang spent most of their time Valentines Day Dance out on the dance floor, where everybody was laughing and having a good time, way into the early hours of the morning.