"An Old Friend, Part 2"
By: KJ Holland

Carri was sitting with Rocky on her beach towel. It had reached 5:00 and Rocky was officially off duty because the beach was closed.

"Why don't you come home with me?", Rocky asked her

"The guys would have my head if I ran off with their stuff.", said Carri

"So. Not like they won't be able to guess where you went.", Rocky said as he smiled

Rocky put his arm around her as he spoke, and they kissed. For a few moments it was perfect, the sun was setting and the ocean water was crystal clear.

"Ooooh, Rocky! Carri! Look at you guys, sitting here setting a bad example for all of us.", Kim teased interrupting their moment

Carri and Rocky stopped kissing as they looked up and saw their friends arriving from their day of fun.

"And I thought Mondo had bad timing.", Rocky complained

"Oopsies. Did we interrupt. Darn.", said Kim as she snapped her fingers and made a sympathy face

Rocky stood up then he helped Carri up. "I know you would have done everything to avoid coming at this time if you knew we were here.", said Rocky

"Exactly.", Kim told him

Jason reached into the bag and pulled out his communicator. "I hate to run, but I have something else I've got to do.", he said

"Somebody's got a hot date tonight.", Carri teased

"Maybe.", Jason said

"Now Jason, you know you can't leave without telling me who she is.", Kim said

"Bye.", said Jason as he waved his hand and left

"Her name is Emily and she works for Ernie's beach club as a waitress.", Carri told her

"Traitor!", Jason yelled jokingly as was walking away

"So Carri, I've heard a lot about you, although considering the sources I don't know if it's true, and I was thinking maybe me and you should go to the mall after we change and have a chance to shop and get to know each other.", proposed Kim

"Sure, I've got nothing else planned. Why not.", said Carri

Carri picked up her bag and handed Billy, Kat and Adam their communicators.

"Well, I'm off to the Power Chamber. I'll talk to you guys later.", said Billy as he hit the button and teleported away

"Well, I'm leaving. Kim your bags are in Kat's car now.", Adam told her as he left

"Ok. I guess we're leaving too.", said Kim

"Wait, we're not leaving until I collect my stuff.", Carri said stopping Kim from walking away

"Come on Carri. I had things I needed to do.", said Kat restlessly

"Ok ok!.", she exclaimed

"If you really need to go, go on. I'll take Carri home.", offered Rocky

"Ok. Coming Kim?", asked Kat

"Um... yeah. I'll shower and I'll be ready soon.", said Kim

"Ok. All I need to do is change, so if you guys hurry we'll be ready to go as soon as I get back.", said Carri

"Alright, bye.", said Kim as she waved her hand and left

"Bye.", said Kat as she followed her

"Bye!", Rocky and Carri said at the same time as Carri waved

"Ok. Now let's hurry up and get this stuff picked up.", Carri said as she picked up a baseball which had rolled out of her bag

"Now, you know that will only take a few seconds. And Kim is probably getting ready to take a shower and that will take a few minutes.", Rocky told her

"And?", questioned Carri as she put the ball back into the bag

"And the sun is still setting and the ocean is beautiful.. and now that everybody's gone.", Rocky started as he pulled Carri in closer. "We can pick up where we left off.", he said as he kissed her


Carri and Kim had long returned from their shopping and were laying on their stomachs on the floor in their clothes going threw a bag of assorted Hershey's chocolates while watching TV. They were running on a caffeine high while Kat, who was right beside them, was half asleep. But that was expected, considering it was two in the morning.

"Did you see the look on the cashier's face when I handed her the purchases?", Kim asked

"It was classic. Then when she rang them up...", Carri started

"And she asked if I was sure about buying it all!", exclaimed Kim as both girls laughed

"You can't forget about those people in Claire's. There was the couple... now there was a classic.", Carri said

"Then you can't forget about that old lady.", said Kim

"Oh yeah. What did she say... oh, I remember. Little girls like you shouldn't be out this late at night. What would happen if somebody tried to grab you. You would be completely defenseless.", said Carri imitating the lady to the best of her ability

"Sure we would. We can hold our own against the forces of evil trying to destroy the earth but we couldn't handle a bunch of teenaged punks. Whatever.", said Kim causing another burst of laughter from her and Carri

Great. Even my own cousin prefers having Kim around over me. This just ends my perfect day. Thought Kat as she sighed and put her head down.

"What really killed me was that teen who...", started Kim

"Stop! With all of that talking how's a girl supposed to get any rest?", complained Kat

"Here. Have a few. In a few minutes you won't even be sleepy.", said Carri as she tossed the bag Kat's way

"No I can't. I dance, remember.", said Kat throwing the bag back

"Hmm. You know, if my coach saw me eating like this, he'd kill me.", said Kim

"Mine too.", agreed Carri

Just then there was a knock at the front door.

"Now, there's only four guys I know crazy enough to come over here at two in the morning.", said Carri as she glanced over at Kim

They both jumped up and went for the door. Kat got up on her own time.

Carri threw the door open. "Don't you guys know...", she started but she stopped suddenly once she realized who her visitors were

"Cogs!", she exclaimed. "Can you hold them off for a minute?"

"Yeah sure. Go morph.", said Kim as she started fighting them

Carri back up to where Kat was standing. "It's morphin time!", she yelled



There were bright flashes of pink and yellow light, but nothing happened.

"What in the?", said a puzzled Carri. "Let's try again."



The results were the same. Carri tried to contact the Power Chamber, but got no response.

"Something's wrong. We've got to get the cogs out of the house.", Carri said to Kim

Kim nodded her head yes as the three girls fought the cogs out of the house.

There were dozens of cogs and no sign of help. Suddenly out of nowhere, about two dozen big brown birds appeared and started attacking the girls. One of them grabbed Kat from behind and, because she was to tired to fight it, it took here and teleported her away. Then they came after Kim and Carri, pushing cogs out of the way.

"Tengas! I thought they were long gone!", exclaimed Kim

"Who?", asked Carri as she walked over to Kim and looked out onto the empty road seeing all their foes coming at them

"No time to explain. But I do know we're out numbered. Heavily.", said Kim

"There's only one thing left to do. Run!", yelled Carri as she and Kim took off

"Were are we going?", asked Kim

"Jason's house. It's the closest one to us.", Carri told her

Carri and Kim ran through the streets and cut across lawns, hoping to loose the cogs. They ran threw 3 or 4 backyards and down a street a few feet, then they took a left onto a street and ran the to the third house on the right, Jason's house. It appeared that they had lost the cogs and tengas - for the moment. But they needed to hurry because they would catch up soon.

Carri ran and knocked on Jason's door and his younger sister answered.

"Where's your brother?", Carri said as she peered into the room and saw several 11 year old girls playing with makeup

"Jason said no girls are allowed to bother him.", said his sister Julie Scott as she prepared to slam the door in Carri and Kim's face

"Wait!", yelled Carri as she caught the door. "This is an emergency."

Julie opened the door and pointed up the stairs. "Second door on the left. But he's asleep. And my brother knows karate so when he kills you both you can't say I didn't warn you.", she said as she let the girls in

Kim rolled her eyes as she walked by. "I hope I wasn't that annoying at eleven.", she whispered to Carri as they walked up the stairs

Carri made it up the stairs first and banged on Jason's door.

"Go away! I'm trying to sleep! Didn't I tell you that if you bothered me I'd kill you!", yelled Jason as he woke up

Carri opened the door and walked in, and was followed by Kim. Jason was laying on his side, his back facing the opposite direction from the girls.

Kim shut the door behind them. "Jason this is important.", she said

"Get ou..!", Jason started to yell as he sat up and realized who it was that was bothering him at such an early hour

"What are you doing here?", he asked

"Our powers aren't working and communications are down.", Carri started to explain

"And to make matters worse, the tengas were there and they snatched Kat.", finished Kim

"Maybe my powers will work since they don't come from the zeo crystal.", said Jason as he stood up


Jason had his hand up in the air, but nothing happened.

"We need to get the others.", said Jason as he threw on some clothes

"Right. I'll go wake Rocky.", Carri volunteered

"I'll go get Tommy.", volunteered Jason

"And I guess I can go wake Adam.", said Kim

"Ahhh!", was the scream that came from downstairs

"Oh no.", said Jason as he ran out the door and down the stairs, quickly followed by Kim and Carri

As they arrived they found the cogs and tengas harassing the kids. They fought some more bad guys, and kicked them out of the house, and away from Julie and her guests.

Jason, Kim and Carri ran outside and split, and prayed they would shake the enemy.

"See I told you Jason knew karate.", said Julie as she tried to imitate his kick but ended up falling on her butt

All of her friends were staring at the door all googly eyed.

"He's dreamy.", said Sarah

"And he has a cute butt too.", Christine said as the girls giggled


Knock knock!

"Carri! Do you realize it's two in the morning. You may be always welcome here, but not while others are sleeping.", said Rocky's little brother Matt DeSantos

"You're up.", Carri pointed out

"All night movie marathon.", Matt said as he moved out of Carri's way and she ran up the stairs

"What's the rush?", asked Matt

"This is a life or death matter.", she explained as she made it up the stairs and busted into Rocky's room

Rocky's room was a mess. There were clothes in the floor and it looked like he hadn't cleaned it in a while. But that was ok. Because compared to Carri's room, it was pretty neat. Rocky was asleep, and the sheets were all messed up and he was barley under them.

Carri walked up and tapped him on the shoulder. "Wake up.", she whispered into his ear

"Huh?", Rocky muttered as he opened his eyes and noticed Carri staring at him

"What are you doing here?", he hissed

"What a warm welcome. We have problems. Everything is down, and Kat's been captured by these big brown birds called....", Carri's voice trailed off because she couldn't remember their names

"Tengas.", Rocky finished off for her as he sat strait up

Rocky jumped out of bed and threw some clothes on.

"We need to hurry. I don't know how long it will take before the tengas figure out I'm here.", said Carri

"Let's go.", said Rocky as he grabbed his keys off of his bag that he usually takes to work

"Let's swing by Adam and Tommy's houses to see how everyone else is doing.", suggested Carri as they left Rocky's room and headed downstairs

Rocky nodded his head in agreement as they walked out the door and to the car.


Rocky, with Carri on the passengers side and Adam and Kim in the backseat, pulled into the Youth Center with Tommy and Jason close behind them.

"Now, tell me again why you ran.", Rocky asked

"The Hershey's.", mumbled Kim as Carri laughed

"They were right on our tail at both mine and Jase's house. We didn't have much of a choice.", explained Carri as Rocky parked the car and they got out

Everyone, minus Billy and Kat, was standing in the dark empty parking lot at the Youth Center.

"What do we do now?", asked Adam

"We need to find a place to hide out until tomorrow morning. We can't take everybody on while it's dark like this.", said Tommy

"I think I know the place.", said Rocky

"Where?", asked Tommy

"Just follow me.", said Rocky

"Ok.", Tommy said

Everyone piled back into the cars they came in, except for Kim who rode over with Tommy and Jason.


"Rocky, we're at the beach!", exclaimed Carri as they stepped out of the car

"Where can we possibly stay here?", questioned Kim

Rocky held up a key. "In headquarters. Those dummies will be so busy looking for us at each others houses they'll never think to look here.", he said justifying his decision to bring them to the beach

"Good idea.", said Tommy

They all walked to the door to lifeguard headquarters and Rocky opened it. They went downstairs to the main lobby, which lead to the locker rooms and exercise room.

Rocky went over to a cabinet and opened it. He pulled out six towels and handed everybody one.

"Use these as pillows.", said Rocky

Everyone took their "pillow" and laid down to make an attempt at sleep. Rocky slept the far left, next to Carri who was beside Kim. To the other side of Kim was Tommy, then Jason and finally Adam.

Eventually everyone was able to close their eyes but the situation at hand kept for any decent sleep.


"Rocky DeSantos! What gives you and your friends the right to come in here and...", Rocky's boss, Jake Thompson started but was interrupted when a tenga came flying down the stairs and attacked him

The rangers got up quickly to get the tenga off Rocky's boss and they started to fight the ones that followed. There weren't as many as the night before, and the cogs weren't there. They won a quick battle against the tengas and then they disappeared. The rangers ran up the stairs and followed them

Jake watched the whole incident. He was confused. What was that? I think my best bet would be to forget this ever happened. He thought as he picked up the towels that the rangers left on the floor.


"We have to get to the Power Chamber on foot.", Tommy said

"As much as I hate to admit it, your right.", said Adam

"We can drive part of the way.", Jason told them

The others nodded their heads in agreement as they jumped into the cars and headed off.

As they drove, Rocky noticed how quiet Carri was.

"What's the matter?", he asked

"I'm worried about Kat.", said Carri

"Don't worry, we'll find her.", Rocky said trying to comfort his girlfriend

Carri still had a worried look on her face. "And I still have no clue who those birds are.", she complained

"I can handle this one. Those birds are called tengas. They were a late wedding gift to Lord Zedd and Rita from Rita's bone headed brother, Rito.", Adam explained

"I think I understand. So, with Rita and Zedd, what are we up against?", asked Carri

"Well, Rita and Zedd have different methods of making monsters out of inanimate objects. There was the one made from the Pachinko Machine..", Adam started

"That was my favorite.", interrupted Rocky

"Then there was others made out of silly stuff. And Finster used to make monsters out of clay... the only other things we have to worry about are Goldar and Rito.", finished Adam

"If you want to say we even have to worry about them.", joked Rocky

The rangers quickly reached their final destination and hopped out of the car and begin walking to the Power Chamber. The walk was long and tiring. And when they got there, all they found in the space where the Power Chamber used to be was nothing.

The rangers couldn't believe their eyes. Carri, who was close to tears, walked up to the spot where the Power Chamber was supposed to be and as she was walking, it felt like she hit a wall. But there was nothing. Carri stuck her hand out and felt a wall there. As she felt the wall, she ran her fingers across something that appeared to be in the shape of a rectangle. She moved her hand to the right and traced a star, then back to the left a little and traced a triangle.

"What's she doing?", whispered Jason

Rocky shrugged his shoulders.

"She's nuts.", whispered Adam as they watched her trace the last two shapes

"It must be the stress.", said Tommy

"I'll go talk to her.", said Rocky as he walked over to Carri

"Rocky, you've got to see this.", said Carri excited over what she had found

"Look Carri, I think that...", Rocky started as Carri grabbed his hand and traced it over the triangle

"Hey guys, check this out!", Rocky yelled to everyone

They all approached the Power Chamber and stuck their hands out, feeling what Rocky and Carri had felt.

"Maybe we can feel our way to the entrance.", suggested Jason

"It's worth a try.", said Tommy

Jason led the way around the Power Chamber, until he came to the spot which was supposed to be the initial entrance into the Power Chamber.

"Here goes nothing.", said Jason as he tried to open the door

Jason jumped back from the door as a shock was sent through his body. He landed hard on the ground and the other rushed over to him.

"Are you ok?", Kim asked

"I guess that was somebody's way of saying we're not welcome.", joked Jason as he got up

"Now what do we do?", asked Carri

"I don't know. But I sure wish I did.", said Rocky as he put his arm around Carri's shoulder

"We'll figure something out.", Tommy said as he put an arm around Kim's shoulder, who was standing there with her arms crossed and biting her lower lip

Kim sniffled. "I'm scared. Sure we've lost our powers before, but we've never lost contact with the Power Chamber."

"We have no way to find out anything now. I'm afraid to think of what might happen.", Adam said

The boys shot him a look. They were all aware of it, but now wasn't the best of times time to point it out.

As Kim's sniffles got louder, Tommy pulled her in closer and was embracing her like he used to when they were together. Carri was to much in shock to cry, but Rocky knew she was upset and continued to hold her. Adam and Jason were standing around with their arms crossed and confused, scared looks on their faces.

As if the situation wasn't bad enough, both the cogs and tengas appeared ready to attack and destroy any ranger who challenged them

The boys jumped in front of the girls, ready to take on whatever Zedd and Mondo threw at them.

"Let's split up.", suggested Tommy

"Right.", said Rocky

"Why don't you two go together?", Jason said to the girls, who in their present state couldn't do anything by themselves

"Yeah, sure.", replied Kim as she and Carri went in one direction for monster fighting

They bad guys outnumbered the good guys by a landslide. And everyone was out of breath and getting weak. They needed their powers more than ever. But until they could figure out why they weren't working, they couldn't get them back.

Carri and Kim had the worst end of it. They weren't really up for monster fighting, and they were showing it. They started off looking alive and with it, but ten minutes into the fight, they were letting the bad guys get the best of them. They were getting thrown around like nothing.

"Look on the bright side. We're out in the middle of nowhere and that means there are no trees for us to be thrown into.", Kim told Carri as they regrouped

As they were face to face with the cogs, some tengas leaped over them and landed on them, and they were trapped in the center of a gang of tengas who were letting them have it. Just when they thought there was no hope, a flash of white light appeared and attacked the tengas.

"He looks like a ranger!", exclaimed Kim

"I know! Are you from Triforia?", Carri asked the strange ranger after he fought off the cogs and tengas

"Why would you think that?", the ranger asked

"Because that's where Trey is from.", replied Carri

"No, we're not from Triforia. My friends and I reside on Aquitar.", the stranger answered before going to join the others

Kim and Carri turned around and noticed there were more of the rangers from Aquitar.

"Red, yellow, blue and black. No pink. Oh well, there not true rangers.", joked Kim

Tommy and the rest of the boys rushed over to Kim and Carri.

"Are you guys ok?", Tommy asked as he placed his hands on Kim's shoulders

"Nothing that a hot tub and a good massage won't cure.", said Kim

The Alien Ranger approached the Earth Rangers after fighting with the cogs and tengas, who had gone back to whatever bad guy they came from.

"Rangers, you must come back to Aquitar with us. We will explain everything there.", said the White Aquitarian Ranger

"Whatever it takes.", said Tommy as the Aquitarian Rangers grabbed the teens and they all teleported back to Aquitar


"Katherine. How nice of you to visit. Sorry I couldn't be here when you arrived. Zedd and I were busy celebrating our return.", said Rita Repulsa as she arrived in the cave where she was holding Kat

"Let me out of here!", Kat yelled from her cell, which was a little square cell in the middle of the cave with green bars

"Now Kat, why would I do that? I've been waiting for this moment since you became the pink ranger.", said Rita

"Just what do you plan on doing with me and my friends?", Kat asked

"No, not your friends, just you.", said Rita as she started to explain part of her's and Zedd's plan. "I could've brought your friends here. But why? I just want them dead. It's you I want to torture. But maybe I'll bring Tommy in here. What would be worse that watching your boyfriend die a slow, horrible death. And yes, I do know you and Tommy hooked up. It sure took you long enough."

"You leave Tommy alone!", yelled Kat as she reached threw the bars like she was trying to grab Rita

"Ha! You can't touch me.", Rita taunted. "Now, I must go. But Rito is right behind me and he'll keep you company."

"Oh great.", said Kat sarcastically

With that Rita left and Rito appeared.

"Hiya Kat. How you doing. Nice to see you again.", said Rito

"Oh can it bone head.", Kat snapped as she sat down in her cell


"Let's back up here. We don't know you and you took us to this place...", Jason started but was interrupted when the white ranger put a finger to her mouth

"I believe your friends can explain.", said the ranger

Jason, Kim and Carri turned and stared at Tommy, Adam and Rocky.

"These are the Aquitarian Rangers.", said Adam giving a brief introduction

"They came in defense of earth when Master Vile turned us into children in an evil plot to rule the world. They also lent a hand with the zeo quest.", explained Rocky

"Guys, I'd like for you to meet Delphine, the White Aquitarian Ranger, Aurico, the Red Aquitarian Ranger, Cestro, the Blue Aquitarian Ranger, Tideus, the Yellow Aquitarian Ranger and Corcus, the Black Aquitarian Ranger.", Tommy said finishing the introductions

As the Aquitarian Rangers heard their name, they powered down.

"It's nice meeting you. But we haven't got much time so we must cut to the reason you're here.", said Tideus

"How did you guys know we were in trouble?", asked Tommy

"We were trying to get in contact with Zordon, like we usually do, when we noticed the disturbance.", said Corcus

"What disturbance?", asked Adam

"Our message to Zordon couldn't be received because there was something blocking it. After much digging, we found that Lord Zedd and Rita have put up a force field around the Power Chamber, not letting anything in or out. Anything including communications, energy from the Zeo Crystal, or people.", explained Cestro

"That is why you were shocked when you tried to enter the Power Chamber.", Aurico told Jason

"That explains a lot. But how do we get everything up and running? And what happened to Kat?", asked Carri

"Both the machine in charge of the force field and Katherine are in a cave. You must destroy the machine in order to get your powers. Once you past security and destroy the machine, getting Katherine will be easy.", Delphine told them

"And how do you suppose we do that? Once again, we can't use our powers.", Kim pointed out

"I am aware of that.", Delphine said as she motioned to Tideus to bring her a box

"I guess that means you'll do it for us.", said Rocky

"No Rocky, we won't. You will all on your own.",

"But how?", Jason asked

Tideus handed Delphine the box. "You are going to go on a quest for powers, a quest that is necessary for all true rangers to go on.", Delphine explained

"Been there done that.", said Kim

"These aren't new powers, these are your zeo powers.", said Cestro

"I thought you said that the zeo powers were useless as long as that force field is up.", said Tommy with a rather confused look on his face

"They are.", said Delphine as she opened the box

The rangers peered into the box. Inside they saw 6 necklaces. Each had a crystal as the charm. Five of the crystals had little strips in them. Each strip shined a bright color in the center, pink, yellow, blue, green or red, and inside the crystal it appeared as though there was smoke floating around in the crystal that was the same color as the sliver, only lighter. In the 6th crystal the only difference was that instead of a straight sliver it took the shape of the gold ranger's staff and was black.

"What are these?", Adam asked

"The little slivers you see inside the crystals are powerful energy strips, which only glow when in the presence of someone who has been on the quest. Each strip contains some energy from it's respective zeo crystal. These will allow you to morph. However, you can only have power for a few minutes, but that should be enough time to get in and destroy the force field and you can morph for real. As for Jason, his crystal will give him enough power to call upon his staff. That was the only reason Jason couldn't morph, he needed the power from the Power Chamber to call on his staff.", explained Delphine

"Ok, so if we use these we can morph?", asked Carri

"Yes. Anybody who uses these can morph, even if they don't have the power from the zeo crystal, but they have to go on the quest first. Nobody, zeo powers or not, can use the power from the crystal if they haven't been on the quest. But people who have been on the quest and have used the powers from the crystal can use the zeo powers without the transfer.", Tideus said

"So you're saying I can morph with these crystals if I've gone on the quest and then after using the crystals I can also morph using the real zeo crystal power?", asked Kim trying to straighten things out

"That's the basic idea.", Corcus told her

"So, when do we go on the quest?", asked Rocky

"Now is the time rangers.", Delphine told them

"Alright then. Send us there.", said Tommy

"Wait. Before we let you go, you must know that it is a very dangerous quest, and if you mess up the consequences could be death. However, if you make it back you get the zeo crystals.", Cestro let them know

"But this is the only way. We're in.", Jason informed the Aquitarian Rangers

"There is one thing and one thing alone that will get you threw this quest. However, I can not tell you, this is one thing you'll have to figure out on your own.", said Delphine as she teleported them out


"So, we've been working for those two earth goons and that's why we haven't come for a visit.", said Rito finishing up his story

Katherine slapped her forehead in disgust. "Thank you. That just made my day."

"I know. Ooo ooo ooo! Guess what I...", started Rito but was cut off when Goldar teleported into the cave

"Hiya Goldie.", greeted Rito

"Zedd sent me to make sure that this time you were actually keeping her in her cell.", said Goldar

"Oh yeah. Me and her were having a good old time, talking about my life story and other things dealing with me.", Rito told him

"Torturing the prisoners, eh? Well, I'll tell Zedd. He'll be proud.", said Goldar as he left

"Torturing the prison.... hey!", yelled Rito as he finally got what Goldar said

"Why me?", mumbled Kat as she turned away from Rito to face the wall


The rangers arrived in a desert area. About 20 feet from them one way was a forest, and if you turned the other way it was desert as far as the eye could see.

"Which way?", asked Adam

"I say we hit the desert.", suggested Jason

"My vote is for the forest.", Rocky said

"I think I'm with Rocky on this one. If we go threw the desert, who knows where we'll end up. This is a quest, it's supposed to be challenging. We don't know what's in the forest.", said Tommy

"Then it's settled. The forest it is.", said Kim as she took off for the forest, the others close behind

One by one the rangers went into the forest.

"This is looking darker now.", said Adam who was the last one into the forest

"So I'm not the only one who noticed? You guys didn't happen to bring a flashlight, did you?", asked Carri

Carri got no answer.

"Ok, the question was kind of stupid, but you could at least answer me.", Carri still got no response

"Um... guys? Hey you guys!", Carri yelled after noticing she was all alone

"Carri!", yelled Jason from somewhere to her left

"Jason! Where are you? I can't see a thing it's so dark.", complained Carri

"Me neither.", yelled Kim from the other side of Jason

"Where is everybody?", yelled Tommy from Kim's right, and out of Carri's earshot

"I'm over here!", yelled Rocky, who was so far on Tommy's right Jason and Carri couldn't hear him

"I'm... somewhere to your left!", yelled Adam but only Rocky and Tommy could hear him

"We should stop and figure this out together!", yelled Tommy

"Stop!", yelled Jason getting the message to Carri

"Where is everybody?", asked Carri

"I don't know... hey Tommy, where's Rocky and Adam?", he yelled

"Over here.", Tommy yelled back

"We're all accounted for.", Jason yelled to Carri

"How come I couldn't hear Tommy?", questioned Carri

"I don't know, but I think that we can each only hear two people over from us.", Jason told her

"I can't hear Adam.", Kim yelled over to Carri

"Well, that answers that.", said Carri

"Carri, since your the farthest on the left, you come towards me and we'll work to the right.", said Jason

"Ok.", agreed Carri as she started walking toward the area where Jason's voice was coming from

"I can't believe I'm walking in the forest and I have no idea where I'm going.", complained Carri

"What was that?", asked Jason

"You can hear me?", said a shocked Carri

"Yup. You must be getting closer.", said Jason

Carri continued to walk through the forest. Finally she got within about 20 feet of Jason.

"Ew! Ick! Spiders!", Carri yelled. Spiders were the one thing she hated most in the world.

"Well I've never known a harmless little spider to kill anyone.", yelled Tommy

"Oh yeah? Got any research to back that statement up!", Carri yelled to Tommy

There was a few seconds of silence. "I didn't think so.", Carri said

"Let me guess, Carri ran into a spider.", Rocky yelled over to Tommy

"How did you ever know?", yelled Tommy

"A spider is the only thing that could ever defeat her.", Rocky joked

"Too bad she wasn't here when Scorpina was. She would've pulverized her out of fear.", Adam teased

Carri was walking when all of the sudden a hand grabbed her. And she jumped ten feet in the air.

"Don't do that!", she exclaimed

"Sorry.", Jason apologized. "Grab my hand. We need to stick together."

Carri immediately grabbed Jason's hand. Whatever happens she'd rather do it as a group, not alone.

"Kim, we're coming for you!", yelled Jason

Jason and Carri walked threw the forest. They stuck together, not letting themselves get more that a few centimeters apart. They didn't want to have to go through something like this again. Finally they made there way to Kim.

Jason grabbed Kim's arm and she shrieked.

"Don't worry, he did it to me too.", Carri said trying to comfort her

Jason grabbed Kim's hand.

"Good idea. I'd rather be with you guys than all alone.", said Kim

"We ready?", asked Jason

Carri and Kim nodded their heads yes.

"We're heading your way Tommy!", Jason announced

Once again the rangers made their way through more forest, and once again they stayed close together to avoid separation.

"Tommy!", Kim yelled out into the darkness once they got closer

"Right here.", Tommy said as he stopped Kim dead in her tracks

Kim gave Tommy a big hug, which Tommy naturally returned.

"It's so good to see you.", Kim greeted

"I'm glad to see you too.", said Tommy

"I hate to break it up, but there's no time for chit chat.", said Jason

"Right. Tommy said as he grabbed Kim's free hand

"You're next Rocky!", yelled Carri yelled

The four teens walked towards Rocky, hand in hand in order to stick together. However, Tommy and Kim looked like they wanted more out of the holding hands than either Carri or Jason. You would think they were Rocky and Carri by how close and how together they were.

Rocky made out his four friends coming his way and went to join them.

"Hey guys.", he greeted

"Hi Rocky.", said Carri

"So, have you seen anymore big, scarey spiders?", teased Rocky as he went to stand beside her

Carri elbowed him in the stomach.

"And no, I haven't. Trust me, you would've heard by now if I did.", Carri told him

"Ok.", said Rocky as he grabbed his girlfriends hand and they went on to retrieve Adam

"We're coming!", Tommy let him know

Adam paced around for a while. After a few minutes, he could make out 5 figures coming his way. But he couldn't tell them apart. He recognized Jason, he was the one in the middle. But the two people on either side of him were both absorbed in each other. As they got closer, Adam realized the people on Jason's right were trying not to show their feelings.

Aww, how cute. Tommy and Kim... a couple again? Wouldn't that be nice... but I doubt it will happen. After all, Kim is going back to Florida soon and Tommy is still dating Kat. But they do look cute together. Adam thought.

"We're here.", announced Rocky as he grabbed his friends hand

"Good. Let's go.", said Adam

"Look, there's an opening.", said Kim as she took her's and Tommy's hand and pointed to what she saw

"Funny. I could swear that wasn't there a minute ago.", said Adam. "Oh well. A way out is a way out."

"Come on, let's head that way.", said Jason

And the rangers made their way towards the clearing.