Disclaimer: The Purple Power Ranger, Alexis Darling, is not mine, she belongs to Rachel Dawson.

By: KJ Holland

The red-headed girl was happy to be in Angel Grove. The thought of seeing all of her old friends thrilled her, assuming they were still there. Of course, it was her fault for not knowing, she should've called them, but with everything that was going on back home it was virtually impossible.

She got out of her rental car and approached a phone book, looking to find the address of one of her friends so hopefully she could crash at their place.

Her first instinct was to look up the last name Heart. She got to the H's but found nothing listed under her old friend's name and phone number. She decided to look in ABC order to find someone, which made Cranston next, then Campbell. Unfortunately the results were much the same.

The next name she looked under she had pretty good luck. She found it under the D's, DeSantos to be specific. She ripped the page out of the phone book and climbed back into her car, heading for the direction of the DeSantos house.


"We have gotten no work done today, you do realize that don't you?", Carri Hillard asked the guy sitting next to her on his couch in his living room

"Yes we did. We... well... can I think on this and get back to you?", asked the guy, Rocky DeSantos

"Rocky!", exclaimed Carri

"Come on, we're not going to fail. It's not like we weren't given almost until the end of the school year to work on this.", Rocky told her

"But see, I actually had my mind set on doing this project. That doesn't happen very often.", Carri reminded him

"Like you won't be able to do it any other time.", Rocky told her

"I hope so. Now that we've wasted most of this day, what do you want to do?", she asked him

Rocky jumped up and headed to his room. "Be right back. I have this new CD you just have to listen to."

"Do you mind finding my CD while you're up there?", Carri asked

"If you don't mind waiting.", Rocky said

Carri watched Rocky disappear as he walked around back to the stairs, then reappeared upstairs in front of the railing and then into his room.

"Here's my CD. Now to find yours...", Rocky said letting his voice trail off

Carri watched as things came flying out of his room, some over the railing and into the floor.

"Watch were you throw that stuff!", she yelled up to him

"Sorry! You know, your CD could be anywhere.", he told her

"Great.", she replied

Ding dong!

"I'll get it.", Carri told Rocky as she went to open the door

The red headed girl who was standing on the doorstep looked shocked when Carri opened the door.

"I'm sorry, I must have the wrong house.", the girl said as she turned to leave

"Wait, I don't live here. If you're looking for one of the DeSantos', you've come to the right place.", Carri told her

"Oh, ok.", said the girl as she turned around

"Come on in.", said Carri as she opened the door more

Just as the girl walked through the door, an Nerf football came flying at them, just barely missing them. Carri picked it up and threw it back into Rocky's room

"Thanks.", Rocky yelled down

"If it didn't hit you, it wasn't worth my throwing it back up.", she joked. "Come on in, sit down on the couch. Make yourself at home."

Carri wondered back onto the couch and the stranger followed her. Carri sat on the left with the stranger on her right.

"Found it!", Rocky yelled as he came to the railing with two CD's in his hand. "Who was..."

Rocky had noticed the visitor and ran down to greet her.

"How are you! It's been so long since I've seen you!", he exclaimed as he made it to the bottom and walked to stand over the back of the couch

"I'm fine.", she told him

"That's good, glad to hear it. So, why...", Rocky started to ask a question but was interrupted by Carri's clearing her throat. "Oh, sorry, Carri this is Alexis Darling, Alexis, this is Carri Hillard."

"Nice to meet you.", Alexis Darling said

"Same here. So, how do you two know each other?", asked Carri

"We met through some mutual friends, but mainly through po...", Alexis started to speak but stopped and looked up at Rocky for a good cover

Rocky was confused for a second until he realized that Alexis didn't know that Carri was a ranger. Rocky took Carri's left hand, which she was sitting on, and yanked it up letting Alexis see the communicator.

"Really? Wow. So many changes since I've been gone... Anyway, I am the Purple Power Ranger because the coin was in my family.", Alexis told her

"Was.", Rocky corrected her

"Was? What are you talking about?", asked Alexis

"When was the last time you morphed?", he asked

"Morphed? It's been a long time.", she told him

"Well, around a year ago Lord Zedd and Rita came up with their most destructive plan ever. They destroyed our Power Coins, and the Morphin Grid. I'm no genius, obviously you have to second this with Zordon, but I'd go as far to say you're coin became dormant after everything that happened with the Morphin Grid.", Rocky told her

Carri clapped her hands. "Sounds like something Billy would come up with."

Rocky smiled. "Hey, I do have my try to sound like Billy moments."

"Just remember to check with Zordon.", Carri said, teasing Rocky

Alexis looked in deep thought. "Dormant? That would explain why I haven't been connected to the coin like I was when it was first charged. Maybe I can recharge it."

"Then you would have the same problem you originally had. There's no way to channel the power into the coin again.", Rocky told her

"Wow. So it looks like once again I'm in the I once was a power ranger club.", Alexis said sadly

"Don't worry about it. You're not the only one.", Rocky told her

"Yeah, I noticed Kim wasn't in the phonebook anymore.", Alexis said

"She went to Florida for the Pan Global games. Carri's cousin, Katherine Hillard, took her place.", Rocky told her

"I should've called to talk to you guys.", said Alexis

"Or beeped us.", Rocky said

"That was kind of impossible. My communicator was ruined. That's what I get for helping take care of Jonny.", Alexis said

Rocky smiled.

"So who else has left?", asked Alexis

"Billy left to go to Aquatar a few weeks ago to be with his girlfriend. Aisha left to go to Africa to help the animals, and the girl who took her place, Tanya, left to go sing in New York and that's where Carri came in.", Rocky told her

"So there's two new faces.", Alexis said as she looked at her watch. "Oh gosh, it's getting late, and I need to go find a hotel room. I was planning on staying with Kim but she's gone and I very well couldn't stay at your house, the last thing your mom needs is another kid here."

"You can stay at my house.", Carri offered

"Are you sure that's ok?", asked Alexis

"Yeah. As a matter of fact I'm thinking about putting a big neon sign in front of my house saying Former Rangers Stay Here. It would save me and Kat the trouble of asking.", Carri joked

"Who else has stayed there?", Alexis asked

"Kim did a while back. Tanya used to live there.", Carri said

"If she's staying there, you might as well leave, and get her settled in.", Rocky told them

"You're right. Come on, we'll go to my house. You can just follow me there. You know, I think Tommy and Kat are there now, wouldn't want to interrupt them. Oh well, they'll live. Besides, they're leaving to go on a date soon.", said Carri

"Tommy and Kat? You mean he and Kim broke up? That's horrible.", Alexis said

"They're still really close friends. Kim just didn't think the long distance thing was working out.", Rocky told Alexis

Carri got up and headed towards the door, and Alexis followed her.

"Bye.", said Carri as she opened the door

"What, no kiss goodbye?", joked Rocky

"If you come here to get it.", Carri told him

Rocky walked over to Carri and gave her a quick kiss. Then Carri and Alexis departed.


Carri and Alexis walked through the door and entered an empty house.

"I guess Kat and Tommy left already.", Carri pointed out as she shut the door behind them

"You sound surprised.", Alexis said

"Well, I figured they'd be here, but they must've known I was coming home.", Carri joked

"So, where am I staying?", asked Alexis

"Follow me.", Carri said as she led the way upstairs

Alexis followed Carri up the stairs. The first stop was in Carri's room so she could take off her coat and throw her keys somewhere.

"You can come in, just don't mind the mess.", Carri said

Alexis wandered into her room. The first thing she noticed as she looked around the room was the pictures on the wall. One of her and another girl in pink, Alexis assumed it was Kat. The other one was of Carri, Kat, and some girl she didn't know. There were two group shots, one had six people the other had seven (these pictures included Billy). There one of her and Rocky.

"So, how long have you two been going out?", asked Alexis

"Since August.", Carri told her

Alexis nodded her head as she came to a bulletin board with unframed pictures all over it. Some were group pictures, some were of two or three of them. She recognized the faces, Tommy, Rocky, Billy, and Adam. As she came across the third picture, she was shocked to see the face in it.

"How old is this picture?", she asked pointing to it

"I don't know, maybe a month or two old.", she told her

"You two look mighty cozy. Did you and Rocky break up for a while or something?", Alexis said trying to get is much info about the person with Carri in the picture as she could

Carri laughed at the though of being romantically involved with the guy in the picture. "That's Jason, he and I are good friends, nothing more."

"Jason? Jason Lee Scott?", asked Alexis although she knew the answer

"Yes, that's Jason. Do you know him?", asked Carri as she walked out of her room

Alexis stayed behind for a second looking at the pictures with Jason in them. Then she hurried out of the room, and picked up her suitcase from the floor outside of Carri's room, and followed her.

"Yeah, I know Jason. I met him right before he left for the peace conferences.", Alexis told her

"Really nice guy.", commented Carri as she pointed into a room

Alexis walked into the room, blushing as she though about Jason.

"You go ahead and get settled, I'm going to find something for dinner.", Carri told her

Jason's back in town. I don't believe it. Maybe I could get together with him. Denise would sure be shocked if I came back home with a new boyfriend, especially if that boy was Jason. Thought Alexis as she threw some clothes in drawers.

When Alexis finished unpacking her things, she hurried downstairs.

"I hope you don't mind pizza. We've all been so busy that we haven't had time to do any major grocery shopping in a while.", Carri apologized

"Pizza is fine.", said Alexis

"It will be a while before they get here, so we should sit down and watch TV or something. There's not much exciting to do at my house, we usually keep ourselves busy with attacks and other things of that nature.", Carri told her

"Thinks haven't changed much then.", Alexis said

The two went down and sat on the couch. But instead of watching TV, Alexis wanted to find out as much as she could about Jason.

"So, how long as Jason been in town.", asked Alexis

"Tommy brought him back about the time of first semester exams.", Carri told her

"Why did Tommy bring him back?", questioned Alexis

"Trey, the Gold Ranger, who is not from this planet, he's from Triforia, split into his three personalities and couldn't keep the Gold Ranger Powers. We had to transfer the powers before Mondo could get his hands on them. So, Jason came and took them.", explained Carri

"That's great, so Jason's a ranger again.", Alexis said

"He was a ranger. His body couldn't handle the Gold Ranger Powers. Right before Spring Break he weakened and he had to give the powers back to the Trey's after we united them.", Carri told her

"That's too bad. Well, everyone must have been thrilled to have Jason back, even if it was for a short while.", said Alexis

Carri smiled as she remembered some things that had happened right after Jason came back. "We weren't all happy. Rocky and Jason got off to a horrible start. Things did get better, and now Rocky doesn't mind him being back as much."

Alexis looked shocked at the idea that anyone wouldn't like having Jason around. "What was his problem?"

"Well, Rocky felt Jason was taking his place on the team. After all, Jason had his place, as second in command, as Tommy's best friend, before Rocky came in. Then Rocky became second in command to Tommy, and also took over the role as Tommy's best friend. Then Jason came back and Rocky thought that Jason was trying to take his place while he was still there.", Carri paused for a second to catch her breath. "Jason became second in command and he and Tommy picked it up right where they had left off. Then Adam and Billy wanted to hang with Jason all the time. And when he came Kat and I started hanging out with him, trying to get to know him. Well, mainly me. Kat was always so busy trying to watch Tommy, which is another story entirely. Anyway, Rocky thought that Jason was taking over his place as far as everything went, including with me. Which was so not true. Jason and Tommy may have been best friends again, but that didn't change Rocky's relationship with Tommy or anyone else. He was worried over it all, and I'm boring you aren't I because you are so not here. So sue me, I talk to much."

Alexis was there alright. She was absorbing every word Carri said, trying to picture how Jason looked and acted as the events went on.

"No, are you kidding me, I love hearing about what went on. Please tell me more. I want to be caught up with everything you know.", Alexis told her

"Everything? Ok, sit back, this may take a while.", Carri said as she begin to try and help Alexis catch up


"And anyway, they finally did get together, as you can tell.", Carri said finishing her last story as she grabbed a slice of pizza

Alexis finished chewing her slice before she talked. "That was a romance waiting to happen."

Alexis had listened to several stories, no more on Jason though, which in a way depressed her but she didn't mind because now she knew everything there was to know about what had been going on since she left.

As both girls reached for one more slice of pizza, Kat and Tommy came in.

"Well, that was short.", Carri greeted them

"Short? What are you talking about, we've been together all day.", her cousin, Katherine Hillard told her

Carri raised one eyebrow. "Oops, my bad."

Kat stared at the stranger on their couch.

"Oh, Kat this is Alexis Darling. She's going to stay here for a while.", Carri told her. "And I believe you already know Tommy."

"Tommy, hi.", Alexis said as she got up to give him a hug

"It's so good to see you." greeted Tommy Oliver

"Good to see you too.", said Alexis

"Who's Alexis?", Kat whispered into Carri's ear

"Former Purple Power Ranger. Don't worry, she didn't date Tommy.", Carri comforted because she knew that was coming next

"You know, things have changed a lot since you were last here.", Tommy told her

"I know, Carri and I have been down here talking for a while, and I think I'm all caught up.", Alexis said

"Carri told you? I hope she didn't talk your ear off.", teased Tommy

"She did, but it was worth it.", Alexis assured him

"Oh, well, in that case.", Tommy said. "Kat, I should be going. I'll call you tomorrow."

"Ok, bye.", said Kat as she went over and gave Tommy a kiss

"Bye.", Tommy said to the other two girls as he left

"So, Alexis, now that you know everything about all of us, let's hear a little about you.", Kat said

"No problem.", said Alexis as she and Kat sat down

"I've heard all this before. I'll be back, I'm going to get a soda.", said Carri as she left

Carri wondered into the kitchen just as the phone rang. Since she was right there, she went ahead and answered it.


"Carri, hi, it's me.", the voice on the other end greeted

"Jase, hi, what's up?"

"Well, tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful day and I was trying to see how many of us I could get on the beach.", Jason Lee Scott told her

"Hm... sounds good. Will Emily be there?"

"Kind of. She's working at the Ernie's Beach Club."

"Let me see what Kat says.", said Carri as she put one hand over the receiver. "Hey you guys, want to meet Jase at the beach tomorrow?"

Alexis perked up at the mention of Jason's name.

"Sure.", said Kat

"I'll be there.", Alexis said

"Ok, the three of us will be there.", Carri told Jason


"Me, Kat and a surprise guest who you'll find out who it is tomorrow."

"Ok, keep me in suspense."

"I will. What time do you want us out there?"


"Ok, see you then."



Carri and Jason both hung up. Carri grabbed her soda and went upstairs.

"I'll talk to you guys later. I'm going up to watch TV, or go on line, or something like that."

"Ok.", said Kat

Kat and Alexis went back to their talk, but Alexis couldn't help but let her thoughts drift off.

I'm going to go see Jason tomorrow. I haven't seen him in so long, this is going to be great. This will be my chance. I can't wait. Thought Alexis as she talked to Kat.


"Jason!", Carri yelled as she approached her friend

"Hey, so where is this mystery guest?", he asked

"She's coming with Kat, the were lagging behind. So tell me, who shall we expect to see here?", asked Carri

"Adam and Rocky are coming. They should be here any minute. Tommy is too, but he'll be late... Alexis!", yelled Jason as he waved at his old friend

Alexis came running towards Jason and they embraced in a hug.

"Jason, I'm glad to see you here.", Alexis said

"I'm surprised to see you here. What are you doing here?", asked Jason

"Oh, a little R & R. I had to get out of town for a while, and what a better place to come then Angel Grove California.", Alexis said

"Yes, where the cogs roam freely and and we're attacked almost everyday by some monster with some corny name.", Carri agreed

"Oh so true.", said Rocky as he approached the group

"Alexis!", yelled Adam Park as he made his way to the group

"Adam, hi.", said Alexis as she greeted him with a hug

"Come on, I've set up the court for volleyball.", Jason told them

They all followed Jason to the court. Jason grabbed the ball.

"Ok, how about we split up... Rocky, Carri and me verses the three of you.", Jason suggested

Everyone agreed, even Alexis, although she wanted to be on Jason's team.

The game quickly got underway. Jason's team had a slight advantage, mainly because they had Jason and Rocky for power and the other team only had Adam. They were having fun though, and that's what counted. At one point Carri and Jason both dived for a ball, and both missed, almost ending up on top of each other.

How lucky. And they don't even like each other. Boy I wish that was me. Thought Alexis

"Hey, come on you two, you can play better than that.", scolded Rocky

"I didn't see you diving for that ball.", Carri pointed out

"Well you can't avoid injuring your best player.", joked Rocky

"He's our best player?", whispered Jason

"Funny, I thought it was me.", said Carri

The ball that Adam had served looked to be coming right to Carri. Carri got ready to get it, but Rocky came up behind her, picked her up and moved her, so he could spike the ball.

"I told you I was better.", he said

Carri gave him a look as he walked past her. "I'm still better."

The game went on like that for a while, with a lot of yelling back and forth the net over who's team was better, a lot of playing around, especially between Rocky and Carri. About 45 minutes into the game Tommy showed up.

"Well, look who finally showed up.", joked Jason

"Sorry, I had other things to do.", Tommy told him

"No problem.", Jason said, "So, what team do you want to join?"

"Join us, give us the advantage.", Rocky said

"We need help, he can be the extra man over here.", Adam said

"How about I sit down and we don't worry about who gets the extra man.", suggested Carri

"Why?", asked Rocky

"I think I've played enough for the time being.", Carri said

"Ok, if you want too. How about we give you Alexis and we take Tommy.", Adam said

"Fine by me.", Alexis said

"Me too.", said Kat

"Ok then, come on over.", said Jason

Alexis went to join Jason's team and Tommy went to Adam's. Carri went over to sit for a minute, then she got up and left.

"Where's she going?", asked Rocky

"Who knows. Let's just play.", said Jason

And they did. They played volleyball and they managed to have a conversation too.

"Lex, how are things back home?", asked Adam

"Denise is ok for the time being. She's getting weaker, I can tell. She won't let it show. And she's doing really well with her work too.", Alexis told them

"That's always good to hear, that she's doing ok.", Jason said

"How long are you going to be here?", asked Tommy

"Just through Tuesday afternoon. Tomorrow is a teacher workday, at least it is for us..."

"Us too.", Rocky interrupted

"And I have a five o'clock flight for Tuesday afternoon.", Alexis finished

"Well, you know we all have to get together one night before you leave. Even though we're spending the day together, today wasn't really meant to be a welcome back an old friend get together.", Jason said

"How about tonight?", suggested Adam

"That's a problem. The one's of us who's girlfriends aren't on the east coast have dates tonight.", Tommy said

"Yeah man, how about Monday night?", asked Rocky

"I don't know how badly I want to do it on a Monday night. I was planning on working on a paper Monday night.", Adam said

"I agree with Adam.", Jason said

"I don't know, Kat, you're my girlfriend, what do you say? You can vote for all of you, do you mind if the dates get broken for a group evening?", Tommy asked

Kat did mind, but she didn't want to get into a fight with Tommy, which was what was going to happen. Emily and Carri would understand her logic. "No, not at all. A group evening might be fun."

"Then it's settled, a group evening for tonight.", Alexis said

"Since you're the guest of honor, what do you want to do?", asked Jason

"I'm not the right person to ask. You guys decide.", Alexis told them

"Are you sure you want to leave it up to us?", asked Rocky

"Positive. I trust your judgement. As long as Kat has some input."

"That's her way of saying she really doesn't trust our judgement.", Tommy pointed out

"I don't always trust your judgement. But as long as we don't spend the evening watching you guys spar or something stupid like that, I trust your judgement.", Kat told them

"Us, do something stupid? That's not in our nature.", Rocky assured her

Just as Rocky said that he and Jason ran into each other, both looking at the ball and not paying any attention where they were going. Both of them fell to the ground.

"You were saying?", Alexis asked

The group laughed as Jason and Rocky stood up, and for a second they gave the others a mean glare for laughing at them. Then, not being able to contain themselves any longer, they started laughing too.


"What do you want?", asked the waitress who approached Carri as she sat down at a table

"A soda will be fine.", Carri told her

"Be right back.", she said

The waitress got Carri's drink then returned, setting the drink down then having a seat next to Carri.

"I thought everyone was out with Jason. Why are you here?", asked the waitress, who was Jason's girlfriend Emily

"The teams were uneven so I left for a while. And what are you doing sitting here?", Carri asked

"Take a look around you. We're not very busy at the moment. But as the afternoon goes on, we'll get more customers. So I guess Tommy hasn't shown up yet.", Emily told her

"No, Tommy's there, but so is someone else, a new girl, her name's Alexis. She used to live in Angel Grove.", Carri said

"I guess she came before you if your not into hanging with her.", Emily said

"Before me, and Kat. The only one's who know her are the boys."

"So I suppose she's out there stealing everyone's boyfriends as we speak.", joked Emily

"No, she says she was never romantically interested in any of them. Besides, I left Kat to keep an eye on our guys for us."

"Come on, you know Kat. She won't say anything. She's not the type to go after somebody she doesn't know, especially if it's for someone else's man and especially if it would make Tommy mad."

"I think you're wrong. She would for our guys. But you are right where Tommy is concerned, she wouldn't do anything to shake up their relationship."

"See there. You need to get back out there, keep an eye on that Alexis girl."

"I'll go back out there later. Anyway, I don't think you have to worry about Alexis going after Jason and I know she won't go after Rocky, she knows I'd kill her."

"And after you were done I would too just because nobody steals my friends boyfriends and then if she went after Jason...", Emily's voice trailed off as she made a face which would make anybody walk the other way

Carri laughed. "She seems really nice. I don't think we have to worry about any of that."

"You're probably right. But I won't be completely convinced until I meet her."

"I totally see where you're coming from."

"Hey waitress, could I get a refill?", some guy yelled from another table

"Coming.", Emily yelled back, "I'll be right back."

Emily got up and left Carri sitting there sipping her soda.