Purple Part 2
By: KJ Holland

"Have you guys gotten beaten badly enough yet?", asked Tommy

"We won't give up. Tommy, you could go away. We were winning before you came.", Rocky said

"And just leave my team like that? No way.", Tommy said as he served the ball

The ball flew over the net. Alexis bumped it, Rocky set it, and Jason spiked it, right to Tommy. Tommy spiked it right back and it landed between Rocky and Jason.

"Ok, we need a break.", said Jason as he walked off the court

"Oh so true.", Rocky agreed as he followed

"Chickening out already?", asked Tommy

"They're right, we've been at this since one.", Adam told Tommy

"Oops, I forgot about that.", Tommy said as the last four players left the court

As each one of them was getting water from the water bottles that Jason had brought, Carri approached the group.

"Hey, where did you run off to?", Rocky asked

"I was chatting with Emily.", Carri told him

"What's she up to?", asked Jason

"Serving the customers, doing her job.", Carri replied

"Yet she had time to talk to you.", Tommy said

"I'm important. Besides, there weren't many people there.", said Carri

Rocky was taking a big gulp of water when he remembered the sudden change of plans for the evening.

"Carri, come over here for a second.", Rocky said

Carri walked over to Rocky and the two of them stepped away from the group for a moment.

"What's up?", asked Carri

"It's about our date tonight.", Rocky told her

"What about it?"

"Well, Alexis is only going to be in town until Tuesday afternoon, and we decided to do something as a group tonight, instead of tomorrow night, which means we'll have to put the date off until next weekend."

Rocky was hoping Carri would jump at the chance for a fun group evening. Instead Carri surprised him by exploding.

"What do you mean next weekend! We planned this back at the beginning of the week, and it was supposed to be our night. You know a two person date. We spent the last three weekends doing group stuff. And what happened to running this by me? You don't make my decisions for me. No way, count me out, I hope you guys have fun together."

And with that Carri walked off, heading back towards the Beach Club.

The others didn't know what went on, but by the looks of things it wasn't good. The could tell she was yelling, and by the look on her face she wasn't very happy at all.

Rocky approached the group with a rather confused look on his face.

"I take it she didn't like the idea of a group evening.", Tommy said

"Didn't like it? She hated it. She's pissed off with me right now for even suggesting it. I guess she's right, this was supposed to be our first real date in a while.", Rocky told them

"Sounds like you've gotten yourself in deep. That's ok, we'll all go out tonight, and I'm sure by tomorrow she'll be back to talking to you.", Adam said

"If you want I can go talk to her.", Jason suggested

"If you think it will help, but I'd wait a minute because she's likely to bite your head off right now.", Rocky said

"I feel horrible. If you two break up because you wanted to spend time with me...", Alexis said letting her voice trail off

"Don't worry about it, I'm sure she'll be ok later.", Kat promised


Carri walked into the Beach Club and flung back a chair then sat in it. She crossed her legs and was tapping the foot in the air that she had crossed.

I can't believe him. What's wrong with Monday night for a group get together. I hope for his sake he doesn't come over here right now... in fact if he never came over her I might be happy. And I can't believe he thought that I would be ok with it. And I'm sure Kat didn't take a stand in the date breaking affair.

Emily noticed her friend come in, and she was as angry as she had ever seen her. Emily went and took a seat beside her.

"What's wrong?", asked Emily

"Wrong? While I was here, the six of them decided to make a group evening out of tonight because Alexis is here. This breaks you date, Kat's date, and mine and Rocky's first real date in almost three weeks. Did he ask me first? No, of course not. And of course Kat didn't say a thing, you know she can't afford to ruin her relationship even if she would've been right.", Carri told her

"Wait a minute, Jason's breaking our date so we can go out is a group? When was he going to run this by me?"

"Well, I'm not going. Rocky will be there, and I'm mad at him right now, and then Tommy and Kat will be there as a couple, acting all fine and dandy."

"I'm with you on that one."

"I've got an idea, let's make it a girls night. We'll get movies and popcorn and junk food."

"I like that. What time?"

"When do you get off?"


Both girls turned to look at the clock.

"That's in twenty minutes.", Emily said

"Then we'll go then."

"We'll have our own fun, who needs the guys."


Jason came over to talk to Carri, and try to get her to come with them.

"Carri, hey, could we talk?", asked Jason

"You! I can't believe you!", Emily yelled at him as she stood up

"I take it you two have talked.", Jason said

"When were you going to inform me of this?", asked Emily

"I was going to tell you...", Jason started

"Forget it. Just get out of here. And we don't want to see you or anybody else around here, which means all your friends better just stay away.", Emily told him

"Yeah.", agreed Carri

Jason left the Beach Club really upset. Part of him couldn't believe Emily and Carri didn't understand and part of him felt bad for the girls.

I wonder why Kat didn't react this way. Jason thought as he walked on down the beach

Emily sat back down right after Jason left.

"I still can't figure out why they thought that we would happily go along with whatever they said.", Carri complained

"I'll bet it was that new girl... oh what's her name... Alexis, yeah that's it. She wanted to do it so she would break me and you up with our boyfriends. Maybe even Kat, but she probably didn't know that Kat was too into Tommy. And now she's going out with my boyfriend, your boyfriend, and Adam... what was his girlfriend's name? Oh yeah, Tanya. Tanya can't even be around to say anything."

"Come on, you don't think that Alexis planned it like that?"

"I told you not to leave her there. I mean, there's something about that name I don't like."

"Maybe your right. I don't know. All I know is I am so mad right now I can't even think straight."

Emily nodded her head in agreement as she left Carri sitting there while she went to tend to the customers.


"Well?", asked Rocky

"Looks like it's going to be the six of us. In fact, at this moment I'd go as far as to say we had better start looking for Carri's replacement because neither she nor Emily is talking to any of us.", Jason told him

"Aw man, if I got you in trouble too by letting you go after her...", Rocky started

"Don't worry about it, it would've happened as soon as I told her anyway. Where did the girls go?", asked Jason

"They went off somewhere. We're meeting them at the Youth Center at five, which means we've got two hours to plan what we're going to do.", Tommy told him

"In that case, let's get going.", Jason said


"....and I need to talk to you, come on pick up, please.", said the voice on the machine before hanging up

"That's his fourth message already, you would think he would get the point that I'm not picking up.", Carri said

It was about 4:45. Kat and Alexis had come home and they were upstairs getting ready to go back out and meet the boys. Carri and Emily were watching their first movie. They were sitting on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn between them, and some sodas on the table.

"See, I like this movie. Romeo doesn't let anything stop him from being with his woman like he promised, even though he did kill someone.", Emily said

"This was the movie Rocky and I saw on our first date. He should've picked up a few pointers from Romeo.", Carri told her

"Who needs guys, we're having our own fun without them.", said Emily

"I hope they have a crappy time tonight. That will teach them to make decisions without us.", Carri said

"Really crappy.", Emily added

Just then Kat and Alexis walked downstairs and headed out the door.

"See you guys later.", Kat said hoping to get some sort of response from one of them

Emily and Carri started towards the TV without even acknowledging they were there.

"You know what makes me even more mad?", asked Carri

"Besides the guys?", Emily asked

"People who think their opinion represents the opinion of the whole group.", Carri told her

Kat looked hurt at that comment, and she and Alexis quickly left because Kat was afraid she would break down in front of them.

"I'm really sorry. I never meant to cause any problems between you and Carri or that girl, whoever she is.", Alexis apologized as they got outside

Kat made no comment, she stayed deep in her own thoughts, as they both got into Kat's car and left.


When the girls got to the Youth Center, they found Jason and Rocky sitting at some of the stools, both consumed in their own thoughts.

"Why won't she pick up?", Rocky wondered aloud

"She and Emily are sitting at my house watching movies and talking about how much they hate all of us.", Kat told him

"Emily's there too?", Jason asked

"Are we ready to go?", asked Tommy

"Hang on a sec.", Rocky said as he picked up the phone and tried Carri's number one last time

"Carri, it's me, again, I know you're there, please pick up...", Rocky didn't know what else to say so he started to hang up the phone only to have it be grabbed by Jason

"We screwed up, we're sorry, we should've asked first, come on, talk to us.", Jason pleaded but got no response as he hung up the phone

Rocky tapped his foot on the floor for a second then got up and headed for the door.

"Where you going?", asked Adam

"To try and save my relationship.", Rocky told him

"Wait, you might want this.", Kat said as she took her house key off the key ring and threw it to Rocky. "She won't willingly let you in."

"Thanks.", Rocky said as he left

"I guess we'll go on.", Tommy said as the rest of them headed for the door

"Without me. I'm with Rocky, I'm not going to let my relationship get screwed because I didn't think about what Emily would've thought.", Jason said

"Who's Emily?", asked Alexis

"His girlfriend, the other one on my couch.", Kat told her

"Girlfriend?", questioned Alexis Oh great, I didn't know he had a girlfriend. I'll bet she thinks I was going after her man. Now I feel horrible.

"Kat, do you mind if use your deck?", asked Jason

"Sure, but why...", Kat started but was cut off

"My apology to Emily.", Jason said as he left

"Guys, there's no point in going now. Jason, Rocky, Carri and Emily won't be here. We might as well go tomorrow night. I can try to squeeze in my paper tomorrow morning.", Adam said

"You're right. Come on Kat, let's go ahead and go on that date.", Tommy said as he led her off

"I'm going to go to the Power Chamber. Now seems like a good time to have a talk with Zordon.", Alexis said

"I'll join you. I don't have anything else to do.", Adam told her

The remaining two people walked to the usual teleporting corner and left.


"Alexis, it's good to see you back in Angel Grove.", Alpha greeted

"Thanks. I wish I could say this was a social visit, but I was actually coming to ask about my power coin.", Alexis told them


"Rocky told me. He also told me that my coin may be dormant.", Alexis said


Alexis took her coin out of her pocked and gave it to Alpha. Alpha ran a few tests on it and came up with a quick conclusion.

"I'm sorry Alexis, but your coin is once again powerless.", Alpha told her as he gave her back the coin

"If I recharge it, is there anyway I could use it with your new power system, just like I did with the morphing grid?", Alexis asked


"We use the Zeo crystals. There are five of them, and five of us. Each crystal contains enough power to power one Zeo Ranger.", Adam explained

"Well, thanks for helping me. I guess these are my final goodbyes, now that my services are no longer needed.", Alexis said


"That's ok. I guess it's better that I'm not a ranger now so I can concentrate more on helping out at home.", Alexis said as she gave Alpha back the coin

Alpha gave it right back to her. "This is your coin Alexis, we cannot accept it."

"Thanks.", Alexis said

"So, you want to go make the most of tonight and go see a movie?", asked Adam

"Sure.", Alexis agreed

Alpha walked over to the console to teleport them there. "Goodbye Alexis."

"AND MAY THE POWER PROTECT YOU.", Zordon added as Alpha teleported the teens away, Alexis for the last time ever


It was almost six, and the girls were about a third of the way through their second movie.

"So, what was your big date?", asked Emily

"We had reservations at that fancy new restaurant, you know, the one downtown... I can't think of the name if it right now.", Carri told her

"The French place?"

"Are you kidding me? Not only is that restaurant fancy, but it's rather expensive too. No, I'm talking about the fancy one where the prices are closer to something we can afford."

"Oh, I know what you're talking about. How did you ever get a reservation? I know people who have called and have been told they had to wait three weeks until they could go."

"That's what surprises me the most. We called on Tuesday and asked when we could make a reservation, and they said Sunday. So we jumped a the chance. We were going to eat, then take it from there. What about you?"

"Jason was actually going to cook a full meal, and it was supposed to be romantic and everything. Then we were going to go down to the beach, just to sit, it's beautiful down there when the moon is glistening off the ocean."

"Jason, cook? That's something special in itself."

"I know, that was what interested me the most. Oh well, no more special dates. Here we are, watching movies."

"But it's better than having to face everyone. I would've started a fight with Rocky, then it would've spread to include everyone... things would've gotten messy."

"I would've taken out my anger on Alexis, after I was done yelling at Jason of course."

Carri smiled and they went back to watching their movie. A few seconds later, they heard the door open and to their surprise, Rocky came through it and he was dressed very nicely.

"What are you doing here? And you're wearing a suit, how nice. What is the group doing, using our reservations?", asked Carri

Rocky walked over to Carri, who wasn't even paying him the least bit of attention.

"I came to apologize.", Rocky told her as he took something from behind his back. "This is for you."

Carri took what he had and noticed that it was a single red rose. She took it and held it in her lap, still not paying much attention to Rocky.

"I'm not going with the group tonight. I was kind of hoping you would be willing to come with me to the restaurant, we have a half an hour before our reservation.", Rocky told her

Carri stared at the TV for a few more seconds before looking up at Rocky. "I don't know. You've really made me mad, changing plans and not telling me, not caring what I thought."

"Let me make it up to you. Please.", Rocky begged

Carri sat there in thought for a moment. Then she got up and went upstairs.

"I'll be down in a few minutes.", she said as she went to change

Rocky wondered around the living room, being careful to avoid talking to Emily, who was now even madder that her boyfriend hadn't bothered to show up and apologize.

Carri took almost ten minutes to get dressed, then she came back down in a nice looking dress, which was a soft yellow color.

"Are you ready?", Rocky asked

Carri nodded her head yes, as she and Rocky turned to leave.

"You're welcome to stay here and finish watching the movies if you want.", she said to Emily

"Thanks.", Emily said as they left


Rocky and Carri were sitting across from each other at a table, each drinking their drinks out of their wine glasses.

"Wine glasses. Do they not have any regular glasses? With all of the teenaged couples who come in here you would think they would.", Rocky commented

Carri smiled. That was probably the first thing either one of them had said since they had left Carri's house. For the next few minutes, there was awkward silence, something that neither one of them were used to. Carri was sitting with her hands together and in the middle of the table. Rocky reached out and put his hands on top of hers.

"Look, I'm sorry I didn't ask you what you thought. I told you what we were doing, without letting you have any say in it. That was wrong of me.", Rocky apologized

"If you had asked instead of told, I wouldn't have blown up.", Carri told him

"You had every right to blow up at me. I would've blown up at me.", Rocky told her

"If our date had been anything other than these reservations, I wouldn't have minded putting it of until tomorrow, or even next weekend. But most people go through hell trying to get here within a month."

"To be quite honest, I completely forgot about the reservations. If it had crossed my mind, I would've told them to put it off."

Carri threw her hands up in the air then put them back on the table. "If it had crossed your mind, none of this would've been necessary. Once again, your stupidity has shown through.", Carri joked

Rocky smiled. "Well, you're back to the jokes. I take it you forgive me?"

"You really ticked me off, but I guess I could've reacted better, I shouldn't have blown up, I should've just talked to you calmly first... yes, I forgive you."

"Anybody in your shoes would've reacted the same. I mean, look at Emily. Which reminds me, what about Kat? She didn't blow up at Tommy."

"Kat and Tommy... that's another story. Kat is so afraid to get into a fight with Tommy, or to do anything to slightly shake up the relationship, she's afraid she'll lose him."

"But she and Tommy are so cute together, why would she think that?"

"Between you and me, I think she thinks that if she doesn't live up to be as great of a girlfriend as Kim, she'll lose him."

"That's crazy. Tommy loves Kat for Kat. He doesn't expect her to be like Kim."

Carri sighed. "You and I both know that, but I'm not sure if Kat knows it. Besides, Kat has been through a lot. She loves Tommy and doesn't want to lose him."

Rocky just nodded his head as the waiter approached them and asked for their order.


It was about 7:00, and Emily was still sitting on the Hillard's couch watching movies, and she was as mad as she's ever been. And it didn't help that Rocky had come by to patch things up. While she was sitting there watching TV, the door opened and Jason came through.

"Well, look who's here. What did you get bored with the group outing?", asked Emily

"No, I would've come with Rocky but I've been busy.", Jason told her

"Doing what?"

"If you come with me, I'll show you."

Emily reluctantly stood up and went over to Jason. Jason put his hand over her eyes and led her through the kitchen, and out the back onto the deck. He took his hands off her eyes, and Emily saw that the Hillard's porch table had a tablecloth on it and it was set for two, with two candles in the middle.

"Do you like it?", asked Jason

Emily just stood there looking at it as Jason led her to the seat. Jason pulled the seat back and Emily sat in it. Then Jason went and poured drinks and got the food. After he was finished, he sat down across from Emily.

"This is nice. And I'm guessing you cooked this?"

"Yes I did. All for you.", Jason told her

Emily took a bite of her food. "Tastes good."

"Emily, I'm sorry I didn't ask you before breaking our date. It's just I thought that you wouldn't mind if Kat didn't mind, and I guess that was bad thinking on my part. I promise I won't change plans on you ever again without asking you first."

"Why did you assume that my thoughts were the same as Kat's?"

"Well, you know, you girls usually think alike so I figured why would Kat do something that you totally despised."

"I may be friends with Kat, but that doesn't make me exactly like Kat."

"I realize that now. And I'm sorry I didn't talk to you first."

"I should've talked to you before I jumped down your throat."

"You don't need to apologize. You did what a lot of people would've done."


"So, am I forgiven or are you going to kill me?"

Emily scooted around the table and got in Jason's face. "This time yes, but trust me, Jason Lee Scott, if you ever do that again, you're dead."

Then Emily leaned in and gave Jason a kiss.


Adam and Alexis wondered into the cafe after they had gotten back from the movies. They sat at a booth by the window and gave a waitress their orders.

"Well, that was an interesting movie.", Alexis said

"I liked it. But then again, I like almost all movies.", Adam told her

"You know, you shouldn't have been here tonight, you should've been at home doing your paper.", Alexis told him as she pointed her finger at him

"I'm waiting for an e-mail from a college that's got some information in it I need for my paper, and it won't be in until late tonight. I'll do it tomorrow, I just need to get it done before I go play soccer."

"Soccer? I thought your were playing baseball."

"I am, in fact I'm on the school baseball team. But there's a rec soccer league, and I promised I'd lend a helping hand."

"Sounds like fun. So, what do you think is going on with our two couples?"

"They've probably made up already and have left the eating and gone onto bigger and better things."

"I hope so. I don't want to feel responsible for breaking them up."

The waitress then returned with their food and they started eating.

"When we were on the beach, Tommy mentioned something about the ones with girlfriends on the west coast. What was that about?", asked Alexis

"My girlfriend, Tanya Sloan... have you heard of her?"

"I know that Carri took her place and that she's in New York singing."

"Yeah, she has a great voice. I have never heard anyone more talented than her. She got an awesome record deal and moved to the east coast."

"Too bad."

"I'm proud of her."

"That's good. How did you two hook up?"

"Well, when she came here from Africa she didn't know how to fight, so I taught her and one thing led to another... before we knew it we were a couple. What about you, have you been seeing anybody?"

"I went out with a guy, Paul, for about two months. But it didn't work out. Other than him I've been on a few dates here and there, nothing too serious."

"That's too bad."

"Don't feel sorry for me. I don't mind. In fact, I enjoy nothing serious. I'm not ready for a serious relationship."

"Well, as long as you're happy."

"And believe me, I am. The only thing that could be better than my life now would be living it here."

Adam and Alexis quickly finished their meals.

"Ready to go?", asked Adam

Alexis stood up. "Yes I am."

Alexis and Adam each threw a few dollar bills on the table to pay for the food and tip then left.


Kat had come back from her date with Tommy and collapsed on the couch, after she had gone back to the deck only to find the plates that Jason and Emily had left. Kat's mind wasn't on her date that night, nor was it on the movie she was watching that was in the VCR. She was thinking about what her cousin had said to her before she had left.

As Kat was staring at the TV, Carri walked in. She shut the door and walked up beside the couch.

"Oh boy. Where do I start. Don't think I didn't notice how hurt you were when you left earlier.", Carri started

Kat pretended to stare at the TV, only because she didn't want to look over at her cousin.

"Look, I know how much Tommy means to you, and I understand why you broke your date for him. And it wasn't your fault that the guys weren't thinking and didn't realize that it made more sense to ask us before changing all our plans. I was mad and I took it out on you, on Alexis, when I didn't need to."

After Carri's apology was over, Kat looked up at her. "So I take it you and Rocky are back together?"

"Why else do you think that it's close to nine and I'm just getting back from a six thirty dinner date which by the way it only took an hour to eat."

"Oh really, what did you do after that?"

"That's between me and him."

Kat and Carri giggled, and that's when they realized they were both back on good terms. Just then Adam and Alexis walked through the door. Alexis went and took a seat on the couch, and Adam dragged Carri into the kitchen to see what was going on.

"Well, it looks like everyone is back together.", Kat told her

"Really? That's good. I'm glad to hear it.", Alexis said, even though part of her hoped Jason and Emily would break up so she'd get a chance. But she had her chance once, and she didn't do anything about it.

"Everything is back to normal now. Carri and Rocky, Jason and Emily, you know you still haven't met Emily. That's what we'll have to do tomorrow. I think she's working over at the Youth Center."

"I'd like to meet Emily. That sounds like a good idea."

"So, what did you and Adam do?" ,P> "Went to a movie then went and got something to eat. Nothing interesting. I went to talk to Zordon with him too."

"What did Zordon say?"

"He confirmed everything that Rocky had been telling me. He said my days as a ranger are over."

"That's too bad. Another ranger on the battlefield would've helped."

"Maybe one day I'll get to be a ranger again.", Alexis said wishfully

"Me too. But we're back on schedule on Wednesday. I'm surprised it's not tomorrow, but that's a plus for us.", Adam agreed with something Carri had said as they walked out of the kitchen

"One little plus.", Carri said as she opened the door for Adam

"See ya.", Adam said to all three of them as he left

Carri shut the door then walked over to Alexis and Kat.

"Well, I'm going to take a shower. I'll chat with you guys later.", Kat said as she went upstairs

Carri took a seat beside Alexis. "Now I need to apologize to you. Emily and I went overboard and placed a third of the blame on you, when you had nothing to do with anything."

"Don't worry about it. You guys were angry, and that's what happened.", Alexis told her

"I'm glad you understand."

"It's not like you actually said anything to me."

"No, but we said enough behind your back.", Carri admitted, "But don't worry. We said a lot of things behind backs tonight that we need to take back."

"Well, I'm going to meet Emily tomorrow and we'll talk then."

"That's good, I'm sure she'll want to meet you then apologize too."

"You know, there's too many apologizes going around here."

"True. But we all but got into a fist fight, which warrants apologies."

Alexis nodded her head in agreement.

"You know, this day has all together sucked. Not only was everyone in a fight for half of it, but I found out that my coin is useless and that the guy I always had a crush on has a girlfriend.", Alexis complained

Carri smiled. "Let me guess, Jason right?"

Alexis looked kind of shocked. "How did you know?"

"I suspected it from the beginning, when your game of twenty questions mainly involved Jason. And then the look on you face when I said that Rocky and Jase went at it when he first came back, it kind of gave it away."

"Why didn't you say anything if you knew?"

"Because I wasn't sure. Besides, if I had known before I would've told Emily and she would've killed you."

"Jason was my friend and then before we both left we started to click a little more, then I thought it could develop into something, but he was in another country, and so I let it drop. Then I came back and found he was here, well, I was kind of hoping we could get together now."

"But Jason has Emily and that kind of ruined that."

"Yeah, and it's too bad for me. But Jason's happy and that's all that counts."

"Are you happy?"

"No. I want a boyfriend, and right about now I'd settle for anybody."

"Well, I hear Bulk and Skull are still available."

Alexis looked shocked. "I do have standards you know."

Carri and Alexis both laughed at that. As they were sitting there talking the door opened and made both of them jump. To their surprise, Jason was the one that came through.

"How did you get in?", asked Carri

"I got this key from Rocky who got it from Kat. Here.", Jason said throwing it at Carri

Carri stuck it in her pocket. "Why are you here?"

"I came to collect my stuff from your porch.", he told her

"Oh. So, how did it go?", Carri asked

"Fine.", Jason said

"Come here, sit down, I want details.", Carri ordered

"Am I going to get any details from you?", asked Jason

"Sure.", Carri said as she motioned for him to come sit down

"Do you mind if we go outside and talk? I really need to clean up back there.", Jason told her

"No I don't.", Carri said as she got up

Jason and Carri went to clean up and chat leaving Alexis in her thoughts.

Maybe if I hadn't left, if he hadn't left, things would be different. But he did leave, and now he's back with a girlfriend. Maybe it's for the best. Long distance relationships never work. Besides, he never knew how I felt about him, and who says if I told him we would be going out. And who says he ever felt the same way about me. Yes, this is the best thing for both of us.

Alexis sat there for a while before heading upstairs to try and get a good nights sleep.