"An Old Friend, Part 3"
By: KJ Holland

"Oh rats! Those rangers are ruining everything!", Rita yelled as she looked through her telescope

Lord Zedd came up to her. He had been stretching, because he was getting stiff bones from having driven so long.

"What are they doing this time?", Zedd asked

"They're on the quest.", Rita complained

"The quest!", exclaimed Zedd. "I don't believe it. Those Aquitarian Rangers... we must stop them!"

"But how? All of our good monsters and other weapons are on the Lunar Base. We're still a few days away.", asked Goldar

"As much as I hate to say this, send in the tengas.", Zedd said as he stormed back to the drivers seat


The rangers made it to the opening, only to be greeted by some of Zedd's lackeys.

"Tengas? Who invited them to our quest!", exclaimed Carri

"I don't know. But let's split up and take them.", suggested Tommy

They all nodded their heads in agreement.

They fought the tengas for a few minutes before a group of new foes, which was waiting for new rangers to come along for them to destroy, showed up.

"Oh, ew, what are they!", yelled Kim as she pointed to the monsters

"We are here to keep you from reaching your goal. No rangers have ever made it past us.", one of them said

"Oh, this is great. We've got a never before defeated foe, plus tengas to worry about.", said Kim

"Keep fighting!", yelled Jason

The rangers tried to take on all of their foes at once. The tengas were, well, the tengas and not that hard to handle, considering there were only a few of them there - each ranger was fighting 2 or 3. But the new foe... well, they were ten times a strong as the tengas and even though there was only one there for every ranger they were finding it hard to defeat them

Everybody was getting thrown around by the new guys. Carri kicked a few tengas then was thrown up against a big rock when she tried to go after one of the new enemies.

"I'm not finding this worth my while. Just think I could be at home right now, wat... Ew! Oh yuck! I can't believe it! That's horrible. Aw sick! I'm moving now.", Carri said reacting to the site she saw. She had come across four or five skeletons that she could see of people who had attempted the quest before. There were spiders and snakes making their home there.

"What?", asked Jason

"Dead skeletons. With creepy crawlers residing in them.", Carri complained as she kicked a tenga coming towards her

"Must have been others who have been on the quest... what a way to die.", Kim said as she flung an incoming tenga out of the way

"Ok guys, I think we should regroup.", said Rocky. "We need a plan. I'd hate to end up like the others."

The rangers gathered together, and discovered that they were surrounded by bad guys. They turned to face each other in a quick huddle.

"We're obviously not getting anything done by ourselves. Let's let them come to us. Together, we'll pick them off one by one.", Adam said whispering his suggestion to the others

"Good idea. Let's do it.", said Tommy

The others nodded their heads yes, and they turned around in a circle in fighting stance.

"Alright morons! If you want us, come and get us!", Jason challenged

The tengas seized the opportunity.

Two tengas came flying in the direction of Carri and Kim.

"Bad idea bozos.", Kim said as they both kicked him so hard he went flying back and knocked two other tengas over

"You want at us? Eh, whatever. It's your funeral.", said Tommy as he and Jason each grabbed a tenga by their arms and flung them into each other, causing them to fall down dizzy.

"What, you think we're going easy on ya? What planet have you been on for the last few months?", asked Rocky as he and Adam stuck their fists out at the tenga coming after them and the tenga fell to the ground on contact and slid a couple of feet back

This went on for a few minutes, each tenga taking their turn at a beating. Finally, they regrouped and left.

"Ha! Woosies! Let's see you guys defeat the Power Rangers!", Kim yelled after them

"Now it's your turn!", Adam said pointing to whatever it was that lived on the island

The rangers used the same methods as they had with the tengas to send this new foe running.

"Now that they're gone, I believe we have a quest to finish.", announced Jason

"What are we waiting for?", asked Rocky as they headed off to face their next task


"Dad, dad. The rangers are missing! We don't know where they are. Let's send a monster down to destroy earth!", yelled an excited Prince Sprocket as he ran into the room

"So I've noticed. But where are they?", King Mondo wondered aloud

"Who knows dear, but now is the perfect time to take over the world.", said Queen Machina

"You're right. Klank!", Mondo bellowed

"Yes your highness?", Klank asked

"Send a monster down to earth to destroy it.", ordered Mondo

"Right away.", replied Klank


"Oh no! King Mondo is attacking the earth! We must get down there and take care of it.", Cestro announced

"Right. Let's do it.", said Aurico

"It's morphin time!", yelled Delphine







"Ha ha ha! This planet is toast!", yelled the evil monster

"Not so fast!", Delphine said

"Wait! I thought the power rangers were gone!", he exclaimed

"They are, but that doesn't mean you don't have us to deal with!", exclaimed Tideus

"Cogs! Get them!", yelled the angered monster

The Aquitarian Rangers defeated the cogs quickly, then moved onto the monster.

"He needs some help.", said Klank as he and Orbus made the monster grow

"We need Battle Borg power now!", yelled Corcus

"Red Battle Borg!"

"White Battle Borg!"

"Yellow Battle Borg!"

"Black Battle Borg!"

"Blue Battle Borg!"

The Aquitarian Rangers quickly defeated the monster through the Battle Borgs. Then they returned to Aquitar to continue to watch the rangers on their quest.


The rangers had come up to a dead end. They were standing on the edge of a cliff, where two ropes were sitting about 5 feet apart. The ropes cut off at the edge of the cliff.

"Aw man, now what. It looks like there was a bridge here, but obviously it's not anymore. This looks like the end.", complained Kim as she sat down on slab of marble that was embedded in a spot near the ropes

Tommy looked over at Kim, and noticed drawling on the marble. "Hey Kim, get up for a second."

Kim did as she was told.

"Look at this. Do you have any idea what it means?", asked Tommy

The picture was of an Egyptian suspended in mid air walking between two cliffs. There were people falling on both sides of him.

"I think I've seen it before.", said Carri

"Where? A history book?", Rocky asked

"Or an Egyptian book?", Adam asked

"Who cares where you saw it, can you translate it?", asked Jason

"First of all, I may have seen it in a history book when I did a project on Egypt, but I clearly remember it from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.", Carri told them

"You saw it in a movie!", Tommy exclaimed

"You've seen those movies?", Kim asked

Carri shrugged her shoulders. "My brother was into them. We could watch my movies unless we saw his first. And in defense of the movies, they don't use any basic facts that aren't real."

"Then tell us what it means.", requested Jason

"Well, in the movie it comes into play when Indiana is standing on the edge of a cliff staring at the other side of the cliff and trying to get to the other side to get the grail. However, there is no bridge connecting the two cliffs. What the picture says is that to cross over safely, you have to give a leap of faith.", she explained

"Ok. But faith in what?", asked Adam

"God.", Carri told him

"But this is a quest for powers. Why would a leap of faith be necessary?", Rocky wondered

"I don't think it's faith in God.", said Tommy

"Then what?", asked Kim

Carri walked to the very edge of the cliff. "I don't know what to have faith in, but I know we have faith in each other, and that's good enough for me. Grab my hand someone, and let's go for it."

Rocky reached out and grabbed her hand. "If we all hold hands and you start walking across, there's no way you could fall. It's worth a shot."

Kim and Tommy joined hands, then Kim grabbed Rocky's hand. "We can do this if we stick together.", Kim said

Jason grabbed Tommy's hand and Adam grabbed Jason's.

"I may not have faith in much, but I do have faith in the fact that we can do anything as long as we put our minds to it, even if that means were crossing and invisible bridge.", said Jason

"Here goes nothing.", said Carri as she lifted her foot up to take the first step

Carri wasn't quick to throw her foot down. She slowly placed it down in front of her, praying that she would hit land and not air. As she put her foot down, she thought she felt land under it, so she moved her other foot onto the bridge.

"Hey! Look at this! There really is a bridge here!", exclaimed Carri

Carri continued to walk and Rocky, Kim, Tommy, Jason and Adam followed.

Kim looked down to the wild river below them. "Ok, so this is higher than the balance beam.", she muttered

"Are you afraid of heights?", asked Tommy

"Who me? No! A gymnast can't be afraid of heights. However, a gymnast is also not expected to do the balance beam hundreds of feet in the sky.", Kim told him

"Ah.", Tommy replied

Carri quickly traveled to the other side.

"Made it!", she exclaimed as she reached land

Rocky was the next one to cross over, and he was quickly followed by the others. As soon as they were all safely across, they stopped holding hands.

Jason walked up to the big stone cave sitting in front of them. The cave had a stoned door, and the door was shut.

"Look.", said Jason as he pointed to the emblem on the front of the door

As they gathered around the door, they saw a circle, with five shapes on the inside.

"This must be the right place.", said Adam

"There's only one way to find out.", Kim told them

"Open the door.", Jason said in a low voice because he knew the others knew that

"Come on then.", said Tommy

Tommy started to push open the door, but it wouldn't work. Jason joined him, but the door still wouldn't budge. Rocky and Adam quickly joined their friends. Kim and Carri stood to the side watching the guys try and push the door open.

"It won't budge!", exclaimed Rocky

"It has to.", said Adam

"Come on guys, one more try.", said Jason

"Ok. On the count of three. One... two... three.", said Tommy as they all pushed the door

The result was the same.

"Let us help.", said Kim as she and Carri wondered over to the door

"I don't think...", Jason started but stopped when he saw the evil look he was getting from the girls

Kim turned to Carri. "Remind me to get him later for that."

Carri nodded her head.

"Ok, one more time, on the count of three.", said Jason

The girls went and stood in front of the door, ready to push.

"One... two... three.", said Adam

They all pushed the door. To their surprise, the door slowly opened.

"Ha! I knew we'd make a difference.", Kim said bragging

Once the door was completely opened, the rangers went inside and the door shut behind them.

"Wow. Look at this!", exclaimed Carri

The walls of the room were glowing in five basic colors. In the center of the room was a five foot poll. About a a half of a foot down from the poll was a circle with a whole in the center where the poll came up. While the guys stood there and checked out the room, the girls went over to the middle of the room.

"These colors look familiar?", asked Kim

Carri looked at it. The circle was split into five different colors, pink, yellow, blue, green and red. The top of the poll was black.

Kim went over and put both her hands on the pink spot of the circle. Carri went beside her and placed her hands on the yellow part.

"Hey guys, come here.", Kim called

Rocky was standing the closest and he made it there first.

"What?", he asked

"Look.", Carri said motioning to the circle

"If I put my hands here, will it do something?", asked Rocky

The girls shrugged their shoulders.

"It's worth a try.", said Kim

Rocky placed his hands on the blue piece.

"Come on boys! You are so slow.", kidded Kim

"Coming.", said Tommy as he and the other two made there way over

"Join us.", said Carri when they made it there

Tommy put his hands on the red spot and Adam on the green.

"Is something supposed to happen?", questioned Adam

"Good question.", said Tommy as he looked at the top of the poll. "Hey Jason, this is black. Maybe something will happen if you put your hands here."

"Why not.", he said as he placed his hands onto the top of the poll

As soon as Jason's hands were settled, a rumbling noise was heard. The walls started shaking. Suddenly, light shot up through all of the rangers. The beams of light were the same color as their zeo color. The rangers could feel something going on inside of them, there was a weird sensation. Then all 6 of them disappeared.


"Look!", Tideus exclaimed as he pointed at the 6 beams of light that were teleporting in front of him

"Welcome back.", Aurico greeted as the rangers looked around and realized where they were

"We made it! Alright!", exclaimed Tommy as the group exchanged high fives

"And in making it you have learned the most important lesson any ranger could learn.", Delphine told them

"Which is?", asked Adam

"Wait, let me take a shot at this one. Everything we did, we did it because we worked as a team. Crossing the bridge, defeating the bad guy... the thing we learned from this was if we work together we are a much powerful force than if we work as one.", said Tommy

"Very good Tommy.", Corcus said applauding him for his intelligence

"Now, at the end of the quest, what did you notice?", asked Cestro

"I felt a weird sensation come over me as the colors shot up.", said Carri

"Me too.", said Kim as the others nodded their heads

"That sensation you felt was the power entering your body. Not the zeo powers, or even one specific power, but all power. The powers inside you, which have always been there, have been magnified. And those powers plus these crystals will allow you to destroy the force field and regain control of the zeo powers and the Power Chamber.", Delphine told them

"This new power inside us, is that was causes the crystal to glow?", asked Rocky

"Yes Rocky.", Tideus said

"Wow. Just out of curiosity, are we going to physically notice this power inside us?", asked Adam

Delphine smiled. "No, but when you wear the crystal you will know that the powers are there. They will never be anything that you will be consciously aware of. They are not actual powers, but powers which magnify your strength and inner self."

"So we won't know they're there?", Adam said to make sure he understood

Delphine shook her head no. "Just like you never have. All it is is more strength and more soul."

"So, now that we're ready for Zedd, let's do it.", said Tommy

"As soon as you put these on, you'll morph. Then you'll have a few minutes to get in and destroy the force field.", Aurico said handing out the crystals

"Ready?", Jason asked

Everyone nodded their heads yes.

"Then let's do it.", said Jason

Everybody put there necklaces on and automatically morphed. Jason put his on and, because he was ready to call for the permanent powers, he morphed.


And with that, Cestro teleported them out.


They teleported to a few feet away from the entrance of the cave.

"Let's head in.", said Tommy as he led them into the cave

"That's it, your finished!", announced Jason as he made it into the cave

"Rangers! Long time no see. Uhh, I guess you get to fight tengas now.", Rito said as several tengas along with Goldar appeared

"Attack!", yelled Goldar

The tengas rushed towards the rangers. They all fought the tengas. They were fighting like they had just come across new found energy. And in a way they had. This was the first time they had morphed in days.

Kim was having the time of her life. "It feels great to be back."

"We need to hurry, our powers won't last much longer.", said Rocky

"Then we will destroy you!", Goldar said

"Sure you will.", said Kim

Kim and Carri were the first ones to break free of the tenga fight.

"Let's destroy it.", said Carri as she and Kim pulled out their blasters

As they were getting ready to shoot, their powers disappeared.

"Ha. We've got you now.", said Rito

"I don't think so.", said Carri as she did a roundoff and ended up in his face

"May I borrow this?", she asked politely as she grabbed his sword

"No you can't!", Rito said as he struggled for his sword

Kim came up and kicked Rito in the stomach. Rito let go of the sword.

"Hey look, Kim's back!", said Rito as Carri took the sword to the force field device and Kim followed her

"And she snatched your sword!", yelled Goldar

"Oh. Right. Hehe.", said Rito as he looked up and saw Carri getting ready to slice open the device. "Wait, no, don't.... oh man. Ed will never let me hear the end of it this time."

Goldar slapped his forehead. "Why did I get stuck with such morons?", he muttered

Carri went up to Kat's prison. "Call on your morphers.", she ordered

"Why?", asked Kat

"Just do it.", said Carri

Kat called on her morphers.

"Now give them to me.", said Carri as Kat handed them over

Carri went and gave them to Kim.

"It's morphin time!", yelled Tommy






"We're back, and now we're going to make you sorry you messed with us.", said Tommy

"I've been waiting for this for a long time.", said Goldar as he took his sword and went after Tommy so they could continue on where they left if last time they met, when Tommy was the White Ranger

Tommy called on his zeo weapon, his sword and he and Goldar got started.

While they were fighting, Rocky went after Rito. "I still have a bone to pick with you."

"Ok. Hold on.", said Rito as he leaned down and grabbed his sword from the space where Carri had thrown it

Rocky called on his zeo weapon so that he and Rito could fight.

While Rocky and Tommy were going at it with Rito and Goldar, the rest of the rangers took on some cogs.

"This is for jumping me in front of the Power Chamber. And this is for just plain being annoying.", said Carri as she issued some serious punches to a tenga

"You people ruined my time off. I don't appreciate that.", Kim said as she pounded some tengas

"Can we not go on a quest without you getting in our way?", Adam asked the two tengas he was busy knocking into next week

"This is what you get for not asking before you strip us of our powers.", said Jason as he took the Gold Power Staff and ran threw a group of tengas, knocking them all down

Rocky gave Rito one hard, swift kick and he fell back.

"Come on, let it up a little. You're really killing me out here.", Rito whined

"That's the point.", said Rocky as he kicked him in the head causing him to flip over backwards

"I quit. I don't get paid enough to take this abuse from you. Besides, Ted is going to kill me and I'm not up for getting wacked twice today.", said Rito as he left

Rocky went to join the others, but as he got there he noticed that the tengas were departing, after being issued one of their worse defeats.

"There's no mercy for you Tommy. When I get done with you, you'll be sorry you ever joined the side of good!", said Goldar as he came at Tommy

"The only thing I ever regret", Tommy started as he stuck is sword up in defense, "is working for Rita."

Tommy flung Goldar back and as Goldar looked up, he saw the other rangers watching the fight.

"Wait? Where's Rito? That little... I'll be back for you later Tommy.", Goldar growled as he left

"Yes! We're back and as good as ever!", said Carri

"Alright!", exclaimed Adam

Kim stuck her hand up in the air to receive high fives. "Score one for the good guys.", she said as they all exchanged high fives

"Ah hem.", said Kat who was still behind bars

The rangers powered down.

"Are you ok?", Tommy asked

"Yes. Thank you.", said Kat as Kim gave her back her morphers

"You should be able to teleport out now. We have to get back to Aquitar.", Jason told her

Kat pushed a button on her communicator and in a flash of pink light she was out.

"Let's go.", said Rocky as they all teleported back


"Well done rangers.", Corcus congratulated

"We couldn't have done it without your help.", Adam said

"And for that we thank you.", Kim told them

"But you did complete the quest for the crystals on your own. And that we had nothing to do with.", Delphine said

"Speaking of the crystals, here.", Jason said taking his off and handing it back

Delphine stuck her hand out as if to tell Jason to keep it.

"You have used all the power from it. Not that it won't prove to be helpful in the future. But, they're yours to keep. You earned them on the quest so now they belong to you.", Aurico told them

"I'm not wearing this. Here, you can keep an eye on it for me. Now you'll have a blue and yellow one, for us.", Rocky said as he took his necklace off and placed it around Carri's neck

"I'll put mine in a safe somewhere.", said Adam

"Me too.", said Jason

"Since it will shine for you, will you wear it?", Tommy asked Kim

"I'd be delighted.", she answered

Tommy took off the necklace and placed it around Kim's neck.

"I'll always keep it close to me.", said Kim

"Well rangers, as much as we've enjoyed your company, I believe you have a Power Chamber to get to.", said Tideus

"Yes we do, thanks to you.", said Jason

"Bye!", said Carri as they all waved and left


The rangers appeared in the Power Chamber.

"Hey Billy!", exclaimed Kim as she went over and gave him a hug

"Good to see you.", Tommy said

"Hey, it's good to see anything.", joked Billy

"Rangers, it was horrible. We were trapped in here and we had no idea what you were doing or what Mondo, or as Kat has told us Zedd, was doing and... Ay ai ai! It was hard.", Alpha said explaining what they had been through

"Well, it's good to be back.", said Adam


"That's right. Neither Zedd nor Mondo can stop a ranger.", said Rocky

"Especially when those rangers work together.", Jason added

"You know, it's too bad I can't stay and ranger with you some more. Maybe after the Pan Global Games. But if you guys are ever in trouble and need another ranger, you know who to call.", said Kim

"So you really do miss rangering?", asked Tommy

"Ok, so I did tease you for having no life, but I would be a ranger again in a heartbeat.", Kim said letting them know how she feels

"Well Kim, speaking for the group, we'd love to have you again.", said Carri

"Yeah.", Tommy said dreamily as he looked into her eyes

"Well guys, I think it's about time to go home.", Kat said interrupting the moment

"Home? Wow. Been a long time since I've been there.", Adam said

"Time to go make up where I've been the past two days.", said Rocky

"You can just say that there was a big party for some fancy people and you had to be there to work.", joked Jason

"I'll be the most creative and tell the truth.", stated Carri

"Sure. You'd be in Charter Pines within 24 hours.", Tommy told her

"Eh.", said Carri

"Well, it hasn't been proven yet that she doesn't belong there.", Rocky teased

"Excuse me? Well then, I hope you weren't planning on talking to me later.", said Carri

"Naw. That's what I've got Kim for.", said Rocky as he went and put his arm around Kim

"If that's the way it's going to be. Come on Tommy.", she said as she put her arm around him and he put his around her

Tommy and Carri and Rocky and Kim each took their arms off of each other so they could go home.

"Bye.", said Carri as she waved

"See you tomorrow.", said Kim

"Bye Tommy.", Kat said before she kissed her boyfriend

Alpha teleported the three of them home.

"Well, I guess we'd better be going.", said Adam

"Later guys.", Jason said as he teleported out

Adam, Rocky and Tommy were quick to follow.


"Well Kim, it's too bad you have to go.", said Tommy as he gave her a hug good bye

Tommy, Carri and Rocky had taken Kim to the airport the next day. She had practice the next day, and so she had to get back.

"It was good to see you again.", said Kim as she returned the hug

"We were glad to have you here.", said Rocky as he gave her a hug which she returned, but with not as much love as she gave to Tommy

"Bye Rocky. How I will ever live without you, I don't know.", kidded Kim

"Well Kim, we didn't get to have as much shopping time as we wanted.", complained Carri

"That's ok. You've got my number, I've got yours, we'll hook up some after the games and shop. You know there's this great mall in Florida I have to take you to.", said Kim

"Sounds great. Don't forget though, you have to keep in touch.", ordered Carri

"I will. With all of you.", Kim said as she picked up her bags and headed for the plane


"So, Carri, did you enjoy having Kim as the pink ranger?", Kat asked her cousin when she got home

"It was a change. But Kim's a nice person, and I think we got a long really well. I think Kim and I could become great friends.", Carri told her

"That's... good.", said Kat although she wasn't sure she meant it

"She's nice. And she thinks like me.", said Carri

"Watch out. That's all we need is two people on your wavelength around here.", Kat joked

"Hey. That wasn't very nice.", Carri said pouting

Kat laughed at her cousin, who looked rather silly.

"So, tell me about this quest.", Kat asked

"Well... it was one of the biggest challenges I've ever faced.", said Carri

"What about that necklace?", asked Kim as she pointed to Carri's chain, which was now holding both her's and Rocky's crystal. She had put the spare chain in a safe place.

"This? Well, the crystal hold some of the Zeo Crystal's power. That's how we morphed when everything else was down.", she explained

"Really? Wow? Do you mind if I see it?", Kat wondered

"No, not at all.", said Carri as she took it off and handed it to Kat

For the first time ever, Carri saw what the crystal's would look like if they didn't glow. Since Kat didn't go on the quest with the others, the crystal didn't glow in her hands.

Kat had a depressed look on her face. "Why isn't it glowing?"

Carri took the necklace back and put it around her neck. "Don't worry. There's only six people in the world it glows for, and I don't think I have to tell you who."

Kat shook her head no.

"Well, I'm off to the Youth Center. I'm supposed to meet Rocky there sometime this afternoon.", Carri told her

"Ok. Bye.", said Kat as Carri walked out the door

How come Kim is all the way in Florida yet I still feel as though she's making a big impact on my life. This isn't fair. But now that I have Tommy back to myself. But who knows what went on when Rita and Zedd had me. Kat wondered.


Carri was waiting for Rocky in the Youth Center. She was sitting around talking with Matt, Jerry, Luke and John.

"So, where were you the past two days?", asked Matt

"I was... out of town.", Carri told her friends

"You mean you missed it!", exclaimed Jerry

"Missed what?", asked Carri

"Monster attacks.", said John

"Oh?", said Carri raising an eyebrow

"There were these metal things, silver with gold faces. And they attacked us and stalked us.", explained Luke

"Until the power rangers came along.", Jerry told her

"But not the earth power rangers. The rangers of... Aqualand...Aquaworld...Aqua...something.", said Matt

"Aw man. And I missed it all! That sucks.", complained Carri

Rocky came up to Carri and her friends. "What did you miss?"

"Did you know that while we were out of town there were rangers from Aqua something here? Can you believe we missed that?", asked Carri

"Of all days to go out of town... you know how much I like keeping up with the rangers.", said Rocky

"Well, we saw a lot. Anything you want to know, you call me and I'll spill all.", offered Luke

"Ok, I might just take you up on that.", Rocky told him

Carri stood up and greeted Rocky.

"Nice necklace.", he said sounding like he'd never seen it before

"I know.", said Carri as she leaned in and kissed her boyfriend

"Carri and Rocky sitting in a tree. K-I-S...", Matt started but was cut off when Carri kicked the chair beside her so it would hit Matt (who was standing up)

"Aw man, you didn't have to go there.", whined Matt as he laid on the floor in pain

"What are you talking about?", asked Carri

"When you kicked the chair, you didn't just kick it straight, you kicked it straight and up.", Jerry told her

Carri busted out laughing.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to!", she apologized

"Don't believe her. You know she was gunning for you.", Rocky said

Carri continued to laugh, even though she was truly sorry. She ended up facing Rocky and putting her head on his shoulder and laughing, just so Matt wouldn't notice.


"Tommy, I'm glad you came over.", said Kat as she opened the door and let her boyfriend in

"Hey, where else would I be? I haven't seen you in a while, thanks to Rita and Zedd.", said Tommy as he and Kat went to sit on the couch

"So, Tommy, tell me. Did you enjoy having Kim fighting by your side again?", Kat asked

"Yeah. It was just like the good old days.", Tommy answered

Kat looked at the floor, nervous about asking the next question. "Was it better than it is when...when I'm there?", Kat asked quietly after she got up the courage

Tommy put his hand on Kat's cheek and lifted her face up. "What Kim and I had is over, it's in the past. Sure we still have good times, but you and I are together now. Kim's coming back didn't change that.", he comforted

"Really?", Kat asked

"Really. Kim and I had something special, but it's all over. You're the one I want to be with now.", Tommy answered

Kat and Tommy leaned in and kissed each other. It was a long, passionate kiss, the one that Kat was longing for ever since Kim came back to town.

What you don't know is, I still have feelings for Kim. But she dumped me... and I'm with you now, and I do love you, but what I wouldn't do for another date with Kim. Tommy thought as he continued to kiss Kat.

Kat and Tommy broke off. "Let's do something. It's been a while since we've been out, just the two of us.", Kat suggested

"Ok. There's this great little restaurant downtown. It just opened. It's called... um...", Tommy let his voice trail off

"I know what you're talking about. Let's go.", said Kat

Kat and Tommy stood up and Kat grabbed Tommy's hand. Kat and Tommy shared one last kiss before walking out the door.


Kim walked off the planed and stretched. She saw her friend and teammate, Kelly, standing about twenty feet away. She waved as she walked up to her.

"So how was it?", Kelly asked

"I had fun. I got to see Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Jason, and Kat again. And I finally met someone who equals my shopping capability.", joked Kim

"That's good. Because we all know I can't.", said Kelly as they walked away

"We had a lot of fun. I got a chance to do some things I haven't done since I left.", Kim told her

"Like date Tommy?", questioned Kelly

"No, Tommy's dating Kat now.", Kim informed her

"Oh really? Wow. It's too bad that...", Kelly started but quickly switched subjects when she noticed the down look on Kim's face "Anyway, we've got practice bright and early tomorrow."

"Yay. Can't wait.", Kim said

I knew what she was going to say. It's too bad that I broke it off with Tommy. I now know that. If only... if only Tommy wasn't with Kat and I wasn't here. Then Tommy and I would be together. But I can't let Tommy know that. He thinks I wanted him to move on, that I was cheering for him and Kat. I just have to make it through the Pan Global Games. Then I can go home. Maybe even be the pink ranger. And maybe get back together with the love of my life, Tommy. Kim thought as she walked through the airport and back to her gymnastics life in Florida, while back home her true love was on a date with Kat, who was leading the life Kim wished she had.

The End