"An Old Friend"
By: KJ Holland

Carri Hillard is sitting in the Youth Center, with her friends surrounding her, watching the National Trials, the competition before the National Finals which determines who goes to the Pan Global Games.

"Look at that finish for Jenny! That should get a good score. I'd say at least a 9.7.", said the ABC announcer, Bart Conner

"All these gymnasts are too short! I want a good looking gymnast!", exclaimed one of Carri's friends, Matt Drake

"Oh wait! There's a candidate!", said Jerry Millwood as he pointed at the screen

"Look guys, if you're going to watch, do you mind not talking about the good looking girls?", Carri asked

"She's right. We have our own girls in Angel Grove.", said John Blackmond

"Kiss butt!", yelled Luke Wright

"You know it.", John confirmed

"And Kimberly Heart's floor is nearly flawless. Nobody would be more surprised than me if she didn't make it to the Pan Global Games.", said Bart. "And here's Jenny's score, a 9.75. As for Kim... Wow! I haven't seen a score this high since the Olympics! She earned a 9.910!"

"I could do that.", joked Carri

"Prove it!", yelled Matt

Carri shrugged her shoulders. "Ok."

Carri walked over to the mat usually used for sparring. She walked to the edge just like she was a real gymnast.

"Go Carri!", yelled Jerry

Carri ran a few steps did a cartwheel, and a backflip. Then she threw her hands up like she would in a routine.

"Ta da!", she announced proudly

"Well, not gymnastic material but a ten for effort.", said John

"Kiss butt.", Luke announced once again

"Um, I give it a ten for looks.", said Matt

"Not the flip's looks, but yours.", Jerry joked

Carri walked off the mat and hit him on the shoulder.

"I was trying to be nice.", he said

As they were turning around to leave, someone came up to the mat and did a cartwheel, two backflips plus a full twist and a handspring.

The whole Youth Center cheered.

"I think she's better.", said Jerry

He was playfully hit again by Carri as she walked up onto the mat and got into this strangers face.

"Excuse me. Who do you think you are coming into the Youth Center like that and showing me up in my place in front of my friends?", she asked

"Because you suck and anyone who had half a brain could show you up.", she said getting back in Carri's face

"Oh yeah?", Carri asked

"Yeah.", she said

They stared at each other for a minute before the stranger extended her hand.

"Kimberly Heart. Former resident of Angel Grove.", said Kim

"Carri Hillard.", said Carri extending her hand with her communicator on it

They shook hands as Kim pulled Carri in close to her and whispered something into her ear.

"Original Pink Ranger. And from you attire, I'd say you're the newest to wear yellow.", said Kim

Carri nodded her head in agreement. Then she spoke out loud. "Well in that case, you can hang with me."

"How privileged.", Kim said sarcastically

The two new friends went and found a table. Carri's other friends came, but left after a few minutes.

"Carri, we've gotta go.", said Matt

"Spring soccer practice.", Luke told her

"Sucks huh?", said John

"Hey, I had fall baseball practice.", Carri informed them

"Oh yeah. I forgot. Well, we really have to go if we don't want to get our butts kicked.", said John

"Bye.", said Carri

"Bye!", they yelled as they walked out the door

"Who are they?", asked Kim

"Some friends from Angel Grove High who think you're hot.", Carri told her

"Oh. Well then.", said Kim

"So, are you the original.... person.", Carri asked

"Yes I am.", announced Kim proudly

"In that case I've heard a lot about you. Never gotten your name. I always hear of you as the original... person.", Carri told her

"I wonder. I'll have to ask about that. However, I don't know who to ask. Who is part of the gang?", Kim inquired

"That would be Kat, me, Rocky, Adam, Tommy and Jason. In that order.", Carri informed her

"What do you mean in that order?", asked Kim

"You know. One, two, three, four and five. Then Jase came back to fill in someone else's spot.", explained Carri

"When I left it was different.", Kim told her

"How so?", asked Carri

"Well, when I started", she paused to lean over and whisper into Carri's ear, "it was dinosaur power. Then it was ninja powers and powers called from our own personal animal.", Kim told her

Carri leaned over and whispered back. "Now we get our powers from the zeo crystal. We each have a number and a color."

"Sounds nifty. Too bad I can't have anything to do with it.", said Kim

"Hey, just out of curiosity, what was Rocky's animal?", Carri wanted to know

"An ape.", Kim told her

"Ape?", questioned Carri. "No comment."

There was a pause in the conversation.

"Are you excited about going to the National Finals?", Carri asked

"Yeah. But it's going to be cool. I've been working for a while for this and I would die if I could go to the Pan Global Games. That would be almost as cool as the Olympics. I almost went to the last Olympics but I was number 14 on the cut list.", Kim told her

"Well, there's always the 2000 Olympics.", said Carri

"If I'm even around then.", Kim said

"Well, look at that Russian girl. Bogenskia I think. She's like 24 or something. You won't be that old. I say go for it.", Carri said

"If I even have anything left. It'll be my luck I'll be falling of the uneven bars, missing the vault, not hitting anything on the beam and slipping on the floor.", Kim said

"Pessimist!", Carri accused

"I know. I just don't want this to get to my head. You know, think I'm all that so I don't practice and I suck and I don't even make it too the Olympics. Like Dominique Mocheanu. Who from what I hear is on an I think I'm all that kick and that's why she's sucking now.", Kim said defending herself

Suddenly a cold hand appeared over Carri's eyes causing her to shreak, followed by someone's saying, "Guess who?"

"Um... Tom Cruise.", said Carri

"Nope.", said whoever it was

"Ok. Brad Pitt.", was her next answer

"Carri!", the person exclaimed

"Well, can't a girl hope!", she said

"We all hope!", exclaimed Kim

"Wait! I know. It's Tommy! Hey how you doing.", said Carri as she ran her hand up his arm

"Excuse me?", said this person

"You mean it's not Tommy?", Carri asked

"Nope.", he answered

"I'm right here. Way to go. That was supposed to be our secret.", said Tommy Oliver

"Oops. Well if it's not Tom, Brad or Tommy that leaves Rocky.", said Carri sort of sad like

"It took you long enough!", exclaimed Rocky DeSantos as he took his hands off her eyes and leaned in and kissed her. "Hi."

"Hello.", she said

"And you Mr. Oliver. What do you think your doing messing around with my woman?", Rocky joked

"Um... no answer.", joked Tommy

"Yeah. I see. So that's how it's gonna be.", said Rocky. Then he pulled up a chair and sat beside Carri

"Ah-hem.", Kim said

"Oh hi Kim.", said Tommy pretending not to notice

"Excuse me! I am only the love of your life and I think I deserve a better greeting then that.", exclaimed Kim

Rocky stood up, walked over to Kim and hugged her. "Hi Kim. Nice to see you again.", he said before throwing in, "Real nice." Then he sat back down.

"Hey!", exclaimed Tommy

"Two can play at this game.", Rocky joked

"Well Tommy if you want a hug you know you can have one.", said Kim

"I know.", said Tommy as he walked over and gave her a hug

"Aw. You two still look cute together.", said Adam Park

"I know. And she can be my third woman. Any problems?", asked Tommy

Carri shook her head no.

"And since Kat doesn't know about you, we're cool.", Tommy joked

"Hey Kim, do you do that two man thing?", asked Jason Lee Scott

"Hmm. Why not.", said Kim as she shrugged her shoulders and went to give both him and Adam hugs

"So, what brings a lovely lady such as yourself out of the ever so glamorous world of gymnastics and back to hang with us bad mannered Angel Grove type?", asked Tommy

"Well, I wanted to see my first love. Visit with Rocky and Adam, see how Kat is holding up and catch up on shopping with Aisha. But, as I have found out from Carri things have changed since I was last here.", Kim told them

"Let's see here. Since you left me myself and I have come back to grace Angel Grove with my presence.", said Jason

"And Tanya has come and gone.", Adam told Kim

"Well who's going to be my shopping partner?", asked Kim

All the guys looked at Carri.

"I don't think you'll find any problems filling Aisha's slot.", said Rocky

"Queen of the mall.", Carri announced proudly

"We shall see.", said Kim

"Wow. You know, it's great to see you. How's the gymnastics coming?", Tommy wanted to know

"I'm going to National Finals at the end of April.", Kim told them

"Congratulations!", exclaimed Jason

"Way to go.", said Adam

Just then Kat walked in. As soon as she saw Kim she came up and gave her a big hug.

"It's so good to see you!", exclaimed Carri's cousin, Katherine Hillard

"Good to see you too.", Kim said

"How long are you in town for?", asked Kat

"That depends on when my hotel money runs out. The rooms are expensive. I've only put in for one night so far.", Kim told her

"Your staying in a hotel! Don't waste your money. You can stay with us.", offered Kat

"I don't know. I'd hate to impose.", said Kim

"Don't worry. I don't mind and I'm sure it's not a problem with my parents.", said Kat

"Well, I have to stay in the hotel tonight but tomorrow I'll be there.", said Kim

"Ok then. Tomorrow night it is.", said Kat

"Well Kim, since you're back we should plan out a whole lot of suff to do.", said Jason

"Like?", prompted Kim

"We should go to the beach tomorrow.", said Jason

"Me and Jase will handle everything. We can get a picnic basket together and we'll tell Billy. It'll be fun. What do you guys say?", asked Tommy

"Sounds like fun.", said Kim

Adam, Kat, and Carri nodded their heads in agreement.

"I have to work tomorrow.", complained Rocky

"Oh.", Tommy said

"But you guys go ahead. I'll see you there.", Rocky told them

"You sure?", asked Tommy

"Yes, absolutely. Don't let me keep you cooped up. Go. Have fun.", said Rocky

"If you say so.", said Kim

"We'll have your whole stay here to talk and hang. And tomorrow is the only day I'm scheduled for this weekend.", Rocky told her

"Well, in that case we'll go and have fun.", said Kim

"Like we were going to let Rocky stop us anyway.", joked Jason

"You know, this feels right. Being here in the Youth Center, with you guys. There's only one thing missing. And since I actually have a social life now, you guys can keep it.", said Kim

"Hey, we had a social life. Remember how we used to go out every weekend?", asked Tommy

"Yeah. Boy were those the times! We went out all the time back then. Until Aisha got that stupid cat and it seemed to have something against us. Then we'd have to sneak out!", exclaimed Kim

"Hey! Don't blame me. Rita is the one you should be yelling at, not PC!", said Kat defending herself

"But PC was a big pain in the butt.", said Kim

"Not PC, Rita.", Kat protested

"Whatever you say.", said Tommy

"Hey, your supposed to be sticking up for me!", Kat said

"Not when I think you're wrong.", teased Tommy

"But you're contractually bound to stick up for me.", Kat informed him

"Um... no.", said Tommy

"Tommy, I'm afraid to tell you, but she's right. It's in the unwritten boyfriend/girlfriend contract.", Kim told him

"Yes, and Kim used that all the time! Especially when I picked on her.", said Jason

"Oops. My bad. Yes Kim, we should be yelling at Rita for messing up our dates, not PC.", said Tommy with a sudden change of attitude

"PC was actually cute. Of course, I am not thinking about exactly who PC was sent from and why she was there.", said Adam

"Good point. But remember when Tommy used to come to us and complain about the cat? It drove me nuts. That's why I don't think the cat was that cute. Tommy would've complained, Rita or not.", said Rocky

"Tommy just isn't a cat lover.", Jason said

"But he turned pretty quickly.", said Adam

Tommy just smiled.

Carri felt extremely left out of the conversation. She couldn't reminisce with the others, and she hardly knew Kim. She decided to go on home.

Carri got up. "Guys, I'm heading out."

"Why?", Kat asked

"Well..", she said slowly so she could think of a reason while walked behind Rocky and put a hand on his shoulder, "there's some Cactus League games on this afternoon that I wanted to catch. Want to come Rocky?", she asked him

"Not today, I want to stay here and chat with Kim for a little while. I might come by later.", Rocky said

"Are you sure? It's the Dodgers at the Cubs. And I'm actually going to cheer for L.A.", she said trying to get him to join her

"It's mighty tempting, but I'd rather stay here and chat. Besides, your cheering for L.A. doesn't mean anything until April first.", Rocky told her

Carri shrugged her shoulders. "Whatever."

Then Carri leaned in and gave Rocky a quick kiss before she left. She didn't let the others know, but she was upset and she felt like she had taken a back seat to Kim. She couldn't talk to them, she didn't even know who PC was, and the only thing she knew about Rita is that Kat used to report to her because she put her under a spell.

"So, where were we?", asked Jason

"Talking about the good old days.", said Adam

"Boy do I miss that. These new getups are nice and all, but I miss dinosaur days.", said Jason

"That makes two of us.", said Tommy

Rocky looked deep in thought. "I don't know. We're having fun now..." Rocky's voice trailed off.

"You just like it now because if we were still in the old ways you would have a totally different relationship with your girlfriend.", teased Tommy

"Where do you get that?", asked Rocky

"Aisha would have never left. Then Tanya wouldn't have come and gone and Carri wouldn't have been where she is now.", Tommy explained

"I never thought of that.", said Rocky

"I liked having my own special animal. But then again, I can't really play the comparison game. I went off to be a famous gymnast while I left Kat here to do the dirty work. Darn. Can't you tell I'm depressed?", said Kim

"Yes. And I thank you for giving me this wonderful job! And I liked having your own special animal too.", joked Kat

"Remember, it was my animal. I was just letting you borrow it.", said Kim

"I never got an animal.", complained Jason

"Aw. I feel for you. Really.", said Rocky making his sympathy face

"Hey, enough talk about animals. People are going to start thinking that we're running a zoo here!", exclaimed Adam

That got a laugh from the gang. For the rest of the afternoon they spent their time sitting and chatting.


"So, is everything ready for today?", asked Carri as she hopped down the stairs with a bag in her hand

"Yup. I just got off the phone with Tommy. Zordon gave him permission for Tommy, along with Billy and Jason, to take the picnic stuff and teleport it to the location, which is in a cave somewhere down the coast. We're going to swim there. It's not too far.", explained Kat

"Ok.", said Carri as she picked up her bag and got ready to leave

"Um, what are you taking the bag for? I said we're swimming.", Kat told her

"There's towels and some of my stuff in here- suntan lotion, shades, etc. Don't worry, Rocky can keep an eye on it for me. Not like I care if it gets stolen.", said Carri

Kat just shrugged her shoulders as she followed Carri out the door.


"Hey guys!", said Carri as she waved her hand at Kim, Jason, Billy, Tommy and Adam

"Hey!", yelled Kim as she waved back

"Are we ready to go?", asked Kat as they approached the gang

"Yup.", said Tommy

Kat looked around as she walked toward Tommy. All the guys had on tops and swim trunks. And the girls were wearing bikini's with shorts over the bottom. Kat approached Tommy and put her arm into his as they got ready to walk down the beach.

"Hey Carri, we're swimming.", Jason re-informed her after noticing the bag

"Duh! I'm giving it to Rocky. It's stuff we'll need later. Or at least I will. I'm not going home dripping wet", Carri said re-explaining why she had the bag

"Ok.", said Jason accepting her answer

The gang started to walk down the beach, toward Rocky's tower, which was the spot they were starting swimming at.

As they walked down the beach, Adam walked on the end. Billy walked beside him and Kim beside Billy. Tommy was squeezed between Kat and Kim, which was making for quite an uncomfortable situation. Even though Kat and Tommy were together, Tommy couldn't help but look over at Kim, with glances that he used to give her when they were together.

Why did we break up? We were such the couple... we could still be together... Tommy's thoughts trailed off as he was pulled back into reality by Kat, who, upon noticing Tommy's wondering eye, put her arm around him. Kat was starting to feel jealous about Kim and Tommy's relationship.

Walking beside Kat was Carri, and last but not least Jason. Carri and Jason were having fun, whispering back and forth about the various people on the beach, and some of the funky bathing suits they were wearing. Once they busted out laughing when Jason pointed out for Carri someone who was wearing a 2 piece who really shouldn't be. The others looked at them like they were crazy, but that look was nothing they hadn't seen before. Especially Carri.

Finally they approached the tower where Rocky was working. He came out and greeted them.

"Ready for your fun day in the sun?", Rocky asked

"Ready as we'll ever be.", Kim replied

"Just do me a favor and don't drown out there. I don't have time to watch you and the other kids.", Rocky joked

"Hey!", Carri exclaimed as both her and Kim jokingly hit Rocky

"Come on, don't gang up on me like this!", Rocky yelled. "So much for my friends help.", he said looking at Tommy, Jason, Adam and Billy

The four boys turned around looking for someone like they didn't know who Rocky was talking about.

"Before I give this to Rocky, is there anything anyone would like to contribute?", Carri asked pointing to the bag

"Here. I'd hate to ruin this.", said Kim taking a scrunchie out of her hair

Adam took his watch out of his pocket and handed it over. "I forgot this isn't waterproof.", he said sheepishly

"Well, here you go. We'll be back by 5 ish.", said Carri handing over the bag

"Wait!", the brains of the group and there close friend, Billy Cranston yelled

"What's wrong?", asked a concerned Tommy

"When Adam handed over his watch something just hit me. We shouldn't go swimming with our communicators on. They're electronic. What if they short out?", Billy told them

"No problem. We'll just leave them with Rocky.", said Jason as he took his off and prepared to hand it over

"I refuse to take any communicators. I can't watch this suff. I'm a lifeguard, not a stuff guard. People have been known to rip things from towers before. All of the stuff in here can be replaced. Not the communicators.", Rocky said

"Aw man. That ruins our afternoon.", griped Tommy

"Oh, this sucks. Well, come on Tommy, let's make the best of the afternoon and...", started Kat before being rudely interrupted

"Wait. I'll stay and watch them.", said Carri

"No, we couldn't ask you to do that. You're supposed to come with us.", said Kim

"Don't worry about it. You guys have catching up to do. I wouldn't know what to say..", Carri started but was interrupted by Rocky's, "for once." Then she elbowed him and continued on. "Besides, you're staying with us. I'll have plenty of time to get to know you."

"Well, if you really mean it...", Billy's voice trailed off

Carri shook her head yes.

"Ok then.", said Adam as he and the others took off their communicators and handed them to Carri

"Bye! Have fun!", Carri yelled after them as they ran down the beach, almost glad she couldn't go, she wasn't up for more reminiscing time

"That was a selfless act. How nice of you.", Rocky said as he waved bye to his friends

"I know. Now you're stuck with me because I'm going to lay out here and tan all afternoon.", Carri said

"Great.", Rocky said sarcastically but in a teasing manner

Carri grabbed her stuff and went to find a place to lay down as Rocky walked back into his tower. Carri dug through her bag and looked to find the biggest towel. When she found it, she also found her mini TV which she had left in her bag (which was also her baseball clothes bag) after the last practice. She had hid in the corner of the dugout and watched TV while the coach made all the bench warmers run.

I was wondering where this got off to. She thought as she laid down on her stomach on the blanket and turned on the TV. The first channel was NBC. Hmm. Day's Of Our Lives. Why not. Then I've got my Astros on at 1... and I'm set.


About fifteen minutes after leaving the main part of the beach the friends came up onto an area with a beach area no more than 35 feet long and there was no more that 25 feet from the time you got onto the beach until the time you reached the entrance of the cave.

As Tommy and Jason swam up to the shore, they walked into the cave and got the picnic basket and a blanket from inside. By the time they came back onto the beach everyone had made it ashore.

As soon as Billy saw them come out he went up to Jason and helped him with the blanket.

"On economy sized blanket for your sitting pleasure.", said Jason as they sat the blanket down

"Ok, let's eat.", said Tommy as he sat down and was quickly followed by the others.

They sat in a circle with the basket in the middle. Tommy had Kim to his right and Jason to his left. Kat wasn't quick enough to get a seat by Tommy so she was to Kim's right. Billy sat beside Jason and then Adam between Billy and Kat.

Kat opened the basket. "There isn't as much food in here as there was last time."

"That's because Rocky didn't come.", Adam said teasing his friend

The others laughed.

"So, who wants what?", asked Kim who had sit up to peer into the basket

"Just take a sandwich, drink and chips and pass the basket around.", Jason told her

The basket got around quickly, and by the time it made it back to Kim there was only bottled water left.

"Kim, I'm sorry I didn't come to the Youth Center yesterday and see you, but I was busy developing and rewiring...", Billy started but was interrupted by Kim

"Wait. Don't tell me. I won't understand.", Kim stopped him

"You never could understand anything I was doing.", commented Billy

"That's because I wasn't the one who graduated in the eleventh grade and was so smart. I was just one of the dumb ones.", Kim said, making fun of herself by saying she was dumb

"I agree with that. You were always the one who we had to explain things to.", Jason said

"Hey, not like you were any better.", Kim said defending herself

"It seems as though the only person in the history of the Power Rangers to ever understand Billy's mumbo jumbo was Trini.", Tommy told them

"Boy do I miss Trini. With her around, there was never any need to repeat myself. She was my official translator.", Billy said as he sighed

"Let's see, I saw Trini not to long ago... maybe a month or so ago. She was doing fine. Her and Zack are still working the peace conferences. I can get you the address if you want it Billy. Then you could write her and see how she's doing.", Jason told him

"Really? That would be great!", Billy exclaimed

"Just remind me and I'll bring it by the Power Chamber later this week.", said Jason

"Those were the fun times, me, you guys and Zack and Trini. Although I did enjoy Aisha's presence more because she would actually shop with me. And Rocky actually keeps my secrets...", started Kim before she was rudely cut off

"Hey! When have I ever blabbed something you told me?", asked Jason

"Let's see here... where to start. Remember when I told you I thought Bulk and Skull needed a major attitude adjustment? Well they came after me with flowers and candy for days after you blabbed that one. And how about the time when you told Tommy that I said I've never had a power hungry boyfriend. He took it as an insult. Then there was when...", Kim started but was cut off

"Ack! Ok, ok I get the point. Maybe I do have a kinda big mouth.", admitted Jason

"Kind of? No comment.", Tommy said joking with his best friend

Kat had been sitting and smiling the whole time. She couldn't have anything to do with their conversation - it was all before she came. She was extremely jealous of Kim and she wished that she had stayed on the beach with Carri. At least then she'd have someone she could talk to, someone else who didn't really fit in while Kim was there because she wasn't around back then either.

Kim put her arm around Tommy and reached way behind him so she could grab Jason's shoulder too.

"This is the best time I've had since I left Angel Grove. I'm here, with you guys, eating and talking...", Kim said

"We've missed you Kim.", Tommy told her

"Yeah. Things aren't just the same without having someone as spirited as you... however we do have rangers who compare.", Jason said agreeing with Tommy

"Really? Who could compare to me?", questioned Kim

The guys looked at each other. "Let me tell you, Carri has your spirit - attitude wise she reminds me a little of you.", Tommy told her

"Well then, it looks like Carri and I should spend more time together. Maybe we'll go somewhere when we get back home. Like... shopping!", said Kim

"Well, Carri may have your spirit but she certainly is no Kim. You are unique.", Billy told Kim

"I know.", Kim said agreeing with him

Tommy started laughing.

"What?", Adam asked

"I was just thinking about all the things Kim has done.", Tommy explained to Adam

"Like?", Adam prompted

"Oh... everything.", Tommy's answered

Kim (who by this time had removed her arm from around Tommy's shoulder) got on her knees and got over Tommy, grabbing his arm.

"Tell me what you were thinking about me or I'll twist it!", she threatened

"Nope, not telling.", Tommy said

Kim pushed Tommy over and his legs went flying up. Kim landed on top of Tommy and by that time they were both laughing unstoppably.

"They haven't changed.", Jason whispered to Billy

Billy just shook his head no.

Kat was wishing more than anything that that was her on top of Tommy.But that's ok. I only have to deal with Kim for a few days and then she's gone - back to practicing gymnastics - for a long, long time. She thought.


Rocky, who was just getting back from patrolling the beach, walked behind Carri, who was laying on her back, and glanced down at the baseball score.

"Still 0-0? They're in the sixth already.", said Rocky

"Both Steve Avery and Daryl Kile are flawless. But don't worry, the Red Sox will fall.", Carri said confidently

"Sure they will.", said Rocky as he walked back to his tower

Beep Beep BeepBeep Beep Beep.

"Ug!", yelled Carri as she sat up. Not one day of peace! She thought.

Carri walked up onto the tower and pointed to her communicator.

"Do you mind watching everybody's stuff while I go deal with the emergency.", she whispered as she walked up to Rocky

"Wait a minute. I'm not letting you go by yourself. Who knows what Mondo has for us.", Rocky told her

"And just who do you think is coming with me? Everybody else is eating lunch.", Carri said

"Me.", Rocky said

"But your on duty!", Carri exclaimed, "Besides, how hard could this be. I'll only be gone a few minutes and..."

Rocky cut her off. "And nothing. Hang on."

Rocky went inside his tower and picked up the phone, and opened a line to the closest tower.

"Do you mind watching my water for a minute? I just got paged, family emergency.", Rocky asked

"Sure.", replied the lifeguard on the other end of the phone

Rocky quickly closed up the tower and Carri walked in.

"Now I can come with you.", Rocky told her

They shut the door to the tower and it was completely dark. Carri answered her communicator.

"Yes?", she asked

"King Mondo has sent a monster into the city and it is terrorizing the citizens. You must teleport immediately.", Alpha told them

"Right. We're on it.", Carri said

"It's morphin time!", Rocky yelled, although not to loudly for fear someone outside might hear him




Once lunch was finished, everyone started to play volleyball. Tommy and Jason had brought the ball and they used the towel (folded up) as the middle of the court. They had no real net.

Kat managed her way onto Tommy's team, along with Jason. Kat was hoping she could get Tommy to forget about Kim. However, the one player on the other team that Tommy played around with the most was Kim.

"This one's coming to you!", Tommy yelled as he served the ball

"I got it!", yelled Kim

Kim bumped it, Billy set it, and Adam spiked it. As it went over the net both Jason and Tommy dove for it and missed. But Kat saved it and is soon as Tommy jumped up, he spiked it in Kim's face and she missed it.

Kim stuck her tongue out. "No fair. I wasn't ready.", she complained

Jason threw Tommy the ball as Tommy was walking off the "court". "Hey man, it's your serve. Where you going?"

Tommy had pulled a watch out of the basket and noticed that it was almost three.

"I hate to cut it short, but I have to go. I promised David I would meet him somewhere at four. I'll see you guys later.", said Tommy as he waved and ran into the ocean


"We need help!", Carri yelled as she and Rocky regrouped after being thrown aside by the monster

"Yes you do! You will never be able to defeat me!", the monster bellowed

"Now that we're winning, let's make our monster grow!", yelled Klank as he swirled Orbus around and flung him onto the monster

"Up you go buddy.", said Orbus as the monster grew to an enormous size

"Oh man. Where's Pyramidas when you need it most?", asked Rocky

"I don't know, but I suggest we get our zords fast before we're crushed.", said Carri

"Right. We need Super Zeo Zord power, now!", Rocky yelled

Suddenly the blue and yellow zeo zords came out of nowhere and Carri and Rocky jumped into their zord.

They fought the monster, as hard as it was. He was flinging them around easily. They were fighting him the best they could, and they had issued some hard blows, but without some more powerful zords, they would be through.


Tommy made it ashore and noticed the bag with the communicators, opened and unattended.

How irresponsible! I can't believe she just ran off and left this stuff here where anyone could get their hands on it! He thought angrily as he pulled his communicator out of the bag and zipped the bag up.

Beep Beep BeepBeep Beep Beep.

"Aw man, that must be where she is.", Tommy said out loud

Tommy noticed the closed up tower and walked into it to answer his communicator.

"What is it?", he asked

"Rocky and Carri are in the park fighting one of Mondo's monsters and are in great need of your assistance.", Alpha informed him

"Ok Alpha. I'm on it. It's morphin time!", yelled Tommy



"Tommy!", Carri yelled from the cockpit of her zord

"I need Red Battle Zord power, now!", yelled Tommy

"Sorry I'm late.", Tommy apologized from the cockpit of the Red Battle Zord

"Better late that never.", said Rocky

"So, why haven't you called on the Super Zeo Mega Zord yet?", asked Tommy

"Don't bother rangers! I will destroy you before you can call on your sorry zords!", bellowed the monster

"We needed one more zord - Alpha said he can only bring out and work two at once.", Carri explained

"Right. Hold on. I need Super Zeo Zord power now!", Tommy yelled

Tommy jumped into the red Super Zeo Zord.

"Ready Alpha?", Rocky asked

"Yes Rocky.", Alpha told him

"Ok. We need Super Zeo Mega Zord power now!", yelled Tommy

Suddenly the pink and green zeo zords appeared and they formed the Super Zeo Mega Zord.

"You guys got it?", Tommy asked

"Yup.", answered Rocky

"Ok then.", Tommy said as he left for his zord

While the rangers were forming the Super Zeo Mega Zord the monster had taken advantage of Tommy's vacant Battle Zord and was trashing it. Just as he was about to knock the zord down, Tommy reappeared in his zord and issued the monster the greatest of blows. The monster fell back in shock.

The Super Zeo Mega Zord along with the Red Battle Zord worked to take down another one of Mondo's monsters. After each zord took a slight beating they decided they had to regroup and combine their forces into one great attack. Both zords came at the monster hitting him is hard as they could, causing the monster to fall back and be destroyed.